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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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beat their 10-year lipper average. t.rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. you're looking live at ron paul headquarters we're told there could be five minutes or less before congressman paul speaks and now with nearly 90% of the vote in fox news is projecting ron paul will place third in the iowa caucuses. now, this is -- they're cheering there but that is not a good sign for the ron paul campaign, leaving rick santorum in a tie for first place. and there you can see we're projecting ron paul finishes third in this race.
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there you can see it's 21%. the top two battling it out z the difference is..., again with the math. >> i think it's only 13 votes. 13. >> do i need glasses? >> this is the eyes. >> there is six, seven, okay, point seven. okay. 13 points. it changes every minute. >> and this is a math. we should tell you we just got this in from our campaign saying so far no calls have been made to or from governor romney with his rivals and there are no plans for governor romney to speak yet. we've been told speaker gingrich will be coming to the microphones as well as michelle bachmann. romney and santorum, we have not yet heard from them. we're going to go-to-listen to ron paul. looks like they're just getting set up. you can see his family behind him.
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it's tough to see. ron paul will be entering shortly. we want to get a quick word from our panel what. kind of night is this for ron paul? >> if it ends up your math is correct... you know if he ends up coming in third i don't think it's a great night for him. if you look at who he was doing best among people independents for example. when you look you're not going see as many primaries where the primary you can put registration on the same date. i think it's going to make it harder for him. i think santorum is going to get a big boost out of this, probably. and people rallying around him and will be more of a mitt romney-santorum fight which is bad for romney. he doesn't want a one on one fight. >> now, we know. that rick santorum come in either second or first in the iowa caucuses.
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here is the -- it's tough for us to see the monitor. we're continuing to wait for ron paul. >> i think the romney story which they put a lot of weight on is making a case for themselves has taken a big hit. he's going to have to fight for it. and if he can't get 24% or 25% of the vote and say i'm the nom nee. that is one of the strongest claims, right? and iowa -- santorum is going about all of the votes. >> congressman ron paul, his wife, carol approaching the microphone. let's take a listen. >> thank you very much. thank you.
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thanks. >> thank you very much. thank you. and i think that you might recognize my wife, her picture is on that cook book. anyone see that cook book there? and what a delightful crowd. sometimes i say that was a good speech. no, that is a good crowd. that makes all of the difference in the world. we talk about it. and aj mentioned one of three tickets out which is true. and one of two that can actually run a national campaign and raise the money but there is nobody else that has people like you working hard and enthusiastic and believe in something.
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that is all of the difference in the world. before i continue with more comments i do want to bring, step forward three of our chairmen. you met already aj striker. and david fisher. would step forward as well as drew ivers who has been chairman and she the have led the charge throughout iowa. but all i can think about in tough campaigns and hard work is the work you people do. it's unbelievable. the energy you have, and the effort you've made but what makes me feel good is your doing it because you believe in something. that is what strikes luck. but you also, also know that
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there are two good things. people think you do that because you believe in something or promote a cause. certainly. how is the best way to promote a cause? win an election. that is the way you promote it. now enthusiasm has been unbelievable, it's fantastic and national. thousands have been involved not only in iowa but around the country. they're ready and raring to go but we have to look at wonderful change that's occurred in our country in a positive way. the country suffered a lot in a negative way. the economy is in trouble. civil liberties being trashed. our foreign policy has been a mess and drains us economically and our military forces but people are coming together and we had the task which, we're successful is reintroducing some ideas republicans needed for a long time. that is... that is the
