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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 31, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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certainly. another piece of breaking news overnight that we learned, carlos goshn is now on the run, former nissan chairman fleeing house arrest in tokyo, he flew to lebanon on a private jet, attorneys slamming behavior as inexcusable. details on the story. looking to ring 2020 with trade truce, pete navarro telling fox that the phase 1 agreement could be signed as early as this week, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ cheryl: take a live look out of new zealand, new year starting around the world, one of the
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very, very first new year's eve celebration that is we are going to get throughout the hour on mornings with maria. we've got a big show this morning, joining the conversation michael, founder michael lee, market analyst francis and real clear politics cofounder president tom bevin. happy new year, guys. >> happy new year. cheryl: we've had a phenomenal year. >> typically when the market moves people get hesitant, just thoughts to stay positive in 2020, so in the summer of 2018 the market actually had roughly 10% below here, going off into the end of 2018, i think that spells well for 2020, this could really keep going, it's been a good decade for stocks. cheryl: francis a lot to watch obviously for you this year, it's been a blockbuster year. >> it's been a blockbuster,
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what's important is the catalyst that kept the market going, we kept getting news on the front and the fed keeps injecting money into the system which is good for equities. cheryl: i think it's 2020, though. >> for sure. we have politics happening this year, certainly the markets good news for donald trump heading to reelection and also the democrats still trying to figure out how to work against trump and run against economy that remains resilient and strong. cheryl: a lot to celebrate if you're trump administration as far as markets go and with the markets it is top story, last trading day of the 2010, we are rounding up a decade, the month, everything, the year, and investors are hoping that this santa claus rally will extend in 2020 with another round of records, we shall see, these are the decade numbers and i can't show you these number, 172% gain over the last 10 years, s&p up
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188, nasdaq up 294% with a bang. as you look at the numbers, mike, the bigger piece of this really has to be the nasdaq because you have companies like amazon, like apple netflix that powered through the index. >> what's while, those of us that are old enough to remember nasdaq hit 9,000 until the end of the year, 2013-2014. this bull market started a few years, bull markets last 16 day or 19 years, maybe some different readers will emerging that we don't really know about yet, still positive on stocks going forward. cheryl: francis, we have to look ahead on 2020, that's the big question, will there be a recession, it wouldn't be a shock to see something like that
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happen after a 10-year bull market but no one is talk about recession yet? >> so it is, the largest bull market in history, that does put additional risk into things, i mean, the s&p has more than doubled now and the nasdaq as you have been saying has more than tripled this year, so we have to watch for the catalyst that keep that sustainable, we have a little bit of earnings going on, we have to see if the china trade deal puts certainty on to the table and cap x spending goes back up and manufacturing recovers that will say it's sustainable, those are the things that i'm watching. cheryl: well, we want to get to breaking news about carlos goshn, former nissan chairman, he's now fled tokyo and flew to lebanon, now his attorney
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surprised by the news and slamming his behavior thomas inexcusable, so the tokyo authorities have 3 passports, however he maneuvered out of japan is fascinating. >> fascinating story. maria has been covered for a long time, spoke with the family and felt like he was treated unfairly, we will see if he seeking asylum there or how this is going to work out. cheryl: he does have a citizenship in lebanon and has a home, you are cameras and reporters that are staked out the home, wife we don't know, a lot of question marks, the whole merger, mike, renault and nissan from the beginning seemed to have cultural pain and when he got ousted a year ago they were worried the french were going take over nissan. this is the dynamic of the story
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here. >> the details that maria has gotten in past interviews, are shocking, not what you expect from first-world justice system like japan, basically known for the rule of law almost such as united states, this has been a wild story from start to finish. cheryl: obviously we are watching any development on the carlos goshn story, we are watching u.s.-china trade, comments from lou and reports are they will sign deal, peter navarro actually spoke about it yesterday on fox news. >> all we've been waiting for on the china deal is to translate the english version of the 86-page deal, as soon as that's done, reports that the chinese negotiator will come over and sign but that's a done deal, put that one in the bank.
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cheryl: well, done deal, good news economic perspective, gives certainty to u.s. businesses. >> absolutely, we had deceleration growth for quite a while, so much has been attributed to trade deal essentially, so then investors are think thinking and how the deal possibly is, that puts more certainty and if there's liquidity available which the fed made liquidity available, whether they follow the deal, that remains to be seen. >> that's a good point, there's got to be strict issues in place, rules in place, we know that they are going through the actual details of it, steven mnuchin said, the question is will the question uphold their side of the bargain. >> correct, will they honor it and change behavior. back to 2020, though, talk about the markets and the china deal,
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what's important for donald trump politically, from the economy standpoint that wages have gone up, the market numbers are great, but for the folks that are in the states that will decide this, working-class voters, rust belt, the fact that wages have done and trade deal with farmers will continue to provide political benefits for trump. cheryl: mike, you're shaking your head. >> if you look at medium wages for people with less than high school education, kind of the bottom 5 or 10% wage earners, up 20% since trump got elected, in the previous decade they were flat, that's a huge boom for a lot of the swing-state voters across the rust belt that maybe voted for obama and switch today trump, i don't see that stopping either. cheryl: i want to get your take before we go onto hong kong, it's new year's eve now in hong kong, we know protests are coming, it's been -- she's
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vowing to take on type of issues in 2020, mike, the question does she stay and what happens to hong kong in which up to this year has been the financial shining star for china? >> i wonder if the chinese government will let her leave and second part who would want to take that job right now. >> police are condoning protesters as long as they are peaceful. cheryl: it was a democracy up until this year, we are getting started this morning, folks, we have a lot more coming up, oil on the rise with 3-month high despite tensions in the middle east, 2020 outlook on oil coming up, plus cards for cash, how you can get more out of christmas
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gift cards you don't plan on using because you know you're not going to use them, showdown on new year's eve, happening tonight in new york city. coming up hanukkah hate crime, new chilling detail about the stabbing suspect and new charges leveled against him overnight, can't stop vaping, headquarters said to be puffing away in their offices, we will take a look and it is new year's eve and we are celebrating a year of stiller markets, we will celebrate all morning long, we are way ahead of the folks, times square today. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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cheryl: breaking news overnight, u.s. embassy in iraq under attack, lauren. lauren: iraqi malacia supporters have gotten inside of the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad after breaking down the front gate and storming in. the u.s. ambassador and embassy staff are reportedly evacuated. all this following deadly u.s. strikes that killed 25-iran
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backed militants. well uber will fight new law, classify drivers as employees and increase labor costs by 30%, it would grant freelance employees, protections, workers' compensation and the companies would have to pay half of payroll taxes for social security and medicare. bitcoin has seen share of volatility this year but it has been a rock-so said investment over the past decade,, gained 8.9 million% since the start of 2010. one dollar investment in bitcoin would now be worth $90,000, did
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we see that coming? cheryl: when bitcoin launch it was 20 grand. lauren: i do. cheryl: come on, really? lauren: they have done this without sales, without pitches, without advertising. cheryl: well look at libra and facebook. >> bitcoin does have the advantage, it's been around the longest. i think recently the price has come back and that has a lot more to do with certainty from the china trade deal and so you can see it's almost like a gold proxy for millennial investor but it's as interest rates sell off and gold sells off we get more certainty, flight to safety and bitcoin has become in certain situations, it's getting that little bit of correlation trade.
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cheryl: nice to see millennials stop investing in bitcoin. cheryl: millennials have not participated in the rally, i'm so disappointed putting that out there. we've got a lot more coming up. passing the torch, carrie underwood is stepping down as cma host, we will tell you why she made the big decision, top movie this year is a mystery? >> but we didn't do this. >> please justifying your this out. cheryl: we will take a look at netflix's 10-year rally and how its content has evolved. ♪ ♪
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plus, unwrap $250 off our best phones. click, call or visit a store today. some people say that's ridiculous. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. cheryl: welcome back, disturbing details about the man charged with federal hate crimes in connection with the new york hanukkah stabbing that happened over the weekend, thomas accused of entering rabbi's home and stabbing 5 people with machete,
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said to have search online why did hitler hate the jews and attempted 5 counts of attempted murder and first count of burglary at state level in addition to federal charges, joining me now homicide detective and fox news contributor ted williams, ted, good morning. >> good morning to you. cheryl: could somebody like him have been stopped? >> i think that there are warning signs and i don't think anybody actually paid attention to those warning signs, for instance, he as you know has been charged meaning thomas with hate crimes or federal hate crimes and what they were able to do is to look at his internet fingerprints and blue prints and information about hating jews, very antisemitic writings, had
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information on his cell phone, i think that there were signs but nobody caught them. cheryl: so there's a lot of talk now about the proliferation of hate crimes, not just against jewish community but religion in general and i'm thinking specifically about the shooting at a church just outside of fort worth, texas live streamed, do you think there's a pattern and why do you think we are seeing more antireligious sentiment in the country right now? >> the country is going through a metamorfisis, i can tell you that that was a very targeted situation. the situation in texas, i don't know how much we can say that it was targeted but i can say that
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thank god for that security guard that took that person out because he could have done a great deal more damage. >> this is tom bevin, the governor of new york wants to try thomas under domestic terrorism laws, is there any evidence that hate crime laws, if we charge him under another set of laws that there's deterrence effect, would that stop somebody like this from committing crime like this? >> tom, i wish i could tell you it would, unfortunately i do not believe that it will, we had hate crime in the book for some time now and we've had the acts as you know within the last several weeks here, we've had 13 acts of terrorism, what i define are domestic terrorism against the jewish people, we had law last week or in jersey city where a jewish super market was
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attacked and four people murdered. there's something that's going on social scientists are the ones that will have to deal with that response, tom. cheryl: what we are seeing in new york, you have the new bill reform law go into effect tomorrow in new york state, they are setting suspects free in court, another hate crime, another woman was yelling at young jewish woman that was with her child, individuals, including individuals arrested, a string of antisemitic attacks in new york city, your reaction on what new york plans to do which is frankly put them before a judge and let them walk out the door? >> you summed it up, the sad commentary is that these individuals can commit crimes or are misdemeanors and felony
6:24 am
counts and they can be let go back into the community without making bail and as you've said and you referenced about saturday a woman was released and a judge said, hey, i'm going release you because the new york crime law reform act, bail act is coming into play is not into play now but it'll be in play now at the beginning of the year, i'm just going to release you, so you can commit crime and get away with it and that's the sad commentary of what is taking place. >> it really is, ted, we hope that things change in 2020, that's one wish for the new year, anyway, ted williams, thank you for getting up so early. >> my pleasure and happy new year to all of you. cheryl: happy new year. the attack in texas, you and i are both texans, it's pretty upsetting. >> it's very upsetting and the country is going into interesting place and time and has to do with the wealth gap, we have to associate that with
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the crime. cheryl: conceal issue that there's a lot to talk about. a lot more coming up, folks, can't stop vaping, get this, staffers at juul headquarters are said to be puffing away in their office, we will take a look, plus, talk about over the top, red lobster's new bloody mary is not your average holiday cocktail.
