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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 3, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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rick santorum. romney campaign says they're not waiting to talk to the santorum campaign they're just waiting for results like the rest of america. welcome to america's election headquarters. it's too cross to -- close to you call. rick santorum over mitt romney. we're still waiting on votes, actual from story county. that is the university of iowa. sorry, iowa state. ing forrive me. and ames, don't e mail. associate td press just report that had quote, some guy is driving the vote tallies in his truck to the reporting centers and we're waiting on that guy from that guy n that
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truck. probably to determine this race as you look at the differential there, it's so close. you're talking about hundreds of votes from a place like story county. right now it's 113 separating rick santorum and rit mom knee. >> just comes down to that guy. and what about that guy? do they know that guy? are they waiting for that guy? is there any idea how fast that guy is driving? >> it's iowa. there are some highways with 70 miles per hour speed limits. there is iowa has a job tonight. it's not about picking winners. it's always been about winning in the field. sounds as though rick perry may be whittling in the field. you don't believe the playing field when there is still time left on the clock there. is a clear sign this may be the end of the road for them. it's worth voting he started late in the game and his aide
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said that he said then, they said then they had to figure out how to raise money, build the organization, and get the governor of texas ready for national debate. there is a rhetoric. there is an issue set z there is rival that's have you to know. know their moves and how to play against them. four months isn't a lot of time to learn that. clearly mr. perry is doubting he has the opportunity to learn it fast enough for remaining states. so there is iowa leading for rick perry. and where does that leave bachmann? then newt gingrich we know is going to go to new hampshire owe to take on mitt romney tomorrow. and this is a two-person race. the conservative majority of the republican party now has to take a look at mitt romney and his record and measure
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that against rick santorum who will get lots of money, lots of attention and tremendous scrutiny now. and mr. romney has not spent a lot of time criticizing rick santorum that. is going to start now, too. it's a new race. we have yet to hear from two person finishers. >> nothing to say yet? waiting for results like the rest of us. wish we had a better update for you. we don't. thank you. and 37 votes that is what separates first and second at this moment. 97% reporting. >> how many votes under the truck? >> some guy with a truck at least hundreds in that truck from ames, story county. homes of iowa state. one would think that would be a ron paul territory. and you don't know how that breaks out and there is 37 votes, at this hour?
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97% reporting? i think it's time to go to chris wallace. >> hey, brett. we're about the last hour my colleague here has been screaming at the television set. that i think... >> and saying rick santorum at 11:05 he should have announced he was the winner. and given his speech. >> but wait a minute he doesn't know he's the winner. >> it doesn't matter. he won. he gets to declare this, is a caucus. he gets to say he won. and he gets to say he beat everybody and going on to new hampshire what. is going on is that he's not saying that. everybody else has been talking and he's not getting his mess message out. his message, romney would love for this guy not to walk out at 3:00 in the morning.
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he needs to tell people why he won. >> and for a guy like him as opposed to romney who hasn't been out a lot. do you agree? >> i do. and he's probably looking too closely at numbers but there are 61 precincts still out in the state. and there is is 50 in 12 counties where romney is leading santorum. 11 are in five counties where santorum is leading romney. tending to indicate you're likely to see them come in. there is an example. story county has the largest group. >> this is where the guy in the truck is. >> 19 precincts are out. right now romney is leading
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that by 159 votes. over santorum. and there is 56% of the vote n if he wins the county he will gain 134 votes on santorum, wiping out the state wide advantage of 37 and put himself in the lead. what happens if he remains with 61 precincts? it might be saying i want to go out and i won. what a great victory. let's deal with aftermath coming in. and there is paying too much attention to say i don't want to go go out interest there. >> i say by gosh go out there and say a miracle happened. you know? i won tonight. you know? we won z focus on the message. not on the talk. >> i want headline to be the iowa headline as cross the count try your picture on the front page.
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>> right. they haven't gone down stairs to do that. and carl is right. this is probably going to go towards romney there. is a good chance that that is going to happen but in the end what are people going to remember? romney would love for santorum not to get exposure, people don't know who this guy is. with that coverage that is going happen he's not getting any of it okay. and having said that, and i get your point but actual number and who wins by what is going to be probably 100 votes may not be all about important. the first contest. who is going to win? >> i got to tell you folks they have beeni other. and well... >> i think that, go aad. >> ihink that you would think at this point i think romney probably squeaks this out because of the, where the
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remaining precincts are right now. and where is a guy with the truck? >> listen. what was he driving around in? a dodge pick up? that would be a bad sign. >> carl? you have broken this down. >> well if it's 12 counties, and there is where i'd have to go with numbers and say there is a narrow victory. and if i were a betting man and i'm not much of a better i'd bet on romney. >> there, you have it. consensus here is that romney is going to win this by a dozen votes. 100 votes, whatever. but also that santorum ought to declare victory zoo the
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panel here, they disagree. and going to take a look at the headquarters. and also getting color from our folks on the ground saying at santorum headquarters the crowd has just sung "god bless america" and "amazing grace". and they must be excited about what's happening with their candidate. mitt romney, they're waiting, too. and we can argue both men can win. and we'll continue to watch and see whether the santorum camp yain has a change of thought about the game plan tonight. >> back with our panel. bill, you -- do you think this is the right move for santorum? >> i think in a certain respect for the voters. there is more than half.
