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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 24, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i said, who's the reporter? flock. of course it's flock! and then i thought you cursed, and i got very, very worried. good to see you, my friend. thanks for joining us each and every day. see you tomorrow, same time. "lou dobbs tonight" starts now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. violence breaking out in louisville last night. then after a grand jury chose to charge one of three police officers involved in the march shooting of breonna taylor. two louisville police officers were shot as the radical leftist mob ransacked streets and protested in various ways and violent ways at that. the police do have a suspect in custody. he is lorenzo johnson. he was charged with first-degree assault of a police officer, first-degree wanton endanger.
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endangerment. one police officer was shot in the abdomen, another shot in the leg. doctors say their injuries are not life threatening. the university of louisville canceled classes after the riots and the shooting. one class the school has recently started is aimed at so-called systemic racism, and the course was called breonna taylor's louisville: race equity and law. the ignorance of the radical left is hardly reserved for college campuses, however. today it was on full display outside the u.s. supreme court where president trump and the first lady visited to pay their respects for the late are justice ruth bader ginsburg, her body lies in repose at the supreme court. as the president and the first lady stood near the casket, protesters cut through the somber moment by heckling and yelling at the president and
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first lady. listen to this. [background sounds] lou: ignorant, but at least there was no violence. tonight, breaking news, there is newly-released evidence of the bias in the fbi, as if we needed more, against general michael flynn. today his attorney, is sid gnu powell, filed a motion to discuss miss with internal text messages in 2016 between fbi analysts involved in the flynn
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investigations. their names have been redacted. one person text in august of 2016, quote: doing all this election research, i think some of these guys want a clinton presidency. another replies, instead of a wildcard like trump. in october 2016 another analyst text about the flynn investigation saying, quote: i'm telling you, man, if this thing ever gets foia'd -- referring to the freedom of information act -- there are going to be some tough questions asked. and on the day of the january 5th oval office meeting among president obama, vice president biden, susan rice and sally yates, james comey, james clapper and john brennan, all of them discussing general flynn, an fbu analyst writes: how the meeting went. the reply, don't know, but people here are scrambling for info to support certain things, and it's a madhouse.
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another writes: trump was right, still not put together. why do we do this to ourselves? what is wrong with these people? we will talk about what is wrong with those people and the, these clients, suddenny powell's -- sidney powell's client's prospects right now with this new motion to dismiss. the national left-wing media ignoring how hunter biden sold influence to russia, to china outlewinned in yesterday's senate -- outlined in yesterday's senate report, a report all but ignored by the national left-wing media. president trump today tweeted, quote: russian billionaire wired hunter biden $3.5 million. this on top of all of the other money he received while joe was vp. crooked as can be but think mainstream media wants it to just go away. hunter biden should face a judge to explain his actions.
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instead, a new york state judge is forcing eric trump to testify about an investigation into his family business just weeks before the election of which he is an integral part. and breaking news tonight out of the john durham obamagate investigation. durham is now reportedly expanding his investigation and looking into how federal law enforcement officials handled the investigation into political corruption at the clinton foundation. durham picking up the slack of u.s. attorney john huber who was assigned to investigate the clinton foundation in no of 20 -- in november of 2017 and who wrapped up his investigation this past january without a word, without a report, without a charge, zero results. our next guest has been, well,
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uncovering the illegal activities of the clinton foundation and biden family for years, and joining us is peter schweizer. he is president of the government accountability institute. he's author of "profiles in corruption: abuse of power by america's progressive elite." and amongst the progressive elite, certainly, indelibly the biden name appears repeatedly and often. peter, great to have you with us. your reaction to the news that, apparently, apparently -- we have to underline that -- john durham's investigation is now investigating the clinton foundation or, as it's been styled, the activities and the conduct of those investigating the clinton foundation. >> yeah, lou, great to see you. congratulations on your new book. yeah, this is huge news and
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important news. and here's why. i think one of the things that so frustrates people in the country right now is this two-tiered system of justice whether it's the violence in the streets or whether it's corruption in washington d.c. certain people get investigated, certain people don't, certain people get prosecuted, certain people don't. remember in the clinton foundation case, of course, that investigation on the fbi side -- at least according to "the wall street journal" -- that investigation was led by andrew mccabe. there have been all kinds of questions, of course, about his conduct in the russia probe involving donald trump. also lots of questions because of the links that mccabe's wife, who was a political candidate in virginia, had with people in the clinton orbit who were raising money for her. so i i think this is a huge development, and it's important and, hopefully, we will get to the truth. lou: get to the truth, and we
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approach election day fewer than 40 days out. many of us, myself included, were hoping that we would see an investigation that produced two things; a report about the truth of the investigators in obamagate and, secondly, charges holding accountable those who we now know from all of the accounts of documents revealed, everything from all kinds of documents that there is more than probable cause here, there is, there is every indication that great crimes were committed against this great president and this great nation. >> yep. lou: right now we basically have crickets from the justice department. >> yeah. i think what's interesting about durham's approach -- and, again, you were right to say based on what we know, but what's being reported is that durham is looking at two things.
