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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 23, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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in the next few years. liz: matt lloyd, chief investment advisors at asset management? closing bell rings] the dow not able to pull out of the red sea. it is red record day for the nasdaq. connell: the dow finishes way off the lows. comes back 200 points or so after the world health organization announcement saying that the virus, coronavirus in china is not an international emergency and that seemed to do it for the markets . i'm connell mcshane. deirdre: i'm deirdre bolton in for melissa francis. we have fox team coverage of this developing situation.
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steve harrigan is in atlanta, kristina partsinevelos on the floor of the new york stock exchange. phil flynn watching oil at the c-me. kristina, starting with you, we closed with a whole different tone to what we saw midday. what are the traders telling you about the turn around? >> we've been talking quite a bit about this virus and whether it is going to get worse. i know that sounds kind of insensitive but seems they're paying attention to the death toll, how much it is spreading. look at sectors, hotels, for example, win, bring it up on the screen, wynn, las vegas sands, they are down because a lot of asians that travel especially during the lunar new year coinciding with the outbreak. you're seeing movement in those stocks. including booking. las vegas is relatively flat. nonetheless we saw a lot of movement. analysts at goldman sachs put out a note for the virus what it could mean for global gdp. they said if the virus is not
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contained it could impact consumer confidence. that could be significant. they are not taking it lightly. people are constantly referring back to the sars epidemic in 2003. how much it was a scare. saw stocks pop and drop afterwards. biotech sector is doing quite well. we bring up the biotech. novavax everybody bringing up. they did well at a jpmorgan conference with this flu vaccine. they have nano viricides, 43% higher in the vaccine world. i was trying to figure out before going live, which publicly created makes face masks. lakeland is up almost 8%. dupont, i mean, we may or may not have, these guys all make face masks. this is coming at a time when the economy in china is sluggish. latest numbers at 6.1%. you're getting hit with this
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massive virus that seems to pop up around the globe. you're seeing a stock reaction. deirdre: pretty frighten. kristina, thank you. connell: the broad market for stocks, the story was the comeback late in the day. in addition we're watching oil. oil got caught in the coronavirus fear factor if you will. in the floor session crude settled nearly a two month lull, 55.59 a barrel. so to phil flynn out in chicago on the floor of the cme. take us through what we're seeing. >> early on, connell, we were hunkering down on the price of oil. demand destruction talk all over. you have to consider the fact when you shut down some of major cities in china, 23 million people quarantined, airports shut down, that means demand destruction to oil traders. we're going to see probably hundreds of thousands of barrels of jet fuel that would have been burned over the next couple weeks not get burned. oil prices have to price that in. the biggest fear is not what
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will happen today, what will happen over the next couple weeks. we know that the biggest airport in central china, was shut down. that is a big area for travel over this holiday weekend, lunar holiday weekend w that is shut down, it is shut down for a period of time, it will impact demand. we'll have a ripple effect to other markets. we're seeing it in gold and bond market as well. if you look at oil prices late in the day, when we heard from the world health organization that they're not ready to declare a world emergency yet. oil prices came back down but still tenuous. we're going to have to watch it very closely. connell: phil, thanks, as always, phil flynn. deirdre: two more cities in china are on lockdown. the country is battling the deadly coronavirus. it has killed 17 people. it is spreading to at least eight countries including the u.s. there was one confirmed case near seattle. fox news's steve hair fan in atlanta. what is the latest? reporter: limited exposure so
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far in the u.s. with this virus. one potential case in los angeles. one potential case in texas. as you mentioned one actual case in the state of washington, a man in his 30s who returned from central china. he has been hospitalized, doing well. but at least eight other nations afflecked with potential cases. this is a new virus, the coronavirus. it appeared in december in central china markets where live animals are sold for food. it initially was able to jump the virus from animals to humans but now it is jumping from human-to-human. the death toll all in china so far, 17 people dead, almost 600 people ill. of those dead most were men. most were older and most had other health problems. china has been aggressive with its quarantine. at least five sis really shut down. no planes, no trains, no buses affecting almost 20 million people but the world health organization still saying this is not a global emergency.