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cheryl: welcome back, i'm cheryl
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casone in for maria bartiromo, it's december 35th -- 31st. it is 6:30 a.m. eastern time. we are ending the year, folks with a bang, futures pointing a gain on the last trading day of the decade, s&p is up 2, nasdaq up 4 and 3 quarters, look, you can see red arrows, 2019 was record for the stock market. sharp gains across the decade, something to celebrate, the nasdaq up 294% and change for the decade, unbelievable, the bull run we've had, let's take a look at europe, lower across the board there, dax was closed for the holiday in and and, you can
6:30 am
see the shanghai composite, they've had the best year since 2014, there's a sign that the strike in france may be coming to an end, lauren simonetti new news for new year's '. >> protests have crippled transportation services across the country, now officials say that train and service is improving as crews slowly return to work. french president emmanuel reform tension plan, he's expected to talk about the situation tonight during his new year's address for the nation. lauren: it is official, hasboro has closed, $3.8 billion all-cash deal that units entertainment one's peppa pig and transformers and my little pony, a lot of little kids toys,
6:31 am
a major problem at juul headquarters, unbelievable workers using the product on the job and they just won't stop, the company to get unable to get workers to stop vaping. vaping is dangerous to users and those nearby users. have killed 54 in the-year, safer than smoking, cheryl, but lots of chemicals and what happens when you inhale them? cheryl: lauren, thank you of all companies juul you will keep vaping in the office? >> you have to take a pause when you have to discipline your employees for using your products, that has to be the
6:32 am
worst advertisement possible, but, yeah, i think vaping probably the ultimate consequences are not even yet known, but it's clearly showing signs of being very dangerous and i hope that young kids -- >> anyway, let's move onto streaming wars hitting a fever pitch, netflix announcing that its own content platform for 2019, murder mystery set the top spot for popular release, coming in second place, stranger things, pete, happy new year, by the way. >> happy new year. >> netflix, amazing run for the stock in the last decade but they are spending a lot on content. >> they are spending a lot on content. had a great decade, no question, the next decade is not going to be so good for them, i think their subscriber growth is going to ultimately slow down in the coming years because consumers aren't spending more money on
6:33 am
their entertainment and with all these players coming in, particularly disney plus which had a stiller rollout in the latter happening this year, there's so much pressure on them to keep their subscribers going but it's not -- the only edge netflix has now is their international growth. they're ahead of the game there worldwide. cheryl: we saw with earnings, they did come with international subscribers which seems to be the saving grace right now. >> we've come a long way from getting dvd's in the mail, right? the world has changed in terms of how we get our entertainment delivered to us and netflix has been on the forefront, how much longer can that continue with all the players coming? >> i mean, it can, they have the edge to international, traditional companies like
6:34 am
disney are used to complicated issues to get their stuff distributed overseas and netflix and apple tv has this as well, the rights issues are not existent, they start streaming wherever they want, on top of that, netflix has actually really good content strategy and they are making content for a reason, they are not having the service available, they have a big edge over 3 plus years they've been aggressively marketing themselves overseas, even that will start chipping away, disney plus has a very strong rollout plan over the next 2 years to go international, they're in 5 countries already, probably going to be in just as many eat félix in a few years, and disney plus, they have such a strong brand, that's why their rollout was successful, family entertainment, franchises like star wars, like the marvel universe, what you see is what you get with disney and most people see $7 a month as
6:35 am
bargain. cheryl: tom, you guys have kids? disney plus yea or nay? >> immediately. >> extremely online which is a key demographic has been buzzing for baby yoda, it's a sensation. >> do you think they'll be selective based on content? >> i think they'll be selective. cheaper seems to be the way to go now. you see this with apple tv plus, it's only $5, disney plus was about $7, i think we are also seeing that consumers want choice with regard to subscribe and get ad free and save money and actually see something with ads, hulu has been god about that and nbc will go for same model, you will see people
6:36 am
subscribing at 3, 4, 5 when they were subscribing 3 to 4. cheryl: cutting the cable cord. we are looking at stocks that perform sod well for the decade, netflix is one of them, 4,000 percent jump since end of 2009, that gain at one point made netflix a larger company and then disney i had to throw that out, pete, you were talking about disney plus, it might be too soon to put dowsed on netflix, my parents, my stepfather is 80, he's addicted to netflix, i think that core consumer that knows and understands netflix might stay with the platform. >> brand counts for a lot, i think netflix's brand, you're just sort of used to paying the $12 a month or whatever it is and you have netflix, the thing is, i mean, they've had a good decade, they've had a good run, all credit to them, it's just
6:37 am
that they've kind of figured out the model and they are stubbornly clinging to it. another thing that will be a big deal in the next year or too subscriber only like netflix to introduce ads, you see players like roku which has a very impressive ad platform, streaming players can get on roku devices and they'll have to hire extensive ad fee, a lot of money to be made in ads in streaming services, so those that cling to subscriber model are really going to feel the pressure. cheryl: francis, you're nodding your head. >> i wonder how much the pricing mechanism of netflix, they will try to hold out with their price obviously and how much that's going to hurt them or people are willing to pay it because it's like the early-comer? >> they developed franchises like stranger things, people will just subscribe to because
6:38 am
they want it but, again, they pioneered this model for over the top for streaming but everyone is doing it now. you have apple, you have amazon, you have the short form video service that's coming out next year and so much more on offer to compete for those every single dollar. cheryl: i want to add hbo max, comcast, this is a crowded field for 2020, friends officially broke off with netflix, we know that, we covered right here on mornings with maria, that's midnight tonight and hbo max is the story there, for 2020 predictions? >> well, hbo max i think, it goes a lot against trends i was talking about, it's like $15 a month and everything warner media has under sort of the hbo umbrella and i don't think that's good branding, hbo stands for premium, stands for the pop culture defining shows like game
6:39 am
of thrones, and by putting everything under the sun under that brand i really think it's going to wear off, quantity over quality approach that makes sense from a business perspective in some ways but in the long term it hurts them. my pick is quibi and they are really putting hollywood quality production values at scale which we haven't really seen in under 10-minute format before. cheryl: i thought i was cool watching videos at home, pete, you are cool. happy new year. >> happy new year too. >> we have a lot coming up, folks, passing the torch, carrie underwood standing without, countdown to 2020, we are bringing in the new year and
6:40 am
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cheryl: with this year and decade coming to a close here a look back at business in year 2019. maria: as the ball comes down from 2019 tensions flair right to the end as washington wall street and main street become more intertwined than ever before. >> open the debate on the impeachment of the president of the united states. >> another record run on wall street, blockbuster job's number. maria: year of political fight, stock market hits and celebrity misses, the year started with
6:44 am
the government shutdown and the delayed presidential state of the union, house speaker nancy pelosi was a thorn in president trump's side throughout the year and capped the year off by impeaching him, making president trump one of only 3 presidents in u.s. history to be impeached. >> the house committee on judiciary introducing 2 articles of impeachment. >> doesn't really feel like we are being impeached. maria: trade was trump's priority in 2019 as he pushed with better deals with china, méxico and canada, trade war with china got ugly this year. >> phenomenal deal. maria: by the time it was done he got cheer from the financial community. >> if they do not abide by the rules and the commitments, then they'll be a snapback on tariffs among other things. maria: day after impeached they finally passed new version of nafta known as usmca, less
6:45 am
successful fight for the president, push for border wall funding, china had a different battle on its hands besides the one with the president. millions of protestors in the business mecca of hong kong taking to the streets to push back on china's authoritarian rule, 2019 trouble for aircraft carrier boeing, suffering two fatal crashes, by year end the company had halted production sending ripple through the entry and the economy, president trump doesy on international front stepping into north korea with meeting with kim jong un calling on nato partners to pay up for national security and supporting brexit for the uk, the fight with boris johnson winning victory. back in washington department of justice inspector general delivering a damning report of the fbi's behavior and actions while investigating the trump campaign in the election year, attorney general bill barr said
6:46 am
a criminal investigation by u.s. attorney john durham will be even more comprehensive, on the west coast celebrities exposed, some already doing prison time for it, others still fighting the charges and there was cheering this year on wall street and main street, unemployment near record lows while wages are up, the consumer fueling economic growth and the stock market that turned out record after record putting major averages in unchartered territories even as the president's impeachment boomed. now the focus in 2020 where impeachment trial expected in the senate in january, the uk, india and another presidential election coming this november. >> of course that was maria bartiromo, happy to you, maria, if you're watching, mike lee, what was your favorite moment of 2019? >> beyond fantastic performance of s&p 500, the uk elections and overwhelming victory there,
6:47 am
brexit, if you remember got the most amount of votes of any other popular election in the history of the united kingdom, finally see that follow through shows us that democracy is alive and well. >> good one, great point. cheryl: i have a feeling today is your favorite dow because it's your birthday. >> i'm happy to turn 25 again every year. >> you look great. >> thank you. just being here for new year's is amazing, no place i would rather be actually. cheryl: we appreciate you here. >> thank you. cheryl: tom, 2019 favorite moment in. >> favorite moment -- i follow politics, exciting year but news worthy year and my favorite moment is sports, tiger woods winning the masters. exciting for everybody really. cheryl: everybody loved the comeback story and that's why we
6:48 am
still celebrate because he was down for so many years, my favorite moment was ending of game of thrones because i'm sick of doing the story, i never watched the show, i'm never going watch it, ever. >> i'm with you, crazy, but i've never seen it. cheryl: if i had to do one more game of thrones story i will lose it. watch they will add one before tend of the show because that's what they'll do. organic valley faces steep fine, we will tell you about that. who does not love a good -- [laughter] cheryl: we will tell you which day is the sleepiest of the year, we have more stories making buzz this morning any comments doug?
