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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> amen. david: amen, and as steve said, i think -- chappelle, now one of the comedians has come out and said he's not for any of the pc stuff. a lot of people are turning the tide on this issue. that does it for bulls & bears. thanks for watching. see you back here next time. elizabeth: consumers are feeling pretty good about the economy helping to drive third quarter gdp growth. job growth picked up as well. tonight the wildcard, president trump has yet to play that could pop gdp growth higher and bring back business investment. business investment is waiting on the side line. the fed did cut rates again. also how the stock market could boom in 2020. as we've got the next big bubble about to burst that no one saw coming. it's the same bubble that burst in november 2016. it's a 2020 democrats and their big government progressive agenda. critics warn it will burst all over the u.s. economy, cost taxpayers trillions of dollars and jobs. tonight, we will show you the
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manufacturing jobs trump created in just three years' time, versus obama's in eight years as warren is going after trump and the manufacturing drop in certain swing states and a uaw autoworker, a veteran, saying 2020 democrats you are out of touch. labor unions. joe biden now says quote i wish i raised one republican to go out and make some real money. we've got that for you. to the border, border arrests hit the highest level in more than a decade as family crossings skyrocket. tonight, a top border official warns the border crisis not over. it is a course the democrats continue to try to block president trump. also the 2020 democrat, we have the name now campaigning on health insurance for illegals. he's campaigning hard on that. the country now on historic grounds. top democrat nancy pelosi bet the house by putting the house on an impeachment track to undo 2016 as 2020 bears down.
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critics warn the impeachment process has a big credibility problem, and a new poll again shows the majority of voters do not want to see trump impeached. as senator mcconnell now says the country cannot afford for democrats to take a one-year vacation from legislation. impeachment now on a collision course, with the government shutdown, the criminal probe of the russia probe, and the democrat primaries just three months away. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: thank you you for joining us. you are watching the fox business network. gerri willis is on the floor of the exchange. also we will talk about the two deadly 737 max airplane crashes.
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let's kick it off with gerri. >> it was a big day in the market traders hearing what they wanted from federal reserve chairman powell a 25 basis rate point cut and strong signals that a december repeat is off the table. even better powell delivered no negative surprises in the press conference. experts say a three peete typically portends a higher s&p 500 a year later. the s&p at new all-time high, up 10 points at 3046. the nasdaq closing in on a high, up 27. it was a very big day for tech earnings starting with face brooke which posted a double beat on earnings -- facebook which posted a double beat ownerings and revenue. -- double beat earnings and revenue. paying a fine following british regulators' probe of their day data misuse scandal. apple out with double beat, the company saying bullish in its
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outlook for holiday season. starbucks beat on revenue and in line on earnings. same-store sales were higher than expected. finally, the chilean president cancelling the summit next month where trump and xi were supposed to meet. protests in santiago driving that move. back to you. elizabeth: thank you. elizabeth warren now slamming trump for manufacturing stalling out in certain swing states. reality check, 482,000 manufacturing jobs now created this three years under president trump, versus a net loss of 193,000 manufacturing jobs under eight years of obama, despite president obama seeing a doubling of the federal debt on his watch and trillions of dollars in fed help after the 2008 collapse. joining me now is conservative commentator kristen tate. your reaction to elizabeth warren slamming trump in his wheel house, manufacturing jobs? >> you know, during the first two years of donald trump's
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presidency, he oversaw this incredible economic recovery in multiple parts of the country and industries adding manufacturing and factory jobs in the rust belt and beyond, but there are signs, liz, that this growth is slowing in large part due to a slump in the global economy. murray energy, a mining company if in ohio recently announced it will be filing for bankruptcy. liz warren is using that to launch attacks on trump to try to reach the voters in this part of the country. i don't think warren's attacks will be very successful, particularly because her trillion dollars programs would really be bad for the job market and the economy, not just nationally, but in middle america. middle america loves trump because these voters have been ignored for far too long. hillary clinton barely even campaigned in states like ohio and michigan. in fact, she ran on ending coal mines and putting those folks out of jobs. so to suggest that a liberal from massachusetts, like