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deirdre, back to you,. deirdre: steve, thank you very much. connell: more with jon hilsenrath, "the wall street journal" global economics editor but also a fox news contributor. but the title global economics editor, jon, to talk a little bit what could be a bigger story than it is now from an economic standpoint. we just don't know exactly what we're dealing with. we know china is the second largest economy in the world. what type of concerns are you hearing about or thinking about? >> you know, these kind of events tend to be health scares, health crises, not so much economic scares or economic crises. because it is a virus, you don't really know how it will play out t could get a lot worse. but i would take the sars virus from 2003 as an indicator to kind of show you the economic ramifications. in fact they weren't that significant. sars hit southern china and hong kong in 2003. the chinese economy grew by 10%
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that year. the u.s. economy accelerated after having slow growth, two years before that. the dow jones industrial average, i believe was up something like 25%. again, these are health crises and they can end tragically for a lot of people. connell: right. >> but unless something happens that we don't expect right now, it is probably not an economic crisis. connell: to your point, sars, we hope, and the experts to think, was worse than what we're dealing with now, and even with that we didn't see the impact economically. the one thing, "wall street journal," your paper pointed out on the heard on the street column which i thought was interesting, that china's economy has changed since then, right. >> right. connell: chinese economy early 2000s was 40, 50% of it was driven by the consumer, by consumer spending. but that number is up to 60%. we've seen other changes. it is a more mature chinese economy. the thinking it could be a bigger hit this time, even
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though not as serious. what do you say? >> that's right. i don't want to dismiss this, especially a virus, viruses mutate. you don't know how viral they can be, how contagious they can be. so i don't want to dismiss it. the other thing i would say, is that this is happening around chinese new year, when there is just immense migration not only within china, but in the chinese expatriate population all over the world. let's not dismiss it. you have to be vigilant. it can be very disruptive. it was very disruptive sars, it was very disruptive to hong kong when it happened, but you know, if you're looking for a stock reaction, i'm not going to see it today. connell: okay. deirdre: china and travelers of course from china are in focus. there are concerns about the data points that the chinese government is giving to its own people and the global community. known china hand, gordon chang told us this earlier. >> china is clearly in a case
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where there are many more cases. so those numbers really don't make sense. people in china, virologists are saying that sars was like 1/10 of what this will be. deirdre: jon, if the world community judges china for mishandling this outbreak of this deadly virus, does that change the country's image on the world stage? >> i mean i think it is a real risk that the chinese could miss handle it. my recollection of reports back in 2003 was that they did mishandle sars. they were kind of slow to acknowledge that it was a serious epidemic. it seems like they're trying to be aggressive on this front. they're shutting down entire cities but -- deirdre: pretty aggressively. >> right. so you know, who knows how the population there is going to respond to that but, certainly all eyes are on the government. it's, you know, it is a one party, one rule government and,
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they're going to have to own it. deirdre: arguably, jon, that is a great point, china has a minnie win if you want to call it that with the phase one trade deal with us. this idea of protecting ip which is something not only the u.s. has been complaining about, but pretty much every other multinational, every other business that wants to exist and be successful in china. so do you feel like as far as economic picture goes, this is one step forward, one step back? >> well you know, you make a good point, and there is, connell did before too, the situation in china is today is different than where it was in 2003. in 2003 they had just been admitted into the wto a couple years later. investment was pouring into the place. the economy was just booming. and their exports were booming. so that helped themselves through this. today they're in an environment where the economy is slowing down. they have been hit by these trade conflicts. they have been hit by years of
