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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> bill: as expected, new jersey governor chris christie says no to a presidential run and who is the happiest guy in the country this evening? could be mitt romney. monica crowley, charles krauthammer and others will analyze. >> there will be some failings. >> you were getting warnings not to back that company up. >> bill: president obama remaining unrepentant that more than a half billion taxpayer dollars were lost, investing in a bankrupt solar panel company. we'll have the latest on that. >> i think the impeachment process would be possible. >> bill: congressman ron paul calling for the impeachment of president obama over the drone attacks on al-qaeda. john stossel will handle that for us tonight. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor -- "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. lots of political breaching
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that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as expected, governor chris christie announced he is not, not running for president. few days ago, talking points advised him to stay in new jersey and clean that state up before he ventures into presidential territory. his decision was very good news for the rest of the gop field, as he would have been a formidable appoint. americans are looking for straight talk and no nonsense, which he provides in large doses. new "washington post"-abc news poll asked likely republican voters who they are supporting. 25% say mitt romney. herman cain and rick perry tied at 16%. mr. cain up 12 points in less than a month. governor perry down 13 points. you can see where some conservative voters are going. mr. cain is a compelling political figure. he comes across authoritative but friendly and the only candidate to specifically talk about tax reform with his 999 campaign. governor perry is another story. americans were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he has been derailed by his
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stance on illegal immigration and other issues. also mr. perry has not made himself available to forums like "the factor," so it's hard for americans to get to know him. i talked with the governor on the phone. he was very polite. said he would come on "the factor." a good time might be soon, governor. on the democratic side, things keep getting worse because the economy keeps getting worse. hard to see how president obama can make a comeback unless jobs are magically created and the stock market goes up 1,000 points. however, mr. obama remains steadfast in his belief that the federal government can control the economy and has an obligation to spend a massive amount of money speculating on things like green energy. >> if we want to compete with other countries that are heavily subsidizing the industries of the future, we've got to make sure our guys here in the united states of america at least have a shot. there are going to be some failures -- >> you were getting warnings not to back that company up. >> well, hindsight is always
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20/20. it went through the regular review process and people felt like this was a good bet. >> bill: awe, un, un, un. mr. obama's top economic advisors did not think it was a good bet and that's on the record. so independent minded americans are left with the feeling that bad decisions are being made in the white house and all of us are paying for that. the president is correct, however, when he says that america must compete world wide. and in private industry, we do. but the feds simply do not have enough money to pay the bills and then speculate with billions of taxpayer dollars on green energy projects. somehow, mr. obama does not get that. the presidential election will be held in about 1 months. if -- 13 months. if it were held tomorrow, mitt romney would probably be elected president, that's a memo. the top story, that same "washington post" abc news poll asked this question: who do you think will win the presidential election next year? 37% said president obama. but 55% believe that republican
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candidate will win unless it's alan colmes. that includes 33% of democrats. things are bleak. with us now, monica crowley and alan colmes. so colmes, first of all, do you agree with me about mitt romney, election held tomorrow, romney? >> yes, without debates, without head to head confrontation. if we were to fast forward without an actual campaign, you might be right. >> bill: okay. so you see president obama rising up in the campaign? >> yes. >> bill: rising, like a phoenix? >> well, phoenix might be a good analogy. >> bill: rising on what? >> rising on the fact that -- against an un-- >> bill: rising on what? a phoenix is going to rise, he's got to rise on something. is it just going to be more rhetoric? >> the fumes of the republican party. they're like people having one night stands. daters having one night stands, waking up and saying, how did i make that choice? one minute it's perry. they go back to romney whatever they're done with their fling.