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elizabeth warren is going to, you know, be able to convince these vote that she cares about them more than trump i think is kind of laughable. elizabeth: elizabeth warren to your point kristen admitted today in a radio interview that her state-run plan for the government take overof healthcare would wipe out 2 million jobs. she says they are administrative jobs. i guess the government picked that up. we have to your point the green plan that warren wants. she wants to spend 2 trillion dollars in taxpayer money on clean energy manufacturing. that's about half of the entire u.s. annual budget. final word, quickly, labor unions normally are democrat, but a veteran 25-year uaw autoworker in a detroit news op-ed, he's ripping into 2020 democrats like warren for taking over the economy, notably energy saying it will wreck autoworker jobs. your take? >> yeah, you know, union bosses
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still largely support democrats but the rank and file are warming to trump. trump is fighting for manufacturing workers and union people, particularly when it comes to the auto industry. he's kind of rolled back the federal fuel economy standards that obama put in place. these are job killers. workers understand this. that's why trump did so well in the rust belt and with manufacturing workers, and i just don't see anyone who is a tax-paying productive member of society union or otherwise kind of getting excited about these democrats that are literally campaigning on raising everyone's taxes. it's ridiculous. the economy has been so good for everybody. elizabeth: remember hilary clinton said i'm going to take away your coal jobs. this is exponentially further to the left of what hillary was saying, saying we have trump the president's wildcard, it is a china trade deal, it looks like it is cooking along. that could pop gdp growth higher.
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he could play that card and just basically send the gdp growth really soaring higher. right, kristen? >> yeah, no, you are absolutely right. this is all good news for trump. and, you know, the economy is such an important driver for voters. there are two wild cards i see, liz, when it comes to people who are voting on the economy regardless of gdp growth. that's millennials and then the shifting politics of non-white voters. under trump we have seen record unemployment for black americans and hispanic americans, so these groups could particularly warm to trump ahead of next year. my own step mom is a latino business owner and she's now a trump supporter. but then you have millennials who love the sound bites of free stuff and don't really understand economics. so the turnout of these two voting groups will be extremely important ahead of next year, but the gdp growth is good at large for trump when it comes to working tax paying americans. elizabeth: kristen tate, great
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to see you. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: come back soon. next up the ceo of boeing back on capitol hill today, testifying in front of the house transportation committee, fireworks were yesterday looks like he got a real grilling today. grady trimble is in washington with more. grady? >> liz, lawmakers grilled muilenberg for more than five hours. muilenberg saying he's committed to fixing the company's mistakes with the 737 max. for the second day in a row, family members watched on during the hearing as lawmakers asked those tough questions. several of them calling for muilenberg to step down as ceo. after the hearing, the mother of one of the victims approached muilenberg about that same issue. >> did things happen on your watch? you have to own it and you have to take responsibility to fix it. and that's what's in my character. and in the end, it is about safety. >> [inaudible]. >> i respect your inputs there.
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>> the hearing focused largely on that flight control system mcas that's been blamed in part for both of those crashes. muilenberg says the company working to fix it and that he personally is being held accountable for those problems. but some of the lawmakers questioned that. >> you're continuing to work and make 30 million dollars a year, after this horrific two accidents that caused all of these people's relatives to go, to disappear, to die, you're not taking a cut in pay at all? >> congressman, again, our board will make those determinations. >> you are not accountable then. >> it is worth noting, liz, the house is conducting its own investigation into boeing. however, a lot of the lawmakers say boeing shouldn't take all of the blame. they say there needs to be changes at the faa as well. liz? elizabeth: grady trimble, thank you. the country now on historic grounds. top democrat nancy pelosi is betting the house by putting the house on an impeachment process, to undo 2016 as 2020 bears down.
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will voters go for potentially televised impeachment hearings in an election year? as critics are hollering, this impeachment inquiry has a big credibility problem. it is unfair to the president. and we have a new "new york times" poll that again shows the majority of voters oppose impeaching president trump. to the president's border policies, working, border arrests hit the highest level in more than a decade. illegal crossings down in the last few months but tonight a top border official warns the president's successes there will be ruined if the courts and democrats continue to try to block him. also we have the name of 2020 democrat now campaigning hard on health insurance for illegal immigrants. those stories coming up. i signed up because i was curious.
