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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 3, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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tonight at 6:00 p.m. hosted by bret baier and shepard takes over at 7:00 and bret baier and i will be back at 8:00 p.m. as the results come in. thanks for watching. "studio b" with shephard smith also in iowa starts right now. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" like in des moines. the polls say the texas congressman ron paul could take home the big prize. tonight's first presidential nominating contest may go to him. but the critics, many tell low republicans say he doesn't have what it takes to win any general election. we are live with the congressman's son the kentucky senator, rand paul, here in iowa. and as republicans squabble over their pick, the president's re-election team says they are ready for whom ever becomes the g.o.p. nominee. we are like with the democratic congresswoman and our reporters are on the ground talking to
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voters athey prepare -- as they prepare for tonight's caucuses all ahead on "studio b" unless breaking news changes everything. but first from fox at 2:00 in des moines, fox news is america's election headquarters. and all eyes on the hawkeye state, that holds less than 1 percent of the united states population. which can hardly be called representative of our nation. but which will likely lay a major role in picking the republican nominee for the presidency. back in 2008 fewer than 120,000 republicans participated in the caucuses. alabama gets that many for a football team. it is about 4 percent of the entire state. a small but important group especially in a race that is volatile and unpredictable as this has become. the most recent poll out of this state shows a three way tie for the first place spot: congressman ron paul, former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former pennsylvania senator santorum leading the pack. most candidates are spending the day making a final appeal before iowa voters start to caucus less
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than five hours from now. >> it will be a good day. i hope, i think i'll be one of the first. >> i am noned especially because i have so many young people supporting this cause and because this is so much activity and interest. you have a very tough choice to make. there are a lot of great candidates who will be out and many have spoken already. but you need to focus in on, who is that candidate who has the vision for america? >>shepard: the polls show republican voters have struggled to stick behind any one candidate and get behind that person and stick with him or her. in fact, we have seen a parade of frontrunners and no consistent leader. >> it is hard to find somebody that stands out in that crud. a lot of them appear to be very similar. >> i don't think there really is a good person or contender who can beat obama. >>shepard: that sentiment
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could explain why a lot of voters is said they are at least partly undecided. and now, carl cameron, super bowl sunday for him, at a rick perry townhall event in des moines. it has gotten ugly. no other way to put it. >>carl: listen, they have had lots of negative ads in iowa and elsewhere, and there have been good shots taken in the debate but today it got nasty. gingrich was asked if he thought romney was a liar and gingrich pulled no punches and said, yes, what else would you call it. and much more. listen to the exchange about the honesty of front runner romney as expressed by gingrich. >> lock, romney fails to tell the truth. heel not tell the truth about his record. he is at best, a massachusetts moderate. not a conservative. he has failed or refused to sell the truth about his super pac which is run by his staff and funded by his millionaire
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friends and the super pac runs ads that are lies. >> i understand newt must be angry and i don't exactly understand why but i wish him well, he is a good guy, and we have many months ahead of us, so i will leave it at that. >> translation, the attacks from romney or gingrich are not going to stop and to be fair to the former massachusetts governor, no candidate on the republican campaign side has taken more of a pounding from democrats than romney, the candidate the obama administration and democrats love to pound most. >> you are in a room with a perry sign and no people? is that a metaphor? >>carl: no, shep, the event just ended, he spoke to employees here. it was a fairly subdued speech, not a raucous crowd, he brought some governors and talked more about them than a candidate running for president might.
