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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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"and no religion, too," and said he does not mean harm but lennon farms have been furious and they are lighting up the boards with this. >>shepard: happy january in iowa where we have a very important show lined up or a newscast ahead of the caucus. des moines is the capital of iowa and the largest city in this great state but the action is spread all across the place. in living rooms. in schools. in community centers. in diners. we will speak with a former senator rick santorum about his bid for the nomination and his sudden rise in the polls. favor of the day. and gingrich's daughter is on her father's candidacy, and his struggle in the state of iowa. and the most influential political voices in iowa, radio
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host simon conway. you may not have heard of him if you don't live in iowa, but he is a big deal here. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first, from fox at 2:00, in des moines, getting down to the wire, we are here in iowa and we could see a photo finish, less than 24 hours before voters head out to caucus places there is no clear frontrunner but the latest polls show three man race: congressman ron paul, former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former pennsylvania senator, rick santorum in a tie for first place. candidate santorum riding new found momentum into the top tier after polling not single digits for many months. another survey paint as similar picture tomorrow, former frontrunner gingrich has fallen way down. he is in 4th place but still double digits. senator john mccain laced fourth in iowa back in 2008 and
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nobody gave him a shot. and, of course, he went on to win the entire nomination but in a race as up and down as this has been more than ever it seems what happens in iowa could be a game changer for america. the signal is that this could be the mostville tall primary since the add vent polling. even o'reilly was not born then. the frontrunner has changed seven times between four candidates. >> tomorrow is a very important day, small in numbers but very big message. so you carry a lot of weight in this state. literally, up until the time people walk in and start the conversation this is open for continuous change. >>shepard: "continuous change," something rick santorum has relied on recently. emerging as a real front tier contender in the hawkeye state she live with us. senator, great to see you on a
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chilly day in iowa. thanks for being here. the surge has come late, senator, the republicans on the right have gone through a number of people, michele bachmann, herman cain, paul, and now a santorum. why is it your turn? >>guest: well i said from the beginning that i would trust the people of iowa and as i have been asked a million times when is your surge, and i said it is coming the week before the iowa caucus, coming when the people of iowa will sit down and make those decisions and talk to their neighbors, and the folk whose have met the candidate and size them up and i have said from the beginning, that's what will cause the surge, the people will look to who the candidate is that can win the election but can govern in a way that the people in iowa and across the country would like to see america which is returning to our first principles of freedom and family and faith and building things from the bottom up. >>shepard: and a conservative
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strategist who used to work for buchanan and steve forbes campaigns, and he believes there could be a coalition coming together, that people across the nation who were conservative, who are very conservative, will say we need to get one of the candidates and support just one. and david lane, a very influential pro, low profile christian conservative wrote an e-mail on friday to some of his folks saying we have to come together around one person. if that one person is you, i am sure you would be happy to accept that coming together. if it is one of the others, would you agree? >>guest: well, right now, i have approached the last few weeks, that back room deals getting behind this person, or this person needs to team with this person. let the people decide. i have done 377 townhall meetings in iowa, let the people of iowa make that decision. let the people of new hampshire and south carolina. don't have folks who think they
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know best what the people of these states and the people of this country are looking for make that decision. so, i will go out and continue and i would say every candidate should go out and take their message to the people. talk about their experience. and what they were able to accomplish and whether what they say they will do much whats with what they said, what they have done in the past, and the over reagan "trust but verify." people in iowa are trusting us because we are the authentic conservatives. we have done these things. >>shepard: well early today, candidate ron paul was asked by a reporter, what's wrong with rick santorum and he said, well you are too liberal spending way teach money and he went through a list of things and painted himself as a true conservative against rick an inform the liberal. >>guest: well, coming from someone who is in the kucinich wing of the democratic party on national security being called a liberal by him is a little bit,
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almost ridiculous. the bottom line is, as you know, most criticisms leveled against me throughout the campaign in the past is i am too conservative to win and now ron paul says i am too liberal after talking about the most liberal views in the hit of republican politics on national security. so, i think you have to have credibility and i have credibility across the board on all the issues standing for the conservative principles that made this country great and will create a clear contrast between the republican nominee, and i hope that is me, and president obama. >>shepard: you talk about conservative principles how much longer do you think antigay rights is going to stay with conservative principle and folks like you say who say having gay marriage is a hit on families in america. how long will you realize everyone is okay? >>guest: well, everyone is okay.
