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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 2, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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are you fished? >> kimberly: ten seconds. >> eric: hannity's party and the crowd runs through and -- [ inaudible ] "the five." >> kimberly: we'll be back tomorrow. thank you for being with us. happy new year, everybody. >> bret: we are where you know day away from the first vote -- we are one day away from the first voting in the race for the 2012 white house. live from iowa, this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this day after new year's day is a holiday for most american workers. but the candidates vying for the republican presidential nomination were hard at work today. in the last full day of campaigning before the iowa caucuses. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in altoona, wrapping up today's action on the trail. good evening, carl. >> hi, bret. altoona at the pizza ranch where rick santorum is expected in a short time.
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his staffers have been pulling furniture out of the hall, expecting an overflow crowd. this is his first pizza ranch and third rally of the day. there is intensity behind many candidates. caucus campaign willing not stop. we are now 25 hours away and counting. >> ron pall! >> get out there and volt tomorrow. >> reporter: it look like three-way photo finish. ron paul drew 1,000 people to rally. many were out of state students and media. >> are we sick and tired of the expansion of government? the endless spending and the deficit doing the things they weren't supposed to do? and forgetting about doing things they should be doing. [ applause ] >> his son, kentucky senator ran paul made a bold prediction. >> we are going to win in iowa tomorrow. >> the last iowa campaign day fueled by growing conservative support, the late-surging rick santorum got a bus on the
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campaign trail. >> romney is a good man. conservative on a lot of issues. i think americans are looking for someone that has been more consistent. has had a better track record of a conservative to voters that we need. >> romney has a major national organization and does not consider santorum or paul a long-term campaign threat. buff he would love to beat him on day one. locked up much of the vote he won four years ago in a second place finish. >> did good things for me the last time around. i need you to do it again with more votes. get out and vote and vote and vote. >> gingrich is betting it all on south carolina. he surrendered iowa saying romney's attacks did him in. >> i don't think i will win. if you look at the numbers, that volume of negativity has done enough damage. >> rick perry adjusted his strategy. expectation of a less than winning iowa performance. he will go straight to south carolina after iowa, hoping like gingrich to mount a comeback across the south.
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>> i have run a marathon before. i felt great at mile one. i felt great at mile 17, and 18. at mile 21, you start to hit the wall a little bit. we'll see who is still running at mile 21. i finished my marathon and i expect to finish this marathon as well. >> all candidates will attend debate saturday and sunday in new hampshire before the january 10 first in the nation primary. >> i goal is to be america's iron lady. >> michele bachmann is also concentrating on south carolina. where social conservatives hold sway. >> there is history here. to win the south carolina primary since 1980, no one has been able to do it in the republican party unless they won iowa or new hampshire. south carolina does matter missouri republican has ever become president without winning the palmetto state first. but first comes iowa. candidates who are not can sen
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traiting on that clearly -- concentrating on that clearly have problems. >> bret: live from altoona. there is plenty of ground i the agricultural state with the surveys showing nearly half of the expected caucus goers have yet to make up their minds. correspondent steve brown has more on the undecided. >> do you think you will have your mind made up before walking in the caucus room? >> yes. >> do you know for sure which way you are going? >> no. >> the major is a snapshot of the caucus goer. he waded in a coffee shop for packed rick santorum event looking for reassurance. >> you have the finances and the support to carry your campaign forward. >> i'll say this. we raised more money in the last few days than the last few months. >> the mayor liked the answer but still. >> i leave 2-3% open.
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>> the mayor is hardly alone among likely republican caucus goers. the des moines register latest iowa poll show over half have their minds made up. settled on a candidate. the rest are persuadable, undecided or for sure. >> we could probably go down a little bit. >> we found shop own erica thy hall who is undecide and had her fill of tv ads. >> i don't like the idea of everybody having negative advertising against each other. i know that is a way -- [ inaudible ] >> presidential candidate rick santorum. >> behalf of gingrich. >> michele bachmann campaign. >> we heard undecided complain about the campaign phone call. >> the phone is ringing every half hour, barely get the phone down and it's ringing again. somebody else. c'mon, people. >> undecided like so many iowanss they have been keeping up with the campaign and doing their homework. >> we saw newt gingrich on wednesday night, ron paul on friday and mitt romney yesterday.
