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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 16, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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crashes straight down in front of the grandstands at the national championship air races. according to officials it is being described as a mass casualty situation. we have reports 12 people were killed. the ap is reporting at last 75 have been injured. 25 critically. their injuries are being treated as life-threatening. jimmy leeward was the pilot. we'll keep you posted on all the developments as we continue to monitor the situation out of reno. also, there is new evidence that the obama white house ignored multiple warnings about the financial viability of solyndra. the evidence comes in the form of e-mails handed over to congressional investigators. the documents show white house officials dismissing a report in july of 2010, criticizing solyndra's finances. obama aide greg nelson responded by declaring, seems bs.
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as usual this administration wasn't interested in protecting your mon. they were interested in protecting the president's job. the ap quote as e-mail from an obama aide that warned: the optics of a solyndra default will be bad. timing will likely coincide with the 2012 campaign season. the author of that e-mail is right. the white house staked its entire green job as yen on this company. it began in 2009 at the groundbreaking of a now vacant solar plan. >> part of our plan is to make sure as we create these jobs, we create jobs in the future like the ones you are creating. jobs you can raise a family on. green jobs. jobs that will serve as a foundation for a stronger american economy. which is why it is so important we invest in solyndra. i'm really happy along with the secretary, to announce today that we've closed a 535 million dollar loan guarantee for solyndra.
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more than half a billion dollars. >> sean: that half billion dollars is again. as are the 1100 jobs that were at that site. sadly, we are learning solyndra is only the tip of the very big iceberg there. are at least four other companies who received millions in stimulus funds that have since filed for bankruptcy. joining me is fox news contributor, the one and only charles krauthammer. welcome back. >> pleasure to be with you. >> sean: they go every warning imagineable, not to do this. they predicted the date this company would go bankrupt. but they forced it through any way. what are we to make of this? >> this is a classic example of this toxic combination of socialism -- lemon socialism and crony capitalism. smart people in washington, people who think think are start elected officials, bureaucrats and they bring in experts who think they are
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smarter. to decide which are the industries of the future? as if they know and the market doesn't. so you pick industries that you think, companies that you think will do well withthon of the knowledge of the market. we have one -- 100 years of experience. that tells us the i am personal knowledge spread out in the market always appear this long run to any choice, especially by noneconomist politicians. and the most extreme example of course are the social instincts. you destroy an economy when you think a politician in the centralized capital knows where capital ought to be allocated. the other element is the corruption that is the crony capitalism. it is not randomly thrown around money. it always seems to be money thrown as in the solyndra case into a company that just happens to be invested in heavily by a george kaiser who
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is a big donor to obama. it is always like this, a corruption of the process. in principle it won't work because it is a socialist idea of experts over the markets. but it is made worsewhen it involves cronyism and favors and corruption. >> sean: i think what you are saying you are not buying the definition of crony capitalism as much as you are saying this is cronyism. this is -- we have in friend of obama's, the week before they get this half a billion dollars, 535 million stimulus taxpayer dollars, they had access to the white house. access that for all intent and purposes from my analysis was bought because they gave this money to the obama campaign. is that fair? any other way to interpret that? >> let's say we don't have evidence yet that can hang anybody. but there's a lot of circumstantial evidence. you are right, this is the first loan. it is also an immense loan,
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half a billion dollars to one company. and it is to somebody who gave a lot of money to the president. the worst part is energy department officials on the board in the late months, in 2011 when it was headed downhill they were aware of the condition of the company. apparently, did nothing. all that money -- there was a change in the loan arrangements, late in the game, the energy department, which was originally supposed to be first in line, to collect in case of a liquidation and a bankruptcy, ended up last in line that's why you and i as people who pay taxes are going to be wiped out in this are going to lose the entire half a billion dollars. >> sean: outrageous. they also got a special loan rate which has been overlooked by a significant portion of the media. there are other companies as well. it is a similar story. there's a pattern that people have bundled money, able to
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buy access. as a result, they get basically taxpayer money and these companies go under. >> the larger issue is that even if it weren't a corrupt deal. even if it were above board, what is the government doing throwing 30 billion dollars at an industry that is now a fantasy. we hear biden say jobs of the future. how does he know? it is like throwing billions at jet engines in the 20s. if it comes the market will tell us. the market says these companies are worthless. this is a company that was making a solar panel at $6. and selling it at $3. i'm not an economist, i'm not sure that works in the long run or short run. >> sean: i don't think you need to be an economist. my 10-year-old daughter can figure out the math on that charles. fairly simple. >> the old jewish joke two tail alreadies max and sam one says how are you doing?
