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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 19, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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street and your retirement account may be melting away. that triggered a global selloff overnight. we may be looking at another plunge as we get ready to open up the markets. i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. just when it looked like things were settling down, a big loss setting the dow on a tail spin. that's down 14% since its high almost 4 months ago. martha: the world respond. look at germany down more than 3%. you have got new fears there could be another recession, global recession and that may involve the united states as well. stuart varney joins me from the
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fox business network. what are the indications? >> reporter: your 401k will lose ground at the opening bell. other markets are also moving sharply as well. the price of oil way down again, this morning it dropped below $80 a barrel. that's interesting news for gas prices. they are likely to fall towards labor day. the standout on the markets is the price of gold. it's up to $1,865 an ounce. up another $30. it's up $220 just in the month of august. these markets are going to be all off the place today. it's friday. investors will be saying do i want to hold stocks over a 2-day
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weekend when i don't know what's going to happen? martha: we'll be watch can the close closely today because you may see traders closing out positions as they head into the weekend. the president is starting his vacation. there has been a lot of talk about that. do you expect he may make a statement or even consider returning to take on this issue? >> reporter: in this case the president is in a difficult position. he's on vacation but the market is tanking and the economy is on the verge of recession. if he makes a statement he runs the risk of pushing the market even further down. if he returns to washington, again -- he's not running the risk of pushing the market down but he would seem to be acting -- what's he doing this for? it's a very difficult position for the president at this moment. i'll say one thing, however. if an investor in an authority position came out publicly and said, stocks are so far down they are now bargains, buy them,
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that could turn the market around. martha: you are so right. that may have more influence than anything else and more than any president could do at this particular moment. the white house made it clear that they believe the white house travels with him and he will be working throughout this period. thank you very much. we'll check in with you at fox business network coming up in a little while from now. gregg: the economy and spending a big issue on the campaign trail these days. republican presidential candidate rick perry got an earful from a group of hecklers in new almost shire yesterday. listen to this. get my ear plugs. just a few feet a way another group of protesters told perry
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to quote "back off my social security." he criticized the retirement program calling it a ponzi scheme and a failure. martha: sarah palin has been tbheag on whether republicans are being too hard on each other. saying this on fox business network. >> we need ideas expressed and solutions articulated. we need experience compared and you will see that in the gop contested primary and i'm all for these candidates taking the gloves off and -- the general election is going to be tough. it will be rough and tumble. getting through a primary you get tested through that. martha: she says she is still considering the possibility of jumping into this presidential race. we'll have more from the alaska governor later on in the show. a new poll showing 49% saying
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the government is not doing enough to help the economy. we'll hear from presidential candidate ron paul. a number of things we want mr. paul to weigh in on this morning. that's coming up shortly as well. gregg: illegal immigrants ready for deportation suddenly getting a second chance from the obama administration undertaking a case-by-case review of illegals slated for deportation. the critics are saying it's nothing more than a back-doorway of implementing the dream act. adam housely following this live in los angeles. what do they have to say about this? >> reporter: it's drawn quite a response in the southwest where the last 10 years immigration has been the forefront issue. they are talking about 300,000 cases doing a case-by-case review. the obama administration saying
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they will delay deportation of many of these 300,000 who don't have criminal records but take into account information like how long they have been near the united states, whether their spouse and children are here and of course their criminal record. president obama spoke of this back on july 25 in washington, d.c. he said in part, i know some people want me to bypass congress and change laws on my own. right now dealing with congress the idea of doing things on my own is tempting not just on immigration reform. but that's not how our system works. that came from president obama on july 25 as he spoke with the council of la raza. they went ahead and did it themselves. that's causing not tomorrow applause on one side of this issue but strong criticism on the other side. gregg: we are showing border
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videotape of illegals trying to cross. what has been the reaction from all the folks down there who live and work at the border? >> we covered this issue over the course of the last 123 years. some of the video shows fences have a long time ago and some more recently with this nighttime video on a horse team. the governor of arizona not happy about this at all. she has been one of the most joust spoken when it comes to the way this administration handled the immigration issue. she says, this plan amounts to back-door amnesty for hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal aliens. with this announcement the president is encouraging more illegal immigration when we need more border security. we have heard a ton of stories coming from the border to scouts being on our side and boats
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coming ashore 200 miles north in ventura county as smugglers try to get people and drugs across the border into the country. gregg: adam, thank you. martha: controversy on the baseball diamond. major legal baseball will not allow the washington nationals to pay tribute to the navy seals. they wanted to wear special hats and make a military tribute during their game. the league says we reserve hats for national tributes where every club is wearing them on the same day. but they do allow it during batting practice. so they did wear their navy seals hats during bating practice and invited the troops who served in afghanistan to join them for a pre-game dinner.
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gregg: moammar qaddafi is preparing to plea libya with his family to tunisia. libyan rebels made significant gains not too far from the capital of tripoli. lee on panetta says qaddafi's days are numbered. martha: coming up ... unbelievable, right? it happened again. a freak storm and a deadly stage collapse. we'll tell you what happened and where this was. gregg: some bad news for employees. get ready to pay more for healthcare insurance. we'll tell you why some big
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companies are making you pick up the tab. martha: have you seen this? it was supposed to be a friendly game of hoops. georgetown university playing a goodwill game with a team in china. this did not go well. we'll show you what happened.
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to find an amp hearing professional near you. only $1,500 a pair. martha: there has been a tragedy at another outdoor music event. this time it happened in belgi belgium. this devastating storm tearing into this concert site. hail was coming down. concert-goers were seen running for their lives. the tents were mangled. and the stage and scaffolding came crashing down. unbelievable scenes we have. the death toll we are hearing is
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at 5 people killed in this. over 100 people were injured. here is an eyewitness. >> we were standing a little bit away from the shelter up to the stage. then it caved in at the middle. and people screamed and ran. everyone was running away. martha: some 60,000 people were there at the time. the festival featured american acts. band members have taken to twitter to honor the victims who were lost on this day, just days after this in indiana at the indiana state fair that killed 5 people as well. gregg: employees beware. there is a new survey that many companies will pass the rising healthcare costs onto you the work.
