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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 19, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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spencer. thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow evening. good night from new york. [♪] david: democrats putting bribery at the center of their efforts to impeach the president of the united states. i'm david asman in for trish regan. the on problem as congressman john ratcliffe pointed out is no with itness has used the word bribery in connection with president trump's ukraine call. >> the number of times witnesses have used the word bribery or bribe to describe president trump's conduct in the last six weeks of this inquiry is zero. in fact in these 3,500 pages of sworn deposition testimony and just these 10 transcripts
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released thus far, the word bribery appears in these 3,500 pages exactly one time, and it appears not in a description of president trump's alleged conduct, it appears in the description of vice president biden's conduct. david: as elise a fan i can points out -- >> every witness who has testified and asked has answered question. do you agree hunter biden has the potential for a conflict of interest on the board of burisma. >> certainly the potential, yes. david: joining me congressman jody hize.
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the biden issue is more provable in a conflict much interest than anything the president has been charged with. >> there is no question. this has been a disaster out day for the democrats. it's been a great day for the president and a great day for america. more and more of the evidence mounting that the president did nothing wrong. no quid pro quo, no bribery. no extortion. the aid was actually given. this whole argument is just collapsing in its face for the democrats. and well it should. they have been after this for three years. they have gotten nothing. there is nothing here and the american people are certainly seeing it straight up. >> they set the bar so high when they replaced quid pro quo for bribery. it's a word not one of their witnesses has used to describe what the president did in that phone call.
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>> yes, it's amazing. you know, they are jumping all over the map. even john ratcliffe last week, one of the highlights was when he asked the witnesses, what is the impeachable offense we are discussing? there was absolute silence. the witnesses are unaware of any impeachable offense. but democrats can't name what the impeachable offense is. we have gone from quid pro quo to extortion and bribery or whatever it is. there is nothing there. i think ratcliffe was phenomenal bringing up the on time in 3,500 pages that the word bribery is even mentioned in reference to biden. this thing is collapsing. david: how are they going to prove bribery when not one of their own witnesses has said what the president did in that phone call was a form of
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bribery? >> they are not going to do it. this whole thing, david, has been nothing but a trial in search of a crime. and that's what they continue to do. they are look at every haystack imaginable in hopes of finding a needle somewhere. and there is just not one to be found. and in that regard, one witness after another after another is giving clear testimony that the president did not, not only not commit a crime, but there is actually evidence that is mourn thing that is devastating to the democrats. this is more than a devastating blow to them after today. david: there was one moment when i thought ambassador volker suggests there might have been an impropriety on that phone call. >> in hindsight i understand
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others saw the possible corruption involving burisma as hive length to investigating former vice president biden. i thought the former was unremarkable and the latter being unacceptable. in retrospect i should have seen that connection differently. had i done so i would have raised objections. david: he would have raised objections. but it was a policy difference. and the president is commander-in-chief. >> he's commander-in-chief and there is only one person in charge of foreign policy and that is the president. the nsc, no one else is involved in this. they are there to fulfill the president's policy. they are disgrurntled and may not like the president's foreign policy, but that's not an impeachable offense. it's the president, this president, donald trump who made
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sure lethal weapons went to ukraine so they were capable of defending themselves against russia. that didn't happen under obama. david: there was military hardware and mres, but no lethal aid. i am sorry, go ahead. >> it's just a comparison between the two administrations. it's phenomenal. keep in mind it wasn't long ago they were accusing this president of colluding with russia. david: the other point is, what the president wanted to do was make sure our hard-earned tax money was not going to go to a corrupt government. just to give us an idea of the kind of government we were dealing with, i thought lieutenant colonel vindman had interesting testimony as to an offer he received to be defense minister from the ukraine.
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let me play that sound bite and get your reaction. >> the whole notion is rather comical that it was being asked to consider whether i would want to be the minister of defense. i did not leave the door open at all. but it is pretty funny for a lieutenant colonel for the united states army which is not that senior to be offered that illustrious a position. david: it's comical, but it gives you a sense of the culture of corruption into which the president didn't want to pour more of our money. >> i think that is the whole point here. there is a law. the president was abiding by the law to make sure the hard-earned money of the american taxpayer is not going to be wasted going to a foreign government that would waist or use it in corrupt ways. the president has the responsibility to make sure that our foreign aid is going to be
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used for the purpose for which it was intended. and in so doog doing, he was doing his job abirding by the law. and i -- abiding by the law, and believe that is the essence of this whole thing. david: some of the money vice president biden wanted to give to the ukrainians would have benefited burisma, the corrupt gas company on which his son served as a board member. so there are a lot of questions that need to be answered about corruption. congressman, great to see you. thanks for being here tonight. tonight while some liberal news networks finally taking a break from hyping the impeachment hearings. but only to raise suspicions about the president's recent medical exam. >> it doesn't make sense. it doesn't add up. unannounced visit on a saturday to walter reed. i think he's someone who has some neurological issues.
