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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 23, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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to see that part of that a history that we can look back at some point understand how it was. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for being with us tonight see you tomorrow. good night. lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories. they are officially signing a trade deal with the u.s. while 2020 well 2020 be any better for the company. star wars is taking a beating from critics. it is monday, december 23 "fbn:am" starts right now.
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[music] welcome to "fbn:am". let's take a look at how your money is moving this monday. this holiday short week. any close in the green today would be another record high. let's take a look at how things are moving over in asia. you can see that hang seng pointing up. china cut tariffs on hundreds of products. >> british media reporting that donald trump has invited uk president boris johnson to the white house.
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china taking another step to ease barriers. beijing said it will lower tariffs on hundreds of products. that is starting january 1. at the move comes as they sign the first phase of the trade deal aimed at ending a pretty better trade war. beijing has been taking a series of steps recently aimed at revitalizing economic growth this deal if you will shows that they are open -- willing to open their markets. president trump said he expects the agreement will be signed very shortly. the president making present making the announcement over the weekend terms of the trade deal call for the trade deal.
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e-mails are released by the pentagon on friday. the news prompting democrats to renew at their demands for witnesses to testify. at the senate impeachment trial. to help them win the 2020 election. >> congress is heading home for the holidays the standup will continue into the new year. republican slam house speaker for loc. lauren and tracy good morning. the house approved two articles of impeachment against present trump.
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so far democrats had delayed sending the articles from the house to the senate. and now he has been charged with two articles of impeachment. >> once the house is spoken. they transmit it to the senate in my view. >> the delay is all about ensuring fairness. they want senate republicans to allow at least four white house officials to testify in the senate trial to chuck schumer. he made the case for witnesses to testify over the weekend. they might exonerate president trump where they might further incriminate him but the truth should come out as something as important as the impeachment. mitch mcconnell said last week it was up to the house is not
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the senate to investigate and he does not see himself as an impartial jury in the case. >> this is a political process. there's not anything judicial about it. i would anticipate we would have a largely partisan outcome in the senate. both the senate leaders met last week to discuss options for trial. no final decisions had been made. were seen if any progress is made before we return to washington. back to you guys in new york. president trump signing bells over the weekend that had off a government shutdown. a $1.4 trillion spending package will fund the government through december 30. they also repeal some taxes that pay for obama care. trump also signing a bill that creates a space for the government's first new military in seven years.
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they had been on fire this year except for boeing which is modestly higher. >> new jersey congressman is on the fox news chino. he defends his choice to switch parties. i feel like i did the honorable thing. i feel like i did what was right for me and right for the country. it just doesn't really mean anything. we are there to work for the american people and not to have a constant political bickering and to come up with a week impeachment. >> a recent poll in his congressional district sated that 58 percent of democrats won another candidate nominated. and then to only vote with republicans a total of 300 out of the 659 chances. he would be switching parties to republican. it led to five of those signings.
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>> boris johnson could be heading to the u.s. soon. he has invited him to the white house for a visit next month. also has plans for britain's exit from the european union. union. the is expected for the end of january. johnson is wary about traveling to the u.s. until brexit is complete. >> justin now. they had found at least eight people for the washington post columnist. five of the men had been sentenced to death for the murder but they don't have enough evidence to implicate the crown prince. in total 11 people stood trial for the killing that took place in the kingdom consulate. boeing looking for answers following a board in test flight. friday's lunch went off. they carry only a test dummy. after dropping off holiday
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presents. the flight was cut short after the space craft ended up in the wrong orbit. the star liner was brought back to earth yesterday. the setback however could delay boeing's plans to launch real people and astronauts for nasa into space. >> the rise of the skywalker it may have come into the top spot. but it could it compete with recent predecessors. it took in a $175.5 million in the u.s. in canada. that makes it the lowest opening for the trilogy. less than stellar reviews of the final installment may have contributed to this with the analysts expecting the film to bring in at least $200 million they seem to like it.
