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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 23, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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billion to a charity to eradicate malaria. [♪] lou: good evening. the radical dimms and the 59 days of impeachment inquiry farce they conducted failed miserably to put forward a plausible pretext with which to overthrow president trump. ibthey also managed to build public support for the president. his approval numbers are on the rise, despite those 59 days. support for impeachment on the decline, and the democrats are fortunate too have the thanksgiving recess with which to recover and regroup. but those 59 days of absurdist political theater have awakened
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millions of americans to the greatest political scandal in our nation's history and more evidence is on the way. those democrats appear to be well on their way to electoral disaster in 2020. president trump is strengthened and validated by the radical dimms dismal and disastrous failures of their so-called impeachment inquiry. the president says in fact he wants a full trial of the facts in the u.s. senate. president trump eager to expose further the corruption and baseless charges of the deep state and radical dimms that track back to the obama white house. president trump crowed about this banner week for his presidency. >> tremendous things are happening. i think we had a tremendous week with the hoax, the great hoax. they call it the impeachment hoax. that worked out incredibly well. and we have tremendous support.
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lou: the fcc unanimously voted 5-0 to ban u.s. telecom companies from using federal subsidies to buy or maintain equipment equipment made by chinese telecom companies huawei and zte, labeling those companies a national security threat. the fcc also beginning the process to force u.s. telecom companies to re -- to replace existing products manufactured by huawei and zte. joining me is commission chairman ajit pai led that 5-0 vote today and joins us here
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tonight. great to see you. congratulations on the vote. a clear-cut statement of putting u.s. national security, national interests above commercial interests and congratulations to you and the commission for doing so. >> it's a unanimous vote. and when it comes to the national security of our communications network, we do not know about party affiliation. it's about the security of the country. the attorneyey general of the united states announcing clearly that both these companies, huawei and zte posed a national security threat. he went further and said it's the conduct of the people's republic of china that goes into the assessment of their national security threat and the risk posed. how far is this going to go and what are the next steps for the united states? these two companies have been
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featured prominently by the chinese and their efforts to drive a potential espionage in his country and into the countries of our allies around the world. >> each of those two companies you mentioned has ties to the communist party and chinese efmilitary. they are subject to china's national intelligence laws that requires them to secretly comply to requests from the communist party. looking backwards, we want to understand if there is existing network equipment from those companies and figure out how to rip and replace it. this is not a risk we can indull knowledge in this one -- -- indulge in this country. lou: we also are looking at a whole government here.
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the united states government. is it a whole government effort we are witnessing or is it some hah ad hoc still in -- is it somewhatted a y not midst of pon policy concerns orparticular hated by secretary of state pompeo recently in a speech declaring china's threats to this country is simply unacceptable? >> all i can speak to is what the ffcc believes. china and these two companies present a significant risk to the united states. m other countries understand the risk even if they haven't said so publicly. they need to evaluate the risk to their own national security when it comes to incorporating
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equipment from untrusted vendors. lou: companies we thought would in the lead on 5g, at&t principal among them, haven't been hitting their markers. what does it mean for the adaptation for u.s. telecom. >> we have been implementing the 5g fast plan. getting more spectrum into the u.s. marketplace, and putting together the building blocks for any company to be able to bid at spectrum auctions and deploy that infrastructure at scale. weng are working with all the companies to give them a full and fair chance to compete. we want to make sure all-american companies can deploy 5g here in our country.
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lou: are you concerned about the lag with 5g by american companies? >> we are getting into the small cellmark the place at a quick rate. i am hopeful though we still need to maintain that lead. lou: farming communities that are desperate for lower priced huawei-zte type equipment. is it replaceable? and is there a possibility -- wilbur ross talking on this network this week -- very concerned about the up reply cases for those rural communities who frankly just have a disadvantaged position when it comes to telecom period. but to 5g in particular. >> that is a concern i shared as a rural american, having groin in rural can cass.
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we want to make sure our communications networks are secure. we are working with the rural carriers to make sure they have a financing mechanism in place. my message to them and anybody is pretty simple. the only problem with equipment from china and huawei and zte costs too much. we need to make sure the rural carriers and all of us are on the same page. lou: the attorney general said this in his letter to the fcc. the attorney generalth writing,e should not signal that huawei and zte are anything other than a threatn to our collective security. their own track record as well as the practices of the chinese government demonstrate that huawei and zte cannot be trusted. and again, congratulations on that 5-0 vote. good for you.
