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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 1, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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and judicial watch tom fitton will be among his guests. catch my show ""bulls and bears"" at 5:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. trish: the president reminding people of the damage the democrats are doing to our economy. president trump: i think the stock market has been have much affected. i think the stock market would be substantially higher. but you finally got to see it. most of people thought it was the adam schiff rendition he made up. if that ever happened, you would have a crash the likes of which this country has never seen. trish: dysfunctional politicians can hurt the value of a country just like dysfunctional boards can hurt the stock price of a company.
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the dems are going totally nuclear and their ceo, in this case donald trump. we have hit records almost every month. look at the gdp. >> we don't work for this president or any president. >> the president attempted to coerce ukraine into helping them. >> no person republican or democrat should be able to jeopardize america's security and reputation. >> the trump campaign was only too happy to have the support of russia. >> republicans seem to be shrugging their shoulders at the president's gross violation of his oath of office. trish: sources tell me in the democratic party that democrats are worried. they hate the president, and this hate is causing them to lash out and act irrationally.
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the few who are still coherent and understand the winning strategy for 2020. they know nancy pelosi is making a mistake by not enlisting a bipartisan strategy. remember this? >> that's our focus, to take our eye off that ball is not good for the people. trish: she stressed the importance of bipartisanship. she said she wouldn't do this unless it was bipartisan. she said he wasn't worth it. apparently now he is. now he's worth impeaching with the vote along party lines. democrats think it's their duty to take down the president.
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i mean, nancy pelosi is now out there and late night tv quoting thomas payne. >> in the early days of our revolution, thomas payne wrote, the times have found us. they declared independence. they fought a war, they established a country, they wrote a constitution. the genius of that constitution is three coequal branches of government. trish: wouldn't thomas pain and everyone that helped form this country, wouldn't they want what's best for the country? if we were a corporation and the board of trustees was in the middle of a nasty fight to take out the ceo, our stock would be going down. a performing productive ceo with great numbers shouldn't wind up stuck in the middle of a
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political board fight. we are not a corporation. we are a country. the greatest country in the world, if you ask me. our discourse is done in a respectful, healthy way and it makes us stronger. these days it's not a debate. it's not respectful discourse. it's personal. so i ask, why would any lawmaker try to push america's stuff down. joining me, niger innis. i know these dems think they are doing the country somehow a favor. but knowing that this is a political charade, knowing that there is no bipartisanship whatsoever. doesn't it do the country a whole lot more damage than any good? >> i think it does. but i'm going to correct you minorly. there was a bipartisan vote, if you will.
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a couple of democrats voted with all of the republicans against moving this impeachment inquiry forward. trish: bipartisan in the opposite way. and you know, i think these individuals know, i think it other 29 democrats that were elected 0 to the house of d elected to the house of representatives in trump districts, they know people in the heartland are not for this nonsense. you have the elite in washington, d.c., some of their friends in new york city. i call them millionaire socialists. far left-wing activists. and the entrenched bureaucracy that are desperate to get this man by any means necessary, and if you don't believe me, believe congressman al green of the black congressional caucus who said if we don't impeach this
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man, i think he will win reelection. trish: it is a political charade. they won't get to first base in the senate. even if they are successful with an impeachment vote in the house, it doesn't go anywhere. now, you have this impeachment into nothing. why? you are just wasting american taxpayer dollars and wasting everybody's time. it's a drain. >> it's partisan politics with a bazooka, and the bazooka is aimed at the united states constitution and the american people's faith in our government. oftentimes the far left-wing folks guess wrong. this could come back to rally trump's base. if there were any cons or
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independent or moderates thinking of abandoning trump, they will rethink that now. trish: a lot of money has been coming in since this all you can folded. this has never been so one-sided. never in history. if you look at modern history, these impeachment votes, inquiry votes. for clinton, you know, some bipartisanship. for nixon a ton of bipartisanship. for trump there were no republicans that crossed over. so that tells me there is a line in the sand. there is a red line. there is a group that's just not willing to back down on this. and i would expect, other than maybe utah, the same thing will exist in the senate.
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>> are we talking about pierre - about pierre delecto? >> the american people didn't think he was delectable. that's why they re-elected president obama. trish: americans are a lot smarter than the d.c. politicians think. america's future at stake. liberal activists are targeting high school honors classes citing white toxicity. also tonight, caught on tape. annex acting cia boss expressing gratitude for the deep state's impeachment push.
