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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 9, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> estimate is nine to 10% eps growth. we're a little below that. liz: we'll see if we hit it. [closing bell rings] cue the fireworks. markets see records across the board. dow, nasdaq, mid-east tensions ease for a moment. connell: how about the market? another day of records on wall street. all three major averages ending the day at a record high. melissa: i was so spoiled i wanted it above 29,000. connell: it is almost there. melissa: i know. connell: i don't think it will settle. it is close, 40 some points. iran news we've been following all week. perception, tensions eased there. trade news working in. anyway the dow closing just short of that mark of 29,000. still up 213 points. this is the second record close of the new year. so,. melissa: whoo-hoo. connell: whoo-hoo she said. melissa: she did. connell: i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell."
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s&p 500 closing for record territory the second time this year. nasdaq leading major averages with a third record close. any minute, president trump is set to depart the white house, making his way to battleground ohio for the first major campaign rally of the year. we'll bring you any comment from the president, if he stops to speak to reporters. we have fox business team coverage. blake burman at the white house. gerri willis on floor of new york stock exchange. edward lawrence in minneapolis. phil flynn is watching oil at the cme. let's start with, hmmm blake. reporter: here in washington, u.s. officials believe iran shot down the uranium airlines flight that left iran and crashed in minutes. officials say they believe iran shot the plane down with surface-to-air missile and did so by mistake. one official telling fox of iran, quote, they just screwed up and it is tragic.
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iran of course first blamed the crash on technical issues on that boeing 737 but president trump today echoed the sentiment of the pentagon. >> well, i have my suspicions. it was flying at a pretty rough neighborhood and somebody could have made a mistake. some people say it was mechanical. i personally don't think that's, even a question personally. so we'll see what happens. reporter: meantime this is a live look up on capitol hill as the house is taking up a war powers resolution. that right there of course nancy pelosi speaking on the house floor, speaker of the house. this non-binding resolution calls for constraining the president's ability to escalate tensions with iran. earlier today the president defended sidestepping congress on the strike that killed qassem soleimani but left open the possibility of involving congress undo the line. >> it would all depend on the circumstance. i don't have to, you shouldn't
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have to be able because you have to make split-second decisions sometimes. sometimes you have to move very, very quickly, john, but in certain cases i wouldn't even mind doing it. reporter: as for the president he is expected to leave the white house later this hour. he heads to ohio for a campaign rally there in toledo. back to you. melissa: blake, thank you. connell: back to the market. a day of new highs on wall street. gerri willis joins us to take us through the day. quite a day it was at the new york stock exchange. reporter: whoo-hoo is the technical way to describe what happened today, up 212. brand new spanking high for the dow. it had to go up 123 points to make that high. it did indeed. 23 points shy of 29,000, darn it. nasdaq closing above 92. i had to look at number, hard to imagine we're there, 9200 for the first time. what is going on here? investors happy about the resolution of a what appeared to
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be horrible crisis in the middle east. they're thinking about january 15th, signing of the china deal. no stock embodied what has gone on, push and pull of markets more than apple. it hit an all-time high today, reporting that in china they had an 18% gain in sales of their handsets, their phones. jefferies raising price target to 350. all analysts are trying to catch up with the apple stock, raising price targets across wall street. that new high, 310.43. not closing at that level. another stock that might surprise you here doing very well indeed, boeing bouncing back after u.s. officials say the ukrainian plane that crashed, ba 737-800 was downed by two iranian surface-to-air missiles. this was not a problem of a boeing aircraft having troubles like the 737 max jet. very different indeed. so those shares lifted today as was most of the market. a lot of optimism out there and,
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wish we could bottle this, have this every day. i will be back tomorrow to tell if we cross 29 on the dow. connell: we had a lot of days. thanks, gerri willis. melissa: oil settling down for the third day. phil flynn for more on that one. phil. >> basically looking at an oil market seen the most safe of, amount of oil in the world right now. there is a real sense in the market we've taken a lot of fear premium out of oil last couple days. because of a sense after the iran strike in the u.s., and u.s. saying that iran will stand down, that oil supplies are safer from a geopolitical risk standpoint than they have been for years. yet at the same time, of course, we do have signs that demand is very strong. record high in the stock market. optimism surrounding economy. that could give us a little bit of support. we bounced off the lows today after that report that it was suspected that that plane that plane was shot down by mistake by iran.
