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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  November 1, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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research. is this a company that has a competitive advantage, are the valuations good. if so, you stay the course. if it's -- charles: i'm going to start knitting and selling stuff to protect my investment. we are at the highs of the session, up 250 points. another crazy week. liz: i want a floppy millenial cap. can you knit one? charles: that's my first project. liz: for me. thank you very much. have a good weekend, charles. we've got a major comeback in this final hour of trade, folks. manufacturing was the spoiler 24 hours ago but better than expected economic numbers today have the bulls charging with renewed energy. is good news finally good news, and could the fed actually be the one to thank this time around? a shocker, the president leaving his louis xiv inspired apartment for the florida sunshine. the latest billionaire defection from new york sparking fears of a real estate crisis. we've got the nyc real estate
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guru who says the game is not over yet forgotham and other high tax states. steve jobs dreamed of reshaping the television experience but never got around to seeing it before he died. today, the company jobs built may have just succeeded. apple tv plus bursting out on to the streaming field this morning, entering the streaming war games. has the new entrant just officially trampled the original content disrupter, cable tv? not so fast. coming up, one of the world's top telecom and cable analysts says hold on before you place your bets. why the ultimate streaming winner could actually end up being a cable industry stalwart. a significant new keystone pipeline spill drenching wetlands in crude oil at this hour. the supply disruption and the controversy with it pumping up prices right now but it's a positive spin on trade that may be the real propelant for crude and stocks. dow jones industrials up 249
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points. the s&p, could we see a fourth record close this week alone? it's up 25. the nasdaq better by 75. and yes, oil is extending its gains in the aftermarket session right now, it's still up two bucks. coming up, we've got the top d.c. energy analyst who says might be too soon to start charging ahead on crude so you've got to stick around and wait for that. happy november, everybody. we're less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start "the claman countdown." liz: breaking news. president trump has just picked cancer center doctor steven hahn to run the food and drug administration. this appointment puts a radiation oncologists at the head of the fda. hahn is chief medical officer at the university of texas m.d. anderson cancer center. he replaces dr. scott gottleib
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who made his mark as a hard liner on the opioid epidemic and working to ban e-cigarettes. since he stepped down months ago, the vaping issue has become a crisis with vaping-related deaths and lung illnesses increasing. the markets right now are showing at least the two stocks that are very vaping-centric. altria group which has more than 30% stake in juul, the big vaping company, and phillip morris which gets the business outside the u.s., both of them are moving higher right now. but we shall see. new chief of the fda. fitbit investors can wipe the sweat off their collective brow at this hour as alphabet google finally confirmed it will buy the fitness tracker for $2.1 billion. turns out to be $7.35 a share in cash. we're not there yet. we're at $7.15 right now. the $7.35 would be a 19% premium to yesterday's close but folks, it's a 70% premium to where fitbit was when google made the
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offer we think about a week ago. google clearly scooping up the wearable name to take on the apple watch and samsung galaxy watch. no interest in pinterest after quarterly revenue disappointed. the company which allows users to pin visual ideas on to digital billboards hit a record low. the company went public in april at $19 a share. i guess its high since then has been about $36. right now it's at $20.98. down 16.5%. now we've got a tale of two techies. apple supplier qurvo blowing out wall street but apple is far from the only reason the chip maker is spiking nearly 19% right now. everyone from samsung to chinese oems or original equipment manufacturers, so-called white phones, thirsty for the 5g chips which enable smartphones to communicate with wireless networks. but on the other side of the spectrum, we have arista networks, a dark cloud hanging
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over the cloud infrastructure supplier as it faces weakening purchases from a major customer, unnamed. that's down 24%. but folks, let's get to the big story here. something very extraordinary is happening in this final hour of trade. the markets are surging even as the likelihood of another fed rate cut next month plummets. take a look at this. during the 3:00 p.m. "countdown" show yesterday the markets were pricing in about a 22.9% chance of a rate cut in december. that's the next and last meeting of the year. now that number has dropped to just 12.5%. usually when the odds are down that we will see another rate cut, the markets start to panic but we don't have that right now. the question is, have the markets turned a corner? can the markets hand good news and possibly higher rates to investors themselves and stay there with these gains?
