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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 26, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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that's it for us tonight. mark morgan, gordon chang, pastor robert jeffress among our guests tomorrow. good n york. [♪] trish: tonight as the dems debate impeachment, new indication indicating how deep and global the deep state is. according to new reports, adam schiff team members may have a money trail that lead back to burisma in ukraine. the company that employed hunter bind for 83k a month. adam schiff back peddled on impeachment sunday. he says he has to talk it over with his party and constituents. a democrat on a radio show saying it's basically done. >> i don't see the value of
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taking him out of office. but i see the value of putting down a marker saying his behavior is not acceptable. trish: she since issued a statement actually she is fully in support of impeachment. make up your mind. they know that once they go down this path, there is no turning back. you want to have a trial in the senate? all that dirty laundry is going to get aired from the bind family to adam schiff to schiff staff members to the whistleblower himself. as the hearings move into the hearing in the judiciary committee, these are the issues at stake. new tonight, a report suggesting adam schiff's staff may be tainted by ukrainian money straight from burisma to gain influence whether it be with the
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vice president's son or think tanks in america. one such think tank happens to be the atlantic council. a think tank reportedly backed by none other than burisma. see how it all starts to get sketchy? meanwhile, it gets worse. there are reports that the alleged whistleblower worked with one of adam schiff team members at the national security council. while there, became friendly with the person we now know as the whistleblower, shortly after the schiff staffer left the nsc to work for adam schiff, what do you know, the whistleblower report was filed. interesting timing. adam schiff totally denied his team had ever met the whistleblower. >> we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. we would like to. trish: that's actually wrong.
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he lied. he flat out lied. his staff issued a statement saying they hadn't met the whistleblower. his staff is friend with the whistleblower per the reports and the staff members used to work at this think tank backed by the ukrainian company burisma. it just gets worse and worse for the dems as all of this stuff comes out. this entire thing is looking tainted. so no wonder we hear dems want something drop the impeach the deal like a hot potato. if they decide to send this into the senate, then all bets are off. joining me, thousands judiciary committee members, congressman greg steube. >> we have a committee hearing
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for next week in judiciary. we'll have to see what they have under their sleeve. trish: how prepared are you to expose some of the other stuff? certainly when we saw the giant schiff show, there wasn't much opportunity for republicans to get another viewpoint, yet amazingly i think a lot of the truth came out with ambassador sondland saying there was no quid pro quo. the president told me i just want him to do what's right. >> i think it will be the same as you have seen in the path with chairman schiff. it will be very partisan. the information you just alluded to your viewers shows how partisan this is. the conversations going on with the whistleblower and we the republicans don't have the opportunity to cross-examine these people, to hear from the conversations going on at the staff level. so unfortunately in the house we
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won't be able to get those answers. but when it goes to the senate, those individuals will be subpoenaed. i hope they subpoena chairman schiff and start asking questions. i hope they subpoena hunter biden. trish: lindsey graham is launching an investigation into exactly what hunter bind is up to. reports tonight are somehow the whistleblower and the staff member for adam schiff already knew each other. because they worked together at the nsc. then the timing gets peculiar. boom, presto, the whistleblower is meeting with the friend and filing the report. what does that indicate to you if these reports are i deed true. >> deep state democrats working with deem state democrats to unseat our president.
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it doesn't surprise me. this has been going on as soon as the president got elected. january 1 when the democrats took control of the house, they have six committees investigating the president to impeach him. so the fact that there may be these across stores working together just like what we have seen and i hope to see soon when the i.g. drops his report on the fisa abuse investigation, we'll see it's these people in these different positions had a political motive as to what they are doing. that's not best for our american democracy. trish: there are reports that some of schiff staffers used to work in a think tank funded by none other than the ukrainian company in the thick of it. burisma was backing the think tank where these guys used to work. how common is that in
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washington, d.c.? people working in think tanks that are backed by foreign entities and foreign companies are what, turning out favorable reports that would put this company in a better position or the country in a better position? >> of course they are. that's the kind of things i hope -- we can't get to the bottom of that in the house because we don't have the majority. bur i hope that lindsey grahammen other senators who are chairmen of these committees. i hope they will bring these people to testify and start asking them questions. especially schiff's staff. when did you talk to the whistleblower. what coordination did you have before he filed the complaint. all of these things i think the american people deserve to have the answers to. trish: they deserve it, congressman. what will we learn in the horowitz report and the durham report to follow? >> i think you will see some
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high-level actors in the doj using partisan investigations that were illegally getting subpoenas and search warrants to spy on the trump campaign. and i hope the department of justice and bill barr will find justice if that's what was going on at the highest levels of the doj. >> anybody going to jail? >> if somebody broke the law, they should. with william barr as the a.g., i think he will uncover it and i think those people will be brought to justice. thank you so much. still a lot more coming up. congresswoman aoc says she is triggered when critics call her government handout plan like free college, free healthcare, free jobs. free stuff. this is not about free stuff.
