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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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they haven't been able to do it with "star wars." >> the last "star wars," theme will see it three or four times. you will not get that -- >> this movie is over two hours long. put in a word for shorter. david: put it in. that does it for bulls and bears. see you next time. liz: historic day on capitol hill. happening right now the house still debating before voting on impeachment. but ig horowitz, he is the doj, justice department watchdog. he also testified today. he said yes, there was evidence of political bias and, quote malfeasance at fbi. inspector general made news. questioning why the fbi did not shut down its carter page probe, the probe of the trump campaign when the fbi was getting information undercutting their theory about russia collusion and about carter page? >> could you then specifically say the opposite that actually in this instance, there actually was evidence of political bias
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and evidence of record changing that looks like malfeasance. >> there is evidence of both. liz: ig horowitz testifies for the first time that deputy attorney general sally yates's staff remember sally yates worked under president barack obama, that the staff knew about fbi abuses with fisa warrant but did not speak up. as the deputy attorney general was signing fisa warrants to spy on the trump campaign. >> deputy attorney's general's office, deputy attorney general or right below the deputy attorney general, have someone on your staff doing what was going on, and not telling anybody, is highly problematic. as we point out here, the net result of that is the deputy attorney general was signing awarrant that did not include key information that someone on her staff knew and had told the fbi. liz: that would have undercut what the fbi was doing.
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let's get right to it with former congressional investigator sam dewey. you're reaction to what the i.g. said today? more ends justifies means kind of thinking happening under james comey, and under the obama administration. >> good evening. thank you very much for having me again the i.g. testimony raises extraordinarily profound issues. what is a very complicated process that is designed to catch these types of errors and issues failed at every level. and you were right to highlight from the testimony today, that it wasn't just at the fbi. but that the deputy attorney general's office, which is designed to review as part of an independent safeguard should have caught this issue. it is failure both at the fbi and the doj looking how did this happen? liz: let's do a thought
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exercise. swap out the word trump, swap out the words trump campaign. put in words barack obama. put in the words, obama campaign. because james comey admitted to fox news's chris wallace, his team did give quote false information to the fisa occur. the doj watchdog found christopher steele's anti-trump dossier was riddled with problems, even though comey spoke about it as credible. the media reported it as credible. exaggerated claims about trump. rumors, speculation, talk, just acquired from friends over beers. multiple levels of hearsay upon hearsay. republicans say that is what is happening with impeachment too. hearsay upon hearsay. your reaction. >> i think that is right on the impeachment front that is what argument that has been made, that is being made. i do think in this instance, with the failure, it does raise questions to your point of, this just wasn't anybody who the fisa
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warrant was for. it was for a well-known affiliate of the trump campaign. this was precisely type of thing as a staffer you would elevate to the principal. yes the principal is dealing with a lot of different issues. yes as, director comey said, he is supervising thousands of investigations as director but this really is the type of thing, when you're dealing with a presidential campaign where this is the thing that is elevated and should be looked at given more scrutiny at the higher levels, not less. liz: fisa court judge rosemary collier issued a rare public rebuke order yesterday for the fbi for not just giving the court, quote, false information, but also for misleading the national security division of the justice department. let's show what the judge collier said. she is the fisa court judge. here's the issue. so it's the doj, deputy attorney general's office. it is the national security
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division of the doj. fisa court, it is deeper than just the fbi. i want to turn to what jason chafe get, former house oversight chair told us. he is arguing it is not a coincidence that basically that impeachment got ratcheted up just as the fbi probe into the fbi fisa abuses ratcheted up too. let's watch this. >> we follow the facts. that is what the department of justices doing. i think that is why they're so worried. why we're seeing escalation right now in the impeachment talk as a bit of a distraction to take their eye off the ball of what horowitz and durham are doing. liz: your reaction? >> i don't know for sure what is motivating the impeachment timing. i think there are a lot of factors that have led into the must be impeached by christmas mentality, rush to impeach. i certainly think that the argument that mr. chaffetz laid out is certainly a plausible one
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that aligns with the facts. liz: what is really interesting? it is really important that the fbi or other officials cannot mislead, cannot lie. they have a sacred duty of candor as some attorneys argued in the fisa court because there is no defense attorney to represent the person being spied on. i want to move on to this. we reported that the doj watchdog said yes, that president barack obama knew about the trump russia probe in 2016. that the obama administration did not, twice, did not give the trump campaign the head's up about what was going on with the trump russia probe. decided not to do that. i want to turn to this. that now the dojig report shows a fbi agent used a routine intelligence reefing in involving president trump and michael flynn, to provide information for the crossfire hurricane probe. let me ask you this as an investigator. they did it without the knowledge.