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we taken risk premium out of gold as well. gold of course was down again for the third day. that is after hitting seven-year high in runup of price. even though the price of gold is down, central banks around the globe continue to buy gold at record place. they added another 27 million tons of gold in november. that is more than 11% this year. about 270 tons this year. incredible amount of gold buying that could still give us support. thank you. melissa: phil, thank you. connell: you're welcome. to a fox business exclusive interview. edward lawrence today sat down with the minneapolis fed president neel kashkari. edward joins us to tell us what he learned. reporter: connell i learned according to president minneapolis federal reserve president kashkari there will not be recession in 2020 or 2021. he said he would have liked to see the federal reserve cut-rate
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as little faster at the end of last year but he is good where they stand right now. >> i basically argued that we should to the have been raising rates. why were we raising rates? we were raising rates because we thought we were full employment that would lead to inflation around the corner. turns out we were not at full employment. hundreds of thousands, millions of americans came off the sidelines to take jobs. wages are growing but not led to inflationary pressure. i'm happy we took back rate increases. right now i'm comfortable with pausing interest rates to see how the economy evolves. reporter: inflation is historyinger there. if he sees more weakness in inflation he won't have problem voting for another rate cut. he does expect business investment to pick up because of usmca basically being ratified. that is close in the senate. as well as the phase one trade deal in china being signed next week. however, he does say he wants to see exactly what is in the phase one deal. as far as inverting the yield curve, kashkari believes that is
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not necessarily a sign last year, that there is recession coming up or economic slowdown. listen. >> i would also say the federal reserve having cut interest rates, has taken some of the recession risk off the table. we basically inverted the yield curve, raising interest rates over last few years. i argued those were not justified. reporter: he says fundamentals of the economy are strong, wages are up. unemployment is down. he says that he is not, he is happy with letting economy run hot, just a little bit here in the future. back to you. connell: good interview. edward lawrence, in minneapolis today. gary b. smith, kadena group, fox news contributor. we'll put together what we're hearing from our reporters, gary, the market continues the upward march. edward getting at it a little bit. people looking at rallies day after day for the most part to new highs, say some worst case scenarios, that may have been out there as possibilities for
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investors are now less likely. trade, whether it is china or usmca, where we're making advancements, certainly what is going on with iran, seems to be the case. what do you think odds are this rally can keep going? >> you're probably asking the wrong person connell. connell: i know. >> i was skeptical last week, if you remember. connell: i know. >> we talked about it. there has to be something out there, something we don't know and when we had the iran attack, i thought, ah, here it is, not that i was thankful, i thought, i knew there would be something. of course i looked at futures that night, they look the pathetic, down 500 or something. connell: sure. >> by the next morning we're up. so i'm out of answers on this. it feels thin. it feels like this is, one of those melt-up rallies, but at this point, connell, every time i say, oh, you know, sell or stay on the sidelines, it keeps
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going up. connell: before we let you go on that point, you're right, we talked about it a few times. why do you think it feels thin, other than the fact that we have been up so much? is there another reason? something you see out there, slowing economy. just the simple fact what goes up must come down at some point? >> that's it more than anything. that is kind of, i guess my technician background. we have almost a parabolic move if you will. it doesn't seem to abate. the other part, we had, probably had so much money on the sidelines, that people are saying my gosh, it is not going to come in. we talked about earlier about apple. like everyone wants to own it, almost regardless now of the valuation. so, it kind of, like i said, it, just a gut feel. feels like the end of '90s, early 2,000. people thought it was just
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unidirectional. all of sudden comes crashing down. again, i'm the wrong guy to say sell at this point. connell: all right, gary. melissa: defying public demands. facebook announcing it will not limit political ads targeting specific groups of people ahead of the 2020 race. the tech giant opting instead for changes that give users more control how many ad they see. could the moves backfire on the tech giant. gary, what do you think about this one? so hard to tell how they should slice and dice it. twitter said they wouldn't do it at all. i am intrigued the idea, transparency features let them save the political ads in an online library to look at them, i don't know. what are your thoughts? >> i like it. i tell you what, i think facebook should take all ads. i don't think, excuse me. having a little audio problem.
