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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> she has to do it because the gop is raising tons of money off impeachment and advertising that the democrats are not doing anything. >> we will continue to follow the on fox business. that does it for both numbers. thank you for watching. >> democrats in disarray the number of polls show voters moving against democrats on impeachment in the market banking on no impeachment, hitting record closes today and the republican attack coming for thanksgiving targeting vulnerable democrats in swing states that trump won. those democrats are really worried, they are big and from help from the dnc which is virtually nothing to do battle against with the $9 million of cash on hand. within 24 hours a michael blumberg, officially throwing his hat into the democratic
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race, controversy his own news organization overreaching censoring its own journalist and they are not allowed to investigate michael bloomberg, his family, his foundation or the 2020 democrat campaign. bloomberg will continue to investigate president trump. the debate on the scene of the media tonight. we show you even more democrat who have reached new estimate of the government spending that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders now want over the next ten years if they win nearly double the gdp of the entire planet. tonight the pro-democracy landslide in hong kong elections over the weekend. does that strengthen president trump's hand with china trade talk? the justice department inspector general report on the russia probe, due december 9, we will break down the narrative and the media pushing based on an ominous leaks, the debate, who is leaking to get ahead of this news. plus we got what they're missing. with us tonight a very special
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guest, the topic democrats avoid, criminal, illegal crime and news on illegal alien who murdered her son. now deported back to mexico. i am elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: let's begin in washington with edward laurent on what is happening there. >> the house and diligence adam schiff has a letter to colleagues that his committee will be finished with her impeachment report soon after thanksgiving. he says the report will be handed to the house judiciary committee. the woman who is trying to unseat him said the time he spent on this he could've passed usmca. >> seen the impeachment inquiry when he's wasting all these resources, we know the
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impeachment cost about $70 million, that is $70 million that could've been spent on much better things in our district. reporter: in this letter from adam schiff t says the it conclusively shows he tried to tie them with an announcement of corruption investigation. the judiciary committee could start writing articles of impeachment when lawmakers get back from a break in december. meanwhile to republican senators both chairman of powerful committees asked the treasury department for possible reports of money laundering or fraud related to business dealings from the son of former vice president joe biden. one republican fighting back against cnn and the daily beast. ranking member of the house intelligence committee devin nunes says he will sue both media outlets in federal court when congress returns and both outlets say he traveled to vienna and 2018 to meet with ukraine prosecutor to get dirt on former vice president joe biden.
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devin nunes calls it the fake story of the century. representative defending him. >> devin nunes is a great patriot when he says that the story is false, if he is calling a fake news, i believe devon. reporter: when the house gets back on december 3, lawmakers will have eight working days in that time and sources say they will work on impeachment while they still have usmca to ratify and another government shutdown to avoid after december 20. latebreaking news and the last ten minutes on usmca, nancy pelosi says she is waiting for a final review of documents from the u.s. trade representative office indicating final review right be near the end of the process. we will have to see what her responses when she gets the documents. liz: thank you for the update. back to what is going on with
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impeachment, polls seem to be moving against the democrats, independents are feeling the polls too. let's talk about this, the heritage foundation, senior legal, great to see you. one of the polls say what president trump did is wrong and is not an impeachable defense, there's no smoking gun, e-mail or document. hearsay from nine witnesses, they don't seek bribery, democrat calling it bribery, is not a problem for them? >> i think it is a problem in the polling shows that pre-the public saw, what we saw in the last two weeks, we saw witnesses brought forward who were speculating on what happened, we are producing hearsay on what happened or providing their opinions saying they did not like the way the president was conducting foreign policy with ukraine. none of that is serious misconduct and i think the american public clearly recognize that. liz: we are breaking news the federal court saying former white house counsel must appear
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before the impeachment inquiry, denying the white house claim of absolute immunity. your take? >> that maybe a lower court, that will get appealed up the line to the supreme court. but what the president can assert his executive privilege that he can use that to prevent his closest officials from testifying, we will see what the supreme court says. liz: the president says he wants to sit in a trial anyone to call the whistleblower, hunter and joe biden and adam schiff. the clintons lawyers grilled can during the bill clinton's senate trial and the questions to adam schiff about him denying not knowing the name of the whistleblower who talk to adam schiff staff, democrats keep saying watergate, watergate has first-hand witnesses in the office, hr, john mitchell, john dean, democrats do not have any of that. most have not talked to the president and none of them so bribery and this is possibly why washington post congressional