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conviction that freedom is popular. and once again we haven't had a -- have had a fantastic showing for this cause and challenging people not the status quo we've been putting up with for decades but challenging and saying you know this challenge goes back to this real old fashioned idea. this dangerous idea. let's obey the constitution. and too often those who preach limited government and small government forget invasion of your privacy is big government and we have to emphasize protecting your personal rights are what the government is supposed to do. they're not supposed to run
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our lives or spend our money. and also along those lines we've introduced i hear often from many volunteers. the other day someone came up to me and knew the statement because i've said it. back in the old days nixon said we're all canesins now. meaning even republicans accepted liberal economics saying i'm waiting when we can say our all austrians now. and there is a biggest change in political changes brought about is emphasis on a very important matter, making sure we get to the bottom of the ultimate bail outers. our federal reserve system. we need reforms there and we
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need a new monetary system but obey the constitution this, is something we made great process fres so the first step that we've worked hard and on the table today there was a national poll came out and they were talking about how many people supported the gold standard. and guess what? the majority of american people believe we should have a gold standard not a paper standard. and also, also, great strides have been really on the foreign policy. the fact we can again talk in republican circles and make it credible. and talk about old days when they said we shouldn't be engaged in the alliance, believing he didn't want to be
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innateo. we don't need nato to tell us when to go to war. and we have seen a great difference. a majority of the american people are behind us on this whole war effort. they're tired of the war, and costs too much money. too many people get killed and too many people get injured and sick. and there is a majority, maybe 70%r 80% saying it's time to get out of afghanistan. so those are the issues we have brought front and center. they're out ther they're not going to go away. and we have opportunities to continue this momentum. it won't be long there is going to be an election in new hampshire. and believe me this, is going to be continued. and this movement is going to
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continue and we're going to keep scoring just as we have tonight. so tonight we have come out of an election that we're three winners. three top vote getters and we will go on. we will raise the money. i have no doubt about volunteers. they're going to be there. a lot of you have said and thanked me and thanked me for helping you along but you've helped me along. you helped my family along. our work and supporters. without your enthusiasm we can't do it this, is where i feel obligated. we want to do the job. present the case.
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and if anything isn't perfect i worry not about myself but worry about you, making sure you're satisfied. i think there is nothing to be ashamed of. and be ready and raring to move on on to the next stop which is new hampshire. now... i -- i have another speaker a special guest tonight with us this evening. and as a matter of fact with us in our campaign quite a few years. you may have met him. he's been around but i'd like come to come out and say a few words. he's been serving in the
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military 10 years... >> texas congressman ron paul will finish third in iowa caucuses saying they made great strides in foreign poll sismt many say the reason he's finishing third is because of foreign policies and a couple weeks iran made big moves threatening the u.s.. many people believe the foreign policy issue cost him votes in iowa. he will finish third. he said he will fight in new hampshire. but now, he finishes third. >> speaker gingrich will finish fourth. we'll go there live when he comes to the microphones. we want to check in quickly with carl cameron live at romney headquarters tonight. turning out to be a nail biter, carl. latest information is that they're separated by just a handful of votes. >> yes. ron paul is taking the stage i spoke with the santorum campaign. they are tonight not claiming victory but they are claiming
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a triumph and that this is now officially in their view a two-person race. the santorum campaign saying they'll go at mitt romney at every opportunity so in weeks between now and new hampshire primary they'll spend six days in new hampshire but only one day in south carolina a vast majority of the campaign we've been taking it to mitt romney in the first primary state saying they'll make the case in every state and ifr issue that it's rick santorum now the alternative to mitt romney. a two person finish in iowa means romney has a lead in the new hampshire primary, rick santorum has a possibility of contesting with perhaps, john huntsman to best john huntsman come close then rick perry, newt gingrich and michelle bachmann said they're going to