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let's get to our floor show traders on this friday. chris robinson, again, happy november. give me a sense, good news is good news here and the markets don't seem to be too spooked that the fed appears we won't see another rate cut this year. >> there's still a lot of time between now and the time that cut is actually due. we will see what happens. two, three days ago people were worried they weren't going to cut this last time. there's always a little uncertainty there. overall, though, the market's been on a tear. if you look at where we were just two months ago, the dow jones is 2500 points higher, 10% higher. we are closing in on the all-time highs in the dow. we are making new all-time highs in the s&p. i feel like i'm a designated driver at the party. i'm just like, it could be getting late in the game and you know, it's always good to have a strong market rally but i will just say this. one caveat. remember when we were last christmas, we were 6,000 points lower in the dow. liz: yes, i do remember that.
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december was -- december 24th, we all remember that. >> yes. liz: exactly. you could see that right there. but okay, tim anderson, chris just said he wants to be the designated driver here and bring the party down a little bit. actually, that's not fair to say. i'm always the designated driver. it's mojitos for me. if they don't have mint on hand, forget it, i'm not drinking. tim, what do you think? at this point, it is unusual to see a 250-point rally in the dow just as there's only a 12.5% chance we would see a rate cut. >> you know, i just think we are in a totally different environment than we were last year in november and december. last year, we were both -- the fed was both hiking interest rates and reducing the balance sheet which was basically qualitative tightening. we stopped the qt midyear this year, and we have just had three rate cuts. we have also on the earnings
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front, we are basically just got through three quarters of very difficult year over year earnings comparisons. once we get into the fourth quarter, those comparisons become much easier. so i think that, i mean, i think that it's possible that this is the beginning of a new leg higher. liz: boy, you took such dramatic pauses there. that was like masterpiece theater. okay. i get it. phil, what a jobs report. it was a big upside surprise. we got upward revisions for both september and august, so that's a very nice beat to see. if there is a job that somebody wants, they can most likely find it. give mow a sense of what you see now that we've got a split. you've got to be the tie-breaker here. >> i have to say i'm glad you're driving. yeah, i think it is time to celebrate. we have been through a lot.
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i absolutely totally different than a year ago and right are s. this is a market that's been consolidating pretty much for the last six months, looking for an excuse to either break out to the downside or the upside, and we got great news. everybody was worried about -- liz: whoa, whoa, wait one second. i do want to be fair here. we just showed manufacturing, the ism came out for the national number today. it was again a miss. it was below the 50 level which means anything below that, we are seeing some contraction and shrinkage. >> we are, but if you look at the chicago number yesterday, everybody thought it was going to be the end of the world and they were lowering expectations for ism. everybody looks at the headline number. it was actually a lot worse, if you notice when the ism came out the market actually rallied because they realized we will probably see some stability. you add that jobs report, the manufacturing will start to come back. liz: chris, you and me. we will take the wheel. >> that's right.
