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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 27, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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you still like tech, yes or no? >> tech is getting a little long in the tooth. [closing bell rings] liz: great to see you. happy holidays to you and your family. >> you too, liz. liz: three records in a row for all three indices. that is my thanksgiving gift. melissa: a new day of records on trawl street. all three major averages ending at record highs for the third straight day on trade hopes and strong economic data. connell: look at santa. melissa: there you go. the dow ending up 44 points, near session highs. i'm melissa francis. connell: sorry to interrupt. i get excited. melissa: that is exciting, when i see santa class. "after the bell." s&p and nasdaq in record territory. nasdaq leading the major averages for the year. we'll talk about that and the market movers. here is what is new at this hour. the busiest travel day of the year. it will be a bumpy ride. powerful coast to coast storms
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threatening plans for millions of americans. the latest on the weather forecast. if those iconic macy's balloons will take flight in the parade here in new york tomorrow. a warning for shoppers ahead of black friday. major retailers are selling recalled products. melissa: oh. connell: confession of a "star wars" actor. we'll tell you who is behind leaving "the rise of skywalker" script behind. it ended up on ebay. melissa: i wouldn't want to be blamed for that. fox business team coverage. hillary vaughn is watching the ustr. blake burman at the white house. gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange. let's kick it off with hillary. reporter: melissa, we saw mexico's trade team under the secretary leaving the room from talks. chrystia freeland is also landing soon in dulles airport in washington. she called in for the first round of negotiations this
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morning. she said what she heard was encouraging. so she flew here from ottawa to join the second round between mexico trade team and ambassador robert lighthizer. undersecretary seata told us today everything democrats proposed before that made him lose sleep is now off the table. he tells me that talks are moving towards a resolution. do you think democrats are going too far what they're asking and the -- >> there were lots of suggestions made so i'm not going to comment on every suggestion because i'm not going to say these are suggestions of democrats. what does that mean. but what is now being considered towards the conversion or solution is not going too far. it is going in the right direction. reporter: mexico's team today says they will not agree to any enforcement mechanism for labor standards that go beyond the normal dispute system in the original nafta.
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that is something house democrats proposed, stopping goods at the border that don't meet labor standards or sending u.s. inspectors in mexican facilities. i asked the secretary if they're optimist i can if they get a deal done by christmas. earlier he joked asking, which christmas. later he says hopes. melissa. melissa: hillary, thank you. connell: the dow closing in record territory again today. that is the 15th record close of the year as wills will all knows so well. she joins us from the new york stock exchange. gerri? reporter: we're not tired of winning down here, okay? we like winning. the dow on pace for the third straight record close, 15th of the year. s&p 500, second trait record close, 26th of the year, can you believe that? nasdaq third straight record close, 21st of the year. what we don't talk about? we don't talk about the russell 2000. according to sam stovall breaking up a year-long resistance level doing very well indeed too. let me tell tell you about bad s
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here. four ups employees are charged with drug trafficking. what happened here? the stock by the way is down. ups employees helped import massive amount of drugs, marijuana, narcotics, counterfeit vaping products from mexico, bought big houses jewelry, the sort of thing. they have been arrested. the stock down, ups is saying in a statement that the company is cooperating with law enforcement officials. i want to mention to connell before i go santa claus is right behind me. santa claus. connell: i do get excited seeing him. that time of year. he anchors the parade tomorrow which is always fun. thank you, gerri. reporter: such a celebrity. connell: he is the biggest. melissa: yeah. connell: there it is, melissa. melissa: he is the biggest. retail delivery wars, target, walmart take on amazon with one-day shipping on the holidays? is that enough to outpace the e-commerce giant? jonathanjonathan hoenig, capitag
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hedge fund and fox news contributor. jonathan, i love the competition. >> happy thanksgiving and to all our viewers. 20 years ago, people were saying poo-poo to amazon. they didn't believe it would succeed. amazon captures 25 cents of every dollar, ex dollars, ex-cars and restaurants that consumers spend. they're a giant in shipping as you alluded to. that is the next big hurdle. walmart, target all these companies are really having to compete with amazon. used to be two-day delivery. now one-day delivery. more and more majority of consumers say one-day delivery is important to them t was minority five years ago. this is a big war. consumers benefit. melissa: absolutely. you expect it. you shop at different places. you go to amazon instead if you need it sooner. target is trying to battle back by delivering from the local store near you potentially.
