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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 14, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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pillsbury and pastor robert jeffress. see you tomorrow evening right here. thanks so much. good night from new york. trish: policy and personality differences should be fought at the ballot box by american voters. integrity of the american system has been compromised with a hard left turn veering into a political ditch, thanks to rigged hearings. it's an action highly damaging to our country, our morale and quite possibly our economy. get ready for round two of a total schiff show. a schiff show, if you get my drift. we are hours away from a russian conspiracy hoax peddler calling more of his car witnesses to the
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stand. throughout this entire process, the representative from california has done most of the talking trying to hard sell the american public. the idea that he could prove a quid pro quo, and tomorrow i suspect he will fail to demonstrate a crime and will instead waste the american people's time and waste our money. remember who he is. he's the man who insisted he has proof of russian collusion. he has had a vendetta against the president from the beginning, and now with this russian conspiracy theory being discredited. he's take up the ukrainian sequel pech's doing so as he did with the russian hoax with the full support of the democratic party. i want you to hear them. this is important. >> this is something we are doing with a heavy heart. this is very prayerful. this is not something you take lightly. >> we have a constitutional
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obligation to move forward with this impeachment proceeding. >> there are few actions as congressional as the impeach d as consequential as the impeachment of a president. >> it's a sad day because nobody comes to congress to impeach a president of the united states. trish: we are supposed to believe they are doing this all for the good of the country? we didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday. don't underestimate the american people. we can see through politically motivated shenanigans like this. if for any reason somebody could not, at least there is alexandria ocasio-cortez who unwittingly just admitted what's really going down. >> we also need to move quite quickly because we are talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 election.
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this is not just about something that has occurred. this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year. trish: the impeachment to nowhere, they want a cripple this president as he heads into the 2020 election. there is no ability for them to realize their dream of removing him from office within don't forget. it's not possible, given that they have not been able to prove any kind of crime. no quid pro quo and given they don't have the votes in the senate to successfully remove donald trump from office. this is a political tactic designed to' move their opposition. we could see this become the new norm. if you don't like the president you open articles of impeachment hearing against him or her. this is the kind of political
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malpractice democrats should be ashamed of it's not who we are. and certainly not who we should become. joining me tonight, former white house press secretary mr. sean spicer. sean, good to see you. politics. it's all politics, am i right? they know it's impeachment to nowhere. they know they will not see the light of day in the senate. yet they are staging this entire circus because as alexandria ocasio-cortez said, they don't want him to win in 2020. what effect do you think it ultimately has? >> one thing i thought, you remember last cycle when obama was in office and mitch mcconnell media went nuts because they said the media wanted to make mcconnell a one-term president. but he made it clear that he
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wanted to do it through the election process. he wanted to rally support at the next election and elect a republican. which is what any one of the other party what want to do. there is no problem now and for the last three years the democrats made it clear they will do anything. they started on the day after the president was inaugurated. they said we'll have to impeach the guy. a cycle ago we were talk about using the democratic process to change a president. now there is no outrage about the fact that they are blatantly using impeachment to attempt to get rid of a guy they didn't like the american people had chosen. trish: i think there is outrage here and in your house. but it's just not right. i don't care what side of the aisle you are on. i don't care how much you love him or hate him. you are talking about an american system that has done pretty darn well for us for
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hundreds of years. you are abusing that in a way that makes us no different than a banana republic, if you ask me. >> the thing i think is interesting about this entire charade is that it's all centered around these people coming in and talking about their opinion or their conjecture of what the president might have wanted to do. but at the end of the today it's there in a trance script. the president keeps saying read the transcript. you just have to read it. you can see what he said and what he meant. there is no ambiguity in this. yet we are calling witness after witness about things they felt or heard or thought somebody said. it was passed along to them. at the end of the day all we have to do is read the transcript and say this is exactly what he said. >> the ukrainians are saying there was no link between the two. sorndland never linked the two. and so i get the sense, sean.
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>> sondland said the president didn't do that. trish: i get the sense we are grasping at straws, just as they did with the mueller thing. it feels like here we are, this is the 2.0 system. they figure what kind of damage can we do going into the election. it's bad bad stuff. let me turn to to good, good stuff. that's you, sean and "dancing with the stars." you lasted longer than anybody thought. did you last longer than you thought you were going to last? >> 100%. i made it through the quarterfinals of a dance competition. i don't think there is anybody including myself who thought i would make it past the few weeks. it was cool to get as far as i did. i had scene absolute blast. i really enjoyed being there.