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liz: have a good weekend, gentlemen. thank you so much. president trump's economic team coming out in full force since this morning's robust jobs report. the message they were touting, one of prosperity and optimism. some market gurus say they might want to give a shout-out to the federal reserve. let me get to blake burman, standing by live at the white house. blake, president trump i guess set to depart in less than an hour for the rally. any chance the president will thank jay powell and the fed for the three rate cuts they have made that some argue do stabilize what was a very ugly january? reporter: i think that one's a slim to none, liz. it was interesting, though, because larry kudlow was asked today about jay powell and his job status and he said jay powell's job status is perfectly fine. he's not going anywhere. he's going to stay atop the federal reserve. the president has no intentions of changing that at all. but kudlow also mentioned how the president has his opinions about jay powell, the president thinks that he raised too far, too fast, too tight, and that it
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was the fed that has held back the economy in some part. so today, instead what the white house is doing is looking inward at this jobs report. they view it as vindication of not only their economic priorities, but of their economic policies as well. for example, they are specifically pointing to tax cuts and deregulation. here was the acting cea head thomas philipson a little while ago. >> basically, a blue collar working class boom. what you see is really that labor demand here is dramatically increased due to the tax cuts and dereg that we implemented. reporter: perhaps the biggest shot in the arm for the economy would be a potential phase one signing of a trade deal with china and even more than that, a comprehensive trade deal as well. we can tell you that the top players, robert lighthizer, steve mnuchin, liu he, wrapped up a phone call just a little while ago. the ustr described that as constructive. they also say of the negotiators quote, they made progress in a variety of areas and are in the
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process of resolving outstanding issues. discussions will continue at the deputy level. however, a statement from china's commerce ministry just a little while ago also said that there was a quote, consensus in principle, though i can tell you, liz, in speaking with one source familiar with the negotiations, that person put it to me about the chinese readout, quote, buyer beware. liz? liz: it's already past halloween and now you are telling me to beware. thank you, blake. blake burman. 48 minutes before the closing bell rings, and we've got apple helping the dow to hit new highs, because apple is spiking. shares climbing as the wait and see for apple's streaming foray is finally over. apple tv plus joining the digital tidal wave of content that could broadband be the great barrier reef that helps protect practice dicable provids
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from the onslaught? we take on the streaming wars. and trump tower losing its mainstay, one-time full-time resident donald trump. the president following in carl icahn's footsteps, giving up his new york city digs in favor of florida's sun, sand and low taxes. but is the latest high profile flight from gotham signaling a crisis for high tax states like new york? how about a sigh of relief for apartment owners in trump tower who have been really trying to sell their units for months and months? up next, high end real estate maven jason haber on the names rushing to, not from, new york. "countdown" will be right back. heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage,
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liz: as president trump revealed today, he will be the most prominent new yorker to pull up stakes to officially move his primary residence to florida. fox business has learned that some trump tower apartment owners where he has lived for decades are actually applauding the move quietly. sources telling us they own multi-million dollar apartments on the condo floors of the midtown skyscraper. they are telling fox business today that valuations have plummeted and that's a quote since he became president. now, at last check, one resident telling "the claman countdown" at least 18 units have been available to be purchased and at least seven to eight are up to be rented or leased. they have been languishing on the market for many months due to heavy security, access to the building, even just to drop off groceries or luggage has been quite problematic for some residents, particularly during extreme weather conditions, both snow and the heat. not only that, sources say there is now a common unwillingness of
3:18 pm
quote, innumerable delivery services and contractors who prefer not to work there. their equipment has to be scanned off-site, certified and shrink-wrapped before it can even come in. the vendors are sometimes turned away by secret service on a random basis. one resident told us quote, no question valuations are down 40%. president insists the move was based on the way new york politicians have treated him but new york's tax burden aggravated by the cap on of course, the salt, state and local tax deductions have motivated many new yorkers to move. last year, nearly half a million new yorkers left the state. 63,000 of them moved the florida, a no-tax state. is it a real estate crisis in new york city or maybe the perfect opportunity to buy? jason haber from a high end real estate firm in new york city, is here. let me start with something unrelated. what is the biggest sale you have recently made and what was the story behind it? >> i made two sales in the last