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>> bill: you say that the president will rise because the republicans won't be able to mount -- >> i don't think they can mount -- nobody is excited about romney. cain is rising simply because he's not romney and nobody else. perry has fallen by the wayside, so has bachman. christie is not running. the one person the republicans thought might be able to go against obama and really beat him, decided he's not going to run. >> bill: that was christie? >> and you say? >> i think that 55%, as a conservative, i hope that actually translates next november. i think what that reflects is number one, widespread discontent and disappointment with the president that his economic policies have not worked and actually took a bad situation and made it worse for most americans. and number two, i also think that this reflects the state of the economy. now, a year is an eternity in politics. a day can be an eternity. >> bill: i don't know if i buy that. wait. i disagree with you on that. with all of the primaries being moved up now to january, we're
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talking three months here and you got christmas and thanksgiving in there. we're really on the train here. it's roaring down the track. >> in terms -- >> bill: the reason that christie didn't run, two reasons, he didn't want to lie to his constituents because he said, what do i have to do, commit suicide? he didn't want to do that. his people told him -- i have inside information, that basically you can't set up your organization state by state in time. you can't. >> it takes a long time. what i'm situation is both internally in the united states, domestically at home, whether it's the economy or something else, there could be an unforeseen external event that could change the whole dynamic. >> bill: the economy doesn't turn around that fast. >> especially given the oppressive, suffocating, economic policies of this administration where the president is not changing course in any direction, in any way, the assumption is the economy is going to be bad going next year. >> bill: colmes, doesn't it make you a little uneasy that the president in an interview goes, you know what? everything just doesn't work out. >> that's true.
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>> bill: solyndra, $528 million, well, hey, you know. wait, wait. it's kind of like you spill soup on your tie. oh, well, you know, the tie. and then he says, you know, it was vetted and the two big guns are on the record saying hey, we told him not to do it! wait, colmes. >> i lost my head by speaking. >> bill: yeah, you did. whenever you speak, you lose your head. just as an american now, not as a crazed left wing loon, just an american, doesn't it make you a little uneasy the president goes on with stephanopoulos and says, well, it was vetted and his two big guns told him not to do it. >> i love to hear traditionals who always disagree with. the fact is, we had an administration where there were many different views going back and forth. >> bill: so it doesn't make you nervous? >> he had one bad investment out of many. >> bill: there was a bunch of them. >> wind power, and the program, the loan program that republicans voted for have brought in dividends on
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everything else. you pick the one company that didn't do well and you go crazy with it. >> bill: let me break this to you, if you want to drive tomorrow, you got to put gas in your car. if you want to heat your house, you got to deal with gas for a while. so all of these investments, we're not anywhere close to this. >> you're picking one investment and going crazy on one investment. there are hundreds of them. >> bill: colmes will not see that it makes him nervous. it makes me a little nervous. the other thing that makes me nervous is that we're coming up with attorney general holder who basically told congress, i didn't know about this fast and furious gun thing, and now cbs finds memos that he did. so i'm saying to myself, look, up until this point you have to see -- you have to cede, the obama administration has been honest. there has been no scandals. they haven't done anything. >> as far as we know. and also they've been on the level with the american people about their objectives. >> bill: they say flat out. >> transforming big sectors of the american economy, including the energy sector, which is why the president comes out to
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stephanopoulos and says, what's half a billion dollars, really? because the bigger project is bankrupting coal which is what he told you in the 08 campaign. >> where are the billions of dollars in the iraqi -- >> bill: you know what? we can be discussing marilyn monroe, but you would have a double standard. >> there is a double standard. >> bill: you can never get the issue with you. >> i told you, i gave you my stance. i said there are all these investments that they made in all these other companies. you're picking solyndra because it -- >> bill: i'm sorry. he got most of the time. give me one investment that the obama administration has made in green energy? give me one. >> they did wind, they did solar. >> bill: no, give me one. >> i don't know the name.
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>> bill: you don't know the name! >> let me say something, list all the companies they invested in and how many jobs were created and -- >> bill: next week dtesla motors. >> tesla motors. i gave you one. >> bill: you bring it in and explain it to the folks. >> i just gave you one. >> bill: it's not about that. it's about whether these investments pay off for all of the american people. >> i want more time next week. >> bill: i promise. next on the rundown, charles charles analyzed chris christie's decision of what happens next in the republican field. janine turner, hollywood star, now a conservative talk radio host. we'll check in with her, upcoming. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morng begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon to begins with more pain and more pills.