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it's the public good. trish: first they called him hitler, then racist. now the liberal media seems to think trump supporters are a cult. >> a cult personality. cultish destruction. >> it's a cult. it's frightening to hear a cult. trish: 63 million people part of a cult? coming up the negative coverage of the white house hosting conan is pretty shock. president trump's african-american approval rating is at a whopping 30%.
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cnn doesn't believe it. deneen borelli says she does believe it. plus we'll get her reaction to new despicable video. our first lady at a drug event being booed. i'm a regular in my neighborhood. i'm a regular at my local coffee shop and my local barber shop. when you shop small you help support your community -
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trish: we are reaching a tipping point when the first lady of the united states of america is treated like this. i want you to see it. while trying to push opioid awareness from middle school and high school students in baltimore, maryland you know we have really sunk. watch. >> thank you for the warm introduction and for inviting me today for such an important event on opioid awareness. trish: these kid, these parents, these schools. they should be ashamed of them. you may not like her husband. you may not like her. but how dare you insult our country, how dare you insult the first lady of the united states of america in such a horrendous display. who is trying to help a
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community that has been ravaged by violence and drugs. the left, they have made it completely unacceptable to do this kind of thing, and what do they do over and over again, they show how they can demean anyone who thinks continually from them. it's wrong, and someone has to call them out. the left keeps feeding this. they formalized this. consider a cnn commentator is on the attack, chastising minorities who support donald trump. after a report that trump is at 35% african-american support. and another showing 34%. navarro tweets the polls must have only been conducted in the homes of ben carson, kanye, and
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the sheriff guy with the hat and those cubic zirconia and polyester spandex ladies. they are feeding etch other and the result is this. middle school, high school student with an opportunity to see the first lady of the united states. booing her on stage in baltimore, maryland. joining me right now with more. fox news contributor, deneen borelli. what did you think of that display? >> you said middle schoolers. my goodness where are they getting this vial attitude toward the first lady from. where are they learning this from? if they are learning such a display of disrespect to the first lady, what are these young people going to do when they get older? where are their parents?
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where is the guidance. what are the teachers doing and saying that these students are tacting in this manner? i think it's despicable. trish: i give melania trump credit because she just kept going when they were booing her. it's watch to do in a situation like that. it's what the president has done in the face of all the noise and the impeachment hearings. you have got to go and do your job the best you can. she is there for a very good cause, trying to keep opioid out of that community and gets treated like that. to me it shows how civility has lost its way. i blame the left for encouraging it. >> i totally agree. they seem to be reaching lower and lower in terms of age. reaching lower to get our young children really indoctrinate them. that's why it's so important for
11:18 pm
parents to know what their children are learning, what they are hearing, and also talk to these teachers and talk to your kid. find out what you learned today in school today, what did the teacher say? parents have no idea if they are working more than one job and trying to keep food on the table and raise their families. and they could be under the assumption everything is fine and they are put in the trust of the kid in the hand of the teachers and principals condoning this. trish: that gets me to the next big issue, the mainstream media seems to chastise and in any way they can demoralize anybody who would show support for donald trump. god help you if you are a minority showing support for them. the democrat party i think had a
11:19 pm
lock on the black community for decade and you are starting to see that kind of unravel. 30% he's sort of averaging out in in terms of approval ratings? that's pretty high. does it scare the dems? >> it totally scares the democrats and then some. you mention the rasmussen report at 34%. the her on poll 34.5%. democrats can't have that. that's why you have people like navarro saying things like she tweeted on twitter the some other day. i think it will get even worse as we get closer to the election. you will see more vile attacks and criticism against anyone supports the president, but especially black americans. i get this criticism for many many years because i stand behind republican principles of
11:20 pm
principles and individual responsibility. the democrats are getting scared. trish: i know you are true to your ideals and policies you believe in. but do you think it works with the community at all? i would say if it did work, he wouldn't be at 30%. i think americans of all walks of life can cut through the bullshit these days. can people see right through that and if so where does that leave the dems as they manipulate the voting blocs. >> more block voters are being aware of where they and. voices for are getting the message out to comu -- to
11:21 pm
communicate the accomplishments of this administration. everybody is benefiting from the economy. trish: record low unemployment. plus record highs on the stock market. socialist congresswoman aoc has said a lot of peculiar things. >> we have 12 years left to cut emissions. is it okay to still have children? trish: she is taking criticism for those laugh out loud moments. but you want to know what ruffled her feathers? when you call her free government programs free stuff. coming up, i'm calling it free stuff. first remember how the liberal media covered an impeachment inquiry with no direct evidence of a quid pro quo.