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he knows he will not come in the top three in iowa, and that is a set back he has a strategy to adjust for and he will essentially tamp town the competitive attempt at winning in the new hampshire primary a week from today and he will, instead, leapfrog and concentrate more on south carolina a strategy that is happening with a lot of candidates. michele bachmann said she will go to the debate in the granite state but separate from that she is all about going in the first in the south primary. and gingrich will stop in new hampshire the next day and a half but what he will talk about is romney and pounding him not for the sake of being competitive but to ding him up before south carolina so for the back three, gingrich, michele bachmann and rick perry, the race is already moving ahead to the 21st of this month. for the top three, whether it is ron paul, mitt romney or rick santorum, that's today, and next week, depending on who gets the
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momentum tonight. >>shepard: carl, thank you. and now to a straight shooter if ever, a veteran g.o.p. political consultant said two weeks ago on this newscast he believed ron paul would win iowa. listen. >> he has been running nonstop for six years and he came close, 150 votes of winning the straw poll and heel win the caucus and certainly come in second. >>shepard: you think heel win iowa? >>guest: he could. >>shepard: you thing heel? >>guest: i think he will. >>shepard: sounded weird at the time but not now. the polls are shifting sin the interview so does that prediction still stand? former member of the reagan administration, former campaign manager for the presidential hopeful michele bachmann, and mike huckabee back in the day and a fox news political analyst and always tells the truth. i like that part best. does he win, ed? >>guest: it is down do him and romney. he has the emotional, committed voter and romney has the
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intellectual who think he could be the strongest candidate against obama. santorum has momentum moving were but i don't think he has the organization of the first two so i would not be surprised if either did. obviously, paul's people are totally committed and he can bring some democrats and independents over who want to create a little chaos and support him and that could be the difference. you tell me in iowa who is turning out and i will tell you who will win. >>shepard: your assessment of michele bachmann's campaign? >>guest: she is a great retail candidate. she has worked harder than anybody but she will come in last place tonight. she doesn't have an organization. she doesn't have money. she only spent $7,000 on television and i think this is her last day. she may go on because the debates and may go to south carolina but the last day of being a factor is today. >>shepard: should michele bachmann end her campaign after
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today? >>guest: she would be chart to end her campaign and went back and ran for a seat in minnesota. she will get re-elected. if she goes on and loses badly in new hampshire and south carolina, which she will, that puts her place in jeopardy in the congress. >>shepard: dead or alive, the status of rick perry's campaign after today? >>guest: i think if he comes in fourth there is still a conservative challenger to romney, no matter what he does today or next week. and rick perry, i think, probably stands the best opportunity to be that, in the sense he has money and organization. if he comes in a close fourth today, beats out gingrich, he may be able to move to that and he has a good shot of being first or second in south carolina. and to a certain extent that will change the dynamics pretty dramatically. >>shepard: you are saying the campaign is alive? >>guest: very much alive and he has done a better job than people anticipated. he spent a lot of money on the
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state but to a certain extent santorum could do well but will not go beyond this week or next week. >>shepard: gingrich, dead or live beyond today? >>guest: unfortunately for newt he didn't do what he needed to do and i think -- and that was to campaign. he has been knocking all the consultants and they are the ones knocking his teeth out for different candidates. so he sometime has not put a campaign together and he is not raising money. he could have been the alternative but after today, and i don't think he will get even the endorsement in new hampshire the biggest newspaper, he will have a hard final doing well and if he doesn't do well today you will see the poll numbers drop. >>shepard: before we go, last question: can you or any other legitimate non-bias political observer chart a path to the presidency in any way, shape, manner or form, for ron paul? >>guest: no, i can't.
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i don't think anyone can honestly say that. clearly if he wanted to go as a third party which we hope he doesn't, he could create chaos. i expect him to be in the race until the end and i hope the party is smart enough to treat him with respect and his supporters with respect because we need them in the fall. >>shepard: you say you mean all the republicans because the democrats would be juneing up and down and dancing? >>guest: he is a republican. he has an important role in this party. i may disagree with his foreign policy but there are a lot of people who believe deeply in what he says and does. >>shepard: thank you, ed. we will talk to his son next. all the coverage tonight begins at 6:00 eastern and 5:00 here in iowa until there is a winner. my guess is 8:51 p.m. eastern standard time.
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so, ed rollins thinks ron paul could grab first place but says this is no path to the presidency no matter what. i'll ask his son. rand paul. live. next. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food.