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she's always touching my hair. and she does ts ncing finger thing. [ male announcer ] with advanced technology from ge, now doctors can diagnose diseases like breast cancer on a cellular level. so that women, like kristy's mom, can get personalized treatment that's as unique as she is. [ kristy ] she's definitely not like other moms. yeah, my mom is pretty weird. ♪ >> bill: our lead story, giver christie says no. mitt romney surges and minerva perez continues to sink -- rick perry sinks. great news for governor romney, right? >> absolutely, because christie constituency and the romney constituency are basically much the same. they're both northeastern governors, blue states, each of whom carries some hearcities with christy, it's on gun control, immigration, with romney, of course, it's on
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healthcare. each of whom is known -- has boasted about being a compromiser and i think if christie had come in, he clearly would have bitten into the romney constituency. i think christie made the only choice he could have made. he would have lost. he would have been diminished and he could not have gone home to new jersey. right now he's a rising star. everybody wants him. he will be on everybody's tongue in 2016, or in 2020. he's a young man. there is no reason he should have run. he may be obvious -- made the obvious decision. but it's a measure, the amount of entreaty that he had to endure is a measure of how unsettled the republicans are about settling for romney. >> bill: okay. but i think it's more of a news cycle thing, the 24/7 news cycle now on the internet, on cable news and on talk radio that we're always looking for some miracle worker or some guy that
5:15 pm
can come in and solve all the problems and then when he gets in, like governor perry, boom. then he's eadvice rated and now perry on the decline. and herman cain is getting all of perry's support. every point perry loses goes over to cain because herman cain is more of an idealogical candidate. correct? >> it shows you what the constant dynamic is of this election, this primary. romney is a slow and steady tortoise. he stays at a roughly 25% of the elected, which incidentally was the ceiling he had in 2008 as well. then you got the rest. michelle bachman is the one who sort of expressed the underlying sentiment, why you get the rises and the falls of these candidates who make a temporary and quick run, then they fall back. she said, this time we don't want to settle, meaning we don't want somebody like romney who is a moderate and who is not a true
5:16 pm
believer. the problem -- that's a pretty big constituency because if he's got a quarter of the electorate, that means 75% is looking for somebody else. the problem is that other somebody else hasn't materialized. bachman is a member of the house. we have an elected member of the house in the presidency in about 150 years. cain isn't even in politics. the last time we elected someone who was outside the system was eisenhower. and all he did was win world war ii. with all due respect to herman cain and his achievements, which are considerable, being supreme ally to commander at nor man dee is not in the same league as being head of a company. i'm not sure there is anybody who has the stature to quickly take away the vote that romney doesn't have and i think that if you had to bet the house, you'd say that ultimately they will ttle for romney. >> bill: all right. but rick perry could make a
5:17 pm
comeback. you got two more debate this is month. you got to figure that perry is going to be pro on everything. what i can't understand, maybe you can tell me -- is why governor perry stays away from the media which could rehab his image, battered image that he got in the debates, much faster talking like you're talking tonight. but he stays away and i know time is running out for him. it absolutely is. >> there is only one explanation, bill. he thinks he'll blow it. he thinks he'll have a katie couric interview. he thinks he won't do well. and if that happens, he'd be completely dead meat. i think he's trying to prepare, trying to get up to speed. he's got sparring partners. he's in train not guilty some camp in the cat skills, getting ready for the next debate. i'm not sure he wants to accelerate the timetable before he has to step out again. he had a pretty bad series of debates. he lived in a could coon.
