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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 25, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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michael pillsbury. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] trish: impeachment? it's over. d.o.a. the dems lost this round and adam schiff is admitting as much. howe what was it worth. they lost this round. he put our country through h-e double l. for what? we knew how much they hated him. that point was articulated loud and clear from the very first night donald trump won the presidency. good thing investors and voters
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can see through adam schiff's shall we say bull-schiff. >> do you think president trump should be impeached? >> i want to discuss this with my constituents and colleagues before i make a final judgment on it. trish: are you kidding me? he told us it had to happen now isn't so sure? he was talking a whole different game a few weeks ago. so was nancy pelosi. >> we recognize the seriousness of this undertaking. we recognize that we have been compelled by the circumstances to move forward, when a president refuses to defend the constitution and does so for the purpose of advancing his personal or political agenda. the founders provided a remedy.
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trish >> so we'll proceed with the facts and the truth it's about the truth and the constitution. trish: a letter suggesting the president attempted obstruction of justice. you schiff kind of admits he has nothing. quote what is left to us now is some decide whether the pave -- whether the behavior is compatible with the office of the presidency, and whether the constitutional process was followed. >> the president said i want nothing, i want nothing. i want president zelensky to do the right thing, correct? >> that's correct. trish: ambassador sondland says
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president trump told him i want nothing. i think it was my belief, what is that but nothing but conjecture, hearsay and interpretation. of course, you don't have to speculate with joe biden and his policies toward ukraine. he made his thinking loud and clear. you want to talk quid pro quo? >> i said i am leaving in six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. there you have it. he got fired. trish: they are trying to move something that cannot be proven. adam schiff knows it's over. it's clear how investors have interpreted u.s. policy toward ukraine. president trump helped ukraine far more than president obama did.
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the country's debt market, those debt markets prove that this administration, donald trump's administration has helped ukraine far more than any other administration in recent history. during obama years, ukrainian debt was messed up and investors knew of it. but today crane rsh is viewed as less risky. proving investors know a good policy when they see it. bottom line, the smart money knows what's up. and smart american voters see through all this. schiff stuff. both with impeachment and ukraine. what was the whole charade about damaging donald trump and damaging our economy? none of it worked, thankfully. because our stock market is at record highs again.
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and unemployment is at record lows and the president's approval ratings have moved higher. independents are unimpressed with the shift storm and the democrats in congress. the belief, democrats may have just cost themselves 2020. the more they play it out, the worse it gets. the president is ready, willing and able to confront them head-on. president trump: we couldn't have any witnesses. we want to call the whistleblower. i want a trial. >> thank you want a trial? >> oh, i would, look, number one, they should never ever impeach. trish: the democrats succeeded in undermining the sanctity of our government and willingness to destroy the will of 30 million mayor -- 63 million
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voters who wanted donald trump. but they care very little what anyone but them actually think. they have shown their disdain for the people of this great country. the people who provided them the privilege of being in washington, d.c. in the first place. my advice to schiff and the others. stop getting in the way and just do your job. that's night's intel. joining me with more. indiana congressman jim banks. good to have you back. where do you think this goes? schiff seems to be back pedaling. not so certain on impeachment anymore. >> it's hilarious to hear the word come out of his mouth. but he's not alone. house democrats across the board are getting cold feet and we are hearing reports of it from all over the country. this is a holiday week so
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members of congress like myself we go back to our districts and visit with our constituents and families. the freshmen democrats who won who gave the democrats their majority in marginal swing districts, they are getting the most grief. all the polls are showing that to be true. as we stand today because of the disaster of the hearings, the disaster of the hearings last week for democrats. now more independent are against moving forward with impeachment than those who are for it. trish: you know how people can cut through all the noise. ukrainian debt investors can cut through the noise to see which policies are benefiting the country. and americans can figure out what is going to benefit america. now adam schiff is in a tough spot. he put his eggs in one basket. he wasn all in.