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reporter says moderates democrats are getting cold feet on a peachpit impeachment. >> we had actual crimes being committed, a break-in in the burglary. there has been no federal law violated by the president in the idea that bribery occurred is just an absurd notion. any federal prosecutor looking at this who is being objected is going to say and tell you that none of the elements are present to make this bribery under federal law. we put conditions on foreign aid that we give to other countries all the time. and all of this is really about something that never happened. ukraine got its aid and they did not star corruption investigation so nothing really happen. liz: as we reported jonathan
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warning you cannot impeach a president after the impeachment investigation and history and obstruction at the white house that the courts have to decide on executive privilege. let's watch jonathan truly. >> democrats have to decide if they want a real recreational impeachment. the shortest period of investigation and history for an impeachment and then impeachment in the president for failing to overturn because he went to the courts. if that is obstruction for the president to seek judicial review with congress then you could have impeached every living president particularly rock obama who made the same type of extreme interpretation when he refused documents. so at some point, adult supervision had to kick in. and we have to decide, are we really trying to remove this president and if so the case has to be made. >> let's remind the viewers, based on the impeachment
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bandwagon, the whistleblower took forward, they were asking for the impeachment before he was elected. >> do either of you have evidence of quid pro quo? >> no ma'am. >> i did not. >> any evidence of bribery? >> no ma'am. >> no ma'am. >> no they did not. >> he said i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. >> you testified you had no direct knowledge to withhold aid you trultwo with ukraine. and there was no strings attached cracked, page 184 every deposition. >> i know such knowledge. >> you testified what you knew president trump was skeptical of foreign assistance generally, mr. ratcliffe highlighted that, and to skeptical of the corruption environment in ukraine. is that accurate? >> we queued up the wrong soundbite, but the montage was
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no bribery. >> that clip is great because it points out the fact that democrats were unable to produce any evidence of any of the claims that they have been making. and that is why there is nothing to impeach. what is really going on is a political ploy by democrats to go after the president and they are disagreeing with the way he handled his foreign-policy. the president, the chief diplomat of the united states not members of congress, not adam schiff and that is not an impeachable defense. liz: nbc chuck todd agreed with mississippi republican senator roger wicker that ukrainians did meddle in the 2016 election despite what fiona hill is testifying. this is not about the dnc server and all of that, it's about ukrainians meddling. watch the. >> she is corrupt, russia tried
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to interfere in 2016, also ukrainians themselves try to interfere. >> the difference between the two, i understand there is individual ukrainians who were upset that donald trump wanted crimea to stay with russia. is that the same as the russian government and putin ordering a full-fledged interview. >> i'm concerned about both. we went to ukrainian courts ruled that the member of the legislator tried to meddle in the 2016 election. >> it is certainly something that we ought to be looking into. but remember democrats have totally cut off any investigation into that. they particularly refused witnesses that the republicans wanted to bring forward and for example to look into what hunter biden was actually doing, what did joe biden do to help cover up what his son was doing, they don't want that looked into and
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that is another clue to the american people that there is not an objective investigation going on. liz: thank you so much for joining us. we had another record date for the market, the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq delivering records at the close, jackie joined us from the floor of the new york stock exchange with an update. reporter: good evening new records across the board on wall street, the will dow closing over 28000 once again, logging 190-point gain in the nasdaq and s&p higher and setting new records. optimism that there's progress on the trade with china and lease no negative headline impacting momentum today and the momentum to the upside one to hit levels and break the 28000 level, certainly pretty strong, meantime we have hp earnings "after the bell", and earnings-per-share, 49 cents versus 46 expected.
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but hp did miss on revenues 72-point to 2 billion and the expectation 7.4. shares trading lower and after our session. final headline of the day, tesla stock, elon musk trying to undo the damage that was done when the cyber truck window shattered last week on camera saying 200,000 orders have been placed already. liz: thank you for the update. general and the pro-democracy landslide in hong kong elections. does that strengthen president trump's hand. and a very special guest on the show agneshow in the criminal io murdered her some entrance on now deported back to mexico. stay right there.