5:18 pm
when he announced, he said his wife says, i want you to get out of your comfort zone. that was sort of an encouragement. you go out, you be a bigger man, bigger stage. go national. it turned out having been in a kind of cocoon in texas where he spoke the language, was accepted, acceptable and popular, stepped out on the national stage and doesn't have it yet. it's not easy. remember, romney has been out there for almost five years and he's finally gotten the hang of it. he's smooth and polished. it's not easy to operate at that big league level. >> bill: no. it's not. all right. charles, we appreciate it as always. thanks very much. directly ahead, ron paul, is he actually hurting libertarians with some of the stuff he's saying? john stossel on that. later, whether amanda knox got away with murder. those reports after these messages. there's only one bottle left !
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>> bill: stossel matters, ron paul clocks in at 11% in the latest presidential survey and continues to make his case. in new hampshire, he said president obama might be impeached for using drones to kill al-qaeda terrorists. >> i think the impeachment process would be possible and it requires the senate. you could do more investigating to find out exactly what was going on and how they plotted it. >> bill: most americans disagree with him. they like the drone program. and the congressman also believes it's acceptable for iran to build a nuclear weapon. question this evening, is ron paul hurting the libertarian movement? here now, fox business anchor, john stossel -- >> he's not hurting it. he is the libertarian movement. >> bill: you are a libertarian, right? >> i am. >> bill: do you get a little
5:23 pm
card? >> we're not like those blood cards. >> bill: like i'm a libertarian, give my blood to ron paul if i die? >> i do have a little thing. >> bill: what do you have? >> a constitution and the declaration of independents. >> bill: they own it, right? >> they believe in it. >> bill: all right. so ron paul says that in the middle of a war, using the drones could be an impeachable offense and you say? >> i'm glad you say could be. he was just answering a question. he said, all the presidents since i've been in congress have done some things that violated the constitution and therefore, could be an impeachable offense. >> bill: how does the drone program violate the constitution? >> are you saying the president, the executive branch, without consulting with any other branch, can just go to any country and kill people without declaring war? >> bill: well, there you have me on a technical measure.
5:24 pm
i said from the very beginning, ladies and gentlemen, that the congress should have declared war after 9-11, so that the president would have the authority. okay. but they danced around this by a variety of different ways. you know the dance. >> i'm glad this guy got killed. >> bill: national security requires the president to order certain things. you're glad that they killed this al-awlaki guy in yemen. >> right. >> bill: i'm glad and most americans are glad. so why are we making a big deal out of this? >> because it makes me uncomfortable to think that the executive branch cannot even explain what the evidence is. >> bill: they explained it. the videotapes of this guy saying americans should be killed all over the place. >> there are those videotapes, but when the president's press secretary was asked about this, can you provide the evidence explain the reasoning behind this? he didn't come up with anything. >> bill: i can't speak for jay carney, but i can tell you there is lots of evidence that this guy was involved with the fort hood shooting, involved with a
5:25 pm
number of things where -- >> i don't consult with anybody. >> bill: i want to be clear, you like ron paul's policies? >> yes. >> bill: but how can you sit there and say that when ron paul would be fine with iran developing a nuclear weapon? which would be off the chart dangerous. >> fine is an -- >> bill: i asked paul flat out what he would do and i got a bunch of gobbledegook from him and then he got mad because i wouldn't allow him to give me a history lesson for three hours on the middle east. okay? and he said a week ago, well, israel -- drawing a moral eequivalency to them. they should be able to have them. that's insane! >> bill: i disagree with israel. but what's your alt -- >> but what's your alternative? we're going to occupy a country 2 1/2 times the size of iraq and
5:26 pm
pry -- >> bill: you can't do that. >> that's crazy. >> bill: you could blockade if you have to. you can do -- >> we have sanctions. they rarely worked. >> bill: they don't work. >> right. >> bill: there is a whole bunch of things you can do to send a message to iran that this is not going to be accepted by us. but paul's message is, go ahead. >> those missiles can't reach us, they can't -- >> bill: so blow up ireland! come on. i think paul does a lot of damage. >> you can either invade a country or leave them alone and trade with them. when good cross borders, armies don't. >> bill: i don't think any american -- many americans are interested in trading with iran. i think -- >> i think that government will collapse of its own authoritarian -- >> bill: my idea is to send ron paul over there and maybe that would hasten the collapse. stossel, thank you for taking the fire. plenty more ahead.