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i loved the people i got to meet. the experiences i got to have. i'm looking forward to going back to the finale. it's a great group of people who make up that show and i'm so glad i did it. trish: you wore some spiffy clothes. >> some were spiffy, some were nutty. trish: i liked the green fluffy, you know, rufflely -- >> that got a lot of attention. there are a few lying around. the good thing about that show, i auctioned that shirt off for two veterans organizations. i got about $4,000 bucks. i loved being able to make the experience about more than myself and for those people who sacrificed for the country. we brought two sets of wounded
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warriors and their caregivers to every show. so it was really fun to do that. >> thank you for being here tonight. tonight, self sh described capitalist elizabeth warren is out with a political ad and it's got people doing a double take. >> i believe in markets right down to my toes. >> it's time for a wealth tax in america. >> yes, i do. >> there are some billionaires who don't support this plan. i believe in markets. you built a great fortune? good for you. trish: i'm exposing elizabeth warren for the socialist she really is. it's okay to be sexist if you are liberal. one liberal journalist belittling a congresswoman on twitter.
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two strong congresswomen are here. first is the anone of plus ukraine whistleblower really a whistleblower? >> only one member on our staff has direct knowledge of the whistleblower. >> when we will we find out the details? >> only chairman schiff knows hot whistleblower is. trish: the former whistleblower is speaking out to me exclusively. he says the ukraine whistleblower is an anonymous source for the democrats. he's here, he's explaining right he's here, he's explaining right after this.
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>> don't fall into the second-hand stuff. that's such a fraudulent proposition put forth by the republicans. that is such a fraudulent proposition. trish: nancy pelosi telling the media the republicans cam plant about the so-called whistleblower not having first-hand knowledge of the complaint is without merit and fraudulent. because maybe i'm going out on a
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limb here. but if you are upset about how something is being handled, it's usually because you have first-hand knowledge about how it's being hand. to a bunch of office goes up and report that as a so-called whistleblower, that's kind of snowflake. but that's what this whistleblower did, *, think about that term. interesting, right? that doesn't sit well with one real whistleblower. a gentleman who risked his entire career calling out the cia for its torture problems wound up in jail for it. john kiriakou blew the lid on the cia torture program. and he was prosecuted by the obama administration. he says he and edward snowden have risked everything to inform the american people.
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this whistleblower doesn't know the meaning of the word. i am happy to have john kiriakou on to explain. walk us through it. you risked a lot. you wound up almost three years in jail because of your exposure of a program that made a lot of news and a lot of americans were shocked by. but this whistleblower, does he deserve the same term? >> i'm not calling him a whistleblower. i don't think he's a whistleblower. there is a legal definition of whistle blowing in the united states it's written into the whistleblower protection law. any person who brings to light evidence of waste, fraud, abuse, illegality or threat to the pun- to the public health or public safety. there is a way to go about doing it. the whistleblower may have begun the process the way he was supposed to begin the.
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then it spiraled out of control. i wouldn't call him a whistleblower so much as i have called him an anonymous source for the democratic staff members of the house intelligence committee. trish: he did meet with adam schiff's staff before filing this complaint. it taints this in some ways. >> it does. that's a violation of the letter of the law. what you are supposed to do according to the whistleblower protection law. you are supposed to go to the inspector general, then the inspector general investigates and the inspector general goes to the committee. you don't go to the committee first. what happened in this case, the whistleblower first went to committee, then to the inspector general, then the i.g. went to the legal staff, the general crown general counsel and then went to the dni ig it was an
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unwieldy situation and it spun out of control. trish: do you think this is effectively the deep state at work, there are a lot of people who didn't like this president? >> absolutely yes. you know, people laugh at us sometimes when we use the term deep state. but there is a deep state. the deep state is real. you don't have to call it the deep 8. you can call it the federal bureaucracy. you can call it the government. but it's a deep state. this deep state from the beginning of this president's administration has show the him ill. trish: talk to me about the term again whistleblower. how would you characterize this person? would you say democratic operative? would you say leaker? how would you define? consider what the media has done, right? they put the person way, way up on a pedestal and they are just a crusader for justice.
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and you on the other harden and some others that risked a lot have done much more in terms of exposing things that probably need to get exposed. this guy is reporting gossip. >> i would call this guy a busy body. i wouldn't call him a whistleblower. i am not even shire would call him a democratic open raw tough as much as a democratic operative wannabe. you wonder yes didn't think this through. if he were going to try to do an end run around the process and go directly to the committee, certainly we would figure out who was, we would see those pictures of him with joe biden and with hillary clinton, and with all these some other democratic party leaders. did he think he could keep that quiet or secret? that's important. >> that's important to know.