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good for the commission. >> thank you, sir. lou: it's good for the country. good to see you. we are learning more about the long-awaited report on fisa abuses by the justice department inspector general, michael horowitz. he has reportedly found evidence that former fbi attorney kevin clinesmith manipulated a key document to just youify surveillance of former trump advisor, carter page, that is, facilitate spying on a presidential candidate. the "new york times" reports horowitz will likely absolve top-ranking fbi officials for abusing their powers, james comey, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, and lisa page. we'll be taking up that story in greater detail and assessing what the process is for those
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folks. the trump administration issuing a new warning to left-wing activist journals blocking u.s. customs enforcement' officers in their courthouses. judicial watch's tom fitton joins us. john bolton, the former national security advisor using twitter to take shots at the white house and threaten the white house. i'll be talking about that with stephanie grisham. we'll be right back. when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what,
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lou: on wall street stocks closing higher. the dow up 109 points, the s & p up 7. markets finishing lower overall, the dow down nearly half a percent on the week. the nasdaq down a quarter percent. crude oil flat trading at 58 dollars a barrel. silver gaining over a quarter%. a remind tore listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio
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network. former national security advisor john bolton is back on twitter and takingg shots at the trump white house. he tweeted, since resigning as national security advisor, the @white house refused to return access to my personal twitter account. to those who speculated i went into hiding, i'm sorry to disappoint. the white house says it doesn't have the means to block him from his account. president trump says he wants to call adam schiff, hunter biden and the whistleblower to testify if the senate hold an impeachment trial. president trump arguing that calling these witnesses will provide him due process. president trump: we couldn't have any witnesses. we w wanted to call the
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whistleblower. you know who i want as the first witness? i want a trial. look, number one, they should never ever impeach. >> and of course there should be due process from the very beginning which they have denied this president and the american people. joining us tonight, white house press secretary, stephanie grisham. the president standing straight up and saying, i think he also looked at those poll numbers and saw the way the american people areay reacting to this charade t onon by the dimms. he wants to have a full-on trial and raise a little hell, it appears. >> absolutely. when you have done nothing wrong and you have had to endure months and months of people saying you have done horrible things. i think anybody would want to defend themselves. i think adam schiff should go up
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first. he lied about what he knows about this whistleblower. we know his staff was dealing with this whistleblower. a whistleblower who treated this president must foe down. that's horrible. i agree with the president, let's put it out there. there is nothing to hide. let's go. >> adam schiff put up all of these so-called witnesses to see time and time again suggestions, speculation, presumption, assumption, hearsay. sit became pope parade of nonsense on it was directed at the president of the united states.en he has the patience of jobe to put up with this nonsense. >> he does, and he continues to work for the country which i admire so much. but you are right, i couldn't keep track of the times presumption, i thought, i assumed. the one witness who did speak directly to the president albeit
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a few times, he said president toldhe him i don't want anything, i don't want a quid pro quo. i want zelensky to do the right thing, i want him to do what he ran on, which is corruption. to me it should be over. i don't understand why we are continuing to talk about it. lou: the reference to ambassador sondland's testimony which he left out of his opening statement which the republicans reminded him of what he said. the republicans, ladies and gentlemen, stood up as i have never seen them in my career. shoulder to shoulder and dismarntling every one of those folks who try to assault the president of the united states and all of them baselessly. >> t it's been so amazing to see the h republicans so united. that's one of many ways this
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will backfire on the dems. the republicans are so united behind the president. theyou are seeing what's been happening tond him for years. i was just handed a "vanity fair" article saying it looks like this won't work out for the dems. if we have got the "vanity fair" magazine saying the dems are going to lose this battle, that's saying something. lou: ambassador bolton today with this nonsense about twitter wanting his dedicated handle, that was never in possession of the white house, was it? >> it was his personal account he continued to use while he was at the white house. i don't know a whole lot by the. sometimes i'll use my father as an example. some people don't understand all you have to do is contact twitter and reset your password if you have forgotten it.
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lou: i'm trying to calculate whether bolton or myself is the older fella with a twitter account. it's a shame to see bolton behave like this. he was next to the president, serving the president of the united states and now is acting to me like it's just very disappointing that he would stoop to the level he has just in innuendo. >> i hear he's got a book deal and he has been on the speaker circuit and charge something shy fees for that. so i guess money can get you to do a lot of things. lou: that's a shame. especially for somebody in such a high and s trusted position. stephanie congratulations on another terrific week for the president and we look forward to many years more. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this.