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-- i'm making shirts at a dollar and selling them at 50 cents. the other asked how do you áó÷(he says i make it up on volume. apparently it didn't work. >> sean: let me move on to 2012. i thought had you a good column this week. i used the term as you did, ponzi scheme as it relates to social security. you point out this is a classic ponzi scheme. it seems to be front in center in the gop presidential debate many your column says get past the stupid definition and fix the system. do you think the country is now ready to take on what has always been the third rail of american politics? >> no. and you can tell by the president who we learned today is going to unveil a debt plan next week. going to leave out anything on social security. that that is the easiest of all the entitlements to fix. it requires a tweak on the
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inflation measure. it requires some means of testing. and it requires most importantly, a raising of the retirement age. everybody knows that. at the time social security was invented, life expectancy was 60 to. it is now around 80. obviously, -- you have to index it to life expectancy, which is not been done in 60 years that's an easy fix. and yet, this president won't touch it. >> sean: do you recomme rick perry then emphasize more what he said in the last debate? contrary to what he said in his book. do you recommend he pivot and say i want to save social security and keep using that term? >> well, pivoting is not always a good idea if you have come out so radically on one side. one you've say it is unconstitutional. and you say it is essentially a scam from beginning to end, it is hard to make a pivot and not look as if you are
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flip-flopping. nonetheless, i think unless he reassures people who are now on social security or are going to be on in the next 10 years or so that nothing will change. he will have a problem and it will make him unelectable that's a fact of american life. >> sean: charles krauthammer, thank you. >> another scandal rocks the white house. allegations of pressure put on a four star general. why? to alter his congressional testimony. all in a bid to help a big democratic donor. details, next. >> the president's jobs bill is facing major opposition from his own party. does it stand a chance of passing congress? we debate that question and more coming up on this friday edition of hannity. of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet.
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because as a mutual, nationwide doesn't report to wall street, they report to their customers. and that's just one more reason why the earnhardt family has trusted nationwide for more than 30 years. nationwide is on your side. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. 12 people are dead tonight after a plane crashed near the grandstands of an air show in reno, nevada. there are reporting that as many as 75 on ground are injured. a spokesperson for the organization describes this tragic event as a mass casualty situation. we'll have a live report from the ground in reno, coming up in minutes. details on this breaking news story, this terrible story continues to unfold. tonight the white house is dealing with another potential political crisis. the administration is being accuse of putting pressure on
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four star general william shelton to alter his congressional testimony in a way that would favor a democratic party donor. the white house asked shelton to soften his testimony about the impact of a wireless broadband network run by a company called light square in order to expedite the approval of the project the company happens to be a company in which democratic party donor philip falcone is heavily invested. the administration is denying this. white house press secretary carney told fox news earlier today: >> sean: joining me with analysis, pat caddell. radio talk show host great american himself, bill cunningham with a full report. you are in cincinnati tonight. i look at this, i look at solyndra. i look at this case with
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general shelton. i look at the case of light squared and a series of three or four other cases. if you donated a lot, you got access. access got you stimulus money though everybody knew it was going to be a bad deal. taxpayer money wasted. >> i've tried 25 murder cases my wife pennye is a judge. if several witnesses get together in a serious matter and coordinate their testimony, make sure your testimony is in concert with other witness' testimony that is a felony. you can't ask a four star general, through the commander in chief, to adjust or change his testimony to fit administration facts. it is not supposed to work that way. we are having so many scandals. you mentioned several. what about fast and furious? when the obama administration, fenced automatic assault weapons to mexican drug cartels. resulting in the death of an agent on the border, one of our guys got killed by it.
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we are looking at almost watergate scandals. i like what james carville said, where in the heck is the president? fire somebody. whoever told this general to lie under oath, should be tired tonight. >> sean: they said for him to change his testimony to add two specific points. one was that he supported the white house's policy to add more broadband for commercial use and the pentagon would resolve questions around light squared with testifying within 90 days. the problem is this interferes with gps capabilities. and their automated driving directions for missile targeting. >> yes, this is a disaster. we are talking about the commander of the united states space command top general. you are telling him to change his testimony to support a donor. we've got scandal after scandal. i'm against all corruption. i think fanny and freddie touches everyone. you have the chief of staff, national security adviser.