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>> the people i spoke with they were going against what the critics said. maybe over christmas. some other stories we are watching this morning. that according to a new report. the department of homeless nest. a 15.4% increase from the year before. homelessness has increased. it decreased in 2019. the member also decreased. they are investigating the tech company blackbird. it works like it were. uber for planes. it currently doesn't fit within the scope of regulations to carry passengers.
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for the first time in over 200 years the famous cathedral will not be holding services. the devastating fire that nearly destroyed it last april. last april. it is currently undergoing restoration. fifty-cent going all out for his 7-year-old son. they rent out the entire toys "r" us. he can have anything in the store that he wanted. according to reports that shopping spree set him back about hundred thousand dollars. and a personalized logo on the floor. >> that is every child's dream. but isn't santa claus supposed to deliver the presents. >> here is a look at your money right now. take a look at futures.
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uber ceo selling nearly all of his shares in the country. he has sold more than two and half billion dollars of stock over the past seven weeks. more than 90% of his take. he started to sell it early next month. no word on why. stocks are expected to add it to the strong gains in the final trading games of the year. an event known as the santa claus rally. that rally would start tomorrow and continue into the first two trading days. mitch rochelle joins me right now.
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we have seen the dow up 22 percent for the year. the nasdaq up 35 percent for the year will santa stop by wall street for a santa claus rally. >> let's go backwards in realize what happened. last christmas eve was a train wreck of the day. we are far from neutral meaning he may raise rates in the near-term. the market didn't like it. the market responds more to that kind of stuff than the president does. that causes this massive slide. we had rebuilt most of those losses from last year. i think there is so much momentum this year going into the end of the year that we
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will probably see that continue. going into 2020. with fewer concerns this year than we did last year at this time. what kind of momentum as i can give us in 2020. i think the momentum is certainly there but the reality is we have a an abysmal earnings you -- earning season this year. how much of that is already baked into the pricing and the market. i think it will require a lot of those corporate earnings to outperform. i'm not suggesting that the market will be flat for next year. a lot of the positive earnings in stories i think the
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uncertainty for next year is probably the election. if you end up getting a candidate like that. i don't think that is priced into the market right now. we have no idea how any of that will go. i think it's fair to say that they would not like a candidate like that. the market could just not care. i don't think that kind of politics are really influencing the market in the short term. >> once again let's take a look at your money this morning. still shrugging off impeachment. the person always looks to start arguments on the social media. they may not exist after all of the latest problems they are facing here.
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>> facebook and twitter removing a ton of fake accounts with pro- trump accounts. brett, what's going on now. it is like a double hack. you have the facebook accounts and twitter accounts that are all fake and they are being powered by artificial intelligence and bots.
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this person does not it was generating computer generated people. that went really actually real people. that is not the case. they had millions of followers and they are out pushing the pro- trump message. it is really troubling though. this is just a bit of what were going to get. with the misinformation this again is going to be one of those situations where one of your friends is reposting someone else's comments about trump or whatever it has.
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i want to ask you about this. now it is tote talk. it is another foreign chap. >> the app comes out of the united aired emirates. it's very similar to tick-tock but it is said to be a secure messaging app. it was the most downloaded social media app last week. one of the developers basically said if i can figure who you are and what you are and how you think and your relationship to others we know everything about you. they're providing this for free they are getting access to your contact list. they're able to grab a lot of data about the users and make assessments on your life and who you are.
5:24 am
authoritative governments are really big on this. it's an easy way to spy on their people. beyond terrified. apple they like to pay their good hackers. >> it is open to the public hundred thousand dollars to a million dollars depending on the bug bounty you find. apple thus far has been invite only. hackers get on it. thank you brett if you catch him on fox news headlines. >> i think there are six trading days left in 2020. it has been a terrific year in the stock market. nasdaq will gain about ten and a half.