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because it colors his lack of object test. d objectivity. >> he did not have firsthand knowledge of this phone call. now based on what we have heard so far on capitol hill. he didn't even have second hand knowledge of the situation. trish are's apparently cashing in. he got a gofundme account that raised $225,000. we don't know where that money came from. you are not supposed to contribute as a foreigner. but who is to say. what is your thought on that? >> that's a very, very good point and important point. we are not supposed to say this man's name because he's suppose to be protected and this is supposed to be a secret process. now he will get rich with a gofundme campaign. it doesn't make any sense to me,
11:21 pm
certainly not any legal sense at all. trish: john, it's good to see you. coming up. it's time to expose the deep state. >> i am pleased every day my former colleagues are continuing to fulfill their duties. >> thank god for the deep state. trish: my next guest says he knows who the deep state is and he's naming names. it's okay to be sexist if you are liberal. one liberal journalist belittling a female congress woman on twitter. breaking tonight. we have exclusive video of the illegals in camouflage caught yesterday. you will see it for yourself only here. right after this. >> every single thing they do,
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>> ways frustrating for them. every day they get up there and they are risking their lives trying to protect and safeguard this country. when they say stuff like they call them indiana crane say we are making people drink from toilets or running concentration camps, that's what gets them frustrated. trish: that's acting border patrol commissioner mark morgan saying agents are being hurt by the rick rick being accused of all kind of things, saying they are running a nazi-like camp at the border. our border agents are trying to do their job the best they can,
11:27 pm
to the best of their ability. it's not easy when every single month you have tins of thousands of people trying to storm our border illegally. most recently we received reports of a group of more than 30 guatemalans trying to enter our country through the texas mexican border. we first reported the story for you and tonight we can share with you video, exclusive video obtained by our great team here at "trish regan primetime" that shows the illegals making the crossing decks out in military-style camouflaged gear. how does america fight back against this ever increasing threat? joining me right now, tennessee republican and border security caucus member, congressman, thank you for being here. i want the viewers, if we can go full screen to take another look
11:28 pm
at this exclusive video that we obtained from texas border patrol. it was shot from a helicopter. you can see all that rustling in the brush there. and it's hard to see because those migrants are in camo. this is what our border patrol is trying to deal with every single day day in and day out. doesn't this show how porous our border is? isn't this a challenge for our country? >> trish with, absolutely, i don't know what it's going to take for the liberal media to wake up and see what's happening at our southern border. we have been talking about the fact that terrorists are infiltrating the borders. trafficking drugs. we have 60,000 plus americans dying of illegal drugs. now, you see militant-style
11:29 pm
people dressed in cam thrawj trying to cross our borders. but they are more worried about impeaching a president. so they can protect their borders but they won't give a dime to this president to secure our own southern border. >> not only that, now it's racist to actually say you believe in borders. we heard them. we played the clips. i don't need to play them again. every single person is raising their hand saying they are fine with open borders. there should be a decriminalization process. everybody can come here. not only do you come here. but when you come here we'll give you free healthcare on top of it. that seems to be so out of touch with reality. isn't it, congressman? >> it is. we are $23 trillion in debt. and we have a porous border. we have presidential candidates on the democrat side saying we
11:30 pm
need to abolish i.c.e. beto wanted to tear down current barriers. it's all political about president trump not fulfilling the campaign promise. we have the national defense authorization act that is teed up and ready to go to support our troops and military. because it has funding in there for military securing our southern border it's being held up. it's just unbelievable. i think most americans want to stop the inflow of violence and gangs and trafficking. but the liberal media continues this narrative that it's racist and we are discriminating. if we don't have a southern border security, we don't have a country. it defines who we are as a nation. it's time to address this. >> what is the motivation? >> the motivation for not doing it? >> why do they not want to have borders? why are they trying to vilify
11:31 pm
people that do? >> in the past they did want to have borders. they just don't want it now because it's a trump campaign promise. it's like the usmca trade agreement. but democrats would rather see trump fail than america succeed. but america is losing in this. you don't have to be a border state. these problems are infiltrating all our cities. if you have a meth problem, it's coming across the southern border. trish: it seems january tie american to not say i want to know who is here. i want to know who is in the country. i have no problem with immigration, if you do it the right way. let's streamline the process so we can bring good people here. do we want cartel members? no. it shouldn't be that hard. >> most anybody would agree with
11:32 pm
merit-based immigration. we have a problem with illegal immigration and they have been turning a blind eye to all the processes in place. these are the things we need to be working on, immigration is maybe the issue of our time. but even more so now as we are seeing the crisis and the clip you have shown tonight. elizabeth warren really a capitalist? we matched her public statements with her wealth tax ad. >> i believe in markets right down to my toes. it's time for a wealth tax in america. >> i believe in markets. >> you built a great fortune? good for you. trish: i don't think she believes in markets. >> first, it's time to expose the deep state for who they are. my next guest says their
11:33 pm
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trish: one of the central these out of the hearing we'll hear about tomorrow, this idea that the president somehow overstepped his bounds and was running international policies specifically in regards to ukraine that the state department was at odds with. remember this, he had very few friends, still has very few friends within the so-called deep state. i think it's safe to say most everyone in the state department, the cia, et cetera, not such a fan of this disrupter president. why? because he didn't and he doesn't play by their set of rules. consider the meeting with kim
11:38 pm
jong-un. remember that one? instead of following the normal chain of command? he made a decision to talk to kim jong-un. he didn't talk it over with the secretary of state and his advisors. this president after that invite from kim jong-un came through said sure, sure, i'll go talk to him. he made the decision in 10 minutes. that i can guarantee you along with quite a few other things along the way annoyed the deep state. he cut them out of the process and they believe they are too important for that. so i'm asking tonight who is in charge? is it the president of the united states or is it the deep state administrative bureaucrats? joining me right now. ceo and barbara bull and author of double crossfire, anthony 8a. good to see both of you.
