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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 28, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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"strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website -- have a great weekend, everyone. [♪] gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. president trump ending the week with another jab at the absurdity and hypocrisy of the radical dimms, calling their impeachment hearings the most unfair in american history. the president exasperated by nancy pelosi's refusal to send articles of impeachment to the senate, agree qught analysis from yours truly that pelosi's stall tactics are exposing the weakness of the democrats' case.
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the oldest play book of all, lie, then lie some more. pelosi released edited video clips of schiff's witnesses. the videotape ignoring the fact that all of those witnesses failed to offer any such direct evidence. while the left plays their partisan games. president trump is celebrating another banner year in the oval office boosted in large part by the booming economy. the dow and s & p reaching new highs today and wages for the typical worker in america rising faster than a decade. consumer confidence is high and unemployment stands at its lowest level in half a century. the president enjoying the strong support of his republican party who see impeachment as a way to take the house from the
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radical left. let's turn to orsent rich edson in west palm beach, florida. reporter: nancy pelosi says the facts are clear and every witness told the same story. despite the president's attempts to cover it up, the president abused his power for his own personal gain. house speaker pelosi still has not said she'll send to the senate the articles of impeachment. she is leaving in limbo when or if a senate trial will begin. she says she is delaying a trial to allow mitch mcconnell to allow witnesses to testify. ththe. the president is their delay
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tactic is the latest proof this is a charade. >> they are holding a grenade. they pulled the pin out and holding it in her harden and she don't know what to do with it. >> in an election year, we know how this ends. reporter: yesterday president trump complained impeachment was a distraction. making dealing with foreign leaders more difficult. a spokesman for a philippine president said he will formally decline an invitation to visit the united states. he's protesting a congressional spending bill that sanctions filipino fissions for detaining a government critic there. reporter: the philippine president warns they can force
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americans to obtain a visa if they wanted to travel there. gregg: the president chastising nancy pelosi for are demanding fairness during a senate trial. the "wall street journal's" kimberley strassel's decision denies mr. trump the ability to say he had been acquitted. of course, the left wing national media are on board with that. "the washington post" jennifer ruben cheering on nancy pelosi's decision to delay. an op-ed says the best move might be to keep impeachment in her pocket. >> i guess, what's the rush? what harm is there in waiting? i don't see around her christmas table why nancy pelosi would feel anxiety to speed up this
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process. >> of course you don't, alison. stephanie grisham, when the white house impeached bill clinton two decades ago there was an immediate vote to send it over to the u.s. senate. it was a strong case, 11 potential felonies identified by special counsel ken starr. here none are identified and nancy pelosi is holding the articles. >> i think that this has backfired on her and she overplayed her hand. now her only move is to hold these articles of impeachment so they can keep yelling the word impeachment and have that hanging over the president's head as we moved into an election year. the president is doing great, our economy is booming. he just signed for more funding
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for the border wall, assistance for vets and the opioid crisis. imagine what he's going to do once this sham is over and going into 020, what he will -- 2020, what he will be able to do for this country. gregg: the democrats threatened witnesses, holding hearings behind closed doors. denying republicans the right to call their own witnesses. now nancy pelosi is demanding due process in the u.s. senate, the same due process she denied in the house. >> the word i would use is pathetic. this started when the president released two transcripts to show he did nothing wrong. nancy pelosi has a lot of
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problems in her own state she should be dealing with. gregg: chuck schumer is arguing in support of witnesses, witnesses that it was the duty duty of the house to call, not the u.s. senate. schumer apparently has forgotten that two decades ago he argued against witnesses in the clinton impeachment. isn't this just another case of hypocrisy and why americans are so sick and tired of the career politicians like schumer that invade and inhabit the swamp? >> it's funny you just said the swamp. in my short time in d.c., i understand the term and why we said drain the swamp. outside of washington, d.c., people are so tired of impeachment. poll numbers are showing that. people care about their pay checks, their families, their healthcare. that's what they care about.