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>> even with all the exposure, one high profile iowa republican says pondering may go down to the last second. >> i know what it is like to sit in the precinct and be undecided. there will be a lot of caucus goers who make up their mind in that room that night. >> the undecided are much more interested in the practical issue and whether or not a campaign has enough money in the bank or momentum to win in iowa but the nomination. and the general election. bret? >> bret: steve brown live in poke city. thanin -- polk city. expectations changed considerably for mitt romney. conventional wisdom was that romney would not and could not win here. now, as the senior national correspondent john roberts reports, romney is trying to surprise everyone. >> four years after he tried and failed, mitt romney is spending the last few hours
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hoping to close the deal with the iowa volters. >> get out there and vote tomorrow. i need everyone to vote. >> of those caucus numbers who are undecided a good number were at this event, including matt. he voted for obama in 2008. but is giving romney is good look this year. >> i felt like we needed a unifyer for the countryback then. i thought he had a great chance to lead. i don't think he has done a great job of leading. hopefully romney can do that. >> if he wins on tuesday is open question. in 2008 when he lost to mike huckabee he got 25% of the vote. that is same support he has now. to increase that number, he needs to pull in social conservatives. mark lansing is one of them and doesn't trust romney on the core conservative issues. >> i don't think he is genuine. i think he is willing to watch
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if it's to his advantage. i've seen too much of that. >> you remember times when you thought about what movie you might take your kids to at the end of the week, as opposed to worrying about putting food on the table at the end of the week. >> romney has solid support from the fiscal conservatives who believe his ceo background is the ticket to turn the economy around. >> as a business person myself, i like to know he can make tough decisions to get the economy back. >> whether a candidate can become president is also an issue for caucus-goers. the latest des moines register poll found romney is seen as the most electable of the republican field. in truth, he doesn't need to wind iowa. just make sure his chief rivals don't. >> one quick question. is tomorrow night more about you doing well or perry and gingrich doing poorly? >> we all hope to do well in iowa. hope we have a great start here. >> as he closes out his long iowa campaign, it appears he has won a few converts to his side.
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>> i think i just decided. i really like what he had to say about the economy. especially how we need to find our way back. >> one other potential hurdle facing romney tomorrow night at the caucus is he is seen as the most electable candidate he is also seen as the candidate least able to connect with iowa voters. when it comes to iowa politics, particularly on caucus night, it's all about how you connect. bret? >> bret: john, thank you. get perspective on what is going on with iowa. from senior political analyst brit hume in iowa. good evening. >> good evening, bret. >> bret: start with senator santorum and the surge. >> i think this is the most fun and intriguing story of all. this has happened before in iowa where some candidate who was not running particularly well will make a late surge at the right moment. too late to be ripped apart by his opponent. can do so well, he wins
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expectation game or wins out right. it appears that santorum could do either or both of those things. >> bret: you heard from the undecided voter about the ability to go beyond iowa for senator santorum. that is a question on a lot of people's minds. >> that is right. if we, assuming he wins or does so well that he is the story, he had an uptick in fundraising and he will need that. the money will come in significant amounts in all likelihood. but it's not just enough to get the money. you have to convert money to things you need to do on the campaign trail. you need to have for example the ability to turn money to advertising in the state that lie ahead. big state like south carolina and florida and new hampshire where you need to be on the air because the other candidates are. you need to have people to help you turn out voters in new hampshire where a big organization can turn out voters and put you over the top. santorum will face a
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tremendous challenge if he does so well we all say hey, he is the big story coming out of iowa. that is what he faces. >> bret: all right, brit. as always, thanks. see you tomorrow night with analysis of the big night. "special report" will be live again here tomorrow. iowa state capital. 6:00 eastern. then i'll be back with megyn kelly for results and analysis at 8:00 eastern time. you can get the latest on the race for iowa at front row seat to iowa caucus. iran makes another statement what it is willing to do if the u.s. imposes new sanctions. up next, president obama takes heat from his supporters for what some see as breaking a promise. toothpaste is the wrong thing to use on a denture,