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>> thank god for the deep state. self-proclaimed capitalist elizabeth warren pitching if implemented one of the largest social programs ever proposed. the cost? $52 trillion. she says middle class taxpayers won't see one inch of a tax increase. so either she is really bad at math or she is lying. take your pick. >> i believe in markets. i believe in markets right down to my toes. ♪ engagement rings now 20- 40 percent off
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trish: elizabeth warren finally releasing the details of her medicare for all plan and it's pricey. she envisions spending just under $52 trillion over the next decade on a government-run healthcare system. to put that in perspective, that's more than double what our
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gdp is as a nation. how is she going to pay for this? the majority of the burden she says is on business. that big awful business sector. they are going to fork over money to the government. the taxes are also going to go up she says for the wealthy and for corporations. if you take any money extra home because of her plans, she is going to tax that, too. but somehow taxes are not going to go up on the middle class. so she is either really, really bad at math, or she is totally lying through her teeth. vice president joe biden is calling out that claim saying quote, the mathematical gymnastics in this plan are geared towards siding a simple truth from voters. it's impossible to pay for medicare for all without middle class taxes increasing.
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>> an economist at the university of massachusetts amherst said that could result in 2 million jobs lost. >> i agree. i think this is part of the cost issue and should be part of a cost plan. trish: joining me madison gesiotto and dr. marc siegel. you are talking about an enormous amount of money. this is more than any climate change initiative. this is like the biggest plan i have seen. and it's going to result in businesses having to buy these government plans so you lose, dr. siegel, the plan you have, you trade it for a government plan, all while really not getting anything, if you ask me,
8:16 pm
in return. so fewer people to service you in the business? >> a couple points to start with. i don't think even $52 trillion covers it. the urban institute says $30 trillion in new funding. it will cost at least $10 trillion more than she is saying. that will be right away taxes to the middle class directly. almost $9 trillion they are getting out of increased payroll taxes. the generous plans they are giving employees. you know what's going to happen? employers were lower wages. second, they are going to get rid of full-time employees a lot of the time. they are going to say, now that we are not giving them the benefit of the health policy we'll do it with part time employees and seasonal workers. two million jobs is a ridiculous
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estimate. it will be 10 million jobs in my estimate. trish: madison is she just not that smart, really bad in math? see it's common sense but she doesn't want penal to know what's really going on. this an example of one of the many plans she and the other candidates have proposed. bernie sanders' plan is estimated to be $32 trillion. guess what. when you look at the plan, they want free college tuition and free housing. they can't even pay for one of them. they are continuing to propose these plans wet there are americans out there who really need help. trish: we have seen it in a lot of campaigns. but have you ever seen anything
8:18 pm
so aggressive and so extreme? >> hospitals she openly admits will be paid a lot less and doctors will be paid a lot less. in a time of greats innovation you won't be able to get the care you are getting now. research jobs in hospitals are going to be cut because medicare won't be able to pay for them. hospitals she admits, elizabeth warren admits hospitals will be paid a lot less. a lot of them are struggling to survive. trish: is this sort of venezuela, mike, in some ways. >> just like we saw with president trump, they will promise you can keep your doctor and things will be great. when the government took over and tried to do great things for the va until president trump stepped in we saw veterans who waited to a point where they
8:19 pm
passed away. trish: i want your reaction to her pivoting on israel. she used to be more supportive, now indicating she is not. >> this is on a day when there are rockets attacking from gaza, a place is rail gave back for the sake of peace. christians and jews have lived in judea in peace for thousands of years. the idea of giving that back is contrary to all realities. a time when the principle rrp authority. trish: the impeachment push is sending even more money into the republican coffers. my next guest says it will backfire big time on these democrats.
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trish: reports that the democrats impeachment push is causing the republicans coffers to increase. reports that the president will have a massive war chest worth $1.5 billion to beat any socialist candidate the democrats serve his way. the president could have both money and public opinion on his side. because impeachment polls show the majority of americans don't want impeachment. this lack of bipartisanship makes it appear this is a total political hit job. nixon and clinton there were
8:25 pm
votes across the aisle. have the democrats ruined it for themselves? joining me, the tea party patriots co-founder, and david morey. you look at those swing state places like arizona, florida, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin. the majority of people don't like the idea of impeachment. they said we sent these lawmakers to get something done and instead they are caught up with this charade that's going straight to nowhere. >> i think they see what's happening, especially the voters in the battleground states. the vote shows this is a purely partisan political hit job against the president. even speaker pelosi said impeachment must be done in a bipartisan manner or it may divide country. she said in march of this year
8:26 pm
it had to be overwhelming and bipartisan. let's vote was underwhelming and purely partisan. the on people voting in a bipartisan man were were the two democrats who voted against impeachment. across the country, swing state voters see through this. trish: if that's the case and the swing state voters see delight and president trump continues to get more and more money into his campaign coffers, could this backfire? >> i respectfully disagree with broaft you. president trump will raise a lot of money. but we are early in the process. we are getting to the public phase of it. it will have by definition more participation by both parties in a public forum. there are polls that argue against the assumption.