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he's looking at the manner in which the russia investigation was conducted against donald trump, and in parallel, how the investigation was handled into hillary hillary clinton. i think what he's looking for is were they handled equally the same, and i think we all know already that they certainly were not. just the fact that, you know, hillary clinton was not put under oath, she was given all of these courtesies, none of those courtesy es were extended to donald trump or general flynn or anybody else, quite the opposite. so i think this has the potential to be very, very powerful. again, i think what frustrates a lot of people, whether they like a certain candidate or not, they just want the system to treat them all the same, and they clearly have not done that. that's why this is important. and, by the way, i hope that the investigation, the report from durham, comes out whenever it's available. i hope they don't delay because of the election. i hope they release it when it's available, and i think it's
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something that should be factored in by people before the election in november. lou: yeah. one thing is very clear, that the democrats, the obama administration and the deep state in orchestration worked hard and effectively to steal the midterm election of 2018 under the cloud of putting the president under the cloud of a special counsel investigation and all of the charges that were made that were proved to be groundless in subsequent investigations, actually, in preliminary investigations as well. it's an outrage and hopefully we will see justice served here and soon. peter schweitzer, we appreciate your being with us, as always. i'm going to ask you as we wrap up here, do you think we're going to see charges before
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election day? >> i doesn't charges, but -- i doubt charges, but i imagine we're going to see some interesting, pointed reports that might be leading in that direction. lou: peter schweizer, as always, thanks for all the great work that you do. on wall street, stocks were higher. the dow up 52 points, the s&p gained 10, the nasdaq 39. volume on the big board, 4.6 billion shares traded. crude oil, $40.18 a barrel. listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. up next here tonight, the national left wing lies again. we talk up their latest lies. we'll be talking with judge jeanine pirro here next. you can buy my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," available now at bookstores everywhere,, and, a place for all american patriots.
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♪ ♪ lou: president trump going to the battleground states of north carolina and florida. china joe biden hunkering down in his basement still. for a ninth time this month, think about this, biden's campaign has called a so-called travel lid -- that is, shutting down everything for the press for the day -- before noon. how about 9 a.m.? 40 days from the election biden hiding from the press, you know, again. this is really extraordinary, and the national left-wing media is not speaking to it. this man is not engaging with the media, he is not putting himself before a free and engaged news media. he is hiding. and he's, by the way, getting away with it. make no mistake, he's getting away with it. and that is all the greater crime. this brings us to the quote of the day from my new book, "the
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trump century." president trump, i truly believe, is the only leader that has shown he is bright enough, strong enough, shrewd enough and original enough in his thinking to lead the united states out of this maelstrom. he is the essence of the right man in the right place at the right time, all for the good of our country. once again the national left-wing media is lying to the american people. they claim president trump will not commit to a peaceful transition of power, the darling little left-wing media buttercups and daffodils. that narrative found in nearly identical headlines all across the left-wing outlet ares of the nation. "the washington post" writing, quote: trump won't commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. cnn wrote: trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power after election day. associated press, all these
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clever headline writers, which one is committing plagiarism, or was there a phone call? trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses. the headlines are flat wrong. the president said nothing of the sort. listen to what the president actually said on this issue. >> we're going to have to see what happens, you know that. i've been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster. >> i understand that, but people are rioting, do you commit to making sure there's a peaceful -- >> you'll have a very, we'll have a very peaceful -- there won't be a transfer, frankly. there'll be a continuation. the ballots are out of control. you know it, and you know who knows it better than anybody else? the democrats know it better than anybody else. lou: that is what the president actually said. and when he talks about fake news, when we all talk about the
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left-wing national media fake news, well, just another example, and it's what he lives with every single day of his presidency. and it's the "lou dobbs tonight" word of the day, continuation, which i think was the most important thing in that that sentence. it is the state of remaining in a a particular position. in this case, the president of the united states remaining president of the united states on november 4th. joining us tonight is jeanine pirro. she is the host, as you know, of justice with judge jeanine. she has a brand new book, and she's happier about it than she looks -- there she goes, we got a smile her new book, "don't lie to me," we recommend it to you highly. judge, great to have you with us. the president having to deal with the nonsense, can you imagine? i i mean, would you ever have
