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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 3, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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right to the however long it takes. the only business network that's giving you the caucus, the cash, with the biggest name. no one does it better. fox, fox business, us. we rule the world. >> hello, i'm eric bolling along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino and it's four o'clock and a packed show for you. the final push in iowa and "the five" will look at the last minute effort and charles krauthammer and brit hume on the first caucus in 2012 and what protesters look to leave a mark in iowa. we'll look at what they're up to. "the five" starts right now. ♪ >> right to the top story of
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the day. the candidates have been working for this day all along. the iowa caucuses for a little perspective on what the g.o.p. hopefuls have invested. listen to some of the stats. in total, the candidates have campaigned to 354 days at over 900 events. and covered more than 23,000 miles and get this, the candidates and their super pac spent over 12 million bucks and comes to about $104 for every caucus goer. that said, at least as far as iowa is concerned, bottom of the 9th and two outs and let's listen to what they're swinging for the fence and who gets the home run and first up, mitt romney says we're going to win this thing. do we have a sign of that, by the way, guys? we have to take a listen. >> we're going to win this thing with all of our passion and strength and do everything we can to get this campaign on the right track to go across the nation and picking up other states and get the ballots i need and votes i need to become our nominee. >> and we've got a key
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strength right here, bob, go ahead. >> it's over now, and now that you've ruined the surprise, he told you it was four o'clock in des moines and that was pretty good. i was impressed with the extended baseball metaphor. >> yes. >> did you notice how long he went into that. >> it's not baseball season though. >> and here is the, summed it up in the fourth quarter. >> i liked it, i liked it. >> and romney, very confident. if you talk about his problem, his real problem. when he said get really passionate about this. the guy-- there ain't no passion. i mean, the guy tries hard. i understand that. but whose ever advising him, don't try to make him look passionate. he ain't. that's my only comment. >> he said we're going to win this thing. he wasn't talking about the election, it was a wine and cheese basket at a raffle, but instead got a gift certificate for the cracker barrel so he's a little sad. >> dana? >> newt gingrich also said earlier, maybe a month or so
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ago when he was at the top of the polls, he said, oh, it's clear i'm going to be the nominee. >> right. so, i think, well, there's a fine line between setting expectations appropriately and not overextending yourself. and, but also, being confident enough to let your supporters know that you think you can actually get across the goal line? >> yeah. >> and it's football season so i'm going to use that one. >> and so, i think that romney finally feels like he actually might be in a position at least to come in second or third, but i don't think it was sailing going too far. i don't think it was a faux pas he said they're going to win. why else are you running, if you don't think you can win. >> we'll get to that in a seconds. >> and andrea, too confident too soon. we're going to win the iowa caucus or the whole thing. >> i think he was probably referring to iowa and i think they feel very good based on the polling numbers that they have and committed to doing a lot of interviews tomorrow morning so he knows he's going to place pretty well tonight
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and even if he comes in second or third he's going to get out there and say, even if ron paul comes in first, the choice is between him and me, and he won-- >> change the schedule. that's good. but i do, quickly, i think that this is something that mitt romney resisted in the past and in 2008, he really didn't want to come out there and say i want to win iowa. and the expectations a lot and that was big for him to say i'm going to win this. >> hold the thought, bob, i know you want to weigh in. a lot to get to. here is newt gingrich calling mitt romney a liar. >> are you calling mitt romney a liar? >> yes. >> you're calling mitt romney a liar? >> well, you seemed shocked by it, yes. i mean, what else to say. >> why are you calling him a liar? >> this is a man who's staff create add pac and millionaire friends fund the pac and pretends there's nothing to do with the pac and it's baloney, he's not telling the american people the proof. >> advisable or not advisable
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at this point to call him a liar. >> it's up to him. he's run his campaign. once you call somebody a liar, where do you go from there? what else can you say? go on to new hampshire and south carolina and further in the primary race, if you've already called your opponent a liar, there's not much else, there's not a lot of wiggle room. >> you can call him a lying liar. >> one of the things, this is a classic example of newt gingrich reverting to form. this is the newt gingrich in washington i thought had disciplined himself when he was on top of the polls and he begins to crumble, under believable assault. calling a liar in a presidential politics is about the worst thing you could possibly do. the other problem, how are these two guys going to get back together, if romney-- if gingrich loses, which he will. how is he going to get his people or him to get together with romney? i mean. >> happens all the time. >> not like that, the word liar, that's strong. >> and being inaccurate.
