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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 29, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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monday, the after day of hurricane irene, and we thank you guys for being with us, we hope you're okay wherever you are, if you're along the east coast, everybody is pulling for you. bill: it's been an interesting last couple of days. we'll see you tomorrow. >> jen got jobs? that's the question for the new head of the council of vehicle kpheuzors whom we expect to meet in a couple of months, wendell goler is live from the white house covering this announcement for the president. wendell. >> reporter: jenna, alan krueger is a labor economist, with a harvard phd, who's been on the staff of princeton university for 25 years. he replaces austan goolsbee
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in what may be the most thankless job in washington these days, trying to defend on economic recovery that is not as strong as anyone wants it to be. his expertise in labor economics makes him a natural for the post, according to treasury secretary tim geithner, knack, krueger worked for geithner for the first couple of years of the administration, worked on the cash for clunkers program which was enormously popular and here comes the president, right out here in the rose garden now. >> good morning, everybody. this morning, we're continuing to deal with the impact and the aftermath of hurricane irene. as i said yesterday, we're going to make sure folks have all the support they need as they begin to assess and repair the damage left by the storm. that's going to continue in the days ahead. it's going take time to recover from a storm of this magnitude, the effects are still being felt across much of the country, including in new england and states like
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vermont, where there's been an enormous amount of flooding. so our response continues, but i'm going to make sure that fema and other agencies are doing everything in their power to help people on the ground. now, even as we deal with this crisis of the moment, our great, ongoing challenge as a nation remains how to get this economy growing faster. our challenge is to create a climate where more businesses can post job listings, where folks can find good work that relieves the financial burden they're feeling, where families can regain a sense of economic security in their hraeufs. -- lives. that's our urgent mission. that's what i'm fighting for every single day. that's why today, i'm very pleased to nominate alan krueger to chair the council of economic advisers. come on down here, alan. alan brings a wealth of experience to the job. he's one of the nation's leading economists. for more than two decades he
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studied and developed economic policy both inside and outside of government. in the first two years of this administration, as we were dealing with the effects of a complex and fast moving financial crisis , a crisis that threatens a second great depression, alan's council as chief economist at the treasury department proved invaluable. so i am very pleased to appoint alan, and i look forward to working with him. as i told him, it's going to be tough to fill the shoes of austan goolsbee, who's been a great friend, adviser, who i've relied on for years, but i have nothing but confidence in alan as he takes on this important role as one of the leaders of my economic team. i rely on the council of economic advisers to provide unvarnished analysis and recommendations, not based on politics, not based on their own interests, but based on the best evidence. based on what's going to do the most good for the most people in this country. and that's more important
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than ever right now. we need folks in washington to make decisions based on what's best for the country, not what's best for any political party or special interest. that's how we'll get through this period of economic uncertainty and that's the only way that we'll be able to do what's necessary to grow the economy. so it's that spirit that i'm going to be calling upon in the coming days. next week, i will be laying out a series of steps that congress can take immediately to put more money in the pockets of working families and middle class families, to make it easier for small businesses to hire people, to put construction crews to work, rebuilding our nation's roads and railways and airports, and all of the other measures that can help to grow this economy. these are bipartisan ideas that ought to be the kind of proposals that everybody can get behind, no matter what your political affiliation might be. so my hope and expectation is that we can put the
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country before party and get something done for the american people. that's what i'll be fighting for, and we've got to have a good team to do it, so alan, i appreciate your willingness to take on this assignment, and i'm looking forward to working with you once again. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you everybody. flush. >> jen the president once again nominating alan krueger, a labor economist, currently works at princeton. he had worked previously for the treasury department. and this is the man that the president wants to head up the council of economic advisers. it is pending congressional approval, so it doesn't happen right away, but this is a man that the president wants to put in front of the country to talk about what is our plan for the economy coming up. so what can we expect, what are some of the new ideas? alan krueger -- alan krueger might bring to the table? we're going to be talking about that later on in the show, just moments from now, what are some of the new ideas about jobs, especially when it comes to putting the country before the party, as
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the president just mentioned, as we get into this post-labor day period, and wonder what's next for the economy, what does the president have in store. a whole bunch of topics to explore in just a few moments. well, the president also mentioned some storm recovery still happening, another big story for us today, we're so glad you're with us everybody, i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott, here in the fox news room and "happening now", people up and down the east coast are cleaning up after hurricane irene, that storm claiming at least 24 lives and it left millions of people without any power at all and caused billions of dollars in damage. jen still counting at this time. vermont, one of the last states to feel irene's fury, is now dealing with historic floods. take a look at those images. as you can see, washing out roads and bridges and obviously causing a lot of damage, gregg. gregg: the storm surge is really the big problem in places like long island, new york, entire neighborhoods,
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jenna, are completely under water. jenna: and a raft, having one probably a good idea right now if you're trying to get around trenton new jersey, it's one of the only ways to get around, as you can see. gregg: look at that, isn't that amazing. we saw a lot of it over thing -- over the weekend. will the weather cooperate with the cheenup? that's the question now. janice dean is live in the fox news extreme weather center. >> reporter: i think the second part of your question should be is there anything else out in the tropics that we should be watching and i'll get to that in a second. for trent been i don't know -- trenton, new jersey, sunshine for the next five days, which is great news for them and temperatures really, really nice. unfortunately, as a lot of folks need to clean up. we're dealing with high pressure across much of the northeast, so the mid atlantic, all the way up to new england, you're dealing with really nice temperatures and a lot of sunshine. unfortunately, as a lot of folks wake up and have to assess the damage and maybe even though tkpwabg home today and see what happened after irene hit. in terms of wet weather, yes, we saw incredible amounts of rain.
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new york city, the wettest month of august ever, wettest month ever recorded, that goes for philadelphia as well. but over a foot of tphraeupb a lot of these areas across the mid atlantic, and the northeast. now, what are we watching here? off the coast of africa, this is tropical depression number 12, it just formed around 5:00 this morning, it is going to become captia in the next several days and look at what we have here as we look ahead, category one storm and category two as we get closer to the carribean, we think maybe this will be a bermuda interest but we're several days out and we need to watch this carefully. gregg: captia. it doesn't sound as ferocious. >> reporter: i hope so. irene didn't sound so tp-r on or aboutous, either. gregg: i've known a couple of irenes. i don't want to go there. thank you very much. >> jenna: we want to know about the captias you know
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now! that's a story we need to know about. the storm skirted past manhattan but irene hit long beach, one of the hardest hit areas there, a cleanup across nassau county could take weeks with one lawmaker calling it a monumental task. laura ingle has been all over long beach and long island all weekend long with amazing reporting and she's jong us now. hi lawa. >> reporter: hi there. maybe relatively calm and you know, things are getting back to normal on the board walk. the most action that we have seen in this board walk in a lot -- a lot of storm action yesterday for sure, has been the cleanup that we've been watching with the lifeguards cleaning up all their gear that got knocked around and really dirty and we've got bulldozers on the beach moving around the sand that was pushed up with that enormous storm surge we saw. one of the things you see here behind me is the long beach lifeguard headquarters tower. that thing that you see right there, we've got some tape of what happened
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yesterday, man, it was knocked around, in fact, it was knocked around so much, it actually lifted up off of the foundation. one of the most dramatic shots, certainly, out here in this area during the storm. now, as i mentioned, things are nice and sunny and beautiful here today, it's calm, but calm is not the word that we're using when we're talking about utility crews, all over long island. the latest numbers show 945,000 new yorkers are still without power, that is 36,000 more than we had yesterday afternoon. napa county executive just announced that over 100 states and county traffic lights are down, making conditions still very sketchy out on the roads in some places. now, the power was out of 6 million homes from north carolina to maine, 13 states, the district of columbia, feeling the effects of this nasty rain making storm. as we know when the trees go down they take the power lines with them and that can be a huge mess with the flood waters, as well, some neighborhoods swallowed up.
