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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 26, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ lou: democratic leadership in america's largest cities continue to allow wallace writers to so chaos and destruction. they are forced to remain in their homes. police and portland, oregon, declared a riot last night during what is the 56th straight night of unrest in the city. arsonists starting several fires around the federal courthouse despite federal law enforcement officers. they threw fires, molotov cocktails at those officers.
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injuring three federal officers protecting the federal courthouse. one of them earned by an unidentified criminal. ted wheeler showed up at the riot. apparently he thought he would receive somewhat of a hero's welcome because he had made this violence possible. he was there to support the mob who then turned on him walking wheeler the mayor thinking he was safe, taking part in a listening session with members of anti-file and black lives matter near that courthouse. tearing the city apart, that made it very clear they do not like him either. [inaudible] lou: loud calls for wheeler's resignation, also demanding
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wheeler withdraw more money from the police department's budget. and portland later using flash bang grenades and tear gas on the mayor as he watched the anarchist he support so vigorously trying to burn down the federal courthouse instead of chastising the malicious acts of the mob, the mayor chose instead to try to blame president trump and the federal law enforcement officers there to protect the courthouse. [inaudible] [cheering and applause] >> you have to wonder what his level of training is for the job that he has. the high level of animosity for any kind of governmental authority and all citizens is
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playing out across the country. the city council minneapolis unanimously voted to get rid of that cities police department public information officer. the city council effectively muzzled the department that they are trying to get rid of. a judge in seattle also ruled that seattle city council may go ahead with their plan to take away riot gear from the city's police department. apparently, under the assumption that there will not be any more rioting. what else could be the explanation. the city of chicago where president trump has already deployed federal agents is bracing for another night of protests and demonstrations, and, yes, violence. radical mayor lori lightfoot only asking for more trouble by asking chicago residents to snitch on those federal officers , whatever that means. >> i am calling on all chicagoans, if you see something
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that does not look right, please do not hesitate to report it. if we see anything out of line, particularly with dhs or border patrol, we will not hesitate to take the president to court and stop anything that is unconstitutional. lou: my guess is she will get a lot of phone calls from people who think they do not think it is right for the people to be gunned down every week and come up for children to be murdered in the streets. maxine waters also proving to be, well, a tool for the radical dems. she says it has been suggested that this is a trial run of the president of the united states who may be organizing to not accept what happens if he is not elected. is he going to pull out his military? is he going to engage us?
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the left is a beautiful bunch. the congresswoman failing to acknowledge that her own party's organization and support over the past four years to try to overthrow and subvert the president of the united states is very clearly at the forefront of most americans minds. a new poll finds 55% of americans say federal law enforcement should be used to stop the rising violence in these high crime democrat led cities. 55%. the radical left politics of chaos and division and personal destruction is nothing more than a tool to try to silence those who disagree with them. what are the consequences of the efforts of the radical dams to try to overthrow authority in this country at every level. a new poll from the cato institute provides some of the answers.
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62% of all americans in the cato poll shows that the current climate prevents them from sharing their opinions. 77% of conservatives and staunch conservatives say they are prevented from speaking their political beliefs. the only group that apparently feel safe, according to this poll, or the furthest to the left. 58% or what some would call extreme left say they do not believe they are prevented from sharing their political opinions and i would suggest to you they are probably right. the political intolerance is also costing people their jobs. high school baseball coach and social studies teacher justin because dara fired by the school district in michigan. he says it is because of his support for president trump trying to reopen the schools.
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donald trump is our president. what a thing to say. a coach and portland orland, he was fired as coach after an unidentified group put pressure on him because of some incident during his time on the police force. we contacted officials from both schools. we have yet to receive a response. the fbi says san francisco is harboring a fugitive, a chinese researcher who lied on his visa application about being part of the people's liberation army. the justice department says he is one of four chinese researchers that were recently charged with visa fraud about their involvement and being enrolled in the people's liberation army. all four have been in the united states on f-1 or j 1 he says to
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work at the university of california. the chinese communist party says they will close a u.s. consulate in china in retaliation for shutting down the chinese consulate in houston. the head of the chinese consulate in houston defiantly telling politico that that consulate will remain open until further notice despite the order by the u.s. government to shut it down by saturday. up next. chinese propaganda making it clear who the chinese communist party wants to win the presidency. this looks like, well, something other than russian meddling, that is for sure. china wants to try it out. congressman nat gates here to take that up and much more. i would like to remind you about my new book the trump century.