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businesses will be turning to workers to pick up the bigger tab for providing understand under the overhaul. republican senator orin hatch weighed in. he says the lay has to be repealed. the law has to be repealed. doctor, let me begin with you. do you think the government has in some ways failed to create incentives to help companies deal with the rising healthcare costs and thursday isn't it inevitable that the new costs are simply passed along to the workers? >> absolutely they failed to create the right incentives. insurance companies have been able to gain more market share at the expense of employers in terms of raising premiums, and nothing within the mechanics of the law enabled employers to combat this. so they have no choice but to push that cost over to employees now that they are forced to
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provide coverage under the new law or pay the penalty. gregg: if you were to rewrite that law, what provision or clause or incentive would you insert into it to resolve this dilemma? >> we should have provided some kind of credit to the employers to enable them to get the information they need in order to hold the insurance companies accountable. this has never happened within the u.s. healthcare system today and this has been a huge domino effect where the employers have never been in charge. the mechanics and economics of how the law was devised doesn't provide for that. this is the fundamental mistake that has been made over and over again. and i said this many, many times as i have been on fox and other stations. gregg: senator orin hatch is laying the blame partially at the feet of president obama and his healthcare law. is that fair or unfair?
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>> it's fair in that it reveals the failure of the law, this would be president obama's signature piece of legislation. it reveals the failure of that legislation to stop the rising healthcare costs. that's what the whole thing is intended to do. while republicans and democrats can get into a squabble about when different parts of the law are supposed to kick in or not kick in, in 2. >> 12, president obama said this law is to control healthcare costs. and when voters have to pay higher healthcare costs, they are going to remember that. and it's going to hurt him. gregg: if more costs are shifted onto the backs of workers, aren't they naturally going to be seeking less medical care and if so what impact does that have overall on the healthcare
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system? >> it's a huge issue. if you look at what's happened to the economy in the last couple weeks, i'm hearing stories from doctors where patients can't afford the co-payment, let alone the greater burden of the co-nins. so they are not showing up for their doctor's appointments or not getting their prescriptions filled. they will end up in the emergency room because they aren't taking care of their condition, and costs will go up. we put in the law -- the mechanics of it to try and bring down less utilization of e.r.s. but the opposite is happening. people can't afford to go to the doctor. they can't afford to get their prescriptions filled. so we created a monster here. gregg: it may get worse because the companies that provide these generous plans realize beginning in 2018 they will get taxed very heavily. so they are working to
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reconfigure their plans and that means even more of a burden on workers. won't that compound the problem? >> absolutely. the way out of this problem that we have is to make patients better consumers, better purchasers, purchasers of healthcare. and so that's a snept right direction. the obama healthcare loaght laying does the opposite. it reverts everything so the government will end up picking up the tab and we become worse consumers, and therefore there is less come nuggets marketplace and healthcare costs will continue to go up and we'll -- until the government chief sides we can't afford to pay for this person's healthcare anymore. gregg: thanks so much for being with us. martha: they are desperate for a
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gregg: 3,000 people brave the brutal heat to attend a job fair in atlanta. >> this was an investment in my future. this was an all-day investment.
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>> it gave me permission -- they said you are unleashed, yes. >> what does that mean? you are criticizing the president. >> it's not about criticizing. it's about raising the level of discussion to involve more people so the president can understand even better the level of pain out here. >> reporter: the fair provided resume writing and mortgage modification workshops. martha: something happened there. we have to find out what triggered that. that was suppose to be friendly competition. you see the fists started flying on the basketball court. where did this happen? in beijing, china.
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it was suppose to be a goodwill game between georgetown university and the chinese men's basketball team. it comes as vice president joe biden was visiting china. david lee miller is watching this story. kind of looking into what happened. do we know what triggered all of this? >> reporter: it is not clear what triggered the brawl. but this international conflict is now over. a lesson for diplomats that other conflicts could end this quickly. the coaches and members of the team mets. according to a news release the players exchanged handle shakes during the quote amicable meeting. before the meeting was over they
6:26 am
even exchanged autographed basketballs. but as you see on the screen just one day earlier the two teams brawled at china's olympic stadium in beijing. by half time georgetown had 28 fouls, the chinese team had 11 fouls. the two teams were tied before it ended abruptly. tonight georgetown will be playing in shanghai. perhaps they will keep in minds the old chinese proverb, it's not if you win or lose, it's how you play the game. martha: maybe they will keep that in mind. 64-64, that was the end of the game, right? >> reporter: they went to their respective locker rooms at that points. martha: wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when the coaches talk to them about what actually happened on that court? thank you very much. that didn't go very well, did
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it. gregg: we are going to take a close look at what's happening there the moment stocks open for trading. martha: half of americans say they are actually very worried that the government may not be able to handle what's going on in this economic crisis. moments from now, republican presidential candidate ron paul is going to talk to us about the market, what he thinks should be done, what he would do if he were president. >> interest rates that are way lower than they should be encourages malinvest -- and debt. if you get out of that, all this other stuff, you cannot do that unless you liquidate debt. you don't bail out the people that are bankrupt and dumb the debt on the people. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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sign me up. call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. gregg: there was the opening bell. wall street officially opened for business. investors hoping for a rebound after the market goes deep into the red, dropping 420 points yesterday alone. finishing below 11,000. there you see the big board dropping 100 points.
6:32 am
what is happening and why? >> the specific concern is what's going on in europe. there is a banking crisis. the concern is whether it will lead to a major recession that could impact our economy. we are on the verge of a double-dip recession. economic growth very anemic. you basically could have a recession here. by the overriding concern -- but the rover riding concern is there is uncertainty here. there are a lot of issues with our economy. forgets the fact that we are on the verge. if you look at bank stocks that are down, why is that? if you have a double-dip recession people don't pay their loans. stocks go down. gregg: morgan stanley suggested it beliefs we are on the
6:33 am
precipice of a double will dip recession. a big-name investor, a warren buffet stepped forward and said i think stocks are a good invemplet and he made a load of money. >> he bought it at the bottom. he had to have known there was a bank bailout coming. not a bad time to start buying stocks. the circumstances are very different. i don't think the banks are in that bad shape, but the overall economy is very weak and weird. if you knew that the banks were going to be bailed out, wouldn't you buy? nobody knows what's going on here. that's why you have these wild swings. gregg: good to see you. martha: we ask this question, do voters believe washington will ever be able to fix what is broke in the underlying u.s. economy?