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we saw a -- saw a lot of people trying to get around this area, some of the cars stalled out, so the name of the game is getting the power back on. so many are still without it. jenna: what a difference a day makes as far as appearances go but a lot of work to be done still, laura ingle, thank you very much, in long beach today. gregg: well, a handful of states are pushing to move their 2012 republican primaries, creating a huge headache for gop party leaders, some states pushing to hold their primaries earlier than the new gop rules allow and thereby increasing their power in the nominating contest. carl cameron is live in washington with more on this. hey carl. >> reporter: this happens every four years, this time, it's no exception, the first caucus vote, the iowa first of the nation caucus is expected to be exactly 24 weeks from today, six months from now. unless the actual dates change. the rnc2 years ago came up
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with rules for this year's calendar and as it stands right now, iowa would vote on february 6th. that would be the first of the votes in the 2012 cycle, followed by new hampshire's first in the nation primary, which would fall february 14th, the nevada caucus would take place on the eighth and carolina's first in south primary would take place february 28th. the problem with that is from two states: arizona and florida are making a lot of noise about pushing ahead and trying to get an earlier birth in the process, entering not only to gain their influence but also affect the race as best they can. and if they were though do so they would lose half of their nominating delegates and yet still go ahead. arizona could move its primary to january 31st, florida wants to be fifth, they'd go early. if you do the whole extension of this right to the beginning, gregg, it looks like we could have the iowa caucuses not in february but in january,
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potentially on the second, the day and half after new year's. it would be not at all unlike what happened in 2008 with a couple of early states pushing forward in order to make sure they stay first and essentially taking the holiday season and turning it right into the election cycle. gregg: always a struggle, every four years, we go through this same conversation. all right carl cameron, carl, thank you very much. jenna. jenna: possible new clues in the search for a missing ohio woman. what police just turned up. plus reaction from her fiance. also, he got out of prison on compassionate grounds two years ago, believed to be on death's door at that time. now some brand new information about the health of the lockerbie bomber, straight ahead.
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gregg: right now, some new information on some crime stories we're keeping a close eye on, investigators finding some items that could possibly belong to the missing ohio woman, kaeylyn
8:17 am
markum who hasn't been seen for two weeks. >> and the murder trial for nicholas shelly begins, charged with beating eight people to death in illinois and missouri back in 2008. plus the lead prosecutor in the casey anthony trial, writing a book now, jeff ashton's book will be the first insider account. anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old caylee last month. jenna: as you just heard, president obama today nominating princeton university's alan krueger to be chair of the council of economic advisers. joining us is simon cran stabel. when you heard this name, what did you think? >> first thing, this has got to be the worst job in america. it's got to be awful. >> why? >> the economy is so bad. it's weak and it's slowing down so he's part of a group of people who are going to advise the president on how to get the economy going. jenna: he could be a hero though, right? >> he could be but it's going to be uphill all the way. this isn't the mit '90 where
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it was a matter of keeping this momentum going. this is basically you've got to turn around the slowing momentum. it's a big job. jenna: they've been playing up, and i say they, maybe the press in general, us, we've been playing up the fact that he's a labor economist. what exactly does that mean, and what skills does he bring to the table that maybe aren't there now? >> i think there are other people who have labor economics backgrounds. what i think he brings is that he's worked within government before, he worked with the treasury department, so he's not unknown to them. what it means to be a labor economist is to understand the dynamics of the labor market and what makes companies hire and fire and lay off and grow and all those sorts of things. the one thing that this will probably do that i think is a problem is probably he will lean towards more government, more government involvement, the government doing more spending. jenna: why do you have that hunch? >> probably because one of our key writers of the "wall street journal," who broke this story, david wessell,
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has sort of talked to him and knows that. jenna: that's what we think is coming down the pipeline, when we hear the president is going to be announce ago new jobs plan, according to what you've been hearing from your own team here at the "wall street journal," what does that mean? >> putting the dots together, that could mean shovel ready projects and stuff like that. let's look at his background. he did a number of things. he did the cash for clunkers thing, he introduced this -- this guy was involved in introducing tax incentives to encourage employers to hire the unemployed. that's basically backdoor spending. jenna: some would say it's good he's not part of the private sector, because he's not going to be moved by special interests, he's an economist, he knows how to study the economy and do the right thing. >> sure, and that's certainly valid. i'm sure he's a great guy and i haven't spoken tom, but the other way to look at t. looking, we've got lots of acdepartmentics on the council of economic advisers and putting another
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acdepartmentic in is no change to usual, but -- and if you want no change to usual, that's fine but most want a change in the economy, they want change, change for the better, and maybe it will be an idea to say okay, we've tried the academic approach, we've tried a princeton economist from the fed, he's doing not so great, another princeton economist, do we really need that. jenna: remember the council jobs, and it's headed by jeff *eult elt and there's a slew of people there, xerox, intel, it seems like the private sector has been invited into the white house but what you're saying, it doesn't seem like they've joined the party. >> they haven't joined the party and certainly not in the council of economic advisers. jenna: you think that's where it needs to be. >> i think that would be a good place for it to be. you can have all the business people involved in the process inside washington, d.c., but if the people who have the -- if the president, his economic have ors, if that's what they're there for, if it
8:21 am
doesn't include business people or a loud business voice, i don't know that it gets through. jenna: it will be interesting to watch, again, pending congressional approval, this will be the new team that the president has. >> like i said, i'm sure this guy is a lovely man. i think it's got to be the worst job in the world right now. i wouldn't want it! >> jenna: simon doesn't want that job! but someone's got to do it. gregg: lovely man, nice job. that's a record. new poll numbers showing the president is looking support with groups of voters who helped him actually win the white house back in 2008. but how does it compare to republican candidates hoping to win in 2012? more on that. hurricane irene may be gone, but for some, the problem is just beginning, a house surrounded by flood waters, explodeing this morning. can you believe it? firefighters even having trouble reaches those flames. we're going to have a live update. and hurricane irene, got the cat four storm that everybody feared, but still
8:22 am
doing a whole lot of damage. and julie is live on the web assume with our question of the day. >> reporter: we're going to have our own poll numbers to share with you as well. reporter we were pointing out yesterday that the city of new york did something unprecedented, never done in the history of new york, evacuated an entire zone of downtown for the very first time due to weather. the question of the day, did the government overreact. go to, click on you decide, did the government overreact. here are your answers. we're going to share them with you after the break.