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it landed safely on the ground after failing to reach the international space station. as just another black eye for boeing in the wake of their production hall. winter weather wreaking havoc on the roads. it took out so many drivers i think about 70 cars. keep it here on "fbn:am".
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than any other candidate. they failed to make it to the international space station. it has been a rough year for boeing. now it's starlight space craft. what does it mean for the company as we head into 2020. >> the space craft issue is compounded with the max issue. that plane has been grounded can boeing get out of this? >> boeing is having a tremendous amount of trouble with their quality control issues. and now with the boeing star liner. it still simply in embarrassment. we can really compare space craft.
5:31 am
what happened with the boeing here is a simple miss setting of the clock on the capsule. a bird much more fuel when it entered the incorrect orbit. they should have been able to correct the volume. but the spacecraft actually was in a communication dead zone. they are mulling open up more contracts to other producers of space craft. it will go outside of space ex. that can't be good for the company i do understand that they are two totally different things passenger jets and flying astronauts to outer space. whether flyers are getting on
5:32 am
a plane or astronauts getting into a rocket. there was always quality control issues in the very complex machines. the question is how do they respond to it. they have not responded incredibly well to the problem in the max. it creates confidence problems throughout the war. they have made flying and in this case space travel some of the safest endeavors in the world. we have to give them credit where credit is due and we have to keep an eye on them and ensure that they get there smaller but significant problems under control. they are taking the 737 out of june. the losses are going to rack up for boeing of the losses will address the u.s. gdp.
5:33 am
it's actually going to be a significant impact on the u.s. economy most of it will be recovered when boeing goes into full production. it's just a question of reprogramming the max which is much more complex affair then just say that we program at the operating system on your phone. it is a thousand times more complex. >> i know the broader market is up. after all of these christians not seen much in the grand scheme of things. may be and pesters a great with what you're saying. thank you for the time.
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a massive 69 car pileup brought traffic to a standstill on interstate 64 near williamsburg virginia yesterday. injured more than 50 people some of them life-threatening. ice and dense fog may have played a role in the crash. people are flocking to stores online to buy used products including luxury handbags and luxury clothing. by keeping items out of landfills. >> let's take a look at futures right now. you can see futures up by 32. futures up by three and three quarters. last week it closed at seven out of eight days of gains. will we see that again?
5:35 am
pete buttigieg might be in the top three candidates for democrats but one group definitely favoring him over others. you're watching "fbn:am". [music]
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williamsburg was caused by severe fog. adam kloss is live in the fox weather center with your forecast. that is just can be one of the travel problems we will see over the next couple of days. it's typically when you see snow and then warm air sitting on top of it. if you are in one of the spots that had snow even early this morning it's not that cold out. as a result we are gonna see some of the snow that is currently on the ground. melting over the next couple of days. if you live in the western half of the country i think you get snow a little bit higher elevation out there for your christmas morning. a couple of systems that are running on shore. still a little bit of leftover. the other side of this continuing to spin off of the gulf of mexico.
5:39 am
this has been a slow mover. now, we may see some delays a little bit later but as of this morning it is completely green across the country. maybe it slows down a bit. if you are taking travel as far as flight this is can a move offshore. we are looking at completely clear conditions for you tomorrow. i think it turns out to be and not that bad of a travel week. things are looking mostly clear. that is good news for many people. raking in more than some of the democratic rivals. the south bend rivals are out. warning of a shortage of american workers. let's break it all down.
5:40 am
as well as the democratic strategist. good morning. michael, let's start with you first. pete buttigieg taking in more money than any of the other democratic rivals over $3 million thus far does that lead him further exposed from his democratic rivals. i think a lot of democrats would like to take money out of politics. we understand the president is going to do a prestigious fund raiser. does that work does the democratic candidate in 2020 does the same argument that i need to raise as much money as possible. does that work. certainly you have to head money to run a good campaign but who else are they going to support. they will not support to a
5:41 am
socialist. and honestly vice president biden's campaign is collapsing right before our very eyes. regardless of the fact that there is no way be able to beat donald trump. it does seem like mayor pete is now in the punching bag he might be the guy to beat. he has been able to draw support all over the country. he has a great ground game and i well. to make what you make of the new immigration plan. >> i think it is a very moderate plan that is going to upset some democrats and some republicans which means you are doing the right thing. i think he is where the party is at right now. it will be an 8 million worker shortage.