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but that is different. what we are talking about, not talking about everyone, shep, everyone is entitled to live the life they want, shep, but the question is whether we should change the laws of the country to reflect a different value structure. what we are talking about are different values. the judeo-christian values based on bible truths and truthed that can be acclaim and resolved through reason and those truths don't change. just because people's attitudes may change, because of, well, whatever the current popular culture is, and we need --. >>shepard: is it current popular culture, sir, and what people decide to do, but it is not something about which people have a choice. i mean, it is not as if you can wake up in the morning and be gay, could you? when do you think the time will come when love people of the same sex ought do have the same sort of protections and acknowledgment from the state, that they do from their friends and family? >>guest: well, people are
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allowed to love a lot of different people and a lost different relationships and we honor those relationships but we don't call them "marriage," and we don't treat them like marriage because marriage is --. >>shepard: what should they be treated like? >>guest: like any other couple, any other group or couple of people that have a strong relationship. are they allowed to have rights and enable to pass on goods, pass on housing and other types of rights, sure? but they can contract for those things. what we talking about here is an institution that is vital for having children and for raising children, and that is possible, children have a right to a mother and a father. to their mother and their father. and when society says that isn't important, that relationship is not as significant as insignificant as, really, any other relationship or as significant as any other relationship what has happened has happened the last 30 years. 30 years ago 71 percent of the
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people over the age of 18 were marry asked now it is 51 percent and dropped 5 percent in the last year, and as a result of that, society is going to be in much tougher shape. government will get bigger and we are not going do have the freedoms we have. family is the foundation of our society. and marriage is the glue that holds that family together, that is not being against anybody, that is being for something that is an intrinsic good. >>shepard: senator, thank you for coming on "studio b." senator santorum's 11th hour rise in the poll the past week suggests that even the final hours could make a real difference and nearly all the g.o.p. hopefuls are spending today stumping across the state of iowa making their final pitch on voters and our chief political correspondent joins us, like. i think we did this in 1996, and in 2000, and 2004 and 2008 and you have new sneakers and an actual real working reporter.
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we have had flavors of the week, is this another flavor of the week? >>carl: it is different because it is final. and there are real votes coming. i got an e-mail from christian evangelical organizers around the country, "redeem the vote," an organization of youth christian groups sending 750,000 e-mails into iowa, today, telling people they have to go to the caucuses and they have to vote like good christian conservatives. the focus going to santorum so the e-mails in effect of a big deal and supporting them. with six candidates you can win with 30,000, when there are 750,000 e-mails going out, santorum will have a lot of support as a consequence of that kind of buzz. >>shepard: there was a professional from the university of iowa, and he is actually working out of the state for a year which is probably good but he questioned the importance of all of this and carl and i were talking before the segment began, this is the last big
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stand for the real conservatives of the republican party. >>carl: if you have trouble figuring out who these people are, talk football. or talk bowl games. if you watch on espn and you do the highlights you are a fan. if you go to the games, you are a bigger game. if you have season tickets to ole miss you are a bigger fan but at 4:00 in the morning and you get a smoker going, now you are a caucus goer, fanatics would believe very seriously about this. they do not just observe but they participate. they are "it." they are ardent/politics fans. >>shepard: and as carl reminded me, nobody has ever won south carolina without winning either new hampshire or this state, iowa. and nobody has ever won the presidency on the republican side without winning south carolina. >>carl: it matters so when you hear gingrich or michele bachmann say this business of one, two, or three, is not the
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case. if you win the first caucus or first primary you have momentum. you bring that to south carolina and it it is a really serious battle. in the heartland it is sensible. and new hampshire it is a street fight. and south carolina it is an all out brawl. >>shepard: so fun, carl. thank you. simon conway is as an influential a voice as anyone in iowa republicans interviewing every major g.o.p. candidate to come through this state on this cycle. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil
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hello ? hello ?! if youbank doesn't let you talk to a real perso24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. >>shepard: 16 minutes past 2:00 in des moines, iowa, and we are counting down to the first-in-the-nation caucus which could make-or-break a presidential hopefuls campaign. not always. staffers of michele bachmann have said a strong showing in iowa is key to future success in the nominating process. according to the latest poll the congresswoman is gone. way, way, way back in the back
12:16 pm
of the pack among active candidates in the hawkeye state were the former governor of utah, huntsman is skipping idea, and everyone says he is crazy for doing so but that is his decision. and us with is the host of afternoon drive on the enormously influential iowa radio station 1040, wlo, and all the major candidates have been on the program, and congress way says after talking to all of them he probably supports governor rick perry but he is not a registered republican and he cannot participate in the caucuses. and he says everybody should caucus for their conscience. i get you said vote. >>guest: vote your conscience. rick perry has run the 13 the largest economy on the face of the planet for ten or 11 years, and he has create add climate where jobs can be created. against the backdrop of a worldwide resignature. i don't think you can ignore that when the economy is so key. >>shepard: it is your sense