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is that a winning strategy? will it end up costing companies so much money? >> this is the beauty of competition, melissa. who could have foreseen how this would play out. owe no, bricks and mortar is passe. you need to click it online, now bricks and mortar, whether target or walmart they have thousands of stores all around the country. those are in effect serving as their delivery and distribution centers to try to counter amazon's huge warehouse component. so they're battling now. once again the consumer is the winner. of course not all retailers have been able to compete. look at macy's. look at gap. they don't have the kind of reach. they have fallen to the wayside where others succeeded. connell: jonathan, talk about the battle we were ready for, might not happen. ford backing away from tesla's rematch challenge for a tug-of-war competition between the cyber truck and the ford f-150, the offer was done in
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tongue-in-cheek fashion in a tweet by an executive. so a little bit of fun here but, if you're ford, you put your tweet out, to me you have to back it up do the tug-of-war. what do you think? >> musk will exploit this. he truly is one part thomas edison but one part p.t. barnum to his great success. connell: right. he should be careful trying to exploit after the whole rock through the window routine at the truck unveiling that said you're probably right. >> you're right, connell. that hasn't seemed to slow undo the buzz over the cyber truck. he tweeted out 250,000 preorders. ford truck versus cyber truck. almost like the pepsi challenge of our day. coke or pepsi. the old or new. aggressive new competitor. that is why this is shaping up to be a buzzword. connell: buzz worthy. thank you, jonathan.
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melissa: setting up a major clash in washington, the house judiciary committee will hold the first public impeachment hearing next week. the white house is firing back. let's go to blake burman. blake. reporter: one week from today the hearing will take place in front of the house judiciary committee. the white house is weighing the options how his team, potentially the president's council may or may not show up to the hearing on the hill. white house press secretary stephanie grisham went on record about the possibility saying the white house is currently reviewing chairman nadler's letter, what comes obvious to every american that the letter is at the end of a sham of a partisan process. the president has done nothing wrong and the democrat know it. the nadler she is referring to the jerry nadler of the head of the house judiciary committee in the house. he has given 6:00 sunday to
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announce the president's intentions. there is plenty of time for the white house to map out the strategy and respond to house democrats. the importance by the way of the judiciary committee hearings, this is the committee that could eventually produce articles of impeachment upon which the full house of representatives would then vote. wednesday will be an interesting today when you look at the political landscape because those hearings before the judiciary committee of course will be going on. but also the president will be, half a world away as he is scheduled to be in london for the big gathering of nato leaders. some within this building, melissa, will point out, goes to show the juxtaposition what is happening, what this white house is trying it portray that democrats are going after impeachment while the president is engaged with actual policy and trying to advance his agenda as well. that takes place on wednesday. for now though, back to you and very happy thanksgiving to you both. connell: there you go. melissa: blake, thank you so much for that.
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connell: that is nice of blake. a 2020 uphill climb we'll talk about in a moment. why critics say mike bloomberg's white house bid is distracting from the actual candidates in the race. melissa: oh. connell: actual candidates. are they right? melissa: i'm giddy for thanksgiving here. connell: sounds like it. melissa: thanksgiving filled with snow and high winds, tens of thousands of people without power. that is not good. two massive storms threatens millions of people taking to the roads. where the storm is heading later this hour. connell: off the couch, into the theaters. how netflix is expanding the streaming footprint. what it could all mean in the content wars. ♪. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m...
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connell: bad news bloomberg by these numbers at least. a "gallup poll" is out, find 1% of democratic voters surveyed believe the newly minted democratic hopeful mike bloomberg has the best chance to beat donald trump in 2020. with that we bring in doug schoen, appearing as a bloomberg campaign advisor. this is your official title. you're working officially for the campaign? >> absolutely. connell: we welcome you. the whole logic for the bloomberg campaign, this guy can beat trump but gallup says not so fast. what do you say to that?