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for fbi agents not to tell the president or flynn anything at that can be used against them and criminal charges that is pretty bad? >> i think that the whole specter of running this type of counterintelligence probe and not engaging in a defensive briefing, engaging in a full-scale investigation, that it does raise a lot of methodological issues, when you talk to someone, you generally speaking tell them why you're talking to them. if they are a target, they're someone of interest, this is the context which you are speaking to them. now there are a few exceptions to that, but those are generally particularly when you're dealing with something like this, ones only authorized at highest levels. liz: sam, final question, are you worried about civil issues here and constitutional issues here? >> so i think that this episode raises a lot of issues regarding controls that, a lot of people including certain extent me
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thought were sufficient but clearly aren't. so yes, i am worried about those issues going forward and i do think we need reform but on the flip side of the coin i will say, you know, there are some hard-working people at fbi and the department that were not involved in this, the fisa process does generate valuable intelligence, so i think it is something that needs to be addressed careful. liz: sam, great to see you. thank you very much. >> have a good evening. >> a new gallup poll shows support for impeachment dropping, opposition growing including among independents. plus impeachment forever? more on the house democrats push for mueller probe grand jury materials to open up impeachment 2.0. that story next. ♪. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first...
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to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. liz: welcome back. house democrats talking about impeachment 2.0. pushing for mueller grand jury materials. democrats publicly laying foundation to impeach trump before he was even sworn in, according to republicans. basically what we found too. the obama administration used
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counterintelligence on trump campaign. now this, democrats casting the 2020 election as invalid if trump wins. pelosi, nadler, schiff, saying impeachment is about stopping trump's re-election. that trump is trying to undermined the 2020 election. edward lawrence joins us with more from capitol hill. reporter: we're into the sixth hour of back and forth of articles of impeachment. more than 175 members of congress spoken so far. we're waiting for vote on articles of impeachment to start. looks like that could happen in hour an 15 minutes this vote is expected to be down party lines. this impeachment has been led in part by representative jerry nadler who says president donald trump is not above the law. >> president's conduct constituted highest of crimes in the country. offense does not have to violate be a criminal statute to be impeachable. that cast confirmed in president nix sons case and president clinton's. there is no higher crime for the
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president to use power of office to corrupt our elections. reporter: republicans making the case that nadler and other democrats decided on impeachment the day the president took oath of office. republicans accuses democrats of weaponizing impeachment. >> from the beginning this has been a sham. this house has been nothing but a star chamber. the democrat majority literally locked themselves in the basement of this building hiding from the american people. when my colleagues and i refused to stand for it, democrats moved to public hearings but denied us questions, denied us witnesses. reporter: and again the vote, debate expected to finish about an hour 15 minutes. once the house impeaches president which is expected to happen, the at cycles of impeachment will be delivered to the senate for trial. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the trial will happen in early 2020. it is not expected the president will be convicted.