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i don't think they should be out there in the area of monitoring. i think first of all the fact that people think facebook somehow controls people's actions out there, even, you know, implied, i think it is kind of ludicrous. if you ask someone, hey, were you affected in the last election by an ad you saw on facebook, people kind of shrug their hands. i think facebook as a company needs to take in as much revenue as possible. i don't think they should have any filters what is out there. melissa: gary, love it. thank you. connell: as we continue, we're still, this is what we'll be doing throughout a good part of the hour, waiting comments from president trump. could come any minute. he is supposed to leave the white house in the next few minutes. he is going to a campaign rally in ohio. we'll see whether he talks, maybe addresses tensions between the united states and iran or any other topic, live at the pentagon where things stand with iran coming up. melissa: struggling to maintain momentum. new data suggesting that
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elizabeth falling behind in key battleground states. critics say her progressive push is to blame. connell: calling for justice, former nissan chief carlos ghosn speaking out on fox business as he faces a lebanese travel ban. the legal fallout later in the hour. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need.
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melissa: "fox business alert." we're awaiting on president trump's departure from the white house any minute from now. the president might stop to speak to reporters. he has been known to do that. we'll bring you any comments as soon as we have them. as a foreign policy reality check for 2020 democrats, comes, check out this editorial from "the wall street journal" today. joe biden's deterrence policy, stop trump! the democratic party national security strategy is where it was in 1972, the year their candidate lost big. here is the author of the article, dan henninger, fox news contributor. dan, this was brilliant today when i read it, whywhich is why i demanded you come on our program. thank you for coming. >> thank you. melissa: it is amazing because, in my mind, in order to always oppose trump no matter what, the democrats have pushed themselves
4:18 pm
into this place where they are against any sort of military action at all, even as a deterrent. explain your thesis to us. >> what you just said is exactly the point that former democratic senator joe lieberman raised this weekend in his own article in the "wall street journal," which is because of reaction to soleimani's killing the public could get the impression that democrats are simply opposed to the use of military force period. because you know, the reaction after the killing was, by virtually all of them donald trump had brought us to the brink of war. now this is the immediate reaction. but in the days since, iranian reaction was to shoot off 15 missiles. didn't have much effect. even their own foreign minister zarif said, this was in his words, proportional response. clearly we were in kind of a different situation where iranians and united states looked like they might be heading towards something
4:19 pm
resembling a negotiation. but even despite that, joe biden shows up in new york giving a speech saying there are only two alternatives here, war, as he put it, or only diplomacy. for the democrats there is no in between. we used to during the cold war, i put deterrence in my headline, deterrence means having a credible military threat behind your diplomacy. the democrats seemed to abandon the idea of a credible military threat. melissa: even in this case, only one or two admitted very bad guys were killed. there was not collateral damage in that attack. even still, you had, nancy pelosi saying that the president was irrational, erratic, we have to introduce the war powers act to get him back under control. you have many candidates coming
4:20 pm
out saying we're worse off after the what the president did. even a strategic hit like this they're not willing to use any type of force at all. i love my favorite line a by-product of mr. trump's maddening persona, it causes his opponent to lose their ability to think straight about anything. it seems to be the case, down seem like the reaction in the after the made sense. when we talk about the tragic downing of the airliner, the pentagon says, was iranians fault. they downed commercial jet with mostly iranians on it, i was thinking how long before president trump is plame blamed for that. candidates said it was his fault too, right? >> in the past hour pete buttigieg this tragic ukrainian event would not have happened as
4:21 pm
president trump put these actions in the middle east. that is preprosits statement. they seem incapable of to address the substance what he was doing with the killing of soleimani. iranians take it more serious than our own presidential candidates. melissa: it is amazing. dan henninger, thank you very much. >> good to be with you. connell: talk about the revelation, that u.s. officials confirmed to fox they believe the ukrainian passenger plane was shot down by mistake by iranian anti-plane missile. jennifer griffin is breaking this down. >> u.s. official confirms it was russian made f-15 missile that the iranians fired that brought down the ukrainian airliner. absolute tragedy the official told fox news. they screwed up and it is tragic. the canadian prime minister is demanding answers. >> we have intelligence from multiple sources including our
4:22 pm
allies and our own intelligence. the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an iranian surface-to-air missile. this may well have been unintentional. reporter: the missile that brought down the plane was fired from an sa 15 gauntlet mobile missile defense launcher. that missile defense system would have been put on alert to defend against a possible u.s. response to the iranian missile strike targeting americans in iraq. the sa-15, other russian made missile systems are programmed to look on to anything metal that looks like a missile. uranium civilian airliner with 176 people on board crashed two minutes after takeoff while still in its ascent. the sa-15 and other air defense systems like it have a manuel and automatic mode. if in automatic mode it could have fired without a human being ordering the strike. iranians would likely turn on their missile defense systems expecting a u.s. response.