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nancy pelosi capitulated to schiff and the squad. so where does it go from here? >> well, it's hard to say. if all of these democrats come back and tell speaker pelosi and chairman schiff this isn't going the way you said it you told us it would go, you will have to back off, i think you will see more of what you saw earlier today where democrats start looking for different narratives like investigation into devin nunes. or brett kavanaugh. issues that are distractions to distract voters from paying attention to this impeachment sham. trish: they were successful in the mid-term elections because they did focus on things like healthcare and policy. you can't just, all against something. americans want something to vote for. if they were to think about what would be politically strategic for them. they would get off the
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impeachment bandwagon. but as my friend gregg jarrett said today, he didn't think they would and he thinks that will be good forward donald trump. your final shots? >> the president is going to win reelection. this is the best economy in my lifetime. this president has been good for our veterans and good for our men and women in uniform and rebuilding a military decimated by barack obama. he put the american worker first. that's the antithesis of what democrats stand for today. historians will look back and show this strange set of circumstances involved with this impeachment mess is the reason donald trump will be re-elected in 2020. trish: you think what our own fbi did, forging documents to get a fisa application approved. vladimir putin, if his goal was to create division and chaos in the united states of america as the president told me in our
8:10 pm
conversation most recently. he has been successful on that front. thanks to adam schiff, the democrats. we are doubting the institutions that made our country great. forget aanonymous source reports. remember when the liberal media ran wall to wall with the add anonymous author who was supposed to be a trump official. >> the anonymous book. >> written by that anonymous person who claims to be a senior trump official paints the picture of a president who poses a danger to the country. trish: my next guest says he thinks he knows who the author is and he says he's nowhere near the senior trump official. steve bannon in the house. he's revealing who he thinks anonymous is. shop and my local barber shop.
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trish: reports and rumors led strays gallagher to actually ask the question to mr. snodgrass head on.
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but guy snodgrass seems quite reluctant to answer. here he is. >> the question is, are you anonymous? >> if i was going to make an announcement like that i would come into the studio with you in new york city. reporter: you are saying you are not denying that, you are just saying this is not the proper venue? >> i got invited on to talk about national security. reporter: it's not unique to this point in time. this has been going on for decades. trish: a little evasive. at the time the anonymous op-ed was published, the "new york times" said it was written by a senior administration official. he spoke out with laura ingraham. >> what the "new york times" said was senior administration officials. what that means is cabinet
8:16 pm
secretaries and their dips. and assistants to the president which is 40-50 people. there is a code. there is a coup by general mcclellan and the senior leadership in the union army to thwart what abraham wanted to do in the civil war. you have the same coup now. trish: great to have you back. there is a lot of stuff going on right now. a lot of rumors. this guy mr. snodgrass says, you know, basically some evasive comment to our own trace gallagher whether or not he was the source for anonymous. now there are some reports online maybe he wasn't the guy, what's your take.
8:17 pm
>> this is irresponsible by the "new york times." the publisher of the "new york times" and his family, the paper of record. he has to verify if it's a senior administration official. snodgrass was a speech writer, you a navy captain who was a disgruntled speech writer for jim mattis. much, much his book has tremendous errors tonight. and i read it. this was published as a warning. this came out in an op-ed over a year ago. it dovetails with the impeachment. it's the same type of you be elected bureaucrats who oppose president trump's national security policies. the same times of people you saw the last two weeks under schiff's program that the american people tuned out on. and we know from independent, independent are turning against impeachment because of their testimony. the facts are coming out.
8:18 pm
this was actually more insidious. you have the op-ed, you have nikki haley's book, ambassador haley's charges have not been denied. i don't think we have been denied at all. trish: they said we need you to work with us. >> i think what's incompetent is for as burger and the "new york times" to confirm whether it's a senior cabinet official. that means they purposely misled the american people and his fitness for office. president trump has done a tremendous job as commander-in-chief. people have to weigh and measure his america first national security policy versus the permanent political class' cleat quagmire of everything they
8:19 pm
touch. this anonymous situation is insidious. if it's not snodgrass, to me he ought to come out like a naval officer and say it's not me. on fox today it was outrageous. this has only happened one time before in our country, during the civil war before a before a. that's how serious it is. people should read what's in this book it's quite serious of what he purports. having been in certain situations he outlines, particularly about things he said president trump said fire all the judges. that is an outright lie. i was there on the whole time with the travel ban. president trump said i want to pull the first one because i know i will win in court. and he eventually won at the supreme court.
8:20 pm
but the "new york times," the paper of record of our country. i think the sald the sals berg y owes it to the american people to come forward. if they want to be an independent paper of record they need to come forward. trish: american voters put their ceo into the seat, right? so they have got their guy who is in charge. he's supposed to be running foreign policy, yet you have a lot of people entrenched within the system who have been there 8 years in some cases with obama thinking differently. >> the reasons the numbers went against him is they didn't have a unified defense. the rnc and outside groups have come together. he said what i said was perfect.
