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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 9, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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doesn't necessarily mean we have to use it, i'll say that. melissa: i don't know, all i know is we have people breaking into storefronts and stealing things, and the police aren't able to top them from doing that, so instead they're going to take our temperature. that does it for us on that know. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. this nation has endured two weeks of protests and demonstrations, riots and mob violence, and the democratic party's obscene efforts to politically exploit the death of a black man in the custody of a white police officer in minneapolis. mayor jacob frey's conduct has been abhorrent throughout. as bad, the silence of the city council, the bumbling police chief and prosecutor who required five days to charge the cops despite indisputable evidence of misbrutality on video. police brutality. video that ran for hours on end
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for days before derek chauvin was charged with the murder of george floyd. three other officers on the scene charged as well with aiding and abetting chauvin in floyd's death, and there is no doubt the first days of those demonstrations in minneapolis were critical in the effort to force minneapolis' left-wing city government to force the mayor to force the police chief and then the prosecutor to finally act. the demonstrations in dozens of other cities around the country were organized and orchestrated by the national left, antifa, black lives matter, and they ranged for two weeks. -- raged for two weeks. and we will likely always remember the tragedy of george floyd's death, but we will also remember vividly the senseless violence that followed led by the left and sanctioned by the radical dems. and we will never forget the spectacle of those demonstrate theres who demanded fellow --
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demonstrators who demanded fellow americans kneel before them. mayor eric garcetti kneeling as a hostage of the los angeles mob, police officers and national guardsmen doing the same, the unthinkable. and the leaders of the radical dems on capitol hill kneeling in formation. speaker pelosi and chuck schumer kneeling for the cameras in emancipation hall. the democratic party is now the hostage of the left, in complete disarray is and decline. their leadership on their knees, and the party's presidential nominee? unspeakably inarticulate and seldom leaving his basement. and they all appear tremulous and fearful of the radical left wing that seems to control them all. the democratic party refuses to condemn socialism. it is obsessed with race and identity politics. it's pushing for open border policies that would devastate the american economy, the american working man and family.
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and in many ways, acts in a hostile manner toward all american families and our traditional values as americans. we have seen this play out over the past two weeks, protests over the death of george floyd in minneapolis turned into nationwide riots, looting, arson is, murder and outright anarchy. leaders in democratic-run cities stepping aside and holding back their police departments and giving license to such mayhem. police departments permitted left-wing extremist groups like antifa to run rampant and took to their knees, quite literally, to surrender before their new leaders. city council members, mayors, police chiefs all seemingly just confused, confounded and in retreat. meeting with community leaders to quell the violence resulted in nothing. they all saw the destruction of
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parts of their cities as somehow politically justified, rationalized, perhaps a necessary consequence in order to slingshot all of america into a new radical utopia. chicago's democratic mayor, lori lightfoot, said on march 31 1st there was a lot of righteous anger and grief boiling in her city. her public comments seemed to excuse some of the violence that raged across chicago. but in private, she had quite a different tone. during an online conference call with the city's alderman, the mayor called the riots a, quote, massive, massive problem, adding that getting businesses to remain in chicago will take a tremendous effort. >> i heard some of the comments how hard you all have fought to bring economic development. it's going to take a herculean effort on the part of all of us to convince businesses not to
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disappear, to come back. lou: mayor lightfoot is chagrined. she is now pleading with walmart and other major retailers not to leave chicago as some of them plan to do. especially as her city now faces a $700 million budget shortfall because of the china virus. but what would keep those businesses around? law enforcement was effectively kept on the sidelines as the mob looted chicago businesses, stores destroyed and burned. radical factions of the democratic party have now decided their best way forward is to defund or even dismantle police departments. in minneapolis the city council has already laid out their idea of a future not very bright. >> i think the idea of having a police-free future is very
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aspirational, and i am willing to stand with community members who are asking us to think of that the as the goal. lou: this, the same leader from minneapolis who had this wild description of what it means for white americans to call for help while in an emergency. >> what if in the middle of the night my home is broken into? who do i call? >> yes, i mean, i hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors, and i know -- and myself too, and i know that's a privilege. lou: frightening ideas like those make you wonder what in the world would do you want absolutely zero intuitive sense. outside academia, inner cities, gentrified coffee shops and