5:27 pm
janine turner now getting exposure on a radio. she's talking politics and she will be here. is it legal on whether attorney general holder should be investigated over the fast and furious gun scandal? we hope you stay tuned for those reportst but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choo any car in the aisle...and go.
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>> bill: janine turner, achieved great success in hollywood. it's one of the few high profile actors who is conservative. now she's working in texas doing a political talk show in dallas, she joins us from fort worth. down the turnpike. what do you want or accomplish on this radio program? >> i like to say where is reason, because i feel that in this country, reason just doesn't exist anymore, and that party division is stagnating our country and i harken back to george washington's farewell address where he said the party system may destroy the country because the people will care
5:31 pm
more about their party than america. i'm conservative, but i like to keep things reasonable. >> bill: so the common sense discussion about the issues of the day. now, you wrote a column in the washington examiner about hollywood and the difficult time you had there when you were starring in "northern exposure." i'm going to throw out a few quotes and you can comment on them. i had to listen to left wing rants for years on set at dinners and rehearsals and make-up chairs. usually they were so hostile that i was afraid to speak up. it was so ridiculous i thought it was futile to reply. you're pretty feisty. why would you be afraid to speak up? >> well, that's a really good question. first of all, you're usually in a make-up trailer and learning lines and don't have is a lot of time. but it was tricky because if you -- they don't have a lot of tolerance. i think liberals liberals have l blind spot. it's either their way or the highway. and that's pretty ironic to me
5:32 pm
when hollywood is based on freedom to create. they don't want any constraint. yet they constrain anybody who disagrees with them. >> bill: did you fear that if you had debated some of the liberal actors on "northern exposure" and there were more than a few, that you would be fired or that they would do something to you to hurt your career? >> well, i didn't worry about it on "northern exposure" as much maybe a little later. i did stand up when i wasn your show before, during the mccain-palin, i was on "friday night lights" and i was expressing my opinion and i stepped out of the trailer and someone said to me, i'm with you, but don't tell. and so, you know -- >> bill: don't ask, don't tell. on "friday night lights," which is supposed to be in texas. so i know a lot of actors who say the same thing. look, this is my livelihood.
5:33 pm
there are very few jobs, particularly at the higher levels and if i tee off a steven spielberg or one of these guys and my agents are telling me to shut up. but it seems that the left wing actors, alec baldwin, they can say whatever they want and they work all the time. but if you're a conservative, with the exception of gary sinise, he's been able to do it. but a lot of the other guys, there there is a society called the lincoln society or friends of abe, they're conservative actors. i think they need an underground bomb shelter or something. they give them directions at the last minute. but the fear is real out there that if you talk conservative politics, or support conservatives that you won't work. >> well, it is. that's why i wrote this op ed, because i've sort of had it. i sat through so many awards ceremonies where it's one attack after another attack and even at the recent one, they're talking about the tea party, calling morgan freeman calling the tea party racist.
5:34 pm
>> bill: what's up with morgan? do you know him? >> i don't know, because he's a wonderful actor. but to call the tea partiers racist -- >> bill: i don't know either. what i saw was he was angry, mr. freeman, about the treatment that barak obama is getting. he's a big obama supporter. but interestingly enough, when the obama people went to hollywood last time to try to raise a lot of money, they had trouble. they had trouble. it wasn't like the first time around where the people were kicking the doors in to give the money. now it's a little shrinkage here. what's going on with that? >> well, i think that he's a bit aloof and he's sort of stuck in this sort of neutral mode where he's not able to really accomplish anything. not what the left wants, not what the right wants. not what the country wants. so he's sort of stuck in this mire and he's disappointing the far left. and maybe the people in the center and a little center right are getting more reasonable and saying, wait a minute. this isn't the direction we wanted to go at all because hollywood epitomizes capitalism. it's about who is the highest
5:35 pm
paid actor? what do the movies make? for them to regurgitate on capitalism all the time and say socialism is a great idea, i think they really think that's great for the flyover states, but not really them. >> bill: guys like matt damon, ron howard, openly said we'll pay more taxes and the reply it, go ahead. >> yeah. >> bill: saw one of from you -- sell one of your ferraris and give your money to the government if you want. strangely enough, though, hasn't been a lot of big hollywood people getting behind barak obama this time around. we wish you the very best with your talk show on klif radio in dallas. used to be the home of the radio factor when we were doing that. thank you. >> call it legendary. >> bill: there you go. when we come back -- >> because you were on it. >> bill: is it legal? should attorney general holder be investigated over fast and furious? did amanda knox get away with murder? will michael jackson's doctor beat a murder rap? legal is next.