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liz: ed lawrence, thank you so much. here's what is going on. to edward lauren's point, attorney, jonathan turley, he is republican witness at impeachment hearings. this will be the first presidential impeachment to go forward without a recognized proven crime with smoking gun evidence like a document or email. the fastest house impeachment of all time. just 86 days of hears. with another new poll, this time from gallup, showing more voters opposing impeachment, even after the hearings. welcome my next guest, congressman greg stuebe, republican member of house judiciary. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. liz: you were on the floor. what is going on now? >> we are continuing debate. weigh go back and forth. republicans and democrats take turns. each side got three hours. total of six hours. we should be debating hour, hour 1/2. then we'll take votes. liz: here what else is going on. senator schumer, he would be a senate juror if it goes to
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trial, he is slamming the senate trial before it even happens. democrat jackie speier ready to declare a mistrial even before the senate. your reaction? >> this is partisan attack from on the president from very beginning. one of my colleagues on demic side asked for impeachment before ukrainian phone call. you will see part line vote on one side. chairman pelosi and chairman nadler said if it is not bipartisan, compelling overwhelming evidence to the american people shouldn't move forward with impeachment. that is exactly what they did. liz: we have a new "gallup poll" following on heels of cnn polls. both polls show support for impeachment dropping. the "gallup poll" shows impeachment support dropping among independents. gallup also says trump's approval, rating has increased 6 percentage points to 45% since
6:17 pm
the hearings began. democrats case, transcript of the july 20 fifth phone call corroborates allegations that trump was pressuring ukraine's leader was opening up investigation of the bidens, to get military aid. democrats own witnesses say they saw no bribery. watch this. >> did either of you have any evidence of quid pro quo, mr. morrison? >> no, ma'am. >> ambassador volcker? >> i did not. >> any evidence of bribery? >> no, ma'am. no amendment. not that i can recall. >> he said i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. you. >> you testified you had no direct knowledge of any nefarious motivations to withhold aid to ukraine, correct? >> correct. >> to your knowledge you testified that there were no strings attached to the aid, correct? that is page 184 of your deposition. >> i had no such knowledge. liz: even ukraine leaders, i think there is about a dozen
6:18 pm
exculpatory comments and statements from leaders of ukraine including the president, they didn't feel there was quid pro quo. they didn't know the aid was on hold. >> that is not even one of the articles of impeachment they chose to go on. you hear a lot of people talk about bribery. that is a constitutional basis for impeachment. that is not one of the articles they brought because they don't have any evidence of it. instead they bring broad, overly broad impeachment article abuse of power which is not annotated area under the constitution that you can impeach a president for. basically now up to an opinion whoever thinks that somebody abused their power can be impeachable offense. liz: democrats rammed up, critics say, ramped up their impeachment after joe biden got caught with a multimillion-dollar play -- pay-for-play scandal. the washington establishment an
6:19 pm
accusation is tantamount to conviction. you're guilty until proven innocent. democrat eric swalwell effectively repealed the fifth amendment on live television. >>ness witnesses you continue to block us from hearing unless you send them to us we can only conclude you're guilty, in america innocent men do not hide and conceal evidence. wolf, they do just the opposite. they are forth come. they want to cooperate. liz: that is elected official, sworn to uphold the constitution. he saying you're guilty as we do as we say. >> absolutely amazing to me, being a lawyer, sitting on judiciary committee, he sits on the judiciary committee, to throw out everything goes to our court system and judicial system in the united states, that you're innocent until proven guilty. the fact they would make those statements shows how partisan this is, regardless whatever ever evidence there is that exculpates the president. liz: nancy pelosi admitting that
6:20 pm
the impeachment push has started 2 1/2 years. been going at 2 1/2 years since the mueller probe. we've had calls to impeach the president over his comments about the nfl anthem controversy, comments about the squad. impeachment 2.0. your reaction to house democrats trying to get the mueller grand jury materials in order to start another impeachment? >> i tell you the american people are not wanting this. they're not wanting this to continue. so after this passes, if it doesn't pass the senate, they try defend, i think the american people will hold them accountable in november of 2020. liz: do you really think this will help president trump get reelected? that is what republicans keep saying. democrats say no, it will drive his approval rating down? >> i tell you before i came to washington i was having brake fast with my wife at local restaurant. a democrat introduced herself. she introduced herself as democrat. told me she is sick and tired of impeachment. if democrats in my district are telling me that, that is pretty across the board at least in my
6:21 pm
district in the state of florida. liz: congressman, thanks for coming back soon. >> thanks for having me. >> more on the president's rally tonight in battle creek, michigan. fox news's matt finn is there with more. he is ready to go, matt. he is pretty upset. reporter: if you think about, what a historic, unbelievable dynamic, democrat congress getting ready to impeach the president. he is flying here to the midwest to stage a rally. this rally does not feel different than any other donald trump rally over last couple years. that is because thousands of his supporters began lining up yesterday. all in all. thousands are now inside. they are energized and amped to hear directly from president. supporters from all around the country began lining up in bitter temperatures in western michigan where the president enjoys a lot of support. this arena has capacity of 6,000 people, police and white house predict it will be filled.