6:49 am
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cheryl: look at the decade in stocks, carrie underwood hanging up microphone at the country music awards, the singer announced on instagram that she's stepping away from hosting duties after a dozen years, she's incredible by grateful to everyone at cma's but time to pass the torch, underwood hosting with brad paisley for 11 of the 12 years, this year country music icon, dolly parton, ribba mcintyre, with all
6:53 am
the women on the stage this year it was pretty spectacular. >> i'm a huge country music fan and i love it and i don't know, i've always watched her in the role and she pulled off all of it, interesting to see how the change is going forward but country music is on the rise in general, people just get used to new way things are. cheryl: we will see what happens with cma's, red lobster spicing things up, the chain's bloody mary cocktail, lobster claw and giant shrimp and one of the famous biscuits, specialty drink for add-on, arrives in time to celebrate bloody mary day which is tomorrow.
6:54 am
[laughter] >> i was in wisconsin earlier this year, they had burger on top. i know, right? pillows more likely working overtime on wednesday as of tomorrow, new year's day is the sleepiest day of the year, they feel to most tired on january 1st compare today every other day of the year, could be you are staying out late or the entire holiday season is finally catching up with us, either way odds are keeping your eyes open on new year's day, they recommend 7 hours of shut eye every single night. you may not get that tonight but that's what they're recommending
6:55 am
>> thanksgiving, classic take a nap day, people stay up late and having bloody marys and all that. >> the markets are closeed. the stock market opens at 6:30. cheryl: good point. yeah. well, i will say this that for new year's day obviously on this morning show schedule a lot of us aren't going to be awake in new year's, will you make the effort to stay alive? >> it's my birthday. >> we are off to bed. cheryl: all right, mike lee will be in bed. >> no chance. cheryl: we have the countdown to 2020, we are ringing in the new year, we will take a look at decade of markets and we are celebrating that. also you have the celebration in times square, the safest place
6:56 am
to be all year, live pictures of times square, mornings with maria coming up. sfx: [sneezing] i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam! zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam! oral or nasal.
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cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone, in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 31st. it is new year's eve. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. we are closing the year on high note. futures searching for gains on this last trading day of the decade but still it has been an incredible year and a record run for the markets. we did take a little bit of a pause yesterday with the dow closing down by 183. but again, it's been a bull market run for 10 years and it was a strong year for the markets, by the way. stocks are gearing up for the best performance in six years,
7:00 am
that's 2019 versus six years ago a. as you can see, the nasdaq for the decade gained 294%, the tech heavy index, an incredible story there. we'll continue to celebrate the markets throughout the next two hours. europe, lower across the board. the dax in germany was closed for the holiday. asian markets closing their books on 2019, the nikkei in japan, the kospi were closed. but china manufacturing activity actually expanded in december and that helped the shanghai composite eek out a gain. it was the best year for the shanghai composite since 2014. carlos ghosn on the run. he fled house arrest in tokyo. he reportedly has flown to lebanon on a private jet. one of his attorneys slamming his behavior. the u.s. embassy in iraq is under attack. iraqi militia supporters have gotten inside the u.s. embassy compound in ba baghdad after
7:01 am
breaking down the front gate there. the u.s. and china are looking to ring in 2020 with a trade truce. peter navarro telling fox the trade agreement could be signed as early as this week. the countdown to 2020 is on, countries around the world are starting to ring in the new year. one big reason you may want to stay in tonight, the shocking cost of getting a babysitter on new year's eve. joining us this morning, mike lee, market analyst francis newton stacy is here with us on her birthday, we should add, and tom be vin ivins is here. the carlos ghosn story is incredible. maria has done a lot of reporting on this story throughout the year. he doesn't have as passport. he does have lebanese citizenship.
7:02 am
how did he do this? >> he said i will no longer be held hostage by a rigged japanese justice system. i have not fled justice, i have escaped injustice and political persecution. cheryl: he has maintained his innocence throughout a all of this. he said it was a smear campaign. japanese pros you cu cue tores - prosecutors say he was hiding money and it was urging the renault, nissan merger which is now off the table. >> it's an amazing story. i'm sure it will be a movie. >> i don't know whether he's guilty or not. i watched something on roy coh cohen. all of these people they deny, they deny. you want to flee injustice. one of his attorneys is slamming him because i don't think running from things -- i've attorneys tell me, if you're
7:03 am
wrong, the faster you face it -- avoiding it -- cheryl: if he believed, which he maintains his innocence, that he was not going to get a fair trial in japan, he probably saw his life behind bars as the rest of his life. i'm sure that was the he motivation. >> according to details that maria has broken on this show, they had him in solitary confinement without access to attorneys. these are financial crimes. it's not like he's as mass murderer. it seems like this is a good outcome for carlos ghosn. he's probably leaving a lot of things on the table to get away. i think he's maybe lucky to get away with his life there. cheryl: he landed on a private jet and they grabbed him. and now he's left japan. happening overseas, to hong kong and the chaos that's ringing in the new year. two days of pro democracy protests are expected to kick off p tonight p. it is already nighttime in hong kong. carrie lam released a new year's
7:04 am
message and promises to, quote, rebuild the city and not shy away from responsibilities. joining us now is chief economist derek scissors. good morning and happy new year. >> to you as well. cheryl: what do you expect to see in the new year for hong kong? i guess we're not surprised that protests are scheduled tonight and tomorrow. but do you think carrie lam remains in power in 2020? >> you know, i've been surprised, to be honest, and admire the hong kong protesters for their staying power. if they continue that, i don't see how she remains in office. this is a battle between beijing, hoping this will blow over and they can keep her there and show that things are stable and the hong kong protesters which as i say have been aned adanadmirable thing. cheryl: hong kong has been the
7:05 am
financial capital of china and a shining star for china. international business done in hong kong. to see what's happened there it's discouraging and sad to watch the younger people fight for their freedom. how does china handle this? >> well, you know, to give the chinese a little bit of credit before i criticize them, they've been pretty restrained. if this happened on the mainland that doesn't have hong kong special status there would have been violence brought by security forces. xi-jinping isn't known for tolerance of disagreement. he's touting and the chinese press is touting, calling him the people's leader which harken's back to mau zudong, a brutal dictator. his track record of one of suppressing dissent rather
7:06 am
sharply. >> what about our relationship with china. trump signed the sanctions dealing with hong kong and he's been reticent to jump in the middle of this. give us your sense of what the 2020 -- what 2020 is going to look like with our relationship with the hong kong protesters and chinese government. >> well, i think as long as china doesn't intervene, we'll continue to take a very mild stance. yes, we passed a sanctions bill but the sanctions are symbolic. when you guys talk about u.s.-china trade as you often do, you don't talk about the effect of sanctions because they're very small. we took a symbolic stance. and if china doesn't use violence, i think that will continue to be the u.s. position. now, it's an election. you're going to hear democratic candidates talk about how they would stand up for human rights. but president obama didn't. so i don't expect the democratic candidates to do either be -- to do so either if they win. cheryl: we have the south china morning post reporting that vice
7:07 am
premier liu he will travel to washington this week to sign phase one and they're reporting he was invited by u.s. officials. we had peter navarro on fox news yesterday, he said the agreement is a done deal. watch. >> we'll probably have a signing on that within the next week or so. we're waiting for the translation. as soon as that's done, there's reports that maybe lee he owe l come over and sign. cheryl: i want to bring over francis newton stacy who has a question on that front. >> i guess we'll get the signing of the phase one deal. where are we on phase two? s what's happening with that? and how do you think the u.s. election is going to affect they? how do you think the pro tests are going to affect it? one economist has said to me, if the world is forced to choose between china and the u.s., they
7:08 am
speculate that more people will choose china than we think. what do you think about that? >> good questions. on the phase two, i really don't see phase two happening this year in any meaningful way. there are two reasons. as you mentioned, the election. it's a very difficult time politically in the u.s. to be seen as being pro-china in any way. but also, president trump's going to want to see the chinese making those purchases that they promised. you don't start negotiating a second agreement before the side that you're wondering about, the other side, in this case china, starts implementing the first agreement. so i think we may talk about phase two but i think phase two is a 2021 issue. that's only if phase one goes well. with regard to the world choosing between the u.s. and china, i think that goes back to the human rights issue. sure, if you're selling commodities you're going to choose china because the u.s. is becoming oil independent, we don't need other people's food. the chinese buy from those countries and they're going to want to maintain a relationship with china over the u.s. everyone else is going to look at china's practices internally
7:09 am
and say that's not the country we want to marry up with. so i understand economists, ones focusing on commodities, saying china is very important, we shouldn't underestimate that. as soon as you move beyond the areas where china is dominant,e u.s. is the richer and more democratic partner. >> now that the deal has been signed or essentially in the bag, do you see growth reaccelerating in china? >> i don't -- i've long been a critic of the chinese economic trajectory. i don't think trade with the u.s. is that important. i think what the chinese have done at home is more important. they expanded the state sector, limited the private sector. they don't you allow people to own rural land which is difficult to imagine in the united states. you can't even own your own land in rural areas. the banking system has a serious problem of overhang of debt. i don't see the trade deal mattering that much. as a confidence issue for some
7:10 am
chinese assets, yeah, that's probably a boost at the beginning of 2020. but for chinese macroeconomic direction, it's their own choices that matter, they're a big economy and they've made some very bad choices in my opinion. cheryl: we appreciate you joining us on new year's eve. derek scissors. let's move on to the president president because he has just tweeted on the tensions in the middle east, which we've been reporting this morning. iran killed an american contractor, wounding many. we strongly responded and always will. now iran is orchestrating an attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq. they will be held fully responsible. in addition, we expect iraq to use its forces to protect the embassy and so notify. tom, your reaction to this. >> obviously, he escalating tensions in the middle east, the u.s. response to this american contractor getting killed, killed i think 25 of these iranian-backed militia folks. cheryl: militants. >> correct, but iraqis and
7:11 am
another 55 wounded. so you've got he escalating tensions in the middle east and trump wants to be strong and he's obviously with mike pompeo sending a strong message to iran as part of the maximum pressure campaign. at the same time, donald trump has been trying to pull back from he's escalating, pull back from endless wars in afghanistan, trying to pull out of syria and h here he is upping the ante in the middle east which could be dangerous. cheryl: no impact yet on oil but it's something we're watching this morning. we have a lot of news breaking this morning. we have a story about gift cards, gift cards for cash. how one company can help you trade those unwanted gift cards that you got in your stocking for actual money. plus, maria carey -- maria care -- maria carry, why you'll be celebrating extra tonight.