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and you get out there at 11:05. the country says oh, i guess they won as if people will know this has been an impressive performance. i think santorum and romney are waiting for votes to be counted is the right thing to do. >> and just listen to z.they're coming down apparently in five minutes. the santorum campaign saying rick santorum will address his crowd in five minutes. by don't know where the guy with the truck and votes... >> it won't take the story. the real place. people are going to be seeing what's happening over the next week what. we do know in 2008 with obama and clinton in new hampshire things happen very fast. and there is a going to be huge momentum. i don't know how available
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this s and i'd say and i understand that senator mccain may endorse rom nee. they're going to try to stop sant year yum's momentum now. and this is now getting very, very interesting. very fast. >> does it make it a real race between romney and santorum? and that this doesn't make him a national player? >> they've said they were planning for this process and suspected a tea party candidate to rise and they're prepared to take him on. i think difficulty is that he came to iowa and played in iowa and spent weeks here attacking newt gingrich. went after rick perry. he was an engaged candidate and he didn't get above, looks
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like what he got here. and this is a very active candidate over all across the country and so i think te have to face this new reality that there is a owe voter intensity f you look at if rick perry were to drop out he picks up more conservative votes. and michelle bachmann drops out he picks up her support. i think romney campaign has to take a look and think we've got a challenge here, now. they're going to be facing incoming from newt gingrich who is angry right now. and an angry candidate is not a good candidate. and rick santorum said that a
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romney victory would be a victory in november. and if he were president. i think if those combine to make this look like goitsing to get more intense and make it look less likely there is going to be a sense of who the winner will be in january. >> and if there are between romney and santorum, and gingrich stays in, he's not angry with santorum. >> that is the interesting thing. and this is when you didn't have to read between the lines in that speech unleashed soon against romney. >> and there is a two-page ad. that is not even close to what we're going to see z so he is going to experiment with
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positive campaigning. so if he is attacking romney, that doesn't make sense for gingrich. it seems vengeful. >> and the associated press reported twigs twis from a county official in story county, ames that they had this guy in a truck driving vote tallies to the site. a lot of people saying don't they have phones or computers? can't they give tallies that way? and we're trying to get to the bottom of it. associated press reported that twice about this so we're going to see. but that is one of the names out there. and there are hundreds of votes that decide this race. >> interesting question. i have thought on one hand with talk it's a virtual dead
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heat, this is often not true. and jimmy carter won a couple primaries in 1976 by 1% of the vote. 23, 22 and there is helping make him the nominee. story is that he was the winner. this is i hi an unusual circumstance. it maybe doesn't matter as much and this is coming out of this is that romney remains formidable but santorum is a serious challenger. i don't count out the possibility and i think the story is that this will not westbound out and i don't see how this closes down the way it happened in the past. in republican primary autos santorum is up by 34. and again, we're waiting on just a few votes left and
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checking in with steve brown real quick. is he available? >> i think they've just troin dused the senator, and it's going to take a couple minutes to come foot room. and to get into the room because it's jammed. they're going try to work him through the door. this is a guy who spent 30,000 hours in campaign says on television advertising and was beneficiary of do it yourself advertising efforts and grass roots work including a story just relayed to me about a couple decided they liked him so much they created their own radio spot zp z.put it on the air, borrowed money to put it on the air. and never told the campaign
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about it. they thought they'd do it for him on their own. it's that effort and the rise of him in the polls and iowa caucus goers so quick it was impossible to build that organization or the match for his momentum. >> he's making hisway in. and there is a tabulation about how much per vote f half it's $1.65 for santorum, $113 per vote per romney. unofficial but they're doing some early. let's listen. >> game on!
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as all of you know i do not speak from notes but there are a couple thing iz want to say that are more emotional so i'm going to read them as i wrote them. a flind friend is someone who knows the song in your skmart can sing it back to you when you've forgoten the words. my best friend, my life mate. sings that song when i forget the words. is my wife.
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people ask me how i've done this sitting back at polls and not getting a lot of attention paid to it. how did you keep going out to iowa? 99 counties? and 381 meetings and speeches? and every morning getting up in the morning to take on that challenge, i required the strength of another particular friendship. one that is sacred. i've survived challenges so far by daily grace that comes from god. forgiving me his grace every day. for loving me. warts and all, i offer a thanks to god.