6:34 am
let's take a look at this rasmussen report poll. 49% of americans say the government will not do enough to turn around the deteriorating economic situation. you have 36% in the same poll who say they think the government will step in and try to do too much, and that will hurt the economy. 15% are not sure. texas congressman ron paul joins me from new hampshire where he is campaigning. good to have you here today. take a look at the market, it just opened up, down 100 points as we speak. what do you think a president should do in this moment? >> at this moment, you can't do things in one moment, but a plan or program has to be to redirect the economy. we have to get rid of the conditions that created our monster of this recession that is ongoing. and that means you have to address regulatory policy,
6:35 am
monetary policy, tax policy, deficit problems. and also to get back to normal you have to liquidate debt. if an individual or company or a country gets in debt over their head, they never get growth again until they deal with the debt. because the death consumes a nation. on you productivity is down but we have to worry about the debt. the creation of new money creates new problems and that's what we are facing today. martha: obviously you have a different philosophy about how to tackle the economy and you have been presenting that in a complete way over the course of this campaign. but i guess way meant -- there is a lot of talk about the president being on vacation, should he come back and make some kind of statement? as president there are moments when the country gets unneverred. do you believe this is one of them? if you were in his shoes and there was a similar kind of time
6:36 am
in the markets do you think a president should stand and reassure the american people, come back from vacation, whatever the case may be? >> the most important thing is the president telling the truth. if we are in trouble and we have to change policies like i just mentioned, you have to come clean. you have to tell them, this is a debt problem, this is what we have to do, we have to change foreign policy and monetary policy. telling the truth is the first step. if people know you are telling the truth and you are going to reform and have new policy, this is the only way you can start to reassure people and get their confidence back. if you keep fibbing around and say all we need is another qe2 and qe3 and all we have to do is bail out and have another stimulus program, people don't believe that anymore. i say people standing up in a leadership position telling the american people the truth would be the best thing to get things
6:37 am
turned around. martha: let's look at how the poll shows things back up in new hampshire. focusing on iowa, new hampshire, nevada in the early going. you have mitt romney at 3% in new ham sheer. you are at 14%, michele bachmann 10%. how are you tackling new hampshire? >> more people are listening to the message i have been delivering for many many years and warning people about. there is a dramatic damage in our economy and a dramatic damage in the attitude of the american people. they know the same old answers aren't have much. and that's why they are listening to me on foreign policy. a good place to start is cutting the spending. and also looking at the monetary system. those messages now are resonating with the american people and that's why our campaign is growing. it's easy to raise money.
6:38 am
more people are turning out. in a way the events are driving this. they realize even the people on the receiving end of the welfare system whether it many the military industrial complex, they know we are broke there will be is no money in the bang and everyone is concerned. when i give an approach dealing with freedom and individual liberty and the constitution and sound money they say that sounds good, and they are coming in droafers to our campaign. martha: they are coming in droafers. they have also have been coming to rick perry's campaign. he's edging you out in that particular poll. what do you think about the emergence of rick perry, your fellow texan in your campaign so far. >> ask me in two weeks. we don't know. who knows what this is. everybody knew he was coming in. he's governor of a big state. so he will. he will get some credibility
6:39 am
just for that. so many have entered this race over the past year. they have come for a few months then they leave and get a lot of publicity. i'm saying he may not in two or three weeks people will have asked him a lot more questions and his views will be more well known, then you have to ask about the significance of his entry. to me the significance is he doesn't threaten my campaign. because his views are more conventional. they are more status quo. they are more part of the whole system so he doesn't talk about bringing troops home or anything of these -- or any of these things. i think he will dilute the other votes in opposition to our campaign. martha: i want to ask you about this. one question surfaced in the austin chronicle in the form an ad that is said to be from atron paul supporter. the question is have you ever
6:40 am
had sex with governor rick perry. are you a stripper, escort or young hottie impressed by an arrogant entitled governor of texas. what is your response? what is your campaign's response coming from one of our supporters. >> i don't know how something like that qualifies as a question on national tv as something serious. i would say it speaks for itself. and for me to address -- this is news to me, i don't know anything about it. for me to address it would give it too much credibility. and i think bringing it up gives it more credibility than it deter ofs. it's rather silly. how can this be a significant issue in a presidential race. martha: this ad never came up in your discussions with your campaign? did you ever ask who is this guy? it never has been discussed among your campaign? >> no. insignificant silly things we don't waste time on things like
6:41 am
that. what do you make about the bush and perry folks in your state. >> their political views are very close. i don't get into the intrigue of personalities. i think it has political significance but i don't know much about that. i didn't know actually what's going on. martha: in terms of this ad -- i know you think it's no big deal. would you encourage this person to stop saying he's one of your supporters in the framework of running this ad? >> that would invite me to look at hundreds of thousands of people who say and do things and express themselves and i have to monitor them and check out everything that's on the internet? my first impression would be why pay attention to it, why give it credibility? so, no. i'm not going to engage myself in that because i would be worry
6:42 am
being those kind of things because there is a lot of things going on like that in a lot of campaigns. so i can make comments. i can study that ad and you know make a comment on it. but this whole thing doesn't invite me or incite me or encourage me to start analyzing everything anybody says on the internet or what they put in the newspaper. that would distract from the message i'm trying to deliver. martha: i got it. congressman ron paul, thank you very much. good to see you from new hampshire this morning. we'll hear more from you as the campaign moves forward. thank you, sir. gregg: why a major league team is thinking of bringing in byrds of prey to patrol its stadium.
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gregg: president obama keeping an eye on the markets from
6:46 am
martha's vineyard. he said he will unveil a plan next month to boost the economy. sarah palin had this to say. >> i'm not excited to hear his 9th speech. he will tell us his plan is to spend more money, incur more debt, assume can that's going to get us out of debt. that's counter productive. nothing worked thus far, and i anticipate more of the same unfortunately. gregg: a former senior advisor, good to see you both. the president says i have got a plan. i have got a plan for jobs. but i'm not going to tell anybody my plan for jobs until after labor day. why wait? time is of the essence, isn't it? 14 million americans unemployed right now. millions are losing their homes because of it. and the president is going to
6:47 am
wait to reveal his plan to solve it? >> they are putting together the necessary pieces to see what they can use to jumpstart this economy once again. some of that is what you are seeing in an innovative approach which is taking public and private partnerships such as the infrastructure you will be seeing. he's going to call for the reduction of payroll taxes. things that will give this economy of immediate stimulus. they are looking at it as deficit neutral. you will hear him say all the things they will be proposing will be deficit neutral. he understands we need to get the deficit under control for on you long-term fiscal stability. gregg: if it is going to be more spending as sarah palin suggested, are the american people going to say, been there, done that, didn't like it, and won't congress reject it?
6:48 am
>> voters will say been there, done that. that's why we no longer have a speaker pelosi, we have a speaker john boehner. republicans may support payroll tax reduction, they will support that. we are glad to see democrats realize reducing taxes can have a positive benefit on jobs. but so far some mysterious plan b we aren't going to be told yet. gregg: penny, you outlined what you believe the president is going to do. including payroll taxes and other items. but i come back to my initial question. why not announce it immediately. it's not like jobs suddenly became an issue. it's been an issue since he took office 2 1/2 years ago. >> the president has been out there and has proposed many different things and has been out there on the stump and has been out there through the grand bargain through every opportunity he has in getting this economy back.