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>> i say a couple things. the campaign literally began on monday, it is now wednesday. let's take time, connell. number two the mayor has begun a very aggressive advertising campaign. so let's let that run its course. number three, he is a centrist, a business leader a philanthropist, a successful mayor. i think when people see and what is unique about mike bloomberg's record, they will see him more positive light and more likely to beat donald trump. connell: we talked about you before whether mayor bloomberg would get in the race and the logic if he did. and the thinking could be seemed to be if vice president biden would falter and bloomberg could step in. but he hasn't faltered, much in the polls anyway. >> there is weakness in iowa and new hampshire, that is for sure. warren has gone down. biden come back up. connell: mayor pete come up.
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>> that says to me, there is lot of functionability in the electorate. that mike bloomberg is demonstrating by entering. guts and enthusiasm to take a big risk. at a time when the electorate when the not solidly committed to any direction to break through with a campaign arguably that will be different, bold and unique. connell: he has done that before. >> he has, on smaller scale but a big city, running for mayor of new york and, you know, serving three terms. in 01 people didn't give him a ton, much of a chance. after 9/11 that changed. he ended up winning in those days as a republican. as you see it. this will be part of your job, what, how does he do it say buttigieg wins iowa and warren new hampshire. he probably wins next two
4:17 pm
states, we haven't heard officially for mayor bloomberg yet. >> sure. connell: what has to happen for a legit chance for super tuesday? >> what you outlined connell, i think probably the best possible result for mayor bloomberg. a divided democratic field. only 4% of the delegates at stake 40% available on super tuesday. we could see a lot of change come the night of november third. connell: are you hoping or thinking there will be a brokered convention? >> i'm thinking there is the possibility of the first time very long time that could be the result. mayor bloomberg variety of different ways from the economy on down, can make a demonstrable difference. he is running at a separate track against donald trump to produce change in the general election regardless who is the
4:18 pm
nominee. i think the mayor has profoundly role to play from now going forward. i hope i have the chance to come back to continue to talk about it. connell: there is lot of interest in the investment community of mayor bloomberg. we'll talk about the candidacy, see how it plays out. good to see you, doug. >> thank you, connell. melissa: the toys are back in town. toys are -- toys "r" us is back in town. i hope my kids are not watching. turn off the sound. we are live on the ground in a brand new location next. nearly falling to the dark side. the "star wars" actor whose script ended up on ebay is owning up to the mistake. connell: oh, man. melissa: interesting. was it you, connell. connell: it was. i put our run-down on ebay for the shows. melissa: nobody bought it? connell: no. ♪. each day our planet awakens with signs of opportunity.
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melissa: the mystery is solved. the "star wars" actor responsible for, you're looking at me like i'm craze i, "the rise of skywalker" script that ended up on ebay is coming clean. john boyega, plays finn on the franchise, he accidentally left a copy of the screenplay under his bed for weeks, forgot about it, until a cleaner came in and found the script. fortunately for "star wars" fans, someone noticed the listing on ebay, was able to get the script back before it was sold. i don't know if i believe that story. i feel like maybe there is more to it. but whatever. he is a good actor. you can be a toys "r" us kid again. toys "r" us opening the first new store since declaring bankruptcy, closing all of its locations. jackie deangelis is there in paramus, new jersey with the details. is it crowded? sounds crowded. reporter: very crowded. good afternoon, melissa.