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spend a week going after mitt romney as well. with santorum claiming tonight there is a two-person race and he's the romney alternative. >> how does the romney camp feel about that, carl? >> well, they heard and saw me go on and they're going to get rockets when mitt romney comes down here, we're waiting for phone calls between santorum and romney to see how to excel sked you'll these announcements. whoever goes last is likely to be the winner. >> and in your words it could be a pig bile -- pile in south carolina but the santorum campaign saying it's better to have more people in attacking mitt romney going down the road. you had newt gingrich pledging to do just that in new hampshire with his big, full-page ad. >> we've spent time in pizza ranches with rick santorum. he reminded me a week and a
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half ago people were asking if he's dropping out of the race. tonight people are wondering whether he can beat mitt romney and what is going to happen. there is no worry in the santorum campaign. >> and on the money issue, he thinks it's going to start flowing after this finish? no matter what? >> it almost always does. someone does well in iowa breaking expectations and when they exceed what is expected they get national attention from big donors. and he's complained he didn't get enough news coverage. santorum will be the cover of newspapers and magazines for the next week. >> thank you, carl. >> going to live to the gingrich campaign headquarters you can see them coming to the stage. he'll take to microphones. speaker gingrich about to address the crowd and his supporters there. just a couple weeks and then, tonight he finishes and what
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does he have to say about it? where does he go from here? we've been told he not giving up. and he's coming out with both guns blazing. let's take a listen tonight. >> good evening. we all vowed that the 2012 election is about jobs and economy. we know that americans demand candidates with ideas and... >> this is introductions continue to get underway wanted to give an update as to what we know now. we're continuing to wait just the last bit of the vote, folks just the last bit. you can see now 9% of the precincts are reporting. mitt romney is in the lead now with 27,830 polling. rick santorum behind him, wow.
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with 13 points. 13 votes. 27,817. coming down to this. 13 points. 92%. >> joining me in the house and my former colleague in the congress really all summer held this together. when really koit have fallen apart. i want to thank everybody who worked all fall during avalanche of negative ads. we want to thank the people of iowa. all through being drowned in negativity. everywhere we went, people were positive. and receptive, willing to ask questions and would listen. they wanted to get to the truth rather than latest 30-second dts torgs. it gave us a feeling this process does work. i'm delighted to be here tonight. i think we're at the beginning of important campaign.
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the ultimate goal has to be to replace barack obama and get america back on the right track. but let's be clear. one of the things which became obvious in the last few weeks in iowa is that there will be a great debate in republican party before we're prepared to have a great debate with barack obama. and this is important to understand that. i want to take just a moment and congratulate a good friend of ours. rick santorum. he waged a great, positive campaign. and i start with rick and we've had a great relationship over the years.
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and i admire the courage and way he focused and i admire how positive he was. i wish i can say that for all candidates. here is the key thing to ask. not just about beating obama as important as that is. but what do we need to do as a country to get back on the right track? that is bigger than replacing one person that. is fixing congress. fixing the courts. resetting the culture, getting you judges to understand they operate within the constitution. not above it. and there are steps we have to take wex have to recognize we want to reward work, not redistribution. we want to reward paychecks not food stamps. but this is going to be a important national conversation. we also have to understand this, will be a major debate
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for congressman paul. he's had a very good night. fact is that his views on foreign policy i think are stunningly dangerous for survival of the united states. and i think it's a simple question which i would be glad to ask congressman paul. if you have a trift -- terrorist prepared to put on a bomb and wear it as a vest and walk into a grocery store or a mall or bus, blow themselves up as long as they can kill you, why would you think that if they can get access to a nuclear weapon they won't use it? an iranian nuclear weapon is one of the most-frightening things we have to confront for the future of every young person up here and out there. if they're going to live in safety they have to live in a world in which there is no iranian nuclear weapon, period.