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lou: breaking news now. former democratic congressman accused of bribing an election judge in order to stop the ballots for democratic democrat candidates in philadelphia. court documents say michael myers paid thousands of dollars to add fake votes in the voting machines between 2014 and 2016. myers represented the philadelphia area and congress for four years. that is until about 40 years ago he was expelled and imprisoned for taking bribes during the famous undercover fbi sting known as ab scan. it does not apparently teach him anything. chinese state television blaming populism for the spread of the china virus. china global television network airing this video. the title, cam covid-19 beat populism.
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a straightforward attack on president trump's candidacy for reelection. it claims that china virus is "another straw on the camel's back against populist leaders like president trump." how is that for meddling. and how is it for interfering in u.s. domestic politics. joining us tonight, one of the president's strongest offenders of both the president and his populist movement. he has congressman matt gates. armed service committees. his new book is called firebrand dispatches from the front lines of the magna revolution. it is available for preorder now. we are delighted to have its extinguish author matt gates. great to have you with us. you have been in a meeting with
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john radcliffe. is there anything that you can share with us, with the audience >> breaking news. john radcliffe here in the last few hours has just declassified the memo that describes august august 17 briefing the fbi gave president trump back in the 2016 election. the fbi had been telling us this was a defensive briefing. the evidence proves that this was a set up of the president and of michael flynn. here is how. at the end of july and 2016, the fbi opened the trump russia investigation. on august 8 they were saying, no, we will stop him. the insurance policy. the first briefing that the trump campaign gets. who does the fbi send? peter struck, kevin kleinsmith, the lawyer that literally changed evidence and joe who should not have been there in the first place.
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they were not trying to warn the trump campaign, they were trying to ensnare michael flynn. the documents released today, they are labeling that meeting as part of the crossfire razor investigation which was the flynn investigation. they should have been there to protect the president from any russia interference. instead they were there to frame the president and try to put pressure on michael flynn. that is what we've been talking about for years now. even more evidence that it is the case. >> congratulations to john radcliffe or declassified the content and pushing this information into the public arena. we are, everyone is anticipating that there will be charges against those that conspired to overthrow this president. this is outrageous. this is a historic level. it boggles the mind to think that academia, our scholars are not involved in this at all. not a word of protest from those
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professional academic historians who should be all over this it is church mice. >> this was the obama biden administration. joe biden himself trying to manufacture some basis to go after general flynn. the reason why it is important is because it did not just occur during the trump administration. this was part of the plan to delegitimize president trump to go after his allies even back during the obama biden administration. >> it is without question, we know that this was a full on effort by the intelligence people. not just the national security division of the fbi and its top officials of that agency and the justice department, this is a widespread effort under the offices of the obama white house, without question.
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i want to turn to what is happening right now. president trump is a lot more popular than most of these polls are detecting. they would have ever suspected there was something called a silent majority. you look at the cato institute poll that shows 55% of americans are afraid to express their political viewpoints. almost 80% of conservatives and republicans are afraid to express their views because of the violence of the left and the extraordinary campaign by the left to silence that majority out there. it is incredible. >> leading the most powerful incredible movement. the left strategy is trying to moralize us and demean us and try to stop us from expressing our patriotism and love for our president and country. no surprise folks on the left are going after our president.
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i am deeply disappointed that liz cheney is also working against president trump. i think republicans deserve a house conference chair that will stand with him and oppose him on germany to afghanistan to syria to the coronavirus. even liz cheney picking up the hashtags of nancy pelosi and using them to chart our president. one of the reasons i asked her to step aside. we have leaders and conference chairs who will campaign with the president and help reelect him so we can save this great country. lou: you know, you republicans on capitol hill are a courageous bunch. i have to admire your sportsmanship. you find ways to put leaders that are in opposition to nearly everything the republican party stands for, you made one of them the speaker of the house back in 2018. how does this happen with you
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republicans? >> rhinos are almost extinct in africa, but they seem to roam free in the republican leadership at times. liz cheney has taken the baton of anti-tropism from paul ryan. she has been working behind the scene. she is actively chiming the president. people that support the president need to stand up for him and make sure that liz cheney does not attack our leader. >> i think that sage counsel as usual from you. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. great to have you here. the white house as we could soon see criminal charges for members of the deep state. we take it up with tom. a reminder, my new book, the trump century. how our president change a history forever. it is upsetting liberals and lefties galore. do your part to make sure they
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lou: the president winning big in the supreme court. the supreme court today issued a ruling in which it refused to expedite the radical dems request to retain president trump's tax and financial records. why should they get those records is the first question. there is not a good reason. justice sonja soto meyer. that is a pretty good win. president trump chief of staff signaling the possibility of imminent indictments for members of the new state. here is what he said over the weekend. the obama gate investigation.