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middle corporate managers, these are not popular positions. a recent poll finds just 16% of americans are in favor of cutting funding for police departments. 65% oppose the idea entirely. the idea of removing americans from the saw safety of police departments -- from the safety of police departments, from the safety of our fire departments, our first responders is too far, it seems, for even many of the lost democratic even left-wing leaders. socialist bernie sanders, for example, is actively pushing the democrats' presumptive presidential nominee towards more progressive ideals. he told the new yorker, quote: do i think we should not have police departments in america? no, i don't. he's coming across as a bit conservative, don't you think, for a socialist? many other democrats are saying much the psalm. much the same. >> i just have to ask you about the idea of defunding the
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police. is that something that you support? >> no, it is not. >> i don't support defunding the police. >> well, i can't imagine that happening in a federal way. >> use of force -- [inaudible] >> i think the congresswoman answered your question very clearly. [laughter] lou lou very clearly, says she. none of the leaders though have called for greater respect for our law enforcement officers. none of them have talked about, well, changing the role of law enforcement, giving them some help and insisting, like i say, on respect. they've instead pandered to the most extreme of the far-left spectrum of their democratic party. and they support activist elements of the judicial branch who work to subvert law and order. daily, it seems. for example, the democratic district attorney in los angeles, democratic state
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attorney in miami-dade county, florida, are not moving ahead with charges against the thousands of demonstrators who violated city curfews and laws. the democratic d.a. inial gain any county -- allegheny county, pennsylvania, dropping criminal charges against 39 protesters arrested in pittsburgh. police in dallas forth worth and other places have -- fort worth have dropped charges against those accused of rioting. we know what the consequences of such actions are. retired police captain david dorn murdered during the riots in st. louis. his killer was sentenced to seven years in prison for felony robbery back in 2014, but he got a break. and he got more breaks. he broke parole twice and never served a single day in jail. and then he killed the retired officer. none of that stops the likes of senator cam rah harris -- kamala
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harris, today she couldn't resist. he said she supported l.a. mayor garcetti for defunding his police department and cutting about $120 million from the budget. for what reason? we don't know. freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, aoc, had this very important warning for her party on twitter about the defunding of the police movement saying in part, quote: the fact that people are scrambling to repackage this whole conversation to make it palatable for largely affluent white, suburban swing voters again points to how much more electoral and structural or power these communities have relative to others. the dems may soon need those
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suburban voters, however. the riots that destroyed parts of some of our largest cities and the long-term effects of the china virus are sending more people in precisely that direction. the radical dem narrative of disbanding police forces in peaceful suburbia just won't work. it is a narrative that some rinos, however, good old republicans in name only, feeling the need to include themselves with, well, black lives matter and to get in front of the parade like senators mitt romney and lisa murkowski. but a narrative that no other should join as it serves only as a springboard to failure. ♪ lou: well, speaking of failure, the democratic party without a doubt in disarray, but so has been part of our government for two decades, perhaps more than one part of that government. a new report today finds,
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astonishingly, that for nearly two decades chinese telecom firms, three of them, have been able to operate in this country without oversight. the report from the senate subcommittee on investigations found the fcc relied on, quote, team telecom, an informal group made up of the justice, homeland security and defense departments to watch over national security threats of foreign telecom companies. of the three chinese telecom companies that pose a national security threat, good old team telecom visited two of them. twice! in a ten-year period. and never interacted at all with the third according to the senate report. wow. we'll be taking this up and much more on china later in tonight's broadcast, hudson institute's dr. michael pillsbury joins us as does bob davis andlingway,
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the authors it is of the new, important book "superpour showdown: how the battle between trump and xi threatens a new cold war." on wall street stocks finishing mixed. the dow jones industrials up -- rather, down 300 points. the s&p down 25, the nasdaq up 29. a second straight record close, however, surpassing 10,000 points for the first time in history during today's trading. didn't hold though, did it? volume on the big board, 6.4 billion shares. crude oil up a percent to $38.61 a barrel. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next here, former acting director of national intelligence richard grenell says the 2020 presidential race is one between washington and the rest of america. we take that up and more.