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overinvestment and overborrowing on their front. so you know, it is not like a health care is going to help them at this point. it is a potential threat. it just hasn't shown up in the past to be the kind of thing that completely knocks you down on the floor. but you know, given everything that is happening internally with their slowing growth, with their trade adjustment, you know, it is another challenge for them to deal with. deirdre: we hope for the best. we hope its contained. people get treatment. jon hilsenrath, thank you. connell: plenty of other news today including president trump in the air right now frying to florida. he will be in miami this evening where the republican national committee has the winter meeting. left behind at the white house is blake burman following the news of the day there on the north lawn for us. blake, what are you following? reporter: connell we learned from the white house earlier today that israeli president prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be coming over here to the white house next tuesday and he won't be coming alone in this case because his
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main political rival and the leader of israel's blue and white party, benny gantz will be here as well to sit down with president trump. there are reports out of israel today that the trump administration is getting ready to unveil its peace plan, it's long long-awaited peace plan in the middle east. the white house would not comment on that. trump took to twitter to tone down the reports tweeting this afternoon, the details and timing of closely held peace plan are purely speculative. the meeting between netanyahu and gantz was delivered by the vice president, who was in israel to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the. >> white house is coming next week to discuss regional issues as well as prospect of peace
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here in the holy land at the prime minister's suggestion. i also extended an invitation to benny gantz, the leader of the blue and white party and he has accepted. reporter: timing here connell could be very interesting because this meeting takes place on tuesday. that could be at the point in which up on capitol hill when you're talking about the senate impeachment trial, tuesday is a potential day when we could get the vote on potential live witnesses, whether there will be or won't be which maybe or might not extend the length of the impeachment trial. so over here at the white house, talking about middle east peace while up on capitol hill on tuesday potentially figuring out what to do next in the impeachment. connell: we'll get into that in just a moment. a lot to handle as always. blake, thank you, sir. in fact we're less than two weeks to go as well until the iowa caucuses. mike bloomberg, not in iowa or competing there but hit another money milestone. is his strategy paying off or
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starting to at the polls? we have donnie jones coming on, former football player. played in the nfl for years. he is now a bloomberg campaign surrogate. we'll find out why coming up. deirdre: if you received a text message from fedex, claiming to contain a tracking code, a major scam for serious implications for your wallet. what you need to know to protect yourself later this hour. connell: a final landing place for thousands of military planes, sort of. we're taking you to an air force base in arizona that repurposes retired airplanes. interesting story just ahead. ♪. oh, your mom just texted.
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deirdre: "fox business alert." intel reporting fourth quarter results. kristina partsinevelos with us now with the numbers. kristina, what are you seeing? reporter: this is incredible. you're seeing pop with these strong earnings. the stock was up about 7% but you're seeing a major, major beat. earnings per share, $1.52. this is the adjusted earnings, way higher than was expected. revenue in q4 up $22.2 billion.
4:19 pm
this is a record for intel, 8% increase year over year. definitely a lot of strength, the company if you're a shareholder, they will announce increasing cash dividend by 5% this is causing a lot of reaction on the street. for q1 they increased guidance. they believe they will do better in the upcoming quarter at $1.30 per share. this is way higher than what was expected at 1.04. parsing through results. internet of things. all interconnected internet up 13%. actual pc shipments up about 2%, personal computers. last but not least, intel is expected to add 32 points on the dow tomorrow, should it continue like this. deirdre: we'll take it. thankthank you, kristina. connell: good number. the impeachment trial of president trump as you probably know is continuing at this hour in washington. you see congressman adam schiff live now on the floor of the senate. the house managers have been on the floor throughout the day as they continue to present their
4:20 pm
side of the case, trying to outline how the president in their view abused his power. now chad pergram covering it all. fox news congressional correspondent. to bring your viewers up to speed on the latest developments. what stood out if anything from today, chad? >> today the impeachment managers are focusing on the abuse of power article. the question adam schiff here is raising was there a nexus between the president and russia maybe through ukraine? that was an issue. why was the president so interested in the bidens? sylvia garcia, democrat from houston, one of the impeachment managers, she has an idea. listen. >> why did president trump instead wait until former vice president biden was campaigning for the democratic nomination? he pushed for it when it started to become clear that vice president biden could beat him. >> are senators listening? is this making an impact?