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david: dr. mark seeming is here to take those liberal doctors on. michigan university student leaders banning the pledge of allegiance. >> i have no allegiance to this government. whether you agree. david: new documents released outlining security violations and unprofessional conduct by fired fbi agent peter strzok. davis bossy is not surprised. he's calling strzok out next. >> trump is not ever going become president, right? right? you replied no, no, he's not.
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go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. [♪] david: the justice department just release new documents outlining a series of security violation and flagrantly unprofessional conduct, their words, by fired fbi agent peter strzok. it shows he allegedly kept sense advertised fbi material on his
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unsecured electronic device. which his wife gained access to and his wife discovered evidence he was having an affair with another anti-trump official, anti-trump official lisa page. joining me now is trump 2016 deputy campaign manager, david bossie. is this exactly what hillary clinton was charged with? >> this is -- i'm actually slabber gaftd that peter strob thinks he should have his job back after he did with the hillary clinton investigation and what he did with the donald trump investigation. this is the height of hypocrisy by peter strzok. he was in charge of some of the most sensitive investigations in
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the united states. both hillary's and donald trump's investigation. and the fake russia collusion story really partially was created by peter strzok. we saw the insurance policy language. if you look at some of the language. his wife finds out. that's how some of this stuff gets out. his wife finds out about his affair with lisa page, getting in his phone. he has to tell her, my wife has my phone. david: isn't he the one who deposed general kelly and didn't mention anything about general kelly about maybe having a lawyer present when talking to the fbi? >> that interview should never have happened. so i was just about to get to this. look at what happened to general kel -- to mike flynn, to mike flynn on one hadn't, and you see
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what's happening with comey and brennan and clapper and strzok and page. and the list goes on and on with these people who are the bad actors within the fbi and doj and intelligence communities on one hand and on the other hand you have mike flynn in an incredible patriot, dedicated to this country, who was set up by the likes of a peter strong and james comey d peter strzok and james comey and others. we had roger stone get convicted the other day. you look at the unfairness of the system. david: you had a lieutenant colonel in the army today before the impeachment committee, there were some charges the republicans weren't treating him with respect, and the people making those charges had no trouble taking on general kelly and suggesting he was the worst enemy this nation has ever seen. >> these are the same people who
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attacked mike flynn all day long without question. colonel vindman is somebody who may not have been the best witness for the democrats today. yesterday. he did not help their case. i think what we are seeing here is this playing out that there is no evidence of a quid pro quo. there is no evidence of bribery. that's why we continue to move and shift the goal posts. they are saying we need to get the information from the russia collusion case. david: remember it was adam schiff who said he had evidence of russian collusion. you have the mueller witch hunt going on for two years and the one thing he was certain about, that is, mr. mueller, is there was no hard evidence of any kind of russian collusion.
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it seems -- and of course he had to say that. it seems like we are going in that same direction right now. no? >> without question. this is going to fall. the democrats -- this investigation is going to fall apart on them very soon. the american people are waking up to this witch hunt. the american people elected donald trump. this is meddling in the 2020 election. they know they cannot defeat, so they must impeach. the american people are recognizing it. donald trump's successes and accomplishments will outweigh all of this nonsense. the american people are very smart and see what nancy pelosi and adam schiff are doing. david: i think a lot of democrats are seeing that and wondering what they got themselves into. >> including members of the house of representatives. david: david, good to see you. thank you for being here.
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the mainstream news media finally taking a break from celebrating the impeachment hearings, but it's to question his health and recent medical exam. >> it doesn't add up, an unannounced visit on a saturday to walter reed. i think he's someone who has neurological issues. david: student leaders banning the pledge of after he lee jones. -- the pledge of allegiance. coming up, campus reform is here with more incredible sound from that event. you have got to hear it to believe it. fears of a tienanmen 2.0 as anti-government protesters clash with local police. senator rick scott was the first
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david: chaos and violence in hong kong as 100 anti-government protesters remain trapped inside a sieged hong kong university. protesters have been clashing since sunday in some of the most intense protests the city has seen in the five months since those protests began. some protesters managed to escape the university use ropes and motor vieblgs. but over 1,000 protesters reportedly arrested the last 24 hours. many fear the situation could spiral into another tienanmen square should police storm the university. the senate has unanimously approved a resolution backing the protesters.