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>>shepard: 16 minutes past 2:00, counting down the hours until the caucus that start at 7:00 and according to the latest
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poll ron paul has a very strong chance to take iowa. even if he does not take iowa some analysts say that he doesn't have what it takes to be president in a general election. ron paul's critics including the republican rivals vast the nonintervention policies on foreign policy. and ed rollins said this is no chance for him to be president no matter what. and now the republican senator from the great state of kentucky, rand paul is here, and the republican presidential candidate, how would you say ed rollins is wrong? >>guest: he has been wrong once or twice before. he is wrong because people want to win elections and they say, well, it is important to get only democrats you don't win, or only republicans, you don't win but you poll ron paul he gets more independent votes. against obama he does as well as romney and better than every other candidate on the republican side.
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>>shepard: we have 1.4 million troops in the army, marines and navy and air force overseas. they would all come home. >>guest: you know who has given more money? active duty soldiers have given more to ron paul than every other candidate. how long to get them home? a little while. you do it in consultation with your generals, even leaving afghanistan. >>shepard: the generals don't want to leave. >>guest: you instructs you are leaving and do it in a fashion that is not precipitous and would not endanger the country. so, it would be done but when you ask the american public, do you think we need to pay for japan's defense, do we need to pay for south korea's defense? >>shepard: they will say they want to pay for or own. >>guest: so people are considering what ron paul has to say. >>shepard: did you read "politico" yesterday? the third paragraph of an article "paul's policy mean
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turning the clock back two centuries when united states was cut off from the world, unregulatessed free market economy that charles dickens would have recognized, where big business would rule the roost, and most public services including city governments would be run by private companies and the representative democracy, the u.s. system and libertarians would be cut to a bare minimum. >>guest: i would object to his characterization. let's start with the big business would rule the roost. interestingly, in the situation we have now, we have sort of a form of crony capitalism where the big banks get bailed out when they make bad decisions, the big car manufacturers, we have a system now where big government through the big business, through their lobbyists manipulate government to their own advantage and who pays for it in the middle class so i would say what we have now is crony capital emand that is precisely what he is opposed to. >> all health care is brought back in check and medicare is
12:17 pm
wound down. should senior citizens, do they go back to work? >>guest: no, what we do is most things are done at the state level. the constitution provides certain powers to the federal government and that is why we have this debate over obamacare. does the federal government have the right to tell you to buy insurance or the obligation or power to provide health care? or, should it be done by the states in the localities? there is nothing that says the state of iowa or the state of kentucky couldn't be involved in health care, but there is nothing that gives that power to the federal government. >>shepard: "government should not compel or prohibit any activity when that activity proposes a danger to that individual alone," and that would be legalizing drugs. >>guest: my dad talks about the states making the decision, not that all drugs would be illegal but states make the decision. so in california wants medical marijuana, the federal government doesn't come in and tell them they cannot have
12:18 pm
medical marijuana, that is a states right issue. >>shepard: if a live free or die free chose not to regulate it would be okay under ron paul presidency to sell oh contain and heroin. >>guest: the federal government would not make the rules on most crime which is how our founders intended. most criminal law is done by the states and this would be an extension of that. we have gone too much toward an over criminal savings at the federal level and it needs to stay at the state level. >>shepard: from the federal level, selling cocaine and heroin over-the-counter would be okay. >>guest: the reason why that is not accurate is that ron paul would have nothing to prevent a state of kentucky from having laws against marijuana, cocaine, heroin or any of that he just would not do it. >>shepard: there is no federal law prohibiting the sale of cocaine or heroin? >>guest: most of our laws for murder, for example, the federal government doesn't permit murder but it does not mean we are in favor of murder, the state governments have laws against murder.
