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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 28, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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fnc. that's it for the show, thanks for my panel thanks all for listening, happy new year end ♪ >> good evening everybody i'm greg sitting in for is the vacationing lou dobbs. president trump today ending the week with another jab at the ab of the radical dems calling their impeachment hearings the most unfair in american history. the president exasperated by nancy pelosi refusal to send articles of impeachment to the u.s. senate agreeinglo with the analysis from yours truly. that pelosi stalled tactics are e exposing the the weakness of the democrats impeachment case. well the house speaker today displaying that very weakness having to resort to her parties old pest playbook of all, why
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and, you know, lie some more. pelosi releasing deceptive videotape editing clip of adam schiff witnesses to fit the narrative that president trump abused his power. the videotape, however, ignoring the the fact that all of those witnesses i failed to offer any such trect evidence. of left plays their partisan games president trump is celebrating another banner years in the oval office boosted in large part by his booming economy. the doug and s&p 500 both reaching new record highs today and new reports shows wages for the typical worker in america risingng at fastest rate in more than a decade consumer confidence is high. and unemployment stands at its lowest levelel in half a centur. 3.5%. the president also enjoying strong support of his republican party who now see impeachment as way to retake the house if from the radical left during next year's election for the latest
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on all of this let's turn now to or correspondent rich edison in west palm beach, florida. speaker pelosi says after weeks of hearing and impeachment testimony, with, quote, the clear and every witness told the same story. despite the president teats to cover it up, president trump abused his power for his own personal gain hashtag defend our democracy. the impasse is unbroken, speaker pelosi still has not said she will sending to the senate the article of impeachment the house passed befored a journaling to winter recess by withholdings them from senate she's leaving it in limbo when or if the the senate trial would begin. she said she's delaying trial to compel senator majority leader to allow for witness testimony. democrats say that white house is stone walling and if the president and administration officials did nothing wrong and suspending aid to ukraine they should are no problem testifying it be. republicans say speaker and house democrats rush to impeach the president. and that their delay tactic is latest proof that this is a
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political charade. she's currently holding live grenade they have pulled pen the in impeachment got incline e her hand and doesn't know e what too do with it there are not two-thirds of the senatorsing willing to convict and remove president and as a -- in an election year, for crying out loud as a consequence we all know how this ends. yesterday president trump complain that impeachment was a distraction making dealing with foreign leaders more difficult. today another foreign policy dispute emerged a spokesman for philippine president says he'll formally decline insarai have iation to visit the united states and protesting a provision in a congressional standing bill that sanction philippine officials for detaining a government critic there. the country is banning two u.s. senators dick durban and patrick hey hay if from traveling to philippines.nm philippine government warn to force americans to obtain a phee is a if they want to visit the philippines making it difficult for mornses to travel there. greg.