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so on that front we'll have a important debate. is the world dangerous? do we need to be strong enough to protect ourselves or is the world safe very no doubt about september 11th. it was bad people trying to kill us. it wasn't americans. i have no doubt about the iranians and no doubt importance of the survival of israel is a moral cause we have to recognize as essential to our future. so we'll have a great debate. and it's important for setting a new staple foreign policy for the 21 century. one other great thing. that is whether this party wants a reagan conservative who helped change washington in the 1980s, and helped
8:23 pm
change washington in 1990s as speaker of the house, someone into changing washington. or we want a massachusetts moderate who in fact will be pretty good at managing the decay and has given no evidence in years in massachusetts of any ability to change the culture or change the political structure or change the government. and let me be clear given things done in the state over the last few years we're not going to go run nasty ads. we're not. but... i do reserve the right to tell the truth. and if it seems negative that
8:24 pm
may be more a comment on his record so this is going to be a debate beginning tomorrow morning in new hampshire going on for a few months and i'm convinced republican party will pick a committed conservative, someone with a track record of changing washington. i would say two lessons and i think this is going to join me in these. first an era you'll find rick santorum saying the same thing. my dad was a career soldier 27 years. i would not have survived in this campaign against millions and millions of dollars of negative advertising if it weren't for thousands of volunteers who showed up and helped us in every town and people went out because they cared. someone up here who drove in from indianapolis around thanksgiving, said i'm
8:25 pm
staying. someone else brought their children and drove up from texas said i'm staying. there are people who wanted to get america back on the right track. they weren't millionaires or from wall street. and they had courage and work. they were smart. and together, we survived i think the biggest onslaught in the history of the iowa primary. we set the stage. now i say one last thing. we were over earlier tonight in waterloo who had the largest single sight for caucusing. and a very distant rel relative came from pennsylvania for his great, great grandfather spoke for me. and he was very kind he's gotten to know my younger daughter and said to her what
8:26 pm
he's going to say. part of what he said is about his two sons who just came back from serving in the military. it reminded me why iowa experience and new hampshire experience places where have you to see people, you can't just buy tv ads and use robo calls. in the end, it's people. this process is what they risk their lives to preserve. this process, people coming together. sharing values. sharing fears and dreams. finding ways to come get it to work. unlike current total mess in washington which i believe is a bipartisan mess. and american system, over time works when american people roll up their sleeves to make us work. it's part of what made these ads.
8:27 pm
everyone of us, this process survives it's young men and women risk their lives to allow us to do this. we should act worthy of them. thank you. good luck, god bless you. on to new hampshire! >> there is newt gingrich in his bid for the presidential nomination touting his positive campaign indicating in his full speed ahead for him to new hampshire. taking time to praise rick santorum. saying he, santorum waged a positive campaign. gingrich lamenting that the romney pack out here in iowa mentioning that $3 million to $4 million in negative ad campaigns. now, we know tomorrow he will run a full page ad which we have an excerpt of here going
8:28 pm
after mitt romney. there you can see it. the choice. so he mans ongoing after mitt romney. right now, though the race is too close to call and newt gingrich is not in the top two, the head of the iowa g.o.p. has come out tonight and said there will be a call. he said there no such thing as a recount in the iowa presidential caucuses we anticipate there will be a final count and a projected winner tonight z when asked what if the campaign did not have a representative present at the precinct he responded and i quote they had every opportunity to have a representative there. we anticipate to project a winner tonight. that from iowa g.o.p. chairman. we continue to wait. one does not exist so far. we zront a winner but we have
8:29 pm
two men in a close contest and we continue to wait. more information. >> so, just to make clear looking at numbers here, 28,201 minus 28 -- . >> really? really? >> okay. i did it wrong. >> 28,201, minus... you know, let's go to break. when we come back, i'll have it right here. you said there would be no math! this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love ience. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool.
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v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. welcome back, there you can see the numbers. rick santorum up by just a slight number. here it is. 129. that is the difference in this race. currently rick santorum in first place. mitt romney in second. ron paul, third. rick santorum holding on to this lead with 93% reporting. gingrich will be fourth. perry will be fifth and michelle bachmann will be sixth. she's coming out to mark her remarks right now. >> once again, this wonderful republic we're privilege owed to live in has worked. the process worked. the people of iowa chose tonight. it wasn't the pundits. it wasn't the media.