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take your business beyond. elizabeth: career state department officials the latest witnesses to testify in the closed door impeachment inquiry and john bolton former national security advisor may be called in to testify as well. hillary vaughan at the white house with more. hillary? >> liz, happening right now, the house rules committee is -- are bringing up through their committee the ground rules for
6:16 pm
their resolution that addresses the ground rules for the impeachment inquiry. republicans are trying to convince those on the committee to amend those rules so they would have more time with witnesses, so that they would also have subpoena power to bring their own witnesses forward to the committee, but they are also using this time to sound off on how these closed door depositions have been handled so far, by house intel committee chairman adam schiff, who they say has been really strict with who he has let inside and who he has also let question the witnesses. >> those same republican members that you're talking about, who absolutely have a seat at the table, have the audacity to use their voice at that table to ask a question, only to be shut down by the chairman of that committee. >> that shouldn't even be being discussed here. matters ongoing before those committees ought to be left in secret. loose lips sink ships. >> house judiciary ranking member matt gates saying today he's now filing an ethics
6:17 pm
complaint against schiff for kicking him out of depositions and also not letting him question the witnesses, but as complaints continue to cloud this process, house investigators heard from two different state department officials today, christopher anderson and catherine croft, both who worked as deputy to former special envoy to ukraine volker. investigators are inviting former national security advisor bolton to testify next thursday. if he shows up, he would be the most senior witness this committee has heard from so far. liz? elizabeth: thank you for your reporting. impeachment is on a collision cour course, potential government shutdown, and now this, tom brokaw says the democrats don't have the goods to impeach. they have yet to explain to voters what exactly is the law they think the president has broke. >> they still don't have what
6:18 pm
you would call the goods on this president in terms of breaking the law and being in an impeachable target for them. they are going to start the process, but they don't have the same kind of clarity that the people who are opposed to richard nixon had because it was so clear that these were criminal acts that he was involved in. elizabeth: republican congressman from louisiana is joining me now. great to see you. you met with the president last night. what did he tell you about impeachment? >> we did. we had a long meeting with him in the white house. the republican study committee is the largest caucus of conservativism in the congress. we went to give him an update. of course we talked about impeachment. it is top of mind for the president as it is for all of us. he's being denied basic due process rights. he's concerned about that. what he reiterated to us is the same thing he's said publicly. he's very confident in the facts. john adams said one time facts are stubborn things. the facts are on our side. tom brokaw is right, there is no there there and the democrats
6:19 pm
are doing this to bring about a predetermined political outcome. it is not fair, not just and upsetting a lot of the american people. elizabeth: former special counsel ken starr thinks that if democrats believe that the president did something wrong, they should consider censoring is the president, your reaction to that? >> sure, they might have the votes in the house, i suppose they might. but look they can take issue with what he does politically. you can't say this is a high crime or misdemeanor. what adam schiff and the democrats are doing with these secret depositions and secret hearings is they are trying to engineer the facts. they are trying to put together a favorable case they can present to our house judiciary committee, where i serve, that will ultimately be the arbiter of all this, and the way they are going about it is really smells to high heaven. okay? elizabeth: yeah. >> that's why we have a problem with it. elizabeth: to your point, democracy dies in darkness. role call, a d.c. publication is saying the new impeachment
6:20 pm
resolution that the way it is written, it would let adam schiff and democrats reject republicans request to subpoena witnesses, call in witnesses. the democrat leaders on the house judiciary can deny the president and his general counsel the ability to question witnesses and even reject any evidence they present, sir, is that what's going on? >> exactly right. it does nothing to absolve the concerns, eliminate all the problems we have with the secret depositions, the super secret happenings in the basement, and it gives adam schiff the ability to serve as the counsel, the judge, and the jury. i mean, this is a basic violation of the president's due process rights and of our rights as the duly elected representatives of the people. we consistent serve our constituents interests because we can't see the evidence. elizabeth: impeachment has a credibility problem. democrats are worried about their messaging. they are worried about vulnerable democrats in districts that trump won. here's a new "new york times"
6:21 pm
poll, it shows that the majority 52% oppose impeaching the president and removing him from office. 44% support. we know that the democrat congressional campaign committee polling, their own internal poll in battleground states found a slim majority 49% opposing impeaching and reare moving the president versus 48% in support. -- removing the president versus 48% in support. your reaction? >> i think that's right. when i go home and do town halls, i hear from people. they are disgusted with this process. my ultimate concern at the end of the day is people lose faith in the institution here. if they can't trust the outcome as something as important as impeachment, if that process is being weaponized to meet a political end, we risk losing the faith of the american people. that keeps us up at night. we're worried about that. what happens in the aftermath of this? in the interim the pendulum will swing back to the republicans.