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>> i think the american people expect an indictment. i expect indictments based on the evidence i've seen. you will see a couple of other documents come out in the coming days that will suggest that not only was the campaign spied on, but the fbi did not act appropriately as they were investigating. it is all starting to unravel. it is time that people go to jail and people are indicted. lou: amen, mark meadows. god bless you. tom joining us now. president of judicial watch. a republic under us. the last ongoing attack on american freedom. it is available for preorder. we encourage you to do so. mark meadows. i am telling you. plain talking, straight talking. a great chief of staff. the message he delivered and that remark is, well, soothing to the heart.
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>> it reconfirms the criminality that play with the targeting of candidate trump and then-president trump. i am not convinced that there will be indictments beyond that category if fbi agents like the agent that manipulated documents before the fisa court -- lou: i want them all. i want them all, tom. >> not going to happen. lou: i may be disappointed. i'm a big boy. i've been disappointed once or twice before. what i will not put up with is seeing these expletive deleted people getting away with taking on this president for the full term. this is a nation that is obscene it's intolerance of what we have watched. the democratic party has so much to answer for and the ignorance goes on unabated. they act as if they did not try
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to find something on this president for the previous three and a half years. it suddenly occurred to them to see if they could find something else. they are lying fools. they are no better than that. do you disagree and why can't we have a nation awakened to that reality? >> i think what mark meadows said, that will be the most important part. the nation awakens to who these people are. the adam shifts, the chuck schumer spared all of these characters and creeps. >> expressing desire that it is about time people go to jail. prosecutions and indictments. the president and part because of that desire. lock her up. hillary clinton still has not been investigated by the fbi, doj or state department. they are protecting her. with this whole obama gate scandal nothing has been done
7:29 pm
for this whole 3.5 years now. mr. durham was appointed in april of last year. not one indictment after 15 months. this is not acceptable. i think what will happen is he will issue another zinger of a report that will get you nothing and a few indictments of lower-level people. well they will fade away in terms of getting held accountable. >> well, i am going to take the over on this. i truly believe that durham isn't in the business of delivering reports and by inference, we may expect indictments. mark meadows is not in the business of parsing. i believe he sent a very clear message that he will be expecting indictments. and the president should accept nothing less. i mean, this is outrageous. the american people should not
7:30 pm
expect less. look at the cast of bio characters and criminals to grant the justice department, the fbi. look at what christopher wray did today. appointing a colleague of sally gates and rod rosenstein. as general counsel, this is sickening to watch. this is under attorney general bar. what do you make of it? >> we just got documents the other day showing that peter struck at investigations into the white house the moment the president walked into the oval office and was trying to figure out how to manipulate counterintelligence investigations to abuse him further. these documents have been withheld for three years. hence my skepticism that they will do what is necessary, and terms of justice and accountability. for instance, also, admitted he knew that hillary clinton
7:31 pm
directly knew about the dossier and what he was up to. why isn't hillary clinton being questioned? >> i think that is a great question. i was just going to say, i would agree with you. if you called for an investigation. this is a woman who turned over 20% of, you know, uranium, effectively, to the russians. you know, i mean, the obama administration has much to answer for. there are no answers at this point. the reason there are no answers is they put a magnificent bright's shiny stone wall in the left-wing media has let it stand and so has the republican party, i might add. you get the last word, tom. make it as long as you wish. >> i think this conversation highlights what we are facing. there is this hope that
7:32 pm
something is done. frustration that nothing is done. luke, i will give credit to you and to some of your colleagues over there at the networks. judicial watch has been doing a lot of this. much of what we know is a result -- lou: you had the two important ones. [laughter] >> that's right. much of what we know today is not because of the justice department and ig, it is because of members of congress are groups like judicial watch or journalist like yourself highlighting it for the american people. if anything positive will come it will come because of our work, not just because a justice department voluntarily wanted to do it. lou: yeah. i wish i could figure out the enigma that is attorney general william bar. i hope that the answer is bright and powerful and unavoidable
7:33 pm
come days before the election. tom, thank you so much. the radical left continues its assault on two of our largest cities all democrat lead. how have these anarchists hijacked peaceful protest and turned it into what we are witnessing now. we take it up next with bob woodson of thehehehe ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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lou: joining me now is bob woodson former civil rights activist who headed the national urban league of department of criminal justice, the founder of the watson center which helps residents in low income neighborhoods and helps us on this broadcast with his perspective on what we are witnessing in these extraordinary times in which we all live. first of all, great to see you. the left in this country is moving, to me, perilously far from the idea of opposition to policies and practices that they don't like. reform, if they wish. they move from resistance. they are moving right up to the edge of insurrection. are they not? >> no, they are. trying to trade on the moral authority of the civil rights