6:49 am
remember when he took offers. 800,000 people were losing their jobs every month, and that has come back to add 3 million jobs back into this economy. i know that doug and other want to say it can't work and people will reject. but the firefighters and the nurses and the republican governors that stablized the economics of their states will say something different when it's proposed again. gregg: it may be true that four out of five americans disapprove of the president's handling of the economy, but the on worse numbers than that are the numbers attributed to congress. your party controls the house. so is it your sense that americans don't like what they are hearing your party? >> americans don't like washington. we learned that in 2006 when we controlled the house and controlled congress and the administration. we learned that in 2008. but we also know we can do stub stan tough thing to create -- we
6:50 am
can do substantive thing to create jobs. we can drill in the gulf coast that the administration put a moratorium that will create 177,000 jobs in the gulf states alone. jobs in california where unemployment is at 12%. it's $25 billion in federal, state and local revenues, taxes. gregg: i have got to cut it off there. we are going to get cut off by the computer. good to see you both, thank you. martha: one republican presidential candidate gets quite the gleeght new hampshire this week.
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martha: the san francisco giants fans drawing a pesky crowd seagulls showing up to snag food out of people's hand during baseball games. but help soon could be on the way. claudia, it's chilly there today. hi, claudia. >> reporter: san francisco in the summer is like winter anywhere else. here at the home of the world champion san francisco giants, the 9th incan is truly for the birds who always seem to know a free dinner is a few out away. >> they like the messy stuff. nachos, chicken wings, they are the fast food guys. they are in for a quick and dirty. >> they don't bother me. but the outfielders are trying
6:55 am
to shoo them away. >> reporter: this season's flock is bigger and more aggressive than ever, turn, the whole park into seriously foul territory. >> people have brought in umbrellas. gulls, being gulls, if you didn't know better you would swear they were doing it on purpose. >> you have got to run, duck and cover. >> reporter: the giants are considering their options. noisemakers, even spikes. but bigger birds may be required and this could become the home of the falcons. birds of prey at the stadium could scare away the gulls like they do at this landfill. >> you might get 60% to 70% to go away. but you will still have the 25% who will come. >> reporter: the giants promise some kind of game plan
6:56 am
soon. martha: big tough baseball players. but sometimes mother nature is tougher than all of us. thank you so much. gregg: i just hate that. standing on fifth avenue and all of a sudden your best shirt -- do americans have a case of buyer's remorse. sarah palin is suggesting democrats may wish they vote for hillary clinton instead. martha: we'll hear that from sarah palin moments away. we'll show you how a 15-year-old managed to reel in a 12-foot shark. unbelievable story coming up right after this. l the hits of e '80's woman: hit it, mr. butters. ♪
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7:00 am
this story, she has been missing for two years. and, now the police say they have a credible new lead in the susan powell case. you do you remember the story? we brought it to you in great detail, missing mother of 2009 utah and this is her husband josh from back in 2009. >> i love her. >> how are they doing? >> they are doing okay. >> do you have any idea what happened to her? >> no. thank you. martha: remember that? we're awaiting word now, police say they have something to say, in this case and they will get to that a little over an hour from now. we'll bring you that, as soon as that gets under way as well, and let's get to the campaign trail now, things are clearly heating up this week. the pace of presidential politics, for texas governor rick perry. a warm welcome in new hampshire. but, an earful from dozens of protesters who were there. listen to this:
7:01 am
>>... hands off medicare. martha: hands off our medicare is what they were chanting. how we start a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm glad to have you with us, i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer and today the governor kicks off a campaign swing through south carolina, where he has got a pretty full schedule. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in washington with more and, carl, we hear governor perry and michelle bachmann are competing in south carolina. >> reporter: yes, they are both there today and the south primary where rick perry hopes to capitalize on being a southern governor, and a veteran, south carolina has the highest per capita population of military and, the christian vote, is half the vote and they call themselves self-described evangelicals and he figures he has a good base of support to start with and michelle bachmann
7:02 am
is going after the same people, however, and, this morning, mr. perry was campaigning, he seems to be a lot more at ease, and, michelle bachmann arrived in south carolina last night. big crowds and big response. and, this morning, perry hit the palmetto state campaign trail and had a big crowd and seemed more enthusiastic going after the southern vote than he was in new hampshire where he got mixed reviews in addition to the protests. and, so this morning he was playing up the conservative unity of the g.o.p. message, heading into the 2012 elections. listen to this: >> individuals who want more government and more debt, well, they need to go with the other side because we're all about smaller government, we're all about making government work. we're all about cutting taxes. cutting regulations. and cutting litigation. that is what we're about. [applause]. >> reporter: while in new hampshire, rick perry stayed behind the podium and did not do
7:03 am
a lot of stage strolling and not a lot of gestures and stuff like that and in south carolina, the enthusiasm came back big and michelle bachmann and he will be in a tough race for the south carolina conservative vote. gregg: there are reports, concerns from some republicans about boat th of these candidat >> reporter: perry has been on the trail all of a week and has a lot of catching up to do in terms of style and substance and ba bachmann, her rhetoric at times gets away from her but the tea party bases loves her message and gives her a pass for that. there is a tremendous amount of dissatisfaction and mitt romney has his critics, and, they are rival campaigns when listen to the criticism and that is one reason why there is a lot of enthusiasm about the possibility of a christie or paul ryan run and the republicans are not enthused about the entirety of the field. gregg: "the weekly standard" likes to push that one.
7:04 am
carl cameron, thanks, good to see you. >> reporter: you bet. martha: friday morning, let's get you back to the action on wall street here for a moment. where everybody has been watching what is going on, and this is what is funny about the markets, we were down 150 in the early going, but, the losses have been significantly trimmed. we are still in negative territory now, but investors are watching this thing, very closely. dow jones industrials, falling more than 500 points the past five days. 1700 over the past 20 sessions. a huge number. you have this unappealing economic report that came in on unemployment and housing. and a lot of big concerns about the european banks. are underpinning what we have seen the fast few days and neil cavuto joins me, senior vice president and managing editor of the fox news channel and fox business network. good to see you. as you know, following the markets, what is great, they never do what you think they'll do. >> not at all. martha: what are they telling us today?