8:21 pm
he said i want to fight this on the facts. the facts are it's my national security and foreign policy. that's what the american people elected me to do. by standing on substance he unified the republican party. the overplaying of the hand of pelosi and schiff with these public hearings. they thought it would be like watergate and clinton. the public would get involved and the numbers would go against the president. the exact opposite happened. people started tuning out. 3-1 people say they think this is a scandal for washington and media. 2-1, they say they are tired of these investigation. "politico" did a poll that set up 11 basic issues. the impeachment is dead last with independent. president trump said i will fight this on the facts and he's saying i want a trial. if you do it, i want a trial.
8:22 pm
in this trial all this hearsay is not going to be evidence. schiff will have a tough time making the case. president trump will demand that senator bind, joe biden, the whistleblower and schiff come and testify. when that happens the whole house of card of the democrats are going to implode. nancy pelosi beat her speakership on this. when you see the numbers going the other way. when she picked these people to run. they overplayed their hand. this is what i think trump deserves the credit for. he said from the beginning, i want to fight this on substance. this was not just wrong, this is why i was elected by the american people. trish: it's not easy when you are going to run a whole
8:23 pm
country. i want to ask you about the i.g. report and a whole lot more. remember when they like to call trump hitler? that sound a lot like a certain leader that killed 6 million jews. >> what can you call someone who says clearly -- the president of the united states is a racist. trish: now supporting trump. if you happen to support donald trump, the president of the united states, it's more like you are a cult member. cult is the new word of the day. steve bannon reacting to all of it next. >> what a cultive personality. cultish devotion.
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trish: they can't stop with this cult stuff. if you don't agree with us, it must be because you are a member of a cult. they are telling us why trump supporters are cult-like and brainwashed. >> i'm referring to trump's organization and followership as a destructive cult where people are being fed propaganda and they are not being encouraged to think for themselves. trish: it comes on the heels of dan rather, that unbiased, totally unethical reporter that he is, telling cnn that mattis
8:29 pm
reporters are part of a cult. >> it's all about him and not about the standard of politics. most generally don't end well. trish: you disagree with the president and anybody that voted for him, 63 million voters voted for him. and a how you use the word cult in an effort to shame, in an effort to demean voicing their support for the president of the united states. it's messed up. it will cost them the election of 2020 just like it did in 2016. i am back with the president's former chief of staff, chief strategist. 63 million americans be they are part of a cult.
8:30 pm
>> people love president trump because he's building for these policies. build a wall, deconstruct can the administrative state. the comis on fire -- the economy is on fire. the markets are at an all-time high. hispanic approval 36%. the people who are too busy to support impeachment are at work. the national security policy is to get us out of these foreign wars that geniuses in the foreign policy establishment, all those were duffel muched on trump. -- were dumped on trump. trump didn't create them. dan rather and the permanent political class that sit there and demean hard-working
8:31 pm
americans and say you are in a cult. these are free-thinking men and women and i support this guy because he's a fighter. you can come at him with the books and editorial page of the "new york times" and investigation. he doesn't care. that's why they support him and that's why they love him. trish: i am impressed bit. do not underestimate the power of the american people and the intelligence of the american people to cut through that noise. the market is at an all-time high. americans are saying i'm over this. look at all the poll numbers that suggest people are a little disgusted if you would with washington insiders trying to push this. >> this is so important. this break over thanksgiving, i know you don't want to politicize it too much. it will come up for the whole
8:32 pm
holiday weekend. the opportunity costs. you are not doing usmca, you are not doing drug pricing and infrastructure. nancy pelosi sold nancy pelosi and the 31 districts, never mention impeachment when you are running. talk about healthcare and jobs. the american people from understanding they are so obsessed with overturning the 2016 election. they have got to defeat trump. they can't do it at the ballot box. they have to do it with extra democratic means. you are starting to see the polls come now that they are losing interest. i think you will see actual anger. what dan rather ought to question. why are the independents shifting so much. trish: they are part of the cult now. >> president trump dismisses it. it's insulting to hard-working men and women.