3:19 pm
two or three months of over $7 million, between $7 million and $8 million. liz: who was leaving? where are they going? >> all domestic. liz: were they going the florida or one of the lower tax states? >> one was relocating to california for work. one was moving from greenwech village to the east village. liz: what about the people moving in? >> i'm saying they are all moving in, they are all local. these are local transactions. by the way, which is what we are seeing across the board right now. liz: okay. but there's no denying there has been a flight of people, certainly high end people, you think about carl icahn -- >> president trump, they are not the only ones who are looking at the situation right now, where you have the federal government setting policy, right, the tax law makes it, incentivizes you to move from a high tax state because your deductions are now much different. there are lots of people looking at this. like you mentioned, 63,000 new yorkers went to florida and that's about a year over year number. that's a lot of people year over year. in connecticut, talking about florida, in connecticut, 65%
3:20 pm
higher after the tax law was passed moved down to florida. it's a big move. liz: well, people are tired of getting taxed, taxed and taxed but again, this was the gop tax plan. usually the gop are against higher taxes but it has certainly hit new york and california in outsized ways. let me see from your perspective what's happening on billionaires' row, 57th street. >> if you're not familiar with it, if you're not from new york, 57th street has a series of towers. i have sold in them. there are apartments that go up, priced at five, six, seven, $8,000 per foot. liz: per foot. unbelievable. now, we see big money people who are not leaving new york, they are coming. >> yes. liz: bill ackman already lived here but michael dell, of course, a texas resident, i believe, he bought a huge apartment. you've got jeff bezos buying here in new york city. >> right. he's buying everywhere. yeah. liz: he can, right? but give me a sense of who's
3:21 pm
coming to new york. >> a lot of the transactions we see right now are domestic. the foreign buyer was so important to our market for the longest time and now the geopolitics have changed. there's trouble obviously in europe, there's trouble in asia, so we are relying on the domestic buyer. liz: in the past, russian oligarchs plugged the holes. chinese billionaires, newly moneyed chinese. right now, a, the chinese are worth less, because of the situation with the trade war, and the russian oligarchs, all of their money is being scrutinized if it's coming here. >> right. liz: tell me who is filling that gap. >> the kardashians. there aren't enough of them to fill the gap. i mean, really high net worth americans are the ones who will come in and fill the gap. now, there's going to be a price difference, right. prices are down and you are going to see the trades happening at different levels. liz: can you quickly tell me because our sources were telling us the trump tower, these are people who own. boy, are they relieved. they haven't been able to sell.
3:22 pm
>> it's not -- it's the security apparatus that protects the president, the protocols that are set up just make it very difficult to live in a building where you have that kind of security. liz: and you are paying to have -- let me drive up to the door. >> yeah. very tough. liz: good to see you. >> you, too. liz: jason haber. thank you for being here. a tale of two big oil earnings reports are kind of rocking the dow 30. with about 38 minutes before the closing bell, despite an ongoing climate change trial in new york, exxonmobil pumping higher after beating third quarter earnings per share estimates. it's currently right up there as one of the top three, up $1.95 to $69.52. but lower commodities prices hitting chevron hard, leaving its shares under pressure. currently trading down about quarter of a percent. not that much pressure. the oil giant follows in bp and shell's footsteps in the weaker earnings parade. from a new leak in the
3:23 pm
controversial keystone pipeline to wildfires fueling climate change backlash, today's trade related spike as well, throw it into a pot, could an even bigger surge in oil prices be on the way? top d.c. energy policy guru kevin book says energy buyers, beware. he will explain why, next on "the claman countdown." ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. liz: we do have a situation with the keystone pipeline. workers are apparently racing right now to clean up thousands of barrels of oil, about 380,000 barrels, after it spewed out of the keystone crude pipeline in north dakota. right now, the estimate of 9,000 plus barrels makes this the biggest onshore crude spill in the past decade. 380,000 gallons, i should say. so this as the pipeline's owner tc energy which is publicly traded along with other oil
3:27 pm
majors reported earnings today. tc actually beat on ironically, pipeline strength. the stock is up 1.5% but you can see it is well off the intraday. to give us a broader view of the energy picture because there's so much else to talk about, here in a fox business exclusive, kevin book, clearview energy partners managing director. not to mention, kevin, just a few weeks ago the attacks on the saudi oil pipelines by the suicide drone team that came in from ostensibly iran, are you comfortable with where oil prices are? where do you predict they will go? >> well, on fundamentals alone we are actually looking at a bit of strength in the fourth quarter, because on the calendar we just have stronger demand. going into the next year, first half of next year looks pretty weak on fundamentals. a lot more supply ahead of demand. if you look past fundamentals, though, the way to think about it is we are essentially freezing to death on trade war, so there's a lot more bearish sentiment in the market than bullish, but the kind of acute risk you are talking about, the