6:22 pm
the left will push too far. elizabeth: here are we talking about truly are we talking about public televised hearings about impeachment in an election year when the majority of voters don't support it? >> we don't know yet. they are holding the cards very close to their chest right now. this resolution we have seen doesn't solve any of these concerns as we've said. we do believe the american people should have the right to review all the supposed evidence, these alleged allegations that they are collecting. they need to make up the decision on their own. we certainly do. certainly on the house judiciary committee, where we're the committee of jurisdiction, we should have the right to go through all of that. and so far we have not been allowed to see any of it. that's a real problem. elizabeth: big deal to remove a president, just a year away from election. congressman, thank you for your insights, sir. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, liz.
6:23 pm
elizabeth: we have several other stories for you to watch tonight. jack dorsey tweeting that it is game over for all political advertising on twitter. that twitter ban starts november 22nd. to billionaire activist investor, he's declaring the company we works has a quote high probability of being worth zero. that includes its equity and its debt. he is adding that the soft brank rescue of it -- soft bank rescue of it, soft bank may have to write off its whole investment in we work. the washington times reports the informant who led american forces to isis terrorist chief baghdadi in his hideout in syria, that person gets some or all of the 25 million dollars bounty on his head. he and his family reportedly out of the country two days after baghdadi killed himself and three children as u.s. forces closed in. to northeast atlanta two people died when their small plane crashed into an apartment building. the piper pa-28 crashed shortly
6:24 pm
after taking off from nearby peachtree airport. officials are investigating the cause there. and we want to bring you an update on a story we recently told you about. it all started when a woman that police are hailing as an angel, she used her own car to smash into the car of a suspected drunk driver in arizona, just seconds before that car was about to mow down a couple pushing a stroller with a baby in it. right across the street. now, the so-called angel, she suffered nonlife threatening injuries from her heroics. she got a new car courtesy of used car retailer carvana. that's a nice feel good story. coming up, border arrests hitting highest number in decade. family crossings skyrocketing. a border official warning the border crisis is not over if the democrats continue to try to block the president on the border. also we have the 2020 democrat now campaigning on health insurance for illegals. and later in the show, 2020
6:25 pm
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elizabeth: welcome back. coming to the bottom of the hour, border arrests hit the highest level in more than a decade as family crossings skyrocketed. tonight a top border official is warning that the border crisis is not over as the democrats continue to try to block president trump. with us now, steve yates, former national security advisor to vice president richard cheney. the border -- the chief of law enforcement operations brian hastings he's saying if the democrats and courts still try to block the president, that the border crisis will explode. your reaction? >> the democrats unfortunately i think have been playing some politics with this for a very
6:30 pm
long time. a deal has been there to be had for well over a decade, if they just focus on two things, the critical parts of our economy that needed expedited reformed legal immigration process and these figures that you are reporting make it very very clear that without more of a barrier to entry, our current enforcement mechanisms can't keep up so you end up with the worst of all worlds, a bad experience for the migrants, overbearing burden on border communities and no reform of the legal system. elizabeth: i want to show the viewer the statistics about the border. talking about 970,000 apprehensions and rejections. steve, that's about the size of the capital of texas, austin. that's almost double the prior year. look at the cocaine and fentanyl seized. we also had 3,000 illicit weapons seized as well. let's take a listen to what cbp acting chief mark morgan has warned. watch this. >> these are numbers that no
6:31 pm
immigration system in the world can handle, not even in this country. elizabeth: you see that point he made, the u.s. can't handle it. if we can't handle it, i mean what do we do? >> we've taken an approach in our politics that's unlike anywhere else in the world. and even merkel of germany has come out and admitted that her relative open borders policy has been bad for germany and the economy and its security. even in a post modern europe, they are at this point. what the official is saying is absolutely true. we don't have the capacity to deal with this kind of a challenge. so we have to have more of a barrier to entry and we need a much more modern reformed legal process so these people don't take these risks and don't overwhelm those communities. elizabeth: to your point, we saw the 2020 democrats raising their hands saying, yes, they do support taxpayer-funded health insurance for illegals and now we have mayor pete buttigieg campaigning hard saying yes he wants to do that. your reaction? >> it follows the open border i