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lou: breaking news now, senate rinos urging president trump not to campaign against senator
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lisa murkowski. president trump tweeted the he would endorse anyone in alaska in two years with a pulse rather than murkowski after she said she was struggling to support him for re-election. murkowski struggles at almost everything, it seems. senator john thune defending murkowski. senator thune doesn't do much, but he does defend rinoss, saying quote: i'd leave lisa alone, he intoned. she's a member of our conference, and we want to keep it that way, said thune. murkowski was the only republican senator, by the way, to vote against confirming justice brett kavanaugh. she also voted against a repeal of obamacare. and against emergency funding for the wall at the southern border. other than that she's just doing terrific. joining us tonight is john solomon. he does terrific always. award-winning investigative reporter, editor-in-chief of the
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terrific just the john, good to have you with us. i just want to ask you about a couple things before we turn to the deep, dark world of the deep state. and first of all, the idea that the president should not be permitted to call out rinos who oppose him, he is the leader of the damn party, is he not? >> he is. and, listen, he said he was going to come and shake up the swamp. if you're a republican in the swamp, you better be prepared to be shakeen. this is a man that doesn't settle for the status quo. he wants people that are onboard with the republican agenda, and he doesn't suffer silliness well. is so murkowski's i don't know if i can support my own party's president is a sill hi areness he doesn't suffer well. i think those who don't agree with him should expect more of this, not less. lou: and, to me, that's music to my ears, and i think to yours as well. i won't speak for you, but
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certainly to my ears, because this is, i mean, when you hear thune -- he doesn't, he doesn't do anything but walk around on capitol hill, it seems, and pose for pictures with mitch mcconnell and the boys. it's just, it's really appalling to see him trying to tell the president, advise him who we want in the conference and what he should do or should not do. it's just absolutely -- well, anyway, you're -- you get the final thought on that one before we go to your other thoughts. >> that's why donald trump was elected president. this is exactly what he was brought to washington to disrupt, the status quo, good ole boys' club in the senate, and he's disrupting it whether it's getting 300 judges approved or passing tax reform that people said couldn't be done. those senators who don't like it are going to find themselves on the cold, hard roadside someday, i think. lou: yeah. and i don't even know if mitch
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mcconnell can survive as minority leader if they keep up this nonsense of following this -- of not following this president. i understand you're going to have a very important story on christopher steele and the deep, dark, sinister forces that were running the fbi under president obama. they knew something about christopher steele? apparently -- >> they sure did. lou: -- more than they ever acknowledged. tell us about it. >> yeah, it's very important. i was on your show about a month ago, and i had gotten some documents from london in which christopher steele said, listen, i told the fbi boys the second i i got started that i was working with hillary clinton and the dem fact national committee. and, of course, there's never been ancillary evidence to back that up at the fbi. well, it turns out there are july andth, 2016 -- 13th handwritten note that show that the agent handling christopher
5:22 pm
steele was telling that supervisor three months before the crisis that they knew hillary clinton was connected to the research project christopher steele was doing. and there's a series of e-mails where a confidential human informant, hey, those people you're dealing with, fusion gps, christopher steele? they're connected to the democratic national committee. so it appears that christopher steele was telling the truth, and the fbi just forgot to look for these records. it's going to be overwhelmingly clear by this summer that the fbi knew this was a hillary/dnc project, and they intentionally kept it from the fisa court. lou: and christopher wray, the current director of the fbi, has not exactly been candid k has he -- has he, about the extent of what they knew at various pointses and who knew it within fbi. >> i've talked to a few senators who are frustrated that wray's people are what they call slow-walking these documents.
5:23 pm
senator graham, lindsey graham, is fighting against these documents. they were identified back in december of 2019, and yet here we are in the summer of 2020, and the fbi has yet to produce them for the senators. expect that subpoena vote later this week in graham's committee to focus on this very particular issue. lou: and it is important, i think, to point out the obvious here: how slow-rolled the american people have been by the top officials of the fbi, the justice department including the inspectors general and including many of the -- well, i shouldn't say many, some of the leaders of the current fbi. because we're talking about four years, four, four years next month since the fbi had found out there was nothing in the christopher steele dossier. they knew it was pure junk, paid for, bought and paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc.