3:28 pm
iran attack in saudi arabia, for example, and just the other acute risks emanating really from the iran confrontation, that means there could be a moment of sort of acute heat. you could still burn to death in a fire on a freezing cold day. so a lot of bias to the downside going into the first half of next year, probably a 50s handle on the fundamentals basis with room to the downside on trade, and spikes possible still in spite of that because of the acute risk. a complicated picture, i know. liz: indeed. we have a consumer driven economy and part of that has to be that gasoline has been so inexpensive, because how did it go, one penny is another billion on top of taxpayers' shoulders every time the price of gasoline rises. we have had very low gasoline prices, $2.61 is the national average right now. a yoer ago it was $2.87 which is still pretty low there. do you see west texas intermediate prices kind of stuck in a range? even though we have had all these exogenous events?
3:29 pm
>> in spite of that, there really are. the production just out of the permian is heroic. that's good news from a security supply perspective but maybe not so much from an investment perspective. think of it this way. deregulate supply, which the president has done, and you add to supply. but you don't necessarily stimulate demand. one of the problems is that in spite of that low price, in spite of consumption going up, vehicles themselves here in the u.s. are more efficient. so u.s. gasoline consumption, 10% of global demand give or take, but not growing like you would expect in a low gasoline price because we have a more efficient fleet. very hard to stimulate demand. liz: can i get to the california wildfires, which are in some cases, burning out of control. elon musk, who of course of tesla and space x and solar city touted solar panels for individual homes. he's got a brand new product, it looks really fancy on roofs. it's an entire roof of solar panels. you know, you've got the democratic presidential candidates pushing a ban on
3:30 pm
fracking. these two voices coming together, is this the beginning of the end? that's ridiculous question because it's not true, but getting close to the end of fossil fuels or at least turning forward to check all the boxes theory of solar, wind, power, everything, not just fossil fuels? >> well, there was a time when you would say solaris no substitute for transportation fuels but convergence now with electric vehicles running on electricity that could come from solar panels means that there is in fact some substitution going on. realistically, what candidates are saying is something that's made possible because prices are so low. think about what it would be like if economically, cutting off fracking could mean doubling an oil price from $100 to $200 but we are not at $100. we are at $60 or $55 for wti. so candidates have the economic leeway to say they would get rid of fracking. here's the thing, though. i don't know that we should discard this loose talk of fracking ban. fracking ban may not be possible in its own right under current law but a lot of constraints can be applied under the regulatory
3:31 pm
authority of the president to say nothing of what happens if a blue wave washes across washington in the 2020 elections. so there is risk. but what does it mean for investors, right? it's bad for companies if you end up with a lot of strict regulation, but good for the commodity, because we are talking about a huge amount of supply in the u.s. that would be exposed to new regulatory risk. liz: kevin, you've got a good mind for this stuff. anybody ever tell you that? thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. liz: clearview energy partnership, kevin book. thank you so much. it's the launch so many of you have been waiting for or at least hearing about. with the closing bell ringing in 29 minutes, look at the dow, now up 262. folks, we are on track for a record for the s&p 500 and a record close for the nasdaq as well. apple tv plus is blasting off but coming up, all-star telecom analyst craig moffett is here on why apple, disney, netflix, comcast, they all wind up being partial losers in the streaming
3:32 pm
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gerri: i'm gerri willis with today's fox business brief. colgate shares falling after it missed slightly on third quarter revenue. the stock down nearly 3%. sales still rose by 2% versus last year and still retained the leading share of the global toothpaste market. the chief executive has said the company is going forward by focusing on core business group and expanding into new markets. wayfair has just what investors need today, recovering from yesterday's double digit drop even as analysts turn bearish, seven firms lowered their price targets on the e-commerce company including ubs and deutsche bank which maintained their neutral and buy ratings, respectively. despite the negativity, shares of wayfair are up 2.4%. u.s. steel forging ahead as its third quarter losses not as
3:37 pm
bad as analysts expected, as revenues fell 17% year over year. this was the company's first quarterly loss since early 2017, a year before the 25% tariffs on steel imports. u.s. steel down 57% year to date but hitting three-month highs today, up 15% as we near the close. with the launch of apple's tv plus, is this the end for cable tv as we know it? don't write the obit just yet. more on "the claman countdown" coming up. it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system that automatically updates, so you always have the latest protection. phishing. malware. risky sites. it can help block all of that.