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>> rich edison rich thanks very much. well president tonight chastising nancy pelosi for demanding fairness during a future senate trial but pelosi stalled tactics have put a hold on any such trial "the wall street journal" kimberly says pelosi decision, quote, denies mr. trumpki the ability to say e been acquitted even as sure to descroont negative of involving impeachment coverage. and, of course, the left wing national media general board with that washington post jennifer cheer on pelosi decision to delay. and an op-ed for cmbc say pelosi best move might be to keep impeachment in her pocket. there's also this from anti-trump cnn. >> i guess i need you to explain to me what's the rush? what harm is there in waiting. i don't see what -- i don't see around her christmas table nancy pelosi why she would feel anxiety --an pfnl of course you don't
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allison. joining me now white house press secretary stephany, stephanie thanks for being with us. when the white house impeached bill clinton two decades ago, there was an a immediate vote within minutes to sending it over to u.s. senate because it was a fairly strong case e 11 potential felonies identified by independent counsel ken stark. here, none are identified. yet pelosi is withholding the articles isn't that really an implicit mission that she knows her case is demonstrably weak and should never have been brought. >> absolutely. i think that this is backfired on her and that she's overplayed her hand so now he were only move isan to hold these articles of impeachment so they can at least keep yelling the word impeachment and have that hanging over the the president's head as we move into an election year. but it's not going to work as you know, as you noted earlier president is doing great our economy is booming. he just signed mba airings that gave moree fund for border wall
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assistance for vets and opioid crisis. so the president is doing so much and that's what hands tied behind his back. i want to say imagine what he's going to do once this sham is over and we g go into 2020. what he'll be able to do for this country. >> democrats deny ited republicans and the president any measure of fundamental fairness or due process in the house proceedings threatening witnesses, caring behind closed doors shutting down attempts by republicans to call their own witnesses. isn't it -- dishonest and now for nancy pelosi to demand due process in the u.s. senate, the same due process she denied this in the house? >> the word i would use is pa e thetic absolutely pathetic you haveve to remember this entire thing started when president himself released two transcripts to show that he did absolutelying nothing wrong if i was nancy pelosi i would go back to california and think about her state and work on homelessness problem. she's got a lot of problems in her own state she should be
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dealing with let's move on and doer great things for the count. >> young you know chuck schumer is argue aing in term of witnesses and witnesses by the way that it was duty of the house to call not the u.s. senate. schumer apparently is forgotten that two decades ago he argued againstec witnesses in the clinn impeachment. isn't this just another case of hypocrisy and why americans are so sick and tired of the career politicians like shiewm schumer that invades and inhabit the swamp. >> funny that you say the swamp in the short time in d.c. i understand the term and why we said drain the swamp. outside of washington, d.c. you're absolutely right. preem so tired of impeachment poll numberses are show that. people care about their paychecks. their families, their health care, that is what people care about, and the democrats just don't seem to care about that. our president, though, will
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continue on and like i said going into 2020 we're very strong. republicans are united and he's going to keep fighting for this country doing really great things. prchl use listen to democrats running forin president as wells mainstream media mob we're on the the brink of economic disaster. that, of course, is by the facts iy jotted a few down stock markt all time high. kiewrl confidence, 20-year high. unemployment 50-year low poverty is down significantly. wages continuing to rise. gdp consumer spending are incredibly strong right now. who you hear democrats says oh i have a -- about cure all -- per the economic ills that are tragging americans down what do you think? >> well i think that amazing list of accomplish systems why is they continue to fight so hard.on they see what this president is doing and they see the failure of their own party.
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and so the only thing they can yell now is impeachment impeachment. they couldn't get away with a mueller report now they've got impeachment. they are desperate they noe he's going to take 2020 and i think we can get the house back after this and they're desperate for that. the media too. you know they should be ashamed of themselves for last three years they have done nothing but cheer on this president failure. and we can bairply get them to admit exactly what you just said. stock markets soaring jobs doing great. they should really take a look within andy american people just they deserve the facts and facts are thishe president is doing great things for the country. >> i played soft i cls to mainstream media few minutes ago cnbc article struck me as they cheered on nancy pelosi holding the articles of impeachment, quote, it will stand as a monument the president trump dishonesty and corruption any goodness any woppedder that trust in american media is at all time historic low gap loll
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poll has precinct media 12% tv news, 8% trust among america. it is really unfortunate and honestly i do wishh that media companies would look within and look and know that american people just deserve better. they have chosen the wrong sides here. they have chosen the side of just hating this president. if they could just reporter the fact, i think the american people would be better served. >> white house press secretary, great to sees you. happy holidays to you. thank you. >> happy holidays to you. okay. coming up iran joining forces with america's biggest military rival holding war gameses with china and russia. what the drills mean for our national security. plus -- hown john durham into investigation of t the trump russia hoax puts the current cia director in the cross hairs we'll take that up and more after the breakha with former dj
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attorney. stay with us. what are you doing back there, junior?