11:25 pm
senator rick scott was among the first to go to hong kong. it's difficult to see bipartisan support for anything these days. at least we had it for the long congress democracy act. >> we came together for something that's worthwhile. to help the protesters in hong kong. when hong kong was turned over to communist china. the citizens were supposed to get basic rights. president xi has taken those away. if hong kong is going to be mainland china, then they won't get any special rights. so we are here to protect and support the protesters. we said american companies cannot sell crowd control device. you see tear gas cannister cans. they are 6 inches long metal.
11:26 pm
they are become shot down at the protesters to hurt them and rubber disks at them. these police are brutal. david: hong kong has special status with the united states for trade, for travel, et cetera. it allows it to operate smoothly as a financial clearing house. that special status would be removed if the chinese -- communist chinese took over hong kong entirely. >> that's exact leg what xi is doing. he has taken away the basic rights from these citizens. they say you can't have a peaceful protest. if you protest, it's not peaceful. so police can beat you up. it's a cycle that communist china goes through. david: i want to switch gears to what's going on inside of congress. it's not your house, it's the
11:27 pm
house of representatives, not the senate. it seems like adam schiff's charges are falling flat. perhaps nancy pelosi should have followed her instincts and prevented this thing from going on. even with witnesses who tep help support their bribery thesis. mike turner had an exchange with ambassador volker today. >> the president of the united states ever say to you that he was not going to allow aid to the united states to go to ukraine unless there were investigations into burisma, the bidens or the 2016 elections. >> no, he did not. >> did the ukrainians tell you they understood they would not get a meeting or phone call with the president of the united states or military aid or foreign aid unless they undertook investigations of burisma, the bide's and the 201 elections? >> no, they did not.
11:28 pm
>> you took apart their entire case. >> senator, that doesn't even come a smidgen close to the charge of bribery. >> this is a boring reality show that would not get a second season. they don't have due process. the on person who has been transparent in this is donald trump. adam schiff hasn't been transparent. he won't let republicans call witnesses. this is america. don't we get to have due process. you get to talk to your accuser, ask questions. but not in adam schiff's america. he acts like he's in communist china or venezuela. david: that's where you have to be political and the government forces you to be political. i wonder if americans are saying this doesn't need to happen. these guys are wasting their time on our dime. i had a democrat on who said his
11:29 pm
constituents care more about deer hunting season and what's going on there. >> why don't they secure the border and reduce drug prices, immigration reform, the things we got sent up here to do in the elections last year. why don't the democrats want to do that? they are committed to do everything they can to take donald trump out before the election or do something to hurt hip so he can't win the election. if they want to win, go to the about lot box. republicans are trying to get the good things done. >> all of it makes it more remarkable that you did get this hong kong act passed with bipartisan support unanimously. that's a tremendous achievement. congratulations on that and wonderful to see it. coming up, a liberal student leaders banning the pledge of
11:30 pm
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poligrip and polident. fixed. fresh. and just between us. [♪] >> republicans argue here, we could just talk about what we learned. i have a discomfort level of responding to what republicans say because they are in denial. if you want to ask me about where we are going, i'm happy to respond to that. but i find a waste of my time and yours to just be talking about what republicans say. david: why respond to your critics when you don't have to. it must be nice to hijack an interview and get virtually no
11:35 pm
pushback from the person who is supposed to be holding you accountable. the democrats have turned the impeachment into partisan theater. joining me be deneen borelli and gianno caldwell. deneen, i couldn't believe nancy pelosi got away with that, could you? >> i'm not surprised. pelosi thinks she can control the media but she can't control her radical democrat house. but it was pretty comical. nancy pelosi doesn't want to talk about the truth. doesn't want to talk about the facts. and when you think about it, david, democrats and the anti-trump media is one big club. so they despise president trump so bad that they would do and say anything to try to get him out of office.