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on a programming note, investigative reporter john solomon, congressman mark meadows and lee zeldin among our guests monday evening. up next tonight, how attorney general william barr is characterizing the suspicious death of jeffrey epstein. john solomon fighting back against what has been a wholesale highly targeted disinformation campaign against him during the radical dimms impeachment farce. we'll have that and much more after this quick break. neighbo. neighbo. i'm a regular at my local coffee shop and my local barber shop. when you shop small you help support your community - from after school programs to the arts! so become a regular, more regularly. because for every dollar you spend at a small business,
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lou: outrageous attorney general william barr and acting dhs secretary chad wolf taking action urging the chief justices to the oregon and washington
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supreme courts to stop blocking i.c.e. agents from detaining illegalni immigrants in their courthouses. the attorney general and wolf arguing their actions, those judges in those two states, pose an outright danger to the public. the attorney general describing the mysterious death of jeffrey epstein as a perfect storm of screw-ups. barr says after personally reviewing security footage. he can confirm no one entered epstein'sco cell the night he died. britain's prince andrew reportedly has been kicked out of buckingham balance has. the move cops days after the duke of york, that's andrew, defended his friendship with epstein. disputing be vindman, solomon
7:27 pm
refuting his claims that key parts of his report were incorrect. some mob is asking what was wrong with his reporting? joining us, tom fitton, the attacks on john solomon are extraordinary. no other reporter has done as much as solomon to reveal what is going on in ukraine. i mean this, across the board, in a my reading of all of the coverage, no one has sourced his or her work even close to the degree that john solomon has. >> between vindman and fiona hill, it's like listening to democratic operatives spin information. solomon has the facts on his side on ukraine. the experts that the president is supposed to be relying on as given to him by the deep state,
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people like hill and colonel vindman, they don't know what they are talking about. either they are ignore rabbit or mendacious in suggesting ukraine wasn't working with the obama-clinton gang to target trump. ukrainians were distrustful of trump because they didn't like him not want to go go to war with russia. i don't understand it. it's either ignorant or they are misleading on purpose. >> i don't know there is a lot of question about which it is. fiona hill actually saying the republicans were not across knowledging that russia was responsible for interfering with the u.s. presidential elections in 2016. that was never the issue, never the case, and the republicans pointed out that she was absolutely dead wrong. and the extent to which she
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pursued that untruth was i thought astonishing. let's listen to fiona hill, the self-cast at least leading expert on ukraine. >> i have heard some of you on his committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country and perhaps somehow for some reason ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative being perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves. theor unfortunate truth is russa was the foreign power that systematic all attacked our institutions in 2016. lou: the arrogance of that statement. >>ha was that john brennan or fiona hill? i can't tell the continues. no one is making the argument that the rugs weren't playing around in our elections.
7:30 pm
they spent a couple hundred thousand on facebook ad. that's pretty clear. no one knows whether they were doing it to help clinton or help trump. were the russians tonight to help trump or were they in it to help clinton? it is the dossier people pushing the lie or the information without evidence that the russians were in there to help trump. i'm glad she is no longer in the white house. lou: i hope' of these people will never again be in the white house. >> no matter the administration. lou: vindman talking about zelensky being asked about whether he served in the military. he didn't know the answer to it, and he considers himself the leading expert, not fiona hill. not to know that, even though apparently the zelensky government offered him the role
7:31 pm
of defense minister? he should know. >> an american citizen knows more about ukraine and their ties to the clintons and the trump issue than the men who advise the president. i don't know why vindman is in the white house. lou: it's difficult to cop prebehind what this president had to put up with. the abject disloyal i and simple honor. you would think that a president should expect better. >> he was right to rely on giuliani rather than those two. lou: i am g. michael horowitz is coming forward with his report. the suggestion is perhaps there will not be great accountability for the top level of the fbi and justice department. your thoughts? >> i don't know if that's spin
7:32 pm
or not. but it wouldn't surprise me because that's what i.g.s do. lou: he may not be the on one spinning. >> there are cover-ups and expose's at the same time. the last i am g. report exposed strzok and page hatred for trump and he pretend it had nothing to do with the investigation. and there were crimes that took place in the targeting of trump. brennan is attacking trump every day. and the idea d he was running te cia and running investigations against him. the president needs to appoint a special counsel to get at this. we can't rely on the current system to do it. he has to bring in someone
7:33 pm
separate. lou: i remain somewhat optimistic. >> i'm outraged because up optimistic. i expect people to do the right thing and it just doesn't happen. >> let's hope for that exception. tom fitton, good to see you. up next, president trump weighs in on the protests in hong kong andte how those protests might affect a trade deal with china and the president's role in assuring the safety of thousands of those demonstrators. we take that and more after these quick messages. [sneeze and sniffles] are you ok? yah, it's just a cold. it's not just a cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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lou: welcome back. former cia for sentenced to 19 years in prison today for conspiring with china. federal authorities say jerry cheung lee was given $840,000 by the chinese intelligence agencies in exchange he provided the chinese with secret information including the names of cia sources. president trump calling
7:38 pm
pro-democracy protests in hong kong a complicating factor in the trade negotiations with china. n>> that's a complicating facto. there is no question about it. if it weren't for me hong kong would have been obliterated in 14 minutes. he has a million soldiers standing outside of hong kong. i asked him, please don't do that. you will be making a big mistake. lou: the president saying he would take a very good look at legislation in support of those protesters. the legislation passed by the congress and the senate awaiting his signature. joining us tonight, dean chang, dean, good to have you with us. let's start with the legislation. the hong kong human rights legislation passed by both houses by overwhelming margin.