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gregg: we're just getting word now that a hotel in miami has been evacuated. there you see the scene. this is the sofitel hotel, apparently a bomb threat was called in to the hotel this morning on blue lagoon drive, according to
8:26 am
miami-dade police. the threat is causing the entire hotel to be evacuated at this time, and the highway in both directions being shut down right outside that major hotel, the sofitel. >> jenna: more information on that as we get it. in the meantime, some new information on a house explosion in new jersey. you're seeing parts of the remains of this, the blast rocking a flooded neighborhood, evacuated due to hurricane irene, and that certainly left challenges for firefighters, right julie? >> reporter: but thank god for now, it seems nobody was inside and there were no injuries. that's the good news. that explosion, as you can see, completely leveled the house that once stood along a river flooded by hurricane irene, this happened in northern new jersey in pompton lakes early monday, the explosion sent a cloud of smoke over the area. firefighters, you can see, getting into the boats, trying to contain the flames. one witness who lives nearby says he actually bolted up in bed as his house and
8:27 am
windows shook because of the blast. and then they saw a huge ball of thick smoke. police say that it was assumed no one was in the house because of the evacuation in place, so thank goodness for that. there were no reports ofo reports of any injuries. natural gas, by the way, that service has in order been turned off in the neighborhood. it could have contributed to this explosion. they are investigating. pompton lakes by the way is one of the areas of new jersey expected to see record flooding because three rivers surround the town, river levels there expected to hit records today around the state, bringing the second day of misery even with irene long gone. jenna. jenna: and more information as we get it, julie, thank you. >> sure. gregg well, some new poll numbers showing president obama's base of supporters is crumbling, going into the 2012 race. the associated press gfk poll finding now that the president is vulnerable can key voteo with key voters like whits -- white, women,
8:28 am
even liberals. what does it say about his chance for reelection? nina easton is with fortune magazine, a fox news contributor. this does not bode well for the president, does it? >> well, these are head winds that no president wants to have going into reelection. particularly with independent voters, the president is having serious problems, and of course, i mean, you've got an economy with anemic growth, we have to keepie rising -- revising the growth numbers downward, you've got historic numbers on unemployment, and not just people unemployed for a few months, but people unemployed going on years. and you've got world bankers just gathering this week, gathering in the west of the u.s. this week and saying that they have a grim outlook for the economy. so these are not good things for this president. gregg: right. unemployment went from 7.6% to 9.1%, the number of people out of work, 11.6 million, to 14 million. his job approval rating has
8:29 am
actually nosedized from 65 percent to some polls as low as 38 percent. there you see the approved-disapprove on the right side of your screen. >> yes. gregg: but the president loves to say, and he gets a laugh line out of it, when i said change you can believe in, i didn't mean change you can believe in tomorrow. i mean, that's going to yuk him up for only so long, right? >> yeah, if you look at this -- let's take unemployment. in the 26 months since unemployment kicked above 9 percent, it's only ticked down under that twice, two months out of that. so that's been a long time. so he's been dealing with this quite a long time. and i think, yeah, it's going to be a -- rarely has a president gotten reelected with an unemployment rate over 8 percent. in fact, not since fdr. that said, however, i should also point out that elections are also about choices, and republicans also face low approval ratings and they face the
8:30 am
problem of having to appeal to independents. you need to appeal to independents to win the white house. and you know, i think it's really going to largely depend on who the republicans put up as an opponent next spring. gregg: and the one group that really struck me, 56 percent of whites approved of how he was doing, that has now dropped to 36 percent. is that a key demographic he really has to have? >> sure. white vote e. all voters -- it's interesting, black voters are very much sticking with the president, even though most black voters think the country is on a wrong track, most african-american voters still are will to go give him a chance. i think in a lot of the other voting categories, people initially said look, we want to give this guy a chance, he represents ho and change, and it's sort of a unifying -- keep in mind, he came to office with these unifying themes. we're not red ph-bg, we're blue america, we're the united states of america,
8:31 am
and so it's not only the economy, but i think people feel like washington is more polarized and that the president has contributed to that. mag mag nina easton, always great to see you. >> great to see you. jenna: bringing you back to miami where you started this off, with breaking news, the bomb scare at this miami hotel, the sofitel hotel in miami-dade county, the police are evacuating this hotel, they're going to bring in bomb dogs and sweep the hotel and find out whether or not this threat is real or not. one of the great members of our team was able to reach out to someone inside the hotel a. hotel clerk who keeps on putting us on hold and saying we're going to evacuate eventually. apparently they're still inside at this time. so this is a developing situation, down in miami, a bomb scare at this hotel. you can see firefighters on screen, and also the bomb squad, ready to go. more, of course, as we get it. irene's misery continuing for millions,
8:32 am
vermont suffering its worst flooding in a century, rivers spilling their banks, heading off entire communities and in new york, waters washing through small towns and in new jersey, swollen rivers expected to swell. complete coverage of the destruction and damage all over the east coast, next. plus, bon voyage! a famous penguin, happy to be going home. gregg: that's great. his journey back to the ice, coming up next. you don't want to miss this. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today
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gregg: welcome back, hurricane irene is causing a travel nightmare for so many people. airlines scrambling after canceling thousands of flights. it's a chaotic monday for people trying to get to and from work. david miller is live with more. >> reporter: we are seeing a record number of cancellations. 1500 nights have been canceled today alone. over the weekend there were about 1200 cancellations in addition to the about 1500 today. although all three new york city airports are operating, in addition to airports in philadelphia, boston and d.c. thousands of people continue to remain stranded. the airlines that are hardest hit. delta, u.s. airlines, united delta and jetblue. even though they have
8:37 am
repositioned aircraft out of harm's way because of the storm, now they must get equipment where it belongs. some planes are being flown empty to get them to where they are needed. it's even harder to find a seat because of the end of summer rush and the upcoming labor day holiday. amtrak says all regional service between boston and philadelphia canceled, and express service from boston to new york is not yet operational. amtrak says if your train is canceled, though, you can get a full refund. as for pair passengers they can also get their money back if they flight is canceled. do not expect to get a free hotel room, they only have to provide accommodations if it was something mechanical or
8:38 am
something they could prevented. and this certainly doesn't fall into that category. jenna: interesting about hotels not having that. with a lot of people who have had to evacuate and go to hotels somewhere makes money somewhere when these situations happen. you know, flooding is a major concern right now in the aftermath of this storm. vermont, new york, new jersey all dealing with flooding at this time. one of these areas, scohari in new york. we are joined by karen miller, a public information officer for the county. over the last 24 hours one of the biggest threats was questions about a large dam in the area and whether it was going to hold. do you have an update for us on that at this time? >> yes, the new york city dep is inspecting and have engineering
8:39 am
teams there. it is no longer felt that the dam is a threat to us. there is, however, water still coming over the dam, considerable amounts of water still coming over the dam. we are still having flooding issues in this area. because of the flooding issues that we are still having and because of the road closures, and the bridges that have been compromised we are asking people to not do any unnecessary travel. we still have a state of emergency declared for our county. our county offices are closed. and we ask people to please give us an opportunity to do the assessments we need to do and make sure it's safe for residents. jenna: that is prudent advice. we are taking a look at flood video, not in your area, in vermont. it gives us an idea of what the power of the water is. what is your biggest challenge now. >> keeping people out.