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>> looking live here at the state capitol. an impressive building as we come back here on "special report." president obama will leave his vacation spot in hawaii and fly back home to washington later this evening. some of the president's staunchest supporters are some of the harshest critics tonight. they are upset that the president has signed a defense authorization bill expanding executive powers concerning the detention and interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists. the president also issued a signing statement expressing
3:15 pm
serious reservations about those elmeants. during his campaign four years ago, then senator obama was critical of the pre predecessor for issuing such statement. >> i taught in the constitution for ten years, nibble the constitution andly obey the constitution of the united states. we will not use signing statements to do end-run around congress. >> bret: white house declined to give us a comment today. now more on the reaction to the president's decision from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> in a scathing statement, the head of the aclu said mr. obama's decision to sign the national defense authorization act or ndaa, including the controversial detainee provision would tarnish his presidency. "president obama's action is a blight on his legacy. because he will be forever known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial in to law." the muslim rights group cair
3:16 pm
slammed it as a stain on the nation's history, one that will be viewed with embarrassment and shamed. human rights watch chastised the president even before the act was signed. >> codifying indefinite detention inside the u.s., mandating the military detention for all terrorism suspects inside the u.s. will really set the u.s. back decades. in terms of how we approach terrorism. >> the senate for constitutional right said the act kills any prospect of relocating detainees and shredding the guantanamo camp. the ncaa requires the defense secretary to certify the transferred men will not commit hostile acts in the future. "the same presidential signature that ordered the closing of guantanamo three years ago now ensured their release or transfer is practically impossible." on detention of american citizens critics say section 1021 is oafly broad because it does not rule out indefinite detention and includes authority for the armed forces of the united states to detained covered persons.
3:17 pm
section 1022 which makes the military custody mandatory for detainees does make exception for the u.s. citizens and legal permanent residents. on new year's eve in the 1800-word signing statement, the president seemed to emphasize the point. "my administration will not authorize indefinitely military detention without trial of american citizens." while forcing reservations, mr. obama signed the act because it guarantees continued military funding and promised provisions would comply with the constitution, laws of war and other applicable law. >> human rights group among the president on the left say future president may apply the law differently adding the activists expansion of the executive power beyond what has been seen under the bush administration. bret? >> bret: thank you. still ahead -- now that several states have new photo i.d.s voting laws, what happens next? but first, newt gingrich addresses the competition here in iowa. hout a helmet.
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>> bret: looking live at state capitol outside, the beautiful building, as you come inside. welcome back to des moines, iowa, site of tomorrow's caucuses. the candidates have been all over the state on the final extended weekend of campaig campaigning. there are multiple events every day. i managed to get to a few of them while we have been here. i grabbed three candidates for a quick chat we beginning with former house speaker newt gingrich. newt gingrich and his wife calista have been rolling through iowa on his bus. we caught up with him on board and i asked him whether he regretted not firing back the negative ads aimed at him here. >> what we are running is a great experiment.
3:22 pm
i have been totally positive. my ads have been totally positive. we have allowed mitt romney to spend $3.5 million in attack ads and we refused to respond. a lot of people in iowa thanked me, for not responding. we'll find out tuesday night to what degree it works and what degree you can survive and whether you have to change some. i'm not going to go negative. i may be willing to spend more time contrasting my conservative record with his moderate record. but i'm not going to go into the kind of -- some of the ads they put are just dishonest. they know they are dishonest. >> bret: do you think that mitt romney is a conservative? >> no. massachusetts moderate at best. he registered as a democrat to work with paul sanders who is the most liberal guy in 1992. he called himself a moderate running for governor in 2010. he signed a bill that pays for tax-paid abortions and has
3:23 pm
planned parenthood has an official position in romneycare. those are not conservative positions. >> bret: so for people who say you have as many moderate positions in your past as mitt romney. >> that is obsud ob -- that is absurd. bret, that is an absurd. i was a reagan republican. the gap between romney and me is the size of the gap between los angeles and new york in terms of ideology. >> bret: what about the gap between you and santorum? >> very, very close. he is a good friend. he is a genuine conservative. and he will be a very interesting competitor if he comes out of here. >> bret: the crowd in rick santorum's events increased by the day, as his poll numbers have risen. i caught up with him today in boone. >> the question for us was all the folks saying he can't win. people were just saying we can't be for him because he can't win. we need to win.