4:24 pm
geoffrey the giraffe is making a come back in interesting way. these are different than the warehouse stores you and i remember. the company shut down all stores in june of 2018. where i'm standing you have 6,000 square feet. compared to an old store that was 40,000 square feet. this is an experience. they want to bring people into the brick-and-mortar space, let them touch toys, play with toys, go up in the treehouse, go in the geoffrey the giraffe mirror. i actually have believe you have me video of me climbing up in the treehouse earlier. the kids kicked me out the fair enough. i understand. this is a retail story. about 1500 products in the store. 15,000 products online. what is really interesting, go online, toys "r" us website will redirect you to target to fulfill your order. that is a new partnership they worked on, to get a broader reach. there were a lot of toys "r" us
4:25 pm
stores before. you would see them everywhere. this is the first one to make a comeback. there will be another one this year in texas. only 10 by the end of 2020. they're sort of like a draw to get the consumer in but more of a, you know, a special kind of thing if you will, not necessarily going massive at this point. it is ahead of last friday. obviously very big, heavily trafficked shopping day. ahead of the holiday season. it seems like it was perfect time for toys "r" us to make this kind of a come back, with the new plan and new synergies. we'll see if it works out. i can tell you just ahead of black friday, there is good foot traffic at the mall. people are excited. they're confident about how they feel. their spending power, et cetera. we'll see if it ends up being a record spending day. melissa: jackie a bunch of chuckleheads behind you. good luck with that. connell: i was waving back. future tech on main street. how about this? american express opening up a
4:26 pm
pop up mall in new york, showcasing technology and artificial intelligence are changing the way people shop. cheryl casone with all the details. reporter: evolution of main street usa can be found in the big apple and it looks more like main street 2.0. american express is showcasing technology of tomorrow that could help businesses of today. we got to sample the tech and the doughnuts meant to take the hassle and hunger out of the shopping experience. using artificial intelligence like the doughnut detector which shows you which flavor you would like, emersive augmented reality software, they can become digital play grounds to connect with customers. looking for a little characterrer in your bottle of wine? take a look at the products with the help of ar advertisement, instead of spending time circling the clothing rack, time to do shopping. the clothing rack you shop for almost everything without taking up all that store space but it doesn't stop there.
4:27 pm
the tech of the future can help me clothes of the future too. >> we have clothes made out of tents. we're working on bags that are made from single use plastic. basically we have a lot of high quality trash in new york and we're using it to make high quality products. reporter: high quality is what customers come to expect especially with their technology. >> i thought that was really cool but sometimes technology kills us. you have to keep that in mind. reporter: the future of main street usa is on its way. this may be recipe for a shopper with little time and appetite. connell: thanks, cheryl. melissa: thanks, cheryl. after a limited theatrical run, martin scorsese's "the irishman" is hitting netflix today. why some industry experts are warning that the move may hurt the overall box office ahead of the holiday weekend. connell: bracing for quote, unprecedented storm. two massive storms slamming the u.s., threatening travel plans for millions of americans.
4:28 pm
what you need to know before you leave your house. that's next. melissa: white castle is jumping into the holiday gift guide game. the online store or the house of crave as it is none, offering people the chance to deck themselves in a white castle holiday sweater. other items include a winter themed lunch box, light-up glass ornaments, fuzzy socks. hamburger scented candle. connell: isn't that weird? that's weird. melissa: well, i don't want to say. ♪.
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♪ connell: who are those people? turkey travel, in jeopardy. brutal weather threatening thanksgiving plans for millions of people traveling around the country t might ground balloons we're looking at. melissa: no. connell: i have to make a last minute call with the wind. fox team coverage, rick reichmuth at weather center. grady trimble driving around chicago. keep driving. we'll get to you in a moment. wind is here but worse in other parts of country. >> the wind is really the story with this first storm we're talking about here. that said with all the winds, look at green airplanes, acrossair ports except for newark where we see delays. you see delays in newark almost every day. the next storm out across the
4:33 pm
west. this is one you're hearing everyone say "bomb cyclone." it's a really strong storm out across parts of the west. really strong storms when it came across southern oregon overnight. winds out of 100 miles an hour. weakening a little bit as it moves across land into southern california. this storm across the great lakes, that will pull off towards the east. as it does, winds die down a little bit. winds in the 40, 50 mile-an-hour range. in fact gusting at 54 miles-an-hour in cleveland. because of that very with have high wind warnings. strong winds across part of the central appalachians. worried about the floats or balloons at macy's pa rate. we'll probably be okay. it will be on the threshold. this is the one storm we're talking about, that is moving on overall. we'll not worry that much about that storm. we'll worry about what is happening across parts of the west. this is the future radar.