7:12 am
i talk to the pfl broadcaster ceo about the biggest event of the year. the house and the senate are caught up in impeachment as we head into 2020. how congress plans to tackle top issues, that's coming up. halting a merger, why the feds are taking a closer look at sirius' planned takeover of i i heart radio. futures are down right now. we'll talk about what's moving the markets and we'll take a look at all of the big numbers and the big returns all morning long. ♪ you make me, make me, make me want to cry. ♪ and now i beg to see your face just one more time. ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy.
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cheryl: break overnight an attack at the u.s. embassy in iraq. lauren simonetti has details. the president just tweeting about this. lauren: iraqi militia supporters breaking down the door, they stormed into the building in baghdad earlier. we're told that once inside, they set fire to the lobby, the u.s. ambassador and embassy staff all leaving the building. this followed deadly u.s. air strikes earlier this week that killed 25 iran backed militants. the u.s. air strikes were in retaliation for friday's killing of an american contractor during
7:16 am
a rocket attack on an iraqi military base. in australia, wildfires are forcing evacuations, thousands you now taking shelter on a beach in the southeastern vacation town of malakuda. the sky turning black then p red from the fire and the smoke. crews setting up medical centers as well as shelters. many houses damaged or destroyed entirely. and this, john malone's bid to merge i heart media with sirius xm raising concerns at the department of justice. the new york post is reporting that anti-trust officials are looking at blocking the deal because it could reduce competition and often in raises prices for consumers. the paper says the doj will examine the proposal over the next two months. we'll see where this goes but i heart media owns new york city 100. cheryl: they have a point. usually i'm not a big fan of anti-trust investigations. i think there's i'lla there's os
7:17 am
but this time it's true. we have a lot more coming up. we have a reason to cry over spilled milk, like we needed one, right. organic valley facing a steep fine. we're going to tell you what the fine is coming up next. we just talked about it, oil, we've ended the year for the contract on a high note. what drivers can expect at the pump in 2020. ♪ this ain't no holiday. ♪ but it always turns out this way. ♪ here i am. ♪ when i lost my sight, my biggest fear was losing my independence.
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it's our most dangerous addiction.
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so we took our worst vice, and turned it into the dna for a better system. we created bionic and put the word out with godaddy. what will you change? make the world you want. cheryl: we continue to follow the breaking news situation out of the middle east, in particular what's happening at the u.s. embassy in iraq. we're getting reports now that the u.s. ambassador to iraq, new througmatthew teller, has not evacuated the embassy there. we reported on "fbn: a.m." that he actually had left the embassy. it turns out that we're just getting a statement now that he has not. that report now coming in to fox news. we're going to keep you posted on that. the middle east, the oil market, all of this is going to be
7:21 am
something that could impact oil prices. we did spike at three-month highs. a lot of that was trade optimism, better than expected manufacturing data out of china and traders are watching what's happening in the middle east following those u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria which seems to have led to the uprising that's happening in baghdad that we've been watching. let's bring in to break all of this down, oil associates president andy lipow. i want to get your reaction on the breaking news out of baghdad. >> well, this is a concern because we saw earlier this year rioting in iraq as they attacked the iranian em bay yo embassy be people on the streets street are concerned about corruption and iranian influence and given that iraq is exporting 4.6 million barrels a day of oil, the oil market is quite concerned that we could see a supply disruption especially if the violence continues in iraq. cheryl: as we look of course at the global economy, and it's
7:22 am
been a strong global economy, i'm kind of looking at -- i want to look at your outlook for the year. we have u.s.-china trade which seems to be a positive for the oil market and in particular the gasoline outlook here in the united states, we've had more production, crude production, gasoline production in the united states but that seems to have slowed down a little bit. >> well, exactly. we've seen good news for the oil patch as oil prices have risen about 35% this year from $45 a barrel a year ago to over 61 today. but that still hasn't been enough money for the producers to do well. so as a result, the growth in oil production in the oil patch is going to slow down. but we're still going to exceed 13 million barrels a day next year, making the u.s. the number one oil producer in the world. >> this is francis newton stacy from the studio. and i just wonder, do you think oil prices in 2020 are going to be about supply and demand or do you think it's going to be a
7:23 am
bellwether for inflation or deflation? >> i really think it's about supply and demand. when i think about 2019, i mean, we have more than adequate supply and in fact if you put it in context, the u.s. sanctions on iran have taken over 2 million barrels a day off the market and the production decline in venezuela is another 500,000 barrels a day. had either of those not existed, we would have oil at $40 a barrel, so the issue that i'm seeing is there's absolutely plenty of supply. the oil market has been worried about demand growth. cheryl: mike lee is here in the studio. mike, i was going to ask your take on that. obviously the stock market and oil market have diverged, just the last three months we've seen bullish numbers but overall there is no inflation out there, this year, anyway. >> here's my question for andy. it seems like these je glee thee
7:24 am
less of an effect on the price of oil. do you think that's because of u.s. production or what's your take on that? >> well, i do remember a couple of months ago there was the attack on the saudi facility that took 5 million barrels a day off the market. we saw oil spike about $8 a barrel in the first day and then returned to its pre-existing levels a few weeks later. so with the u.s. ramping up production as well as new production in other places around the world, like brazil, canada, g we've seen less of an impact from opec. s especially in the u.s. where we buy less and less opec oil every year. cheryl: opec can be a market mover, probably more so for the brent contract than the wti and texas intermediate in this country, that's my opinion. u.s. based production, seems like we've seen a pullback in u.s. based production.
7:25 am
the last 10 years for the energy sector, it's the drag. it gained over the last 10 yeas but the energy sector was the lowest performing sector in the s&p 500. as we move forward, do you think that could change? maybe this is a group that's beaten down. or do you think we're not going to see domestic production pick up? >> well, i do think that domestic production is going to pick up slightly in 2020 because you have the big major oil companies like chevron, exxon, shell, still in the permian basin. it's the private producers where the capital budgets have really been getting cut because what we've seen is a significant amount of bankruptcies in the oil patch still in 2019, it's at a higher pace than it was in 2018. so while the volume has been appearing to the market these companies have not been making any money. and even though oil prices have risen 35% since the beginning of the year, the natural gas that's coming out along with the oil, that price has gone down 27%
7:26 am
since january, so it's a mixed bag for these producers. cheryl: yeah. well, and that is a job story as well. andy lipow, happy new year, andy. >> happy new year to you, cheryl. thanks for having me. cheryl: good to have you, as always. we've got a lot more coming up. washingtons' new year, the house and the senate are caught up in impeachment as we head into 2020. how congress plans to tackle those tough issues coming up next. plus, gift cards for cash, how one company can help you trade those unwanted gift cards for money. we're coming back after a quick break. ♪ let it rain over me. ♪ let it rain over me. which brought people together to invest in all the things that move us forward. every day, invesco combines ideas with technology,
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for your worst sore throat pain, try vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy, it's powerful relief. ahhh vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops and try new vapocool spray. cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 31st and your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. closing out a record year, futures are searching for gains on the last trading day of the year.
7:30 am
the month, the decade. don't let these numbers get you down. it's been a record run for stocks. we took a little bit of a pause yesterday. the dow did close down by 183. but overall, again, an incredible month and year for stocks. we had a strong year for the markets, all three major indices gearing up for the best performance in six years. we're going to give you those numbers coming up. we had sharp gains across the decade. this is what you should be celebrating, folks, is the decade in stocks. we've had a bull market 10 years strong. that is something that you can see. the nasdaq, the tech heavy nasdaq up almost 300% over the t 10 years. mike is nodding his head, happy as can be. dow up 172%, s&p up 188%. taking a look at europe, markets across the board lower. you had the ftse 100, the cac, a little bit of pressure, germany's dax is actually closed for the holiday. asian markets actually closing the book already for 2019. china manufacturing activity expanding in december.