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[♪] gregg: wall street closing the wall street closing out the week with more rorsdz the dow finishing ahead 24 point for a 22nd record close of the year s&p up slightly for a 35th record close. the nasdaq down 16 volume on the big board 2.4 billion shares. for the week, the dow and s&p gained about a half percentage point the nasdaq added a percent. crude oil up slightly to about 62 dollars a barrel. gold up slightly to 1,015 an ounce. silver falling to just under 18 an ounce. the the federal reserve says pay for the bottom 25% of wage earners in america rose 4.5% last month and quickest pace many measure a decade
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remindinger listen to lou's report three hours day on the nec. department of justice requesting for time in sentencing of advisor general michael flynn hinting they may seek a what are punisher sentence. federal prosecutors asked a judge to push back the deadline to foil their sentencing memo from monday to january sixth and toac have it reviewed internally flynn is currently scheduled to be sentenced on january 28th. well there's a any report tonight revealing more about the focus of u.s. attorney john durham's probe in the origins-of-the- russia witch hunt. durham is reportedlying much of his attention on cia requesting communication that have guy formeria director john brennan. the probe,mu however, could now bring in the current focus and whether she'll choose to protect brennan or corporate fully with durham. let's put that question to heir
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taj foundation senior legal fellow and former dpght of justice lawyer great to see you is gina in the middle? >> well only if she perceives it that way. i know some people are saying splits are in a binged it does not because her primary duty is not only to protect us in the national security area. but it's also to protect the public from abuse of the power thatat the intelligence officias have, and, in fact, that is what john durham ising looking at. so her first obligation to corporate with john durham to turn over any communications that he seeking on brennan because otherwise if try to protect the agency and try to cover up possible misconduct, the mistrustt that american people have of our intenls agent is going to be even greater. >> yeah. but you know, do you know spies --
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[laughter] i mean that -- that says it all. speaking of which durham l focusing squarely on john brennan a lot to answer for the instigator of the russia hoax is the guy who entered a fundamental spy basis on trump russia investigation in july of 2016. it appears also that people were lured overseas so that confidential inform used to try to entrap trump campaign officials. didn't work. what do you make of durham's focus? >> well he's going after exactly what he should be which is how did this operation get instigated because we now know in essence steal dossier was a con game it was a fraudulent
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made up document and when he knowst it is unverified unconfirmed and political opposition research, but then they're launching an operation and operation against the opposition presidential candidate. that is so far outside of what the cia is supposed to be doing that is a good thing durham ising looking into this because -- people need to be fired over it and potentially criminally prosecuted for what happens. >> i mentioned general michael flynn sentencing and move to the end of january. pretty clear he pled guilty to lie under pressure and threats by robert mueller's team of partisans. i want to put up on the screen this is the fbi's report of the interview of flynn throughout the interview flynn had a very
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sure demeanor did not give any indicator of deception, struck and redacted fbi as we know is joe. both have the impression at the time that flynn was not lie and did not think he was lying. how is it possible that mueller could charge flynn with lie when the only two fbi agents to interview flynn said he didn't lie? >> well i have to tell you, about i don't understand this, and it is very interesting to me up until now justice has been pushing to get this sentencing done as soon as possible. now all of a sudden they wanted delayed. if i would hope that is an indication they finally understand that the abuse, the fbi abuse that the dojig uncovered may have affected this case plus as you know, there's an outstanding motion by flynn's lawyers. asking the justice department to turn over brady material that's
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potentially exculpatory material and judge hasn't ruled on that yet. it would be premature at this point to have a sentencing without off that information and evidence released. >> much the of the trump investigation turned out to be a hoax was based on the the christopher steele phony dossier recently debudgetted by inspector general. eric who is media critic at the washington post had a column absolutely slamming msnbc rachel for inflating the value of the dossier is true. he said she fen gauged in, quote, a pattern of misleading and dishonest asymmetry and root for the document to be true. and, of course, it wasn't. why would anybody in the the right mind ever listen to rachel now? >> i don't know pep and you know she really hasn't done anything to admit that she was completely wrong, in fact, i think she
7:22 pm
still been pushing some parts of this whole discredit story. look it was nice to see "the washington post" going after, but in some way that was the pot calling kettle blackn because "the washington post" itself did all kinds of false reports based on the steal dossier and they don't think i think have apologized for the misleading storieses they printed about all of this. >> it wasn't just rachel but others let's take a look at this. >> so farring nothing in the the dossier has been disproved. dossier, in fact, is far bogus increasingly it is accurate dossier increasebly it is the damming dossier. again nothing in the dossier about that overtly disapproved. a lot to be proven but increasingly allegations are checking out. my focus today is how many claims within the steele dossier is looking more and more likely as though they're accurate.