8:34 pm
this has been a tough campaign we should never forget it's principle will make the nominee tried for the tougher battles that is yet to come against barack obama. i am so proud of the people who have run our campaign here in iowa. i will be forever grateful to this wonderful state and to the wonderful people of iowa for launching us on our path to victory in the iowa straw poll. this state has given voice to people all over the country that barack obama's liberal policies are finished and that in 2012 there will be another occupant in the white house. who knows, maybe another michelle. in the white house. and once again, the peoples' voice will be heard there. make no mistake. i've said often and early, barack obama will be a
8:35 pm
one-term president. did you hear that, america? you heard it here from iowa. i am a very real person. i am not a politician. nor do i ever hope or apir to be a politician. i saw what the government was doing to all of us to, our children and to our liberties and i decided to stand up. i decided i was going to fight not only for our five children and 23 foster children but your children, too. because they deserve it. we deserve to give them a better, more hopeful future, it's really true. i'm sorry to say we have strayed from the vision of our founders view of government. and 2012 election might be our last opportunity to reclaim our liberty from a government that somehow seems bent on taking more and more of it away from us every day. and since day one of barack obama's presidency i have led
8:36 pm
the fight against his liberal socialist policy. the president wanted a $1 trillion stimulus package, i said no. when the president pushed to take over your health care, and replace it with socialized medicine, i led 40,000 people to washington, d.c. to let the president know that the american people were against this. we don't want socialized medicine. we're not going to keep socialized medicine z barack obama's socialized medicine will be repealed. when the president said he want to the raise the debt limit to unbelievable $16 trillion. i said no. over the last three years, the american people have tragically been deprived of their president, a leader as he withers when confronted with paramount challenges of our generations. president obama is guarded and
8:37 pm
guided by hardened ideology and withheld prospect for economic recovery as he places his own political fortunes and reelection plans above the interests of the american people. look no further than his denial of building two pipelines. that is all about his reelection. nothing to do with energy independence for the american people. his liberal reign will end. and the american people will be free. because you see, what we need is a candidate in the likeness of a ronald reagan. who has a bold difference necessary to take on a barack obama. but we needed a fearless conservative with no compromises on their record on spending and health care and crony capitolism and defending america, standing with our ally, israel and on on securing our borders from
8:38 pm
illegal immigrants and defending innocent, unborn live or protecting marriage between one man and one woman. if anyone is confused so we can defeat barack obama. i believe that i am the best, true conservative who can, and will defeat barack obama in 2012. in over the next few days, just be prepared. the pundits and press will begin try to pick the nominee but there are many more chapters to be written on the path to the nomination. and i prefer to let the people of the country decide who will represent us. and i'm deeply grateful to our team, many dedicated volunteers giving so much of their time of their effort, it's amazing to see our offices filled with young people that volunteers because they need to have a better
8:39 pm
future. and i also thank all of the volunteers there almost on a daily basis making phone calls from before the straw polls. you know who you are. i know who you are. i thank you for your dedication. i hope you know how much it meant to me and our country. and it shouldn't be needed to be said but must be said. i must thank my wonderful husband of 33 years. he is the best campaigner in our family. and yesterday when out on main street in des moines he was buying doggy sunglasses for our dog, boomer while we were visiting many businesses and our children here this evening, our son, lucas and our son harrison and our daughter sophia we love them all. our 23 foster children we love them.
8:40 pm
my brothers are here tonight. scott, i have, paul, i have gary, my sister-in-law, laurie and i'm so grateful for them z my wonderful mother who if you wonder where i got my height from... i have no excuse. my mother jean and step dad, ray in all of my family who is here. their love and encourage and faith means more to me than i can begin to say but more than anything i thank the god who loves us and gave us life. who gave us our being who created and drew this nation into existence. it's the god of our fathers we give praise this evening. i thank you for being here tonight. god bless you. god bless the united states. >> there you have it. a clearly tired michelle bachmann as they all must be making the march at campaign headquarters.