4:34 pm
one batch of rain into southern arizona. see what happens over time. heavy rain moving into the southern california, throughout southern arizona. heavy snow across higher elevations. because of that, you will have really rough conditions on the snow for roads, once you get above 3 to 4,000 feet. we'll watch threat for flooding also by the time we get towards into friday. part of the energy moves in towards the plains. this won't cause big travel delays. most of the troubles are out across parts of the west. if you're skiing, great news, you get a ton of snow across sierra in evidence -- nevadas today. six or seven feet of all. overall tonight not that bad. tomorrow not that bad. friday the wild card parts of west. connell: might get balloons. >> i'm an optimist with these things. connell: you are eternal optimist. that is what we like about you, rick. get to grady, driving around chicago or being driven around chicago to be accurate.
4:35 pm
how are things now? >> i'm playing the license plate game out here. michigan in front of us. i saw wisconsin next to us. things have slowed down quite a bit since the last time we chatted connell, earlier today. i feel like i'm out here with all 49 million are driving. that is how many americans aaa estimates are out driving this thanksgiving. up 2.8% compared to last year. you throw the weather on top of the traffic. we had wind, rain, snow out here in in the midwest last couple days. this is slowing things down, causing a lot of problems for drivers i talked to. >> the way we saw the traffic, traveling at night we thought would be a good thing. i have never seen it that bad coming into chicago. reporter: you had a good idea, so did apparently everybody else did. >> right. the rain made things worse. reporter: so gas prices, the national average right now, it is pretty low. it is 2.59 per gallon.
4:36 pm
if you want to know the cheapest state to buy gas that would be louisiana where it is only 2.22 per gallon. the other la, and california in general has the most expensive gas at 3.84 per gallon. if you want to try to plan your drive either today or tomorrow to avoid the worst times, here in chicago we're approaching the worst time. it is about 3:35 central time out here. 4:15 would be the worst time to hit the road. of course we'll be out here. atlanta five 30 would be the worst time. new york, you are coming up on it. 5:15 is the worst time to drive. i hope you guys are not going anywhere. melissa: right after the show, exactly when we're leaving. connell: when we both leave. some of your best work. melissa: perfect. exactly when we're leaving. untraditional on the table. more americans are putting aside the stress of holidays in favor of real sentiment. we hit the street to see how people felt about breaking tradition this thanksgiving. take a listen.
4:37 pm
>> are you doing anything to break tradition? >> actually, no. well we are. we're not talking politics this year. >> i usually cook. we decided to have a girl's week. >> why cook a huge meal. go somewhere have somebody else cook and clean up the mess. >> we're eating at hotel. >> we're going to atlantic city for thanksgiving. melissa: i love it. here is tom shillue, comedian, fox news contributor. i love breaking tradition. i'm putting my whole family in a party bus. we're going up to the club, having some thanksgiving. connell: mommy time out? melissa: possibly. how about you, what do you think about breaking tradition? >> i lo love it. stress is the key word. if the holidays stress you out, don't be afraid to throw it all aside. had the go "nuclear option." melissa: i like that. >> go nuclear. means nuclear family. don't worry. stay home with the wife and kids, make it a little family
4:38 pm
event. you don't have to do the extended family. which i'm going to do. i love my in-laws. i'm saying it always is an option. melissa: you say go nuclear i thought you would bring up trump at the thanksgiving table. it gives you something to look forward to. you throw a pin into the middle of the conversation. no one is thinking about food, suddenly everyone is fighting with each other. no? >> that may happen anyway. melissa: right. >> nuclear family, sometimes it is just, at the holidays it is stress inducing to have all these guests and everything. melissa: right. >> just because you do it every year you don't have to do it. melissa: what about pot luck situation? that strikes me as good alternative? >> we did that last year. i visited my parents in arizona. my mother wanted to go to the community center. that is not special, that is what you do when your kids are not visiting. we went there. it was so fun. everyone bring as dish. it was like old pilgrims. sit around with people you don't know.