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liz: this breaking news. the barney's madison avenue flagship store will remain open for about a year, 12 months after authentic brands group did end up purchasing the store. great american group and tiger capital group have announced
3:41 pm
store closing sales will be at about five barney's stores and warehouse locations in the near future but the one in new york, stays open for a year. that will make a lot of fashionistas very happy and certainly the employees there. all right. i just want to note, we are at session highs right now. the dow is up nearly 300 points. okay, 285. let's just say nearly 300. we are watching all of this and more as apple's long-awaited streaming video service apple tv plus is officially finally live. apple's launch, a critical step for the tech titan as it begins to compete in streaming tv, content versus disney, netflix, hbo and yes, even amc theaters. comcast not waiting long to answer back at apple. a new report saying the telecom and cable giant's coming digital service peacock could offer an ad-supported free option for would-be viewers. more than who will rein supreme in the streaming wars, will the coming content onslaught be the final kill shot or just a glancing blow for cable?
3:42 pm
craig moffett who is known around the world as top analyst in these things joins us in a fox business exclusive. okay. three million people cut the cord last year. that was a huge jump, i believe, about 40% higher than what we saw. i mean, the rate is unbelievable. as we look year over year, what do you say to people who say that's it, cable's done, at least video cable is done? >> video cable might be done. the funny part is the cable companies are fine with that, because cable companies are just moving from strength to strength. so ironically, it's the cable companies that are actually making this accelerate because they are saying we don't want to defend the status quo anymore. if you want to get your video from somebody else, fine with me. you know, the cable companies aren't media companies. they are road builders essentially. they operate roads. and you still need to use the road whether you are driving an electric car or gas powered car. they don't care. liz: they have the money to lay the pipes, the broadband pipes, correct? >> that's right. liz: they own them.