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this whole administration has been doing this all along. by the way, the truth is we are only beginning between solyndra and this to see the fact that -- we are only beginning to unravel this. it is going to get worse. where there's smoke there's huge fire. we saw it in the stimulus. which congressional districts got money? overwhelmingly democratic. coincidence. we saw the thing where they screwed the bond holders outright knocked them out. with solyndra the taxpayers took it. this is national secure them is the safety of the country. i'll tell you what, if we don't get to the bottom of these things, because the press hasn't done their job. >> sean: the press is dead. >> you have jay carney. >> sean: he's looking like a fool. >> his line is, believe me or your lying eyes. coincidence. >> sean: if they would listen to you pat as a democrat they
6:18 pm
would be in better shape. billy, it is not just solyndra, general shelton and light squared. in each case there's common ground that is that you have big donors. big access. four meetings at the white house the week before they got 535 million dollars. then this solar city company, another big donor. and they got 275 million dollars guaranteed. another solar city company. the pattern is the same. money, buys you access, gets you money even if it is going to go bankrupt the taxpayers foot the bill. how big a scandal bill cunningham will in become? >> i watched your friend and mine bob beckel at 5:00 on fox defend this behavior. saying when he was in the white house, they did this all the time. >> that is not true. >> i'm thinking is that true pat? >> to. i'm sorry. that is -- no. i'm sorry that is wrong. jimmy carter would have put your rear end in jail, if you
6:19 pm
had done something like that. giving people small things. our contributors screamed because they never got anything there. are limits, you don't go in the military and you did not do what they are doing which is spawn an entire industry that produces 3,000 jobs at five million a job. >> sean: exit question is this criminal, political or both? >> it is a political crime and it may be a criminal crime. >> sean: billy cunningham, you are a lawyer. >> sean hannity, it is sue borning perjury. there are people in federal jails today for coordinating testimony, committing perjury this is something for which heads should roll and dims may be issued. >> sean: bill cunningham, congratulations on your new tv show. appreciate you being here. pat -- >> whoever i was. >> sean: pat caddell. >> coming up, we continue to monitor the events out of reno. we are monitoring the death
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>> sean: here's president's obama's call to pass this bill right now is being ignored not just by republican. several senate democrats are arguing they can't support his bill each citing his or her own reasons. delaware senator adamant about having a long term deficit reduction plan. marry land drew is against having the oil industry -- singled out. casey thinks americans are skeptical of big pieces of legislation. says for that reason alone we should break it up. not even massachusetts senator john kerry thinks the bill can pass. as is the senate majority leader prince harry reid in no hurry to find out. he's out there saying has more important priorities before the president's jobs bill. the house seems to be in no rush. they've yet to even file the bill there. ouch. here steve murphy, mercedes
6:25 pm
schlapp, guys welcome. >> the president is on the road criticizing republicans and the house for not passing a bill. they haven't few the bill yet. how do they pass a bill that hasn't been filed? >> the president has said he's going to submit specific legislation. he has outlined it -- >> sean: no, he submitted it. but they haven't filed it in the house why haven't they filed it? >> in the house or senate? >> sean: they've not submitted it. he's blaming house republicans for a bill that the democrats have not filed. they can't pass a bill until it has been filed. and he's out there telling the american people, republicans are stopping it. >> exactly. because -- in the house per se, you can't get anything on the calendar in the house per se, sean. they've got to file -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: no, no steve. you gotta file it -- then it gets brought up in terms of
6:26 pm
the day and time if anyone debates it. >> do you want to talk about the minutia of the legislative process? your introduction -- [ talking over each other ] >> here's the deal, president obama needs to come back to washington and negotiate with the -- with both parties. he has lost credibility among his own party leaders and his party as well as among the american people. 51% of americans believe this jobs bill is not going to create jobs. we've seen it. he promised that the recovery act of 2009 would create three million jobs. in the meantime we've lost two million jobs. i think the american people -- he's out there in his typical campaign mode where he's saying if you love me, pass this bill. but he has to go back and really work congress. which he has never done with any of these bills. he just wants to blame the republicans. he's isolating his own party.