11:36 pm
the anti-trump media is more than happy to play of along with anything the democrats are saying or doing against the president. >> even if they just get close to a critical question, she then stops the interview and tells them the questions they should be asking without pushback from the person under viewing her. your book is called "taken for granted." it's not talking about the media but it could be in this case. >> here is the truth, for anyone who is willing to be intellectually honest, and we don't see a lot of that in the media. we see what the impeachment inquiry is about. it's about creating a cloud over the president's head that he can't beat back for the 2020 election. if anybody watched the hearings in the impeachment so far, there has been no quid pro quo, no
11:37 pm
witnesses have seen bribery. no one believes there was a legitimate demand. it was a good day for republicans today and nancy pelosi and the democrats will have to change strategies because they have been proven to run an election -- 2020 election strategy for their win. david: deneen, i agree with everything gianno. but you look at the media, they are falling flat on these charges of bribery. but look at the coverage that the media is giving on impeachment. 96% of the coverage is negative for trump. only 4% is positive for trump. despite the fact all of these charges are falling flat. even their own witnesses are saying there was no bribery. 96% of the coverage shows it
11:38 pm
being in favor of what the democrats are trying to do. >> sure. and it's going to continue to be against the president again. it's one big club with the media and democrats. but one thing i want to mention is i think this will implode when it comes to the democrats and what they are trying to do. you have independents who are opposed to the impeachment your inquiry has gone you have 10%. so is that 47%? the president is experiencing record fundraising support. so we are watching this implode. get your popcorn ready. i am sure the democrats are going to get much more desperate because they changed the argument from quid pro quo to bribery. somewhat i have been saying is it does appear like what happened when adam schiff said there was no -- there was absolute proof that there was a russian collusion with the trump administration. of course, mueller said not so.
11:39 pm
you had lieutenant colonel vindman who was not supposed to be in favor of the president in any way saying about the secure server, remember the transcript was put in a secure server because they didn't want it to get out? he said there was nothing nefarious about that. it had been built up by mr. schiff as this was one of the things that proved there was guilt in what the president was doing. and one of their own witnesses said nothing going. nothing nefarious by the at all. >> we keep seeing scandal after scandal. the media and the democrats cooked up. i am pretty sure the democrats are surprised president trump has kept many of this campaign promises. they know they have taken many voters for granted. and with that being the case, you look at unemployment rate for african-americans. you look at opportunity zones. president trump has literally taken away the question many
11:40 pm
democrats have used year after year, making promises and never delivering. now they have to face a president who has accomplished things for all america. they will have a hard time finding anybody within the democratic field to defeat president trump. that's what impeachment is about. they have to do something. david: the on thing they can do is try to win the election a year from now. >> this is an election vehicle. make no mistake about it. for anyone paying attention, this is simply an election vehicle. i am from illinois, one of the most corrupt states in the country. to me what joe biden's son did was corruption. david: my final plug for your book because we ran out of time. "taken for granted" is the name of your book.
11:41 pm
deneen, wonderful to see you as well. next up, liberals moving on from impeach to the question the president's recent medical exam. any comments doug? yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liber♪y [sneeare you ok?fles] yah, it's just a cold. it's not just a cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. ( ♪ )
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david: you might think president trump's routine medical checkups would be a private matter. but the media is pushing a narrative that there is a cover-up. now president obama's personal doctor is weighing in. >> i think he's someone who has neurological issues no one mass ever addressed. i think it's quite possible his physician did not feel he could handle it himself. david: unbelievable, based on what? they make this up out of whole cloth. remember when his doctor was forced to field these ridiculous questions? >> the president is currently very healthy and he remain so for the duration of his presidency. >> are you ruling out early onset alzheimer's. >> a guy who eats macdonald's
11:46 pm
and never exercises, is he in as goo a shape as you say he's in. >> too many mcdonald's, too many bigger. drug addiction? >> he has no drug addiction. david: joining me, dr. marc siegel. what do you make of all this? >> i think it's political, not medical. any doctor we get on tv who starts to speculate about president trump's health conditions just because he goes to doctor reid. dr. connelly, his personal physician whom i have met. i saw him take care of a friend much mine who fell. he was terrific. he -- paid attention to detail. he said it's part of a physical.