12:17 pm
his problem was the fact that, well, he stumbled his way through the debates. >>guest: early, yes, the last two he did pretty well, and at drake i thought he won, i thought he did very well at drake. so, i thought he probably won that and, certainly he is coming back but there are plenty of good candidates. >>shepard: before we came on air, you said you have never seen anything like this and you have talked to iowans across the state who say the same. >>guest: it is debates because we have had so many, we have not seen boots on the ground as much as otherwise, and, so, the scrutiny, if you like, is not taking place in as many cafes and is taking place in tv studios like this. >>shepard: but iowa has never been this way and i wonder at last minute those who caucus will reward those from cafe to diner. >>guest: a lot of people say iowa cannot be bought but
12:18 pm
worked. and there is truth in that. we will find out. some say we have 41 percent undecided, incredible number ahead of the caucus. >>shepard: those people could be persuaded and if you do not know much of caucus, you are in someone's living room having like a conversation around a dinner table about politics. >>guest: that is right. 1,700 precincts and three are in people's houses. this time. and you have to stand up in front of your neighbors and say, well, this is my guy or gal and this is why. >>shepard: what is your sense what iowa means this year. >>guest: iowa will thin the field. that is its role. it will thin the field. maybe not by as many as in the past but we have already gotten rid of two candidates, or three, if you count gary johnson.
12:19 pm
so, we are fulfilling that role and both parties like iowa because it is small enough they can get around it and the candidates with little money can burst through, rick santorum being a prime example, and it is big enough that the state matters. >>shepard: conservatives are concerned and many say legitimately so there are so many conservative candidates they is to coalesce around someone. is it your sense that happens tomorrow, after tomorrow, or when? >>guest: there is a long way for this thing to go. it might happen but romney will could well in numb newspaper, -- in new hampshire, we know that, and it does not matter if he finishes first, second, or third. if he finishes first in new hampshire, he is in good position, and rick perry could do extremely well in south carolina. that would blow it wide open.
12:20 pm
>>shepard: we have much more on the final public, the daughter of the former house speaker gingrich will be here to talk about the speed butches -- bumps in her father's campaign. and whoever was setting fires in los angeles stayed a step ahead of the cops for three days. but, now, investigators appear to have a big break in the case releasing brand new details and we will have that ahead. there he is, poised to discover plum amazins,
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>>shepard: los angeles police have made an arrest in connection with the dozens upon dozens of fires that have put california on edge the last few days. more than 50 fires, most in hollywood and west hollywood area. officials say they suspect an arsonist. the flames spreading from parked cars into homes and buildings. one man found his own car in flames. >> saw this fire burning on the hood. i drove it around the block trying to blow the fire out. and i was, like, well that is not going do happen so i pulled it over knowing the fire department would be here. >>shepard: the fire would get there and get it out and this is called the worst thing of fires in los angeles in almost two decades. now, early this morning in los angeles, cops took a man in for questioning. a witness says the guy had a "creepy smile." and he appears to match the
12:25 pm
person you see in this developed that police released over the weekend showing a man with a receding hair line and a ponytail leaving the scene of a fire in an underground parking garage, now, the los angeles police chief says he is confident they "have the right guy." and our los angeles-based correspondent is live for us there. investigators came to the microphones. what was said? >>reporter: they didn't say much but they confirmed that individual, the "person of interest" who was taken into custody around 3:00 this morning has now been arrested. they will have a news conference around 9:00 eastern to give us details after the rose bowl wraps up, an individual who basically, 11 fires last night between 1:00 o'clock a.m., and 3:00 a.m., and a rookie cop noticed this van in west hollywood and he stopped it and this guy met the description of the person who has been seen fleeing the scene of several foyers and the surveillance
12:26 pm
video you showed and he was taken into custody, questioned, they performed a search warrant on his home, and they also found inside his van some materials consistent with arson, some flammable materials, and as you said, the police is confident they have their man. >>shepard: what do know about how the fires started? >>guest: they are started either on, in, or under an automobile and the fire spreads quickly to the garage or the apartment above, and no fatalities, one individual has fire inhalation and another firefighter has has slight injuries but it is amazing considering the number of fires, we are talking 54 fires over four days. 11, again, last night alone. but no one was seriously injured. this individual, again, may have
12:27 pm
a motive. according to abc news, they are saying this man's mother went through a deportation hearing yesterday or last week, rather, and he may be upset because of that. he is being questioned. >>shepard: all right. welcome, thank you from los angeles. back to iowa and politics, voters reasonable get the most face time with the candidates but a major portion of them still say they could change their mind before tomorrow's vote. and now, 41 percent, the latest numbers, are undecided. and what that could mean ahead. you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour.