12:19 pm
he likes that better, because there could be some states, california being one, that think that someone wasting away from aids or m.s. it could help them eat more if they could use marijuana and it is proven, to help with nausea and help people with appetite. should a doctor be allowed to prescribe that and he says yes, if the state says so. >>shepard: to be precise, there is no law which would prohibit the over-the-counter sale of heroin. >>guest: people get confused, they think he is encouraging people to use heroin. >>shepard: but that is accurate. so, barring a state regulation, it would not be okay. >>guest: he is talking about leaving the crimes and the penalties to the states but that is what the constitution intended. he is not arguing some sort of a radical new --. >>shepard: i am trying to get clarity. >>guest: the constitution mandate is in the power was not delegated to congress it is left to the states. >>shepard: so barring any state regulation the
12:20 pm
over-the-counter sail -- sail of heroin and --. >>guest: it would be up to the states. it isnot him making a decision. >>shepard: i am trying for clarity. >>guest: people imply that means ron paul is in favor --. >>shepard: i didn't imply anything, so the sale of heroin and oh contain --. >>guest: murder, rape, incest are best handled at the state level where most of them are. >>shepard: busy day, good luck. the number cruncher whose put together the polls for gallop say this is the most volatile republican contest in nearly 50 years. what does that mean for the next race? we will get do that. also, new information on the man accused of setting all those fires in hollywood and an los angeles, and how cops tracked hill down. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>shepard: 24 minutes past 2:00 at historic embassy suites hotel in downtown des moines. the republican candidates are in the final sprint on the first leg of a race that political analysts are calling the most volatile in decades. they also used words i can't use words here. tonight iowa will have their say and what happens here could settle, finally, part of the field, but based on the ups and downs we have seen it is plausible there will be a new front runner this time tomorrow. fox news political analyst juan williams is with us, and he writes for several newspapers including "washington post" and "new york times" and "wall street journal" which is owned by our parent company.
12:25 pm
you say it is all messed up. >>guest: a mash up. a train wreck. however you want to describe it. that is what is going on here. after 18 debates, right? and everyone is thinking, my gosh, this should settle it. the big one. the traditional wisdom is three ticks out of iowa. well, everyone knows there could be five tickets out of iowa: >>shepard: everyone but michele bachmann. >>juan: and rick perry has the money to go on. he has run the most ads here in iowa define him and his super pac. and you look at romney, certainly positioned to go well on. you look at we ron paul, just talking with his son, he is positioned to go on and positioned to finish in the top three. association even beyond that, you get to gingrich, and you get to rick perry. now, they both have been wounded and possibly fatally here by the fact they have fallen so far. they had their up and now they are way down and the damage has
12:26 pm
been done to their national reputation but they have the funds and name to go on. and that is key coming out of iowa. >>shepard: been a flavor of the week contest. we now have gone through all of the conservatives. rick santorum, the last conservative standing and carl said if we had another week, rick santorum would fall in the same way and necessity would be out of conservatives. >>juan: true but they could resurrect one of the fallen: or, two, produce a new player. >>shepard: a new player ... for example? >>juan: sarah palin is still hanging around and a lot of the governors that have rejected it in the past could be approached by hers of the republican establishment and saying this is not tenable. >>juan: how about vice president haley from south carolina. or governor martinez of new
12:27 pm
mexico. and rubio was on the top of the list and marco rubio is wise enough to say he is pretty young and doesn't have the experience and it would be seen as a token gesture and would not, and this is critical, it would have impact with independents who would see it as an effort to diversify what looks like a white party, older white male, but it would save a lot of people, say to the people not hispanic the republicans were desperate to attract them but no indication they would go beyond that. so you have to look for someone that can bring something to the party and i think that somebody could be haley if she is interested. >>shepard: they have a coffee station over there and some doughnuts if you would wait. >>juan: historic? >>shepard: historic now. >>juan: because you were here. >>shepard: sure, that's valid. and we have blue water. yesterday, the water mind me, it was clear. today we have had a blue light.