5:36 pm
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astrazeneca may be able to help. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes. then try this. freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. >> this is a fox news alert from new york. i'm ainsley earhart. amanda knox for the first time in u.s. soil since her murder conviction was overturned yesterday. she has just arrived in seattle. she's speaking out at the seattle-tacoma international airport and she's walking up to the podium. let's listen in. >> they're reminding me to speak in english 'cause i'm having problems with that. i'm really overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like
5:39 pm
everything wasn't real. what's important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family. i just want my family -- my family is the most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and be with them. thank you for being there for me. [ cheers and applause ] >> you've been hearing from amanda knox, the young american woman set free yesterday after four years in an italian prison. she delivered that quick statement, but would not take any questions. an italian court overturning her conviction in the sexual assault and fatal stabbing of her british roommate and what her attorney calls her friend,
5:40 pm
because of doubt over dna evidence. we now return to "the o'reilly factor" which is already in progress. >> bill: here now, kimberly guilfoyle and elyse wiel. she has a new thriller out called "waking hours." very frightening. and we wish you the best with that. >> thank you. >> bill: now, special prosecutor needed here? >> absolutely. the comments he made were either mistaken or they were incompetent, meaning he didn't look at the memos and i've looked at all the memos we've talked about, directly to him, weekly briefings. >> bill: if he knew he was going to be asked, shouldn't he have looked at all of those? >> he was either mistaken or incompetent or the third, lying. that for which you need a special counsel to investigate. the person that is being investigated can't investigate themselves. they can't -- >> bill: let me get this. if he did and we're not saying he did -- if he did not tell the
5:41 pm
truth that, a crime? >> of course. >> bill: okay. so lying before congress, like roger clemens. >> of course. >> bill: so you both agree, and i think you agree, that special counsel is needed because of that statement. >> right. >> bill: subsequently cbs news uncovered these memos that showed a year prior. now, i guess mr. holder could have forgotten about them. >> yeah. he has a defense for it, but there is a memo in writing that shows this was sent to him, a communication from michael walter, the director of national drug intelligence center detailing this investigation, what was going on, that there were straw buyers that were connected to the cartel making these transactions that july 10 of 2010. >> bill: several memos. >> several. >> bill: but those memos, were they sent to holder? >> yes. >> there was a weekly -- >> bill: so he's in trouble?