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inaccurate. >> and he's calling him a liar because mitt romney says he's a conservative. and newt is saying how can he be a conservative if you're a massachusetts moderate. i think that's what-- >> i thought it was more about the fact that, you know, he's saying that this is a super pac that's doing the negativity. >> but you're slicing it very thin. the words, he-- i'm calling him a liar, and the rest of it doesn't matter. it's all-- it's in the ether out there. but the fact is that people believe that newt gingrich is beginning to change, not the hothead that he was in the '90s and there it was. >> and actually, do you think this will work, meaning this is a strategy to try to get himself back on top. i said, i don't think he's trying to get this to work, i think he's trying to get this to hurt and hurt mitt romney and gingrich isn't just calling him a liar, he's saying he's going to spend money in new hampshire to try and shake things up there and i think he's just, he's angry, but mitt romney's super pacs come out of this thing and revenge. >> he's got a point though. and we had the numbers at that were released where that-- were that 45% of the negative
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ads that were placed in iowa were against newt gingrich and saying let's not go to-- >> maybe now, and sorry. >> will it go to mitt? mitt goes, that's not me, that's these guys. if you break a lamp in your living room and tell your parent, it was your friend, and it's so clear. what if you make it all the way and become the nominee, what are you going to call obama? for the presidential race, you call your fellow republican a liar. >> they released a pamphlet on gingrich. one of the those vile things i've heard about and gingrich and a baby and it was just, it's gotten so bitter out there. i don't think that people, unless you're out there, i'm not-- i haven't been out there, thank god we didn't have to go, believe me i've been there nine times. we're better off being here with "the five," but i talk to people out there and some of the most hardened political veterans i know, are shocked how nasty it's gotten. you know want to know what's shocking. listen to ron paul respond to
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terry moran i believe last night. take a listen. >> when you lay your head down on the pillow at night, do you see yourself in the oval office? >> not really. but i think it's a possibility. sometimes i kid about it, i said that's a risk i take (laughter) >> and what? >> it's so weird, because, at one part of me is that's really, really refreshing that he actually said that because it sounds like he's telling the truth. but the other side is that his supporters have to be really, really ticked 0 of because it's like dating a girl for a really long time, and then like it's like you're going on 12 months, oh, this is never really serious. and that can go the other way, which is, dating a guy for two years and he never asks you to marry him. >> exactly. that's my-- >> and either way, there-- >> and two extremes, you have mitt romney calling him, we're going to win this thing and ron paul, i really don't ever expect-- >> what did you expect him to say? say, yeah, i would like him to be president.
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>> i think that would shock himself. could i say one thing about mitt romney i've been jumping on this guy mercilessly and will continue to, but, they played in my rules about presidential politics is managing expectations. and these guys manage expectations, romney a v in iowa, as well as anything i've seen. they convince people they're not doing the ames straw poll and he wasn't serious about iowa and the whole time he was organizing out there. and see the opportunity to commend and kick it open and they came in and it was very well done. >> as bob points out. he kicked it up and did he kick it open with organization or money? a lot of people are saying, he quietly spent either to himself and through pac, a lot of money. especially against gingrich. >> i can answer one, money, because we know he's been spending the money and organization i think will be proven tonight if he actually did that on the ground. if he worked, but a lot of people are saying it will. i think it's remarkable that we have a candidate that ran in 2008 and didn't make a lot of head way and now running again and largely
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unchallenged. that's remarkable. >> the other advantage, he pointed this out. if you run before it really matters and gives you a leg up on the people and the other thing he ain't going for. is forget the rest of it. he was running against the weakest field i've seen and can't get more than 25. >> 75% are looking for-- >> that's why you have iowa, you winnow the field. >> winnow, winnow? >> and next charles krauthammer, the des moines register have in common, they think it's going to be romney, santorum tonight. and who is your sleeper candidate? mine, here is a hint. get er done. and he's doing it-- be sure to keep it here on fox, starting at 6 p.m., special caucus coverage live from iowa. we will be right back. ♪ emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
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♪ >> all right. welcome back "the five." that was abba, who is going to come out on top in iowa? here is what brit hume and charles krauthammer on the factor. >> who is going to win. surely, bill, you won't expect me to go where talking points won't go, i don't see a scenario, an outcome here which would really disturb mitt romney's position in the race as the man to be. >> win, place and show, everybody knows. romney, santorum and ron paul. the real issue is newt and perry, do they finish 4th or 5th and do they finish near the top three or not? because that will determine iowa never anoints, but it winnows and this will be a winnowing process. >> that's a great verb, winnow that we talked about before. greg, one of the things we didn't talk about in the first
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block was the rise of santorum. rick santorum, the former senator from pennsylvania who spent almost entirely the entire campaign in iowa has kind of peaked just at the right time and could come in first, second or third according to most predictors? >> yeah, his secret weapon of course is the sweater vest. sweater vests make every man look like a dentist on his day off and i think people like that and i think-- >> where did that come from. >> i think across america you'll see a lot of young kids trading in baggie jeans for sweater vests because they're almost like the conservative, the conservative kind of sweater. there are small government sweaters. >> greg, greg, please, i'm begging you, begging you, you're driving me crazy, i have no idea what you're talking about. >> and i was speaking about this caucus stuff so long my head will explode. i'm running out of things to talk about. >> you don't want to talk about it. >> i don't know what i'm saying anymore. >> go back to a past answer. >> i'm going to pass out.