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imagined that any president would have to put up with that series of headlines for making those comments? any other president certainly wouldn't have, but for him to have to put up with this, the strongest president since abraham lincoln. your thoughts. >> well, look, and this president has had to put up with the left wing, both the mob as well as the media, and their hissy fit. you know, i think it's really hysterical, and the other books that i've written, "don't lie to me" is the third in the trilogy where everything that they complained the president is doing, they're doing. it's like when you point a finger at someone, three finnin? they're the ones who won't agree to a peaceful transition of power. since they lost this election, they're been having a hissy fit. from the day the president was inaugurated, i was in d.c. that day. i mean, they were marching, they were crazy, now they're burning cities, they're burning the businesses, offices, they're trampling on people's homes. what we saw with kyle raten
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house in kenosha, wisconsin, simply trying to defend himself, look, lou, they want, they want to keep us in the basement, they want to defund the police, they want to open the borders, and they want to take away our guns. none of that is constitutional as far as i'm concerned. this is, these are just more words of, indicative of the fact that they want to control america, they want socialism, they're bringing in das funded by socialist parties, and they're bringing in bail reform, a euphemism for let everybody out on bail, and they're telling police to stand down and defunding them. this is the thin line that separates civility from barbarism. and this left-wing mob will have their way if sleepy joe, as i call him in my book, gets into the oval. and, by the way, i don't think he will. but kamala thinks she's
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running -- she talked about the harris administration with joe biden -- [laughter] the next day joe biden says the harris administration. lou, he didn't even know he said it. the next day his staff said, oh, he didn't mean to say it. he comes out one day, and he's asleep three days. how's this guy going to run the united states? lou: well, he was, judge, he was just following his leader, kamala harris. she had said it the day before. [laughter] let's turn to the news today of durham expanding his investigation reportedly. >> wow. lou: we hope it is correct because, certainly, the clinton foundation investigation deserves investigation itself. but it also requires chose -- closure, investigating that foundation. your thoughts, hopes, aspirations, prayers? >> look, as a exprrt a judge -- prosecutor and a judge for, like, three decades, more than that, i believe in justice, i believe that justice is fair, and i believe there should be
5:23 pm
swift and certain punishment, although i suspect that there's not going swift and certain punishment here because it's taken so long for them to even investigate the clinton foundation. but it was music to my ears to hear that durham was looking at the clinton foundation. and i'll just say one thing before i go, lou, and that is one of the people to actually look at it in the southern district of new york was, guess who? jim comey, the united states attorney for the southern district. there's an incestuous group here. one hand washes the other. it's a cabal that goes to the highest levels of government to stop everyone but the clintons, and we're going to see america, i believe now, stand up and say enough is enough this november. lou: well, it's, that southern district of new york sounds like a really creepy crawly place that somebody ought to, well, somebody ought to, i'll leave it at that. >> yeah, i know it well.
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lou: "don't lie to me," she says, the title of her brand new book. we urge you to buy it. it's on sale now. stop trying to steal our freedom, says the judge. and we're glad you said it here. good to see you, judge with. we'd like to hear your thoughts on all of this. share your comments. follow me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. judicial watch's tom fitton, pastor robert jeffress with us here tomorrow. we hope you will join us as well. stay with us, more on the deep state's persecution of michael flynn as attorney sidney powell today filing an important motion in court. she joins us here next. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ i got help from a pro. my financial professional explained to me all the ways nationwide can help protect financial futures in peytonville. nationwide can help the greens get lifetime income because their son kyle is moving back home
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prosecutor, filing a motion today to dismiss. sid, it's great to have you with us on the broadcast. tell us the bay us of the motion to dismiss now, and i'm afraid we all have a sense at least of why it's necessary and also, amazingly, that it is necessary at all given what has become a phenomenon in the court system in washington d.c. >> yes. well, the government originally moved to dismiss the case on may 7th with a 100-page filing that included 80 pages of exculpatory evidence not previously produced to the defense and that shows general flynn is innocent. there was no crime ever by him, and the government made up the basis to, quote, investigate him and everything else. and falsified the 302 report of their interview of him. so it's been a disaster from the get go. it never should have been brought as a prosecution, much less an investigation.