5:42 am
could that mean the economy might be doing okay. that there is enough for jobs for workers or am i being too optimistic. the economy is booming and trump is doing a great job but the mayor is correct and the president has been saying this forever and that he wants to have merit based legal immigration to be able to fill some of the needs that the economy is can a half i don't think that is can be what the mayor wants. regardless of merit to be able to come into our country and that's not where the american people are. they want to have a legal immigration hand have people who the economy needs to be able to come across legally. mayor pete was doing well and iowa mayor mike bloomberg is just skipping the first contest altogether.
5:43 am
he wasn't quite honestly a pretty good mayor. why do you think he is spending so much money in new york. i can't seem to figure this out. when you look at super tuesday in the states after that. they are so expensive. they multiple tv markets. and they're really expensive to advertise in. should he went a lot of delegates in the states. and the first three or four states had mixed results could be a failsafe candidate. he was a great mayor. i think you so much for joining us. we do appreciate it. they are up by 24. futures up by three and nasdaq futures up by ten. it is too easy to pack on the pounds. we have the tips to help you
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with the holidays here could beat many easy be many easy for many to overindulge. even incorporating some healthier options for some favorite dishes and drinks. good morning diane. i was reading a study from the new england journal of
5:48 am
medicine how can we avoid this. thinking about where you are going and how many meals you will be eating. or big party. may be increasing your exercise. maybe you are all going for a family walk before a big meal. preparing healthier foods. if you're worried about gaining weight bringing an option you know you can have. if you are going to make lasagna. cut the fat out of the cheese. if you are a good cook most of them won't know. remember alcohol has almost as many calories as fat. people pack on that pounds. eggnog is super fattening.
5:49 am
the desert coffees that they have. you have to watch that. all of the good step. during the holiday season you are around a lot of people. you are going to lots of parties and how do you stay healthy and not get sick. i'm not a fanatic about and senator. but if you're coming out of the subway or the bus or you sneeze or something like that. you want to clean your hands. if your child has a fever or you're not feeling well. will you should stay home. right now in new york city we are having a huge rsv outbreak which is really contagious. right now in our neighborhood where out of the saline saline just to treat these kids there's flu now. someone should stay home with a sick kid. and there might be people there who can't get sick.
5:50 am
it is just being kind and not flying with sick children which is a big problem. just being grace as chair host. and love the invite but we have to abstain this time around. >> we all make new year's resolutions. what is the best way to keep them. >> studying realistic goals. the definition is losing 10% of your body weight in six months. people set unrealistic goals. and pacing yourself make up the first week of january. 99 percent of people don't use their gym membership. maybe one or two days a week. do it with a friend.
5:51 am
it doesn't have to be something $2,000. you can do it at home. thank you so much for joining us. maybe the reason i don't make new year's resolutions. they're trying to use impeachment to the advantage. 99 percent of the tv ads mentioned impeachment. it aired over the last three months. interesting here before impeachment for the president's reelection campaign none mentioned impeachment. he is asking them to start -- to stop. he will give up his attention. french transportation workers are leaving much of the country at a standstill.
5:52 am
one of amazon's first hires has come out in support of breaking up the company. has amazon should be forced to separate the marketplace. from the court resell business. he is troubled by reports of amazon squeezing in and exploding the merchants something they have a come under fire for. and finally won a florida man as making the president an offer he can't refuse for $1 billion. in a video pitch this man said he wants the trump organization to read develop into the first presidential township rapper vanilla ice has been enlisted to help make a pitch to donald trump junior. and that is what is happening now. >> i haven't heard from vanilla ice in a while.