6:22 pm
tonight the president is holding a merry christmas rally one week before the holiday. the president of course campaigned on promise of creating an american environment where people can say merry christmas again. we talked to some of the president's supporters as they waited in cold temperatures. here is what they told us. >> he will be stoked like the rest of us who have been here many hours waiting for this. we got your back, president. >> what he is supposed to do as president. look out for us. make sure we send money to other countries it goes to the people we need to go to. reporter: was he looking out for himself? >> no. >> i expect him to say it's a big hoax like he has been saying. >> this is the last hail mary to get him. impeachment is their last strategy to get him out of office. reporter: there are protesters outside that the president is destroying the country and the constitution. >> donald trump crossed the line. and when the whistleblower report came out it was clear to
6:23 pm
me that something had to be done. reporter: this is the first time a sitting president had voice i had battle creek, michigan since george w. bush in 2004. liz: matt flynn, thank you so much. both sides fired up. matt flynn in battle creek, michigan, at the president's rally. next up, president trump his supporters are saying he is getting things done. we'll show you the latest coming up. ( ♪ )
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♪. liz: look at this new headline from the week magazine. quote, democrats are sleep walking into a biden disaster. let's get back to the trump rally. trump 2020 campaign communications director tim murtagh joins me there in battle creek, michigan. what is the reaction there to the impeachment vote today? democrats gunning to impeach
6:28 pm
trump before he was inaugurated. that is what republicans are saying all day? >> reaction at president's rally as we await the arrival of the vice president and president. they know democrats have been planning to do this for three plus years. they know the reason why they're gunning to impeach the president because democrats don't have a single candidate on their side who can beat him next year. they have to try to get rid of him now, because he is steamrolling towards re-election next november. liz: the president is about to make his case for four more years. he is mad as hell. scathing letter to nancy pelosi saying democrats never recovered from 2016. question could be asked, how many jobs did nancy pelosi or sieve schiff, or jerry nadler create for the economy since 2017? how many jobs were driven out of california and new york? >> that is exactly right. democrats in congress opposed the president every step of the way from his tax cut on to the deregulation efforts that he made. under the president's policies,
6:29 pm
which, democrats opposed, president policies have created more than 7 million jobs nationally. this economy is one we haven't seen the likes of in 50 years. they have opposed him every step of the way. no question that nancy pelosi and democrats had their way, we wouldn't be experiencing the economic boom that we are currently. liz: i'm not sure the viewers are aware of how much the president, our sources in the white house has been telling us, how much he gets involved getting jobs into the states. he intimately inside of these deals to get manufacturing and other jobs created in the states. he knows, he has hands on activity there trying to get job creation, created. your reaction. what is the campaign saying about joe biden again not doing public events, doing fewest public events in iowa and new hampshire. you know, the fewer than everybody else in the democratic race? are you seeing the biden campaign having biden do less
6:30 pm
public campaign events, only attending fund-raisers for fear of negative press? we saw that trend starting in 2012 when the obama administration sidelined joe biden on the campaign trail. it is happening now. >> i wouldn't be surprises because every time you see joe biden out in public he is a disaster waiting to happen but here's the situation. joe biden was a bad candidate the first two times he ran for president. i don't know why anybody thought he would be a better candidate the third time around sitting on the shelf for such a long period of time. the guy is just not a good candidate. so i'm not surprised they would want to keep him under wrap as much as they are apparently doing, frankly doesn't matter to us which one of the democrats come out. none is equipped to take on this president this year. liz: president trump had a pretty great week. he is getting stuff done. he has his approval rating at 44% under "real clear politics." i think gallup has it 45%. new push to get the 50 states to
6:31 pm
import cheaper drugs from canada. president and white house, trump administration firing up a uk trade deal. what is really interesting are the job openings. we just flashed it. we have almost exact reversal. it is now something like 7.3, 7.6 or so, 7.3 million job openings versus nearly 6 million americans looking for work. mr. murtagh in january 2017, there were 7.6 million people looking for work and 5.6 million job openings. it has reversed. >> yeah it is reversed. it is all due to president trump's policies. we have been through periods of time where you mentioned people were looking for jobs and jobs are looking for people. it is getting better. as tsunami -- usmca passes and becomes law that the president engineered, here in michigan that will create 76,000 jobs
6:32 pm
just in the automobile industry just here in michigan. if the news keeps getting better and better, you're right the president's economy is strong, getting stronger, still growing. that is why the democrats are on this impeachment witch-hunt is because they know the president's record is such that he will roll to re-election next november. that is why they have to get rid of him now. liz: tim, great to see you. come back soon. >> good to see you, elizabeth. thank you very much. >> veterans affairs secretary, robert will kee joins us. that va workers improperly delayed medical tests, x-rays, cardiac i am -- imaging, jeopardizing the hello of our military veterans. next. pages.