12:28 pm
a breaking news changes everything. after weeks of attack ads and phone call and door-to-door campaigning the race to iowa could come down to the undecided we voters and it will. a look at how the candidates are using the last few presence hours to win last minute support of the 140,000 people who will decide. it is some keep of silly, isn't it? >>juan: unbelievable, >>shepard: and top democrats' perspective. there he is, poised to discover plum amazins, the amazing alternative to raisins and cranberries with more fiber, less sugar, and a way better glycemic index.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottof the hour, and time for the top
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of the news, like from the historic embassy suites in des moines. the republican presidential candidates making the final pitch to iowa in an effort to court 40 percent of likely caucus goers who don't know what do do. things are getting heated. rick perry told fox news reporters that ron paul is disgusting. and there is a lot of back story there. santorum blamed the texas congressman for robo calls, the automatic calls that claim he supports abortion rights and opposed gun rights. that is not true. and going republic called romney a liar. accused the former massachusetts governor of misstating both his own record and the reports of his rivals. and the texas governor rick perry is at it again rallying supporter in what by comparing the caucuses to omaha beach which is where the allies invaded the german occupied france during world war ii so the rhetoric is reaching the ceiling here in the historic embassy suite.
12:33 pm
steve brown is here from west des moines, iowa. en is saying ron paul has the best organization. >>guest: we went to an event at valley high school called "rock the caucus," a senior class event only where kids were invited to listen to three candidates: michele bachmann, rick perry, and ron paul. ron paul got the largest round of applause. he has a reputation for be very popular among young people. he is aware of that reputation, and he just can't explain it. >> it is a great pleasure to be here to talk to young people because our campaign has been known to be a great appeal to the young people and a last times people ask me that, i don't know the exact reason for it. >> a true moment of honesty on the campaign trail. but the ron paul people have been tapping into that young we
12:34 pm
voter slot and have been asking folks, particularly college age folks to get home to caucus if you are in college, schools are still on break, so they will be caucusing at home. if you are 18 by election day, you can caucus tonight. and sign up for it at the door. >>shepard: what about santorum people? what are they doing to capitalize on the momentum? >>reporter: they got a lot of surrogates working, different organizations and people that have endorsed them and different church groups. they are hoping for support but an e-mail by "redeem the vote," a christian organization reaching out to 750,000 iowans notes that santorum is surging and it is believed assistance to his campaign in the final hour. >>shepard: steve brown, live from west des moines, thank you. democrats are focusing their attacks in iowa on romney.
12:35 pm
the experts say that suggests the former massachusetts governor is the most likely person to win the republican nomination, really, and the biggest threat in the general election. but our next guest says democrats are ready for whomever wins. the chair calls all of the candidates interchangeable and says they cannot beat we president obama. >> the republicans in general are not enthusiastic about their choices. and, that is one of the reasons, i think, that there is not a single one of them that is showing in any poll right now they would beat president obama. in iowa. and nationally, president obama beats any of them. >>shepard: but president obama is in a dead heat with romney including last month's fox news poll. the g.o.p. nominee will face the re-election machine in iowa after winning in 2008 and the campaign staffers have opened eight offices and volunteers made 350,000 phone calls to supporters.