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and now to the top of the news like from des moines. >> this is trace in los angeles, we lost our satellite. we will get back to shepard when our satellite is back. fox news is america's election headquarters and the g.o.p. presidential candidate is making a mad dash across the hawkeye state not final push to court voters who say they have not made up their minds. some political analysts say they cannot recall the last time this were so many undecided this close to the iowa caucus. the first-in-the-nation voting starts tomorrow night at 7:00 central time and according to the latest des moines register poll, more than 40 percent of
12:32 pm
likely caucus goers could still switch their vote. steve brown has the news live from polk city. after all the candidate events, tv ads and debates, iowans are having a very tough time making up their mind. >>reporter: a lot them. if you believe the polls. a lot of the folks are diligent about doing their homework and as a matter of fact one undecided we was at the event here in polk city with santorum looking for a little clarification. >> i don't think there is any candidate out there that you are supporting 100 percent. so you look which most represents your own feelings. >>reporter: that is the situation for many undecided. there are a couple of things they are not clear on with the candidates, they are all
12:33 pm
socially conservative enough, and fiscally conservative enough but they are trying to get all the information they can before the call. trace? >>trace: we talked about undecided but the undecided are running out of time, now. >>reporter: they are. they are. we are a little over 24 hours before the meeting start before people actually start making the speeches on behalf of the canidates and voting takes place. steve king, congressman from iowa, and influential republican in the state, publicly undecided. told me earlier in the week, he has been in caucuses when he doesn't know who it is that he is going to caucus for. and sometimes it is the speeches at the very end that tip one way or the other. so showing up caucus night is still undecided, not all that unusual here in iowa. trace? >>trace: now the satellite gods are cooperating and we are back to shephard smith in des moines. >>shepard: someone unplugged the stens cord and everything went to heck. good to see you again, i have a
12:34 pm
quote for you from newt gingrich "i don't think i'm going to win." that quote from former house speaker on the chances in tomorrow night's caucuses. he was a top candidate in the state just a couple or few weeks ago and now he is polling around 4th place and he blames the slide on several million dollar worth of attack ads from one of the super pac's that supports the former massachusetts governor romney. but now the author, the conservative columnist and political commentator, the foam house speaker's daughter, great to see you. >>guest: thrilled to be here. >>shepard: people have been complaining about the outside money, and they are saying you have to get money out of politics. are the gingrichs in agreement, now? >>guest: the reality is, talk about the quote. he is referring to the iowa caucus, right? and we all know he is not going do come out on top. 41 percent are undecided. so, he could come out on top but the reality is, he has had about
12:35 pm
$5 million spent on negative ads just against him. so, roughly half of all of the negative advertising in iowa for this cycle has been spent against my father. so what we have seen obviously is the impact on the polls. now, if you look at that and think what would that mean for a national election, that is $5 billion if you look, per voter, exactly. it is unbelievable. so, has he been impacted? absolutely. but i thing of him an the energizer bunny, he was down last week but he keeps on going. >>shepard: i was thinking of his children, although we have not met, when daddy cried on stage the other day, that cannot be easy. >>guest: we were with him, my sister, and her husband, paul, we were there in the front row at the event. >>shepard: what went through your mind? >>guest: it was hard, my sister gave him a kleenex. it is hard.