3:24 pm
eventually, iowanss salt down and look at all the people and said wait a minute, this guy actually can win. >> bret: when you surge, you start coming under attack. governor perry is out talking about a whole bunch of stuff this morning including your endorsement of arlen specter in 2004. how do you respond to that? saying you are not a true conservative by that move. >> i did it because of the cause i believe in. and we had justice alito on the court, justice roberts on the court. for the next probably hopefully 30 years because of that decision. and i believe that that was the right decision for our country. the right decision for the causes i believe in. >> bret: a couple more things. they are now circulating paperwork about your work with the american continental group. as a consultant. that that group worked for human rights campaign. and reform immigration america. did you work on those issues? >> in fact, i didn't even know they worked previously. you know, what i had done is done some work in trying to get clients for them and help
3:25 pm
them. they compensated me for finding a couple of clients for them. >> bret: you expected this when you got to the top. >> that's fine. i have nothing to hide. >> bret: in case you get past iowa with one or two or three. you said to me last week, even third would be a miraculous thing from where you were. what about the money, the support, after iowa? what do you tell people who say can you go the distance? >> we raised more money in the last three or four days than we raised in the last three or four months i think. this has been a great surge for us. and we expect it to continue. >> bret: you will have the money to compete against governor romney? >> we didn't have the money to compete against governor romney this time. we'll see how it works out. money isn't everything. >> bret: congressman ron paul campaigned with his family today bringing his wife carroll on the stump, alongside son and kentucky senator rand paul. i spoke with them today in des moines. >> i keep thinking, it's so late. then you report there is still a lot of undecided out there.
3:26 pm
we keep the phones going and we keep the activity going and the crowds keep turning out. so i guess we will keep doing it up until the last minute. >> bret: what does it nien have the senator from kentucky out here for you? >> annoying. he outclasses me a lot of times. he does such a good job. >> bret: what is it like for you? >> i'm excited to be here. the crowds are overflowing, exuberance, the young people. i think there really is a story here. the story is not only are the republicans coming out, huge waves of independents. that is how you win elections. it shouldn't a negative you attract independents. it should be a positive. leading in the polls, bringing republicans and independents together. >> bret: congressman, the convention wisdom is you are hit by opponents on foreign policy. yet, when you give a stump speech you focus on staying out of the internal affairs of other countries and "it" seems to at least in your crowd get a big applause. >> that is what gets me excited, especially if i go to a campus and i get 1300 on a college campus, a big issue for them. but it's an economic issue. our debt went up $4 trillion
3:27 pm
because of the wars we have had. people now are different even than four years ago. there were people against us, but now it's like 70 to 80% people say it's time to come home. it's a big issue. the other of my opponents to bash me on this, they are making the mistake. they are missing the boat. they ought to come to one of my meetings once in a while. >> bret: last thing, what are you looking for tomorrow? you get asked about expectations all the time. both of you. what are you thinking about tomorrow? >> what i am thinking about is it looks like a three-way tie. you know, tight race. we could come in first or we could come in third. i think it will be more fun if we come in first. >> i'm rooting for victory. >> bret: no grapevine tonight so we can bring you more news from here in iowa, including why today is a big day for supporters of photo i.d. voting laws. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it.