8:27 pm
the 538 polls say the majority of americans support an impeachment inquiry and a plurality support a conviction. trish: based on what? the polarization is going to be the problem. trish: we have already got that. total polarization. one of the things that's most of troubling is nobody is paying any attention to actual facts. you can read the darn transcript. say what you want about it. you can hate the idea that he said do me a favor. whatever. is it worth impeaching a president over that? that's a pretty massive leap. >> it's not a transcript. it's a summary. let me make a point. the president is not just exploiting and taking advantage of the polarization, in some
8:28 pm
ways he's running on it. probably not elizabeth warren per your previous segment for elizabeth warren to be a change leader in the middle. they don't just bring the democrats in polarization. trish: good luck trying to find someone right now. let me go back to jenny on that one. you look at the field. poor joe biden. he was sort of the best hope. and he's having clearly some challenges on the communist front. and so he's sort of out of it. then you have socialists. you see 52 trillion plan that would be an absolute disaster for our economy. i don't think most of americans if they have any common sense will go for socialists. soth have got no one unless hillary gets back into things.
8:29 pm
>> we certainly have been through that again. i think we would see a repeat if she were to up' in. but i don't think they have anyone who will beat president trump. if they did, i think the democrats in the house would be focused on next years election already. we are watching with this political partisan impeachment process, it's to rig the elections and meddle in the 2020 elections. it's clear the radical democrats hate president trump and they hate the people who voted for them and they are pushing this. it's divisive. even if the polling shows that you are talking about nationwide david that it's different numbers nationwide. at the end of the day, what is going to matter is how the voters in the swing states vote. they are the ones ultimately who
8:30 pm
will decide. trish: right now the numbers are not on the democrats' side. caught on tape, annex-cia boss expressing gratitude for the deep state's impeachment push. >> thank god for the deep state. trish: former characteristics a station chief daniel hoffman and kt mcfarland are here reacting to that sound next. they never stray from their predetermined path. but this season, a more thrilling journey is calling. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event.
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trish: you have seen the transcript of the president's call with the ukrainian president. the words on the page don't equal the words of a quid pro quo. any suggestion that there was pressure is an interpretation.
8:35 pm
alexander vindman testified he was deeply disturbed by what was on the call. are americans supposed to have their votes reversed because someone was disturbed? >> thank god for the deep state. i mean, i think everyone here has seen this progression of diplomats and intelligence officers and white house people trooping up to capitol hill saying these are people doing their duty or responding to a higher call. trish: really? is that what it is? or do they just not like donald trump? joining me right now, former cia station chief, daniel hoffman and kt mcfarland.
8:36 pm
kt, what do you make of his comments? >> you know, just think about this. this is the director of the characteristics a in front of a group of nameless, faceless bureaucrats and they are laughing about the fact that 63 million americans are voted for donald trump can be dashed after he side because they don't happen to like the result of the election. i experienced the deep state personally as deputy national security advisor to president trump and they know exactly how to subvert the president if they wanted. we would have meetings in the situation room and within a half-hour the meetings were leaking out with their own particular spin. the same thing would happen to president trump when he would call foreign leaders. within a day the transcripts were leaked out by people who didn't like what trump was saying and thought they were far smarter and better equipped to
8:37 pm
rule this country than the american people. trish: brennan was laughing at mclaughlin's comment about the deep state, daniel hoffman. i would have to assume, you try and put that aside when you go to work every day in the intelligence services. but you have your own biases. but for whatever reason, donald trump brings out those biases among people. when you look at a guy like brennan and some of the others whether it's mccabe, et cetera, are they behaving in a rational way or a way dictated by their own personal bias, and how dangerous is that for our country? >> i draw a distinction between a partisan hack like john brennan and john mclaughlin who doesn't have any predisposed
8:38 pm
bias against the president or the president's policy. john mclaughlin and -- brennan, i called out brennan win was the first one to do it in april of 2018. leave him aside in this discussion. if we are talking about john mclaughlin. what john mclaughlin was doing was being a little bit facetious in his comments. he was saying sat cia we collect intelligence and we make an political judgments to the best of our ability based on that. trish: let me go back to this ukraine transcript. we all read it and granted it's a memo of a transcript. it's not absolutely perfect. vindman was upset because they left out two words. but i don't know if two words will change the entire tenor of the conversation. but vindman's suggested view of
8:39 pm
the tone and whether or not he was fearful about any of this, how is that relevant? if we can ride the transcript, what do we care about how some intelligence professional felt that day like whatever i was picking up vibes in the room? how is that relevant compared to the actual words themselves? >> he was not in the oval office with the president. he did not participate in a brefght president before that phone call. he was in the white house situation room listening in on a deadline. he had no idea what the president was thinking that day, it was all vindman's impressions. when i read his transcript and his opening statement, one thing that struck me. i used to hire these guys. i did not hire vindman with i don't know him. he has a good reputation.