2:17 pm
>> andrea. >> and just today and it will be done. >> andrea on santorum. what do you think the key has been to his success and what held him back up to now? >> i think a lot of people thought that he couldn't win in a general election against obama. i think the best thing he has going for him is a weak g.o.p. field and the fact that mitt romney's super pac took out newt gingrich. he's been the beneficiary of that kind of support. the question is, can that sweater vest that i personally love, can it carry him through? and i think a lot of people are still saying, well, we'll see, but i think he's the one to watch tonight. he's had the best-- i'm sorry, bob, he's had the best face-to-face campaign ut 0 of any of those candidates. >> the worst analysis, there's been a lot of it in this campaign, there has been a santorum surge. there hasn't been a santorum surge. as newt gingrich fell, santorum went up. they had their shot and everybody else was discounted. and he can thank newt
2:18 pm
gingrich. it's not because he was running around in a sweater vest, sweater pants, sweater socks. >> don't forget that herman cain dropped out a couple of weeks ago and by the way, 41% are undecided. in 2008, 60% of iowa caucus goers at least identified themselves as evangelistic in nature and if it's not going to newt gingrich, don't count anyone out. santorum, okay, one poll. the des moines register gives santorum a surge and all of a sudden santorum is in third? i'm not necessarily buying it. it can be any of the other ones. sleeper candidate, might be rick perry. >> anyone wants to beat me up about rick perry, a couple of tough debates. but look what else he's done, coalesced a lot of conservative vote and he's the guy, got the money that lasts for a long time. >> listen, he-- i agree, if he were to come in second tonight, i've been through five iowa presidential
2:19 pm
races, and there's always a surprise. and nobody knows, these polls are so-- you can't poll caucuses, it doesn't work that way and one of the things about him, he has in -- he's got his foot in the last couple of weeks and he may push into second place and santorum may-- i think that gingrich is going down every minute he speaks. >> what about one other person we haven't mentioned, michele bachmann, congressman from minnesota who actually grew up in iowa. she won the straw poll, greg, in august and now people some think she could come in second to last tonight. >> she won the straw poll and then she lost it left it on the restaurant table and it was like great job, michelle. >> any comment on her clothing or her-- >> outfits trump tweeted. >> earlier today. >> and surprised me that there was a tweet that came out from the really donald trump if you follow him on twitter and called her disloyal and said she would not make a-- >> and turned down the debate. >> they all did.
2:20 pm
everyone wanted to shake donald trump's hand. >> she came four times. >> and they all did. all went through trump plaza at one point and they had drinks with them and push come to shove he wanted to do the debate. kind of said, well-- >> let me add one more thing, expectations in presidential politics, when you exceed them once as she did early on and became the surprise upset winner of ames, you rarely can exceed expectations twice and once you've lost that, you're going to stay down there. i would suspect she'd come in last. >> interesting, so, tonight, a big iowa caucus, do you know what a caucus is and how it works? we're going to explain it when we come back next. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to "the five." so, what is a caucus? not just a thing in greg gutfeld's bathroom, caucus, caulking? we'll explain it. >> i suppose. >> we'll try to explain in simple terms. it doesn't mean that much when it comes to delegates.