7:23 pm
now we know the fbi actually found three years ago the sub source who fed it all to christopher steele and guy said are you kidding me and this is exaggerated embellished made up -- some of it was said in just some joked what's your reaction to all of that. all of those people in the media claiming and telling american people that the dossier is true. >> well, they we wanted it to be true which is why they didn't take the most basic journalist steps that you should take to verify a story. theye didn't do any of that. and, obviously, it got even worse with the the fbi which as you know according to i.g. failed to tell the fisa court that the information in the dossier had notin only not been verified. it n has been disproven when thy started investigating it. and that's why those warrants were issued allowing spying
7:24 pm
electronic yves dropping when they should never have been issued. >> the media engaged inly reckless reporting and it was media malpractice on steroids. good to see you thanks. >> good to see you thanks. bye-bye. new development into the jeffrey epstein scandal. the fbi is now reportedly investigating galen maxwell british social g light accused f serving as epstein's madam federal agents also investigating several other people linked to the convicted sex offender. back in august you may recall have seen died by apparent suicide while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. >> like to hear your thoughts on all of this, share your comments follow lou on twitter lou dobbs follow him on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. and a programming note china
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expert gordon chang and cybersecurity expert morgan wright are among our guest on monday hope you'll join us then. coming upht next the new weapon that can reportedly fly faster than just about anything in the skies. it is not in america's arsenal. it's in russia's. we'll take up putin's new weapon when we come back. ♪
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shelter by shelter, city by city, we can make this entire country no kill. join us. together we can save them all. ♪ >> and welcome back russia's defense minister claims that moscow has an intercontinue weapon that flies 27 times speed
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of sound and operationallable ready for combat and russians claim that the guard hypersonic glide vehicle can be launched fromca a ballistic missile and also make maneuvers separation making iter harder to intercept. china claims it is developing a similar system. meanwhile russias china and iran have started a joint naval exercise in the gulf of oman drills include rescuing ships on fire and vessels under attack by pirates and shooting exercises. the drills last until monday. joining me now so talk it be all retiredo army colonel douglas mcgreger how concerned should they be at joint exercises in gulf teaming up russia, china, and iran? >> i don't think we need to be concerned very much. we're talking about the russians and chinese frankly who are extremely concerned h by the vey high probability that the iranian government could suddenly implode.
7:31 pm
the the government is very weak as arn result of the upis risins in november and early december. i think they're trying to stiffen resolve in the iranian government because they don't want to warn the gulf and they don't want to see chaos break out in the region. >> and yet the u.n. arm embargo of weapons sales to iran set to expyre i think this coming october, and you know moscow and kremlin making noise about, you know, how they're going to start selling arm and weaponry to iran. would they really dooi that? >> of course. i mean russians don't have much to offer anyone in the world other than weepings that are frankly cheaper than what we would offer. so no i think that's exactly what the russians would like to dopo but if government falls apart, the economy implodes and you have wide chaos they don't have anybody to sell anything to. >> that's a great point. president trump is is issued a stern warning to russia and iran against the killing or the
7:32 pm
murder of innocent civilians in syria. wen know that more than 200,000 have already fled their homes what can u.s. do what should it do if anything? >> well i think your point at the sending correct if anything. your viewers may or may not know that it has been a sanctuary for surviving sunni islamic and thousands from china otherses from central asia, turks, not just arabs, and they have been seeking refuge in mr. erdogan trying to rescue them. i'm sorry that civilian population is leaving but the civilian pouping there has actually been supportive of these people so frankly i would stay out. >> i mentioned that at the top that russia claim they have operationalla is hyperson pick
7:33 pm
icbm do you believe that first of all, and well, i mean, you know they've made false claims before about weaponry. right? so do you believe that, and what should our reaction be develop our own hypersonic i know it is in development. what about inner accept tore in space and so fort? >> you hit nail on the head this time last year, mr. putin and his defense minister announced a nuclear powered icbm which subsequently has some problems and then suddenly vanish fromming sight and it too it was going to enter the russian arsenal. i think we need to understand that, that moving a missile l this fast we can do that now. i suspect that chinese can. but guiding it to the target maneuvering it at high speeds especially at high altitude try to reenter the atmosphere those things are extreme difficult. the russianss cannot do that. so i would put this aside i didn't keep it in mind.