6:27 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> unemployment at 9%, longest stretch this high since the depression. 42.6 million americans in poverty, another record. 22% of children in poverty. barack obama said he would fix this. he said he would cut the debt in half. he said unemployment wouldn't go 8%. gave us four trillion in debt. his approval rating in the low 30s on the economy isn't it that the american people have no confidence in him? >> no. the great -- do you want to talk about the jobs bill or do you want to just trash obama? you call harry reid a prince. what does that make you. you are the king of the right wing television so just give me a moment. >> sean: go ahead poor steve. if i love you, i'll let you talk, go ahead. >> if the depression is a per fem example for what we are facing now. -- perfect example for what we are facing that is the last
6:28 pm
time we had a financial crisis. when you have a financial crisis you have to solve two problems. all unresolved debt in the depression was so bad that was resolved with with massive bankruptcies. obama is left with trying to deal with both problems from day one. let me finish. >> sean: hurry up. >> democrats in congress are saying do things the same thing obama is. cut the deficit, cut the debt and do something to create jobs. >> sean: mercedes, reagan inherited a far worse economy than did barack obama. point number one. >> not a financial crisis. >> sean: far worse economy by every objective measure. >> that's right. we have to remember that president obama, this job plan belongs to president obama. when you look at the jobs plan and break it down, it is 67% of rehashing the recovery act. which did not work. there is still unspent funds
6:29 pm
from those stimulus bills of 2009. we to reduce the deficit. he's putting on an decisional responsibility to the super committee in congress. saying -- saying find a way to come up with the money for my spending programs. we know that does not work. we want people to invest here. if you have these excessive regulations. if you have these increased taxes. if you have this obamacare that is adding additional labor costs. all of these factors, plus the corporate tax which is incredibly high in a developed country. all of these factors is discouraging for our investment community. >> sean: we have to unare. >> obama just proposed reducing the corporate income tax and you're saying because the bill hasn't been filed yet -- that he's not doing anything. >> it will not pass as the complete bill that he has proposed. >> no bill ever does. >> it will not pass. >> sean: he's doing the
6:30 pm
opposite of reagan. and the results have been the opposite and disastrous. steve one day you are going to say hannity you are right, obama's policies on the have been awful. >> in your dreams, sean. >> sean: mercedes and you are working on you. good to sigh. >> quick programming note -- sunday night 9 p.m. eastern watch a very special fox news reporting. iran's nuclear secrets hosted by bill hemmer. chilling look at the possibility of a nuclear iran. coming up sunday night, 9:00 eastern. >> when we come back, our great, great american panel next. capital one's new cash rewards card
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6:35 pm
as many as 50 may have been injure. however the ap is reporting that up to 75 have been hurt. the plan went down near the grandstands of the air race. joining us on the phone somebody who witnessed this tragic accident. he's a photographer for fox local denver station angel rosado. also a former managing director of the national transportation safety board. mr. rosado you saw this whole thing. we are looking at it on the video. it is shocking it seemed to have happened quickly. what did you see and how badly were these injuries >> honestly, these injuries seemed horrible. quite a few people getting cpr, on stretchers. immediately being carried off on helicopters that were quickly arriving.
6:36 pm
>> sean: if we can ask our friend from the national transportation safety board. competition is like a car race we are told in the sky. planes flying, wing tip to wing tip as low as 50 feet off the ground. speeds surpassing 50 miles per hour. these races now have attracted scrutiny because of in the past over safety concerns. do you think sir, after all of what we are seeing here tonight there's going to be further scrutiny? and maybe this shouldn't be the type of thing that is happening? >> sean, there is going to be a major investigation on this accident. this is not the first time there have been fatalities. 2007, 2008, there were multiple fatalities during the races. you are right, what you have are lap races with multiple aircraft racing against each other in the laps. this plane it was known as the
6:37 pm
galloping ghost, qualified for the competition going 465 miles-an-hour. that is awful quick and it is awful dangerous. >> sean: wing tip to wing tip, 50 feet often ground, just short of 500 miles per hour, it seems like a recipe for disaster. angelo, i understand this is a p-51 mustang that crashed in the brock's seat area of the grandstand. >> yeah. >> sean: get. >> let me just tell you what i saw. let's get down to it. i am a private pilot. i always dreamed of maybe one day flying one of these high powered aircraft. come out here and we saw the aircraft doing their little left turn, very quickly, that is very true. almost like the extreme edge of flying. these pilots know that they are pushing airplanes to about as far as any can go.
6:38 pm
they know what they are getting into when they came out here. they are very, very tough men and women. and very bold and brave. at the same time, it is a scary sport. it made me shake seeing this plane go nose down the way i did. it didn't shake -- [ inaudible ] pretty scary. >> sean: i think we lost that line. again, 12 people dead. anywhere between 50 and 75 injured. we'll continue to have more tonight. we welcome in our great american panel. he a democratic strategist he has worked with chuck schumer chris hahn is back. he's a comedian an appearing in long island on september 23rd. i want to -- you did that one of? i want to come see it. >> please. >> sean: and he works on that jon stewart show.