6:32 pm
think extreme ideology of the left. and it's something that is not feasible. we're hearing it from officials who really care only about honoring our legal system and protecting our citizens. they are saying we don't have the capacity to keep americans safe. if we keep going down this road, and so these pie in the sky promises to people, i don't blame people for wanting to come to america. it is a great country. it is a beautiful dream, but they have to come the right way. we have to make it better for more people to come the right way. elizabeth: let's switch gears. the pentagon just released video of the raid that led to the death of isis terrorist chief al baghdadi. he was at his hideout in syria. you could see the special forces closing in. he killed himself along with two children, not three as originally believed. your reaction to this stunning takedown of a terrorist who has been on the run for so long, hiding in tunnels, that's how difficult it's been to catch him. your reaction to this? >> well, i'm very very impressed with the coordination of our special operators had and the
6:33 pm
operation i think went off very very well. the fact that he chose to take his own life is neither here nor there. i support the president in saying he died like a dog. i think these people deserve no honor in what they do. they're horrible horrible people who committed evil on many many others. i congratulate the stellar performance of our special forces in getting him. elizabeth: steven yates, thanks for joining us. come back soon >> thank you. elizabeth: let's get you up to date on more developments happening in syria. fox news benjamin hall is in irbil syria with more. >> we spent most of the last week inside syria. we have seen this juggling of world powers to fill the vacuum the u.s. left, turkey, russia, syria even iran moving up all the while the kurds in the middle. right inside this we met an american trying to save people on the front lines. take a look. >> you hear the fighting -- [inaudible] -- put her in our vehicle and get her out
6:34 pm
>> a volunteer group that have been here since the turkish invasion began. >> this is the blood of kurds right here on my shoulders, and the attack has not stopped. they are coming. >> he and his team operate under fire, day in, day out, putting his own life at risk to rescue and treat others. evacuating whoever he can. >> i think the hardest part of this mission has been the u.s. betrayal of these people. we are responsible then for this unleashing of evil violence that's come in. ethnic cleansing, it's genocide. you stay there as a christian or a kurd, you are dead. if you watch this, president trump, i'm praying for you, i love you, but please change this. it is not too late. >> i was in touch with him earlier today and he told me the cease-fire was still not holding they were trying to evacuate people from some of the towns around the border. the fact is president erdogan does not believe the russians when they say kurdish forces have left the battle zone so he intends to continue patrolling and even pushing further into syria. liz? elizabeth: benjamin hall in
6:35 pm
syria, thank you very much. coming up, california historic fires, hurricane-force winds, criticism mounting against california's liberal policies, wrecking the state. 7,000 homes evacuated because the getty fire was started, that's the los angeles area fire. it was started by a tree branch that fell on power lines too close to trees as environmentalists have been pushing back against the timber industry. the reagan lie brar had toe vac wait. -- the reagan library had to evacuate. we have the story later in the show. impeachment now on collision course with both the government shutdown, potential government shutdown, the russia probe and the democrat primary just about three months away. the credibility of that probe now at risk. all the stories coming up. i've always been excited for what's next. i'm still going for my best... even though i live with a higher risk of stroke
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elizabeth: to the massive wildfires tearing across california. fox news dan springer is in california with more. dan? >> liz, california can't seem to catch a break, just as things improve on the kincaid fire up in northern california where i'm, new fires break out in southern california. the more serious is burning in simi valley and with strong 40 miles-per-hour winds, it quickly grew to 13 hukz 00 acres and forced the evacuation of 7,000 homes >> woke up to it on fire right across the way. within 20 minutes they were telling us we had mandatory evacuations and probably about 15 minutes ago they told us we need to stay in place. >> the fire is also close to the reagan presidential library which crews quickly worked to protect. >> the closest this library has ever come to this kind of danger. it is serious stuff. >> the news is far better in sonoma county north of san francisco, winds have eased,