12:36 pm
but people now see him the way we see him, and he is a man with a huge heart, he loves this country very deeply, and his father was a career army officer, and that's why he wanted to senator his country. >>shepard: you know, why does the establishment not like him? i will not use the word "hate," because i think that is a big word, i watched the panel on bret baier's program, charles krauthammer and he is not a favorite son. >>guest: he is not. and the reason is, he brought real change to washington. and he has done it before and he can do it again. we know he can bring real change to washington. he is the only candidate including president obama who has balanced the national budget. no other candidate has done that. >>shepard: certainly not president obama. >>guest: he cut taxes. cut spending. reformed welfare, a major entitlement program, so, really, it is unbelievable, they not behind him but the reason is, he
12:37 pm
brings real change, and real change, that is not uncomfortable. >>shepard: it is interesting to watch and see how the right has characterized president obama's work in the middle east, frankly, a lot of things we hoped would happen have happened there, but listen to what your father said earlier today about the current sitting president. >> i want to take a minute to talk about president obama and the white house's newest strategy. because i think even by the standards of this administration it is so absurd and so unamerica that you have to wonder who came up with it. >>shepard: this is not the sound bite i was hoping for, i thought it was quite good, the one on my blackberry, the
12:38 pm
electricity gods are not with us, but he said the obama administration is confused about the reality in the middle east and the endness of the game, this is note high school senior class presidency this is life-or-death. what is he confused not middle east? >>guest: i think it is his concern, my father's concern, that there is confusion. an example, and i will not try to go into -- i am the daughter, not the candidate. an example is, for instance, dad talks about he is really for an american energy program. we need to have american energy here and we need to have enough, whether it is shale or oil offshore or wind in iowa but we have to have enough american energy we are free of the rest of the world but you have to understand what do you do in ex? dad's concern is, if you have a president that doesn't understand the history of that area, or understand how things happen, how can you make decisions that make sense of the future? >>shepard: before we go, your
12:39 pm
sister is on the campaign trail, and gingrich's grandchild are on the campaign trail. this is a grind. you are going do say it is fun but this is a grind. what does this do to a family? >>guest: it is really hard. it is not easy. late nights. early oranges -- early mornings and my children and husband understand how important this is. we need a leader who can ball the budget. who can reform junior entitlement programs. and we obviously believe that my father is the right candidate and we are glad to be here and to see him work so hard is inspiring. >>shepard: and earlier the knocks were he was not working so hard and that is why the staff left. >>guest: let me say i have been with him for two days this week and i had to leave.
12:40 pm
let me just say, his days are incredibly long, he gets an ennorm amount done, and he is working very hard. >>shepard: thank you, so nice to see you the happy new year. more ahead on the caucuses and simon conway will be back and that was the breakdown from newt gingrich's daughter. my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke,
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>>shepard: 23 minutes after the hour. and in des moines, iowa, most candidates are sitting down with conservative radio talk show host simon conway, a native brit who calls himself "one of the proudest citizens of the united states, ever." and back with us like. newt gingrich, all the establishment said from the beginning it was herman cain, and then that gingrich did not have a chance with the baggage. >>guest: i don't necessarily think that is why. >>shepard: i don't think so. >>guest: newt's problem was early in the debate he was the matterrest guy on stage and he did great but he was not running a campaign. and, so when he started coming up in the polls to put the campaign on the ground together quickly because iowa is not just about popularity but about organization. without the organization you are in trouble here. the negative ads have been huge against newt.
12:45 pm
>>shepard: was there a bastardization, be honest, at the love the candidates were on book tours. >>guest: absolutely. i asked him in my studio. >>shepard: did he admit him? >>guest: he said he was running for president. but i asked him about it. i'm not selling a book, by the way. >>shepard: can we get past that? you erupting for president, run for president the >>guest: it is important but the process here in iowa in particular is going to weed those people out and it does, that is part of what we do here. so, yes, i don't think you will ever get rid of it, plus, if they have to come through iowa it will get rid of them. >>shepard: where on iowans on the outside money, the law now allows unfettered money, it cannot be directly attached if you are big into politics you can spend as much as you want and that was the downfall of
12:46 pm
gingrich. >>guest: i can tell you, no one has said to me a single time that there is too much money being spent. no one said it. of course, be honest, it is great for the economy in iowa, we will take their money. >>shepard: i wonder if iowans don't think maybe this is not the fairest way do do things? >>guest: but we know what is coming. we are facing a president that has $1 billion to spend, and maybe it is softening us up with what is next to come. and mute is not done. no doubt. she not done. as i said before, he -- we have 41 percent of the people who are undecided. that is a big, big number. >>shepard: you have decided on rick perry. >>guest: if i had a vote it would go to rick perry. i decided that last spring. it took me a long time.