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liz: pro-democracy landslide in the hong kong election over the weekend, the largest turnout in the history of hong kong elections. hong kong silent majority has spoken, pro-democracy winning in overwhelmingly majority, nine out of ten seats up for election. jonathan has more in hong kong. reporter: pro-democracy activist were back on the streets of hong kong, demanding more from what they term the
6:18 pm
liberation of a couple of the students who are still held up on the campus of hong kong polytechnic university's. but the mood on the street was also somewhat celebratory given the huge victory the pro-democracy movement has just one at the ballot box. >> the silent majority expressed their voice but they have a long way to go. >> it's an uphill battle. we will continue to fight until we get the victory of hong kong. >> some 70% turned out leaving even some pro-beijing lawmakers to say it is time for the hong kong authorities to exceed to at least some of the protesters demand. obviously not all of them would be but we have to think twice about answering people's calls from no one rita will wake-up
6:19 pm
call for the government. >> yes a real wake-up call. >> the big question remains, how will the central chinese government respond to the so-called flop in the face. do they decide that it is time to accommodate the protesters at least to some extent or do they move to crush the pro-democracy movement. liz: thank you for your reporting. news coming in, the president is saying he will announce the g7 summit camp david is in the running. let's get back to hong kong with my next guest, retired four-star general fox news senior strategic analyst. great to see you general. >> first your thoughts with hong kong and the pro-democracy landslide there. does the strength of the president's hand with china and trey talk? - i voice thought as much pressure that you can put on the ccp and president xi strengthens his hand.
6:20 pm
number one, as you mentioned in the introduction, this is a huge victory for the people of hong kong. i think it makes it much were difficult for the chinese to crush the protesters given the unanimity t the house crush the fabric of hong kong. i also hope that it encourages the president to pass into law the house in the senate bill concerning the demonstrations and hong kong's freedom. even though that may create tension over upcoming phase i negotiations and a final deal on phase one with the chinese, it clearly strengthens the president. president xi jinping and the gcp are under attack from the international community because
6:21 pm
of hong kong. in the world is on the side of hong kong, we clearly have a clash of values. i think it's safe to say the president should support that legislation. liz: we have reports coming in, china and the u.s. are close to a phase one trade deal, that news came in over the weekend in china was seeking greater steps to protect intellectual property and putting in penalties against the violations. we have separate tariffs, we have to go right to break, we will come right back we have some technical difficulties. stay right here. an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. this is the epson no more buying cartridges.. big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. liz: so sorry for the technical difficulties, we will have general back on real soon. to the 2020 race, let's get you updated, no clear democrat front runner, i will caucus is two months away, none of the front runners holding above 30% voters, pete buttigieg is leading an iowa. let's get an update with peter in des moines, iowa with more. reporter: pete buttigieg, the
6:26 pm
front runner in iowa is campaigning here in iowa, questioning the wisdom of michael bloomberg's plan to skip the early states like iowa. >> there is a process that narrows the field because there's so many tickets out of iowa. >> he is not the only one trying to figure out how bloomberg's late entry into the race could change things, the leading fundraiser for the democratic deal in the last cycle who pulled in $25 million in donations which is still less money than bloomberg is pending for one week of act is reacting. as bernie sanders. >> i understand the power of the 1%. urc that right now with mayor bloomberg. who has decided to use part of the 55 billion-dollar not to buy a yacht or another home or a fancy car to buy the united states government.