6:39 pm
she is a former speechwriter for secretary of state condoleeza rice. national review columnist elise jordan is back. let me go to henry waxman we had the new york 9 race, the nevada race, you look depressed i can tell. here's what henry waxman says. this is outrageous, no question the jewish community is much more bipartisan than in previous years. there are jews trending toward the republican party some because of their misunderstanding of obama's policy in the mideast. and some for economic reasons. they feel they want to protect their wealth which is why a lot of well off voters vote republican. does that not sound like a stereotype typical bigoted anti-semitic comment? >> he could have died seconded the district in many different ways. [ talking over each other ] >> isn't henry waxman jewish?
6:40 pm
>> sean: it sounds like a ridiculous caricature stereotype. >> i don't like the way he said it. people should avoid those kind of comments. there are a lot of reasons why that district went for the republican. it is not all to do with obama although the president's numbers had something to do with it. >> sean: it is a very hard district for democrats to win. >> there was a democratic state senator indicted recently. the incumbent had to leave in disgrace. [ talking over each other ] >> if you listen to waxman people should leak obama was in tel aviv and then everybody would for him this is ridiculous that he could get away with saying that. we have gone from weiner to whiner in that district. >> sean: that's a good line. >> his approval rate something at a record low. i think that a lot of the voters in that district are
6:41 pm
upset with his policy on israel. they are upset with -- >> mccain won the brooklyn portion of that district in the last election. -- >> sean: hang on second. you guys had the seat since the early 20s. hang on a second. this is a referendum on obama, yes or no? >> i think it -- [ talking over each other ] >> he's an orthodox jew in a jewish conclave they didn't vote him out they circumcised that guy. >> oh my god! >> it is true. they did cut his head off, but we are not going to go there. >> he campaigned poorly, he didn't know what the deficit was. [ talking over each other ] >> if you have a sex scandal with a -- -- >> sean: you lost like for example mccain won by 88 votes in the nevada district. this time the republican won
6:42 pm
by 28,000 -- 28,500. massive shift. >> amazing when a chairman runs in a district how well he does. >> sean: you saw 2010, wait until 2012. >> i'm ready. >> sean: more with our panel. we continue to keep an eye on the tragedy unfolding in reno. a plane crash has reportedly kill 12, up to 75 injure. we'll continue to update you on the developing situation as it happens. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's.
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[ male announcer ] provocative. ♪ unexpected. ♪ defiant. ♪ the 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ and just what you need to forge your own path. ♪ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. accident has occurred at an air race show in reno, nevada. two people have died. at that facility, 22 people are being treated, nine are critical. the numbers are evolving as the scene continues to unfold. the pilot known as the galloping ghost, a p-51 mustang, james lee ward is
6:47 pm
confirmed money the dead. emergency services were said to have arrived almost immediately. we continue with the panel many look at this video. if we can rerack that. there's been a series of incidents at these air shows. you have these guys wing tip to wing tip, 50 feet often ground, nearly 500 miles per hour. bad idea? >> absolutely petrified by it. my dad and brother just got their pilot's licenses i think is dangerous. i think it is kind of cool. it is too high of a track record of really catastrophic deaths. >> it is adrenaline junkies. a guy on conan the other night puts on a bat suit flies through the air 125 miles an hour. i don't understand why these crowds are that close? this happened a couple months ago. i couldn't do it, i get scared
6:48 pm
going up an escalator that is going to fast. >> why do they have to be over the crowd. these guys are taking their own lives in their hand. why can't they make the crowd safe? >> sean: from a freedom standpoint people should be able to do what they want. this is a world war ii plane. going that type of speed, that low to the ground. it is a description for disaster. >> they were probably doing 100 feet. >> they just had a race like this in new york over the summer. they do it over the water. >> sean: white house website vowing to stop attacks again the president before they start. i have to give credit to your buddy jon stewart. he did a really good on solyndra last night. he took a shot at fox, funny, well done. >> look, you got to call the elephant in the room.