7:31 am
that news helping stocks in shanghai close slightly higher for the day. nikkei and kospi were closed for new year's eve. well, it turns out a story that sparked outrage wasn't even true. lauren simonetti has that one. lauren. lauren: the repercussions here, cheryl. a police officer in kansas claimed a mcdonald's worker wrote this message on his cup and now the harrington police chief said the officer faked it. the mcdon a at mcdonald's ownere to prove the worker didn't write it. the copies now out of a job. a oregon creamery find with major fine. organic valley was fined $26,000 for sending milk solids into a storm drain back in january. organic valley spokesperson says the company will not appeal the fine but they did turn a mile of the river white. the most crowded place on new year's eve might also be the
7:32 am
safest place. times square security includes thousands of police officers, metal detectors and 1,000 security cameras and for the first time ever, drones. so a lot of -- a lot going on in times square just a few blocks from here. cheryl: we had a segment on "fbn: a.m." about the clean-up too which is a massive undertaking. lauren: by dawn wednesday morning you won't even know the biggest party in the world existed. isn't it unbelievable a how fast they tackle that trash. cheryl: pretty crazy. let's turn to 2020 and congress. as the house and the senate are held up in impeachment hearings heading into the new year, many issues remain on the table from spending to immigration. let's bring in tennessee congressman chuck fleischman. congressman, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: as we get ready to ring in the new year, what is your outlook for the new year and we've got to start with the issue of impeachment. is nancy pelosi going to turn over these articles to the
7:33 am
senate? >> i've been very disappointed with the way that the speaker and the democrats in the house handled the entire impeachment fee aphi asfiasco.we don't knowg to do. the american people know better. whether she holds them or folds them, president trump is going to be fine. he's done nothing wrong. i think for the country we need to move past this, have our election in november, and move past this partisan witch hunt that has really taken up too much time and too much effort. the american people want us to do things like we did with usmca at the end of the year, like we did with the appropriations package. they want us to do they do every day, get to work, stay at work and get the job done. cheryl: what about things like infrastructure and policy programs. we got a paid family leave measure sent through. that was ivanka trump that pushed that forward.
7:34 am
there's has got to be more positive things coming out of washington. >> i'm the eternal optimist. i really believe in the american people and a our great nation. so i think the next decade will be great. the next year will be great. and i think this century can be the american century. we need an infrastructure package and the good news is, republicans and democrats agree on infrastructure. the key is going to be how large will it be and what will the pay fors be. time and time again, in my tenure in congress, we have seen too many gimmicks in terms of funding infrastructure. we don't do infrastructure the way that we do typical you appropriations packages and that's understandable because these projects are longer term. so if we're going to get serious about infrastructure, we need to get serious about the pay fors, they need to be laid out to the american people, we need to have a real debate and dialogue about it and move forward. we need bridges, we need roads. if we can rebuild our american
7:35 am
infrastructure, it will be consistent with the great growth that we've seen from this economy. >> congressman, it's tom bevin. what are your constituents telling you about impeachment when you go home and what does it mean for democrats in moderate districts that trump won in 2016? >> fortunately, i serve the people of the third district of tennessee a that's in east tennessee, border to border, which is an overwhelmingly pro-trump district. the president is more popular here than ever and that is very loud. i hear it in the supermarkets, i hear it in the restaurants. i hear it at civic centers. so i live in a very pro-trump district. having said that, as we look around the country, i think the house is poised for a landslide victory for republicans and i'll tell you why. republicans did deliver. it was the house that basically repealed and replaced obamacare in the last congress. it was the house that got it
7:36 am
done. unfortunately, we didn't have 60 votes in the senate. the house suffered the losses for the senate's frailities in my view. i think the american people, not only in swing districts, but in other districts, i think our great party is poised to make gains in the african american community, in the latino community, in the asian community. we are going to do very well. the economy is strong. the basics are there. so -- and the president is popular. i think not only in states like tennessee where he is uber popular but really across the country. the american people will ultimately come back i think to the economy. it's better than ever. cheryl: it is. we're celebrating the markets right now certainly and a strong economy but i want to pick up on something you said. there have been reports that within the gom, these are unnamed sources, but there was concern among the gop and the senate and house side that they were in trouble for 2020 because of the impeachment proceedings against the president.
7:37 am
you know, and joe biden has spoke about this, he's wondering if he's going to be testifying in the impeachment trial. listen to joe biden real quick and get your reaction. >> anyone subpoenas relating to this investigation of the president has to be able to have some shred on whether or not he committed the offenses he is accused of committing. there will be no basis upon which to call me as a witness to an event that in fact i cannot have any impact on. cheryl: i know it was congressman a little difficult to hear there. but basically joe biden is saying what's the point of me testifying and mitch mcconnell seems to have no interest in having any witnesses testify. where are we? >> well, when you have a fundamentally flawed procedure, as the house impeachment vote was, as as the house impeachment procedure was, the american people are smarter than that.
7:38 am
this was a very partisan witch hunt. the president, again, in my view did nothing wrong. i've read the memo. i've read the documents. the ukrainians have basically said he did nothing wrong. this was something i think that nancy pelosi and the liberal left wanted to do to this president from day one and it was fundamentally wrong. they're going to pay a price for this a the ballot box. at is goes to the senate, joe biden has been the most you apologetic politician i've ever seen in history, going back and criticizing his own legacy. one of the things i like about president trump, he's unapologetic. when he's right, he's right and he stands up for it and he's delivering on his promises. the american people want leadership and joe biden has not shown leadership. he should not be afraid to go into the senate or in any form and talk about his past or his present but i just do not want to dignify the disgraceful procedure that we've gone
7:39 am
through in the house with impeachment. i hope the senate summarily disposes of it. i think they will. but it's in their hands. cheryl: they need the articles of impeachment to be handed to them first. we'll see when that happens after the new year. congressman, thank you. >> it's a pleasure. happy new year. cheryl: happy new year. tom, real quick, before we go to break. there's two different story lines emerging about 2020 and the gop. some say impeachment could be a risk. others say that this will be -- the backlash will actually benefit those on the republican side. >> the politics of impeachment are fascinating. voters have strong opinions about them. but at the same time, we know what's happening, what's going to happen, right. we knew the house was going to impeach. we know the senate's going to acquit. the polls say about a third of voters say it makes them more likely to vote, a third less likely, for a third it doesn't matter. we don't know how this will work out. cheryl: markets have shrug ed all of this off. >> it's like it's not happening, unbelievable. cheryl: francis, same thing to
7:40 am
you. i can't say anybody on wall street said i'm worried about impeachment. >> no. i think if a democrat looks like they're going to get into office in 2020, the markets right react to that we don't have any certainty about that. cheryl: a that's a different story. gift cards for cash, how one company can help you trade unwanted gift cards for money. the biggest party of the decade happening tonight. countries around the world ringing in the new year. one reason you may want to stay in tonight. find out what it is. ♪ i can't tell you who to sock it to. ♪ it's your thing. ♪ it's your thing. ♪ do what you want to do now
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cheryl: okay, do you love your grandma but you hate the gift card he me got you for christmas? sorry, grandma. there's a company that can help you unload it for cash. and you can even set the price. let's bring in ray's ceo, jay klomenger. how does ray's work? how do i trade in my girt gift d for cash? >> there are tens of billions of dollars of unused gift cards every year. you come to our website at or download our app. we can go out and buy the same gift cards at a discount and make our money go further every way. cheryl: this seems like an interesting business idea, what do you make of it? >> arbitrage and gift cards. i think it's a fantastic thing. i get gift cards for places i'm
7:45 am
never going to be. you get a cabela's and you're never going to go in there. change it in and you don't hold it for 10 years. cheryl: what brands are the most returned? i know it's a horrible thing to ask. i'm just curious. >> it actually goes across the board. a gift card that i may not like is something you may love. what we see is the most popular, especially over the holidays, are the ones you shop at every day. you have big box retailers like amazon, target. we have specialty retailers, cay bella, se for ya, -- ca cabella. sephor ra. cheryl: what about unpopular ones. >> for the popular ones, you see a smaller discount, maybe amazon you may sell it at 1% off. brands that require a little more trial, you can get up to 30% off. it depends on what the supply and demand is of the marketplace. cheryl: i'm wondering about --
7:46 am
mago ahead. >> this is michael lee. what brands do you see the biggest discount on? >> i'll admit it myself, coming into the new year i'm going to go on a little bit of my new year's diet, so i got nutrisystem for 30% off. >> how does rays -- what is your business model here? you take a commission on these as well? is that how this works? >> yeah, that's exactly right. for our marketplace business, which is where you and i would sell a gift card, we take a small commission, 15%. you set the toys coun discount. for the other side of the business, direct retail partnerships, we have 500 direct retail partnerships, we negotiate a commission and pass on the discount to the consumer. cheryl: what about unused gift cards? i was looking in my wallet. i was going to give one of my gift cards for mike lee, for brooks brothers which i will never use. a lot of these expire. a big question for folks at
7:47 am
home, how do i not left gift cards expire. has that changed? are they giving us more leeway instead of watching them go unused and a unvalued? >> in general, most retailers let gift cards endure forever. the problem is, like me and you, i sometimes store those away. what i recommend people do is download the mobile app. you can load the gift card in the mobile app so you never lose it again. it spits out the bar code you can use at the retailer. use it quickly once you get it. if you don't use it right away, store it on the mobile app or list it on rays. cheryl: that's a good way to deal with it. >> this seems like a good business mo l del and a good idea to -- model and good idea to stand in the middle. why let it go to waste. >> it doesn't hurt the retailers. they've already been paid. cheryl: he's making money off of it. it's an interesting business model. it's good to know what we can
7:48 am
and can't return. thank you. happy new year, by the way. >> happy new year. cheryl: good luck with n new nutrisystem. thank you very much. we have a lot more coming up. mariah carey is marking a music milestone, why she'll be celebrating extra tonight. staying in and saving money, why it may be cheaper to ring in in the new year with your kids. stay with us. ♪ i'm every woman. ♪ it's all in me. ♪ anything you want done, baby, i do it naturally. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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7:51 am
cheryl♪ i just want you for my . ♪ more than you could ever know. ♪ make my wish come true. ♪ all i want for christmas is
7:52 am
you. cheryl: maria carey making a buzz this morning. her holiday hit, all i want for christmas is you, the first artist to top the billboard top 100 in four separate decades, beginning in the '90s. the christmas hit was released back in 1994. mike, i love this song. >> i love it. i play it every year constantly from thanksgiving to christmas and then we put it away. this and the michael buble album and obviously we were discussing the insync, merry christmas and happy holidayses. cheryl: were we discussing that right now? >> tmi. cheryl: i think i missed that conversation. tom, mariah carey didn't have a good new year's eve in times square a couple years ago. i don't think she'll be celebrating in times square tonight. >> she's been around for a long time. it's hard to be that successful for that long. very few artists can do it.