3:43 pm
>> they own the pipes. so they are fine. satellite companies are not fine. but still, you step back and look, there's no question, three million last year but this quarter, directv lost 1.3 million subscribers just in a single quarter. the rate has dramatically accelerated and so -- and interestingly, what's happened is last year, everybody was talking about youtube tv and hulu live and so-called virtual mvpds, the live tv delivered over the internet. those aren't the ones who are winning. they are actually closing down, too. sony playstation view closed this week and at & t's directv now, their live streaming product before hbo max is now shrinking badly. so that hasn't really worked. so what you're really seeing now is the traditional live model for anything other than sports
3:44 pm
is evaporating. liz: so on the very day that apple tv plus has launched, it's out there in the world, you are saying cable companies are saying you know what, okay, good for you, good on you, we are not beating them, we are going to join them or at least say fine, do what you want when it comes to actual video, we will take the 5g, we will take the pipes, we will take all the spectrum and try and jump in on that. >> that's right. and look, they understand that there are a lot of customers who are going to want to stick with the traditional bundle of video, it's convenient, they want the smorgasbord of all the video you can get that's still available from paid tv and that's fine. they will continue to serve those customers happily and make sure those customers are well served. but for all those customers who are saying i'm not sure i want one of those packages anymore, the cable companies are saying okay, we are not going to try to convince you anymore. we are aren't going to throw $60 of video at you for $40 in some kind of ill-conceived attempt to
3:45 pm
get you to stay. we are going to let you go because ultimately, our business is about connectivity and pipes, not about aggregation of content. liz: make some news for our viewing audience here who invest. if you had the choice to buy any one of these telecom/cable operators who have the pipes, who is better positioned here? >> charter. right now i think charter is the most attractive name in the space. charter has had a phenomenal year. liz: more than at & t? >> oh, yeah. i think at & t has some deep structural problems. the dividend is attractive enough that i don't think it makes sense to short it now and i don't think that there's any immediate reason why the stock is going to go down but the guidance that they just gave, which in most companies wouldn't be a stretch to say we are going to get to 1% revenue growth for each of the next three years, is really hard to see how they get there. they are structurally very challenged company. charter, on the other hand, is only in the good parts of the business which is the high
3:46 pm
capacity infrastructure. that's a good place to be right now. so charter looks like a winner. comcast, especially at least for the cable side of its business, less so for nbc. liz: if we see a one-year charter shot, we are very close to one-year highs. >> oh, yeah. in fact, multi-year highs for charter, all-time highs. and the stock is up, what, 70% now year to date. liz: 67%. yeah. >> and i still think you can make a good argument that charter's stock is cheap here. liz: fascinating. because you would be buying it very close to the highs but that's a name i didn't expect you to say. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. liz: thank you very much. craig moffett. next, charlie gasparino is about to break it on which country is cozying up the closest to the saudi oil money. we'll be right back. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks i can get. line?
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liz: will the luck of the irishman help netflix score that best picture win at this year's oscars? martin scorsese's mob epic hits select theaters this friday, highly, highly rated. i mean, people have said it's amazing. and the wider release will be later this month. connell mcshane with a preview of what's coming up on "after the bell." connell: it's interesting because thises a business decision netflix made to only put it in theaters until the 27th of this month, of november. usually it would be a three-month run in a situation like this. the theater owners aren't exactly thrilled. we will talk to russell holley about netflix's strategy and also the new competition with apple tv plus out there and disney plus on the way. all that, plus looks like a pretty good close on wall street to focus on. coming up at the top of the hour. liz: connell, the irishman,
3:51 pm
charlie gasparino's already whining and complaining. italians. connell: who's the irishman? >> he was allegedly -- connell: i know who he is. but playing him. >> just so you know, he killed jimmy hoffa who my father once picked up in his cab, by the way. it was like he met god, by the way. my dad was an iron worker and drove a cab at night. he picked up jimmy hoffa in his cab and according to him, jimmy hoffa basically said how great it was to threaten bobby kenned famous story. liz: aiming high in life. >> they are just yelling in my ear. connell: i'm sure. liz: connell, thank you. all right. chinese officials are looking to strike oil as they cozy up to saudi arabia ahead of the aramco ipo. charlie gasparino. >> by the way, lydia wrote that. that's a very good toss. liz: it gave away the story. >> no, it didn't. liz: yes it did.