8:40 am
people are very anxious about their homes. they want to come back and make sure that things are okay. that is our biggest challenge right now is just keeping people out and being able to keep them safe. jenna: karen, how long do you think it will take to get back to some normalcy. >> i can't predict that, but it's going to be a longtime. we're talking several days if not weeks and possibly months. jenna: wow. certainly some good advice as you said, stay home if you can, or stay away in safe areas in you're in this area of upstate new york. thank you for taking the time, karen miller is again the public information officer for emergency mountain in schorarie county. so many counties dealing with the situations, there are so many people affected. gregg: so many people have lost power. for them it's a very difficult time. food is spoiling.
8:41 am
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gregg: some develop stories from across the united states and around the world. wildfires in eastern oregs and lives. growg fires forcing people to evacuate their homes. terror in tel-aviv, a palestinian man steals a taxi, plows into a check-point outside a nightclub, stabs nine people before being wrestled to the ground. we love this story, waoes going home. the lost penquin, "happy feet" is headed for coolers waters. he was found on a new zealand beach in june. he's heading home. jenna: i think he just got
8:45 am
lost. gregg: there is one thing to wonder down the street and get lost. jenna: they don't have a gps. everyone takes a wrong turn now and then. gregg: that was a big wrong turn. jenna: one story we're watching closely still today is irene. the storm is gone, the job of cleaning up, though, is just getting started. as we heard from our last guest there is so much water out there in so many areas. many businesses and families are trying to figure out, how much is this going to cost? how big is the price tag so far. let's bring in peter barnes. do we have any numbers, peter. >> reporter: the estimates are just started to get made here. we have preliminary numbers there the insurance industry this morning, take a listen. >> i have seen numbers, a variety of people now are reporting in the 3 to $5 billion insured loss range. right now, if i'm not mistaken, somewhere on the order of 40% of
8:46 am
the losses are caused by 10% of the properties. >> reporter: you now jim wh ittle said the losses could be 3 to $5 billion in the inch churned loss range. there are a lot of losses not covered by insurance and jim said that number could be double or more, jenna. jenna: he says 33 to 5 billion insured loss. as you mentioned there could be a lot more out there. when a disaster likes this happens there is always that conversation of whether or not this is going to help the economy, homes are destroyed, people are affected. soupb will have tsomeone has to come in and fix it. will this help the economy 4. >> reporter: . >> reporter: cumberland advisers
8:47 am
estimated that the hurricane could add some economic activity in the fourth quarter, perhaps get economic tkproet u growth up to the 2 to 3 to 4% range and that could be $150 billion in activity. jenna: people not planning to spend money on repairs, that certainly doesn't help them. peter barnes, fox business. gregg: rangers on the hunt for a grizzly bear in yellow stone national park. why they think it might have been connected to a hiker's death. check out the pod-like contraption. developers say it can improve athletic performance if you do it enough, and at least one tennis star swears by it. how it works and whether -- jenna: jenna you're going to be doing this story, because you wanted to do this story.
8:48 am
jenna: i love this pod, come on. gregg: it's a little weird to me. jenna: there are so many sides to this story. we'll get a closer look with the medical a team coming up next. [ jon ] up in alaska, we find the best sweetest crab for red lobster we can find. [ male announcer ] hurry into cbfest for 3 crab entrees under $20 likour crab and seafood bake... orur snow crab and crabutter shrimp. offer ends soon. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently. my name♪s jon forsythe why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture, more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy.
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8:51 am
nasa saying that astronauts may need to abandon the international space station this fall. julie ban dare ras has details. >> reporter: nasa announce thag astronauts may need to abandon the international space station this fall this russian soyz rockets remain grounded by hid november there will be no way to launch new crews before the current residents are supposed to leave. the space station will stay
8:52 am
abandoned, unoccupied at least temporarily. the russian supply ship was destroyed during liftoff last week. that's the reason for all of this. the rocket is similar to what is used to launch astronauts. they delayed the return of three crew and postponed the launch of the new crew members following that crash i was just talking about of a cargo craft last week. today it was announced that the crew would instead return to earth around september 16th instead of september 8th. new crew members originally were scheduled to blast off september 22nd. now it looks like they won't be taking off at all until late october, early november. officials say they may consider leaving that space station unmanned if no crew is ready to get up there before the end of november. it's sort of a big deal leaving the space station temporarily unoccupied. gregg: it can go unmanned but only for just so long. >> reporter: it has to be
8:53 am
temporary. we don't know how long, that is the question. gregg: thanks so much. jenna. jenna: well, greg, this country's premiere tennis tournament the u.s. open starts today. a new training tool is getting attention. take a lack at this. it's called the pod. the company claims if you spend 20 minutes inside this egg three times a week you can boost your athletic performance. how does it work and does it really do what it says it does? let's bring in our a-teamer, marc siegl the doc. >> reporter: here is how it works, it puts compression on your muscles and simulates a high altitude. jenna: does it hurt. >> reporter: it's like being in a space compression machine. jenna: like climbing a high mountain. >> reporter: like a very high
8:54 am
mountain. some of the sports people are really getting addicted to it. djokovic is using it, and he's saying maybe that's why i have such a great for hand. there are some studies out of duke and out of stanford and hawaii that seem to show that it improves oxygen-carrying capacity, may improve metabolism and help people with high performance. jenna: do you buy that? >> reporter: i do. >> do you think it works. >> reporter: i think mind over matter works over anything. jenna: is it legal? here is what the world anti-doping agency said about oxygen tents which is the closes thing to this type of technology. they say it violates the spirit of sport back in 2006 they said this. but they did not ban them. they said if you want to use them it's okay but you violate the spirit of sport. to a competitor who wants to win millions of dollars you might take the chance and try this thing out. is it legal.
8:55 am
>> reporter: you're making a great point here. myself as a physician i'm against performance-enhancing drugs. these d devices and training methods, i'd be okay with this. i think it works to some extent, but i'd probably be against banning them. jenna: what about the rest of us, doc? let's say we had a rough day of work, you know the type of day, could you so sit in the pod and feel a little better about life? would it make you perform better even though you're not a high caliber athlete. >> reporter: you can use your cellphone in this. it's 7 a thousand dollars, i don't think obamacare will cover it. i don't think you and i could afford it. jenna: what about the average man. >> reporter: maybe late bit. with the space station closing i don't know alternatives we'll v. i kind of thing it's not worth the money. when you're a high performance athlete you're looking nor anything to get you an edge. we don't need it. we're better off exercising.
8:56 am
jenna: all right. i think that would give you a little extra energy. >> reporter: you'd worry about all the money you're spending on it. jenna: 75,000. flat-screen tvs were very expensive once. maybe this will get lower. gregg: a six-pack of beer is a lot cheaper and that will make you happy. you don't buy it? nobody buys it. jenna: they like the beer. gregg: speaking of reu new poll numbers showing president obama approving hit agnew low, what can he do to turn it around heading into the election? if a al-qaida's number two, what does that mean for the latest loss in the terror group in we'll ask a former cia officer about that. [ male announcer ] you never know when,
8:57 am
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9:00 am
jenna: just before high noon on the east coast. we want to take you down to miami to the som some sofitel hotel. a helicopter is taking a shot of the crowds down there. you'll see a wh hotel that has been evacuated due to a bomb square. miami police tell us that bomb-sniffing dogs are inside the hotel. the evacuation is part of this precaution. there is another shot of the owe tell. you can see quite a big one. lots of folks inside this hotel right before labor day, an evacuation in progress, bomb-sniffing dogs and a bomb squad on the scene as we hear more we will bring that information to you. i'm so glad you're with us, i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm greg jarrett in for jon scott. welcome to "happening now."