7:53 am
she managed to do it. kudos to her. cheryl: parents get ready to pay up. day dathe national average prica babysitter on new year's eve, $17.95 an hour, that's just for one kid. new yorkerspay $19.03. parents in san francisco pay $21.06. those prices don't count tips or extras like dinner or transportation. >> the good news is, among my five kids, via 16-year-old daughter. she's our built-in babysitter. we don't pay these outrageous prices. cheryl: good plan. >> i remember you got paid $3 an hour, $5 an hour. 20 bucks an hour is a lot just for one kid. mike's got three kids. >> yeah. >> you have to pay $60 an hour. >> no, fortunately, we're over -- we're in the $20 range. we got a good, stable but we're going to bed at 9:30 or 10.
7:54 am
all i've got is mariah carey. cheryl: i started baby-sitting when i was 11. it was a great job for extra money. >> it was, yeah. i had nine kids at one time once and i just kept running around counting heads, nobody died. [ laughter ] >> we're all good. cheryl: i hope you got a nice tip. >> i don't remember. cheryl:. a former first lady is making an impact. michelle obama tops gallup's 2019 poll as the most admired woman in the world for the second year in a row. her membe memoir was the best sg book of 2019. usually a sitting president is the one that gets the award. but president trump did tie barack obama. i think that's interesting. >> that's kind of amazing, actually. i wouldn't have necessarily guessed that because the media doesn't really like to recognize trump in the same way they're okay with recognizing obama.
7:55 am
but what i love about the first lady's story is honestly the first ladies stay pretty a-political and i think that's kind of nice and they use their platforms for positive things and i think you should get attention for that. cheryl: when she was at the white house she was pushing healthy eating and pushing kids to get out and play. >> obesity is a problem. >> this is why i think michelle obama stays out of the presidential race. she's been rumored to be a candidate. when you jump into the fray, half of the people don't like you. why ruin that. cheryl: good point. we have a lot more coming up this morning. we are in countdown mode to 2020. let's take a live look right now. this is sydney, australia. we are moments yo away -- this s one of my favorite new year's celebrations. we'll have a live shot coming up after a quick break. ♪ dance until the morning light. ♪ forget about the worries on your mind.
7:56 am
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cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone for maria bartiromo tuesday, december 31st new year's eve, we've got your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, closing out a record year fighters searching for direction right now, we don't have gains to show you dow down 23 premarket remember though, it is light volume like that last two sessions the record run did take brief pause yesterday the dow losing 183 points at the close s&p also losing ground but there is a big but we have had a strong year for narcotics stocks gearing up for the best performances in 6 years your markets year or two nasdaq gaining at this point 34%, as you can see, here from the decade also the nasdaq looking great, 294.24 that is a gain
8:00 am
almost 300% on tech-heavy nasdaq you 72% 10 years s&p up 188% over this 10 year bull run for markets. >> europe lower across the board dax germany closed for holiday contact 40 slightly lower asian markets closing books on 2019, china manufacturing activity for december helped shanghai now back over the yairp region show you the live pictures coming out of sydney, australia, new year' ev rung in, in sydney at famous bridge clock striking midnight 2020 probably one of my favorite new year's celebrations of the year because of that bridge at one point i climbed. >> celebrations kicking off. >> it is, we were talking another great one iconic ones, it is always fun. >> fun to watch auckland
8:01 am
ensues ensues, -- times times a block away from studios, first on last morning, of 2019 very own maria bartiromo has a message for all of our viewers here is maria in her own words on how special it is to have you, the audience, welcome us into your home every morning. ♪ ♪ . >> as we get ready for the last night of the year i am thinking about our incredible viewers thank you, you are so smart, so informed so independent mined, you empower me make me and this smarter questions posts tweets you drive us to follow the truth, as i feel so honored grateful to have the most internationally stimulating
8:02 am
conversation every day with you with our contractorors lauren cheryl thank you for amazing year i look forward to the new one together. >> dagen mcdowell i am so looking forward to having have most well informed political economic conversations with you, during this upcoming election year of 2020. there will be much to discuss, and much to debate. as you our audience knows we are invested in you, so we will make sure to find the impact of all policies politics economic changes the impact of all of that on your life. in the meantime, i am sending you love, and reminder to cherish every day. life is so short. and i am so grateful today for the blessings in my life, i know you are too. i am having my family over for dinner tonight to kick off new decade, about my sister has always said life is short use the china so i am actually
8:03 am
using all my good stuff but i got from my wedding 20 years ago. i am using it with some of my favorite people in the world. my family. i have been reflefleft ining to twooept looking to 2020 riding new bike with husband walking the beach with dusty a few shots of her having the west time one great shot look at this where waiting to get on that sand, she is looking out, ready to take on the world. i bet she is saying bring on the roaring 20s so are we on "mornings with maria". i am sending everyone love and hugs i wish you health and happiness in the year ahead happy new year. >> maria bartiromo we love you happy new year to you have a great dinner tonight maria bartiromo on favorite moments of 2019. we've got favorite moments record highs, ringing in new year futures hoping to finish off higher look at last
8:04 am
session of the year volume light have to see dow flat right now s&p, nasdaq actually slightly, lower, but the s&p and nasdaq are about to have their strongest year since 2013. lets bring in dominic, good morning. >> good morning, how are you -- >> i am good how do you feel about markets incredible just for 2019, the middle of all drama out of washington impeachment debacle investors have walked away and said i am hitting the buy button. >> when we see where we were where ended the fourth quarter last year one of the worst quarters i think i remember in entire years i have been in this business then to rebound each one of those things that drop off us nuts triedr war with china the fed raising interest rates each one of them came by way side didn't become a scary as once was, the market recovered and recovered rooifrnd we have he
8:05 am
we had one of the most fabulous years i can remember think about poor investors that bailed out in december they missed out one of the greatest years we've had in a long, long time. >> what is it with people that are not involved in the market what do you hear i am shocked to this day i don't see millennials in particular investing don't have faith in stock market i think it is one of the best ways to build value and wealth in the country in the world. >> i couldn't agree more but i think a lot of people witnessed parents grandparents going through 2008 a significant amount of appellant the bear stearnss of the world wacovia lehman brothers out of business watch went through parents had 401(k) through the floor said we don't want to get involved about educating them teaching them, this is a great way to accumulate wealth especially with 401(k) or 401b plan
8:06 am
pretax a terrific way to save and grow money. >> hi dominic i just kind of curious do you think we will see slowing first couple days of january where people are taking profits pushing cal gains out? >> i know, in our own practice, we really held off selling anything i did not want to today taxes did not want clients paying taxes held off, hoping that we could shift that tax burden, into 2020 so we will be harvesting some profits i think a lot of people too. in our industry, i also think a lot of investors came in, last couple weeks that missed the boat all of the sudden going to see selling going on, they might be quick to bail i wouldn't be surprised if we see a little bit of a pullback in the first couple weeks of the year. >> i am curious if you agree on that one. >> i had a question along those lines, dominic, the marketing basically straight up since minimized of august or end of august. if we do you think we are
8:07 am
going to see pullback that is relatively significant and how would you how would you play that for your clients? >> well, you know, we talked to clients regularly 5 to 10% pugback kind of normal used to see them all the time, clients 10% pullback, having a little cash on sidelines a little dry powder as we like to talk to clients, that is opportunity money so when you see pullbacks coming in see the big sale sign on department store hey everything is off today go in buy good quality companies, good names, always have a little monday money on sidelines. >> obviously, looking at beaten down sectors maybe will pop higher in 2020 and beyond do you have a strategy for the next decade or kind of sticking with one-year plan? >> we definitely look at things 3, 6, 12 months out
8:08 am
funny looking at august most of the -- he talking about recession the market going through a dramatic correction here, thes consumer is incredibly strong the consumer is going to continue spending, we are hoping this trade deal with china allows mere money to come into our economy. farmers having capital to work with u.s. companies having capital to work with, maybe some capex comes back into the economy so we still love health care recommend it the last time we were here, but that is up 15 to 18% since recommended i love health care i also like about the whole 5g thing is going to be enormous i think companies tie into that might be a great place to start sprinkling money into it. >> 5g? >> dominic, the election obviously, bearing down on us 11 months how do you think the market is going to react to the election itself, and he
8:09 am
potentially closer to possibility of democrat taking office? >> yeah, look. look happened when we switched over from obama presidency to trump presidency. you have to look at your portfolio model your portfolio to economic expectations going up three, six, 12 months if we had a democratic president i can programs you our portfolios would look completely different much lower growth economy, much lower interest rates for longer time. maybe even much lower inflation, so we would have to we would aggressively remodel our portfolios to deal with a democratic in office instead of a republican. >> worst democratic candidate for the market about? >> i -- i think warren is done, i think she opened her mouth time times even democrats don't like some of our ideas he sanders probable next in line choice would do most damage to the economy most damage to the markets. cheryl: policies have not
8:10 am
worked out for many countries around the world. >> look great on paper happy new year to all. >> always looks good on paper right dominic? >> exactly right. cheryl: s happy new year good to see you a lot to talk about on last day of the month the year the dagened, mirror, mirror on the wall wlo is the fairest of them all? well we are going to call this a draw brak. >> and donald trump tied. >> a trade-off we've got that warming, and new year's knock-out professional fighting league ceo murray here with randy the natural to break down six-million-dollar fight you don't want to miss it coming up, the top the movie on netflix this year is a mystery. >> we didn't do this.