5:42 pm
>> he is. very serious. >> bill: but you wouldn't know that if you read the newspapers like the "new york times." this story is buried, right? >> can i tell you what his defense is? because they released a statement. basically they're claiming this investigation he got confused, that he was mistaken, that he did not deliberately lie. that he confused it with another investigation called wide receiver that was taking place in tucson. that's the story that's not believable. >> i used to work for the department of justice of the i know that any big case, any big investigation, you assign a cold name to them. fast and furious. roger dodger, all these. >> bill: how could you get that mixed up with what? >> wide receiver. >> bill: i used to play football. i know what that is. you're not buying that. this looks bad for holder? >> yes. >> he's got to be investigated. >> bill: let's get a quick update on the iranian pastor who was born a muslim in iran, converted to christianity. >> at 19. >> bill: and now they want to kill him because of apostasy
5:43 pm
under sharia law, you're not if you're born a muslim, to go into mother faith. >> basically those charges were bad enough, he was charged with apostasy and refusing to renounce his religion. he was convicted of this in 2009. now and appealed in 2010. all the way to the iranian supreme court. his attorney believed he had a 95% chance of being able to survive on these charges and win his appeal. however, new development, he's now been accused of being a zionist and -- >> bill: a zionist? now he's jewish? so he was born a muslim, convert to do christianity -- >> and believe he's a threat to national security. >> bill: the hikers, the american hikers who were just released, they were a threat. >> they were spyies, apparently. >> bill: this is just a trumped up, kangaroo court thing. >> he could be executed because these charges are more serious and they use these to execute. there's a concern --
5:44 pm
>> speaking of shahry in a law, i found in the civil code a provision that says conversion is not a crime and should not be treated as a crime. his lawyer should know that. look through the code. >> bill: right now there is no ex execution scheduled. >> it could be imminent, because they could execute him at any stage in the process. it's not like our system of justice, that a man is in grave danger. >> bill: we'll keep the pressure on. >> u.s. state department has renounced this and called for his release. >> bill: they haven't renounced it strongly enough. >> i don't disagree. >> bill: i want secretary of state clinton to get personally involved. >> yes. she made one statement. >> bill: we'll have more in a moment, including asking the ladies whether amanda knox got away with murder. we'll be right back. ♪
5:45 pm
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>> bill: continuing now with is it legal in the back of the book segment. as we reported last night, 24-year-old amanda knox, who was serving 26 years in an italian prison for murdering her roommate, now free because her conviction was overturned last night on appeal. after leaving rome today, miss knox is arriving in seattle this evening and her family is overjoyed. but should they be? once again, lis and kimberly of the guilfoyle, did she get away with murder. >> i feel based on my review of the evidence, as a homicide prosecutor that yes, she was present at the scene, that she did get away with murder. there were inconsistencies with the forensic evidence. however, bloody shoe print found in the bedroom of meredith kercher matching amanda knox, proves she was in the room at some point -- >> bill: let me stop you there. how conclusive is the foot print? >> a police forensic investigator determined it matched her. now in terms of the boyfriend, there was evidence that he was in there as well and some of that is inconclusive as to
5:49 pm
whether or not it was his foot print or that -- >> bill: the british exchange student, mayor death kercher -- meredith kercher was found with her throat cut in her bedroom. lot of blood all over the place. foot prints found in the blood. okay? and you say? >> absolutely not. these same forensic experts were the ones that botched the investigation from the beginning and that's literally why it was thrown out here with the dna. >> bill: so you say the investigators were idiots. >> horrible. >> bill: so that anything they found is suspect? >> out of there. >> a collection of evidence -- >> she did not get away with murder. >> bill: you say she did not get away with murder. look, here is my problem with the case. you got three people in the proximity of the dead woman. three. >> right. >> bill: you're telling me that amanda knox doesn't know what happened. >> that's not what you asked. you asked if she got away with murder. she may have been there and known what happened after the
5:50 pm
fact. let me finish my sentence. the third person, serving 16 years, and by the way, that was sent down from 30 years. why? because he implicated knox and her boyfriend at their trial. >> bill: so he gave them up to save his own skin. >> excuse me. there were his dna found inside the victim. >> you want to say his dna is okay but the dna of the others isn't. but nevertheless, the bloody shoe print, hold on, 'cause i'm going to lay it out -- that was not refuted. that's why i'm telling you that's compelling evidence. also there was a staged burglary. if you didn't do anything or why do you stage a burglary? in fact, instead of glass broken in the inside, if it was someone who broke to gain entry that way, the glass was broken and was found outside. that's also very telling. >> bill: he was already inside did she. >> they delayed calling the police officers. also there was a false accusation -- >> bill: there is no doubt about it that this woman, amanda knox -- she was involved with something that happened here. it's like the manson thing. when they slaughtered all of these people, they're all in
5:51 pm
there. some of them did more than others. but i believe -- i believe that amanda knox knows what happened. let's move ahead to this ron ready murray. i only have 90 seconds. that's all it's worth. the trial is ongoing. you say, is he going to beat the rap? >> i don't think so. great evidence came in today, or hasn't actually come in yet, but we heard it's going to be coming in, saying there were no fingerprints -- >> bill: of michael jackson on the drug delivery apparatus. >> what murray is saying -- >> bill: he gave it to him. >> how could he do that if there were no fingerprints? >> he's looking at maximum of four years, there is eight pills of other drugs also found in his system. not enough in terms of the toxicity to kill michael jackson. the main active ingredient, why they ruled it was a homicide was a propothol. four gallons was shipped to one of conrad murray's girlfriend's. that's going in. all the drugs are tied in.