7:05 am
>> well, today, at least in the u.s. markets, they just opened momentarily and let's catch our breath and assess the damage and, you hit the nail on the head. europe, right now is a growing conservative, european banks are in a world of hurt. and it wouldn't take much to put some of these guys over. people forget, we focus on our stocks a great deal but much of what goes on over there reverberates over here and there is this fear of whether, realized or not, of a contagion, martha, in other words, banks lock up on their credit and it evaporates and when there is stock swoon that capital... really the money they use to expand and all of that, evaporates as well, so those stocks have been hammered, five days in a row, and some of the other creditors, the big european names, the goldmans and citigroups and bank of americas,
7:06 am
of their world. and, they have been tumbling in fact most of them are trading at half what they were a little more than a few weeks ago. the fact they had bounced a little off their lows early this morning, i think some glean... some sense of hope but in this market, when you see better news, cling to it and that was good news and, the fact many people feel, wait, the selling might be overdone, and, very close to bear market territory. and we have a lot of stocks that are well into bear market territory, a bit overdone. we'll see. megyn: you can't escape, when you look at the specifics of what might be driving the market here and there, over these past several sessions, you can't escape that he overall feeling that growth in general in the great western nations of the world cooled to a level that may be the new normal and readjustment across the board in terms of expectations, you know, may be the tone of the times to
7:07 am
come. >> well, you know, i think the biggest news story for me this week was one that no one else really pounced on, but, martha, we have known each other for years and you know i'm a little weird and one thing i pounced on this week was germany reporting growth in the latest quarter, of a tenth of a percent. germany is the economic engine of pureurope and when you have angela merkel meeting with nicholas sarkozy of france, sparky, i don't know what the french word is, le sparky... i don't have the money to bail out, if greece or italy gets into trouble or god forbid, you get into trouble i will not be your piggy bank and that was the wake up moment for the week for me. wow. the growth... martha: a scary scenario and another one i noticed, the feds
7:08 am
said we will not raise interest rates until 2013. and don't see any light... >> and be nervous about that, you are putting yourself into a box and we have inflationary signs and they promised to keep rates low and the markets are teasing him and what will you do with this inflation. if it heightens up? too many worries on the plate now, that is tomorrow's... martha: let's enjoy the last week of the e summer and watch neil cavuto along the way. neil, thanks, buddy, good to see you as always. neil will be watching the for us and will explain it all and you can catch him right after the markets close, every day on "your world" on the news channel and, he's on the fox business channel. bill: he's amazing, what a workhorse. martha: we love kneel. a super guy. gregg: all right. the president monitoring the situation from his family vacation in martha's vineyard. chief white house correspondent ed henry traveling with the president and joins us now.
7:09 am
something tells me the president is not getting a lot of relaxation on the trip. talk to us. >> reporter: the appearance of beau the dog, as soon as the president landed near here last night was a sign he's hoping to get down time and has his wife and two daughters here, playing, according to the schedule to do golfing and have ice cream with the kids, what people normally do than their vacations but these are not normal times and, the dow dive yesterday was the last thing the white house wanted as the president was heading here. nonetheless we have to point out the facts, which are at this point in his presidency, president george w. bush had taken about 26 trips to his ranch in texas and had about 180 vacation days, according to cbs news, who tracks this thing and this president has had ten trips, 61 vacation days, far less, but he's adding to the total here, obviously and, he is aware he has to still focus on the economy, as he told cbs news, in an interview the other
7:10 am
day, about how he's not fearing a double dip recession. take a listen. >> president barack obama: i don't think we're in danger of another recession but we are in danger of not having a recovery that is fast enough to deal with what is a genuine unemployment crisis for a whole lot of folks out there and that is why we need to be doing more. >> reporter: here's the political danger for the president. even if george w. bush had three times as many vacation days at this point in his presidency, it was relatively calm economic times then and now, much more turbulent and, a better comparison might be george bush h. w. bush, who, as you know, paid a price in 1992, for his vacation time, in maine and so it is tricky, the optics of it but we have to point out he has had far less vacation time than some of the other presidents. gregg: ed henry on martha's vineyard. thanks so much. martha: look at this video. an 8-month-old baby in the stroller in the back of the pickup truck, one way to get from point a to point b and one
7:11 am
simple question, what were they thinking? gregg: they weren't. martha: no, apparently not. gregg: and congress voted no and the white house is saying, yes, we can. does the new policy change on immigration provide back-door amnesty to illegals? a fair and balanced debate, straight ahead. martha: and one 15-year-old -- look, that is how big he is compared to what he hauled in there, folks, record-breaking catch, the summer of the shark! we'll be right back. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
7:12 am
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help protect yourself from some of what medicare doesn't pay... and save up to thousands of dollars in potential... out-of-pocket expenses with an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. martha: kind of surprising, that you would actually have to tell somebody that this is dangerous, look at this: daytona beach, florida, the cops pulled this person over and they said, it's not a great idea to drive with the up right stroller in the back of the pickup with the baby back there. the 23-year-old was charged with child neglect and the man behind
7:15 am
the wheel, had citations for careless driving, after several drivers dialed 911 and said, you think you better check this out? there is a baby in the back of the pickup truck, cruising around daytona beach. gregg: the baby is okay. thank goodness. a major new development putting the show down over illegal immigration squarely back into the spotlight. the obama administration now saying it will launch a case by case review of illegal immigrants, slated for deportation and the policy would appear to mirror parts of the dream act. remember that? congress voted that down last december? but the administration plans to do it any. now, angela kelly, vice president for immigration policy and advocacy. dan stein joins us, president of the federation for american immigration reform. good to have you both with us. angela, we'll start with you. so i have read through the letter from janet napolitano.