8:11 am
>> some won is trying to frame us. >> please just figure this out. cheryl: we are taking a look at netflix's 10 year rally how its content has evolved and a 10 year bull run for wall street we've got, the were to o performers of the decade stocking you can expect to stay hot for 2020. ♪ i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. introducing new vicks vapopatch
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easy to wear, with soothing vicks vapors for her, for you, for the whole family. new vicks vapopatch. breathe easy.
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8:14 am
following attack in iraq lauren simonetti following that. >> all morning u.s. officials telling fox news, the embassy in baghdad has not been evacuated, despite earlier reports that everyone had left. iraq militia supporters stormed the billing we are told set fire to the lobby president tweeted accused of iran of planning attack vows to hold regime responsible this follows u.s. airstrikes earlier this week killed 25 iran backed militants in retall wraggs for friday's killing of american contractor during a rocket attack on iraqi military base, former chairman fleeing japan on private jet to lebanon placed
8:15 am
under house under arrest in tokyo carlos ghosn denied wrongdoing said he would no longer be held hostage by a relyinged rigged japanese system he may lebanon has no extra agreement with japan. >> netflix releasing top titles in 2019 murder mystery number one adam sandler, straerng things third season came in second place, overall netflix original content dominated taking nine of top 10 spots that was limited to content that premiered in 2019 so shows you netflix investments on their own content, paying off, but the real challenge january when earnings come out reports -- >> talking about this, up 15
8:16 am
billion in content for 2019, a huge chunk of change. >> losing other movies shows paying off we are watching titles. >> did you see murder mystery. >> i didn't like it got in trouble for saying i didn't like i want it was just okay. >> i didn't watch its streaming wars, i thought interesting he was saying watch out netflix because here comes -- >> i don't think i believe that i think netflix has strong game. >> was a nt on list the crown a ton of money into a huge hit revamped for season three folks had trouble getting -- the characters. >> i barely finished the crown season three so disappointed, i love susan. >> any netflix favorites for you? >> just every -- remomovie, 50
8:17 am
things spent a on the on nobody watches we did notget chance to talk to pete about you are in content war apple entered the race hundreds of billions of dollars cash amazon disney content factories what point is rubber going to meet road where spend, spend, spend wraps up a few don't go well, like say the irishman i thought all right but spent hundreds of millions of dollars on that it was number five, number one and number two martin scorsese should be classic. heart to predicting. >> look at cats we talked about cats 70-million-dollar disaster, for universal. >> you know. >> [laughter] >> all executives hollywood are like -- >> like, lucrative we have
8:18 am
seen 500 times. >> true. >> hard to predict. >> a lot more coming up this morning, mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? presidents past and president sharing a title this year we are going to tell law that title is plus, homeowners increasingly taking cash out of properties that comes with a cost what you need to know if you are thinking about something like this coming up. ♪ when i lost my sight, my biggest fear was losing my independence. mmm... good. so i've spent my life developing technology
8:19 am
to help the visually impaired. we are so good. we built a guide that uses ibm watson... to help the blind. it is already working in cities like tokyo. my dream is to help millions more people like me.
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8:21 am
cheryl: welcome back, many americans, out of cash, are turning to their homes and properties to refinance, bigger price mortgage data technology firm black knight said 60% cash out refinancing last year-end upped with higher interest rates, let's bring in amc managing director former fannie mae executive, tim. >> good morning, and i think this is always been a dangerous road to hoe for hrpz we are seeing it bite them, why? >> cheryl happy new year. >> look i i was at fannie mae 2006 as executive so i still
8:22 am
have a ptsd i look at data started kind of harkening back to 2007 i will commit that my upper lip did sweat a little bit before you go into gold a little bit of grounding perspective before panic sets in, one, yes, refinances up substantially in 2019 yeah predominantly cash out. some things that put me back to sleep at night one, right now you've got 16 trillion dollars worth of net equity residential real estate if you took aggregate value aggregate mortgages 16 trillion dollars, three trillion more than 2006, 2017. even better you got about 6.2 trillion dollars worth of capital equity that means everybody went out for whatever reason, 45 million americans, took out mortgage still have 120, 140,000 apiece in equity, comforting last
8:23 am
thing leading up to crisis cash out was 300, 400 billion dollars a year, 2005, 2006, 2007, now 30 to 100 billion last thing i will say don't forget the underpinning of the housing market before mortgages written on o lies speculation fraud this book of business underlying the mortgage recovery strictest purest heavily documented in my generation. >> i guess you are telling me a rosy outlook for 2020. obviously, you are telling me from what i can hear from you that you think that it is going to be strong in 2020 housing market some pockets, obviously, re local some pockets of the country have seen weakness, northeast one of those areas. >> interesting i broke, new market 2020 market down into kind of four pieces you've got existing home market, starting
8:24 am
for inventory, even more for inventory in 2020, so that is going to go down and you've got all millennials now crowding the market you've got about 5 million that are hitting 30s coming online households looking to buy entry level market upward pressure but upward pressure lock of velocity means high and mid markets are soft if you didn't get into entry level home builders more optimistic breaking ground 12-year highs figured out how to crack into the entry level market the downside figure out how to build three times as much properties as they have been doing to date, going to take while to really wind that up. last thing i would say that you are seeing, really a mass exodus from expensive coastal cities think about new york, l.a. san francisco, seattle,
8:25 am
and builders following suit moving with buyers inland going to tertiary markets building properties adjacent to centers like, you know, instead nationally in colorado springs you get the jist. >> i do because i've got one of those people on set with me right now. >> have we are talking about this this morning, about your move to lower tax. >> i never thought would i live in reno, it is amazing it i was on california side of the nevada, california border, and we built the house for airport proximity trump changed taxes laws reno i guess one of the fastest growing cities in the u.s. cost of living very low, house has gone up quite a bit they have inventory issue, so, yes, happening in -- isn't california going to lose a seat for rep because population going down drastically. >> that is right. >> i am from illinois we've got a mass exodus going on
8:26 am
pushing real estate values down as tax base leaves in a vicious spiral. >> i have done so many stories guys about everyone leaving new jersey new york, connecticut, they are going to texas, florida and nevada, i like all positivity in real estate. >> sounded like adam sandler movie like "i never thought would i live in reno". >> that was good. >> thank you happy new year. >> happy new year. >> all right a lot more coming up it was a 10 year bull run for wall street, we've got the top performs of the dagened, about which stocks you can expect to stay hot in 2020 and where one dollar turned into 90,000 past 10 years traders call it best investment of the decade we are going to temperature you what -- we are going to tell you what it is. of the ♪ ♪ ♪
8:27 am
celebration around the world ♪ ♪ man, i'm thinking tacos. hey hey! you guys look like foodies. would you like to try our trashy back ribs? oh, that sounds great... everything is locally harvested, farm to dumpster to table. uhhh, what do you... what else do you got? (stammering) w-we have a melon rind stew. comes with a pork and bean reduction. yeah, we're going to just do a lap and we'll come back. okay. well, we'll be here. man! why isn't this working? my mouth is watering. i think that's just your rabies flaring up. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. we got gristle pot pies!
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8:30 am
zealand last trading day of the year decade looking at hottest stocks the last 10 years, deirdre bolton on the floor of the new york cinew yor a good day. >> if not a good day it has been a great year, and a great decade i want to tell you what this done past 10 years on track s&p 500 to match 2013
8:31 am
gains 29.6% look at numbers the dow up close to 173% s&p 500 close to 189% nasdaq round way up close to 300% return in the past 10 years, if you want to know the winners of the decade, apple, unitedhealth visa, s&p 500 netflix not surprisingly with advent of streaming big winner for the decade market access and biomed stand out one of the biotechs this year apple gets double honors the best performering dow stock for the year as i mentioned for decade as well also worth noting cheryl the superstar of this decade had nothing to do with any product that we usually trade or mainstream bitcoin a nine million percent return as i know in 2008 started at
8:32 am
zero, and traded around 14,000 settled in at the moment i think around 7200 and change, but essentially went from zero, to digital gold, many people still skeptics exist say fine hard to actually use this, but if you are just looking for banning for the buck nine million percent, back to you. cheryl: -- myself and fellow skeptics about bitcoin thank you very much deirdre bolton on the floor of the new york stock exchange may be green arrows tun you up before the end of the day. >> impeachment battle democratic candidate former vice president joe biden speaking out when -- could be called to testify in the impeachment trial. >> anyone subpoenaed relating to this investigation -- has to be able to have some to whether or not he committed what he is accused of committing there will be no
8:33 am
basis on which to call me as a to an event that in fact i cannot have any impact on. cheryl: joining me 2020 campaign pollster, and mcloughlin associates president partner kim, good morning, happy new year what do you make of that comment from joe biden. >> good morning. i think it is joe biden's worst nightmare last thing he wants to do is to have him or his son, get called in senate trial because literally when you look at it, he was pet obama's point man on ukraine next thing you know his son getting a sweetheart deal with dirty energy company over there, everybody knew was dirty, and just it just it smells literally. what happened was they are putting the vice president office for all intents and purposes the president's office up for sale it is wrong. >> what did you make of that
8:34 am
joe biden comments just now? not out of the realm of possibility he could be called to testify in the senate it is probably not going to happen. according to mitch mcconnell, but -- >> it is look a longer the senate trial goes on i think the worst for joe biden. i -- he wants get it over quite frankly, i this i all democrats running for president want this to end quickly to get on campaign trail jim my question to you, the polling that you have done recently had, talk about whether trump is making ground with his weak spots, suburban i women minority voelts african americans hispanics. >> obviously, different groups you talked about, that was the real weak spot for republicans in 2018 election especially among independently suburban women we are seeing president trump getting a spike among those voters right now, especially in the battleground states the reason why getting it he is getting it on economy we did some focus groups pretty recently, we asked them about impeachment, they were
8:35 am
they with outraged by it look, there is folks there is the hard-core democrats they want the president impeached they are same people that wanted him impeached right after he got elected but really hurting them at swing voters, and look at recent natural pols wasn't one of outsiders in great web site about, more than 70% americans actually told us that the economy was good or excellent, that is the best thing that donald trump has going for him right now that is what is going to help him get voters. >> we have been talking about the market mow the market is really shrugged off impeachment debacle really we are having i think best annual performance since 2013 in numbers hold tonight we've got one more day s&p 500 up 28% dow up 22%, that is best performer in 2017 you talk about polling, the reaction from those, and strong economy, but the markets also have completely ignored what happened in washington.