6:41 pm
containment doubled to 30% and work crews have been given the clear to restore power in the burn area. still thousands of evacuees not clear to go home and 900,000 people without power but that should improve steadily over the next couple of days. liz? elizabeth: next danger is mudslides. criticism is mounting against california's liberal policies helping to turn california into a tinderbox. former gubernatorial candidate john cox joins me now. your reaction to that? >> thanks, liz. thanks for having me on, but this is an absolute tragedy, and it doesn't have to be. that's the sad thing about this, liz. santa ana winds have been happening in this part of the world for centuries, and what's going on in the last 30, 40 years that has made this so bad? i will tell you what it is. it is the fact that we haven't been managing the forests. we need sustainable forestry
6:42 pm
management. we have the environmental extremist groups in sacramento who control the debate. they hand out money to all the politicians, and they make it so you can't do much in the way of management. decades and decades of dead trees and brush that's just ready fuel for these fires that start as small fires and obviously become huge disasters with all this fuel feeding them. and instead of doing things that are necessary, like, you know, clearing those dead trees and the brush, the politicians just pass off the problem as climate change and don't do much about it. at the same time, they're making these utilities basically political organizations that do all kinds of things on diversity and renewable energy, but have neglected the maintenance of their own infrastructure, so that they haven't been burying these electrical lines and now it is coming home to roost because there's thousands, literally millions that are without power in this state. it is really horrendous
6:43 pm
situation. elizabeth: democrat governor newsom and other california state politicians watchdog groups say during his gubernatorial race and his cohort more than $208,000 from pg&e. did you take money from pg&e? >> absolutely not. newsom gets the money from these organizations and then he bails them out, and at the same time, forces them to spend all kinds of money on political pet projects that he's got. i got to tell you, san diego gas and electric down here as done a pretty good job of really hardening their infrastructure, of using new technology to identify where there are areas that trees could be a problem. elizabeth: i want to quickly say environmentalists according to state policy dictate that trees can only be trimmed to a few short feet from power lines? i mean, that doesn't help when -- i mean, when the winds blow in, the getty fire was triggered in southern los angeles in that area by a tree
6:44 pm
branch that fell on the power lines. i mean, we've known pg&e power lines have been igniting these fires. and the timber that's being harvested on national forest lands there is at a fifth of what it was a couple decades ago, john, it's got to turn around. >> that's the problem. that's the problem. and you know, listen, liz, it's not only the utilities that have been causing the fires. the car fires, carr fires that happened a couple years ago was a result of a trailer truck fire blew and caused a a spark. we haven't been spending money on helicopters. i was up in the northern area and they were telling me there were helicopters that were flown in vietnam. only recent they we have been able to upgrade some of this hardware. the politicians have brought on this problem and i think the people are hopefully going to hold them accountable.
6:45 pm
elizabeth: pg&e is talk about a decade of rolling blackouts. thank you, john cox. want to give a shoutout to the men and women who are fighting these fires. i come from firefighters. our prayers are with you. stay safe. let's get to lou dobbs with a preview of his show. lou: tonight we take up what has been another busy day in washington, d.c. judicial watch's tom fenton and the head of the freedom caucus congressman andy biggs join us. washington examiners byron york and ed rollins on the efforts to overthrow a president underway now on capitol hill. we will have the latest on the left's attempt to do just that. we will also be talking about one of their so called star witnesses trying to alter the transcript of the trump zelensky phone call, and will a change in the location of apex next month affect the possibility of u.s. china trade deal? gordon chang with us at the top of the hour. hope you will join us.
6:46 pm
liz, thank you. liz: sounds like you will be busy. good to see you, lou. we have the next big bubble about to burst that no one saw coming, the 2020 democrats and the progressive agenda. we will bring in a former fbi official on the criminal probe of the russia probe. those stories coming up. the game doesn't end after that insane buzzer beater.