7:16 am
and basically, the bottom line here is, only criminals and those who flagrantly violate the immigration laws will be deported and so if you behave, even though you defy the law, you can stay here illegally, isn't this back door amnesty? >> i think we read different letters. the administration announced a policy yesterday that says we'll prioritize or resources, law enforcement 101, we'll go after people who are criminals, of course, continue to focus on them and this administration is on track to have deported a million unauthorized immigrants in the coming months. but, for those who pose no threat, for those who have been here since they were children, we will -- for those who have family in the military, those are cases that are low priority. we are not going to focus on those cases. gregg: that is exactly what i read, too. >> they'll review cases carefully. so this isn't a back door amnesty, it is front door smart
7:17 am
law enforcement policies. gregg: they are here illegally, are they not and in fact let me put up on the screen that he letter i didn't read or a different one, here's the letter from janet napolitano and the principal point of it: the president has said on numerous occasions that it makes no sense to expend our enforcement resources on low priority cases. >> correct. gregg: dan, let me go to you. instead, she says, look, so the young people who are here illegally, in violation of the law, they get to stay. in your judgment, is that back door amnesty? maybe it is front door amnesty. >> well, it is definitely front door amnesty. you have to look against the back drop of the fact the obama administration is simply not enforcing u.s. immigration laws, in the interior outside of very, very serious violent felons and what we're looking at here is the administration simply taking away or usurping from congress the right who gets to come and
7:18 am
how many people can come and under what conditions and the administration is rewriting the law with a big, fat amnesty saying aliens can request prosecutorial discretion and in a criminal context, criminals don't request prosecutorial discretion and what they are doing is transforming it into a quasi-legal status and essentially saying you will never get deported and you know what? our constitutional system has a very clear framework, constitution -- congress establishes the laws, and the administration turns around and enforces the laws and if the obama administration will not execute the laws of the land, immigration laws of the u.s., why is this man the president? gregg: angela, congressman lamar smith, chairman of the judiciary committee in the house said this: "the administration should enforce immigration laws not look for ways to ignore them." isn't it the duty of the president and his administration
7:19 am
to enforce the existing laws and isn't this the president saying, well, we are not going to do that? >> no, it is his duty to enforce the laws and that is exactly what he is doing. look we have an undocumented population the size of the population of the state of ohio. we have to make decisions, prioritize who we go after and who are the high targets that are really important. people who are members of gangs and drug dealers and those with criminal records and what the administration is saying is we'll focus like a laser beam on those cases. that is not many people, though, who have been here for a long time. who don't have a criminal record. who came as children. should we expend those same resources on that kid, who is graduating from high school, or should we go after a gang-banger? it is a simple decision, look, this is -- you can say it is an amnesty, but, it is law informant, every, single law enforcement agency does, all the
7:20 am
time. they have to ec spend the resources in a smart way and, you can exaggerate and say they are doing more but that isn't giving credit to wise use of taxpayer dollars. gregg: i'll actually give the administration credit for increasing the number of prosecutions of illegals, tremendously over the -- >> give them credit. they supported for than the bush administration has. gregg: let me put it another way. isn't it de facto dream act? in other words the president saying i don't like what congress did and i'll do it anyway? >> the guidelines from ice are far broader than just the dream act. i mean, effectively what they are saying is, if you come to the country and overstay a visa or enter illegally, and you don't -- as long as you don't commit a violent felony, or you are a gang banger we will not bother with you and why won't the obama administration give the american people a break and start enforcing immigration laws and free up jobs, help improve wages and start deporting illegal aliens so we can get the jobs they have here now. why won't they do something to help make the immigration
7:21 am
situation better for the rest of us? we all have a stake in immigration policy and enforcement. gregg: have to leave it at that. interesting discussion, thank you both for being a part of it. angela kelly, dan stein, good to see you, thanks. >> thank you. martha: how about this, standing at a gas station, pumping your gas, minding your own business when this happens. all of a sudden what the heck happened there. gregg: and it landed on its wheels. wow. she has been missing since 2009. today the new lead that has police relaunching their search. we'll tell you about it. >> i couldn't be happier to see this break in the case. if they can bring her home, we'll work on things we can work on. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today
7:22 am
if you open up a charge card account with us. [ male announcer ] identity thieves never stop coming up with ways to steal from you. they can open up an account in your nam and go on a serious spending spree. do you have cufflinks? mm-hmm. gold ones? [ male announcer ] not on our watch. we're lifelock. go to and learn how our patented billion point database can help protecyou. call 1-800-lifelock today. lifelock. relentlessly protecting your identity.
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7:24 am
martha: we are awaiting now, a
7:25 am
new conference, just about to come out, with the details of a possible new break in this case of the missing utah mom. some of these cases you wonder, you know, what ever happened with these missing women? in this case, susan powell, first disappeared in 2009. her husband, josh, claimed he last saw her after leaving the house for and after-dark camping trip with their two boys, in the middle of the snowstorm. and that raised eyebrows back at the time. and, he is a person of interest in this cases and susan's parents are holding on to hope that there may be a possibility that she is still alive. listen to this: >> this is something we can't get away from. every day we expect to hear they found her body, or hear this is over. we think we are prepared. we know at this point the likelihood of her being found alive is slim. >> but not none. >> but we can't give up that hope. >> we have to keep... you have
7:26 am
to keep hoping. martha: they after day, and alicia acuna is on the story for us live in devnver. what is the new information today? >> reporter: hi, martha. police are not saying much other than that say it is credible information, enough so that it is taking them to nevada to conduct the search today. and it is a small town of about 4,000 people and it is 240 miles southwest of the home susan powell shared with her husband and children. powell was last seen at her west valley city, utah home on the night of december 6, 2009 and her parents live in her home town in washington and her father, charles cox said police notified him of today's search. take a listen: >> they said -- told me they can't tell me specifically what it is about, but they can confirm they are out there. i said, okay. >> reporter: the cox family will not travel to ely but will await word from their home and this morning as you mentioned police plan to hold a news conference,
7:27 am