8:41 pm
you've heard her say she is the person that will defeat barack obama. doesn't sound much like she's dropping out. her campaign manager asked if he could stay with certainty whether she'd go forward with her candidacy answered quote sh i don't know yet. it's hard to tell. but everything is planned. we leave it that tonight. michelle bachmann coming in last, secondly, i should say to john huntsman in her quest after winning that august straw poll. and oo 96% reporting. right now, former senator rick santorum is up by 79 votes. 96% reporting. he's up by 79 votes. now this is a caucus system. so there is no recount. these are done individually in the precincts so at as explained at the beginning of the show, the precinct caucus chairman tallies the vote,
8:42 pm
verify them there. there is the process. they verify them there. and then, they put it up for the state party. those are the official tallies. if a -- it's now 109. just changing. i'm getting much better on numbers. 109 santorum is up right now. 96% of the voting in. and there you can see the numbers full screen. let us check in with steve brown at the santorum campaign. first of all steve they have to be ecstatic. they've been to every pizza ranch in this place. and rick santorum has done more than 300 events in iowa and it looks like he can pull this together. >> this does and what rick santorum had, he put into the state of iowa. this is a guy who flew in on coach, zrnt a bus coach, was riding for three weeks in a pickup truck from point to
8:43 pm
point all over western iowa. while concentrating on jetting up the turn out in other parts of the country that some of the other candidates didn't put time into. while putting his dead down and worked he managed to pull something off we w.almost no preree sources. a historic night for him. >> and we toin get hard vote totals from the counties that are still out there, again, just a handful of votes separating rick santorum if nirs, governor mitt romney in second and ron paul, third. we're rocking it here in iowa. keep it here on fox. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
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8:48 pm
so you know 113 could go either way. you can bet both campaigns are watching this with baited breath right now. vote counters continue totally. and when you look at the counting and how it's come down between candidates it tells a story. >> you can see it directly on fox if you go to that site you can track the counties and precincts. and here is something interesting. herman cane got 57 votes. and as you scroll down, you can see the colors of the counties. brown is rick santorum. pins a picture of how expansive as well as space that santorum is taking, romney is the red. paul is blue. perry is, two counties down
8:49 pm
here in orange. and there, you can see it. we're waiting for more counties to come n but you can get a good breakdown of the exact vote total as it happens. just keep on refleshing. so let's take a look. and this is taking a look at the perry campaign. we're waiting for texas governor come out and speak to his folks at the perry campaign headquarters. that is michelle bachmann's campaign, i believe. there we go. he's finishing fifth in this race. and the question is... he told me today and i think he told you he's fighting in south carolina. that is going to be a big race. he says he's going on. >> and there are suggestions that he's decided he will sleep on it. and this is just coming in.
8:50 pm
there may be some confusion that each is waiting for a call from the another that will decide when rick santorum will come out. we'll see. one would wonder why one would come out before know whogt leader is. we're continuing to so a.wait governor perry and see what he has to say. and earlier he told us it's full steam ahead. michelle bachmann came in sixth. gingrich in fourth. ron paul came in third and said there are three winners in this race. three top vote getters, we will go on. and who will be able to claim the blue ribbon? we know not. >> as we wait for governor perry let's bring in our panel again. steve, your thoughts at this
8:51 pm
point? >> this is ron paul's high water mark. there are several reasons. he got 14% of the republican vote here, got a good job getting independents and democrats to come support him. and this is i think fifth is his high water mark. what we saw today from romney, santorum and newt gingrich, nastiness, uglyness, i think that is a preview of what we're like ilee to see until the end of january. newt gingrich says mitt romney is going to be managing the decay of the country. it's a tough shot. >> let me interrupt you there. we can see governor perry arriving at the microphone. let's listen in. >> thank you. you and ruth were awesome. i'm telling you. i can't think of better people to have had work in iowa for us. they did a fabulous job.