3:52 pm
who's the country, we will tell you in a minute. >> the real story, the real story is this. there is this concerted cozying up effort by china with the saudi royal family. this is where you saw it. this is a post-mortem of the mbs, mohammed bin salman had his investment conference last week, everybody attended. this year the chinese sent the biggest delegation ever. they sent a massive delegation. why is that? china's economy is in trouble. they are working out a trade deal with us. there's a lot of controversy surrounding the saudi royal family, where even though there were a lot of banks that went to this conference, steve mnuchin, you see him there, he actually attended this year after boycotting last year following the death of the journalist khashoggi. you know, there's still a lot of tension, a lot of fearfulness between china and the u.s., particularly in members of congress. china -- excuse me, saudis and the u.s. china is looking to fill that void. that's what we understand. what are they trying to do? i think the first order of business, they are trying to get
3:53 pm
somehow muscle their way into the saudi aramco ipo. we will find out exactly when that ipo is sold. we understand that it's going to be the first leg could come this year sometime, maybe next year. it's going to be a smaller issue. they are going to try -- chinese banks will try to get in that deal from what i understand. i don't know if they are yet. we will find out soon when they announce that. but china is clearly making their move into the saudi oil -- with the saudi royal kingdom trying to fill a void, as other people back off amid all the controversy surrounding what's going on over there. so i think this is an interesting story, in this sense. let's just say president trump does not work out a deal with china. they will turn, maybe their bankers in the future, the financial relationship, will turn not to the u.s., which, you know, the chinese have tons of relationships with jpmorgan and morgan stanley, they do a lot of business with us, maybe their relationships will switch to the saudi royal family which as you know is doing an ipo to monetize saudi aramco, the state-owned
3:54 pm
oil company. there's lots of money there. that's where we are. the future investment conference was proof positive of that. they were there en masse, i understand. back to you. you ready? liz: no, i'm thinking about this. they have invested in south america, in africa. the chinese are spreading their bets. >> they are making a big bet here. i'm telling you, from what i understand, it was jarring how much -- how big the presence of the chinese were at the conference as opposed to other years. listen, i don't think they boycotted it like the u.s. did last year. i mean, it was almost no major banks sending senior executives there last year. they did this year. steve mnuchin did not go last year, he was there this year. but the chinese were there even more. it was more pronounced and it's clear, they are looking to fill a void they think that might happen between the chinese and the u.s. i'm getting a wrap. because why? liz: well, the face alone. am i wrong? as my son would say, am i right?
3:55 pm
>> i can't wait for the irishman. liz: we'll be right back. neither can i. . .
3:56 pm
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3:58 pm
liz: two minutes left in trade. we're looking records for nasdaq and s&p. for the week all green on the screen. our countdown closer, investors listen up. a lot changed in the last 24 hours. david waddle. president and ceo of waddle and associates. what changed? >> well, i mean we got three things in play here. the markets are right to rally. you got a rate cut from the fed. that is good news. the big news, they're committed to another trillion dollars of money printing and stimulus. that's huge. number two, you got really good number, a relative to where it has been out of china and the united states on the pmi reports. in the white new orders were up. new exports were up.
3:59 pm
employment numbers were up at least off a low base. that could be a turn. remember china and u.s. account for 50% of global gdp growth. everybody else is a vendor to the two countries. if they have turned the corner, that is positive. the employment report we received today, validates that the consumer is in good enough spot to keep us moving forward. liz: knowing that, what sectors do you like? health care, financials and cash. why? >> health care is good either way. because it has been beaten down from a sentiment perspective. i remind viewers, lobbyists write laws, not legislators. that is overblown, market goes up, market goes down, health care looks okay. i put financials, if it breaks to the upside, you want financials. cyclical call. financials, industrials, metals and mining. any pro-cyclical stuff. cash we held a cash position since july. we're actually in a posture maybe reducing that now, we've
4:00 pm
seen some turn. [closing bell rings] maybe a little cash on hand is good idea. liz: tasted, thanks for joining us. 293 points to the upside. happy november. green on the screen. melissa: starting the month strong, all three major averages end the day green in better than expected october jobs report. the dow ending up, look at that. we'll get a nice, well, i see one thing says 300. one thing says 280 there. we'll reconcile those. whatever it is. it is a good day. we're shy of the record close i think. i'm melissa francis. we'll sort this out. connell: until we do, we sort things out. >> there is 300. connell: big board at exchange says 300. we have a new record close for the s&p 500. that we know. 16th of the year. and record close for nasdaq. 11th of the year forhe


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