2:25 pm
part meeting and delegates head out and hear from surrogates at the 1700 polling locations and that's a lot and make the pitch and each voter gets to write down their vote and it will be secret ballot and names will be announced but it doesn't result in delegates. this is more of a beauty pageant and the delegates are dollared out later and bob, you have experience, actually being there and mondale, your guy won in '84, what's it like in the church basement? >> it's not just the church basement. living rooms to convention halls and the living rooms where i've been in a couple of times and it's a stuffy joint and it's hot and the neighbors come in for the caucus and there's like 80 people stuff into this house and it's hot and the democrats went a lot longer and once you make the first pick and deal with the second pick and the republicans straight out. it's a ballot after everybody talks and they're going to listen to somebody, one of your neighbors that you don't like and stand up and be
2:26 pm
committed. ap the things got so negative out there. are' in a room with people that you hate. because they've campaigning against your guy and the democrats-- but it's like you called my guy a liar, are you kidding me? and the first chance they've been working so hard. 18, 20 hours a day and these are the hard core, they're 140,000 people maybe. 120,000 people, 120,000 last time and by the way, the republicans think that they've got the momentum for 2010, it ought to be 140,000, if it's not, that's a sure sign that that energy of 2010, went away. >> and i've been to about 16, 18 caucuses in the past 20 years, and i say both of you are so off the mark on this, it's hard to believe. caucuses actually native american term for three legged race, which is actually how the iowans choose the candidates. i know it's crazy, but i've seen it. that there's actual meetings going on is a disservice to america. >> i'm begging you, begging
2:27 pm
you. >> i'm serious, and until i leave-- >> and the caucus, you aren't any more crazy than you are. >> and the three legged race and sounds like a man, a three legged race. >> a three legged man. and the potential here tonight for-- can i just be serious just for a second. >> sure. >> we may be facing the longest general election in the history of this republic. if mitt romney pulls something off tonight in wins in new hampshire, this race is effectively over. people get out because half a million dollars in debt. and winnow this down and-- >> may i stop you. yes. >> mitt romney wins tonight and in new hampshire, it's not over, trust me. >> trust me pts when i tell you this. >> south carolina, florida, the whole south. super tuesday. >> turn off the cameras, i love him and i don't want this thing to come back to haunt
2:28 pm
him. >> and what's interesting, rick santorum spends the least amount of money and he's the one surging and rick perry the most money. i agree, dana, you brought it up and eric, you brought it up. if anyone has an organization to make a play in south carolina, it would be a rick perry if he-- >> you don't wait around. the momentum coming off week by week is what moves voters. and one of the problems, romney will make a mistake, something is going to happen. i've never seen a front runner go wire to wire without a mistake. he may trip up in south carolina, his supporter is governor haley who's numbers are way down and people-- >> stop please, stop. it's not romney yet. it's not romney. the conservative movement out there. >> i'm trying to say. >> and for every one of them there's an opportunity for a real conservative to be not only the g.o.p. nominee, to be the next president of the united states. any one of them. >> and there will be a conservative. >> dana i was not-- >> two weeks ago you said conservatives should get along so they could beat obama. >> yes, i do.
2:29 pm
and conservatives should coalesce around a candidate and-- >> no, i'm sick of everyone saying it's over. >> and let me ask you something, do you think that's the best thing for the party. is that romney does not win this thing right out of the gate and they fight it out. >> the best thing for the party to be as far away from obama, the anti-obama candidate running against a failed obama in-- >> this is where you and i agree. >> we would like nothing, we democrats would like nothing better than a protracted long, nasty divisive fight in the republican party. i don't think that romney automatically got this, i don't think he's that good of a candidate. the problem is you've got to stumble to somebody, who have you got there. that's the problem with the field. nobody to pick up the pieces. >> go ahead. >> and occupy the people-- >> dana, mccain didn't have the organization in iowa in 2008 and went on to win this thing winning this new hampshire. rudy guiliani had the organization on other states, bet it on florida.