12:36 pm
in iowa. so they called everyone four times. and now, the dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz. how cocky we are, we will beat any of them, bring them, they are interchangeable. >>guest: they are interchangeable but i never suggested we, boat any they. we are going to run and have been running the most significant, effective grass roots campaign of any presidential campaign in history, 3950,000 calls you talked about in iowa, eight offices, 4,000 one-on-one meetings, 1,200 events like town hams and meetings and house parties, we take the iowa caucuses and the retail politics that is the pride of this state very seriously, unlike romney who has been here 15 times this year, and who now has spend millions and if he does not have a significant victory tonight and like he decleared last night, wins iowa going away, that will be another example of
12:37 pm
how lackluster the field is, republican base is unenthusiastic and head to head there is a dramatic contrast. >>shepard: the republican base is unenthusiastic but the we democrat is enthusiastic? >>guest: absolutely. >>shepard: how many promises can one person break before the base goes i am done with you. >>guest: that is simply not true. let's go through the promises that the president made on this. >>shepard: i know his base and they are not pleased. >>guest: i live in south florida and i know his base and i am part of his base. the president's base overwhelmingly supportive, just look at the fact that we reached one million grass roots online donors. >>shepard: i thought we were going through the points. >>guest: give me a second. >>shepard: how many things can you run on. >>guest: four years ago
12:38 pm
president obama committed we would end the war in iraq, and a few weeks ago he did that. four years he committed after winning iowa that he would make sure we passed affordable health care to make sure everyone has access. , there are some people that wanted single-payer system. >>shepard: including the president. >>guest: he does not say that. he said he would fight for affordable quality health care and he took on the health insurance industry and won. he said he would give everyone a tax cut. in the middle class and working families instead of focusing tax policy on the wealthiest americans. he did that this is a president who made promises and kept them. and who brought us from bleeding 7250,000 jobs a month to now three years later we have had 22 straight months of private sector job growth and we have begun to turn the economy around unlike the republican whose i don't return us to the fame policies of the pat and who brought us to the precipice of
12:39 pm
disaster. that is the contrast of the next 11 months. we will be ready tomorrow when the republican candidates shut the offices go on to the next states, we will run an effective grass roots campaign and win iowa for the president. >>shepard: you can win with unemployment at this level. >>guest: unemployment has been declining. >>shepard: but you numbers are there. can you win with unemployment numbers the way they are? and with his pop later level? >>guest: we can and we will win because the president, the reason the president will win is because there is such a significant contrast. the republicans, all of them, the whole fold, have embraced the tea party extremism, have outright winged each other and they will continue to do that. that is not where america is. america is in the middle. they want a budget who will stand up. >>shepard: like romney. >>guest: he pretends not to be a moderate. some days she a moderate.
12:40 pm
which mitt romney is it? >>shepard: how do you like the blue water? >>guest: very pretty. was it red yesterday? some college student, my goal, is for them to dump a box of tide, rather than caucuses just have a phone battle, legislation is a significant contrast between president obama and the direction of the country, fighting for work families, fighting to get this economy off the ground and the entire field led by romney who stand up for the wealthiest and the most unfortunate, that is the contrast. >>shepard: you are pro or antifoam battle? >>guest: i put my college days behind me but i am a florida gator so you know how to have some fun. >>shepard: great to see you,
12:41 pm
debbie wasserman schultz. thank you. arson investigators in los angeles say they believe they have the guy who set all the fires out there, like 50, setting fires on fire. have you her the motive? wait until you hear this motive for setting 50 cars and homes on fire. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. we asked total strangers to watch it for us.
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>>shepard: new details on the suspected los angeles arsonnest who set dozens of fears over new year's weekend. a state department official tells the associated press the man is from germany. and was angry over his mother's immigration status. so he set the cars on fire? seriously? those people kicked your mother out? after the arrest yesterday he reportedly told the investigators he hates america. and now live from los angeles. what else do we know about the american hating fire starter?