6:27 pm
they said billionaire should not exist but there's another democratic candidate who uses more aggressive rhetoric when talking about billionaires now, that's elizabeth warren. >> he is making a bet about democracy in 2020. he does not need people, he only needs bags and bags of money. so far today the chatter in the early states, iowa and new hampshire have been about michael bloomberg who does have the money to compete but right now he does not have the poll numbers to make him a contender at least officially. liz: thank you so much, look who is back, retired four-star general. general jack king. sorry for the difficulties. i want to switch to the middle east, the vice president visited with iraq and the kurds. this can be called the year of the protest. we had protest in iran from chile to lebanon to venezuela
6:28 pm
and now columbia, the president is using sanctions in a powerful way, his sanctions general, the number he put in place approaches what george w. bush did in his entire eight years. >> there is no doubt about it, we never had a president that's been aggressive as he is in sanctions and is clearly weapon i sit and also has some remarkable success. what you are mentioning is taking place in the middle east is really quite extraordinary. the iranians have had over 100 cities where people have been protesting by the hundreds of thousands for a week, it is unheard of to have that scale of demonstration all due to the economy squeezing them and affecting their quality of life. interestingly enough, to iranian regimes one in lebanon with a significant protest because the people are fed up with the corruption and ineffectiveness
6:29 pm
of the iranian backed government and the same thing and iraq that demonstrates against the demonstrating against the iranians. what has happened, iran's powerpoint in the middle east where they have abused control and influence to dominate and never produce better for the people is starting to backfire on them. i've never seen them in a desperate situation as they are right now. >> the economy contracting, some of the worst in the 1979 resolution. israel administration, are they planning attacks on israel when iran is saying to saudi arabia, you crossed our redline, we will destroy you, your reaction to that? >> that is rhetoric on part of the iranians. i do think in number of things will play out, the pressure is most significant on them and as
6:30 pm
a result, i think they are making lousy choices. i do believe they will execute the playbook. that is likely conduct another military operation to attempt the disruptive middle east flow of oil again to undermine the world economy and as such have the international community put pressure on the united states to reduce or remove the sanctions. that has failed in the past miserably but i do think they will attempt to do that. also the 14th additional troops we output in the middle east in the last six month or so has deterred iran from attacking u.s. troops, but it does not mean that they would not do so in the future. i do think iran is going to have a hand to play before the ever go back to negotiating table. liz: thank you so much for your insights and your service to our country. let's get back to what is going on with michael bloomberg jumping into the race, and the owner's organization, bloomberg
6:31 pm
news censoring its own journalist and not allowed to investigate michael bloomberg, his family, his foundation in the 2020 democrat campaign but bloomberg news will continue to investigate president trump. let's bring in my next guessed the editor-in-chief christopher bedford, your reaction to that? >> i wonder if it's quite legal the way they're going to do it if it will count as an in-kind contribution. if you own a newspaper, you cannot just have an attack your opponents. it seems like the editors might be trying to distinguish this and say we will not attack the opponents we won't attack anybody in the democratic primary. but is president trump an opponent, is he trying to win to become president if that is so, then they might be violating the law or at least make an in-kind contribution to the presidential campaign and have to recount for that. liz: we will say on that but really quickly for a second,
6:32 pm
critics are saying the media is over reacting to president obama to the 2020 democrat, stop it with your purity test that nobody agrees with. the washington post tweeted out this job, the 2020 democrats cannot figure out how to talk about the most figur popular fin the party. barack obama is a conservative. joe biden said if the democratics elected they could use it to implement 90% of their agenda, barack obama is a conservative right now in this day and age. >> barack obama was a skilled politician and use the rhetoric of conservatives, he's the rhetoric of ronald reagan and if you look back at the state of union a lot of the word to used he evoked patriotism and do-it-yourself. his policies and the things he pushed for were not. it's not a conservative thing to seize a third of the u.s. economy to remake under government rules, it was obamacare. that is not conservative and while he was not a radical like
6:33 pm
the modern left might want to make him out to be he was more radical for the rest of the democratic party. >> you wonder if bloomberg will split the vote because bernie sanders, he is a 1% or, he has three homes in elizabeth warren is also a 1%, her net worth is $12 million, they're both going after michael bloomberg. bernie said he's discussed about a billionaire running, elizabeth warren says he is bringing bags and bags of money to the campaign. so they are really not bloomberg right now. your quick take,. >> millionaire versus billionaire. he's only the second billionaire to enter this race in the democratic primary. they say the number one thing is getting money out of politics, him and tom steyer are spending their money to get to the state. liz: look at the information that we have on what michael bloomberg as mayor was for, he banned a lot of things here in new york city, the list goes on and on and on, you may or disagree but is pretty