5:24 pm
and yet they used it as a, as attar first, a ruse -- artifice, a ruse to go after a candidate for the presidency of the united states. >> yeah, absolutely. listen, ric grenell gave us more transparency e in six weeks as the dni than the fbi gave us in four years. and that's why you hear him say this election's a battle between washington bureaucrats and the rest of the country, you understand why. we now have clear ed washington's bureaucracy tried to unseat and stop donald trump, and they've been slow-walking the hiding of that evidence for quite some time, and that's why people like ric grenell are so frustrated. lou: and i know there are many people, some of them in the white house, who doubted at one point there was really any such thing as the deep state. do you think they should be disabused as of now? >> i think the most interesting dynamic was after last week's hearing with rod rosenstein,
5:25 pm
multiple republican senators who two years ago were saying, john, i'm not sure i believe that fbi conspiracy thing. listen, we see a full-fledged conspiracy to sustain an investigation without evidence against the president of the united states. that's how far the dialogue in washington has changed, and that's a result of transparency. ric grenell, attorney general barr have gotten us the documents, and now even the doubting thomass can see a conspiracy. lou: and now even though the radical dems, the democratic party and the leaders who worked hand in glove with the deep state to attack the president of the united states and will be defeated at every turn and know full well and have known since 2016 that he was a man innocent of the very claims that they repeated incessantly, they refuse to acknowledge, do anything decent and support the president of the united states
5:26 pm
despite everything he's been through at their hands. it is truly repugnant, and they are, they should be held accountable as well as the deep state the. john solomon, thanks so much. read all about it tomorrow morning on we'd like to hear your thoughts. share your comment, follow me on instagram and twitter. twitter @loudobbs facebook, and i'm sorry gramm at lou fox tonight. lou dobbs tonight. vice president mike pence joins us tomorrow night to take up the latest in all of the extraordinary events and developments that are now rowling the nation -- roiling the nation. we hope you'll be with us for that tomorrow evening, vice president mike pence. up next, china's military and their leadership seek world domination. are they ready to try? nato doesn't seem to believe they're an enemy quite yet. we take it up with general jack
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♪ ♪ lou: joining us tonight, general jack keane. he is the former vice chief of staff of the u.s. army, retired four-star general, fox business senior strategic analyst. jack, it's great to have you with us. i want to get, first, your reaction to the director general of the, the secretary general of nato saying that we should be very wary of china and that china's a bully, but we shouldn't think of it as a rival or an enemy. what in the world is going on with stoplighten burg? -- stoltenberg. >> yeah. even if you dismiss china's malign and aggressive behavior for the last ten years, what they've just done recently with taking hong kong's autonomy away from them by declaring a
5:32 pm
national security law which gives them the right to do that and spreading a localize epidemic in a province inside of china by permitting international flights all over the world and creating a pandemic, there should be outrage being expressed as opposed to parsing these words. he is saying that the global balance of power has changed as a result of china's actions, that's a good thing. he is saying that when they meet in the fall, they will discuss the security consequences of dealing with china. but china, clearly, in terms of the economic predator it is, the political predator and military predator and the use of cyber espionage is definitely an adversary, and we have to recognize them as such. and the good thing is, lou, most of the world has woken up as a result of covid-19 and what china has done with their malign behavior here. lou: yeah. and, obviously, the w.h.o. is
5:33 pm
not yet conscious or at least is pretending not to be as they continue the fraud that they perpetrated on the world. we are also watching this president very carefully trying to put together some shape to the new, the new alignment of powerful nations; that is, china, russia and the united states later this month to meet on nuclear arms issues, hopefully to produce an agreement amongst china and russia and the united states. china has saw said it's not going to participate. what do you make of the possibilities? >> well, i still think there is a possibility. first of all, it's an excellent strategic move. i mean, what we're talking about here, strategic nuclear weapons. we have a is s.t.a.r.t. treaty with russia, it's coming up for renewal, and the president and his national security team
5:34 pm
believe china -- while they have considerably less weapons than russia and the united states who have parity -- china is developing weapons rapidly. the numbers are growing, and they're very modern. they've put a lot of money into it, and it's time to bring them into discussions about the control of these dangerous weapons, obviously. so we're using russia, which is also a smart move, to help leverage the chinese because they have some interest here themselves as does the eyes. we'll see -- the united states. we'll see if anything develops. the chinese, obviously, have a lot of pressure which they brought onto themselves here, but this would be a very goodwill step forward for them. let's see if they take the opportunity to do that. lou: yeah. and as, to underline what general keane just said, it was a smart, strategic move on the part of the trump white house to do so so, to move to a discussion, at least the beginnings. even the ini have ration has --
5:35 pm
inliation has a positive impact. general, as always, it's great to see you. thanks for being with us. general jack keane. up next, new details about the china virus and how early the chinese communist party knew about it. the hudson institute's dr. michael pillsbury e joins me. we continue in one moment, please stay with us. now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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>> breaking news, communist china's propaganda outlet, mouthpiece, what you will, china daily, has spent $19 million advertising in the united states since president trump was was elected. that includes almost $5 million paid to the washington post for propaganda. china daily also spending more than a quarter million on twitter ads but didn't disclose spending for either facebook or google. we can only imagine. a new study for harvard medical school revealing the china virus was perhaps in wuhan as early as last summer, august. the study analyzed a surge in vehicle traffic around wuhan area hospitals and increased internet searches for china virus-like symptoms in august of last year. and as expected, china's foreign ministry office has been anything but a bastion of transparency, calling the study, of course, ridiculous.