6:49 pm
obama is suffering now. this website is pathetic. childish. >> i think -- >> sean: like rick sanchez being upset that jon stewart made fun of him. grow up. >> let's be clear it is the campaign not the white house that is doing it. every campaign has a rapid response unit. this is rapid response. >> i think republicans should be watching. in '08 they dominated with their online strategy. they broke such new ground. >> sean: good point. >> i think he's galvanizeing these hard-core believers and it is creating another social network. [ talking over each other ] >> you have to keep the troops happy and keep the votes. >> the problem is, he needs to reengineer his narrative. he needs to get ready for the onslaught don't turn your defense over to a website geek with a ponytail. [ talking over each other ] >> i think it is somewhat smart. people are focusing on rumors not his record. look at how --
6:50 pm
>> there are going to be rumors,ad e-mails. >> sean: i'm probably on hour by hour. i gotta go. you know what it sounds like they are a bunch of big babies. >> coming up, kurt warner and his wife brenda here to talk about their new book, next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100%, which means the most innovative cars are also the most available cars. nissan. innovation for today. innovation for all. ♪
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>> sean: brenda warner the wife of kurt warner. i sat down with the couple to talk about her new book and more. joining us now is brenda and kurt warner. it is called "one call away" answering life's challenges with unshakeable faith. nice to see you. how is retired life? >> great, i am enjoying it. >> sean: you guys met what year? >> '92. >> sean: you break the book up into two parts. first, you have had a lot of tragedy in your life. >> i've earned my grey hair underneath here. >> sean: what grey here. alan colmes did this to me. your parents were killed in a tornado. you had a fiance that was a marine? >> i was a marine. >> sean:
6:55 pm
he was a former marine discharged with a medical discharge because he a brain tumor and had that removed. i was the one working,ing a maroon he was home taking care of -- become i maroon he was home taking care of new son when he accidentally dropped him that caused blindness that was another call that i got. nothing that i asked for, wanted or thought that i would be a mother of a special needs child what do you do with it? what do you do with that call? where do you go? who do you become. that's what my book is about. >> sean: we all get these calls. i got a call, 4:00 in the morning. phone rings at 4:00 in the morning. somebody close to my wife died. and i remember taking the call and then having to wake her up and tell her. this is something everybody goes through that's what i got out of the book.
6:56 pm
these days an moments come. the issue is how do we handle that? for you, you have an answer? >> what i ended up learning through writing my book is we are all one call away from good or bad. god is also one call away. i think through my story, i had that foundation of this faith that when something bad happened i figured out why i what i believe. it became real. i was able to hold on to that. that gave me comfort. that's what i share when those calls come. even the good calls when kurt made it to the nfl, when he was mvp. >> sean: you got a call he won the mvp? >> when he became a starter for the nfl which changed our lives. when i met him -- >> sean: these athletes are not easy to be married to. >> they are not. he is. >> sean: all the other guys except for him. >> when i met him he was
6:57 pm
payback-up. >> way before this. >> sean: what do you mean? >> i we met in college i was on the bench. she didn't have any idea what she was getting into. we all have defining moments good or bad. moments that show who we are as people. and i think that's what you get out of my wife's book. so many people talk about my story and the perseverance and what i overcame to accomplish my goals in football. but this is real life stuff. everybody goes through these moments. those moments define us. >> sean: did you get better equipped dealing with the tragedy? as each new thing you have to deal with, there comes an expectation, you know all of a sudden i'm a little kid, slowly uncle so and so dies and aunt so and so and then my father passed away, then my mother passed away. i'm a little more immune as i get older. do you feel you got stronger
6:58 pm
in terms of your ability to accept these things are going to happen? >> i was 21 as a mother of zack when he was injure. i think my -- when he was injured. i think my youth and ignorance, i didn't think bad things would happen like that that rocked my world. they said he wouldn't live and he kept living and i said he has a purpose let's figure out what this is and make him a gate life. >> sean: i think it is terrific. it is -- very relatable. you see a lot in the nfl these guys get cut and how painful that and they worked hard and put their life all the chips in one basket. >> everybody goes through it. we often talk, you might go through that book and you say i never had a child injured. my parents weren't killed in a tornado. we talk about when we go through something, it is always the worst thing for us. that's what you are talking about. my thing might not be as bad
6:59 pm
as hers or worse. we all go through those moments. >> sean: we love the book. terrific read. i wish all the best with it. great to have you both. >> thank you. >> sean: i've been a fan of yours. you have been torturing me all those years in the nfl. >> last time we played they tortured me a little bit. >> sean: good, okay. >> appreciate you having us on. >> sean: they are getting tougher. >> they are. >> sean: thank you, very nice to meet you both. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. hope you have a great weekend. see you monday. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> greta: fox news alert. a plane has crashed in nevada, 12 dead, dozens are critical, emergency vehicles on the scene, the scene is horrific. the crash occurred a short ti


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