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liz: lou dobbs joins us with preview what is coming up on his show. what a day, lou. >> what a day. what contrast, the president rallying in battle creek, michigan, while the dems carry on with their so-called impeachment. we'll be taking all of that up, liz, just like you are. general michael flynn's attorney, sidney powell joins us to talk about all that, what is next for her client. "new york post" columnist miranda devine, former cia analyst, fred fleitz, nfl player, congressional candidate now burgess owens, can't wait to talk to him about his plans. also tonight, we'll be talking china with expert gordon chang. we'll be talking trade. we'll be talking about geopolitical threats. we hope you will be with us at the top of the hour. liz, back to you. liz: could you pack anything else in there? jam-packed show, lou. >> don't testimony us. don't tempt us. >> we'll be watching. >> thanks a lot, liz.
6:38 pm
liz: more on the story we brought you, inspector general for veterans affairs, va workers at nine va offices improperly canceled, and delayed tens of thousands medical tests such as x-rays, cardiac imaging, jeopardizing the health of military veterans. this unfolding as military veterans suffering from agent orange in vietnam and toxic oil fires in the middle east where they military gets rid of things like medical waste by burning them in pits. robert wilk is head of veterans affairs. he joins us now in a fox business exclusive. good to see you, secretary. >> good to be with you, liz. thank you for having me. >> your reaction to the vaig report? >> that is really simple. that report stopped reporting almost two years before i became secretary. what wasn't reported in the
6:39 pm
press you had to read the fine print in the report, that no veteran was harmed. only eight of the veterans that they reported on needed extra follow-up wear from us. that is particularly important that we carry out about 11 million radiological appointment each year. but what was not put in there, all the reforms that have been put in place just in the last year-and-a-half thanks to this president. i'm here because you are an apostle of the free market. we have opened the aperture on choice for our veterans, so that we put their needs at the center of their care, not the needs of the bureaucracy of the va. what does that mean? when we kicked off the mission act on june 6th, since that time, we have sent 1.7 million veterans into the private sector. when we could not meet their needs, either because of the long distances that they have to travel, or because of the wait times. so, i'm not very much interested in backward looking ig reports
6:40 pm
that stopped working years before i actually became secretary. i am interested in the reforms that have opened up new vistas for our veterans, not just in terms of health care, but also in earlies of it the accountable of those who worked for us. liz: we hear you. the va is a unique organization. it does a lot of good for this country. should it be privatized? >> no, no. but what we should be doing, making sure that every available avenue is open to our veterans so they get the best care. part of mission, part of what the president preached, actually integrate va into the wider american health care system. that is the key. i will also say, that only in washington, d.c., would someone argue that when i presented the largest budget in the history of this department, $220 billion, calling for 400,000 employees that we are somehow trying to privatize a department that our veterans expect to be there when
6:41 pm
they need it. liz: here is what the va faces. the vets are suffering in many heartbreaking ways. we know you're completely aware of this. we want to show the viewer. more than 37,000 veterans experienced homelessness as of last january. more than 6,000 veterans died from suicide as of 2017. nearly a third of veterans in va care diagnosed with ptsd and substance abuse disorder. former va secretary david shulkin written a book. he warned of quote a shadow of government of political appointees who undercut him, underminded him made it hard to get his job done. your comment. >> i will not comment on my predecessor. that is as backward as the i.g. report referenced in "the wall street journal" a few weeks ago. unlike in the past, we have the highest veterans patient satisfaction rates in our