5:40 pm
joining us tonight is dr. michael pillsbury, director of the center for chinese strategy at the hudson institute, author of "the hundred-year marathon." what do you make of it, mike? it looks like august was the onset of the virus. and i suppose that we've had agencies within the u.s. government who knew that, but this is the earliest that -- date that i've heard. >> well, the level of deception just keeps going up and up, lou. you remember in october is when this worldwide military contest was held in wuhan, a couple hundred american soldiers went. that became the basis for the disinformation, for the lie. china's foreign ministry -- lou: yeah, well, i don't even want to repeat the nonsense. i mean, i really don't. i don't want the carry their water. it's such ignorance, it's such a level of dishonesty and malign intent on the part of the
5:41 pm
chinese, it's, it's extraordinary that we tolerate in any fashion. i want to ask you, let's turn to this propaganda, the money that's being spent. >> yeah. lou: this is outrageous. we have no one countering this. there are no, it seem, countervailing influences anywhere within reach of our government, our administration. surely, it's not as bad as it appears that we are inert and effete in the face of the chinese. >> no, i think it is as bad as it appears if possibly worse. our embassy in beijing, the 2300 people who work there the, lou, their mission is not to try to influence china. we don't do the same kind of thing at all in china. we've got some radio broadcasts going in mandarin, but they're pretty tame compared to what the chinese do to us. the deception about the chinese virus is linked to these
5:42 pm
channels of influence like the china daily buying whole sections in our newspaperses. in deception you got to send a false message but also get feedback. so -- and get your supporters active. china's still got a lot of supporters in the congress, in our federal government. it's not -- the. [inaudible] lou: we've got, we've got influencers throughout wall street and most of them led by the ceo in the corner offices of the -- ceos in the corner offices of the biggest firms in this country holding their fingers on the levers of power and extending -- and, by the way, it's awl okay for them because they have a huge market in china that is now open to them thanks to president trump, robert lighthizerer and the historic trade deal the president achieved. now they're the ones drooling over china, their message
5:43 pm
carrying, their agency for the communist regime paying off handsomely for them, isn't it? >> yes. and the chinese often summon them, both ceos and heads of investment banks, they summon them to beijing for meetings with xi jinping he actually gives them the message take home to try to call the white house or influence the president. it's really quite spectacular. we just cannot do that. china has more billionaires than we do, lou,ing but we don't try to influence chinese billionaires at all. we should. it's a channel of influence. lou: very quickly, i want to ask you, if i may, the issue of the overseas chinese communities that x irk, according to the wall street journal -- xi according to "the wall street journal"'s reporting, is now endenergizing and trying to man mate to carry out transfer of intellectual property, to do,
5:44 pm
effectively, espionage and to bring as much as they can to the homeland. this is outrageous in and of itself, but there it is again without much of a countervailing effort on the part of the u.s. government, it seems. >> that's right. you know, the president believes deeply in reciprocity between ourselves and the chinese. and this area of influence and investment and manipulation of channels of influence, it's where we simply have no reciprocity. partly from lack of trying, but partly "wall street journal," bob davis and ming ming wers e i. -- wei. we don't even know the main players in beijing that we could try to influence, lou, to try to plug this gap. lou: mike, we're going to find out next because ling lingway and bob davis, the authors of the new, powerful block bust or book are joining us here next.
5:45 pm
mike, it is, as always, great to see you. thank you. mike pillsbury. up next, the relationship between president trump and xi, it's a new cold war. a new book, a powerful book and one we recommend to you, "superpower showdown: the battle between trump and xi, the cold war between china and the united states." bob davis, hingeling wei of "the wall street journal" are here with us next. stay with us. incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology makes it brilliant. the lexus nx experience the crossover in its most visionary form. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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it's the most reliable wireless network. and it could save you hundreds. xfinity mobile. ♪ ♪ lou: i'm delighted to have with us tonight ling ling wei with the "wall street journal." she was working out of beijing but was expelled by the chinese communist party. bob davis is with us this evening, senior editor at "the wall street journal." both authors of the brand new, important book "superpower showdown: how the battle between trump and xi threatens a new cold war." it is now available everywhere. we recommend it to you highly. lingling, i'm going to begin with you, if i may. >> sure. lou: this book focuses on the trump administration and an entirely new way of doing business by an american president. your thoughts about the great
5:50 pm
disrupter and this president who had the foresight to take on china. >> sure. very glad to be here, lou. thank you so much. yes, absolutely. president trump really broke with a lot of tradition. his trade offensive against china was up precedented -- unprecedented and, you know, initially caught the authority it is in china off guard many times. so, yeah. it's a wake-up call also to the chinese government that, you know, the past relationship with the u.s., a kind of engagement washington a had with beijing for many years now coming to end. lou: and that, that requires a next phase, bob. is that phase without question a cold war?