5:30 pm
and now we have an additional 40 pages of documents just produced to us last, late last night by the government filing out of the fbi, extricated like trying to pull a wisdom tooth, apparently. and it shows even more evidence that the agents knew they were making it up to the point that they sought professional liability insurance for themselves realizing they would be sued if anybody ever found this. they made a comment about, boy, if this is ever foia'd -- meaning, produced under the freedom of information act -- you know, there's going to be an awful lot of questions to answer. there's one comment after the other no shows they -- that shows they knew they were playing games with general flynn's life, and they knew that and have done that for four years. lou: well, you know, i guess the expression currently here again when we talk about the politically corrupt fbi and the justice department and what they have done to general flynn, his family, is damn their hides.
5:31 pm
the fact that one agent text effectively an admission that he had a conscience, he just had overcome it, is certainly insufficient. what is to be done now? you can't get justice in that court system in d.c. the appellate court is rigged. they're political skunks. they've got the whole system rigged. they would just as soon crush general flynn's life and that of his family as sit upon their little perches with black robes. they are an outrage, they are a disgrace to the nation. what in the world are we to do? >> well, judge sullivan's going to have to dismiss this case with prejudice. if he doesn't, the supreme court will because it's an absolute appalling travesty of justice. and the court has only exacerbated it by its baseless and unprecedented rulings. lou: unprecedented rulings and
5:32 pm
knowing full well that all they were doing was continue to persecute general flynn and his family and to do so, that he was an innocent man from the very beginning. and do you know what else? sidney, i really, i'd like to get your opinion on this. i really think the supreme court, the chief justice should be ashamed of himself for letting this go on as it has. i think it's, again, it's outrageous what he has permitted. and there's no way to hold him accountable, but i have to say i just, i think so so little of this man now, it's impossible to express. your thoughts. >> well, there is a judicial ethics commission and a way to file grievances against federal judges. in fact, any member of the public can do it. and there may be plenty of reason to do that coming up, if
5:33 pm
not already. lou: yeah. does not the chief justice of the supreme court have the capacity, the power and the authority and, indeed, the responsibility to reach into a court when it is serving everything but justice? >> well, generally as justice ginsburg wrote in a unanimous decision for the supreme court just a week or so before judge sullivan started this abusive process, judges are not supposed to sally forth looking for wrongs to right. they without for the litigants to bring the issues to them. so if judge sullivan doesn't grant this motion to dismiss with prejudice as must be done according to all existing legal precedent, we will take it immediately to the supreme court. lou: sidney powell, it's great to have you with us. we thank you so much, and we wish you, of course, the best of luck and all the best to general flynn, his family and, again, to
5:34 pm
those sitting on the court in d.c., you're an embarrassment to this nation and almost every value we hold dear. up next, more on the university of louisville's ignorant response to racial unrest, to civil unrest as it's called; that is, rioting, shooting. and the critical race theory that pervades much of our education system. investigative reporter christopher rufo joins us next. no journalist has beat him in leading on this story, so he's coming up here next. and a reminder, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," on sale. get your copies at our new merchandise store,,,, bookstores ever where. stay with us, we're coming right
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lou: breaking news now, florida attorney general ashley mood duh duh -- moody, has opened an investigation into mike bloomberg's payment of $16 million to help felons remove their debt and then vote in the state of florida. other celebrities like john legend, lebron james are serving money to -- sending
5:39 pm
money to help the felons selectively, those felons that they believe will vote for a democrat. lebron james says the most disrespected person on earth is the black in -- the black woman in response to the grand jury decision on breonna taylor's death. but when he was outraged over the shooting of jacob blake in kenosha, wisconsin, lebron didn't say anything about the disrespected black woman who accused blake of sexually assaulting her. not even once. our next guest has been uncovering critical race theory training within the federal government. he has been at the forefront. president trump has signed an executive order to stop it, calling critical race theory a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue. joining us tonight, christopher rufo, he's filmmaker, fellow at the discovery constitute, a conservative -- discovery
5:40 pm
institute, a conservative think tank and a terrific investigative journalist. it's great to have you with us, and i want to compliment you on the great work that you've done, and i want you to give us, if you will, your sense of the president's decision to issue an executive order stopping it in all federal agencies. and, secondarily, ordering through his executive action federal contractors to end it. your thoughts on both decisions. >> the executive order is actually astonishing. for years scholars and thinkers and conservatives have warned about the encroachment of critical race theory into our institutions. over the last few years in particular, it's certainly become the dominant ideology in education, in universities, in the federal bureaucracy and, frankly, this is the first time there's been a successful pushback. the president's order gets rid of critical race theory in federal agencies and, critically, in companies that want to do business with the federal government. so we're going to see at least half of the fortune 500