4:21 pm
democratic senator richard blumenthal thought some senators were doodling in the back, he said that was disgrace. opening statement in the prayer, chaplain barry black implored senators to listen up. >> help them remember that listening is often more than hearing. it can be an empathetic attentiveness that builds bridges and unites. may they ask which choice will bring god the greater glory. >> there are three audiences here. you have the public. you have the senators and you have the president of the united states and one of the dicey things that could be coming up is where senators are able to pose questions through the chief justice. they can't actually ask them. they have to be written down
4:22 pm
here and what could those questions be? they have allocated 16 hours for that. when they get to that point there is a question whether or not some of the republicans may try to make adam schiff a defacto witness. some called for him to be a witness here. that probably won't happen but they could possibly, you know, make adam schiff, you know struggle a little bit by posing some interesting questions. could that force a vote whether or not those types of questions are in order? could the chief justice john roberts have to rule on some of those questions as to whether or not they're in order, connell. connell: we didn't know how involved he would get. that is interesting, chad. we'll move on from now. we'll be back. keep an eye on the floor, chad pergram in washington. deirdre: being rewarded for going to the gym. one smartwatch gives you incentives with this new year's program during workouts. we'll tell you more. burger king seems like a related theme. it is slashing the price of the impossible burger.
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connell: back here with a major scam targeting your wallet. fedex is warning consumers that phishing scam disguised with a fake tracking code to the user to set up the delivery prevalences. you get a link. it sends you to a fake satisfaction survey you are to fill out before asking for a credit card to claim what's supposed to be a free product. you know the rest. anyway fedex is explaining it never sends or text or email like this requesting payment for personal for any kind of personal information. if you get a text or email like that it is not from them so, there you go. deirdre: thank you. amazon's market cap close to a trillion dollars but here's another metric for you. according to brand finance as global 500, it is the moats valuable brand in the world for the third year in a row. so amazon surpassing other powerful tech leaders such as
4:28 pm
google, microsoft, apple. live editor-in-chief lance ulanoff with us right now. how can amazon's brand, not market cap, trump apple? >> amazon is ubiquitous, right? it is virtually everywhere. is how we shop everywhere. it has brand recognition that is just off the charts. how many people have echoes all over their home. they're talking to amazon devices all the time. so, this is about brand perception. and a good way to look at this, real brands that height do better financially as a business, ebay which is growing some but as far as relevance goes it can't seem to get back in the public conversation. ebay doesn't have anything that sits on your kitchen or living room. deirdre: right. >> having a product always there you can see is really something when it comes to brand visibility. deirdre: how many businesses is amazon not -- there is retail,
4:29 pm
there is cloud, there is shipping and the list is going to keep developing but going back to apple, lance, it wants you to you use apple watch to keep track of workouts. the company is launching a apple watch connected basically offers you incentives every time you work out. will people sign up for this? will they be hesitant because of sharing their health data? what is your take? >> actually i think they will be successful. this is probably at least 50 million apple watches out there. it is the most popular watch period on the market at this point. we've already seen apple have some success in the health space. they partnered up with aetna. they're incentivizing people to live healthier life-styles to get paid to own the apple watch. this is really small program. it has crunch and with orange theory and ymca but only like in new york and a couple of places that they're doing it at this point but the idea that work out and get rewards. anything from nike cards and
4:30 pm
apple cards to actually giving back to the ymca. here's the thing. when you work out, they say, oh, you feel really good but you don't see results right away, man in your head say i'm getting results right now in my wallet? i think that's a good idea but it has to get much bigger to have been an impact. deirdre: it has to get bigger. apple bought fitbit, i don't want google to have my data. we're getting rewarded. no one will turn his or her head against that. >> right. deirdre: talk about tinder. as people know, sometimes first dates especially turn ugly. and tinder is trying to address that. so it is introducing a panic button. that allows users to send out alarms when they feel their safety is at risk. so lance, this is not the first company. uber be obviously different model. uber has the 911 button as well. is this a smart strategy for the company? >> of course it is. there definitely have been cases of predators on these dating
4:31 pm
apps. tinder is one of the most popular ones. i think 67 million people using dating apps right now. it is important to have a safeguard. tinder brought in a company noon life to handle this. hit a button if you don't respond to the code when it comes back, at some point the police could sew up at your house to help you out. deirdre: i've seen ladies, in restaurants and bars, say order this drink if you feel unsafe. tinder is doing that. lance, thank you. >> pleasure. connell: yeah, it is good, a sensible idea. they know where you are too because they're tracking you just like uber. potential shakeup meantime as we talk politics in the 2020 race. an unexpected candidate surging in a recent poll that came out in a battleground state. how might that impact the white house race? we'll talk by the next. deirdre: plus it is a boneyard so to speak for airplanes. one air force base in arizona is
4:32 pm
revamping thousands of military planes, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. we'll tell you all about it when we come back. connell: feeling the love. there is a new survey revealing four in five americans are more excited about valentine's day than christmas. at least four in five are excited about valentine's day. 81% say they are excited about the day of love. 68% say they get excited about the christmas, the more traditional holiday season. deirdre: battle of the holidays. let's do it. connell: you want to pick? deirdre: i understand less pressure for valentine's day. connell: we're not looking for a long answer. we'll be back. ♪. your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk while our competition continues to talk. managing lipids like very high tryou diet. exercise. tough. but if you're also taking fish oil supplements...