7:34 pm
but we also are pressing ahead and frankly i think we'll get there ahead of them whether or not we all decide to use these things that's another matter. but i think you're right. let's be skeptical of the russians on this one. >> typical bloc per, but we move ahead nevertheless. colonel mcgregor good to see you thanks forking being with us. >> sure happy new year. coming up next could president trump have the the dems baseless articles of impeachment actually dismissed? we'll talk about about it with constitutional law attorney gemma ellis when we come back.
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♪ welcome back i'm gregg jarret sitting in for vacationing lou dobbs and impeachment hypocrisy president trump pointing out house speak or, nancy pelosi's dmangdz for a fair trial in the the senate after holding partisan hearings in the house. half in the the cross hairs john durham investigation reportedlying have to focus on the cross-examination ia and formeron director john brennan d now in the position of choosing to protect brennan or cooperate with durham. epstein's madam under investigation, the fbi now focusing on jeffrey epstein's coconspirators alleged, including british social lite maxwell. well radical dems have selective
7:39 pm
memory when it comes to impeachment they moan about mitch mcconnell coordinating with a white house but journalist points out that during the clinton impeachment senate democrats coordinated with white house on a number of key issues behind the scenes. among other things democratic leadership used secret signals with the white house counsel to rebut republicans house managers. joining me now to talk about it jenna ellis trump 2020 advisory board member and constitutional law attorney. good to see you. you know two decades ago -- tom admits you know when he was democrat minorityit leader he ws coordinating pretty closely with the white house and the bill clinton impeachment. and now all of a sudden you know, comt democrats are along with a complies complicit media oh this is -- this is wrong this is unfair. foric mitch mcconnell to coordinate with the white house, you know, another example of rank hypocrisy. absolutely and you know nancy
7:40 pm
pelosi really doesn't want a fair trial. she's scared that a fair trial would actually show how much of a hypocrisy complete sham this is. but let's also be real there's nothing whatsoever to compare this impeachment and this whole process with bill clinton in the 90s. because he was actually charged with a crime. there was bipartisan support for impeachment and the senate agreed unanimously on the the rules for procedure and so nancy pelosi is forgetting that the constitution provides that soul power to try all impeachments belong to the senate that is the separation of powers. solely because wef can see that the house then when they, they put forward impeachment that is so wrinkly unconstitutional then the senate can in its discretion and with looking at the baseless accusations dismiss it outright and say this this has been a political impeachment this is something founders have never intended there's not evidence to support this and so mitch
7:41 pm
mcconnell would be absolutely within his constitutional prerogative for the members of the senate to simply say, we're done here. >> you know, americans are pretty smart they know what's going on here. they're saying it is soft a sham and a farce -- and even the trump hating michel moore the filmmaker admits it. take a listen to this. >> if vote were today i believe he wouldn't win the the electoral states that he would need. because living out there, i will tell you -- his y level of support has not gone down one inch, in fact, i would say if it is more than it was before. >> if trump poll numbers have gone up and fund raising through had the roof all during this impeachment thing, which invites the question, has the trump, russia hoax and witch hunt now coupled the together with the