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>> bret: you may have to go through a different procedure to vote this year if you live in one of the states with a new photoi.d. law. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports that even though the new measures are now in place, the controversy is not going away anytime soon. >> six additional states passed law requiring vote torres show future i.d. at election bringing the total number of state to 15. more are coming. >> you know, mississippi, which what a very large african-american population just approved voter i.d. by referendum. in their november election. >> now the state legislature is debating it. democrats argue such practice discriminate against minority and the pour. >> whpoor -- and the poor. >> why are we making this precondition for voting in this country. >> republicans say there is nothing burdensome to use photo i.d., required to get in
3:32 pm
any federal building, drive, buy liquor or cigarettes and collect welfare. road island new law sponsored by an african-american senator and passed by democratic legislature. >> what the democratic senator said this is not a party issue. this is not left or right. not republican or democrat. this is good government. >> there would be one more new law in south carolina except that attorney general eric holder justice department recently blocked it. state officials are challenging the move in court, noting the i.d.s are free and that no voter is turned away. >> in our law, the person can show up to the polling place the day of the election. they can basically sign an affidavit stating they had recent impediment why they didn't have photo i.d. and the presumption the volt will be counted. >> provisional ballot means if someone comes to the poll and challenged on the basis of not having a photo i.d. he or she is allowed to vote and it is put in a separate pile. >> in close elections, the vote can be challenged more
3:33 pm
closely. the supreme court approved indiana photo i.d. law in 2008. other courts have given green light in an effort to avoid voter fraud. >> so long as the provisions are reasonable in an attempt to do that, they will be upheld. >> wisconsin also has a photo i.d. law. even though it allows provisional ballots, the aclu is suing to prevent the law from taking effect. even though, eight more states are considering new photo i.d. laws. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> bret: iran show of strength near one of the world's most important water ways is just about over. the islamic republic flexed the naval muscles again today for the world to see. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story. >> at first, iran claimed it launched three long range missiles, pronouncement at the end of ten days of war game in the strait of hormuz designed to test patience of western
3:34 pm
nations as they weigh how to sanction iran's oil exports. >> we are able to announce our shore-to-sea missile system are so powerful we can hit any target, anytime that is necessary. >> both missiles hit the intended target successfully. >> it turns out the missiles weren't that long range after all. the cot every missile introduced in september has a range of just 124 miles. the u.s. navy fleet in bahrain is 150-miles from iran. israel is four times farther. >> we have seen the photo shop for example, photograph of missile tests before to make it look more impressive than it is. i would take it with a grain of salt. it's posturing and gamesmanship and meant to say the iranians are not going to sit back. >> the leaders backed away from threat to close the strait as president obama signed defense spending bill on saturday including sanctions and the national security waiver should the
3:35 pm
angst cause the price of oil to rise. >> maybe you will see symbolic sanctions and smaller measures. are you likely to see the big sanction against iran main oil custers? it seems unlikely given the waiver provision in there. >> iran reacted sunday announcing another alleged break-through. the manufacturer of nuclear fuel rod made from their uranium ore deposits. the advance could allow them to skirt restrictions on the nuclear program. >> the u.s. officials have not been able to assess whether the fuel rod advance is real. just threat of tighter sanctions targeting iranian oil sent the iran currency to a free fall. it lost 12% of the value today. in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> bret: when we come back, the horse race in iowa is heading down the home stretch. the fox all-stars handicap it for us live from des moines next. welcome idaho,
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i'm asking you to not settle for someone who as your nominee who might be able to win the election, but the election would be a purist victory. >> well, what i am thinking about it looks like a three-way tie. you know, tight race. and that we could come in first or we could come in third. of course, i think it will be more fun if we come in first. >> this county did good things for me last time around. i need you to get out again and more votes. vote, vote, vote. get your friends to go to the caucuses. >> all right, just some of the sights and sounds today on the trail. the latest poll, the last poll is actually from p.p.p. this is a democratic leaning organization. so probably factor in independents and democrats a little bit more. there you see ron paul on top. but essentially a three-way tie.
3:40 pm