5:41 pm
companies scrambling to reform their diversity policies to make sure they don't run afoul of the president's order. lou: and you believe these orders will be effective? and if so, how soon? >> they'll be effective in 60 days, that's the timeline that it lays out, and they'll be effective because they've built in mechanisms of enforcement. the white house lawyers have quite ingeniously required all federal agencies to run all their training directly through the opm and the office of management and budget, so there'll be centralized oversight. and there are federal managers that continue to implement critical race theory, the president has instructed the managers to immediately begin adverse action proceedings against them. so this could be kind of a road to termination. so i think the white house lawyers deserve enormous credit. they've really broadened the playing field. they've gone after critical race theory across all of the major institutions in our society, and i think they're going to do it in a very strong and very
5:42 pm
decisive way. lou: and, christopher, let's talk about how this got started, because all of a sudden there was something called critical race theory which i can recall years ago was dismissed out of hand. it was, it was mocked, scoffed at as basically nonsense. and then the next thing we know, the federal government has special training classes in critical race theory. how did it happen? >> yeah, that's absolutely right. and really what's happened is that this is an idea that's been kind of circling around academia for decades. and while it was limited to academia, people could easily dismiss it or mock it or not think about it. but what's happened is that this idea has been reallies caped from academia -- really escaped from academia and started penetrating educational institutions that are ideologically sympathetic to critical race theory, then corporations which have basically been bullied into
5:43 pm
adopting these programs, and then even the federal government. so you have public employees who are paid by taxpayers perpetuating ideology that is explicitly anti-american, explicitly anti-constitutional. and until these stories were uncovered and exposed to the public, they had been spreading for years. but i think with this order and the continued fight existence it, the -- against it, the tide is beginning to turn. lou: well, it's beginning to turn because of your extraordinary efforts. and, again, i want to commend you for doing so. as we wrap up here, the critical race theory, is it actually an attempt to, if you will, indoctrinate americans? is it part of what we see now happening whether it's on the streets of democrat-run cities or whether it's what we see as indoctrination in schools, is it part of that effort to basically turn america upside down? >> yeah, that's exactly right.
5:44 pm
you can trace a line from academic critical race theory to these federal training programs, to the violence that you're seeing in the streets of major american cities. it's all predicated on the same ideology, the same conviction that america is irredeemably a racist country, and its institutions have to be overthrown. and this is the thing, this is an ideology that has been mainstreamedded, and i think we have to take great lengths not to underestimate its rhetorical power. and i think you're exactly right, it really is modeled on the kind of cult programming and cult indoctrination. if you take a look at the documents that i've uncovered from within the agencies, they follow indoctrination 101. they convince federal employees of their guilt because of their group identity, and then they offer this kind of universal solution that's always out of reach, so they can keep people within the confines of this destructive, divisive and pseudo-scientific ideology. lou: christopher rufo, thanks for being with us.
5:45 pm
we hope you'll come back soon as we discuss the madness that has gripped part of this country and what this great president has done to end it. christopher rufo. is rino senator kelly loeffler bribing the trump campaign? we'll ask her opponent, republican congressman doug collins, here next. i don't suspect he's going to argue with that predicate. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ it's the ones that got away that haunt me the most. [ squawks ] 'cause you're not like everybody else. that's why liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. what? oh, i said... uh, this is my floor. nooo! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: breaking tonight, rino senator y loeffler is being accused of trying to buy her senate seat. congressman matt gaetz saying leffler's team went to president trump's team about november senate votes saying, quote: look, you guys gotta get doug collins out of this race, she said. i have $50 million for this project, and i can either spend my 50 million getting new voters and helping the trump campaign, or i can spend that 50 million taking out doug collins. loeffler denies that charge and says collins' campaign is in
5:50 pm
freefall and will say anything to distract voters. the point is, this didn't come from congressman collins, it came from matt gaetz. joining us tonight is the man kelly loeffler desperately wants to get out of the race, apparently. she certainly wants to beat him. my guest is congressman doug collins, ranking member of the house judiciary committee and republican candidate for the united states senate from the great state of georgia. good to have you with us. congressman, this is -- what credence do you give to the matt gaetz report on kelly loeffler? i have to ask. >> a great deal. i mean, matt is speaking from what he viewed as experience, and it was something we have heard before. look, this is the most expensive makeover going on in history, a $40 million makeover of someone who was a moderate liberal last year who then became an appointed senator and said, oh, by the way, you've got to be conservative. it's interesting to me how they used the word project.