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♪. >> i always get asked the question, well, isn't the president going to be stronger and harder to beat if he survives this? the answer is yes, probably but, but, the congress has no choice. they have a constitutional responsibility. deirdre: former vice president joe biden explaining why president trump may be getting the biggest electoral boost from the impeachment hearings. democratic candidates making their final push in my waa with caucuses less than two weeks away. fox news peter doocy on the ground in des moines. peter what are you seeing, what are you hearing? reporter: deirdre, most national polls have the same two locked in. it is either bernie sanders or joe biden but those two are going back and forth now.
4:37 pm
biden seems really annoyed with sanders who apologized after a surrogate wrote an op-ed calling biden corrupt but continues to hammer biden on his record and accusing him of proposing cuts to social security. >> why wasn't his apology enough, mr. vice president? >> why, why, wait, wait. you're getting nervous man. calm down! it's okay. he apologized for saying that i was corrupt. he didn't say anything about whether or not i was telling the truth about social security. reporter: biden later hit with a hypothetical, would he or his son hunter testify in the impeachment trial if john bolton and mick mulvaney testified in exchange? >> the reason why i would not make the deal, the bottom line is, i, this is a constitutional issue. we're not going to turn it into
4:38 pm
a farce, into some kind ever political theater. they are trying to turn it into a political theater. i want no part of any part of that. reporter: impeachment talk like that does seem mostly limited to biden's events at least as far as iowans are concerned. >> do you that a lot of people are rushing from this event to go watch the impeachment trial or are there other things that they are considering ahead of february 3rd? >> i cannot remember the last time i got a question from a voter about impeachment. reporter: interesting that caucuses are just 11 days away, iowa is uncharacteristically quiet. buttigieg is in d.c. and south carolina today. biden is off the trail completely meeting with advisors. all the senators are stuck at their desks. deirdre: peter, thanks so much. keep warm. connell: we'll talk about another candidate that has not been focused on iowa at all. mike bloomberg, former mayor of new york, nabbed a endorsement
4:39 pm
from former pro athlete, former nfl player, johnny jones. bloomberg launching his presidential campaign and new polling pulled him to fourth place in new national polling that is out. so to done any jones, former new york giant, philadelphia eagle, number of other teams in 11 year nfl career. good to see you. you're in business, have a lot of business interests. interesting you're going after bloomberg, getting behind bloomberg. let me take the president out of the equation for a moment. you had to make a choice, right? you didn't go with joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, mayor pete. why mike bloomberg, not those folks? >> i think number one i see a lot of efforts i have been able to make in my transition from nfl to world of entrepreneurship, the same thing bloomberg has been able to do throughout his tenure. as a citizen you want to see a candidate you identify with.