4:39 pm
there are other kids. my kids were playing with other kids. it is so fun. i recommend it. community center. pot luck. it is not glamorous but nice. melissa: sounds very glamorous you could work on thanksgiving. that is another possibility. you're someone who works some of the holidays. a great way of getting roped into the traditional thing you don't want to do, what do you think about that? spoilsport or? >> no. we work here on sixth avenue. one of my traditions we get up early, come into the fox news building, look out the windows at the parade going by. we're keeping an eye on the weather. if it is too much wind we'll not come in. melissa: that is one of the little secrets here in fox. people volunteer on morning of thanksgiving because they want a good seat for the parade. makes all kinds of sense. whatever you do to break the tradition, as long as it keeps stress at bay. it's a good one. happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. connell: good stuff. major shopping war ahead of the
4:40 pm
holiday season. a new report says three major discount retailers are selling products that have been recalled over the past five years. we'll talk about that. as competition in the grocery industry stiffens chains are trying something different to entice shoppers more than just food. details next. spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast
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melissa: a new warning ahead of the busiest shopping holiday of the year. a federal agency warning americans about 19 products that were recalled but continue to be sold at tj maxx, marshall's and home goods. the products include several brands of infant sleepers and hover boards that can catch fire. merry christmas. here is bret larsen, fox news headlines 24/7 anchor. >> yeah. melissa: these stores sell discounted items and apparently discounted for a good reason. >> that have been recalled. i laugh a little bit because it is like, hover boards that catch on fire are still for sale. consumer products safety commission putting out the release ahead of the big holiday shopping season. they found 19 recalled products between 2014 and 2019. so we're talking about stuff goes back five years. you mentioned the baby, infant sleeper. the problem with this infant
4:45 pm
sleeper it literally has a fatal flaw to it. it can break down and has caused deaths in infants. very dangerous. the hover boards that catch fire. portable speakers have something wrong. they charge they catch fire. doorknobs that break. bar stools that break. if you got one, broke it, i guess it has been recalled. i don't want to make light of this, this is serious situation. the consumer products safety commission has an entire list on the website, on details what has been recalled. if you already purchased one of these products you're supposed to be able to take it back to the store to give you a refund. if you have done that. tj maxx, parent company of tjx sending out the statement they deeply regret that. this is the kind of thing that is going to happen when products get taken off chefs, they get shelved into warehouses and other places. if they were not recalled when they were in the warehouse, i'm not making excuse the warehouse
4:46 pm
may not be aware. melissa: consumer beware, know what you're buying. meantime use it or lose it. twitter will start deleting inactive accounts, freeing up user names starting next month but the company is backtracking this afternoon saying it will only start with accounts in the eu. bret, they said it was going to if you didn't tweet in six months. that is a lot of accounts. >> that is a lot of accounts. i feel like a lot of people use twitter passively. you get the account, want to see what is going on and what the people say and president. melissa: never send out a tweet. >> i rarely send out a tweet. i want to follow up with news agencies. if you have a twitter account, they will say it starts in the eu this is what a lot of tech companies do, they send out these massive alerts. we will start doing this thing. people get upset, we'll try it over here first. to see how it goes. if it is a success in the eu guarranty. melissa: or a ploy, trying to get people to use it more.
4:47 pm
trying to reactivate people sitting on the sidelines and want to, would not be surprised. >> that would not surprise me. melissa: this is my favorite story. groceries and glutes. supermarkets are adding gym and yoga sessions to stay competitive. bret, i picture curling with a turkey. >> is this 25-pound turkey. melissa: yeah. >> you could do some squat thrusts with two frozen turkeys on each side. that would be amazing. hiv teaming with orange therapy. it will not be in the store. they will put it next to the store. interesting, planet fitness may have started this trend. they say, 76% of the people who go to planet fitness, if there is shopping center, shopping store near planet fitness, 76% work out and do the grocery shopping. hb v in texas where my sister is, they have yoga free in some
4:48 pm