9:01 am
the wind and rain are over now. millions on the east coast still reeling from hurricane irene. the problem now flooding. case in point take a look at this, philadelphia, the river is spilling over its banks flooding the low lying streets causing widespread damage there and across the state. let's go to rick leventhal in new hope, pennsylvania. rick, how bad is the river right now. >> reporter: it's not as bad as locals had feared it might be. all that rain from hurricane irene had to go somewhere. much of it has funneled into the delaware river. you can see how fast the current is moving. if you look over at that bridge you'll see there is still several feet of clearance between the top of the water and the bottom of that bridge. i'm told in previous floods the water has reached to the top of the stone stantions there, and when objects come down the river if they are poking out of the water they can potentially threaten the bridge. that's not the case here. they did close it for a short
9:02 am
time yesterday, they don't think they have to evacuate it today. there have been some evacuations and power outages. gregg: saw tree limbs floating by you behind you. that is a real problem. what are the locals saying about this thing. >> reporter: i want to bring in larry keller the mayor of new hope. you were telling me you're basically dancing today because this could have been so much worse. >> a lot worse. i just received word from our emergency management center they are projecting it cresting at 12 feet 9 inches. >> reporter: which means what? >> it means we will have minimal damage in town versus the original prediction of 17 feet 8 inches. we'll be back in action by tomorrow. >> reporter: main street is closed, businesses shut down, no outside traffic but they are not going to be underwater. >> they are not going to be underwater. i'll continue the curfew until tomorrow morning at 7:00am, everybody will be cleaning up
9:03 am
what is left tomorrow, we'll be open by tomorrow night nor business, so please come on in. >> reporter: thank you mr. mayor. a lot of communities are not quite this lucky. eastern pennsylvania, 25 miles up raeufr also concerned about flooding. the predictions are loring about how bad the water would get. they are evacuating about a hundred homes and schools are closed because of this flood. gregg: it's good news all around. jenna: let's take you north of from rick is to new england where the punishing rains have taken a heavy toll on the area as well. you have power outages, flooding happening. today of course you have clear skies, so it really doesn't tell you everything. that looks like a pretty good day. that looks nice right now, but it was a different story yesterday. molee line is live in dartmouth, massachusetts with more. molly, things look good now but how h-r things really. >> reporter: we are at the harbor here.
9:04 am
we are watching the boats go back in the water. a lot of people took precautions and brought their boats in, the folks are working to get the boats back into the water. these are the lucky ones. there were a couple of boats that broke free of the moorings yesterday. some of them crashed up against the rocks during the course of the storm. and some of them had to be chased down, they have been pulling them back in and working on the damages. there was a bridge that had seaweed washed over it. it's closed for now. they want to make sure it didn't take on any structural damage before things get back to normal. hundreds of thousands of people loss power, through massachusetts, pennsylvania, up into maine. most of the trees have been moved off the road. the power lines that were town have been pulled away from the roads. it may be until the weekend before anyone gets their power back and can get back to normal
9:05 am
following the course of the storm. there was a tremendous amount of flooding in western massachusetts. governor duvall patrick in massachusetts checking that out. vermont, massive flooding. they got a number of rivers flooded over. cars were sucked into the moving rivers. at this point in time there were reports that one woman may have been washed into the rapids as well. they are working to determine if there are other deaths or injuries. they are taking stalk in vermont as they are all up and down the east coast working to restore power. the water is residing and getting the lights turned back on is the big story and thing they need to do. jenna: molly, thank you so much. gregg: for more on the severe flooding in vermont, that's right, vermont, our next guest shows us on the telephone. christopher is moderator founder
9:06 am
of the town news site. christopher, talk to us about the flooding there. how bad is it. >> today as everyone is saying is a very nice day. yesterday we got some of the worst effects of irene in brattelboro. there was a study rain that caused massive flooding and power outages. vital routes between our towns have been washed out . streams over ran their banks. we have the wet stone brooke that wind through town and it washed away our farmer's market. it jumped downtown and flooded lots of businesses, a motorcycle shop, boys and girls club, autobody shops, the hair salons. gregg: christopher, we were showing our viewers pictures a moment ago of a car floating down a river, and then we took another shot of, is this the
9:07 am
one -- yeah here comes the car. this is unbelievable. it looks like a late model car if that is any consolation. how bad did it happen to people there? >> well, it was kind of unexpected. we expected the hurricane, but a flash flood and quick flood, you know the rivers rise rapidly and they go over their banks, and that caught quite a few people by surprise. we had public housing that was flooded, and a trailer park, bridges overrun, and today there is still a lot of debris floating around. i was looking at the connecticut river. there was a lot of mud, i saw a hissing propane tank going by, just floating by. gregg: they are still on, they are hissing. >> yeah. gregg: can we put it up again, a covered bridge that just disappeared. there it is. these covered bridges have been around for hundreds of years.
9:08 am
how many of those did you guys loose? >> we're still taking stock. it's hard to get around from town to town. we are using the phones and the internet to talk to partners in neighboring towns to see what the damage is. it seems pretty substantial. gregg: how are you folks holding up, you guys in vermont are pretty hardy. >> we had the earthquake last week. we'll get through. it's a beautiful day today. if people want to come and visit it's a perfect time to come. gregg: i believe you were also in the tornado zone, believe it or not. earthquake, hurricane, tornado. >> i think we had it all. gregg: is there anything i'm missing here? >> hopefully a nice fall. gregg: everybody should go visit vermont and put some money in the state, because they need to get back on their feet as well. christopher, thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for talking with us.
9:09 am
jenna: that was a great description, the propane tank going by hissing. gregg: can you imagine that. jenna: in the meantime the president is facing what people are calling rough political winds ahead. the new polling numbers that could spell trouble for his 2012 prospects. are the republicans any better off? a closer look just ahead. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system. ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge! gregg: rangers in yellow stone national park on the hunt for a grizzly bear connect towed a hiker's death. julie live with the breaking news. >> reporter: after finding bear traction near that body authorities are now awaiting autopsy results to help them determine whether the hiker was actually killed by that grizzly bear or if a bear could have disturbed the body after he died. a spokesman for yellow stone national park saying that they are searching for a bear around the marymount trail northeast of old faithful where hikers
9:13 am
discovered a dead body on friday. officials say the hiker was in his 60s, and a native of michigan. they are not releasing his name pending family notification. i should also mention that last month a 57-year-old california man was attacked and killed by a female bear protecting cubs. hikessers have been told to stay on marked trails, hike in groups of 3 and carry pepper spray with them if they go out there and hike. gregg: an urgent across the wires, literally as you were speaking, yellow stone national park officials say michigan hiker found dead friday was attacked by the bear. they are now confirming that just as you're reporting the story. >> reporter: i assumed the way that they found the body led them to believe that. of course they did find a lot of evidence surrounding the body that a bear was indeed in the
9:14 am
area. they hadn't determined whether it was the result. now we know. gregg: julie bandaras, thanks very much. >> reporter: sure. jenna: we should put julie in the breaking news chair and see if she gets any new alerts. gregg: the moment she sits in the chair she causes them. jenna: the president is facing strong political winds as he returns to the white house for the upcoming fall. he's got to deal with the resistant congress, an economy on the rocks, subject born unemployment numbers. we have a big jobs report on friday. middle east unrest. a new gallop poll show 55% of americans disapprove of the way the president is handling his job 38% approve. bob cusack is with us.