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or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades. president trump: it's a great honor to have conan here. we have given conan a certificate and award we are going to put up in the white house. conan is a tough cookie and nobody is going to mess with conan. trish: a great moment. that's the dog that killed the world's most wanted terrorist,
11:27 pm
abu bakr al-baghdadi *. good stuff. but if you are a cnn contributor, it's terrifying, literally terrifying. trump tells you how incredible this particular dog is and jokes will siccing it on journalists. you heard the joke. she thought he was siccing it on her. come on. x can't take a breather to have a nice moment to celebrate a dog who killed the most wanted terrorist in the world. thin what exactly is going on. joining me, texas congressman louie gohmert. congressman, my goodness. these people, they are, you know, they are look for something anywhere they can possibly find it, even a nice
11:28 pm
dog. a nice dog. that's probably yours and my, both our thoughts. what an incredible job. how heroic, how brilliant, how smart, how great his training must have been. and that's apparently the cnn comern day tore show it was a he, but conan is a she. but all the stories you had on, they all have that trump derangement syndrome as the thread that runs through all of them. they just can't get over the fact that donald trump is president, and one of the classiest persons i have ever met is just being torn down. and it goes back to this hatred. this derangement that people have over donald trump. it's incredible. it keeps them from being as intelligent as they otherwise might have been able to be.
11:29 pm
trish: there comes a time when decorum matters. respect matters. when you go out there and you boo the first lady like those kids in baltimore did tonight. when you do that, you know, it reflects badly on us as a country. it shows we don't value, we don't value the office of the presidency. you may have your differences with her husband. i think it's hard to pick your differences with her. she sits there to talk about making sure these kids stay away from drugs and opioids. and they ought to welcome that influence in the community. but instead to treat her like that, representative, what does it tell you about where we are right now as a society? we are coming up on 2020, and they hate him. anybody associated with him. >> it's a little bit scary. when i was in college, very
11:30 pm
conservative, and a very conservative university texas a&m. we enjoyed inviting liberals. we loved the back and forth. now it's just such a vial hatred for -- such a vile hatred for anybody who disagrees liberals. that's why we are having the impeachment hearings we are when there is nothing there. to add on to your story on that. we are talking about abigale grace and lawn misco, they may have been involved in the effort with the whistleblower who isn't a whistleblower. i think when we get to the bottom of it what we'll probably see is that the non-whistleblower went to them scared to death because he just shared about the call to ukraine to zelensky and wanting to get to the bottom of corruption.