8:33 pm
the trump movement is a working class and middle class movement. they didn't have a voice of the permanent political class. this is a steal of two cities. the city on the hill always made the street decision, the revolution, the civil war, world war ii. these are people who understand the greatness of this country, they back president trump, they were sick of the elites in this nation. what they want to do is return america to its former greatness, and they see donald trump as the instrument to do that. and he's delivering for him and that's why they back him up. trish: what do you have think will come in the horowitz report. >> when they are nervous about something, they leak it out so i when it comes out they can say been there done that. trish: what we have seen does not bode well for them. you have a lawyer tinkering with documents.
8:34 pm
>> these fisa courts are some of the most controversial courts. because of 9/11, the secret courts will get warrant on america they don't know about. this shows institutional rot at the fbi and maybe the cia. i think you you need another church commission made up of senators and members of the house to step back and look at this thoroughly. the i.g. report is just the opening salvo. it should go to the senate and the courts. the durham report will show this is not about a low-level fbi person. this is how in the sack crow sank secret he federal courts and the institution of the fbi aloud this to happen. and the cia and other aspects of the intelligence community may be involved. let's get back to the substance and details. if all the substance and details come out, president trump will turn out fine. but people who are associated
8:35 pm
with this will not turn out fine. trish: let me turn to 2020. bloomberg is in the mix. this is the guy who broke the news first. >> they will throw bind away to get to trump and hope elizabeth warren or hillary clinton or bloomberg or some centrist comes in here. all these people who could have been the centrist candidate haven't materialized. that leaves a huge opportunity for michael bloomberg and hillary clinton. >> we were mocked by the geniuses. it's quietest. the ratings -- president trump follows it. the ratings for the impeachment and the democratic primaries are fading. here is what i do think. quantity has a quality all its own. and his quantity is capital.
8:36 pm
one of the reasons we have this impeachment going on is because nancy pelosi took the house on the shoulders of michael bloomberg's money. it's $100 million of bloomberg's capital. so to a large extent nancy pelosi owes her job to michael bloomberg. he has been moving these chess pieces around for a while. he wants to use his capital base sees the on thers are not getting traction. he thinks the wall these faction of the democratic party won't allow warn to come in. i think hillary clinton will have a look and say i'm going to step in and save the democratic party. i think hillary clinton is taking a hard look to see how bloomberg is doing. i think the democratic race is wide open. trish: who would be harder for
8:37 pm
president trump to beat? too nobody can defeat donald trump except donald trump. if you have see how people are focused on prosperity. university of mitch fans consumer report came out the 30th month in a row, it's been over 35. we haven't had optimism like this since the 1990s. trish: you can go back to the 80s with ronald reagan. very quickly, china, i can talk to you all night about china. >> they had the populace revolt in hong kong. this election is so big, the ccp thought the people in shopping congress were beaten and defeated. the chinese can't govern themselves. absolutely blowout numbers, they
8:38 pm
are in shock. the house of representatives and the senate passed a tough resolution on hong kong. the president broke news and "fox and friends" that no reporter in the main stream media. president trump said he reached out to xi that he saved many lives. the reason those elections were held yet and young people came out in the millions and voted its because donald trump protected them. and i think the world needs to know that. i think he's been a hero for people fighting for freedom throughout the world. trish: coming up next. maryland county set to release murderers and child rapists into the united states. according to federal immigration officials. brandon judd can't believe it. neither can i. he's here to react to the details next. (vo) the flock blindly falls into formation.
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trish: maryland county set to release murderers and child rapists into the united states. i don't want to read you all the charges. i don't want to read them because they are really upsetting. but it's clear that these six illegal men should note go free into our country. something is messed up in our system when we let these animals into our society and our political parties refuse to work on immigration. we need to keep the bad ones out. we have more and more and more needless deaths in north carolina tonight, pane illegal alien from el salvador has been charged with murdering a
8:44 pm
19-year-old girl by strangling her to death. why are we allowing this? why aren't people here illegally deported? and why are we giving federal funding to these states with sanctuary cities and states. why don't we just cut someone like maryland county off? joining me tonight, national border patrol president brandon judd. it's good to see you. how dare they get any of my money, your money or anybody else's money when they are putting the pry sorts of illegal aliens before the priorities of honest hard working americans. >> from a law enforcement standpoint, someone who puts on a uniform to stop these crimes from happening.