9:15 am
we want to focus on what the president is handling, but who else shares in some of these political wind with that are facing washington at this time? >> president obama is trying to blame congress for a lot of the bill that haven't moved through. but, i mean clearly, press is playing defense, on healthcare, on the stimulus and most important will he on jobs. he's had foreign policies victories. he has some advantages going forward. he raised $86 million in the second quarter. he is a very good campaigner. if you stalk to democratic strategists privately they say he is the underdog. the economy has not rebounded as much as the white house hoped and it doesn't look like it's going to get much better between now and 2012. i think the game for democrats is to go after republicans, make it a referendum on them, not just on the president's first term and depending on how successful that can make the difference with what happens in november of 2012. jenna: you raise an interesting
9:16 am
point, fundraising power. something that the president had when he went into his first election and something he has now as well. can he buy approval? at the end of the day is money the key to this election. >> money helps. the left is upset with press. there are doubts that he can raise a billion dollars that some think he will raise because he hasn't closed guantanamo bay, there are going to be troops in afghanistan for years to come and of course the right is upset with president obama. money can only get you so far. when wave elections come, we don't know whether this will be a wave election for the democrats or the republicans, money is not going to save you. the election threat is very angry. the last three elections have been good for democrats and good for republicans. if the economy is sour most of the blame goes to president obama but he's going to try to pin it on house republicans who he has been clashing with and that's going to go into the fall. there will be a lot of clashes on the debt, on jobs bills.
9:17 am
it will be a very difficult fall and a test for president obama. jenna: the republicans as well have a job in front of them, right, because they have to try to get approval from the public, and that is an uphill climb for anyone in d.c. the question also is, is the left so upset that they are willing to vote for a republican or not vote at all? >> no i don't think so. i think they are making a lot of noise now. we will see trade bills on the house and senate floors. unions don't like that. a lot of the left doesn't like it. nancy pelosi has expressed reservations. when you get into the election year and you have a republican nominee i think most of the liberal base is going to get behind president obama. will it be enough, though? president obama lost a lot of the independent support that he had in 2008. in 2010 they abandoned him. that's what he's trying to do, he's trying to move to the middle, grab that support, we'll see if it's successful. president obamonce upon a time
9:18 am
political pundits said he would sale to a second term. they will have to focus on ohio, pennsylvania, florida, traditional battleground states. this election if the white house is fortunate is going to be close, it's not going to be a blowout. jenna: what about the independents, though? do you think thebl inspired enough to actually get out and vote in that was something that we saw in 2008 that a lot of new people came and voted. it was one of the elections that really used social media, it was an election that a lot of people felt drawn to. and the same thing happened in 2010 in a different form with the tea party. what about this time around? do you see a move like that happening that independents are going to get out of their chairs and actually vote for somebody? >> i think they will. there will be so much interest in this election. inch sum pwapbts in congress have to be nervous. republicans in the house they have their new majority. a lot of the approval rate eupgs for congress are at record lows
9:19 am
as well. whether you're a democrat or republican, which way it's going to go, usually it goes one way or the other when the electorate is this apbg tree. i think that's the battleground right now. who indianas are going to blame. are they going to blame the new house republican ma skwrert or blame press, that' press president obama. jenna: a lot of interesting stories. thank you for joining us. gregg: he was freed on compassionate grounds, you may recall this. he said he was dying of cancer at the time. that was two years ago. now the man convicted of killing 189 americans on board pan am flight 103 supposedly is on his death bed yet again. we'll go live to libya for more on that, plus, massive flooding crippling parts of the east coast, new jersey, new fears now that several rivers and streams in new jersey could reach crest levels today.
9:20 am
that's where our own mike tobin is, mike. >> reporter: pompton lakes new jersey is an active rescue area. you have homes marooned by water and people are stuck on the upper floors. you have rescuers going from house to outside and plucking them out of the houses, that is coming up.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
jenna: fox news alert. information coming to us out of tampa florida today. i'm going to read this to you. we're just getting information at this time about a post office near the tampa airport. this is what apparently is happening. the first floor of the post office near tampa international airport has been evacuated this morning so reads this release following the illness of two postal service employees who were exposed to an unknown
9:24 am
substance. this is according to an airport spokeswoman. two airport rescue and firefighting units are responding to this post office. apparently a hazard dust materials unit is in route to the post office as well. according to a fire official on the scene he says a few people have showed signs of dizziness. we have very few details at this time. again a post office. it sounds like it's inside or right around the tam a international airport. it could have tog to do with hazardous materials employees were exposed to. two employees were exposed to a substance and fell ill. as we learn more about the developing situation in tampa we will bring you the breaking details. in the meantime states up and down the east coast are facing a huge cleanup from what was hurricane irene. severe flooding one of the most
9:25 am
serious problems right now along with power outages. in north carolina irene unleashed a powerful storm surge. in virginia the storm spawned not only widespread flooding but also tornadoes there. and in vermont the governor calling it the worst flooding in a century. new jersey dealing with severe flooding and rivers that are continuing to rise. that's where we find our very own mike to be inch. what we see is incredible flooding right behind you, mike. >> reporter: it is incredible and you still have people trapped in the upper floors of their homes. there is so much water what came together with the three rivers that come together. there are people trapped and that's why you have fire crews going around with boats and four-wheel drives. we saw a blackhawk helicopter fly overhead. they are plucking people out of the upper floors of these homes and transporting them to dry land. power is still out, gas is still
9:26 am
out, and that is because the authorities out here just shut off the grids all together. they are going to attempt to restore power later tonight about 8:00pm. gas they are certainly going to do selectively. they learned a lesson with the home of james. he was trying to ride out the storm until a wall fell down. he got out with his wife and two dogs. he told authorities there was gas leaking this his house. they were overwhelmed, there was nothing they could do. he lost everything, he got out with his wife, his live, his dogs, feels lucky this evening. the waters are going down from these particular rivers. the problem is they are all flowing into the passack river. they are watching that river assuming it's only going to go up and make the situation worse for the people along the banks of the pas sack.