5:51 pm
>> well, i think, i think we're edging right to it if we're not in it now. i mean, the difficulty with declaring a cold war is there's no particular event. i mean, the last time, the last cold war it was a speech by winston churchill. we don't have any political leader recognized globally in that same way as churchill. so, yes, i think we're edging toward it. i think we'll know, certainly are, by the next election whether we're in one or whether we'll kind of skirt it. lou: is it fair to say, and i would like you each to respond to this, is it fair to say that xi has been basically silent for months over the course of the china virus contagion that has swept the world, and president trump has been very careful in most instances with his words, still trying to find a way forward that is accommodating.
5:52 pm
and i didn't want say appeasing, but accommodating to the possibilities of a constructive relationship,lingling? your thoughts. >> sure. in china, obviously, there were a lot of questions especially initially during the coronavirus outbreak. there were a lot of questions about how the government handled the outbreak, and, you know, based on our reporting in the "wall street journal" and others, the government for sure was slow to alert the public to the outbreak. but i wouldn't say that president xi has been silent in recent months. in fact, he, his popularity has risen most recently mostly because, you know, he had made it clear he personally took charge of the whole fight against coronavirus. yes, china was the first one,
5:53 pm
first country to see the outbreak, but it was also the first country that is coming out of the outbreak. and right now they're dealing with, you know, other challenges including slowing economy, unemployment and etc. lou: and, bob, your thoughts on this cold war, what kind of shape will it take? and there are so many potential spots, potential hot spots that we could see the beginning of more than a cold war. your thoughts on that and the use of tariffs by this president. >> well, let me offer a comment on something you had asked lippingling too --lingling too. i think it's been a strategy of this administration not to attack president xi personally. i think there's two reasons for that. one is the way the president sees himself as the kind of the art of the deal guy who can cut
5:54 pm
a deal with none, and part of it is a belief which may be mistake, but definitely a belief within this administration that if you don't attack xi personally, that gives him space to back off if that's what he wanted and blame an underling. so there's really two reasons, i think. and in terms of where this goes, god, there's so many possibilities, right? we have the explosion in hong kong, we have the issues in shenzhen with the oppression of muslims. beijing's unhappy with the reelected leader of taiwan. and then just the straight old economic issues and trade issues that have bedeviled both sides. it's kind of funny that the trade issues which were the big, contentious issues between the tw countries is now, as my colleague says, now the kind of channel of communication between
5:55 pm
both countries. lou: we're going to continue withlingling wei and bob davis, authors of this very important new book. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. . . . . unlike ordinary memory supplements neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try neuriva for 30 days and see the difference. there are people who say things aren't made here anymore. those people should make a trip to michigan. or kentucky. or illinois. where you'll find our workers and dealers
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♪. lou: we're pack with linwei and bob davis. author of book of superpower
5:59 pm
showdown. how battle of trump and xi. we recommend it to you. as we conclude, your thoughts what the likely end is here? this is president who made it only balance, reciprocity will be permitted in a relationship between china and the united states. and yet we've got xi talking about the overseas chinese community being animated for further espionage transfer, force, and otherwise transfer to serve the homeland. this sounds like a china intent on real trouble. >> well, to be sure, a lot of complaints goes, the trump administration having in mind when it launched this trade offensive against china. ultimately with being, chinese
6:00 pm
economists interests in the long run. for example the less reliance on -- lou: excuse me i'm sorry. i apologize. we're out of time. i thank you both. thanks for being with us. vice president pence. ♪. elizabeth: tonight, you're looking at a live shot, from a houston suburb. you're looking at the horse drawn funeral procession for george employed. he is about to be laid to rest after a massive emmoral service earlier in the day. tomorrow on capitol hill, a house judicial hearing. on race featuring george floyd's brother. at least 20 cities push to defund police budgets and shift money to community-based police services as 19 are dead in riots, more than 500 law enforcement officers. injured ucla


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