7:38 pm
movement. we had behavior as to who could participate in the marches. when people came in and were disrupted, we excelled them. in the beginning, i think there were peaceful protesters. the moment that anarchists went to go in with them, the fact that the peaceful protesters refused to challenge some of these anarchists, they are complicit in the actions that they are taking. i think that what is unfortunate with this assault on the police, it has resulted in nullification which means police are not enforcing the laws aggressively which results in this huge spike in violent deaths in these communities. there were 26 people killed in these riots, 24 were black. fourteen unarmed black killed by police in the year. and, so, this is about social
7:39 pm
justice for blocks. it is about using the black community and the conditions of our racial past, appropriating it so the left can use it to promote insurrection in our cities. my old neighborhood in west philadelphia, they burned down a walmart. they also burned down a huge food market that employed ex- offenders. how do you justify the destruction in the black community and the name of promoting justice for blacks. lou: bob making a very important point. the great disparity in incomes is in some cases in the communities in which blacks have greater variances in incomes with blacks. your thoughts on that. >> you have to understand, two out of 10 whites with college education work for government. six out of 10 work for government. $0.70 of all the $22 trillion on
7:40 pm
the floor in the last 50 years have gone to these professional service providers and unions that serve the poor. you have a structural disincentive for poverty to be relieved and many of the blocks are running those systems. rather than confront this and began to explain to the public how middle-class blacks are pursuing the principles of our founders, enable them to rise. they have a different set of expectations for the poor. these kids should not be competing. what they need is government programs, when many of the middle-class accomplishments, they did it by pursuing independence and self sufficiency. we are told that a different set of rules should apply for low income blacks and they should wait for reparations or they should be discouraged from
7:41 pm
engaging in competitiveness because that is racism. they are being told that the nuclear family is eurocentric and therefore racist. they are being told it is suspect. they live in nuclear families. they live in safe neighborhoods. what they are advocating for low income blacks is a whole different that of behaviors and expectations. that is where the real crime is. rather than explaining why poor black are failing and cities ran by their own people, they use institutional racism or nullification of police as the means of excusing, preventing people from asking those critical questions. we don't have a race problem in america, we have a disparity and economic interest and we need to begin to pursue different policies that helps low income people. 1776 we are doing exactly that.
7:42 pm
going into those low income neighborhoods. 70% of the families have children being raised in single-parent households. 30% are not. you have 30% of families in low income communities achieving against the odds. we go in and find out what is the secret of their success and mobilize the people in those communities to engage in, to become agents of their own up living. it is dangerous when these middle-class blacks tell low income blacks that they are the best. they have an exemption from personal responsibility because of institutional racism. you have two sets of rules. one for the middle class that they use the american system and values to elevate themselves, but they are saying to low income you have to wait for reparations or for white people to change for you to change. it means they are exempt from
7:43 pm
any responsibility for fixing the problems of the people they got elected to serve. bigots are not the worst problem low income people face. it is a traitor. people who got paid and elected to serve them and are not serving them but want to deflect it away from other people. race has to come off the table in order for us to achieve success in america. >> instead of focusing on what they want to call institutional or systemic racism, they might be more candid about the fact that what they are propagating is institutional dependency which i am sure is the six in 10 that have government jobs, that they will have at least the pretext of a reason to be in those jobs a decade or two down the road. your analysis is mind opening. i certainly hope it will be for
7:44 pm
all of our audience and the country as we continue to listen to bob woodson's perspectives on what we witnessed now going on in our communities. many of them. and what must be done to deal with it in a policy sense and also in a very human sense. great to have you with us. thank you for beieieiei hey, can i... hold on one second... sure. okay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! he's here. he's right here. - hi! - hi. hey! - that's totally him. - it's him! that's totally the guy. safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today.
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lou: breaking news now. taiwan's foreign minister is warning of china's heightened acts of aggression saying beijing is preparing to take over taiwan. telling reporters that china has intruded the airspace nearly every single day over the past month. last week taiwan conducted live fire drills to prepare itself in the event of an invasion.