11:31 pm
and let's say, he goes straight to these people he worked with and worked with him and bind, and gosh, what's going to happen. i mean, if they get to the bottom of it, here we are. and it was probably schiff's staff that came up with the idea, hey, how about we get you qualified as a whistleblower. but they knew he wasn't because he had no direct evidence. so the i.g. had to change the rules so you could be a whistleblower without having direct evidence. trish: back up. congress plan, what you just said is kind of important. you think possibly the rule was deliberately changed just for this guy to come forward? >> absolutely. i don't think -- it was changed and back dated. we have seen that in the press. trish: just for this guy. >> the i.g. may not have known
11:32 pm
that he was doing it to help this person, but whoever talked him into change it and back dating it, they sure knew they needed a rule change. but the part of the rule they couldn't change was that, you know, you have to be complaining about someone within your agency depth, and the president is not in his department or agency. so in the end if he ends up being prosecuted, normal think whistleblowers can claim whistleblower status. but he's not a real whistleblower. trish: he blew the lid on the cia torture program. , *'s don't usually get red carpet treatment this one has gone the. going back to the two people in schiff's office. one of them that may have known the whistleblower, two of them,
11:33 pm
it seems may have worked sat the atlantic council that was getting funding from burisma, the ukrainian energy company that joe biden's son worked for. it begins to get convoluted and sketchy. >> they all three worked at the nsc. they were friends with mcmasters, brennan, they were a tight little cabal there and that continues. trish: what are you looking for at the judiciary meeting? >> i would love to subpoena abigale grace and sean misco. since we know chairman schiff is a big fan of trying to subpoena staff and thinks it's perfectly okay. let's get his staff in before the impeachment hearings now that they are going to shift to judiciary next week. i would love to hear from both
11:34 pm
of them and their conversations with the non-whistleblower whistleblower and see what brought this about. trish: congressman louie gohmert, thank you so much. how does a liberal billionaire fit in with far-left socialists who control the democratic party. how about welfare? trish: get, not earned. my next guest thinks it's divisive. niger innis is take on niger innis is take on bloomberg.
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you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit [♪] trish: mike bloomberg is officially in. good luck. although he's promising to change the middle class by getting them their fair share. notice the word getting, not
11:39 pm
earning. he has one rather big problem. you see, mike bloomberg doesn't seem to think too much about the every day americans. he doesn't really seem to respect or appreciate that those that aren't of his class, in fact he seems to not trust them to make their own decisions. we know this because he told us. watch him here referring to the boor as those people and hear his thoughts on how those people really can't decide what's best. elites just need to tax them so they make the right decisions. >> some people say well taxes are regressive. but in this case yes they are, that's the good thing about them, because the problem is in people that don't have a lot of money. so higher taxes should have a bigger impact on their behavior in how they deal with themselves. the question is, do you want to pander to those people?
11:40 pm
trish: in other word, they can't decide themselves. you need to make sure they don't drink a big so today, a big gulp. you just tax them so they can't afford it, and therefore they won't buy it. it's the heart of the left's entire problem. that's why they can't seem to figure out the economy. they want to legislate what they think is right instead of trusting the american people. it's why they are putting on a schiff show with impeachment. aoc said it herself. >> this isn't about something that has occurred. it's about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year. trish: you have to prevent it from happening. you impeach so you don't allow the american people the right to vote. this is not who we are. we were founded on the premise of small government, choice, freedom.
11:41 pm
the left under estimates americans. as steve bannon so accurately pointed out when he cite how americans always get the big stuffed right. sight's a tale of two cities. the tale of washington, d.c. and the swamp and the city on the hill, the city on the hill always made the right deed significance, the revolution, world war i and world war ii. that's what you have backing president trump. trish: joining me, niger i this. mike bloomberg may have good intentions. his solution is you go out and tax everything to make it unaffordable for people. and that somehow that improves the public health of america. why is it that mike bloomberg and others including aoc, why don't they trust americans? >> they don't.