7:39 pm
your thoughts on it and how much of a complicating factor that is for the president. >> on the one hand it's undoubtedly a complicated factor. in the middle of trade negotiations we have this bill regarding hong kong which clearly is of concern to the chinese. the chinese have been saying if you sign this, bad things will happen. for the president, if he signs it, it does create a comply kaight factor for trade. if he doesn't seen it it will be portrayed across the board certainly by the press and congress as casing to the chinese. are the chinese hoping the president does sign this bill? the trade negotiations don't seem to produce the results we have been hoping for. >> it's probably -- this is a president committed to those
7:40 pm
tariffs and it's unlikely he will accede to demand and certainly not to threats suggesting there will be revenge taken if you sign this legislation all but assured his signature on that i would suspect. >> it would be the perfect excuse for the chinese to walk away. lou: the chinese haven't shown any need for an excuse. they reneged in may. they count the agreement they ostensibly made with the united states in october. they were to sign an agreement on november 17. at apeck what in the world would they have done -- what is there to sign, there may be texts. i am not suggesting there isn't. there is not any texts that we
7:41 pm
are aware of. >> by creating a situation where they can blame the president, you have to remember the chinese aren't playing to themselves. they are playing to two other audiences. the american audience and the global audience. audiences that have been primed by our own press that donald trump is the bad guy. here donald trump has created a situation which forces china to walk away from them. lou: troubling to me, that there have been continuing efforts by wall street, the donor class and major business interests in this country to undercut the president and his trade plans, his plans and strategy to balance trade and preserve those tariffs. i mean, that's deeply troubling
7:42 pm
that we have a business communities committed to the chinese stratagem and positions rather than to the u.s. president. >>en wall street, i would sugge, is doing what is in its fiduciary interests and responsibility. maximizing shareholder return based on a quarterly -- lou: they have other responsibilities, they have responsibilities to the nation. they have responsibilities to this government. by the way, they are american companies, and we know google is creating search that is designed specifically for china. we know what big tech is doing there on december 1, the ability of the chinese government to just in one swoop scoop up all of the data for u.s. companies doingng business in china and these companies have no defense against it. what are we doing?
7:43 pm
we are not assuring privacy. we are not assuring the rights of american citizens are our own values. ee the companies have little or limited financial interest in keeping data private. lou: give them some damn reason. regulate the hell out of them. >> hold on a sec here. >> no, i'm not going to hold on. we'll regulate them. >> i think elizabeth warren would be delighted to regulate facebook. i thinkeb half of the democratic line up*. lou: this president before elizabeth warren had any idea where she was going to come down on a host of issues was talking about the natural importance and imperative of stopping monopolistic behavior by big tech in silicon valley. that's his issue. that's his concern that he
7:44 pm
articulated first. this isn't about elizabeth warren. >> it's not about elizabeth warren but the question you have to ask is, is regulation the right approach to encourage competition? >> i see only one other alternative. that's to allow the chinese to prevail. their values will be ours. corporate america decided somehow its fiduciary responsibility to relationship, pillage -- to rape, pillage and plunder. >> you release the potential of a lot of mischief -- lou: what could be more mischief than the united states losing its identity, values, and standing before the globe and not standing up for its own values, freedom, independence, liberty, human rights, and suddenly because some fool things we shouldn't regulate, we simply allowy this country to be
7:45 pm
consumed, subsumed by the chinese? >> the party that supports regulation the most is i would suggest to you often propounding an awful lot of values that sometimes fly in the face of a lot of things that -- lou: you couldn't be more abstract or perhaps i couldn't be more obtuse. i can't find meaning in the words you just used. i'm talking about independence. i'm talking about liberty, personal freedom, human rights. where do you find those in china. >> i am not saying china. lou: that's the contest. it's between china and the united states. >> when w you allow companies, when you force companies -- lou: first of all, there is this sort of -- there is this view that corporations are citizens, right? aren't they legally? >> depend. lou: they have the right to
7:46 pm