12:45 pm
>>reporter: she 24-year-old german national with a bad attitude. we do not know if he is here on a student or work visa or here illegally. neighbors do not know if he is employed but say he is weird saying he never made eye contact, and lived in an apartment in hollywood with his mother who is a fugitive, and she was arrested on a criminal warrant from germany and after christmas, at a hearing, harry made a seen with an angry outburst against america. big mistake. the multiple u.s. attorneys and federal officials in the courtroom, so, when the video was released, one official recognized harry, the angry german, as the arson suspect and called police. >>shepard: how, exactly, did police track this guy down based on what little information they had? >>reporter: they had a description of his van, they put out all points bulletin and
12:46 pm
extra manpower was called in and they used reserve officers, untrained civilians trained at cops. one of the reserve guys was a beverly hills real estate tone -- attorney by day. and he saw a blue van at 3:00 and made the stop. >> i put on my lights and initiated a traffic stop i had a vehicle behind me ready to go. >> this is the best example i have seen of coordination between local and broader agencies. four days ago this task force didn't exist. >>reporter: there is a court hearing right new for dorothy, and her extradition and tomorrow for her son at 10:00 a.m. and we are wait dog hear from the embassy on the charges against dorothy and when will she go
12:47 pm
back to germany. >>shepard: thank you, sir, and a new warning from iran today, the country's army chief telling the united states to keep its ships out of the persian gulf. that comes after 10 days of iranian military drills in the gulf. officials in tehran threatened to shut down the major oil shipping route, the strait of hormuz unless the united states backed off. we are told the shipping routes through the strait handles "half of the world's oil supply." i heard 21 percent but maybe it is half. iran backed down and officials proposed new talks with the west. jonathan hunt is live back in "studio b," jonathan, it is a bold threat from iran, but, lou is the united states responding? >>jonathan: the response is that iran's words are meaningless and whatever war games they want did conduct in the strait of hormuz u.s. aircraft carriers will continue to travel through that straight as and when the u.s. deemed
12:48 pm
necessary. officials say they believe iran is simply hitting out because sanctions are biting. >> it reflects the fact that iran is in a position of weakness. it is the latest round of iranian threats and it is confirmation that tehran is under increasing pressure for continued failures to live up to their international obligations. >>jonathan: so iran's threats are empty, and nothing more. >>shepard: but this is all about iran's reported nuclear program. >>jonathan: officials blow they say iran is hitting out because they are angry the u.s. is imposing new sanctions against iran as a punishment for pursuing the nuclear program and those experts also say they believe iran is trying to borrow from the north korean playbook and trying to make threats in an effort to win concessions.
12:49 pm
listen. >> we shouldn't do what we did with north korea, never concede. that is what we need to do different than with north korea. the approach that is right is if we want to send carriers to we will, if you do anything provocative you suffer the consequences. >>jonathan: so it is essentially a war of words right now and most experts believe it will stay that way at least in the short-term. >>shepard: thank you, hours from now republicans across the state gather in living room and high school gyms and libraries to kickoff the process of picking the going presidential nominee. 120,000 to 140,000 of them. we will break down the latest news from the campaign trail as they crisscross the state. they have some great ones.
12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
>>shepard: and what have we learned? from gingrich, that romney is a liar. and from romney, that gingrich is angry. from ron paul that santorum, he is liberal and from santorum we learned that paul is disgusting and from leadership we lended that this is both omaha beach and concord as in lexington. >>juan: and we have learned that rick perry is going to be the governor of america. that's how he was introduced yesterday. so, to me, at some point you boil it down, what is the significance of all of this? what does it matter? why are we here at the historic embassy suite and the question is well asked because it is the case that only three, three, three, and you go back do carter
12:54 pm
and second president bush and obama are the only three who have come out of here and made it all the way to the white house, with winning iowa. that is important to remember. the favorite phrase among the political pros is "a win knowing process." but i call it a mashup. everyone looking for a way to gain the momentum, the big moment that allows them to say i am legitimate. that is what santorum has gained in this process by being the last non-romney standing. >>shepard: forgive me for being the one that questions this process, but 140,000 people in the state of iowa will chart the course of human events, iowans don't get your hate on, it doesn't make sense. why is it like this? and i am not talking about parties but the system. why, iowa? what are we doing? >>juan: a small history listen
12:55 pm
because it is peculiar. this was not the case until the 70's, really, until 1972. and the reason is, the state chairman of the democratic party decide he wanted all the delegates to the state convention, remember, there is going to be a state convention in a few months and he wanted them to have a met form and printed to study it before they came to the meeting so he decided he needed three or four months so let me have the caucus in january and that started in and then the muskie thing and carter paid attention and now in are more and more questions how representative the state is. but a lost questions. >>shepard: questions? questions how representative iowa is? >>juan: you talk to people from iowa and they say in terms of average income and so many ways and retail politics can you not beat retail politics. that is wonderful. i've been in pizzarias.
12:56 pm
>>shepard: if you like farm subsidies and ethanol, you love iowa. now a quick commercial break. jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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