9:27 am
jenna: you mentioned the house that exploded. good thing that man and his family was able to get out. does it seem that people are out of their homes in general? did it seem like they cleared the area to let emergency crews come in? >> reporter: there were a lot of people who heeded the warnings and got out about a am. they put all the valuables up on tables and thought the flooding would only go so high. they go back to the houses and see that the flooding is up to the second floor, and everything they put on the tables was lost. all eyes were on the coast, a lot of people were caught by surprise and a lot of people didn't take the warning seriously. jenna: scary stuff. an update from new jersey for us today. gregg: new reports that the lockerbie bomber is on his death bed yet again. the reports coming as the libyan
9:28 am
government says they will not extradict. he killed 270 people including 189 americans. steve harrigan is streaming live from tripoli. >> reporter: right now the new government here in tripoli is making clear that they will not extradict abdel baset al-megrahi the lockerbie bomber to any other country. they say he was judged once he will not be sent abroad to be judged another time. the search continues for moammar qaddafi. one place he could be is his home city of sirte. there are several thousand moammar qaddafi loyalists in the hometown. they are armed with scud missile launches. they are imploring nato warplanes to knockout the stud launches for a possible battle we could see in sirte in days ahead. in tripoli the rebels have solidified their control. we are not hearing the gun
9:29 am
battles we have heard a few days ago. no electricity, no run water and perhaps alarming down the road no real police force. looking for a police force could be something that this new rel government turns to outside help for either the u.n. or neighboring countries. back to you. gregg: steve harrigan, we'll check back with you. jenna: irene may be gone but the question that comes up today now is another big storm on the way. janice dean will be here with our latest fox weather forecast, looking forward to that. a flash mob paying tribute to michael jackson for his birthday. a semi truck attempting a record jump or a little baby dock a dial making its da debut. log on and cast your vote for the must-see moment of the day. i'm going for michael jackson.
9:30 am
what about you. gregg: i kind of like the little croc. jenna: we'll see you in a few minutes. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol to 60 percent. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patits who have heart diase
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so now is a great time to consider your options. if you need answers to your medicare questions, are new to medicare, or simply want to know the difference between parts a, b, c, and d, call this number now, or visit us online at you can also get this free answer guide. it's full of useful information to help you understand your medicare options. and it's only from unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call right now or visit us online. gregg: we've got an update for you, the hazmat is on the scene at that postoffice at tampa international airport, there you see the map, it was evacuated following the illness of two postal service employees exposed to an unknown substance. we don't know what it is. a couple of other people there felt dizziness and so they're being treated, and jenna, you've been looking at this map. jenna: it's the one we have on our screen here, the international airport in
9:34 am
tampa, what we're seeing, and what we're being pointed to, that is where the postal office is and it's an approach to the main part of the oeurp, sort of near where the rental car spaces are so close proximity to the larger airport in the terminal but not directly inside where maybe inside, where passengers would go. leakal fire officials are saying the people are complaining of being dizzy. there are questions about what actually happened. gregg: we'll continue to provide further details but fire rescue on the scene, hazmat on the scene. we'll keep you posted. jenna: millions of you are still dealing with the record flooding now and power outages as well from irene but in the meantime, we're hearing that another storm is already brewing in the atlantic ocean, could become a tropical storm any day now. tropical storm could lead to another hurricane, j.d.? is that the connection? we're not trying to make, but -- >> >> reporter: yes. jenna: is that what we're worried about here? >> the short answer is yes and we're into, of course,
9:35 am
peak season and this ises latest wave off the coast of africa that's turned into our next tropical depression, number 12, and taking a quick look at the track on this thing, as we do think it's going to become trop -- tropical storm tatia, and further out in time we go and further into the atlantic and closer to the u.s., looks like definitely a hurricane and possibly a category two, but all the computer models show this one moving a little more to the northwest. so perhaps ber bermuda needs to keep an eye on this but we're days out and a lot of things can happen in the forecast and in the world. just a quick look, of course, at the incredible storm totals we got from irene over the weekend, parts of north carolina, over a foot, ocean city, maryland, but some of the pictures that are coming in from vermont, that seems to be the real story behind this. again, epic water, overcoming community, rain overwhelming rivers and streams, back yards,
9:36 am
basements, highways, streets, not only in vermont but in new york and pennsylvania and parts of new jersey, where the most damaging storms in a century, a million, still without power. so the legacy from irene, certainly is going to be the inland flooding and we continue to see pictures that really do tell the story, jenna, from this storm over the weekend. back to you. jenna: you warned us well, you said generator, flashlights. >> we were most prepared in my community, that's for sure. jenna: that's good news, at least something you can prepare for and as you said, the forecast can change but seems like we were ready for this one. j.d., thank you very much. gregg: the jarrett household without water and power and all kinds of things right now. i should have listened to you, you were saying generators. jenna: j.d. was the one. this gives you the opportunity for a romantic, candlelight din e. your wife and you have an anniversary coming up! gregg: meanwhile, dramatic rescue coming in from a
9:37 am
rhode island beach and the coast guard successfully hoisted a woman out of the water and into a helicopter, both the man and woman swept away from the rocks on the beach, the man, able to swim ashore. lieutenant joseph clinker is with us now, he's with the coast guard's first district. he joins us on the telephone what happened here, what can you tell us? >> gregg, thank you for having me. the video you were looking at, that is the helicopter rescue, the helicopter station from cape cod. they responded to a woman in the water off the rock, it was 3:30 in rhode island, the current report, that she was out there with a man who was also swept in by the waves, he made it back to shore. now, winds out there at the time were around 20-25 knots, which is almost 30 miles per hour, and these were seven -- and these were 7-10 off shore. we received a call from them, they were quick thinking and when they got
9:38 am
this, they threw her a fellowtation device, and our rescue crews launched from cape cod, pulled her out of the water and this is a real life example of the real dangers folks need to be aware of following irene. here in the district, it's 10,000 fishing vessels, boston and new york, vital to the won me and americans, we're out, ready to respond but we really don't want folks to put their guard down yet. this woman was blessed to survive. gregg: this is basically the case of a typical looky lou who thinks this will be fun, i'll go out and watch and they get in trouble and your people have to put their lives on the line to rescue them, right? >> that's right. our crews were prepared before the hurricane to ride it out and when conditions permitted, to get up in the air or get out on the boat, to be available for search and rescue, but we really try to get the word out to be be -- to be aware, safe so the rescues don't have to
9:39 am
occur. regardless of how things look, we aren't out of the woods yet. the coast guard is there, navigation, all the major ports are open in the northeast, but you know, the issue of the weather, it could be days away from it being safe to just head back out there. gregg: you know what, you guys are heroes every day of the week and thank you for sharing your latest heroics, lieutenant joseph klinker, thank you very much. jenna: we think about the rescue workers that we see on a regular basis and we thank them as well. there are tired folks out there that have been working long hours, firefighters, policemen, and the coast guard, but the coast guard, obviously -- obviouscle dramatic rescues. good night irene. gregg: made famous by frank sinatra. although the 1920s version of leadbelly ledbetter. >> jenna: this what you were
9:40 am
doing? >> i love music! jenna: a must see moment of the day, for our viewers, do you want to see a michael jackson flash mob, a semitruck jump, or happy birthday to crocodiles? gregg: they're cute, they want to eat you! jenna: "ing haw tphops, make your voice heard. we'll be right back.
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9:43 am
megyn: hey everyone i'm megyn kelly, epeublg flooding in vermont, millions of people without power. how much is this going to cost your already in the red state and federal governments? we investigate. plus, is texas governor rick perry stupid? the mainstream media thinks that's something you want the answer to. plus, new data out now on home sales, and it is just not good. we'll bring you the update. and requiring welfare recipients to take drug tests first down in florida. how's that working out?