4:23 pm
protecting its airport and strategic locations in tehran would be expected. iranian authorities are unwilling to hand over the black box of the wreckage of relatively new boeing 737 passenger jet. there were no radio calls from the cockpit before the plane fell out of the sky suggesting a explosion. iran's head of civil aviation dismissed reports calling them illogical rumors but u.s. officials seeing intelligence picture emerge based on satellite, infrared imagery and intercepts suggest otherwise. connell. connell: jennifer griffin live from the pentagon for us. melissa: terrible. navigating a new world of independence with a price. we're breaking down how prince harry and meghan markle's finances could be disrupted by their abrupt royal exit next. discovering a potential fatal design flaw. new york city pulling hundreds of brand new subway cars from service. what you need to know coming up.
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melissa: searching for, financial independence, please. prince harry and meghan markle detailing their next move in a new post following the couple's surprise decision to step back as senior royals. ashley webster is royal himself and he is in the newsroom with all of the details. ashley, i call hogwash on this whole thing. >> yeah, i'm with you. melissa: first of all, they're going to be financially independent, which means that they are going to be living off the profits from a dutchchy that has been gifted to them by prince charles. >> yeah. melissa: what in god's name is a dutchy. >> a dutcy if you like. prince charles has huge estate in southwest of england, duchy of cornwall. it generates a lot of money.
4:29 pm
probably 20 to 23 million a year. five to six million of that goes to william and harry to help them with their costs, to help them with their costs i say. the 95%. the other 5% comes from the monarchy themselves to cover all costs incurred when they travel around the country and the world representing the royal family. so what happens to all of that? the 5% goes away but still, that money from the duchy is still in play. when they want to be financially independent, maybe not so much. they will be staying at some point, we don't know how often, they will split their time between the uk and north america. they will stay ating frogmore cottage. on grounds of windsor castle. they paid 3 million the taxpayer paid for that renovation. it will be a hard deal. how do they get a regular job? right now they can't, because they're prohibited earning any money as a royal.
4:30 pm
melissa: they're not going to earn -- earning a living for them living off inheritance from land. that is ridiculous. >> yeah. melissa: didn't they trademark sussex royals going to be their brand? >> they did. melissa: maybe this is all marketing anyway, if they say they step back from being senior royals, go to canada, they can make money off their name. >> it sounds good in theory, to be honest they have to have security whether they're a senior member of the royal family or not. that will cost a real penny. they will not pay for any of that. could they get a job down the road if they really left the royal family? they probably could. work for charities, get a salary forfeit in the purview. be honest, is that going to happen? melissa: no. >> meghan markle is worth about five million as of 2018. harry is worth three, four times that. to be financially independent they already are, to be honest with you. they want out of royal family and day-to-day business being
4:31 pm
under the scrutiny and geir be glare of the press. apparently price sis talks between the queen, charles, and harry, via conference call. harry sent a draft of this statement to his father before he released it, he said, what do you think? he said whoa, whoa, we have a lot of details to work out but he went ahead and posted it any way when he returned from canada. by the way all of this could mean the duke of sussex position is open. melissa: oh. >> guess what? i was born and raised in sussex. connell: oh, stop. >> i have kind of thrown out my resume' and what do you think? melissa: you would be infinitely more cooperative and gracious. >> i will throw my scepter in the ring. amazing my hair will let anything sit on it even a crown. melissa: a role you were born for. >> i would like to think so. bless you my child. melissa: ashley, thank you very
4:32 pm
much. >> verily, sire. melissa: your lordship. i love it. connell: enough of this. totally different topic, but interesting nonetheless. carlos phone staying defiant defending the escape from japan with interview with maria bartiromo. lebanese officials issued a travel ban for the former host of nissan. >> i lost any hope to have a fair trial in japan. i didn't have, after 14 months a date for the initiation for this trial, so i decided to leave japan. if i decided to look for justice, i had to look for justice in another country. connell: here is the judge. andrew napolitano, senior fox judicial analyst, host of "the liberty file." >> i am bitter i don't have a picture of myself with the crown. melissa: i'm surprised you don't have one. connell: who are you kidding. >> did you hear melissa? she is surprised. connell: we know. we've seen your office.