8:40 pm
but when he says he was angry and upset that he didn't get to brief trump. too bad, that's not really your job. the other thing i found -- trish: he thought it was. he devoted his entire life and career to this. maybe he's personally insulted. >> he has his right and responsibility to give his opinion to the president. but the president has the right and responsibility to either take his advice and sit or disregard it. but it's not anybody's call except the president's. not an aide. not an assistant. not a career government bureaucrat. not even the director of the cia. we elected the president of the united states. we didn't elect any of these other guys. trish: daniel given your fascinating intelligence background. i love to hear you pronounce names in russians. you have had a lot of experience
8:41 pm
there and a lot of experience in the middle east. what do you think might have gone down in terms of the christopher steele stuff. i know we don't have all day. but as we look forward to seeing the i.g. report and look forward to getting barr's report, now it's a criminal investigation. what might be the cord nation between western intelligence. >> i wrote an op-ed in the "wall street journal" in january, 2018 where i debunked the so-called steele dossier, there was a lot of concern how the information was collected. and the likelihood the russian intelligence was using it as a con due to it spread disinformation. -- a conduit to spread disinformation. vladimir putin has the whole story and he will try to use it against us because there is nothing he likes more than when our intelligence officers are
8:42 pm
used for partisan fodder. that's the situation we are in. it's an uncomfortable place intelligence officers. i would hate to have to be there myself. trish: coming up, america's future is at stake. a report that liberal activists are targeting high school honors classes citing white toxicity. democrats can't impeach the president on the economy. my next guest says the chain a trade deal could boost the market even further. creating an an' tougher teflon coating around the president. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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trish: anyone look for signs of a slowdown in the u.s. economy, you can keep look. the jobs numbers coming in higher-than the estimate bringing the stock market soaring to all-time highs.
8:47 pm
people are starting to look for work. you had 325,000 americans saying maybe i'll go get a job. white house economic advisor larry cud lowe is saying the china trade deal is coming along nicely. >> president trump is optimistic about the china trade deal. agriculture chapter is virtually completed. the financials where american companies will get 100% ownership, security firms, that chapter is virtually wrapped up, the currency instability and ma nip st. louis chapter is virtually wrapped up. and progress has been made on intellectual property issues.