9:44 am
oh, the governor may have a legal challenge on his hands now. see you top of the hour. jenna: fox news alert, and an update on a bomb scare in miami we've been watching for about two hours now julie, what do we know? >> reporter: actually, police have given the all clear. i just got off the phone with the miami-dade police department, they had ordered everyone in the sofitel hotel to vacit in miami for safety reasons after they received a bomb threat that, phone call came in just shortly before 10:00 a.m. this morning, they brought in the bomb sniffing dogs, did a sweep of the building, they found nothing, the bomb squad was on standby just in case, the all clear, though, everyone allowed to go back inside. that's the very latest jenna. jenna: julie, thank you. gregg: getting new information now coming in on the war on terror, fox news confirming al-qaeda's new second in command said to be the group's operational planner, killed in a cia drone strike in the mountains of pakistan.
9:45 am
what does this mean for the future of the electronetwork? joining me, former cia officer and heritage foundation senior fellow peter brooks. peter, always good to see you. what do you think this means? >> well, it's certainly a major body blow to al-qaeda after the demise of usama bin laden. and it's certainly a great tribute to some terrific intelligence and military work on the part of our armed forces. but once again, it's unclear exactly what it's going to mean. there are lots of things being said out there, gregg, as to whether this person may have been involved, the senior operational commander of al-qaeda, for quite some time, he may have even had some hand, according to some of the intelligence that was picked up at the compound in abbottabad, about an attack that they were trying to perpetrate on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. so this could be really, really big, if not -- it's not quite clear now if he is gone. remember it's been reported in the past that he was killed previously. so it will be good news if he is actually gone.
9:46 am
gregg: peter, this guy apparently spoke directly to not only usama bin laden but aye yuan al zawahiri who was very close to bin laden and who is still at large. >> you know, they want to get him because he is the new commander of al-qaeda, ayman al zawahiri, the egyptian was u u sam -- usama 's leader for many years, getting him would be another major punch to al-qaeda. he is probably in the rage area as rahman in waziristan so it would be great to get him as well. secretary of defense leanne panetta social security said that al-qaeda could be on the doorstep of being strategically defeated and i think what he means by that is knocking out his senior leadership but we're likely to see another step up and we can't forget about al-qaeda in places like yemen and somalia where we've seen recent terror
9:47 am
plots against the united states hatched. gregg: and peter, now libya, because it was reported widely last week, before we started talking about hurricane irene, that one of the amirs, a commander in al-qaeda, had absolutely joined the rebel forces in libya, and was a commander there. and of course, we know they have roughly, what, 10-tons of mustard gas, 20,000 man pads, those armed shouldered missiles? >> right. tkpra*eug gregg how worried are you about libya? >> very worried. i'm worried that any place where al-qaeda can find place to plan, train and operate. you know, gregg, we have to be very careful here. this is a good news story, if it's true, but the fact of the matter is we can't become complacent, and in the shadow of 9/11, the tenth anniversary, we have two enemies out there, one are the terrorists such as al-qaeda and other is our own complacency. if we let our guard down we're going to take a punch. gregg: are we winning pete stpher. >> i think we're doing quite
9:48 am
well. i don't think we're at victory kwrefplt we're doing quite well. there is yemen, somalia, possibilities of this threat rising in libya. you know, the other thing about al rackman that's interesting, he was also an emissary from usama to iran, another interesting thing, so we have a lot of people who want to do us some harm and we need to be very careful and very forward leaning about it. gregg: peter brooks, as always, thank you very much. >> thank you gregg. jenna: covering a lot of big stories today, certainly and now it's time for our must see moment that you our viewers voted and chose on. julie, do we have a winner? >> reporter: we do, and gregg is not it. sorry, everybody. it's actually the semitruck, this dumpster actually goes ahead and breaks a world record, he finally lands after taking off right there, crushing the previous mark with a jump of 122 feet. that's the must-see video of the day, the previous jump record was set at just 20 feet. so this guyo other 50 feet, rather, so this guy really
9:49 am
beat the record. sorry about your eggs. >> gregg i'm sticking with the baby croc! >> you should start voting. if you're going to host the show, you might as well take part in it! jenna: baby croc versus a sellie? >> reporter i'd go with the truck. gregg: julie would never call me a winner under any circumstance, you just wouldn't do that! a big victory for the usaa. california little league team, did you see this, claiming international glory. gotta love this! you have to stick around for this story. the feel-good story. we're on the ground.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
gregg: you know, tornadoes, earthquake, it's nice to report this story!
9:53 am
a little league team from california inspiring big league national pride, the team from huntington beach, california beat out a team from japan to take the little league world series title sunday. phil schuman from kttv is live in huntington beach with more. hi phil. >> reporter: gregg, a big day here, the team coming back tonight, and they're planning a parade for saturday september 10th, the first time ever a little league team from orange county has won the world series. dramatic moment last night, i'll tell you, two outs, bases loaded, high score -- tied score, bottom of the sixth, this was the winning run, a solid shot that scored the run, a 2-out single, made it a 2-1 win over japan, the championship of the little league series, that was by nick pratto, son of a coach. that was on national tv, a crowd of 10,000 in williamsport, pennsylvania, the little league mecca. it was the third pitch, and that reliever smacked that
9:54 am
into the center, and won it with a winning run. this is the all star team from ocean view, in huntington beach, in orange county, better known as surf city, 13 families, about $70,000 worth of expenses, a lot of that raised by the community here. they went 23 and two overall, and 5-1 in the world sear eats, they played like future pros, and again, they're planning a triumphant return and there will be a party and full fledged parade in huntington beach on september 10th. gregg: good for them. that is exciting news. phil schuman, thank you very much for huntington beach, california. i used to do a little surfing out there. jenna: it's a good place to do it. one of the things we've been watching so closely is what's happening in tampa, just to bring you up to date, about an hour ago we got an alert that inside the airport, in the airport proximity, there's a postoffice and the first floor of that postoffice had to be evacuated because two postal workers were suddenly
9:55 am
feeling ill and they were worried that there was hazardous material somewhere in the postoffice because others were complaining of dizziness. here's the shot of what it looks like outside the postoffice. you can see that there's a fire and emergency crews on the scene there, and if we could -- there also -- one fire official described this as feeling dizzy. we don't have a whole lot more detail at this time. and well, you can see there -- >> gregg: taking a your. jenna: that's what happens with hazardous material or people suspected of hazardous material, what do you do? >> gregg: they seize your clothes and you have to take a vigorous shower with all kinds of cleansers. got to do it. jenna: a de contamination shower. that's what's happening there. we'll bring you the latest after this quick break. w
9:56 am
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gregg: our coverage of hurricane irene would not be complete without help from all of you out there our viewers. we have amazing images, glen in lyndon, vermont got this amazing shot of a house, look at this. sinking into a brooke. jenna: ao we also have another house in vermont, water rushing through the windows there. and jane from new jersey sent thus photo. that's all you can see of her son's car. hopefully he wasn't in it. that is the important thing, right? a lot of people had wharpbgs. they were able to get out of the way. if you have incredible photos you want to share you report at while the east coast is dealing with all the rains there is a huge swath of the country that is dealing with droughts. wheat producers having a tough time going into the fall because of lack of rain. we haven't forgotten about that


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