4:33 pm
let me ask you this, judge. this guy says, it is funny, interesting you said the other day you would think he could get a fair shake. doesn't mean that this is still lawless behavior as you said, flying around the world like this but it is tough to get a fair shake in japan, right? >> system in japan cannot be called a criminal justice system. it's a criminal prosecution system. there isn't a system in the world including china and russia where the government wins 99.4% of the cases. that happens in japan. melissa: amazing. >> according to mr. ghosn every time his lawyers gave him documents to review exculpatory to him, helpful to him, the government would seize the documents, wouldn't give him copies and return originals. connell: what happens now? travel ban is in place. >> the travel ban is standard when the government receives a warrant through interpol but he would be most unwise to go outside of lebanon under any circumstances. the travel ban is really moot. however, he does need to look over his shoulder because if he
4:34 pm
wakes up one morning and a japanese courtroom and doesn't know how he got there, the court couldn't care less. connell: wow. i wonder how this all -- do you have a prediction how all this ends up? >> i think he spends a lot of money to protect himself, live happily ever after, not leave lebanon. connell: some story. we'll talk to you about it but duke of fox business -- >> took all the glory. connell: thank you, judge. melissa: amazing. a major admission from amazon. how the tech giant is responding to concerns that employees abused power over its controversy home security device. connell: plus president trump just leaving the white house for the campaign rally in a key battleground state this evening did not stop to speak to reporters. we were wondering whether he would. he did earlier. he has a rally later tonight. making to joint base andrews where air force one is waiting. we'll bring you any headlines from the president later in the hour.
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melissa: high on the buckeye state. president trump making his way to joint base andrews ahead of a campaign rally in ohio. his first major campaign stop of 2020. no republican has ever won the white house without winning the buckeye state. president trump won the state in 2016 by 8 points. it is widest margin of victory in nearly 30 years. let's bring in charlie hurt from "the washington times." he is also a fox news contributor. charlie, what do you expect tonight to hear from the president? >> i'm sure it will be a raucous, entertaining, and enjoyable campaign event because, donald trump's campaign events are always that, but i will be watching with great interest to see, you know, this has been a pretty momentous week we're coming off of, whether activity going on in the house in terms of impeachment but even more pressing, the situation in iran. the president trump has a remarkable ability to take these
4:40 pm
far away issues or very complex issues and boil them down into a really entertaining, understandable sort of way. so what we're going to see tonight, his first stab talking about issues in iran, and breaking it down in a way that average, regular people, both understand it, and care about it profoundly. melissa: so i was astounded to see democrats say after what happened in iran, that the president is sort of careening out of control, that he has no visible strategy when he stepped forward in that address to the nation and very clearly stated what his strategy was. he said, we are energy independent. our economy is doing great. it isn't like before where we needed to be in the middle east to make sure that the price of oil didn't go through the roof. by the way, if the price of oil spikes that helps us, because we have a lot of frackers and producers here in the u.s. he didn't say that. i was adding that part.