12:47 pm
>>shepard: simon, we can listen to your show on the intent? >>guest: absolutely and our our website, as well. that is >>shepard: and tomorrow morning will be a big day. ho ho ho. the manhunt could be over for the iraq war veteran police called a strong "person of interest" or, rather, read: suspect. cops have been looking for a 24-year-old since yesterday, and somebody shot and killed a park ranger and mother of two inside washington's mount ranier national park and he was called a suspect in a separate shooting of four in a seattle suburb yesterday. and, now, a washington state patrol spokesman said a body he
12:48 pm
believed to be that of barnes is face down in the snow in the park. and trace came through for us during the power outage has the new details. where did they fine the remains? >>trace: the body was found three miles from where the park ranger was killed. if it is him, they do not know how he died whether he took his own life or by him freezing to death. those conditions were 1' to 2' of snow and dhow the night well below freezing. he is an iraq van and he does have survival skills but he did not have much survival equipment with him. here, now, is a park rainer, talking about retrieving those remains. listen. >> our teams are carefully making their way into the location. we suspect it may take an hour to an hour and a half to get to the spot. we are taking every possible precaution. and when we have confirmed the identity of the individuals spotted we will let you know.
12:49 pm
>>trace: that was frye minutes ago. we should note they also said that they have no other missing people reported this that part of the park so they fully believe that this is the suspect. >>shepard: that tells us a lot. they had to evacuate the entire park for a while, right, trace? >>trace: and that is not easy, 368 square miles, the size of indianapolis, a lot of places for people to hide. there are a lost skiers and hikers and those on sleds. they had 100 people actually on lockdown inside the visitors center and they were not getting a lot of information. listen. >> it was emotional. up and down. we don't know what was going on. we would hear bits from other people or the rangers or from the cafeteria people and we tried to put it together but we were on lockdown. >>trace: when they identify that body we will get you
12:50 pm
updates. >>shepard: thank you. a new show of strength from iran, today. iran's navy test fired powerful missiles near a waterway, the key passage from the world oil and we talked about the straight of hormuz and if you wanted to do was throw the entire world out of kilter, send the price of oil and gas skyrocketing to a point where not one of us can afford it, that's the place to strike. e will be with you in 97 minutes. [ laughs ] ♪ and if you've got cut rate insurance, there's nothing you can do about this.
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>>shepard: brand new display of military power from iran.
12:54 pm
look at this. iran's state media, of sorts, showing individualover the navy test firing missiles near the strait of hormuz. continuing a ten-day series of war games. nearly 20 percent of all the oil in all the world traded passes through that narrow waterway. and this comes two days of at president signed off on brand new economic penalties in an attempt to punish iran over the growing nuclear program. over the weekend a commander with iran's revolutionary guard signaled they might, might, nice back down from the early threat to close off the strait entirely. and now to jennifer griffin. how serious is the pentagon taking the missile tests? >>reporter: they are seen as a bluff, perhaps, iranian naval commanders called them long-range missiles but of the three missiles fired the longest range was 124 miles not far
12:55 pm
enough to hit the 5th fleet of the u.s. navy in bahrain and not long enough to reach israel. >> we have see the photos to make it look more impressive than it is so i take this with a grain of salt. this is gamesmanship, and, again, meant to send a message that the enirans are not simply going to sit back while we enact sanctions. >>reporter: they should be seen in the context of president obama signing the national defense authorization absent on saturday and the defense spending bill requires sanctions against iran's central bank and oil exports. shep? >>shepard: but those penalties have a waiver, right? >>reporter: they do, a waiver that the president is likely to invoke in the even that the sags are deemed likely to cause the price of oil to rise. and here is michael singh the national security advisor bush
12:56 pm
the bush administration. >> we could see symbolic sanctions, but likely to see big sanctions against iran's main oil customers? it seems unlikely given that waiver provision in there. >>reporter: the threat of sanctions which appear to be the backdrop to all of iran's war games and missile tests and announcements about a new nuclear fuel rod, that it says it can now manufacture, has caused the iranian currency, shep, to drop in value, by 12 percent today. >>shepard: 12 percent is a big number, and thank you, jennifer, happy new year. and happy new year to you and yours, so many of fox people who you do not know and have never seen but are here by the hundreds have worked sear health insurance christmas away from their families and they missed new year's at homes and their kids. they missed it all to get this ready for you. and as one who sits in front of the camera and doesn't work very hard i am very thank will the they have done a spectacular job. that is it from "studio b" this
12:57 pm
afternoon. back later for the fox report at 7:00 eastern and full coverage from des moines, ramping up on america's choice for news and information. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
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