6:34 pm
extensive, he's been accused of trying to build a nanny state. >> you cannot even smoke a cigar in central park, how obscene is that. the worst thing he has done is coal plants. you cannot get a job in a coal plant anymore when he is in charge. he's using $500 million to shut down employees and west virginia and all across the country. the first people in america he is trying to take their jobs with his money. that is worse than banning soda. >> sorry we ran out of time, we will have you back soon. more on the justice department inspector general report of the russia probe, remember december 9 breaking news on the story, the debate, who is doing and ominous leaks of the new york time and trying to set the narrative there. what is the media missing in their reporting on the story. also up tonight a very special guest agnes gibboney on criminal illegal crimes in the criminal
6:35 pm
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liz: the russia probe due out on december 9 joining me now former prosecutor. an ominous leaks of the near time ceased to be trying to get out in front of the narrative, russia inquiry view to criticize fbi but ask. here's what the media is missing, whether adequate credible ground of suspicion of a trump conspiracy based on the powerful tools typically reserved for hostile foreign powers for tariffs to spy on the trunk and paint? >> this is absolutely a very disingenuous headline because in becausthere was a very biased me behind continuing to obtain
6:40 pm
warrants with false information. that is exactly what we suspected all along and that's what will be confirmed. >> the fbi evidence, the answer trump steel dossier represented verified information in the fisa warrant application to spy on trump card or page. but christopher steele did not get his information firsthand it was from unnamed sources, don't you need an informant who witnessed firsthand the alleged acts to get probable cause finding for fisa warrant? >> it all boils down to cut ability. so to the extent that you would like firsthand information, that would be ideal, he don't necessarily need to have that but you do need to present everything truthfully to the court as far as what information you do have, how credible and not mislead the court in all four updates if you come across information presented to be invalid. >> as we do reporting digging in we are getting a fisa warrant, isn't that difficult to do,
6:41 pm
thousands and thousands of war applications over the years with less than 1% denied. they denied 34000 fisa warrant since 1979. this seems less than a dozen rejected that seems disproportionate. >> it does in the process is secretive so we have to trust the integrity of the judges and the court but at the same time trust those preparing affidavits to give truthful information and that might not be something that we can easily do. >> the fbi and nsa have their own checks and balances inside the fisa court. report coming in laura kleinsmith who worked on the hiller clinton e-mail probe could face criminal charges and john durham criminal inquiry of the russian probe for doctoring an e-mail to get the fisa warrant wiretap encarta page. i want to get to the text messages he was saying, he's into trump bias after trump one
6:42 pm
he text, i'm so stressed about what i could've done different differently, the crazies one, this is a tea party on steroids and then he said, we have to fight this again, he said we have to fight this again, your reaction to that question would. >> his behavior is a conduct that gives lawyers a bad name but fortunately, he is doing something that is very rare and falsifying documents and being motivated by bias. there are two different aggravating factors in themselves. i absolutely hope that he does face criminal consequences if that is the case. and certainly there's a question about the information that was obtained based upon the false my documents. thank you for your time, i appreciate your insight. >> thank you. coming up a special guest on our show, agnes gibboney on a topic that democrats avoid. crimes committed by illegals in the criminal illegal who murdered her son is now deported back to mexico.
6:43 pm
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liz: lou dobbs joins us with a preview of what is coming up
6:47 pm
next. >> congressman mark meadows and leaves alden, a judicial watch president tom fenton among our guests talking about the deep state continuing efforts to subvert a trump presidency. an award-winning investigative reporter john solomon responded to the radical dems, this information campaign against him, the american people and of course president trump. pulitzer prize winning york post colonist michael goodwin and radio host mark simone here tonight who will be taken up democrats latest 2020 entry none other than billionaire former mayor michael bloomberg. the poor fella is going to have to get by on his own money. on trying to contend for the democratic primary. but we will take it up whether he can be ernie, pete, liz and joe. can he, willie, we will get of you tonight at the top of the hour. please join us. liz: thank you so much. a number of maryland sanctuary
6:48 pm
counties are about to set free six accused illegal alien criminals. charges against them range from child rape, child molestation, murder and assault. estimates and data show 820,000 of unauthorized immigrants in the u.s. are convicted criminals. let's bring in angel mom agnes gibboney speaking out after her son's killer a little legal murder released in prison now being reported back to mexico. can you first tell us what happened to your son. >> ronald was standing on the driveway after he went to drop off some food for his children and he was about to leave when he stopped to talk to a friend when he noticed somebody coming behind him and said who is that and his friend turned and the guy fired the gun and struck my son in the arm and the bullet traveled across his chest. he died in surgery, he did that.