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our president will continue on. going into 2020, we are very strong, republicans are united. if you listen to democrats running for president as well as the mainstream media mob, we are on the brink of economic disaster. that's delied by the fact -- belied by the facts. consumer confidence, 20-year high. poverty is down significantly. wages continuing to rise. gdp consumer spending incredibly strong right now. when you hear democrats say, oh, i have a cure-all, a panacea for the economic ills that are dragging americans down, what do you think? >> i think that amazing list of accomplishments you just said is exactly why they continue to fight so hard. they see what this president is doing and they see the failure
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of their own party. the only thing they can yell now is impeachment, impeachment. they are desperate. they know he's going to take 2020. and i think we could get the house back after this. the media, too. they should be ashamed of themselves. for the last three years they have done nothing but cheer on this president's failure. we can barely get them toed a tonight what you just said. they should really take a look within and the american people deserve the facts, and the facts are this president is doing great things for the country. gregg: i played some of the clips from the mainstream media. the cnbc article struck me. it will stand as a monument to president trump's dishonesty and corruption. is it any wonder that trust in the american media is at an
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all-time historic low. the gallup poll has twin it media 12%. >> i do wish the media companies would look within and know the american people deserve better. they have chosen the wrong side here. they have chosen the side of just hating this president. if they could just report the facts, i think the american people would be better served. gregg: stephanie grisham, white house press secretary, good to see you. iran joining forces with america's biggest military rivals, holding war games with iran and china. how john durham's investigation into the origins of the trump-russia hoax puts the current cia director in the cross-hairs. we'll take that up and more
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after the break. [ dramatic music ]
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[♪] gregg: wall street closing out the week with more record. the dow finishing ahead 24 points for it 22nd record close of the year. the s. & p. the 35th record for the year. the dow and the s & p gained a half percentage point the nasdaq a percent. crude oil up to $62 a barrel. silver falling to just under $18 an ounce. the federal reserve says pay for the bottom 25% of wage earners rose 4.5%.
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the quickest pace in more than a decade. the department of justice requesting more time in the sentencing of former national security advisor general michael flynn, hinting they may seek a harsher sentence. prosecutors asked the judge to push back their sentencing to have it reviewed internally. flynn is scheduled to be sentenced january 28. there is a new report revealing more about the focus of u.s. attorney john durham's probe and the origins of the russia witch hunt. durham is focusing much of his attention on the cia, requesting the communications of former director john brennan. the probe could bring into focus the current cia director gina
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haspel and whether she'll protect brennan. joining us isikoff. is -- joining us is han vo han von spakovsky. >> her primary duty is to protect the public from abuse of the power of the intelligence officials have. that's what john durham is looking at. her first obligation is to cooperate with john durham and turn over communications he's seek on brennan. if she tries to protect the agency and cover up misconduct, the mistrust the american people have of our intelligence agencies will be even greater.
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gregg: durham as we point out focusing squarely on john brennan who has a lot to answer for. instigator of the russia hoax in many ways. he created the interagency task force that was fundamentally a spying operation in launching the trump russia investigation in july of 2016. it appears people were lured overseas so their confidential informants undercover like stephen halper could be used to entrap trump campaign officials and it didn't work. what do you make of john durham's focus? >> i think he's going after what he should be. how did this operation get instay gate? the steele dossier was a game.
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it was a political opposition document. but not only is brennan relying on that document when he knows it's unverified, unconfirmed. but then they are launching an operation against the opposition presidential candidate. that is so far outside of what the cia is supposed to be doing, it's a good thing durham is looking into this. people need to be fired over it, and potentially criminally prosecuted for what happened. gregg: general michael flynn's sentencing has been moved to the end of january. it's clear he pled guilty to lying under pressure and threats by robert mueller's team of partisans. i want to put up on the screen. this is the fbi's report of the interview of flynn. throughout the interview flynn
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had a very sure demeanor. did not give any indicators of deception. both had the impression at the time that flynn was not lying and did not think he was lying. how is it possible that mueller could charge flynn with lying when the only two fbi agents to interview flynn said he didn't lie? >> i have to tell you, i don't understand this. it's very interesting to me. up until now justice has been pushing to get this sentencing done. now they want it delayed. i would hope that they finally understand that the abuse, the fbi abuse that doj i.g. uncovered may have affected this case. there is an outstanding motion by flynn's lawyers asking the justice department to turn over brady material that is