4:41 pm
but he said it is time for nato and other european allies, who are still enslaved to middle east oil to get involved. today he said, he talked to the secretary-general of nato about this, he said, why don't you call it nato me? he was like natome, trying to brand it. working on his branding. i'm not sure i love the branding but he has very coherent strategy fulfilling a campaign promise getting out of these endless wars. do you think anyone, i know none of the politicians on left see it, because they have trump derangement. >> right. melissa: do you think voters on left hear his strategy or no? >> i think it is undeniable and why president trump has been successful stealing democratic voters away from the democratic party is because after all of the squabbling, almost seems like at times democrats in congress are rooting for his failure. melissa: sometimes? >> yeah. but in this particular case with
4:42 pm
iran, if you think about what failure means, it is pretty terrifying to imagine what, i feel like democrats are rooting for because we're talking about, we're talking about life and death situations over there in iran, but i think, without a doubt, you know, go back to 9/11, go back to a year or two after 9/11, imagine if somebody told you in 20 years or in a little over 15 years, we're going to be energy independent, we'll not need the middle east, and list for all the things that president trump can now boast about the united states of america? first of all, you wouldn't have believed him. second of all, if it is true, you would think, man, talk about long-term strategic thinking? and, the most absurd thing that you hear people say about donald trump, is that he is not thinking strategically. a lot of times he is definitely thinking, sort of, in away that nobody else around here has ever thought. that is for sure. but that doesn't mean he is not thinking strategically.
4:43 pm
he is willing to think outside of the box. i think is the, the biggest explanation for his successes so far. melissa: yeah. charlie hurt, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you bet. connell: more politics now. things are heating up with less than a month to go before the caucuses in iowa for the democrats. senator elizabeth warren may be losing more steam. new poles indicate a decline for for support for elizabeth warren has taken place since the fall. vince coglianese, we monitor president trump about to take off from joint base andrews. that was marine one landing, for air force one ready to take the president to toledo. melissa: there we go. connell: we talk about his opponent in the race. this was a big story particularly among investors i think last couple months, elizabeth warren fading there was concern on wall street about what a warren presidency would look like.
4:44 pm
now if you look at her versus september, she has gone down in the monmouth poll. was 27%. now 15. what is going on? >> she is collapsing. one of the things to look out for, not every democratic voter is sorting through all the candidates like a political pundit trying to assess every single facet of their policies. some it is gut. do i like this person? do i identify with this person? one of the big ones is can i see the person beating donald trump in a general election? a lot of democratic voters are voting on that basis in the primary. elizabeth warren is increasingly falling in the no category on that question. we saw her in the fall when she was challenged to answer questions on "medicare for all" on that debay stage. she was very clearly avoiding answering question on raising taxes on middle class. all of those democrats, one by one exposed her for that. i think that was sort of the beginning of the end of the elizabeth warren campaign because it showed she lacked authenticity democratic voters were craving.
4:45 pm
connell: combining two things you talked about, when they asked the question in the monmouth poll, basic question, what is the opinion of these candidates? what do you think of so-and-so? obviously democrats will give very favorable opinions. bernie sanders is very popular, 69 favorable, 23% unfavorable. warren used to be. 70, 19. now it is down to 40s when people think of her. now they don't like her as much? >> i think people are concerned she is too left-wing. "wall street journal" were interviewing people at a town hall of hers, they found out she may be a little too extreme for them because they are pretty progressive. bernie sanders is pretty extreme and pretty progressive, the reason for that, ultimately there will be some cross cross-section of people who identify themselves as bernie sanders supporters. >> right. >> his authenticity beats her
4:46 pm
pants offer. it is not anywhere close. she struggles about plans. he tells middle class, straight up, i will raise your taxes. comes right out of his mouth. connell: that matters. whatever you think of the idea, the idea that he really believes it. not something that people question. >> that's right. connell: whether he, can he be the nominee as a final point, nominee of party. >> i really do think that. this will be a long drawn out fight when bernie sanders was involved. i think at this moment, a shot that bernie could be the nominee. i think that kind of is making the trump campaign a little excited. connell: that would probably play right into the hand of the man about to step off the helicopter. good to talk to you, as always, vince coglianese. melissa: watch the closing doors. new york city subway pulling entire fleet of brand new cars after identifying a dangerous defect. details down the line. plus, budweiser offering customers a fresh new brew. is it too good to be true? that's next.