5:52 pm
>> murray never told the emts or physicians that he was taking propothol. that would be the first thing you would do. >> and he hid the evidence. >> he doesn't call 911. >> bill: how much longer before he gets convicted? >> it's day six now. >> defense has got to put something on. they said so in their opening statement. it will be a few weeks. >> incoming. >> bill: there we go. thanks, ladies. we appreciate it. pinheads and patriots in a moment. nancy pelosi, what would we do without her? p and p up next. [ female announcer ] introducing new pronutrients from centrum. omega-3s go beyond heart health. probiotics go beyond digestive balance. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties. new pronutrients from centrum. help make nutrition possible. [ spectator ] gun it, bro! what's this guy doing?
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foot-care scientists are behind it. you'll get all-day relief. for your tired achy feet. for locations, see thank you... >> bill: pinheads and patriots staring nancy pelosi in a moment. but brand-new promotion featuring lis phier's new thriller. you buy a copy of my book and we'll send you a copy of her book absolutely free. you get two best sellers. with the gift giving season almost here, that's a great deal. we want to do do that for you. you read both books and repackage them and give them to somebody else. also if you sign up for premium membership, you get it free of charge. the mail, linda, texas, thank you for your fair coverage of the perry hunting controversy. you came through. gary, denver, i am herman cain's biggest fan, but he owes perry an apology for jumping to conclusions about the racial
5:56 pm
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daniel, pennsylvania, regardless of what you think of the protesters, you shouldn't mock them. i reserve the right to mock anyone who doesn't know what he or she is talking about, dan. especially if they're costing the taxpayers big money. gary, oregon. bill, considering you co-wrote "killing lincoln" what, one question would you have asked the president on his death bed? why didn't you up your security, mr. president? lincoln knew he was going to be killed. we demonstrated that in the book. yet he didn't protect himself very well. that's a question i would ask. terry, california. bill, i know you are doing some signings, but i read "killing lincoln" on my kindle. how do you sign that? if you come to connecticut october 29, terry, i'll sign your hand. so will miller. should be a beautiful weekend with the foliage and all. i bithe way, we posted some of your reviews on
5:58 pm
check it out. deb, hey, bill, we were watching "the factor" over here. marco polo would be thrilled. thank you. i'm glad you're doing that. pin heads and patriots, nancy pelosi center stage. >> most people in the country no matter how poor they are, believe they are in the middle class, and that's where they want to be and we have to honor that aspiration. so we think that they can say all they want about class warfare. am i missing something here? >> bill: i have no idea, ladies and gentlemen. no idea what mrs. pelosi is talking about. and yes, you are missing something, congresswoman. you are missing a declarative sentence. what the heck are you saying? i don't know. and if you know, please e-mail me and explain because i may be a pinhead. i couldn't follow it.
5:59 pm
but at this juncture, congresswoman pelosi's syntax is so -- i listened to it five times. that's it for us tonight. we'd like to you spout out about "the factor" from anywhere in the world, name your town if you wish to opine. try not to brusal when writing to the factor factor. if you know this word, you are a genius. if you look it up, you're not going to find it. i'm going to tell what you it means. to brusal means to perspire heavily. no broozle when writing to the factor factor. remember, the spin stops here, 'cause we're definitely looking out for you.


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