4:40 pm
a candidate supports issues you also believe in, someone frankly strong enough to take on donald trump. connell: so okay, issues you believe in, you mentioned entrepreneurship, encouraging people to start businesses, being quote, unquote business-friendly would fall under that category. mayor bloomberg certainly has the record. i said initially to take the president out of the picture. put him back in for a moment. someone in office now with the kind of economic record that president trump has, in other words very, very low unemployment, stock market that has gone up, taxes come down, regulations that have been cut, why does that person, in this case president trump not deserve to be reelected then? >> i think one of the things trump has done, as largely affected the overall economy the fact how divisive he is and how erratic he also has been throughout his presidential tenure and i think that has caused reverberations throughout the stock market and mike is
4:41 pm
even-tempered. he is even-tempered. he is calm under pressure. he is practical. when he looks at implementing some of his different goals i think he makes things achievable and we want a guy that is in office that will bring stability to the united states of america. i want someone in the office that is going to stablize the marketplace. i believe mike bloomberg can do that. connell: he might have trouble getting through the primary, don't you think? you're behind him, some others. he had celebritily endorsement last few days, getting through the primary process, when you don't go to iowa or new hampshire. that is been difficult in the past. >> being difficult, if mike is not the democrat nominee he is in this in order to beat donald trump and he is willing to support the whoever the democratic nominee will be. i believe it will be mike bloomberg because of the fact of his record and what he has been able to achieve here in new york
4:42 pm
city. and i believe he can do that for the rest of -- connell: what is interesting, a question for him, i will ask you as well. he is known as moderate, especially on economic issues. you say you're interested in business. what if the nominee was bernie sanders or was and warren, not only would bloomberg support that nominee, would you support someone that far to the left? >> i think the most important thing i think about is, whatever michael bloomberg is behind and what he is able to do, he is focused on beating donald trump, and -- connell: so any candidate is the point? go ahead. >> no. whatever, whoever michael bloomberg is supporting because i'm supporting michael bloomberg. connell: that is interesting. what about 49ers, chiefs, you want to do that before you leave? >> football, football is amazing game. i look forward to the super bowl. i think it will be the chiefs. connell: okay. i was about to accuse of being political after the whole -- >> i played for andy reid. i hope he is able to win the
4:43 pm
super bowl. connell: oh, you did. a lot of people rooting for him that reason. he has been in a long time. thanks, dhani. good to see you. deirdre: there is devastating news from fighting on the front lines of the australia want wildfires. three american firefighters have been killed when the water tanker plane they were flying crashed. it crashed in new south wales. an investigation is pending. when we come back, burger king landing a whopper size burn on the plant protein-based market. we'll tell you why. there is a new petition that may make harry and meghan rethink their "megxit." details next. i'm really into this car,
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♪. deirdre: the impossible whopper not selling as it once did so burger king is announcing price cuts. putting the product on its two for 6-dollar discount menu. that is lower than the august launch price of 5.59. with us now a registered dietician, nutrition it. she is also the author of, body kindness. rebecca, thanks for joining us. so part of this let-down has to be post-buzzing product launch.
4:48 pm
most things die down but as a nutritionist i want to know how healthy are these meat alternatives? >> that is a really great question because some of them actually have really long list of ingredients and i think that could be part of the problem. when you look who is identifying as plant-based these days, people identifying as vegetarian or vegan. so one of the things they care about is quality of foods and the length ever ingredients list. they question the overall nutritional value of it and question whether or not really holistically is it better for the environment? meaning does the company have practices for soil and greenhouse gases. they're looking for a lot more. deirdre: which makes a lot of sense. some of the ingredients are soy-based and has as much fat as regular meat.
4:49 pm
i'm putting asize raising regular meat and what is does for the environment and focusing on somebody's individual eating plan. is it healthier? >> you can look at the research says plant-based eating which means you don't have to eliminate things like beef or fish or eggs or milk, right, but that you eat a variety of nutritious foods, that plant-based eat something healthy as an eating pattern. you don't have to be vegetarian or vegan. but a lot of people following that way of eating, they're not necessarily looking for, like a fake burger. so i think that's part of at leesburger king's challenge. not only that but why are we paying more for this food? deirdre: yeah. >> the fact that companies want to maximize their profit, oh, we'll charge hem more for the healthier thing. i don't -- deirdre: when it was first launched, there is part of me, i'm not a news tricksist obviously -- nutritionist, if
4:50 pm
you don't want to eat meat, take a salad or make another choice. >> people a choosing more vegetables, grains, whole foods, not necessarily meat alternatives towards their eating patterns. starbucks, what they're doing, try to move consumers away from dairy milk. plant milk cost more money. how do we know you as a company are making changes across the board? we need to look at not put the onus on individual consumers solely, the environment. deirdre: indeed, there is so much contradicting advice out there. i have friends on eating plans. they're supposed to eat fruit. somebody says no, you can't eat fruit. what is the number question you get about eating? >> people want to know very simply is this good or is this bad for me and what i keep telling people, focus on your healthy eating patterns, right? i don't think fake ice cream is very good. but if you have a milk allergy find a ice cream that will not
4:51 pm
really give you bad gas, right. deirdre: people on the road trip. >> exactly. deirdre: all right, basically saying moderation f you're allergic to something, avoid it? that is it basically? >> enjoy the taste of it. have fun with the people you're eating with. let's not obsess over every little individual thing. let's not say that in order to be plant-based you have to go to an extreme way of eating. deirdre: sounds like advice i can live with. thank you, rebecca. connell: covered a lot of ground. we have a royal tax to talk about. more than 80,000 canadians signing an online petition insisting that meghan and harry pay for their own security instead of the taxpayers. there is a new report from page 6 of the "new york post," claiming that the couple indeed will pay for security at private events not connected to the royal family. so enough to please the canadians. okay, who better to ask than david asman.