2:30 pm
and your former boss was the only one that won iowa. iowa is not that reliable of a predictor and went on to win the presidency. >> he won iowa, but lost in new hampshire big time and there's-- yes, and great stories about that night, too, where he called everyone together and sort of cast some blame, but instead, all right. my fault. now let's go on and try to win south carolina and did and moved on, but i think part of the key to that one was he had a regard to run on and he had the best people in organization because he'd been there before and seen his bad do it and third thing he had a positive clear agenda and meanwhile, al gore was getting advice from naomi, was it wolf. >> and the irony is that bush's father did the reverse, he lost in iowa and came back and won in new hampshire and people counted him out and third behind pat robertson. >> is there anything that anyone could say to you to attend a caucus? >> well, i tell you one thing, the real tragedy, i hope all
2:31 pm
of you watched the bachelor premier last night. the young woman was kicked off the show last night and her name was amber bacon. how can somebody with a name amber bacon be thrown off any reality show. >> i know a lot of ambers. >> do you know what amber bacon, that's the greatest name ever. >> and those are bob's two favorite things. >> directly ahead. what happens after iowa for the candidates who don't win? we've got some advice. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
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>> i'm bret baier inside the state capitol in des moines, iowa. the big story iowa caucuses which start in just two and a half hours. tonight on special report, carl cameron tells us about some pretty harsh rhetoric from the candidates today in the final hours before voting begins. steve brown joins us with a look how the campaigns are making the final hours and minutes count with almost half of those expected to participate, saying they were undecided as of the weekend. the home stretch could make all the difference. plus, what is a caucus, anyway, and how does it work? we ask shannon bream to break
2:36 pm
it down for us, in with a key, iowa 15 miles west of here and president obama is back at the white house and he is not taking caucus night off and ed henry shows us what the president is doing this evening. we'll also get analysis from brit hume and charles crowd hammer, special report from des moines starts at 6 eastern. now, back to new york and "the five." ♪ >> those of us who follow politics, the iowa caucuses are actually a big, exciting interesting thing. >> when do they start? >> greg gutfeld, would somebody please, please send him a sleeping pill? one thing i want to talk about and you want to talk about sweater vests. the thing about iowa though, i have been out there and done many races out there. it is cold, it is ugly, it is flat, with all due respect.
2:37 pm
i know a lot of you -- but they're always first. the good news and bad news. you're for them being first? >> i love the process and think it's fantastic. i think that huntsman made a mistake saying i'm not going to bother with iowa. whether he won or not. he guaranteed himself a loss there and people who are political junkies, looked down on it and disrespected iowa. >> and they say they picked corn in iowa didn't pick presidents and i don't think that stuff is going to work. and never-- the way to go in florida and-- >> it's nice there. and what about iowa, too much importance to put on it? >> i like it that middle america gets to have a say and rather than just coast, getting to speak first, but, i do like the idea of a rotating super tuesday thing, like the olympics where there's a bid and there's five states and it rotates every year and i think that would actually be a healthier way to pick a
2:38 pm
president. >> you know, it used to be, what i did. jersey and california the same day, back and forth, coast to coast, greg, i hate to ask, what do you think? >> i love iowa and they don't call it the show me state for nothing. >> okay, fine. andrea? >> or missouri. if you look at it historically, it doesn't have that great of a record of picking candidates. only twice, in the last, i think, two decades or something, so, i don't put a lot of weight on iowa, i wish it wasn't put all on iowa, it's nice to have the midwest speak, but it isn't a lot of pressure on one state. south carolina is the one with the perfect record. >> greg, don't worry about it. because nobody is going to think about iowa tomorrow. believe me, it will be gone and-- what they have a history of doing is winnowing out the candidates and a lot of people are broke and they're done. after iowa what happens? we go to new hampshire and then to south carolina and end up in florida, that would be the end of january. what happens in--
2:39 pm
let's assume for a second that brit and charles are right and you have a mix-up at the top of santorum and mitt romney and ron paul? what happens in new hampshire? >> you know what? honestly, iowa the importance of iowa may be mostly as you pointed out, the money. whoever does well in iowa will probably have a good chaps of raising more money. if you disappoint in iowa maybe you're done and when they call it winnowing, i call it, hey, show me, show me-- >> show me the money. >> and the other thing is getting the money in and being able to spend it, believe it or not. >> and governor huntsman, who decided not to try to go for iowa and put all of this money and time in new hampshire, one thing i think that's a problem with that strategy, and it might work for him, but, is that for the last three weeks, they've all been gearing up to talk about iowa and no one has been talking about john huntsman, and even if he were to win in new hampshire, it's like he had to be reintroduced