with a margin of error of plus or minus three. you see santorum at 18%. the iowa real clear politics average, this is the latest average of all the recent polls, as romney slight lead over ron paul. and santorum again in third. there you see the rest of the candidates in line. it is going to be an interesting day, day-and-a-half. let's bring in the panel. sam youngman, national political correspondent for reuters. a.b. stoddard, associate editor of fai the hill. steve hayes. we traveled to a santorum event today. it seemed like there was a lot of activity. i went to a ron paul event. a lot of energy. what is your take? >> the big question as the vote looms is whether this divided party is going to close ranks around the winner. and do it soon. when you look at the top three contenders you saw the energy in the ron paul event today. those people are so fired up
3:41 pm
to use a quote from iowa. four years ago. they are not going to let anything stop them from getting to the caucuses. >> bret: however, we should point out there were a lot of people in that room today. who actually weren't from iowa. >> there were a lot of. >> it is true. but typical ron paul supporters if they are residents of iowa, and they are going to bat the caucuses are not going to let anything stop them. the question is will the party go with mitt romney because he look like he will win and can beat obama and close rank in the establishment. will voters, significant amount vote for ron paul who people say can't win the nomination or will they go for rick santorum? and will a rick santorum victory be a huge turning point for conservatives, consolidate, coalesce around him and fight romney for nomination? that is the big question for tomorrow night. >> it's time to rock and roll. i don't think rick santorum is going to be a mike huckabee. i was here in 2008. huckabee surge started much sooner. there was only one social
3:42 pm
conservative folks looked to rally around. santorum will split the vote with rick perry and a lesser degree with michele bachmann. that said, i think what we have been looking to determine is who is going to be the social conservative to challenge mitt romney in south carolina? right now, rick santorum's position to do that. rick perry, michele bachmann saying we will play to south carolina in the south because iowa doesn't have enough social conservatives. c'mon. you won't find more than you have here. >> bret: when you start surging, you start getting attacked. governor rick perry has a new web ad out attacking senator santorum. take a look. >> i am not saying that necessarily earmarks are bat. i have had a lot of earmarks. in fact, i'm proud of the earmarks i put in the bill. ♪ note ♪ >> bret: it's about earmarks and spending. kind of late for an attack ad. but it was tough. >> frankly, i didn't expect this. rick perry and rick santorum
3:43 pm
have by all counts had a cordial relationship. they chat with each other on the debate stage before they talk. i didn't think they would go after each other but rick perry sees santorum not only eating in the numbers that newt gingrich lost but potentially as a threat to a lot of people he has been targeting. the perry campaign made a decision that they were going to focus on the social conservatives, they would play up rick perry in a way to get here in a state that often rewards that. rick santorum obviously a threat to that. despite the fact the evangelical voters seem to rally to him now. rick perry is almost panicking saying we need to do something to slow the momentum. >> bret: is there a ceiling here, a.b., for mitt romney? is he seeing an increase in support with the back and forth with other candidates? >> we know the crowds are growing. that is a fact. he has been here, he barely campaigned here. now that he has been here the past two days he is getting
3:44 pm
enthusiastic crowds. might not be pledging to support him but they are coming for the last look. they are told by many friends he will be the winner. romney came in at 25% last time placing second in the iowa caucus. if he can grow the vote a little bit, he will be fine. he has to contend with ron paul and rick santorum. not because him and newt gingrich or him and santorum. i think he does well to grow the 25%. the people i spoke to at his event they came lately. they want to close the rank but they haven't been supporting him a long time. i talked to one person who was with him from the start. he was final look candidate where they had nowhere else to turn. they couldn't support rick perry and that was he was the last person standing. >> bret: newt gingrich makes on the stump the statement he is not going to win in iowa.
3:45 pm
not a great closing argument he points out he's bombarded with attack ads. 45% ads attack him. how many tickets out of iowa are there? >> none if you don't stand up and fight when people come at you. maybe you should fight back? obama will. i don't know if there are more than three tickets out of iowa. but one social conservative will keep going after this. santorum, or perry or bachmann. it's not all three. it's one. they have to coalesce around that guy. >> michele bachmann? >> i don't think so. newt gingrich was hand strung in some ways because he didn't have the money to fight back. he announced he is running positive campaign. he didn't have money but to run positive campaign. it's unlikely that newt gingrich survives this.
3:46 pm
perry is a bigger question mark. everybody works under the assumption that perry has money left. he spent money buying and producing ads. that costs a lot of money. i'm not so sure that with the $17 million he had from the last quarter is still in the bank. >> bret: winner down the line. >> santorum. >> ron paul. >> barack obama. >> oh! , sam! >> bret: all right. leave it there. thank you, all. coming up, journalists from here in iowa, their perspective on the caucuses. stay with us. across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer.