5:51 pm
undoubtedly this is an arts and crafts project, but it's about real people. this president cannot be bought off, doug collins cannot be bought off, and georgia is not for sale. kelly's going to lose because we have a better message, and she's not authentic. lou: and what do the polls saw right now? >> the polls are good. our numbers are showing up doing exactly what we need to do. we've just started our tv, everything's going well, and she's separate. she's desperate that people are finding out who she really is. she's throwing as much money and everything she can to make people forget that she gave money to planned parenthood, that she actually worked with michael bloomberg on gun control and to do the things she's trying to accuse me of. she's just trying to make people forget who she is. lou: she worked with who on gun control? >> michael bloomberg. yes, that one, lou, the one who's buying votes down in florida right now. she worked with him.
5:52 pm
that shows you where her heart is. lou: and let's turn to a couple of issues, and one is the house speaker saying she's going to use all the arrows or whichever arrows she wants in her so-called quiver to stop this president from naming a u.s. justice to to the supreme court. what do you make of what they're doing? this looks like a scorched earth policy from the radical dems who, i thought, couldn't go lower, but they continue to descend. >> as the old saying goes, as a man -- get to the bottom and begin to dig. when i flew back into washington, d.c. this week and we had the house in session, you could smell the desperation in the air, you could smell it around the speaker, around the minority leader in the senate. the speaker is desperate because she knows the american people are following what president
5:53 pm
trump is doing, they want a better vision than what we have to offer from democrats and joe biden. and he's going to do exactly what he said he would do, appoint a key supreme court justice -- conservative supreme court justice. she's got arrows in her quiver, but none of them are going to solve what's happening, and she's desperate that people are seeing through everything that she's done over the last year and a half if, and the democrats are going down because of it. lou: very quickly as we wrap up, congressman, the reports today that john durham is expanding the inquiry into the investigation of the clinton foundation. your reaction. >> it's about time. and, again, what i'm looking for from john durham not a fancy report. we've already seen a guilty plea, i'm ready for him to put the people behind going after our president trying to take him down as a candidate and as president be brought to justice, including jail. lou: congressman doug collins are, always good to see you. thank you, congressman. before we go to break, buy
5:54 pm
my new book, it's called "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever." it is a splendid book, if i do say so myself. go to, lou dobbs in fact, people are stealing this book, it is so good. we have got reports of that. that's extraordinary. we're going to get the, well, we're not going to, i guess, get involved in the legal pursuit of these people. the purchasers will have to do that themselves. but we're going to tell you about it. that's how good it is. by the way, social media, they're not too happy with us and this book, haven't made it exactly easy for us to get this book out in front of the public, but there it is. "the trump century." we'll be right back, stay with us. >> hello to the great lou dobbs, wishing you the happiest of
5:55 pm
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♪. lou: president trump today blasting, well the idea of putting seven postal employees unions in charge of a presidential election. here he is. president trump: we have to be very careful with the ballots. the ballots that is a whole big scam. they found i understand eight ballots in a waste paper basket in some location. they found, it was reported in one of the newspapers that they found a lot of ballots in a river. they throw them out if they have the name trump 7 on on it. they were thrown in a waste paper basket. we want to make sure the election was honest. i'm not sure it can be.
6:00 pm
lou: that's it for us. "judicial watch"'s tom fitton. pastor robert jeffords with us tomorrow. we hope you will be too. thanks for joining us. good night from sussex. ♪. elizabeth: tonight president trump heading to jacksonville, florida, for a campaign rally. you're looking at a live picture. the president will appear in just about an hour, governor ron desantis of florida, now warming up the crowd. if you're keeping score, again, no public events, no public campaign events for joe biden today. first we've got for you, black voices for trump advisory board member deneen borelli joining us as u.s. cities again brace for more unrest after a dozen cities were hit with riots, protests venting outrage over the breonna taylor case. also we have this story for


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