6:42 pm
history. we're sitting at 90%. veterans of foreign wars in the annual survey not only validated that but they said nine out of 10 of their members asked those veterans who are not in the system to join us. what i will say, is that this is the first president who has ever taken suicide amongst warriors seriously. we have had this problem in the military. the first statistics were taken in the 1890s under administration of benjamin harrison. this is the first president who has brought it front and center. what i'm looking for is a market approach to this. government closest to the people is that which works best. so when we delivered the report on suicide prevention, we will deliver to the president a national road map on suicide prevention, but we will open the aperture so that we can get help, resourced funding to localities, charities so they can help us find those 60% of veterans who take their lives who are not within the va
6:43 pm
system. liz: often in chronic pain. there is opioid crisis we're aware. veterans keep telling us they do need the opioids. your final word on that, secretary? >> it's a culture change we're going through. we reduced opioid prescriptions by 51%. but we're changing the way veterans think about pain. instead of treating the brain, we're going to the source of that pain, offering alternative therapies like yoga and tai chi. things in my father's day in vietnam would have been been anathema to warriors. the prescription rate is coming down. we're helping veterans by helping them alleviate pain. liz: some of those guys they need pain relievers. >> there is always a balance. liz: secretary wilkie thank you for the service to our country. >> great to see you. >> next if you care about civil liberties and big government spying on opposition candidate and media doing nothing to cover that, do this swap exercise.
6:44 pm
swap out the word trump, put in word obama, and listen to the next segment on fbi abuses spying on the trump campaign. ♪ ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ quitting smoking is freaking, like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge?
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he is chris bedford. your reaction to ig horowitz, doj watchdog, testifying there was evidence of political bias and malfeasance by fbi officials under james comey. >> it is not shocking. couple people, you among them are predicting this, seeing this unfolding over the past three years. seeing spies who gotten into television studios like james clapper and john brennan spreading these kind of conspiracy theories, covering up for their own misdeeds. now it is out there. it is pretty damning. looks like horowitz will have to go back to look at past fisa applications from the fbi to see if those too were riddled with holes. secret court has not been overlocked with a lot of defenders in the media and democratic party. liz: here is other thing we want to get to, if you care about civil liberty, care about big government spying on opposition candidate. do this thought exercise swap
6:49 pm
out the word trump, put in obama, as you listen former fbi lawyer lisa page, justify to rachel maddow using federal police force and government powers to stop a presidential candidate from getting elected. here is lisa page explaining text about the insurance policy, russia probe to stop trump. >> we're talking about whether or not we should take certain investigative steps or not based on likelihood he would be president or not. keep in mind, if president trump doesn't become president the national security risk, if there is somebody in his campaign associated with russia plummets. so the insurance policy was analogy. it is like an insurance policy when you're 40. you don't expect to die when you're 40. yet you still have an insurance policy. >> don't just hope he will not be elected and therefore not press forward with the investigation hoping, press forward with the investigation just in case he does get in there? >> exactly. liz: okay.