something they haven't done in this case in particular, and we'll bring you the update when it comes. martha: every day, police are out there continuing to plug ahead on these cases. and what is the update, if any, on her husband? >> well, police think he remains a focus of the investigation. and of the case. in part because of the alibi you mentioned. on the night his wife disappeared he said he took their young sons, at that time, ages 2 and 4, to an overnight camping trip and those who knew her said she'd never let her children spend the night outside in the frigid december weather and not long after his wife went missing josh moved with his couple's two sons and also recently filed for a restraining order against his in-laws, who avenue accused him of not helpi helping investigators. here's josh powell. >> if they can bring her home, we'll work on things we can work on. >> reporter: again, we'll bring
7:28 am
you the update from police when it comes. martha. martha: we'll be watching that, alicia, thank you very much. gregg: a major let down after a young girl uses her powers as mayor for a day. to honor teen heartthrob, justin bieber. we'll tell you what happened on justin bieber way. martha: plus are americans regretting their vote for president obama, sarah palin brought up the issue and in moments we'll tell you what led the former alaska governor to make the assessment. >> i'll bet you people, if they had to do it over again, who had the choice, at that time in the democratic primary between hillary clinton and barack obama, i'll bet you today, they are saying, we should have gone with hillary clinton. e you recet from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
7:29 am
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martha: aets let's -- martha: let's get to the news that muammar qaddafi is preparing to flee his country, over the course of the next few days, and the reports come one day after the u.s. demanded the syrian leader step down, all of that is on the plate, and k. t. mcfarland, fox news national security analyst, k. t., welcome. a lot of interesting developments. what might have prompted this qaddafi decision, if indeed that is what is going to happen? >> i wouldn't jump to that conclusion. the rebels have done will against qaddafi, they've cut off fuel lines and life in tripoli,
7:33 am
the qaddafi strong hold is miserable and the question is, will qaddafi step down? and, if so, where does he go? if he goes to tunisia, they are about to join the international criminal court systemnd and if he goes there they have to turn him over to the international criminal court which indicted him and if he stays in libya and the rebels form a government they have to turn him over to the international criminal court and what happens, they'll try him there for mass murder and will likely get the death sentence and i don't think qaddafi... martha: there is nowhere to go? venezuela was mentioned as a possibility. >> i mean, maybe he could but, he's taking a big chance. what happens if he stays in libya, like, hosni mubarak did, he steps aside and everything will be fine and where is he now? in a cage, at a -- on a trial... martha: on a stretcher. >> so if you are qaddafi, you don't have a lot of things -- not a lot of places that are
7:34 am
safe havens. martha: and you say he'll hang in there. >> yes, and fight to the bitter end, yes, we watched it unfold, in "america's newsroom," a statement released by the white house saying assad must go and hillary clinton presented the formal statement on behalf of our country. saying, you know, that he could no longer serve his country and he's undercutting his people and must go. what is the timing about that? >> i think secretary clinton has advocated a tougher line against assad from the beginning. at least the last couple of months and the president has always thought that he could negotiate with assad and could make him into a reformer and, failing that, the president could convince the turkish government to convince assad and that is will pretty much failed and miserably and now, they are switching gears and they are saying, we'll impose sanctions on syria and the problem is twofold. one, because they screwed up so much in libya, we don't have a lot of credibility or leverage and, secondly, we don't have a lot of internal leverage over the syrians and don't do a lot
7:35 am
of trade with them and the only way we have any real credibility is if we convince the europeans to impose those sanctions and that is where syria exports 95% of its oil to europe and gets a quarter of its government revenues from europe and the real key. martha: c-- a lot of this went n yesterday, with assad and telling him basically he needs to step down and sarah palin had an interesting take on this, last night and spoke with greta van susteren and, greta said, why do you think it came out looking like hillary clinton looked presidential in this situation and she's the one making the huge statement about another leader, leaving his own country. and, a suggestion maybe it should have come from the top at the white house. listen to this: >> i'll bet you, greta, going out on a limb and i can't speak for liberal democrats but i just think, after a day like this,
7:36 am
where you see that presidential aura of hillary clinton, as she made the announcement while braim w barack obama was heading out to play golf on vacation and stick his feet in the sand and people who were to go it over again, at that time in the democratic primary between hillary clinton and barack obama, i bet you today they are saying, we should have gone with hillary clinton. >> okay. when i was a pentagon spokesman the president always announces good news and if it is not good news and you aren't sure it will work, somebody else out there, they don't want the clip of the president of the united states saying, qaddafi you must go and he's still there and assad you must go... martha: they have a clip of him saying, qaddafi must go already and don't want the same of assad. >> exactly, leading from behind, a perfect campaign commercial, saying, that obama is a weak leader. martha: and that is a very good argument why they put her in front and what about hillary?
7:37 am
the fact that we haven't seen much of her lately, she is working hard, behind the scenes by all read we have on it. do you think there are regrets? >> on the part of the voters or secretary clinton taking the job. martha: like sarah palin suggested. >> secretary clinton has not played in most of the page foreign policy issues of the administration. she goes to africa and makes trips and, talks to the troops but has not been front and center of the middle east decision and she has not been front and center in u.s. relations, with the former soviet union and has not been front in center in the economic stuff, certainly when she has been most effective is on a podium with the secretary of defense, gates, now panetta but is not the strong secretary of state that say, my old boss, henry kissinger was and you have to wonder what regrets what. are the voters regretting they didn't vote for her or is she regretting that she took the job? martha: thanks as always, get to get your in sight. all right. gregg: heart break for a little
7:38 am
11-year-old girl, who wanted to honor one of america's biggest pop singers, justin bieber. caroline gonzales used her short-term to rename the street after the teen sensation and 11 hours later, someone stole the sign. >> it is like with justin bieber and would be cool if we had a street in our town named after him. gregg: and the mayor says the city will replace the sign and not spoil the young girl's summer. martha: what better sign to have in your room than justin bieber way? that thing was ripe for the picking. gregg: you can't show to it everybody because you stole it and everybody knows you stole it. martha: it is a prized item for any teenage girl's bedroom. and, you are right. somebody will figure out who has it or it will be put in the trunk until they go to college and they won't like him any more anyway. gregg: my 16-year-old daughter loves the biebs.
7:39 am
and will be heart broken. martha: check out gregg jarrett's house, she may have it! here's a question, you swipe your card, open the tank and stand there, watching your wallet get thinner and then... gregg: oh! martha: you have that to deal with, coming at you. gregg: and he went fishing one day and dropped his line into the water and pulled out a beast more than four times his size, a 15-year-old boy makes the catch of the day and maybe the catch of the decade. martha: look at that. >> peeled off 100 feet of line, constant back and forth...