8:52 pm
and just i didn't, i want to take a moment and just say thanks to the people of iowa. they have welcomed us into their homes and these were communities that reminded us of places that we grew up and where i as agriculture commissioner travel add cross the state of texas. so much reminded me that have race back in 1990 when traveling across the state of texas. nobody thought we had a chance to win. and we surprised a lot of people. the fact is that by had that same feeling here. people who love americans who love the value that this country is based upon z this, all of the folks traveling from 30 plus states to come here and to work and to caucus and to put us -- up signs i want to share with you just a letter that was handed to me
8:53 pm
earlier. this is, he said, words cannot express how thankful i am for being able to serve thu past week. my name is colt smith. right there. brother. my name is colt smith. he said i'm 24 years old and just graduated from charleston state university. he said that he got his bs degree and ag and he graduated in top 10 in his class. of 13 just like di. right? -- did. and he said i drove here, i broke down in kansas. he said i spent 2,000ses today get it fixed and said, well, i got a loan. but still, made it. he said this has been the best
8:54 pm
experience of my life. he said if today i saw you for the first time in perry, iowa. he said i know you're a good man. but i never realized what a great man you were. he said it brought me to tears to see a man who feared the lord and when you told that soldier or you called him your christian brother, he said, blew me away. he said i want so much for me to know that, he said i want you to know i got to know your sochblt and i got to meet your
8:55 pm
wife anita. your family is wonderful. i've enjoyed my visit was your staff along the way. they're great people. i want you to know you matter. and you're making a difference. i visited a thousand homes today. and you matter to them, also. this has to be the greatest honor of my life. and you need more volunteers to help you in south carolina count me n i'll be happy to serve you there. colt from texas. i wanted to read that to you. and epsed it saying sorry about rambling so much but said i've been out since 1:30 in the morning outputting out signs. 400 signs. that is what it is all about, folks.
8:56 pm
that is what this is all been about. and i just want to say thank you to everyone who has come and volunteered and worked and made the most incredible experience for myself and for the woman that i have been so blessed to have had by my side for many years. 30 years of my life for what it's worth. there is not anybody that fought harder that has been a greater partner than my wife, my sweetheart, the love of my life. we're blesd to be representing the state of texas and frankly, representing america and i think values that are important to our country. and to be here with my children, you know when i began more than four months ago, i didn't do it because it was a life long ambition to be the president of the united states. i did it because our country
8:57 pm
is in trouble. many of you heard strit about us sitting on the couch talking about this wasn't my purpose in life. our country is in trouble. and it was my duty to serve my country one more time. and in this campaign has never been about me. bits a movement of american who's see our country that this really... not on the tracks most of us want it to be on. $15 trillion of debt. some 50 million americans on food stamps. 13 million of us, 13 million of our fellow citizens out of work. they don't see if washington is making -- willing to make hard decisions to help them get back on their feet again. they're looking for people to make right decisions. they're looking for someone
8:58 pm
that will stand up and give them hope that we can get this country back on track. with the voters decision tonight in iowa, i decided to return to texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus. determine whether there is a path forward for myself and this n.this race. and i believe that this is the greatest nation on the face of the earth. a nation i was blessed to serve as a pilot in the united states air force. and a nation that has been and will continue to be a beacon for freedom around the world. and dan moran, you... marines like yourself, people serving today, still, and airmen. sailors around the world, you've made every minute of
8:59 pm
this. worth it for ourselves. and with a little prayer and reflection i'm going decide the best path forward but i want to tell you there has been no greater joy in my life then to be able to share with the people of iowa and of this country that there is a model to take this country forward. and it is in the great state of texas. god bless you. thank you for being with us tonight. >> governor rick perry finishing fifth saying with prayer and reflection he will decide the next step. and not striking a tone suggesting a candidate will be moving on and confessing there is a final decision. we continue for results in this race. atop the leader board it comes down to


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