11:42 pm
they fund amount alley do not trust anyone that is not a part of their elite social class. they are classic statist progressive hypocrites. and in many cases socialists. there was another cause, not just on taxes, but there was another case in 2015 at the aspen institute, bloomberg when talking about young black men referred to them as kid and said quote, talking about disarming them, and that all of them don't deserve guns. he said quote these kids think they are going to get killed anyway because all their friends are. think don't have any long term focus or anything. we need to get the guns out of their hands. well, that is the same kind of mentality that reversed the gains and trampled point souls
11:43 pm
that were lost in the civil war and reversed the gains of the reconstruction period by real white supremacists elitists like woodrow wilson. trish: you just keep them down, you don't tress them to do figure for themselves. you have big state golf, keep them living southern dole. and nobody gets ahead that way. nobody gets a chance that way. you mention hypocritical. i will let you know, i used to work at bloomberg. they had all the soda you could drink. so, you know, i mean, i get a kick out of that. not drinking too much soda was important. but you could go all day and drink 50 sodas if you wanted. but he's not different than the rest of them. this i think is just sort of the
11:44 pm
tenor of the entire conversation. this is why donald trump represented something different. he's talking about trusting americans. trusting them to know what's right. the left doesn't. >> absolutely right. actually, it's the left and it's also the mindset of tyrannical dictators. think about this playbook of bloomberg. first you disarm a certain part of the population, then you tax that population so you can control their social and economic behavior. and you don't cover what's going on. trish: i feel for those guys. they want to do their job. but it's more important i think perhaps to mike bloomberg that he be able to do what he wants to do. >> he knows better for all of
11:45 pm
us. >> he knows what's best. there are some good journalists there, really good ones who won't get the opportunity to have an honest discussion in the media about politics because he's making it clear that they can't. so i would imagine you would see a big defection, if you would, from the bloomberg ranks. >> i think so. first amendment. >> exactly. niger, good to see you. thank you. aoc says she is triggered when critics call her government handout plans free stuff. i wonder why they call it that. >> medicare for all. >> give every american $1,000 a month. tuition free state university. >> free. >> free. trish: not free. don't tell aoc that. you have been asking about how i
11:46 pm
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thought he *. trish: welcome back. you know, and lot of people how i got started in this crazy
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business. i had a kind of roundabout path. but the one thing that grounds me in my life is my non-o none other than live free or die new hampshire roots. i group in a really small town in a really small state. but i had big aspirations. growing up, my parents one of the most valuable things they taught me was to aim high. think about all the adversities. every day, something goes wrong. if you don't have look at the glass as half full it makes it hard to get up and try again. people see the good stuff, they say she is successful. they have no idea how hard it's been along the way and how many times your path starts to turn, like when i was 14 years old i
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and the only place i wanted to go. i was transferring from a conservatory at the time. i didn't get in. i was crushed. i read that rejection letter and i moped for a good day. the next day i got on the phone and i called the admissions office and i said i want to make an appointment. i want to come in and see you. they said why don't you reapply. so i felt like i got the golden ticket. okay, i have got a second shot. i did a semester elsewhere and reapplied to colombia and sure enough they took me. perhaps the most important thing, the key to having a successful life from an emotional stand point, from a career standing point and financial standing point is making sure you find the right partner. meeting james as young as i did
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in my early 20s. we have always been there for each other. now we have these wonderful kids and we think how did we exist without them. i can't emphasize enough how important it is to be able to find the right partner in life. it's the one thing if you can somehow get that right, everything else i promise will just work. i was studying economics and history. and so every big investment bank recruits on college campuses. so i made a decision to work at goldman sachs. a great group of people, great experience. but it wasn't my passion. my mom had been a journalist. she used to tell me when i was little, you would be a good reporter. the moral of this story is mom is always right. i got a job at bloomberg. i went on to work at cbs market
11:54 pm
watch and cbs news, in business and economics correspondent. though i got my share of hurricanes. there was a deal in my family. you got one day off from school and my mom would say get on your bike and don't come home until you have a job. it all came down to how i applied myself and how i approached things and i was never willing to take no for an answer and never willing to give up. and i am still not. trish: that really great. emily reynolds produced that. thank you so much. it's a beautiful piece. kennedy joins me with a peek at what's coming up on her show. can you top that? kennedy: yes, we are going to eat bugs tonight. bugs are going to save the world. we have crickets, ants and a cat. trish: are you going to eat it?
11:55 pm
>> indeed. by the handful. trish: good luck. thanks, kennedy. aoc feeling insecure about critics calling her plan free stuff. >> this is not about free stuff. it's public good. (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months.
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11:59 pm
is free stuff, this is not about free stuff. it is public good. they are public good. if you hear word or term free stuff, ever again. some of these -- trying to like flip the script on us. trish: woohoo, don't call it free stuff, it not spre free stt is public goods. free college, free healthcare, free handouts, they are public goods. i guess famil familiar fundameno take some math classes, someone has to pay for it. it is not free, not free to the
12:00 am
overall economy of the united states of america, someone is paying, but it is free to someone taking that hand out, public goods? my goodness, get real. i'll see you back here tomorrow. kennedy: thank you trish. you want to know how bad the current crop of presidential candidates is, they are so bad even former president obama thinks all of the frontrunners suck. according to a new report in politico. president obama does not thing joe biden has the chop to win the white house, he said he won ththe election because of his ability to connect with folks in iowa. but he does not believe he has that same affect. they have not met, they worked together for 8 years, they called each others


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