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
martha: you'll hear a lot about this the coming days, many men and women who raced to ground zero on september 11th are being barred from the ceremony that marks the ten years since that day that changed our world so dramatically. new york city mayor mike bloomberg saying that only those who lost family members will be
7:43 am
allowed to attend this year's memorial service marking that ten-year anniversary. he says there is not enough space for every first responder who worked that scene. listen: >> we can't have everybody and we had to make a decision. there are very few politicians, who say we think there will be an enormous number of family members... martha: people like president obama and george pataki and the head of new york port authority will be sitting front and center and cops and firefighters and paramedics are fuming at this decision. >> the mayor, i don't think, really has internalized this, that everyone in the fire department is family. y lot of our members are hurt, and, some of them are even angry that we have been shut out of the ceremony but i'm pretty sure we will not be shut out of the next terrorist attack. martha: a good point, huh? more than 300 firefighters lost their lives that day. and to claim that that is not family for those people, is maybe considered a bit of a
7:44 am
stretch, by some close to that situation and they'll have jumbo tv screens in the park one block from ground zero to accommodate the overflow crowd and fox news channel will have complete coverage of the ceremonies as we look back and remember that tragic day. gregg: president obama's green jobs initiative, remember that? well it is nothing more than a lot of talk. that from liberal democrat maxine waters, not a tea party member or republican strategist. from a senior member, and, former chairwoman of the congressional black caucus. she says all of the talk about green jobs never materialized. byron york, chief political correspondent with the washington examiner wrote about that in his column and joins us now. byron, good to see you. it is not just maxine waters, the chairman of the congressional black caucus representative clever as you point out, is saying pretty much the same thing. we have nothing in common with these jobs initiatives. why has the liberal base of the president lost faith in what is
7:45 am
essentially his signature jobs program? >> well, since the president doesn't have enough -- as if he doesn't have enough to worry about there is is a growing sense it is not working. certainly, representative waters and clever were talking about the failure of green jobs to provide many jobs in the african-american community. but the fact is, it is not providing a lot of jobs for anybody, right now. so what we have seen, for example, a new report today in "the new york times," about california, which was given $186 million in the stimulus to weather rise homes and you do the math and it is $350,000 per job, not a practical way to build the economy. gregg: and the president at times has pointed out, promising 5 million jobs over ten years, at the current growth rate, you will not even get to an 8th or 10th of that. but, look, you also pointed out something i had not seen. the "washington post"/abc news poll, the number of liberal democrats who strongly support
7:46 am
obama's record on jobs plunged 22%. why? >> that it is huge and is for the same reason. we see the unemployment rate, we know there are many people who are not even counted in the unemployment rate because they stopped looking for jobs. and, when you said earlier that it was a signature initiative you tle exactly right. this is something the president pushed all the time, i mean, a lot of his trips out in the country have been to places that produce batteries and solar cells or other -- gregg: byron, he says he jump started an entire industry and the liberal base didn't buy that. >> it is just not enough. i mean, green jobs have never been more than a couple of percent, 2% of the economy, and, even van jones, the activist from oakland who the president brought into the white house to be the green jobs czar says, look, i mean, we were never saying this could save the whole economy. but, really, if you listen to the president, early on, it sounded like maybe it could.
7:47 am
gregg: byron york, chief political correspondent, washington examiner, check out the column, byron, thanks very much. >> thank you, gregg. martha: rick folbaum has a look at what is ahead at the top of the hour on "happening now." hey there, rick. rick: coming up in a couple minutes, the markets are staging a come back, but will the gains stick and can we end the week on an up note? it has been a tough week and also week talk about reality tv after a cast member commits suicide, a lot of people talking about the very ugly side of reality television, and, who is to blame? we'll discuss that. and protecting your animal. there has been an uptick, surge in animal pet thefts. what you need to do to protect your pet. we'll talk about the latest from syria and the presidential race and, also, we'll talk a little bit about rude coworkers, martha. if you have a rude coworker and i'm not naming names or talking about anybody in this building... do you take it home with you and does it have an effect on your home life? a new study says yes, it does
7:48 am
and we'll talk about that, coming up. martha: are you talking about me over dinner at your house? rick: absolutely not! martha: can't think of any rude coworkers... gregg: not here. martha: rick folbaum and we'll look forward to that at the hop of the hour with jenna and how about this, a food fight. two celebrity chefs baring their teeth and now, folks, it has gotten personal! we'll be right back. ♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture, more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy.
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gregg: this could be the video of the day, a near death experience caught on tape. look at that. out of control suv, flipping across a parking lot, nearly hitting two men and they jumped out of the way in the nick of time, a supervisor at the texas station says, the driver lost
7:52 am
control -- do you think? trying to make a u-turn and clipped the curb and, neither of the men were injured. no word yet on the condition of the driver. martha: a powerful u-turn. all right, so here is this story we have talked about this morning, one young fisherman headed back to school with a whopper of a "what i did this summer" story, ethan lynch, 15, made a bet with his dad, who could catch the biggest fish of the summer and the dad thought he was winning until this: 12 feet long, 458 pounds, a blue shark. look at that thing. unbelievable. it was on about -- 20 miles off the shore of northern massachusetts. listen to this: >> he was next to the boat and, he pedal off like 100 feet of line, a constant back and forth and i was surprised, my god, this is a big fish. martha: joined by a shark expert and a marine biologist, and boston university professor, joins us live by phone, good to
7:53 am
have you back. welcome back. >> caller: nice to be here, martha. martha: what do you make of this, surprising? >> we have lots of blue sharks offshore, this time of year and they are seasonal migrants to the waters and, fishermen catch and release them every day, targeting these sharks or other species of fish like tuna. martha: this was larger than most blue sharks, right? >> right. it looks like it will be the new state record and beat the old within by 4 or 5 pounds. pretty impressive catch, particularly for a young man. martha: what about his size? are you surprised he was able to reel it in? >> yes, actually, i am, i have caught some of these larger sharks myself and it is one heck of a feat to get them to the boat. martha: stalk to us about the blue shark, i know you have spent a lot of your time the past couple of years watching the great whites off the coast of chatham, massachusetts. what should we know about the blue shark? >> it is a species, broadly
7:54 am
distributed throughout the world in the atlantic ocean and migrates seasonally to our waters off of southern new england and even canadian waters, each year as the summer temperatures bring our water temperatures up. and it is probably the most abundant, most common shark in this part of the world. this time of the year. and, as such, a lot of fishermen go out and bring charters out to catch these animals. martha: have we seen the shark be a danger to humans? >> it is a species that lives pretty far offshore, so it doesn't typically interact with humans to any great degree unless we catch them. martha: doctor, always a pleasure to hear what you think about these amazing animals. a pleasure to have you with us today. gregg: what kind of a line do you have to bring a 458-pound shark? you have to have a rope! martha: i look for sharks off the coast of massachusetts but i have no idea what kind of line it would require. but i'll tell you what, the kid has one big fish story and he
7:55 am
beat his dad. gregg: i would be afraid when you get the shark on board the boat, that he could take off an arm. make sure he is dead, i guess. martha: i guess so. not a good day for the shark. gregg: shark loses, boy wins. talk about a food fight. tough talking chef, notorious for his sharp tongue, calls this person the most dangerous person in america? adding her food sucks. martha: that is lovely. gregg: his words, not mine and now paula deen fires back. >> i was really shocked that such harsh words could be used. i don't know if it was a publicity thing or if somebody had just peed in his bowl of cereal that morning. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
7:56 am
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martha: this is a ka hreb ra tee
7:59 am
smack down. paula deen fires back after anthony bourdain says this about. she is glad that her food is bleepig bad for you and plus her food sucks. >> i'm so sorry that you feel that way. i too am put in that passion. i'm asked questions that could really get me in trouble. but i wiggle my way around them, because some things are just best left unsaid. and, listen, come to my house, i'll cook you a meal and if you still feel that way about me, so be it. martha: i wouldn't mess with paula dean. gregg: don't mess with ball louisiana. martha: she makes cheesy yummy skaod.


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