11:39 pm
bartle, i will start with you. the american people elected him. they sent him zooms to the oval office because they believed in his ideas. shouldn't he be able to basically promote his ideas and put them into action? >> of course, trish. we have seen now yesterday into the mindset and the methods of a bureaucratic he sleet run wild. it's like they are drunk on generations of power, their perfect globallive ideology. we have huge interests at stake. the president is making strong progress. and what we thought saw was case after caves resistance. it's profoundly anti-democratic. trish: i look at it simply. he's the boss. there is a new boss. maybe has some different ideas than the sold boss, president trump. but the boss was selected by the
11:40 pm
american people, and i would think you kind of need to get with the program, and it may not be what you always were used to. but nonetheless, he's the president of the united states. your thoughts? >> that's correct. what we have got here, there is an old saying, you either lead, follower get out of the way. the president is leading. so people need to lead, follower get out of the way. he's clearly in charge and he makes that known every single day. it's not hard to understand where this president wants to go from a public policy standpoint. this loose federation of form and current bureaucrats, they love their power, they love their job security. they love their access and they hate change. president trump challenges all of that. because he is in charge. and he has a new idea. we had obama, before that bush,
11:41 pm
penn then before that, clinton. these are globalists who believed in intervention and believed in being everywhere which in many cases put us quite frankly nowhere. and what we have is now that whole entire system is being threatened, and you have jobs and livelihoods and people different many mostly powers, the access to power. the actual power that is threatening to these bureaucrats. so they are part of the effort now to try to unseat the democratic eel elected president of the united states and it's insane. >> it has changed. this president brought forward different kinds of policies, not just with ukraine and trying to get out some of the corruption there, but all over the world. >> i'm struck by the parallels sheer between the pelosi-schiff effort which is to deny the
11:42 pm
american people the voice they expressed in 2016. this is the same kind of effort we saw with this mandarin elite yesterday when they were on the stand. their contempt for the president is contempt for the american people. trish: that makes sense to me. if you think general tata that you can just reverse the votes of 63 million americans, then you don't respect the process, and you don't respect those americans that voted for donald trump. >> absolutely. this is about the office of the presidency, it's about the constitution. it's about our democracy. what congressman schiff and others are doing is they are actively undermining, subverting the will of the people. it is in fact a coup. i have been saying this for a long time. a soft coup. and what we are facing now is a
11:43 pm
real crisis brought on by the people that cannot accept the fact that president trump is elected. he's change and threatening everything, the foreign policy community, those in the domestic sense. and he's doing a fantastic job and he's improving the economy. he has defeated isis, and there are so many accomplishments they do not want him to succeed and they would rather see the country fail. trish: general tata, thank you. barlt, thank you. it's okay to be sexist if you are liberal. next, two strong conservative women are here to talk with me about
11:44 pm
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11:48 pm
aside from that being a lousy untrue thing to say, it exposes his hypocrisy when we have a tweeft him saying this about alexandria ocasio-cortez. i disagree with many of aoc's positions, but she is a needed breath of fresh air in d.c. in politics today and there is no doubt she loves our country. i get it. young women can be applaud for being young and female in the mainstream media when they are on the left. but a woman on the right, no such luck. and this isn't the only example. how about hillary clinton acknowledging that strong gutsy women don't include margaret thatcher? she left her very much off the list. i'll tell you why. because thatcher was a
11:49 pm
conservative. >> you haven't included margaret thatcher. was there a row about that. she comes to find with gutsy women even if you don't like her. >> she does, but she doesn't fit the other part of the definition in our opinion which is knocking down barriers for others and trying to make a positive difference. i think the record is mixed with her. trish: wow, i think the bottom line here is conservative women do not get the same credit you see as women from the left because everything in their mind gets boiled down to politics. and if you are not on our political side, you are not deserving. joining me right now is the "daily caller" stephanie hamill. and what do you think of this, stephanie?