7:42 pm
impeachment farce only help the president politically? >> oh, absolutely. and you know these are the democrats crying wolf. they're saying oh there's russia collusion oh there's, you know, there's -- this impeachment has some legitimate basis they are showing that all their trying to do over past three years, 19 minutes after president trump was inaugurated they started their impeachment l drive, and so the american people are recognizing this is not at all constitutional. this is not what we elected. these congressmen and women in the house is schismly obstruct this presidency sure disagree with policies but actually do your job so they're say it is a party of destruction from day one and president trump meanwhile in the midst of all of these attacks have poll numbers are going through the roof. his approval rating is so solid webb and the republican fund raising as you said greg is so much higher. where the dems at dmc is practically going bankrupt and elizabeth warren announcing today she's not having much fund
7:43 pm
raising in democrats are failinn every turn because trump not only inin the middle of the impeachment the american see through that but he's making his promises and he's keeping his promises. he is supporting constitutional conservativena positions he's working on behalf of the american people our economy isening strowings it has ever been, and a unemployment is lowest in history. i mean, this is just all of these things he's working on what behalf of the american people that matters at the end of the day. they're not concerned about partisan politics that a nancy pelosi wants them to be concerned about. they are really concerned about themselvesrn and their families and what president trump is doing to support america. that's what america first actually means. enches jen good to see you thank for being with us. great to see you greg thanks. president trump can celebrate another achievement this year, his remain in mexico policy is starting too show real results t the southern border for details we turn now national
7:44 pm
correspondent >> it is -- only place i want to be is the united states. i never thought i would be returned here to juarez. >> thousands of migrants wait in next for a judge to hear the asylum claim in u.s. courts. >> of i came here with hope for an opportunity in the united states but the reality is very difficult. that reality began a year ago when the trumped aings mrgs unveiled remain in next program. since then, it is expanded across the border with some 56,000 migrants forced to wait months in mexico for u.s. judge to hear their claim. >> we have massively reduced asylum for all. the program according tor a new study fromam syracuse, universiy is doing exactly what the president intended. reducing the case load and deterring others from making a the trip. of 24,000 cases they deny 15,000 claim or 63%. 117 migrants actually received
7:45 pm
asylum a rate of less than 1%. others were dismissed and procedural grounds. >> remain in mexico program is not just for people seek asylum it is also for people who cross the border illegally, and they're essentially on what we call a detained docket that means they are not going to be released until e their case is heard. >> my dream was to be there in the united states with my husband. but i wasn't allowed to cross. i was returned here to mexico. this seeker from guatemala has a date in may like she and others waiting in mexico lack shelters and money, vulnerable advocates say to crime and exerings to. >> has to live in camps on other side of the bode for first time in american history we don't allow seekers to make their case inning america. claim policy see illegal but stayedo injunction allowing it o continue pending appeal and number of my graduates claiming asylum continues to fall.