11:47 pm
i will let you in on a secret. that's how i do it, too. i don't do it all in one shot. the yearly physical is scene outdated concept. he said snow chest pain, no neurological issues. just some blood work and the cholesterol is terrific. >> listen to cnn sanjay gupta. >> it doesn't make sense, it doesn't add up. you see them going for an unannounced visit to walter reed to get things done that could have easily been done at the white house. it doesn't add up. david: what doesn't add up? i think what's happening there is dr. gupta is trying to gain back some of the credibility he lost the last time this happened and he was dead wrong. >> he was questioning a calcium scoring test, with lipitor the
11:48 pm
president is on is normal. the president's father lived to 88. his plotr th -- his father to 9. he has low blood pressure. his cholesterol is under control. granted his only exercise is golf and his diet could be better. but genetics play into this. david: there are people gloat over reports that the president is in bad health. >> his biggest fear is being exposed for what he really is. he wears a mask. he wear as character. and the real donald trump is getting exposed for what he's done and that's what's driving him to the doctor. >> you have politically inclined
11:49 pm
doctors bernlding the facts of his examinations and it's used by politicians to score point. >> it's disgraceful. of course, he's under sphres stress and he's under pressure. we are like journals assembling facts. when we have all the facts we make a determination. it's a disgrace for anybody to look at a video camera and look at the idea he just visits walter reed. maybe he had only a little bit of time. while he was there, he visited a soldier. david: his wife was -- she was very bothered by the reports and she was of course quite relieved to find out they weren't true. >> melania don't watch cnn to get news about your husband, please. david: when you think of what this man, even if he was a 50-year-old, what he has been through the last three years, all of the pressure, the entire
11:50 pm
media against him. all these made up charges against him, it's extraordinary that he's in as good a health as he is. >> i think part of the reason for that is his attitude. he's a queens street fighter like i am. and also golf helps him to relax. david: and agains -- and genes. >> it looks to me he's in good health but i would be speculating. his personal physician who i have met said today that he's in good health. david: good to see you, doctor. kennedy joining was a sneak peek at what's coming up on her show at the top of the hour. kennedy: here is a spoiler. we are all going to die. tonight speaking of the hanging dead, jeffrey epstein didn't
11:51 pm
kill himself, but who did. the plot thickens. two of those prison guards have been arrested and charged with conspiracy and falsifying records. it's going to be a good one, david. david: i want to know what happened. we'll get closer to it with kennedy tonight. student leaders at a michigan university banning the pledge of allegiance at their meetings. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades. >> federal government -- unsupported this lack of respect and e -- >> they are talking about the pledge of allegiance, at it to list of things that trigger college students now aways. banning the pledge at the meetings, students claiming it is not includes testif inclusivl individuals and took issue with mention of the word god. joining me, campus reform, editor in chief, cabot phillips,
11:56 pm
i had to say it to myself out loud, make sure i was not missing something that is the most bland pledge, it is heart felt but it is inclusive to all people. >> yeah. what could be more inclusive than phrase liberty and justice for all, that is unique to our country, we guarantee rights to all people, student after student, stood up and said that pledge is giving support to a government that is on that is tg people on a daily basis. irony, they can say that without faces consequence from the government shows this is not a oppressive government, look at hong kong, they will see real college students that are facing oppression from the government,nese students have the nerve. you are viewing world through your own privilege, they don't realize it. david: go to cuba or venezuela, try this there. there was one person in the
11:57 pm
recording, who was talking about figure heads that is, that this government is just a bunch of figure heads who pretend to be rerepresentatives do they have y concept of what it is like to live where there really are figure heads? >> they do not. if they did, they would ignore it so many college students these days they want on be oppressed, they would thi then l social standing, because outrage is their currency. no one is saying you should be required to say the pledge, at least leave the opportunity for the students who' t who want to. david: my wife came here from nicaragua. like most immigrants she
11:58 pm
believes that american applauds greatness, aspiring the greatness inside each one of us, now people are inspired by victivictimhood that is the opp. >> there is nothing empowering that every time we coddle people, say there, there, you say your feelings are hurt, that is hindering people. david: final topic, police arrest two protestor from binghamton university after antifa shut down a campus conservative event with guest speaker art lapre. i have known him for 30 years, i never met a more affable, kind, sweet, funny person in my life, if he could be excluded as being unacceptable, anyone with. >> they are terrified of free market economics, they file feel
11:59 pm
need to do this it does not have to be some crazy controversial speaker, anyone that disagreed with liftist culture on -- leftist culture on campus that dares to bring conservative ideas to campus, they are being shut down. and antifa activists are just following what in a see. the more we allow this to happen, and thankfully the students they were arrested, and held accountable. david: i am sure that antifa would be more accepted than any conservative -- again, if you can ban art lapre, you can ban anything, he is th sweetest mann america, i feel comfortable saying that, cabot thank you so much. >> thank you. david: make sure by the way to tune in to "bulls and bears," every week night at 5:00 p.m., eastern time. trish will be back tomorrow, you will be happy to know. and you can see me at 5:00 p.m.
12:00 am
eastern time, every night. rights here on fbn, a grand show is about to begin, kennedy starting right now. kennedy: one and only david asman thank you. >> democrat say they have president right where they want him. and he is cornered like a raccoon in a trash can. but republicans say that the impeachment is a bunch of bologna and president has done nothing wrong, is it the end of trump administration or a big fat waste of time, today's hearing began with colonel vin vindman and jennifer williams, they were both on the phone call with the president of ukraine. each did not like what they heard, you guys. >> i found july 25 phone call


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