11:50 pm
>> he apologize, removes the tweet and says he remoist because it was being misinterpreted. he said what he meant to say is people need to vote for politicians with integrity. as if congresswoman stefanik lacks integrity. this is a total offense. it's an outrage. and it highlights the hypocrisy of the left when he sings aoc's praises. he totally is discrediting this congresswoman who is a harvard graduate with an amazing resume and has earned her place. she is only one of 13 republican women in the house. so he really targeted her because she was a standout during the impeachment hearings because she had smart things to say. this is what republican women face every day. the more effective they are, the more they are attacked.
11:51 pm
trish: emily, do you agree with that? >> sure. if you are part of the left, if you are ascribe to socialism then you are going to be hailed as a media darling like aoc. but if you are like elise stefanik, you are under a different set of standard. if you are a woman in politics you know how this works. you are under scrutiny by the media whether it's your appearance, your relationship or your personal life or right to have your job. look at the women in the white house who work for this administration, they would be hailed as feminist heroes if they were democrats. it shows this is a complete double standard. >> trish, i wanted to point out, there is another issue. this is a straight news reporter. he's unbiased with no opinion. this twice the revealing and
11:52 pm
tell being his mindset every day that he goes into a story. when you are an unbiased journalist you need to be careful with what you are tweeting. trish: he was smart to take it down and apologize. unfortunately he kept stepping in it because he managed to insult her. he's a perfectly nice person. we used to work at bloomberg together. i was surprised when i saw this. i don't think it's fair to target someone because they are a woman or because they are young or because they happen to be conservative. we ought to be more uncluesive than that. they keep talking a good game about intellectual diversity. and physical diversity. but they don't seem to practice what they preach. >> absolutely. this says your point about the lack of intellectual diversity.
11:53 pm
you are looking at hillary clinton who said margaret thatcher was not a gutsy woman. she tore down the iron curtain. she curbed socialism and proved to the world a woman is capable of leading the nation to prosperity. i look up to her. and to say she is not gutsy and doesn't deserve a place in history as a great leader shows the double standard the left has for women who work in politics. trish: i wonder if there is a tiny bit of jealousy. >> i want to say about dowd and his point. you don't want to elect people because they are a woman or millennial or you want them to fit some sort of narrative or some sort of mold. i always objected against this. trish: forget identity politics. it should be about the ideas themselves and whether that
11:54 pm
person can execute the ideas. >> absolutely. if you go to the emergency room you are wondering who your doctor is. you want to see the person who is qualified to take care of your need. that's the same thing for politicians. trish: kennedy joins us now on what's coming up on her show. kennedy: it's party swap night. and it will be a good night. the conservative argues the liberal point of view and vice versa. we turn politics on its head. it will be exciting. trish: thanks, kennedy. is elizabeth warren really a capitalist? i'm exposing her for the socialist she is. >> i believe in markets right down to my does your broker offer more than just free trades? fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account.
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11:59 pm
trish: elizabeth warren with her new campaign ad, she demonizes people that have earned a lot of money, those billionaires. you know. it you demonize them in some ways are you not demonizing american dream. don't tell me, there snow body that wants to be a billionaire, you don't want government to tell you, should you earn that much we'll take it away. because you don't deserve it? he doesn't think you deserve it, she does not think you have worked hard for it, she needs to take it she -- if she in charge, knows what to do with your money better than you do. she said he is a capitalist. she is not. she is anything but. and you know what, this is serious stuff, if our country goes in this direction, our country is at a massive risk,
12:00 am
tomorrow night, former trump deputy national security advisory kt mcfarland. i'll see you here, tomorrow t 8:00, kennedy begins now. ♪ kennedy: thank you. >> impeachment dog and pony show taken a short intermission before round two preliminary, marie yovanovitch former ambassador to ukraine will take the stand, she was removed from her post this year when she was unceremonyiously gulianid. but speaker of the house nancy pelosi does not think we need to hear marie, according to hear we know that president trump's actions are worse than watergate. >> that is the inquiry is about, i am saying, that what is president has admitted to, says it is peck -- it is perfect, it


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