freedom of speech. >> they do. lou: but they don't have a responsibility to the nation that makes those rights vivid and makes those values indelibly critical to the nation? >> i don't remember the last time we actually literally drafted a corporation. corporations help -- lou: in that case what are we to do with them. i'm not ready to say corporate america is our masters. and i'm not willing to say our values don't matter in some sort of libertarian view. >> i'm hardy saying values don't matter and companies don't have responsibilities. what i am saying is -- lou: vis-a-vis the chinese. you are going to pick a winner. you tell me how w want. >> i want the company that's most efficient. lou: let's leave the company out
7:47 pm
of it. >> that's not even a question. it's the united states. lou: how are you going to assure that if you won't defend our values. >> our values have to include aspects of human freedom. lou: no one has done more on regulation than donald trump. but you would oppose regulating companies that will put profit ahead of the national interests. >> profit and national interests are not contradictory. lou: we don't need training wheels for the ceos running wall streett firms. meanwhile we'll have to wrap this up. dean. >> lou, thank you for having me. lou: great to have you here. tesla unveiling its new electric pickup truck in california. but a test of its so-called
7:48 pm
unbreakable windows didn't go exactly as elon musk planned. here we go. >> well, maybe that was a little too hard. lou: elon musk had his head of design throw another -- it broke again, promising it would be bulletproof. it didn't work out that way. and the stock is -- didn't exactly go through the roof either. president trump sees a bump in the polls. america's appetite for impeachment declining. the president clearly the winner of this impeachment inquiry. stay with us. only one thing's more exciting than getting a lexus... wow! giving one. how did you guys...? >>don't ask. the lexus december to rembember sales event
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lou: joining us tonight, sara carter, charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor, great to have you both here. the impeachment inquiry so styled by adam schiff and speaker pelosi, how did it go for the difficulties? >> i think pretty much it felln
7:53 pm
in their face. they didn't have any evidence. they presented a case before the american people based on hearsay and presumptions. that was a word used by gordon sondland themselves. they didn't have anything to prove, a quid pro quo pore military aid. even more damaging is president trump supplied the ukrainians with lethal aid, something obama never did, with the javelin missiles and humvees. other necessary equipment they said they need. lou: i think the reason the democrats -- there are several reasons. but chief among them is what you are alluding to. it's not what he said. it's the fact that this president has done more than any other president in modern history in his first three years, and it scares the hell out of them. >> and they are desperate not to
7:54 pm
have a campaign based on issues because the president will beat them on issues. during the hearings, the more they use girly words like quid qpro quo or obstruction or the witness tampering. all of these squirmy words. my favorite one though is when adam schiff in all seriousness looked at sondland and said, you would about this continuum of insidiousness, and they started talking about this continuum. lou: they have an affection for latin or latin derivatives. if you cannot explain it in clear terms that an 8-year-old can understand, then you probably don't have a case. >> they just simply don't have a case. you can hear people's feeling. in any administration people
7:55 pm
will be bantering back and forth over foreign policy whether they agree or disagree. but he's the commander-in-chief. lou: has george w. bush used to say, the decider-in-chief. we'll be right back. stay with us. he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪ yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be.
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lou: we are back with sara carter and charlie hurt. the president stronger or weaker
7:59 pm
out of this? polls say stronger. and impeachment less assured certainly. >> i think just look at the ratings they got on television. the impeachment ratings on television. i think he's in a much stronger position. we know exactly why nancy pelosi did not want to go down this rabbit hole. lou: aoc and nadler. >> greed for power is why she did it. she didn't want to lose the speakership. >> i have to agree with charlie. nancy pelosi did not want to go down this road at all. and you know, the pressure adam schiff and the others drug her into it. i think she went in hesitant lire, now she tried to go in full force and it's hitting them right in the face. lou: and lots of other places as well. thank you very much.
8:00 pm
that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. g our guests. have a great weekend. good night from the swamp. washington, d.c. trish: the truth is coming out. new information suggesting the deep state, an fbi lawyer is under criminal investigation for allegedly illegally altering a key document used to obtain a warrant to spy on the trump campaign. good evening. i'm trish regan. fairness matters. transparency matters. authenticity matters and the truth matters. this is the united states of america. and yet as details leak out about the upcoming release of the horowitz report, we are learning the fbi allegedly tampered with and


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