5:53 am
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♪ i'd jump in front of a train for you. lauren: the words of devotion, i guess. would you do anything for your pets? if so, you're not alone. mike gun sellma gunzelman is he. >> there's a new survey from health pocket. they asked millennials about health insurance. they came up with interesting responses. the best one, though, is that 62% of millennials say they would the take their pet to the vet before they would take themselves to the doctor. lauren: that makes sense. the doctor's scary. >> the doctor is scary. i mean, you've got to be healthy yourself in order to a take care of your animal, though, right? i do know people -- what would you say, tracee. tracee: for myself, if i'm sick, i know i can gauge how i feel but my dog, duke, he can't speak. i don't know what his cough means. i don't know if he's okay. so on the side of caution, i would take him to the vet. >> take care of them first. tracee: before myself. lauren: that was the best
5:57 am
explanation. >> i've got nothing after that. that was perfect. i know some people that like their pets more than they like human beings. the pets, they don't get back at you. lauren: unconditional love. absolutely. no attitudes. i don't think. universal is trying again, after a catastrophic opening, so now we're talking cats, from dogs to cats. >> i see what you did there, for sure. lauren: i just read it. >>cats wasa disaster. no one wanted this movie. it cost $100 million to make. it made $2.6 million on friday. between 6 to 7 million for the whole weekend. i mean, it's just been a disaster when you really think about it. the director, tom hooper, he resubmitted the film over the weekend because the cgi wasn't fully finished. people were seeing the movie and in one scene in particular, judi dench's hand has a wedding ring
5:58 am
on it. she's supposed to be a cat. they're like what is happening here. they had to resubmit the movie. not good. nobody wants this. lauren: the cast is good, jennifer hud hudson, taylor tw. >> they're dressed up as cats. lauren: what are the chances that this actually minus the cgi error is a good movie, just had a lot of competition. tracee: when the trailer came out, critics said it was horrifying of. fans were not into it. they were not into seeing james coredecoreden's face on a man's. >> $175 million for star wars. i contributed to it. $175 million for star wars. lauren: that was a little weaker than -- the expectations -- the analysts were saying $200 million. they were trying to make this the seventh billion dollar movie for disney.
5:59 am
what do you think about that? >> at least it wasn't cats. tracee: rotten tomatoes gave star wars 57% which means it wasn't good. do you agree with that? >> who cares about the critics. the audience gave it 80%. it's all about the fans. the critics use big words in their reviews. i don't know what they're talking about. it's the fans that matter. lauren: i listen to reviews. i do. i typically agree with them. >> the movie is better than 58%, i can tell you that much. tracee: a lot of people wanted to see how the saga ends, so they weren't going to listen to the critic. they were going to see it anyway. lauren: you covered the opening day. tracee: it was packed. all day long. lauren: what did fans say? tracee: fans liked it. they said they were happy with how it ended, they liked it, they thought it paid homage to the whole series. >> as best as they could, for sure. lauren: mike gunzelman, thank you very much. on a christmas week monday day. it's a l holiday shortened week.
6:00 am
tracee: yes, it is. lauren: records for all three major averages at the end of last week, up more than 20% no matter how you look at it. whatever index you're looking at for 2019 and floating higher this morning. dow up 23, s&p up 2 and three quarters, nasdaq gaining 8 and three quarters. of course, word that china is making some moves not as part of the phase one of the trade deal but they are lowering tariffs on about 850 items, that does it for us on "fbn: a.m.." we'll send it over to you, maria. maria: good morning to you. that's the big story. good morning everyone of. happy monday. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 23rd. the kickoff to christmas week. your top stories right now, 6:0. some tariff relief as you just heard. china is cutting tariffs on a variety of goods including frozen pork, high tech components, pharmaceuticals, avocados, we've got the list. president trump and president xi-jinping speaking over the weekend, moving closer to the signing of the phase one t


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