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listen, i got all the respect in the world for my opponents but you have to ask yourself are we going to replace a democrat insider with a republican insider and expect to get any change in washington, d.c.? >> i am not a politician. i am not an establishment person. i am a real authentic iowans. and that is what they want. someone who will reflect their values. >> don't think i'm going to win, i think if you look at the numbers, that volume of negativity has done enough damage. >> bret: sight and sound from trail. iowans journalists, kay henderson, jay price reporter and anchor. and kathy, a political columnist for the "des moines register." thank you for being here. this was the panel before the straw poll. it's a little colder now. but and the race is different. than when we last talked. >> it is a lot different. the race changed three or four times sings we were last here. >> what about the undecided
3:51 pm
seem like they are so, it's almost half of the caucus goers. inside the precincts to people, are they swayed by the speeches? >> definitely. a lot of them will talk about and maybe it depends who the person is who is trying to sway them. is it an elected official maybe they know? is it their spouse? is it their neighbor? we had a guy outside bachmann event, the perfect undecided guy. standing out there, i assume you are bachmann person. no, i like ron paul. you going for him? i might go for mitt romney. or i might go for santorum. he is 24 hours before and out sampling everybody out. >> bret: a lot of sampling, kim? you get that feeling? >> indeed. congressman steve king said he is undecided voter and may be undecided tomorrow in his own precinct caucus, which is interesting because here is a guy that met face to face with all of the candidates repeatedly. if he can't make a decision, what does it say about iowa's
3:52 pm
decision? >> bret: sure. kathy, in the "des moines register" poll, the last two days, rick santorum has been surging. a lot of people associate social issues with rick santorum but he has been talking a lot about manufacturerring and the economy. i talked to him today. listen to this. >> i saw here across iowa, small town iowa. it's 99 counties. the same thing, all the small towns are struggling because the manufacturer or the processor left town and you know, we are seeing this all across america. that folks who are being left behind in this economy and the small towns and blue collar workers who are frustrated they are not getting the opportunity to rise in society. i put an economic plan together and we want to be fair and have a tax code is that is fair and flat and the good things but we also have to compete. >> bret: we often talk about him and social issues.
3:53 pm
and what the evangelicals are going to do. he seems to be connecting on the economy. >> you know, he is a smart political point with the economy. because, actually, he tries this -- ties this to the presidential politics and says the manufacturerring jobs are not only important to the rural iowa, places like iowa. they are important in places like pennsylvania and ohio, places where the presidential race is decided. >> bret: swing states. >> bret: exactly. >> he is trying to make an argument he is more than social conservative and he has something in the agenda to appeal to swing state. >> bret: are we in for a surprise, do you think? it seems like it is all bunched up. the three top front runners are right there. >> i wonder if santorum ruined the surprise. you know, maybe if we were talk about three or four weeks ago. a lot of folks in iowa, you could see it slowly building. people may have been in denial. but he was doing all the traditional things that we're
3:54 pm
used to seeing in this day. going to counties. he wasn't doing big ad war like perry tried for months. he was doing the things that traditionally work. as others fell he got a chance. >> bret: is this a long night? is it a process that takes a long time? democrats take longer. >> there is a lot of math involved. >> bret: we'll know results within a couple of hours, right? >> we may even know sooner than that. folks will be given a piece of paper after they hear the neighbors talk about the candidates. they will write a name on the paper and turn it in. count the vote. tell us through an automated center. out of state somewhere, at undisclosed location and we will learn results. it could be over quickly. indeed for some of the folks at the bottom of the pack. >> bret: what happens after we all leave? are you su depressed? what happens? >> it's easier to get a table. [ laughter ] >> what is interesting oddly the next campaign starts very
3:55 pm
quickly. january 20 on 1997, when bill clinton was sworn in office i got a phone call from steve forbes telling me he was going to run for president the next time around. >> plus iowa is a battleground in general election. barack obama has eight campaign office here. what conversation starts immediately as the republicans leave the state. >> bret: the caucuses are going on. the president will phone in. and make his presence known. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> unless you're jon huntsman you are still thinking about iowa. >> bret: down the line. winner? >> you know, it's really hard to predict. it say odds are in mitt romney's favor. >> bret: okay. >> romney and paul. >> romney. >> bret: all right. thank you all very much. we appreciate your expertise locally. that is it for panel. stay tuned for final thoughts from iowa. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego.
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>> is this a beautiful building or what? it is fantastic. state capitol here in iowa. we are gearing up for a big day and a big night, tuesday, here in iowa. we will start things off, of course, "special report" 6:00 p.m. eastern. right back here inside the state capitol. we will bring you the final moments of the campaigning before iowans head to the caucuses for the east coast. then at 8:00 eastern. megyn kelly and i bring you up to the minute numbers as we receive the vote totals as kay talked about from all across the state and the best analysis in the business. krauthammer, hume, wallace, trippi, rove, huckabee, palin, all the big hitters will be here. so plan to stay with us right here on fox news channel until the last votes are reported for the iowa caucuses. don't forget to drop me a


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