2:40 pm
to him and nobody knows who he is. >> and please, they should get out, out toee aye. >> yeah. >> we should get out of "the five." get out of iowa completely and can't talk about it. >> i only have a minute. >> you want to know what is going to happen after iowa, i'll go eat a strategic and get drunk. and-- >> do you think that romney wraps it up if he wins iowa a and. >> i do. >> i do. >> i'm not confident that romney is going to be number one. there's going to be an upset. something is going to happen. >> i'm sorry, andrea, you agree with bob if romney wins both, it's done. >> and a disappointment if iowa and new hampshire-- >> it would if the other candidates have the money and organize in the states that follow new hampshire and they don't. >> aen if you don't do well in
2:41 pm
this thing and sit down with your money people, try to put a fundraiser on after losing iowa and new hampshire, let's say santorum does well, and second barely to romney and-- >> 191,000 dollars-- >> he who is not chopped down in iowa or she. will be, only two people going south and south carolina, romney and that's where i think that romney could make a mistake and somebody is going to surprise somebody tonight. i don't know who it is, but and listening to greg all the time. they're all leaving iowa tomorrow and we're sending greg out. apparently some reporters don't like hanging out in iowa. greg is going to tell us about it next. >> for, for iowa, yeah. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to "the five."
2:46 pm
before i do my monologue, i want to mention the tweet from southern jim. greg gutfeld can you please take this seriously. your constant childishness is annoying. >> that's from bob. >> i didn't know he could tweet like that. >> that's his code name. >> reporters are in iowa i know because they're tweeting. my fave from maggie at politico, she writes, steve forbes exit dinner with rick perry at fort des moines, carrying a styrofoam to go cup. thank you, maggie, your prize is in the mail. >> and i couldn't find any restaurants near des moines. look up from your phone, chucklehead. there's more, but why bother, the same spoiled east coaster looking down at anything outside of new york city. and forget twitter, what they say about the people or clothing. i hope iowa will apologize for not reading gq. the media was declaring the
2:47 pm
race over before it starts. i'm declaring the media over period. thanks to much of their own whiney sel y self-importance. i would stare it it for hours. and i think that it has something to do with this monologue and i don't know why. fox bob, you've been around reporters longer than, i don't know, something that's been around reporters for a long time. are they full of themselves. >> i'm getting over the double mirror. more than i've ever seen and secondly they think they have something new and fresh to say every day when they don't. and about the restaurants. they really do. they go to a cracker barrel and they think, i mean,
2:48 pm
they're the most unbelievable group of people i've seen and they're spoiled and the problem, they're all political reporters and they may not have a race with all due respect to cover in a month, month and a half and that has got them absolutely freaked out and i tell you those, out of iowa first plane that leaves at six o'clock in the morning and a ridiculous place and loaded with people and i didn't have to go this time. thanks. >> it's not easy sometimes to be a political reporter when you have to go to the same stump speech every day and think of something fresh so instead of talking about substance you end up talking about process or who said what mean thing about someone else and twitter has been a wonderful invention, i love it, but i recognize that it does encourage some of our worst instincts which is to say whatever comes into our mind when it used to be in the press corps they would talk amongst themselves in the press file and now it's out to see how clever they are. >> why should i waste it on
2:49 pm
eric when i could give it to the whole world. >> and you go free form in your mind in front of me as a people-- >> and gutfeld, we've hosted some shows before. and they're invaluable to me, you want to know boots on the ground. we're going, what's really going on and you get carl cameron or ed henry, one of the others ones. i love it, fantastic. they may be getting more important and finer restaurants, but-- >> you derail the-- >> no, i'm in favor of them. not railing them. >> you call them elitist and bashing iowa the entire time and you both would hate it if you were there right now. >> and more hours than-- i've got a right to dump on them. >> and i've got a pack of cigarettes, i'm happy. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> no, that's okay. >> one quick point. have you noticed the hair and makeup in iowa though? and-- >> whoa. >> the campaign, look at them, i'm telling you.