8:36 am
>> because markets understand we have a strong economy, and you know what is most important for the president right now, for all republicans, for that matter. there is a feeling the economy is getting better, when you ask that famous question that ronald reagan made famous are you better off now than four years ago people say overwhelmingly when it woman hes to economy folks feeling best middle income lower income working class earns incomes have gone up significantly for almost two decade incomes did not go up feeling it feel it in pocketbooks right now look atness that is going on in democratic primary for president right now, they are talking about raising taxes, talking about more regulation, they are talking about going after the energy companies, i mean that is the kind of stuff that is really turning off voters, turning off swing voters. >> mike francis newton here watching the markets, we talked about it already this morning. >> what about brexit do you think there is a correlation with what occurred with
8:37 am
election there, what is going to happen in in country. >> that is a great question. there are brexit type movements going on all over the world right now. you are seeing this populism that donald trump really got going here in the united states, that is when people started to pay attention you really are seeing it rise up, i look at it actually over the last decade, this is a good thing, you know who has taken a hit elites, because right now you have working class people you know, rising up and it was amazing. donald trump was the guy that really galvanized that issue in the united states it is still is going on. >> interesting. >> do you think the economy will be number one election in 2020 election. >> i think it will be i think it will be, and it should be almost always is james carville's adaiming right adage it is economy stupid the most important issue the other thing about peace, that is something that is important, and things like immigration, the me, middle east president
8:38 am
has done good job get elected on peace prosperity getting a's on both issues right now. >> i want to ask about something else we talked about earlier this is you got president trump and former vice president obama tied for most admired man of 2019 gallup poll, you also had 2% elon musk bill gates jimmy carter bill sanders your take seeing presidento tie with president trump. >> amazing a significant increase for president trump you have nearly one out of five americans right now telling you that donald trump is the most admired man think about it, over 90% coverage he gets from mainstream media is negative, so i mean that is that is -- tells you something also tells but intensity of support a lot of liberals going crazy when they see that most of the time what happens, when a president leaves office they get significantly more
8:39 am
popular because not getting attacked anywhere become statesmen. >> notable, president trump tied with him because you are right normally past president we have fond memories. >> jim great to have you on set. >> happy new year. >> happy new year new year' eve celebrations can sometimes end up like this. >> i -- this one overcast -- >> o [laughter]. >> an app can help avoid the ultimate hangover we are talking about that next, and new year's knock-out progressively fighting league ceo peter murray here with randy the natural you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪
8:40 am
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to data collection policy lauren simonetti has that insider could cost money youtube going to limit, the personal data collected on videos that are designed for kids to comply with federal privacy crackdown changes taking place next month going to target videos, that are note properly labeled creators could be slapped with fines from ftc as a result amazon taking issue of homelessness to heart opening epl up homeless shelter early next year mary's place largest one in washington stateroom for 275 people. amazon will pick up the tab
8:44 am
for rent and utilities over the next 10 years. finally, many will celebrate 2020 with for two or three or four one looking to occurw drunk driving allowing users to log blood alcohol at the time issues warnings for people if blood alcohol content is too high. >> it is great absolutely. >> you know if high call uber. >> drink responsibly. >> or just do that. >> don't drink the whole bottle try to stay with half bottle of champagne one of the 380,000 glasses champagne sparkling wine served tonight about. >> incredible. >> sparkling wing thank you lawy sparkling wine, professional fighting with ceo peter murray
8:45 am
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ringing in 2020 with a bang madison square garden one of mixed martial arts top leagues holds largest event of the year tonight professional fighters legislate 2019 world championship six titles, six million dollars for grabs psl chief executive officer peter murray psl braker mixed martial arts icon randy. >> happy new year you've got a huge crowd for tonight at msg what is it about the sport do you think that derisive ticket sales so that neevolution of growth, six world tight fights one night before ball drops six champions earn a million dollars each. >> you've got the business side of it but you've got the
8:49 am
experience side of this you know what it is like to be one of these athletes, body beat up is it a concern at this point in career about violence fighters go through. >> no never a concern honestly i have been in sports since 10 years old started wrestling into mma mixed martial arts, i don't think they are violent it is kinetic physical sport a hundred years ago boxing world champion a hit now the mma. >> where did you get the name from. >> promoter jamie gold one of the outlets for mixed martial arts in form 90 pods give a me that handle. >> six title if its the first woim's lightweight title
8:50 am
two-time olympic judo gold medalist kayla harrison and you are pushing equal pay all about equal pay right. >> absolutely. >> randy, women are like in fighting alongside with men making same salary. >> why wouldn't they be compensated the same you look at kayla huge draw, main star, amazing athletic a great job very young six fights undefeated doing a heck of a jo about. >> what most comrefs you about fighters in the ring. >> amazing, the mental discipline dedication to craft how they train prepare for each fight. >> you have seen a lot of growth, in this -- i mean really over last, a couple years but international like 150 countries. >> 19 months ago validated with first ever in support to have a regular season playoff
8:51 am
in championship. it is really all about, earning about athletes earning their way competing in playoff where they are fighting tonight, fight twice in one night, beat opponent to get into this championship. >> randy what are you most looking forward about tonight for first for fight also is do want to ask o we talked about concussion in those nfl, soccer, that has to still be a concern. >> any time involved in a contact sport there is going to be a factor there this is going to be an issue there i think we take every precaution necessary all guys -- certified by athletic commissionsity fit to compete in this sport i think doing this over 20 years never seen anything seriously injured in this sport you get cuts sometimes especially scalp bruise bleed more my son fights fighting 10 years, so scomloog a lot you got your
8:52 am
son out there one good friend of the jo jack brewer said you played professional said never letting my son play in nfl, what are you looking forward to a-million-dollar purse i hit the equal pay things what is your highlight. >> 6 world title fights one tonight unprecedented one of those in an event hey every fight matters. of the and you know dreams will be fulfill tonight millionaires will be made for us all about delivering that live product around the world over 150 countries as you mentioned of over 3 million viewers before ball drops part of tradition of this holiday no different than nfl has done a great job only thanksgiving, nba christmas tomorrow bowl games in have college space, so it is great to end the year with the sporting events such as that. >> i have to ask quick
8:53 am
predictions? >> that is the beauty of matchups, 12 athletes competing you can you can flip a coin either one very capable of winning waking away with that purse. >> dpoeks are going to have a good time i applaud you having this close totypes times new year's eve a brave man. >> we want to be in the thick of it. >> have a good time tonight, great to meet both of you fascinating sport more coming up final thoughts maybe a few predictions from our all-star panel that is the finish part of having a show on new year's eve . we'll be right back ♪
8:54 am
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>> ♪ >> there are your markets over the last decade its been an amazing bull run for you and your money and now this time for final thoughts and i'll twist this up today and say it's time for predictions from our all-star panel as we head into 2020. tom to you, no pressure. >> we were just talking about the nfl and my seahawks suffered a disturbing loss so my predictions is that the seahawks will beat the philadelphia eagles in philadelphia for the wildcard next sunday. >> that's a really bold prediction. >> i know it is. i'm going to predict the cowboys
8:58 am
won't be in the playoffs. what is your prediction for 2020 >> i think the biggest thing is we'll have an election like they had in the uk, and i hope the 49 ers win the super bowl, because that's where i live now. >> the 49ers are looking good though. >> they are. they actually also had a really good season. >> they had a great season and all those problems. >> pretty sure colin kaepernick won't be returning to the 49ers are you okay with that? >> yes. >> or any nfl team. >> we took on richard sherman though. >> all right, prediction? >> i think we see double-digit equity returns in 2020, to the positive. i think that it's going to be a very good year, with little more volatility than 2019 but i think 2020 is going to go back and say this is a really good year economically for the united states. >> but looking forward, i think the only risk that i kind of see that gets the possibility is a risk of inflation for 2020 because the recession, take the recession talk off the table
8:59 am
that's just not happening right now. inflation though could push the fed. that could hurt us. >> i just, when interest rates are this low you almost take inflation off the table because banks deciding to lend kind of goes away so without the velocity of money increasing substantially i don't think it's a big risk. at some point it's going to happen but i don't share that concern. fiscal policy is in there and increases the money supply. >> not to the speed the banking system can. >> that's true. >> even government can't keep up with the private banking system. >> we didn't even get to this tom is the issue of the national debt which hasn't been talked about enough frankly. it's kind of out of control. >> it hasn't. it's one of the things that doesn't seem to be a concern, among republicans and they are usually the fiscal hawks but with trump in office running for re-election, it just hasn't been on the radar screen but that's another thing that could be a drag on economic growth which again could hinder his re-election if the economy doesn't say strong through the third quarter this year. >> yeah, we're like way over leverred compared to 2007.
9:00 am
>> oh, yeah and valuations are possibly, it's not the dot com. >> let's stay positive. >> my prediction is that happy new year to all of you, and fox business is going to have a great 2020 so much coming up on this network thanks to all of our viewers i know maria bartiromo wishes she would be here to say to you happy new year, i'm channeling her and over to ashley webster in for stuart today. ashley: hey, cheryl happy new year to you and good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us last day of the trading year, and the decade for that matter. what a decade it has been for stocks. we followed it along the way we'll be taking a look at the bigger stock gainers over the past 10 years which let's face it has been a blowout for the markets. the economy also humming along, and trump's top trade advisor, peter navarro says 2020 will be one of the greatest years in u.s. history economically. that's very bullish, he is predicting close to 3% growth and 32000 on the dow. we'll talk about that, 2020 also of c a


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