6:50 pm
so, they're still thinking over at msnbc that trump is russian agent when the mueller probe report says he wasn't. there is no proof of that. fbi attempting to cash in on the insurance policy to stop trump ahead of time with the fbi fisa warrants, that there is clear problems with the spying on the trump campaign? >> he is the manchurian candidate is absolutely insane. they have been pushing it. doesn't seem like they will stop pushing it. no amount of evidence came out to the contrary which stopped anybody on the left or in the media from pushing that. the fbi absolutely though, this was a great part of that interview, did not expect the president to win, and be elected. if hillary clinton had won you can be sure none of this investigation would have been exposed. none of the fisa abuses would have been exposed. liz: yeah. >> they would continue on their merry way. liz: look at the media speaking authoritatively that the steele dossier was legitimate. watch this. >> the dossier has been corroborated by the intelligence
6:51 pm
community. >> the dossier that fact is far from bogus. >> increasingly the accurate dossier. >> so far nothing in the dossier has been disproved. >> the steele dossier just rings true to me. >> christopher steele, ex-mi6 guy, did famous dos yay getting a lot more credibility than it did. >> there was no such wiretap activity. >> from the intelligence community and many others there was no wiretapping of anybody in the trump campaign. liz: let's show what the doj-ig found about the problems with the steele dossier. show we have it with the scroll. talk to you about this, glen greenwald at the intercept, matt taibbi at "rolling stone," intelligence officials, john brennan, james clap letter went on tv those to pretty false information and mislead the american people for two years and other officials as well. andrew mccabe going on wolf
6:52 pm
blitzer at on c in n throwing lower level fbi officials when he was at fault. >> this idea vladmir putin buying facebook ads is an attack on democracy. what is undermining us having former intelligence chief like clapper and brennan go on television pretend they have secret interview and imply the president is a manchurian candidate. barry goldwater had john burch society expelled from the conservative movement suggesting eisenhower was a communist, that was ludicrous. we're seeing it all over again. it is collective amnesia and sick to give it a platform. liz: i want to point out, steele dossier according to doj-ig full of exaggerations that steele was misleading. multiple layers of hearsay on
6:53 pm
hearsay, taken? jest, sources undercourting. christopher, thank you. come back. >> thank you. liz: what historians now know that president trump is accomplishing more than any other president in recent memory. it could change the country in a big way. the story next.
6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
>> legal historians say no president in recent memory has done more to change the u.s. judicial system then trump. let's bring an author and conservative commentator kristen tate, your reaction. >> it's exactly right, no president in recent history has done more to reshape the judiciary then donald trump, he is still at the bench with most of the intelligent and conservative men and women look at the supreme court, he had a significant impact and replace the more moderate conservative justice kennedy with rhett kavanaugh. this caused the court to take a turn to the right compared that to obama who is not able to shift the power balance with his appointees during his time in office. and in the courts of appeal where the vast majority are decided in one fourth of the judges are trump appointees and under three years trump is named 48 judges to be in these courts. compare that to obama who named 55 during his entire presidency. this will have a lasting impact
6:58 pm
and the judge will be there long after trump is gone. >> today the senate confirming 13 conservative judges in the federal courts. a massive member of conservative judges, let's show the viewer the numbers of what president trump has done in three years time, the appeals court we are seeing 50 circuit court judges, this is going on to a higher number of judges appointed than obama, george w, george h.w., bill clinton and reagan in their turn. >> exactly right, the big story
6:59 pm
is not the number of confirmation, it's a consistent resistance that we've seen to feel vacancy under the trump of ministration between roosevelt and obama judicial nominees only about 3.7 based any opposition at all. that percentage is 71% under donald trump. the left is just furious by what he is doing and they understand the changes will be extremely consequential and to that point, donald trump nominee tends to be ten years younger than those of obama. this is a lasting impact we are talking about. >> let's switch gears senator mitch mcconnell dismissing the impeachment process going on right now. >> this is a political process, not anything judicial about it the house made of political decision to impute and i would anticipate will have a largely partisan outcome in the senate. i'm not impartial about this at all. they did not want to wait for the process. indeed they threatened to impeach the president if they had to go to court at all. that intentional political decision is the reason why the house is poised to send the senate least thorough, presidential impeachment in our
7:00 pm
nations history. >> you five seconds. >> it's become obvious that this impeachment process is partisan and should be written off by fair-minded of americans. that's why we see support for go down in recent weeks. >> good to see you. come back soon. lou dobbs is next. ♪. lou: good evening everybody, a dark day in the history of the democratic party, the party of hate and lies. set the vote for the resolution of impeachment against president trump as they have intended from the beginning of the truck presidency from the very beginning of his candidacy for president. on march 7, 2016 less than a year after president trump had announced his run for office, the new york daily news editorial board wrote a piece entitled impeach trump. noting it's not too early to start. and from his election to his inauguration the radical


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