7:49 pm
taiwan is strengthening its relationship with allies and particularly with the united states. in new york city, socialist mayor bill de blasio, another member in high standing of the radical left hill refuses to accept federal assistance, to the degree he has any choice. the socialist mayor said federal officers are not needed in new york. mayor de blasio has kept his police officers away from fighting sore crime levels in his city detailing 20 plus officers a day to defend this. there to defend a black lives street mural outside of trump tower on fifth avenue. black lives matter. a similar mural in redwood city. being scrubbed away after another resident asked for a make america great again 2020
7:50 pm
mural to be painted on the very same street. it is, after all, a country of free speech. the city has now chosen to remove that mural saying it poses a public safety issue. the radical dems cannot seem to comprehend the vast majority of americans do not support any push to redefine our nation or support ideas that america is unfair. those americans are beginning to push back. terrorizing the streets of this country. the citizens are pushing, rushing to done stores. exercising their second amendment rights with gusto, the national shooting support foundation chose 80% of retailers have seen an increase in firearm sales in the first six months of this year. 92% of those retailers with an increase in the sale of ammunition.
7:51 pm
overall, sales of firearms up 95% compared to a year ago. ammunition sales up more than double. 139%. before we go to break, a reminder about my new book. please preorder your trump century. how the its course of history forever. it's available now upset a liberal. go to, barnes & noble tara, did you know geico is now offering an extra 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies? >>wow...ok! that's 15% on top of what geico could already save you. so what are you waiting for? idina menzel to sing your own theme song? ♪ tara, tara, look at her go with a fresh cup of joe. ♪ gettin' down to work early! ♪ following her dreams into taxidermy! oh, it' attorney. ♪ i read that wrong, oh yeeaaaah! geico. save an extra 15 percent when you switch by october 7th. ♪ give it up for tara!
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well, you see here... there's a photo of you and there's a photo of your mommy and then there's a picture of me. but before our story it goes way, way, way back with your great, great, great grandparents. see this handsome man, his name is william. william fell in love with rose and they had a kid. his name was charles and charles met martha... isn't she pretty? yeah.
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lou: joining us tonight to talk about what is going on in this country and the president's response, congressman andy biggs, also a member of the house judiciary committee. always good to have you with us. this is no longer simple resistance on the part of the radical left. they are acting with extraordinarily focused violence and outright disregard for while, for the citizenry and the communities in which they live. >> this is not peaceful protesting regardless of how many times they call it that. this is writing, this is looting, this is criminal behavior. in some instances, being done for the purpose of undermining civil order. it is almost treasonous, if you look at it that way.
7:56 pm
i think president trump is really stepping up here. there are ways that he can do it. there is authority to do it. he is making the right call. getting those federal officers in the places where violence runs amok. >> we all know that he has the authority. the fact is, he has the responsibility. these mayors and these local city council that a radical democrat governed, this is atrocious what they are doing to their residence and what they are doing to their communities. i have never seen anything like this in my tenure as a journalist covering politics and economics. >> right. this will cascade. the people fleeing these places that are allowing violence to happen. people are leaving.
7:57 pm
insurance companies cannot mark the rate. they cannot make a real assessment on what the losses will be. it is basically all being done, not for enhancement of right, but actually to take away rights and burn down the system of government that we have built. the economic and societal system that makes us americans. we have members of congress who actually support and make that their cause. this has got to come to an end. >> nancy pelosi -- your speaker, nancy pelosi actually encouraging this with every expression that she utters about what is happening in this country. she has become radicalized. it is truly extraordinary. the real issue for the country right now is the choice coming up in november.
7:58 pm
joe biden says that he wants to redefine police departments, policing, make it into some kind of social work, if he wants. we thought we had social workers already on the case and remove police officers. this is bazaar. it is also, to me, and absolute clear choice between a president that stands up for his responsibilities and a challenger who wants to define the police departments, wants to go on with the radical most extreme elements of the left. >> you are exactly right. when president trump said joe biden is incompetent, this is one of the reasons. these far left radicals who do not want to preserve the peace. they do not want safety and security. in order to fully implement and enjoy liberty, you have to be
7:59 pm
able to exercise your rights. these people who lived in the cities are not able to exercise their rights. joe biden will perpetuate that. he wants to eliminate police. he will be opening the borders. can you imagine social workers responding to the scene of a domestic violence situation where one of those partners has a gun. it is just incomprehensible the danger you put police officers in and the public in. >> there are few situations. when they respond to a domestic violence call. congressman, great to have you with us as always. thanks. andy biggs. that is there for us tonight. a reminder of my new book. how the president change a history of the country forever. it's available for preorder. and barnes & noble.
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really drive the left not order several copies. preorder, that is. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from sussex. ♪ ♪ >> it was the year when nasa showed us the sky wasn't the limit. charles manson showed his family values, and the beatles showed us why they crossed the road. here are the ten most magical, ludicrous, grisly, shameful, dramatic stories of the year. who can forget 1969? ♪ ♪ >> abbey road was such an iconic album -- >> probably the great beatles album. >> i i e remember looking at


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