8:48 pm
trish: this could be really good for our economy and stock mark it. larry is saying we are close. are we close? >> it's extraordinary to even be in this position. we haven't seen this kind of approach since the time of ron solid reagan. for decades our presidents have had the united states playing the patsy. now we have an outside were coming to washington and he's doing what he said he would do, he's putting america first. we brought these guys to the table. we'll always be the strongest party in any conversation. and we'll get a lot done. trish: people said it would be disastrous for our country and we wouldn't see gdp growth. in with the gm strike we are
8:49 pm
still growing. how much stronger does it make us when we go into the negotiation room with china. >> 303,000 new jobs. record highs as you just mentioned in all our stock market indicators. this is something of a showdown between us and china. whose economy of is more vulnerable? ours will always be stronger. the president has such good instincts. america's strength is based on freedom. we have that, they don't. trish: we are the biggest customer. >> they need us so much more than we need them. there isn't a situation in the world where america won't be the stronger party whether it's military or economic or anything else. trish: i worry sometimes if we don't take advantage of the
8:50 pm
economic strength we have right now, you run the risk that you are not going to be as strong economically in another four years, in another 10 years or 20 years. if china is playing for the next 100 to 1,000 years, where are we've? >> that true in a bunch of ways. we happen to be in a good moment in a cycle. that's not something that happens passively. deregulation. tax cuts. policies friendly toward this big energy boom. but we are at a great point in the cycle thanks to our leadership in washington. there is a deeper underlying things. and yes we cannot degrade those and take them for granted. but -- >> intellectual property, that was one of the things larry has concerns on. and i suspect part of the reason for that is that we have here in
8:51 pm
the united states of america and most of of the western world been governed by western principles when it comes to property. it goes all the way back to old england. they don't have that same governance. they don't look at property in the same way. we have to bring them into that respect for property. respect for intellect you'll property. >> these are important parts. but just parts of the reason for our underlying dynamism that will always be an advantage. ultimately we'll always win them. but the theft has to stop. can you imagine mitt romney or barack obama trying to actually take on that problem the way
8:52 pm
this president is doing? trish: he's the bull in the china shop, right? i'm going, i don't care. and the good news is the u.s. economy is still holding strong. so that gives him a lot of wind in his sails. coming up. america's future is at stake. liberal activists are targeting high school honors classes. kat timpf has that story for us. i have a horrifying halloween story of my own from last night. you will want to hear that. kat timpf is here. she is reacting to all of this and a whole lot more after this. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades.
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>> let's bring everybody down? how does that a make sense? we should -- people are struggling, we should try to lift them up and not punish success. trish: right. so you can't, you know, be valedictorian anymore, you can't be in an honors class anymore. and it seems to me like we're catering to the lowest common denominator. so all those kids that would be in the honors class -- and, by the way, it's not like they're all white men. >> exactly. trish: which is what they assume. i think it's racist. >> it is. what about the girls that are in the honors class? what about the african-americans? asians? trish: i mean, it's just bizarre. is so you're going to deny those kids an opportunity? >> yeah, absolutely. and it's -- why are we trying to encourage everyone to be the best they can be rather than bringing people down? trish: that's liberalism. this story i found disturbing -- >> oh, yeah. trish: -- and a little bit funny, but mostly disturbing.
8:58 pm
ernst and young is under fire for a leaked training seminar from 2018 where female employees were given, well, just some of the following bits of crazy advice like don't talk to a man face to face. [laughter] >> should be fired. trish: don't be too aggressive or outspoken. don't directly confront men in meetings. huh. they also said shouldn't wear short skirts -- >> yeah. trish: clearly, i would be like -- >> i would be long gone. i read through this, and it was so bizarre. they said you need to have manicuredded nails. i don't know a ton about accounting, but i'm pretty sure you can do the spread sheets without polish on your fingers. my favorite part was this part where they said women's brains are like pancakes because of the way they absorb information but men's brains are like waffles -- i'm like, how high was the person who wrote this?
8:59 pm
what are you talking about? trish: 2018, there was also a bit about how you sit, if you're going to talk to a man, sit at an angle, cross your legs. he low, mid -- hello, did nobody live through that whole me too thing? >> not 1818, 2018. this was a real thing. trish: i know! [laughter] >> when i first saw this story, i kept blinking really hard and looking at the screen again to make sure i was actually seeing it. trish: did you go trick or treating? >> i didn't. i did stand-up last night, so i didn't give out any candy. trish: i'm going to make that up to you, because at my house i had gotten a whole bunch of this candy, and my kids kind of went a little crazy and said you're not going to hand this out, i don't know if the viewers can see, i love these things. >> they're delicious. trish: they're like little miniature candies, and the kids are, like, no mom, we just moved to this neighborhood. we can't be the weird family that gives out the european chocolate. [laughter] so we had to go with kit kats
9:00 pm
and stuff. so anyway, this is for you -- >> because i couldn't give it out. i appreciate it. i didn't get to get any candy. trish: happen halloween. have a great weekend. >> you too. trish: we've got vice president mike pence on this show exclusively new york stock exchange week. have a great weekend, everyone. next week. >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: hello and happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us. coming up, the former ceo of ford motor is here, mark fields on the auto sec to. along with defense company annual industry's family palmer lucky. he'll talk about the ethics around the use of artificial intelligence and drones. but first, it was another busy week of data here including the october jobs numbers, the first reading of the gdp for the third quarter and the federal reserve cutting interest rates for a third time this year. here's some reaction to that octo


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