2:50 pm
there's, something-- >> and come on. >> you're not the only-- >> not the reporters, the candidates. >> and can i just transition briefly and iowa protests, they're worried they'll disrupt. do you think there's going to be confrontation, andrea. >> i don't know, i think that republicans are more civilized than bob and his friends, but on the campaign trail it's not always easy. i remember going to a dairy farm up in upstate new york and there's cows and manure. >> i hope so. >> and reporters rolling their eyes because their high heels were sinking in the mud. that was me and it's tough to do, in maggie haberman's defense, i love maggie and maybe that might be the most interesting thing, perry with a styrofoam cup. >> and you pray for a lot of fresh cow pads and i love to see them jump on it. but, listen, greg, let me just say this discussion about iowa and your contribution has moved me. >> i personally want to say
2:51 pm
that i hope next year, or next four more years from now, you are the lead reporter. >> thank you. that's what i'm gunning for, i think i have the chops, bob. >> you have the chops. >> you have the chops. >> and the twitter followers. >> and you have the mind for it. >> all right. up next, one more thing. actually it's five more things because there are five of us and each of us has a thing to talk about, hence there are five things. mathematics can really mike life fun and read more about mathematics in books. and if you leave now i'll leave messages on your windshield in lipstick. ♪
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♪ >> and that's very offensive. >> the sex songs that we play here. >> i don't know what that means. it's time for one more thing, and our new segment, dana, kick it off. >> and yesterday we talked about president obama's team putting a story out and briefing about it and it ended up on the front page of the new york times about the reelection strategy to demonize congress. and i didn't get a point, but
2:56 pm
this segment allows me to. >> they think it's so hopeless, they can't get anything done with congress, the biggest priority and only thing they want done is the tax cut. why run for a second term at all. if you don't want to take on big issues like tax reform and entitlement reform, why would you want to hang around? >> amen, sister. >> that's my one thing. >> and greg, your one last thing? >> well, originally i with aing go to bring up celebrity, celebrity wife swap on last night. it was really good, but instead i got an e-mail from somebody, sending me a website in which a guy is literally plague rising everything that i might and putting it under his name and screen grab, but it's awesome and he doesn't even bother to change any, like he changes one or two words and-- and the monologues from "the five" and calls them the
2:57 pm
john-a-logues and i almost admire this. plagiarists are usually a little more subtle. with his name on them and-- probably andy levy. >> exactly. >> put him on the spot. >> and he must be a teenager. >> no i saw the picture a middle age guy. this is weird. >> and andrea, you. one last thing. >> on the new year's eve special i talked about the death of randy macho man savage and how he will be missed anded admitted i loved wrestling when i was a little kid and his brother, reached out to me for honoring his brother and feedback from some wrestling, lane the genius, yeah, he said thank you for honoring my brother, but a lot of fans said that wasn't wrestle mania three when my brother wrestled hulk mania, and sorry, guys, it's been a while. >> losing my mind. >> talking about iowa.
2:58 pm
>> i'm going to talk about iowa, greg and then giving you a one way ticket. i want to say this about iowa i said the word america's precinct. among the nicest and most decent people in the recalled would. i make fun of it, because i've been out there. and in january and february. >> trashed her basement. >> and she's fictitious, but she's a real person and i broke oun in my car, 30 below zero and drove me a hundred miles to get it fixed. >> out of the town. >> and did want me out of town, but tell you one thing, it will winnow the race down and greg, looking forward to that. >> and winnow is the word. >> my one last thing and dana going with you about obama came back from his hawaiian vacation and feel free to roll any videotape of the vacation, 78 days of vacationing, rounds of golf. 91. 69 fundraisers and made it to church five times and my only note, hey,ee aye how about
2:59 pm
trying a conservative this time? let's see what happens is my point. >> and huckabee last time. >> and was that your-- >> how about republican party let's try a conservative for once in our-- >> kick it off in iowa, can't we. >> let's kick it of off, i'm with you. >> i was about to try to defend you on easier projections about politics, but when you did that, i'm not going to do it now. >> nobody here watched the bachelor? >> it's on my dvr. >> i watched them both last night and i enjo i had. >> there's another series about wife swapping. >> no, that actually happened. >> greg, this race is my version of the bachelor, i'll be giving a rose, i'll be giving a rose to one of these-- >> and do you think that occupy will have a presence in iowa. >> who cares? >> no. >> and there are going to be a few that do it. >> iowa has the largest number of colleges and universities per captive than any state in the union. >> and stay tuned, to fox


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