of the stores. that is pretty cool. this could be a ploy to spend money at the grocery store. face it, if you worked out at yoga class or assume ba, you go down the snack aisle and by a bunch of stuff. melissa: if you go to the gym, you have time on your hands. i don't want people sweating on my groceries. >> or being sweaty at the grossi store. melissa: i don't want that. bret, happy thanksgiving. connell: that is gross. royal fallout continues. prince andrew not invited to attend the queen's nato reception for president trump and other world leaders next week amid intense scrutiny over his relationship with jeffrey epstein in an interview which was an absolute disaster. here to talk more about it, who better to ask about the royal family, david asman. >> i love to hear melissa in the wings chatting away. connell: this is a bit of a mess the whole thing. >> i've been watching, i don't know about you, i have not been
4:49 pm
binge-watching the "the crown," near series, "crown." princess margaret is in the crown. she passed away. she was pretty wild with antics. king edward had to resign the thrown because of the love affair of his life, wallace simpson. the point there have been antics like, not like this, but antics before. connell: involved with children. >> this is so far beyond the pale. if anybody has talked his way and misbehaved his way out of the royal house it's prince andrew. i don't see how he makes a comeback from this. everybody will always see him as kind of slimy after this whole thing. connell: of course. i watch "the crown" the which is a great tv show. not like prince charles will be king one day. >> right. connell: they can do without prince andrew. >> they can. again it is more like princess
4:50 pm
margaret than anybody else. for all the wild antics of "the crown" they don't match reality what is happening. this guy, if the worst is true, what he said in the interview of why it was that he stayed with epstein for so long, it is just totally inexcusable. david: terrible. >> i don't see him recovering. connell: worst handling of an interview. what is coming up on "bulls & bears"? >> we have dr. siegel how to bring prescription drug prices down. there is our good buddy, steve forbes. everybody loves steve forbes. the smartest guy in the world, whether the socialist lure of bernie and liz has lost its luster. connell: oh, i wonder what steve will say about that. i do too. we'll see. connell: david, see you at the top of the hour. >> absolutely. melissa: a strong move in the streaming wars. a new push from netflix that could take viewers off the couch? that's next. plus a high-tech herd.
4:51 pm
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4:56 pm
announcing it will buy new york recently closed paris theater to stream other movies on an on imoain.>> on an on going basis. i guess a couple things on the irish man. a lot of money, a lot of buzz, a lot of hype. will it be worth it? >> it costs a hum huge amount of money because of the the deaging process. you have these oscar winners, i think for a lot, they think it will win one oscar, that is the big push, net flicks wants to show they have oscar staying pour, netflix has biggest slate
4:57 pm
of potential oscar movies this year. netflix is doing this big push, they want more directors, more talent. like martin scorsese and robert de niro to be in netflix films that justifies the huge amount of money they spend. scorsese tried to fund this movie for so long, and a lot of companies would not do that unit flick said -- they went to netflix, they said sure. connell: a lot of people, people over long holiday weekend go out to a physical theater, will it bring the numbers down? i movie of that amount of buzz, you can sit home and watch ito nenetflix. >> i think that people want to go have that theater going
4:58 pm
experience, if you want to see "frozen" with your kids you will go out and see "frozen 2". it will makeover 100 million this weekend as well. i think you people, same people that do streaming are same people that see movies, not that people do one or the other. connell: what about this move by ninetflix police theat -- to do the lease of the theaters in new york. >> that is really smart, they want their film to be eligible for oscars, to deal with academy rules, your films have to be shown in a theater in l.a. or new york for at least a week. so having a theater of their own, like the paris, the last single screen palace theater in
4:59 pm
new york city to show their movies and do special events. brilliant. they are working at a deal with the egyptian here in hollywood. connell: interesting. kim good to see you thank you. melissa: when you have money to burn i guess. how soon is too soon, do you put up your christmas decorations before or after christmas? >> too early, what date is too early to put them up. >> bev we left home, i got vetoed, i don't bu put christmap until the weekend after thanksgiving. >> christmas thiel i christmastr christmas, and thanksgiving for thanksgiving. connell: i don't care. how about you? melissa: you don't care! i already did it, i totally decked
5:00 pm
halls, i did it because thanksgiving is later this yearism w. connell: we have lights, they somehow appeared they are not turned on. melissa: you done -- didn't hang them? connell: they of up there. david: on "bulls and bears," major trade talks underway right now between u.s., mexico and canada. that is on the usmca agreement. will congress give in and vote. as wall street dodges another record week, dow hitting 100 all-time high under president trump. strong winds put thanksgiving plans for many in jeopardy, weather threatens travel, it could ground the balloons for macy's thanksgiving day parade, that has not happened since 1971. we have this and more, but first -- top story. a new 2020 poll reveals moderate democrat joe biden and pete buttigieg rising in the ranks


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