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potentially exculpatory term they have not yet done. the journal has not ruled on that yet. it would be premature to have a sentencing without all that information and evidence being released. gregg: much of the trump russia investigation was based on the forney steele dossier that was debunked by the attorney general. rachel maddow was slammed for inflating the dossier as true. he said she engaged in a pattern of dishonest asymmetry. she was rooting for the document to be true and it wasn't. why would anybody in their right mind ever listen to rachel maddow now? >> i don't know. she hasn't done anything to
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admit she was completely wrong. i think she has been pushing some parts of this discredited story. it was nice to see "the washington post" going after maddow. but it was in some ways the pot calling the kettle black. "the washington post" did all kind of false reports based on the steele dossier. and they haven't really apologized for the misleading stories they printed about all this. gregg: there were others. let's take a look at this. >> so far nothing in the dossier has been disproved. >> the dossier is far from bogus. >> increasingly it's the accurate, damning dossier. >> nothing in the dossier has been disproved. >> increasingly allegations are check out. >> how many allegations within steele's dossier are looking
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more and more likely that they are accurate. gregg: the fbi you found the sub source to christopher steele. some of it was said in jest, some joke. what's your reaction to all of those people of in the media claiming and telling the american people that the dossier is true? >> well, they wanted it to be true, which is why they didn't take the most basic journalistic steps you should take to verified a story. they didn't do any of that. and it got even worse with the fbi which as you know, according to the i.g., failed to tell the fisa court that the information in the dossier had not only not been verified. it has been disproven when they started investigating it. that's why those warrants were
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issues allowing spying, electronic eavesdropping when they never should have been issued. >> the media engaged in grossly reckless reporting, and it was media malpractice on steroids. han von spakovsky, good to see you. new developments into the investigation of the jeffrey epstein scandal. the fbi is reportedly investigating ghislaine maxwell, the british social yeast who has long been seen as epstein's madame. back in august you may august epstein died by an apparent suicide while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this. share your comments. a promming note.
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china expert gordon chang, judicial watch's tom fitton and cyber security expert morgan wright where among our guests monday. a new weapon that can reportedly fly faster than anything in the skies. it's not in america's arsenal. it's in russia's.
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[♪] gregg: welcome back. russia's defense minister claims moscow has an intercontinental weapon that flies 27 times the
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speed of sound and it's operational, ready for combat. the russians claim it can be launched from a ballistic missile it can also make maneuvers after separation, making it much harder to intercept. china claims it's developing a similar system. russia, china and iran have started a joint naval exercise in the gulf oman. the drills last until monday. joining me to talk about it, colonel douglas mcgregor. how concerned should the u.s. be about these exercises teaming up russia, china and iran. >> i don't think we need to be concerned have much. the russians and the chinese are concerned by the high probability the iranian
4:31 am
government could suddenly implode. the government is very weak as a result of the uprisings in november and december. they want to stiffen the resolve of the iranian government. they don't want to see chaos break out in the region. gregg: the u.s. embargo of weapons sales to iran is set to end. they are making noise about how they are going to sell weaponry to iran. >> the russians don't have anything to offer anyone in the world other than weapons which are cheaper than what we would offer. if the government falls apart. the economy implodes and you have widespread chaos, they won't have anybody to sell anything to. gregg: president trump issued a stern warning to russia and iran
4:32 am
against the killing or murder of innocent civilians in syria. we know that more than 200,000 have fled their homes. what can the u.s. do? what should it do, if anything? >> i think your point at the end is correct, if anything. your viewers may or may not know that idlib has been a sanctuary for the sunni terrorists, including thousands of uighurs from china. turks, not just arabs. they have been seeking sanctuary in idlib. i would not rescue them. the civilian population is being supportive of these people. so frankly i would stay out. gregg: i mentioned at the top that russia claims they have
4:33 am
operational hypersonic icbm 27 times the speed of sound. do you believe that? they made false claims before about weaponry. do you believe that? what should our reaction be, develop our own hypersonic? it's in development. what about interceptors in space? >> you hit the nail on the head. this time last year mr. you continue and his defense minister announced a nuclear powered icbm. it vanished from sight, and it, too, was going to enter the russian arsenal. moving a missile that fast, we can do that now. but guiding it to the target, maneuvering it at these high speeds, particularly at high altitude. these things are extremely difficult. the russians cannot do that.
4:34 am
i would this aside and keep tonight mind. but we also are pressing ahead, and i think we'll get there ahead of them. whether we decide to use these things is another matter. let's be sceptical of the russians on this one. gregg: colonel mcgregor, thanks for being with us. coming up next. could president trump have the articles of impeachment dismissed? we'll talk about that when we come back.