8:45 pm
i want to thank you for putting emotion into this. if there was more emotion in these counties and cities, if people understood what was really going on. if we had that honest conversation, the american public stand up and says sanctuary policies hurt american citizens. if you look around the country, these murder, these relationships, these do not happen in the counties and states where we do not release people and frankly remai romante illegal immigration. trish: there was a huge opportunity with donald trump to do that. i stead it got bogged down in trying to tell everybody it's inhumane not to open up the border, brandon. >> we talk about policies all the time. the policies working for the
8:46 pm
country, a great economy going on, great policies affecting the world. the policies donald trump is putting in place for immigration are the right policies. they will protect america. donald trump offered up to legalize more of the dreamers than the democrats thought doing. but they balked because they didn't want to give him border security, they didn't want to give him a win. they are making it a political issue instead of what's best for the american people and the country. trish: michael bloomberg announcing his candidacy. guess what his quicheoff platform is. >>er american $1,000 a month. >> tuition free state universities. >> free. >> free.
8:47 pm
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trish: there is a cold war
8:51 pm
raging right here in our hemisphere. watch. this is video coming to us of a leftist protest raging in colombia. some lawmakers point the finger at cuba and venezuela. as you see in chile. you get the sense of more protests. this is a war for economic order. it's not just happening south of the border. it's happening right here at home in the united states of america as the leftist democrats try to remake our society as they see fit. michael bloomberg is the latest pushing class warfare as a way to get ahead. another member of this leftist bunch, they do make one thing clear over and over again. big government is all they want. it's not just banana republics
8:52 pm
in latin america struggling with this whole left versus right. it's our entire hemisphere. joining me now foxnation host, tomi lahren. what's going on? do they not teach history? do none of these people not remember the soviets tried this. and it was a total failure of an economic experiment. >> they say when you don't know your history you are doomed to repeat it. we don't teach history have much in schools. i wish we would stop referring to michael bloomberg as a moderate democrat. extra varies is how quickly they want socialism. they are all pushing for the same thing. take wealth from those who have it. redistribute it. but redistribute it to the government and the ruling class. the rich are never going to get rid of their money, especially the ruling class.
8:53 pm
especially young people are falling for it. trish: why are the young people falling for it. you mention not studying history. is there an altruistic idealistic sense that something like that can work? >> they are doing it in a couple of ways. one is pushing this income equality, class warfare, young people who don't make any money, if they do they make very little money. that's one of the ways they are doing it. the second way they are doing it is to knee far more worrisome. they are using climate change as you a way to bring young people into the folds of socialism. that's what aoc's green new deal has done. and really all the democratic candidates to some degree are pushing the narrative and young people are eating it up. trish: it's as though nobody ever studied economics or
8:54 pm
history to your point. you look around the world, tomi, this stuff has never worked. >> they are trying to convince people it has worked or if they did it the right way it would work. they never want top point top venezuela or the areas where socialism or communism failed. they are trying to tell us their way of socialism is somehow different from that. it's not, all roads lead to socialism and those roads lead to communism. be. they are just the way they are using us to get there. they are pawns in the game and young people are the biggest pawns of all. trish: kennedy joins us with a look at what's coming up on her show. kennedy: trish, it's a great night to be a pro wrestler. we'll talk about the links between pro wrestling and
8:55 pm
politics from someone who has been incredibly successful in both. in the wwe ring he was known as mr. cane. we'll also talk about -- he's probably going to punch me in the face. trish: i will stay tuned for that. tell him to go easy on you. trish: the "new york times" calling out tulsi gabbard's white pants suit. but she braised hillary clinton -- just about the same outfit, a white pants suit. glin i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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samsung business solutions. or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades. trish: talk about hypocrisy, a fashion critic at "new york times." with political bias. check out hillary clinton here, nice pantsuit, all white, new york time said that the suit was empowering and a message arf for all women, and then tulsi gab gabbard dared to wear all white. they say it i is -- cult-like.
9:00 pm
that not really community building, suddenly tulsi wearing white is divisive, but what hillary clinton wears it, it empowers all women, go figure. kennedy next. kennedy: money can't buy you love but it may buy you the highest office in america. that is what michael bloomberg is betting on. former new york city mayor worth estimated 54 million bucks. send your freedom dollars to us mr. mayor. he jumped into the crowded 2020 democrat field yesterday, the almost 78-year-old has spent more on tv ads than bernie sanders raised whole last quarter, here is bloomberg 30 million dollar elevator pitch. >> mike bloomberg for president, jobs creator, leader, problem


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