4:47 pm
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4:51 pm
departing for battleground ohio any minute, ahead of a keep america great rally. we will bring you any headlines from the president this hour just as soon as we get them. there he goes. connell: to another topic now. heart seltzer craze sweeping the nation. really has. a lot of people are talking about this including grady trimble inside the bud light seltzer brewery in new york. grady? reporter: 2000 cans a minute of this soon to be released product whizzing by before the launch of bud light seller. anheuser inbev is tapping into the market. beer sales are declining recent years. they believe hard seltzer as a area they can grow. this category grew 2 10% from 2018 to 2019. according to nielsen. some say it could be a $2.5 billion industry by next year, as consumer tastes change,
4:52 pm
inbev north america ceo tells me in an exclusive interview they're hoping to tap into new customers who have not tried hard seltzer before. >> we are always looking what consumers want, so we offer them whatever for that occasion. reporter: this is hardly the first hard seltzer product on market. companies got ahead, include two, white claw, true leaf who had 85% of the market share. there are untapped consumer, people who are beer drinkers who have not tried hard seltzer who might be interested in the product. by the way it comes out on monday nationwide. back to you. connell: grady trimble. melissa: bill de blasio strikes again. new york city subway system pulling 300 nearly brand new train cars over fears the doors would hope between stops. is the mayor to blame? i would blame him. who better ask than our own david asman. >> why not blame him?
4:53 pm
this mayor increased spending manufacturer than any other mayor in the history of new york city, and that history goes back to the revolution. he increased it more than 30% in the time he has put there. the streets are dirtier, there are more homeless out there and subways don't work. how basic are the responsibilities of the mayor to keep the streets safe, to keep the subways running and keep them clean? he is failing on all accounts, melissa. it is ridiculous. by the way, we had failures of all these things in the past, in '80s. mayor jewel came in, think what you will of the mayor, what he does with president trump but he was a great mayor. he cleaned up subways. got homeless on the street, did it by reducing the budget a million dollars. you don't need more money to fix problems. sometimes the more money, the worse they get. melissa: absolutely, david, we'll see you at the top of the hour on your fantastic program. connell: there you go, "bulls & bears." we heard about ring doorbells being hacked. we talked a lot about it, what if employees, people working for
4:54 pm
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melissa: warning bells ring, amazon home depot security camera company revealing it fired 4 employees for trying to access customer data, hillary vaughn is live in dc . reporter: those 4 employees that were fired had access to ring's video data as part of their job, but they abused that access looking at more than they needed to. to do their job, this new information coming from amazon security camera company ring, in a letter they wrote to senate lawmakers monday, answering questions about security. ridge admits they fired the 4 because they did abuse access, telling congress over last 4 years ridge received 4 inquiry regarding a team member's access to ring video data. each of the individuals involved
4:59 pm
was authorized to view video data but attempted access exceeded what was necessary for the job function. even though ring has gone viral last month for a virtual intruder, ring told lawmakers they have no evidence there a data breach or a hack, but they confirm what we reported that users e-mail address' and passwords bought and sold on the dark webber being used to access the accounts. ridge now said -- ring now says they are monitoring sites for any evidence of data breaches and letting their customers know if their e-mail address or password is on the dark web. melissa: wow hillary vaughn thank you. a new story every day. connell: not just a video but all access they have on all kinds of data, personal information but a picture or something you wrote.
5:00 pm
so many people out there that work at a company that must have access to it. melissa: amazing, and scary. on that happy note we have records in market. connell: good news, we will see you tomorrow, "bulls and bears" starts now. >> you know what bothers me, i see nancy pelosi trying to defend this monter ste monster , he is the big roadside bomb guy, he sent them to afghanistan and iran, that was his favorite thing, he thought it was wonderful, he doesn't think it is wonderful any more, when nancy pelosi and democrats' to defend home that is a very bad thing. david: president trump slamming speaker pelosi, calling on republicans to vote against war power resolution that would limit his authority to act in iran, house is debating that bill right now, and will soon vote on it. all that, stocks defy


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