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[♪] gregg: welcome back. i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. we are covering impeachment hypocrisy. president trump pointing out nancy pelosi's demand for a fair trial after holding partisan hearings in the house. john durham's investigation reportedly having a heavy focus on the cia former director, john brennan. haspel now has to decide whether to cooperate with durham. the focus on jeffrey epstein's co-conspirators. including british socialite jill
4:39 am
lane social dghislaine maxwell. journalist peter baker point out senate democrats kooshed night with the white house in key issues behind the scene. democratic leadership used secret signals with the white house counsel to rebut house managers. joining me, jenna ellis, constitutional law attorney. tom daschle admits when he was democrat minority leader he was coordinating closely with the white house in the bill clinton impeachment. now democrats are apoplectic along with the complicit media. this is wrong, this is unfair for mitch mcconnell to coordinate with the white house. another example of rank
4:40 am
hypocrisy? >> nancy pelosi doesn't want a fair trial. she is scared a fair trial would show what a complete sham this is. there is nothing whatsoever to compare this impeachment and this whole process with bill clinton in the 90s. he was actually charged with a crime. there was bipartisan support for impeachment. and the senate agreed unanimously on the rules for procedure. nancy pelosi is forgetting the constitution. the separation of powers fully we can see that the house then when they put forward an impeachment that is so rankly unconstitutional. then the senate can in its discretion and with looking at the baseless accusations dismiss it outright and say this has been a political impeachment, this is something the founders never intended. is there not evidence to support
4:41 am
this. so mitch mcconnell would be within his constitutional prerogative for the members of the senate to say we are done here. gregg: americans are pretty smart. they know what's going on here. this thing is a sham and a farce. even the virulently trump-hating michael moore the filmmaker admits it. take a listen to this. >> if the vote were today i believe he would win the electoral states he would need. leg out there, i will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch. in fact i would say it's even more rabid than it was before. gregg: trump's poll numbers have gone up and his fundraising is through the roof all during this impeachment thing. which invites the question, has the trump-russia hoax and witch hunt now coupled together with
4:42 am
the impeachment farce only help the president politically? >> absolutely. you know, these are the democrats crying wolf. they are saying there is russia collusion. there is impeachment has some legitimate basis. they are showing all they are trying to do over the past three years, 19 minutes after president trump was inaugurated they started their impeachment drive. the american people are recognizing this is not constitutional. this is not what we elected the men and women in the house to do. disagree with his policy, but actually do your job. this has been the party of obstruction from day one. president trump in the midst of all these attacks, his poll numbers are going through the roof. the republican fundraising is so much higher. when the dems, the dnc is practically going bankrupt.
4:43 am
elizabeth warren is announcing she is not having that much fundraising. so the democrats are failing on every single turn. that's because president trump in the middle of this sham impeachment, the americans see through that. he is supporting constitutional conservative positions. he's work on behalf of the american people. the economy is the strongest it's ever been. and unemployment is the lowest in history. he's work on behalf of the american people. and that's what matters at the end of the day. they are not concerned about partisan politics that nancy pelosi wants them to be concerned about. they are concerned about themselves and their families. and what president trump is doing to support america. that's what america first means. gregg: jenna ellis, thanks for being with us. president trump can celebrate another achievement this year. his remain in mexico policy is starting to so results -- to
4:44 am
show results at the southern border. >> the on place i want to be is the united states. i never thought i would be returned here to juarez. reporter: thousands of mexican returned to mexico to await asylum. >> i came for opportunity in the united states, but the reality is different. reporter: since the trump administration unveiled its remain in mexico program, 65,000 migrants are forced to wait in mexico for a u.s. judge to hear their claim. the program according to a new study is doing exactly what the president intended. reducing the caseload and deterring others from making the trip. of 24,000 cases, judges denied 15,000 claims or 63%.
4:45 am
117 migrants actually received asylum. a rate of less than 1%. others were dismissed on procedural grounds. >> it's not just for people seeking asylum. it's for people who cross the border illegally. they are essentially on a detained docket. they are not going to be released until their case is heard. >> my dream is to be in the united states with my husband. but i wasn't allowed to cross. i was returned to mexico. reporter: this asylum seeker lacks shelter southern money, vulnerable to crime and extortion. >> they have to live in other camps on the other side of the border. for the first time in america we don't allow people to make their case in america. the number of migrants claiming asylum continues to fall.