4:52 pm
so -- >> you know how i feel about this story. by the way page 6 -- connell: trying to work you up, right? >> i live and die with page 6. if they say it it is right. i trust it. i believe in it. by the way these two are already instant kardashians. netflix signed a deal with dave schappell, eddie murphy, tens of million of dollars. round-the-clock security costs $2 million a year. they will make at least that much. they will be fine. they can pay for it themselves. i don't want to joke about it. it is dangerous to be royals. a lot of kooks out there that want to do damage but at the same time i think they have enough money to pay for their own security. connell: you hope for harry's sake, everything that happened to his mom. that is one of the reasons he wants more privacy. what is coming up tonight, "bulls & bears"? >> i was hoping you would ask me that because we have a very special panel today. it is all about the panel. we have, as a matter of fact,
4:53 pm
she is already ear here, kennedy, an eager beaver already, lou dobbs, charles payne will be here for the entire hour. we'll have so much fun it should be illegal. connell: it may be as a matter of fact depending what you guys saying. you must have great bookers. >> got it. connell: top of the hour with "bulls & bears." might be illegal. deirdre: that is a good crowd. it might be. it might be. you know about junkyards for car parts. there also retirement homes for planes believe it or not. we'll take you to one. you can visually pick through the boneyard in arizona. you will not want to miss it. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin.
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and my lack of impulse control,, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby! ♪ >> they call this bone yard an air force base in tucson, arizona, holding place for
4:58 pm
retired u.s. military aircraft. they are in tact, grady trimble is there. reporter: planes as far as the eye can so, more than 3,000 of them, 80 different types over 4 square miles, desert is the perfect place for storing planes, low humidity, it dry and soil is compact and san bernardinoy, this happens to be a p-3 naval plan they would use to track enemy subs, they called this a bone yard, a lot of these planes, will be modified, refurbished, if you will, then sent back up in the skies. they have life ahead of them. note retirement for all, but for others, they are in a different part of the the bone yard, the parts are taken out of them, and they are used to repair other
4:59 pm
planes be cargo planes and bombers, they save taxpayer dollars. >> there is a great reutilization of assets that happen, nothing goes to waste. reporter: nothing goes to waste as well, when the planes come here, even if they are done with hill tear use, some -- military use some are refurbished sent to u.s. forest service or even nassa. a fun fact. i don't know if you is seen second transformer movie, they used this bone yard as kind of a backdrop, it so popular they have tours that go through here, they are not allowed off the bus like we are, but they like fox business here. melissa: i'm going to watch the movie. connell: the king of fun facts. great stuff, thank you my
5:00 pm
friend, grady trimble in tucson. he comes with the ideas. melissa: 3 thousand planes. connell: market came back today, thank you for joining us, here they are, "bulls and bears." david: president trump raking in big campaign contributions from a new group of first time donors. why they decide to put their money behind the president now. to talk about this and a lot more, we have a very special ed gig edition of "bulls and bears," lou dobbs, charles payne, and kee kennedy. >> what a pressure. lou: yeehaw, wonderful. david: "washington post" reporting that they have identified at least 200 big donors for president trump's reelection who


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