6:49 pm
liz: did you witnesses? >> no thank god i did not. i saw the blood where he collapsed on the driveway up and trust me, i can still smell the blood and i can still see exactly where the drops in the floor were and nobody wants to witness your child being gunned down. liz: we are right there with you. we are nigh right with you. you're doing a service to the country speaking out. he was a gang member, and illegal alien, he was deported once, are you worried he may get back into the u.s. again if he supported? >> he was deported on friday, i got note from a ice and i want to thank the men and women of ice and er row for doing their job and i have their back. i am very happy but i don't -- i think he is going to come back because he has family and children here so the likelihood that he is going to come back is very high. liz: talk to us about
6:50 pm
california, existing tri-state, a blocked local authorities from cooperating with ice, have you heard from the governor of california governor gavin newsom we have not heard back have you? >> nothing, he ignores me, he did not have the decency of answering to the two e-mails i wrote to him and may asking him, what should i do when this felon is going to be released. nexnextyear. and he would not answer my e-mail or even write a note saying i'm so sorry for your loss. he is a disgusting human being and i'm a part of an ambassador for alright to recall governor gavin newsom we need to get rid of this man, and i am on him and i'm going to do everything i can to remove him from office. >> president trump tweeted agnes gibboney are great boy ronald is looking down on very proud of
6:51 pm
you. how do you get through the day? >> i get to the day, i have my days that a breakdown and you have to scoop me up off the floor but then i wake up again and say i'm not going to quit fighting. don't underestimate, i am in angel mom because my pain is what drives me and i'm going to fight from now on for other families who have lost a family or been victimized by illegal aliens to give them a voice and be able to assist them in whatever way that i can the weight that i did in my own case. it is hard work. >> what was your reaction to the president highlighting angels families at the state of the union address. >> i think was very honorable of him, i wish i could've been there but i understand not everybody can attend and be there. but he is a very compassionate caring patriot and he cares about the citizens of this country. which he cares more about us as american citizens than anybody. and shame on the democrats that
6:52 pm
want to call him out, get to work and you wasted three years over time of taxpayers dollars for the stupid impeachment and russian collusion and now the impeachment again, stop it. get with the president and start working and doing your job. if not then get out of office, we've had enough of you. liz: we are so sorry for your loss. this is quite a story. come back soon. >> absolutely any time. liz: thank you for your service to our country. texas attorney general will join us on the acting homeless and pretty secretary saying he has a new plan, he will try to go after the cash flow of the gangs behind the flow of illegals, weapons and drugs act the border. can he do it, the story is next.
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[♪] liz: let's get right to our next guest, texas attorney general ken paxton. he joins us on the phone. your reaction to the story we just heard from the angel mom. >> it's tragic, unnecessary, and all too common. i met with many families who have lost children and spouses. it's a function of our border security situation and the lack of resolve to protect our borders and the people in our state. liz: she says governor gavin
6:57 pm
newsome has not contacted her. >> how hard would it be to sayr see that and not act. liz: chad wolf told fox news in an exclusive interview that he's going to redirect his troops to go after the cash flow behind the gangs are drugs and human smuggling. >> if you are cut off the cash flow, you cut off the drug trade. liz: do you think he can do that? >> i do. the government has present resources and there is no reason they can't bring them to bear. it's easier than having to build an entire wall across the border. liz: president trump ordering park rangers to help fight drug
6:58 pm
traffickers and illegal immigration. we have had apprehensions and arrests up 88% year over fiscal year. are agents do a better job or are more illegals trying to cross the border? >> the president is trying to use all available resources why he's trying to use park rangers to deal with the crisis. some of the programs the president put into place about sending those who crossed the border back over until it's their time for their hearing. >> homeland security reports 60,000 people who were attempting to cross were sent back to the remain in mexico program. that's a big number. >> it's sending the message that you are not going to cross over and wait for your hearing in the united states.
6:59 pm
you will have to go back. which i think is a deterrent for more people coming over. liz: 22 million illegals are in this country. that's from m.i.t. we have got not a lot of problems here. our veterans are homeless. we have all sorts of issues in this country. customs and border patrol agents from the chicago field office intercepted a package in louisville, kentucky stuffed with 250 fake driver's licenses. >> my final word is we deal with fraud everybody day with fake driver's license and fake i.d.s. that's affecting elections not just in my state, but across the country. >> i think this is an important issue and i'm glad the president never ceases to fighting illegal
7:00 pm
immigration. liz: lou dobbs is next on the fox business network. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. the swamp mostly clear tonight of radical dimms who have previously focused on just overthrowing the president the last two months. the president took the time to slam the dimms and tout his successes. and they criticize nancy pelosi for slow walking a major trade deal that would help americans, canadians and mexicans. today another record-breaking performance. all three major stock


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