6:47 pm
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elizabeth: well the democrats impeachment inquiry has credibility problems now. and it's on a collision course with the criminal probe of the russia probe. impeachment leader adam schiff and former fbi director james comey now aggressively trying to undermine the criminal probe of that probe. let's bring in danny colson, former fbi deputy, assistant director. what's your reaction to this? >> it's disgusting, the whole revelations of all these things coming out, it makes me wonder who they were serving. they weren't serving the fbi. the fbi values process, values justice, and the latest thing where we know now that two individuals modified an fd-302 which is a report of an investigation and put questions into the 302 that were never asked and answers that were never answered and it made it look like general flynn was
6:51 pm
lying and flew directly in the face of the fbi agents that were there who took notes. i have never heard of anything like. that it is frankly very disturbing to me and every agent i talk to about it. elizabeth: danny, we have been working with fbi sources as well who are out in the field away from the d.c. bureau. they keep saying that what happened was after 9/11 the government got powerful surveillance new tools and now those surveillance tools are being used and pointed at opposition campaigns. they don't want the country to turn into a surveillance state like east germany and they keep saying it's staring everybody right in the face. here's my question to you, why was james comey an fbi administrator, not a field agent, why was comey overseeing the russia probe? why wasn't a field office investigating it? these sources say that is the biggest sign things were going haywire. >> that's a good question. remember, watergate was run by the washington field office. i wasn't run by the director of
6:52 pm
the fbi. i was a field commander in the washington field office. comey took all these cases and put them under his command where he and his minions did the investigation and that is a huge problem for the fbi. it actually started -- that process started under bob mueller. he started bringing more cases back to headquarters. fbi agents aren't intimidated by politics. all they want to do is find out what happened and report it. but clearly there was a bias at the highest levels of the fbi, and they took it away from the washington field office. by the way, washington field office asked to conduct an investigation of the clinton foundation on numerous occasions for money laundering and they were denied that ability. i think that says volumes as to what was going on at the time we're dealing with here. elizabeth: keep saying that comey could sign off on fisa warrants the evidence for it and what's classified and not. we will bring you back.
6:53 pm
i'm sorry we ran out of time. great to see you >> thank you, always good to see you guys. elizabeth: next up joe biden now says quote he wishes he raised one republican so that republican child of his could go out and make some money. that really happened. he said that. we have the sound, coming up. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? (thud) (crash) (grunting) (whistle) play it cool and escape heartburn fast with tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tu-tu-tum tums
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liz: the 2020 democrats out of touch with the real world are having an identity crisis. mary, self-described socialist bernie sanders scolded a reporter for calling him a democrat socialist. are we going too crazy on the word? now democrat socialist is a bad word? i think what he's admitting is the democratic party is not going to elect a socialist. they seem popular inside their base. but he can't win the primary because even the democrats who have moved to the left are not ready to elect a socialist. so all of a sudden he wants to drop the term. >> you have to hear it to
6:58 pm
believe what joe biden said. >> less than any other four-year bachelor's degree other than being a social work. i wish i raised at least one republican to make some money. >> he ignores the fact that politicians make a lot of money, including his former boss who made a lot of money in a political career. it's an insult to americans because he's saying only republicans are entrepreneurs. and entrepreneurship is what makes this country go. what would we do if everybody was hunter biden? liz: elizabeth warren says she is as capitalist, but look at what we found from the center for responsible budget. big tax hikes to pay for the $34
6:59 pm
trillion overhaul of the government healthcare system. she is talking higher payroll taxes. this is what the watchdog group is saying she would have to enact. so again, elizabeth warren, mary, is awol with her plan to pay for all of this. you've to add the 15% payroll fox to that 15%. it's the high 40s where they would have to go with the payroll tax. liz: are voters going to go for this? >> i don't think so. the real challenge will be, will it be explained to them. remember in the debate she said i am not raising taxes, costs will be coming down. it will be incumbent on the president to point out to people this is your taxes going up
7:00 pm
significant. liz: mary, sorry i ran out of time. boy, we had a jam packed show. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening. the radical dimms continue their parade of various witnesses varying in all sorts of occupations as they head to capitol hill. the dimms' motive never more clear than to subvert and overthrow the president. alexander vindman testified yesterday and according to the "new york times" admitted toal teshing the transcript of the ukraine transcript with president zelensky.


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