7:46 pm
greg. >> william with thank you coming up next, evangelicals defend president trump against left wing national impeachment drum beat. we'll take it up and more with pastor robert, stay with us. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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[♪] greg center evangelical leaders pushing back evangelical leaders push become on christianity call to remove president trump from office. in a letter they write, quote, we are, in fact, not far right evangelical ised by author rather e a bible believing christian and patriotic americans grateful that our the president has sought our advice. as is administration has advanced policies that protect the unborn and promote religious freedomhe joining me now is pasr robert member of the white house faith initiative pastor of the first baptist church of dallas, and a fox business contributor host of fox nation half way to visht. it's so great to see you and thank you for being with us pastor. what's your reaction to the op-ed in christianity today? >> well, it was -- it was it idiotic to a magazine thate doesn't represent
7:51 pm
evangelical at all. ofthe left understands how important the president support was to his election in 2016. flearn how crucial it is to his reelection in 2020 that's why they're salivate for any sign for that support is diminishing well it's not diminish but strongerfo today than it's ever been and yes it is true there's been a small but noisy group of evangelicals a 19% represented by christianity today who are always wining and complaining about the president's temper m or some other idiotic issue. but the vast majority of evangelicals represent and understand that this is the the most pro-life, proreligious liberty proconservetive judiciary, proisrael, pet we've had in history. and that's why i told the president a couple of weeks ago that i believe he would win the evangelical vote in 2020 by an even largerrer margin than the historic margin by which he won
7:52 pm
in 2016. >> yeah i want to put up on screen 81% e evangelical supporting trump in 2016 election i think we have that graphic. there it is. now, you are going to be at the upcoming evangelical for trump rally, right? >> that's right. next friday in miami, there's going to be a massive evangelical trump and witness the support that christians who believe the bible and love god have for this president. and look, greg people voted for this president. people voted for president trump. not because he -- we thought he was a saint we knew he was a strong leader and that's what we need in a president. and i said at the white house a couple of weeks ago to a group, we have never had a more profaith president in history than in donald j. trump. >> so the politics editor for
7:53 pm
christian post has resigned because the group aligns itself with president trump. your reaction of that? >> look, this -- post of christian post had had really been anti-trump in many ways. h i knew the editor there and that worth is a nice guy but he was very much one of the never trumpers, and i think that magazine had had some internal discussions decided that's not where they wanted to be. they wanted to be on right side of history on this issue. and that has resignation but again all of these are really nonstories , greg because the real story is the continued overwhelming support of e van jell kas for this president. >> i want to bring up a really frightening story, the new york police department is now investigating theep 6th anti-smt pick attack in the last four days. andem that by itself is a appalling.
7:54 pm
unless you consider anti-semitic attacks hear the number 1,879 these are attacks involving harassment, vandalism, or physical assault. now i know president has signed executive order to do what he can to fight anti-semitism on collegeig campuses if there's activities there they lose their federal funds what more needs to be done pastor? >> well, i think we need to continue to speak out against it and recognize it's not only wrong it is evil. and you know the bible says that the jewish people are the apple of god's eye that's the term that is used in the bible and when you attack a jewish person, you are attacking the god of israel and there's a stiff penalty to be paid for doing that and you know, greg, i was honored to stand next to the president when he signed that piece of -- s that executive order on
7:55 pm
anti-semitism before he signed it he asked me to speak to the group and say a word i said thank god we have a president who when it comes to israel in the jewingish people is not only on the right sideeo history he's on the right side of god. the the jewish people, nation of israel have never had a better friend than they have in president donald trump. >> pastor robert great to see you happy holidays to you thanks for being with us. >> thank you, greg. >> and stay right there -- we'll be right back. here's to the straggly ones.
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learn more at nancy pelosi continuing to hold on to a partisan impeachment articleses no sign of changing course white house press secretary stephany tonight telling us, that president trump is unphased by the radical dems impeachment farce. >> outside of washington, d.c. you're absolutely right. people are so tired of impeachment poll numberses are showing that. people care about their a paychecks. their families, their health care, that is what people care about, and the democrats just don't seem to care about that. our president, though, will continue on like i said going into 2020 we are very strong. republicans are united and he's going to keep fighting for this country doing really greatnd things. >> that's it or for us tonight gordon and morgan right among our guest on monday and new book the story of the greatest delusion, in american political history is h out now in bookstos
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everywhere or you can buy it online or barnes & i'm gregg jarret filling in for the vacationing lou dobbs, thanks for joining us. have a great weekend everyone. g. [♪] reporter: democrats taking it to the extreme warning of tyranny if president trump is not removed from office. i'm ashley webster in for trish regan. i want you to take a listen to some of the fear mongering right here. >> i think the only thing more outrageous these days in washington than president trump and his fearful tweets are those republicans who enabled him to do this and take a little more freedom and a little more freedom until we have a tyranny here if he's not restrained. ashley: that's right, tyranny. if house democrats were so serious about r


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