4:46 am
gregg: coming up next, evangelicals defend president trump against the left wing national media's impeachment drum beat. we'll take it up and more with we'll take it up and more with pastor
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[♪] greg center evangelical leaders pushing back on christianity today's push to remove president trump from office. in a letter they write we are not far-right evangelicals as character iized by the author. we are patriotic americans who are grateful the president sought our advice. his administration has advanced policies that protect the unborn and protect religious freedom. robert jeffress, author of the faith initiative. host of foxnation's pathway to victory. it's so great to see you. thank you for being with us, pastor. what's your reaction to the op-ed in christianity today? >> it was idiotic coming from a dying magazine that doesn't
4:51 am
represent evangelicals at all. the left understands how important the president's evangelical support was to our election in 2016, and how crucial it was to his reelection in 2020. that's why they are salivating for any report that his support is diminishing. it's not diminishing. there is a small but noisy evangelicals, about 19%, represented by christianity today that are whining and complaining about the president's temperament. but the vast majority understand this is the most pro-life, pro ridge liberty, pro d pro religious liberty. i believe he will win the evangelical vote in 2020 but an
4:52 am
even larger margin than which he won in 2016. gregg: 81% supporting president trump in the 2016 election. now, you are going to be at the upcoming evangelicals for trump rally. right? >> next friday in miami there is going to be a massive evangelical for trump rally and the whole nation will get to witness the great support evangelical christians who believe the bible and love this president. people voted for president trump not because we thought he was a saint. we knew he was a strong leader, and that's what we need in the president. we have never had a more pro-faith president in history than in donald j. trump.
4:53 am
gregg: the politics editor for the christian "post" has resigned because the group aligned itself with president trump. your reaction to that? >> this "christian post" had been anti-trump in many ways. i knew the editor there, he's a nice guy, but he was one of the never trumpers. i thinked magazine had internal discussions and decided that's not where they wanted to be. they wanted to be on the right side of history and he tendered his resignation. but these are non-stories. the real story is the continued overwhelming support of evangelicals for this president. gregg: i want to bring up a brightening story. the new york police department is investigating the 6th anti-semitic attack in the last four days. that by itself is appalling.
4:54 am
unless you consider the nationwide number of anti-semitic attacks. 1, 879. these are attacks involving harassment, vandalism or physical assault. i know the president signed an executive order to do what he can to fight anti-semitism on college campuses. if there is rhetoric or activities there, they lose their federal fund. what more needs to be done, pastor? >> we need to continue to speak out against it and recognize it's not only wrong, it's evil. the bible says the jewish people are the apple of god's eye. when you attack a jewish person, you are attacking the god of israel. there is a stiff penalty to be paid for doing that. i was honored to stand next to the president when he signed that executive order on
4:55 am
anti-semitism. before he signed it he asked me to speak to the group and say a word. i said thank god we have a president when it comes to israel and the jewish people is not on on the right side of history, he's on the right side of god. the jewish people, the nation of israel never had a better friend than they have in president donald trump. gregg: great to see you. happy holidays and thanks for being with us.
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learn more at [♪] gregg: nancy pelosi continuing to hold on to a pair of partisan impeachment articles. no sign of changing course. white house press secretary stephanie grisham telling us president trump is unfazed by the democrats' impeachment farce. >> outside of washington, d.c., people are so tired of impeachment. poll numbers are showing that. people care about their paychecks, their families, their healthcare. that's what people care about and the democrats don't seem to care about that. our president will continue on. going into 2020 we are very strong and republicans are united. he will continue fighting for this country doing great things. gregg: my new book, "witch hunt" is out now in bookstores
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everywhere. or you can bite online, or barnes & weekend, maria's wall street was coming up next. >> from the fox cities in new york city here's maria's wall street. >> happy weekend everybody in my christmas everyone and analyzes the week that wasn't helps positioning for the week ahead. i am maria and coming up just a moment in my exclusive interview with the ceo of verizon, hans vess berg is here on the power of 5g technology. right take a look back at the key interviews with the best on wall street in 2019 is a representative of the year. but first what investors should expect in 2020 is the farmer is only mouth, me thanks for joining


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