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third thanks. thank you so much, iowa! you. you. by standing up and not compromising and standing up, being bold and leading. leading with a burden and responsibility you have to be first you've taken steps of taking back this country. this journey started officially just months ago in june. when i stood on the steps of the county court house in pennsylvania. i decided to go there not a
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typical place someone announces for president. not where i was born. not where i ever lived but where my grandfather came. back in 1925. he came by himself though he was married with two children. one of them being my father. he came after having fought in world war i, because mussolini had been in power three years and he figured out that facism is something that would crush his spirit and his freedom. give his children something less than he wanted for them. sow made a sacrifice. he left for coal fields of southwestern pennsylvania and worked in the mine in a company town that paid with coupons he used to call them. lived in a shack. and he figured out that that
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was a trip to nowhere. he started taking money less to he can start to save. and he did. after five years he brought my father over at age six. he ended up continuing to work in the mines until he was 72 years old. digging coal. i'll never forget the first time i saw someone who died. my grandfather. i knelt next to his coffin. all i can do is look at his hands. they were enormous hands. and all i can think was those hands dug freedom for me. so to honor him i went to somerset county because i believe foundation. the economy is in horrible condition. why our count story not as safe as it was and while
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threats are rising around the world. while the state of our culture under this administration continues to decline with the values that are unlike the values that built this country. that the essential issue in this race is freedom. whether we will be a country that believes that government can do things for us better than we can do for our selfs or whether we believe as our founders did, that rights come to us from god and when he gave us those rights he gave us freedom to go out and live those rights. out to build a great and just society not from the top down, but from the bottom up.
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my grandfather taught me basic things my dad taught me over again. work hard, work hard and work hard. and i think about that today. there are many men and women now who would love to work hard. but they don't have the opportunity. and we have two parties out talking about how they're going to solve those problems. one wants to talk about raising taxes on people who have been successful, redistributing money, increasing dependency in this country. promoting more medi yaid and food stamps and all sorts of social programs and passing obama care. to provide more government subsidies. more and more dependency and more and more government what my my grandfather left in 1925.
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there is another vision. there is another vision. republican vision let's just reduce spending and everyone will be fine. i believe in cutting taxes. and i believe in balancing budgets. i propose cutting $5 trillion from this budget over the next five years. and i support a balanced budget amount that cuts the cap at 18% of gdp. as a guarantee of freedom for this country. but... but i believe we as republicans have to look at those who are not doing well in our society. by just cutting taxes and balancing budgets. that is why i put forth a plan that says yes.
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let's flatten the tax bill. get rid of it. let's break two ranks. 10, 28. why 28? it's good enough for ronald reagan, it's good enough for me. then i take corporate tax, cut that in half. we need to be competitive. when i traveled around iowa to small towns, i found a lot of the small towns were just like small towns i traveled around in pennsylvania, towns that were centered around manufacturing and processing. good jobs that built those towns. those jobs slosly whether in timber or newton or any place in between, we found jobs leaving iowa. why? because workers didn't want to work. because they weren't competitive? no. it's because government made
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workers uncompetitive by driving up the cost of doing business here. it's 20% more expensive to do manufacturing jobs in this country than it is in the top nine trading parters that we have to compete with. that is why we're losing our jobs. so with republican purists say where y.are you treating manufacturing different than retail? i say because walmart is not moving to dhina and taking their jobs with them. so we eliminate corporate tax on manufacturing to we can compete. take regulations over $100 million and repeal regulations. repeal them all. there is a lot of them. under the bush administration and clinton administrations they averaged 60 regulations over $100 million a year, this administration gets 150 last
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year. you don't want to know what is crushing business? this administration is crushing business. people have asked me well why do you think you can win? because we've been told by many people that there is another candidate in this race. who is running rather close race with me tonight. that is a better person to choose because he can win. let me tell you. what wins -- what did you say? romney care? okay. i just didn't hear you. what wins, wins in america are bold ideas. sharp contrast. and a plan that includes every one. and plan that includes people from all across the economic
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sectors. a man says we will work together to get america to work. how did i win when i won in pennsylvania? because we went out and worked in the communities like i grew up in. a field hand. how was i able to win as a congressman in a 60% democratic district? then in a 70% democratic district which representing all abandoned field mills in pittsburgh? all of them. all of them along the river. those mills were in my district. i want, ran in a tough election year when george bush senior was losing about i a landslide in my district. i got 60% of the vote.
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because i shared the values of the working people in that strict. if we have someone to go out to western pennsylvania and ohio and indiana and wisconsin and iowa and missouri and appeal to voters that have been left behind by a democratic party that wants to make them dependent instead of valuing their work, we will win this election. those are the same people that president obama talked about clinging to their guns and their bibles. thank god they do. they share our values about
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faith and family. they understand that when the family breaks down, the economy struggles. they understand when families aren't there to instill values into their children and into they're neighbors as little league coaches and good neighbors of fathers and mothers being part of a community, that the neighborhood is not safe, and they are not free. these are the basic values that america stands for. those are the values that we need if we're going to go up against barack obama and win this election and restore the founding principles of the country to america.
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i want to close by thanking all of you who have been an incredible journey. 99 counties. 381 town hall meetings. 36 pizza ranches. and you notice i'm not buttoning my coat for a reason. okay. i love iowa but the fair can be a little bit thickening. it's been a great journey. i just have to say i said the three words i heard most often when traveling around this state. well that, was... late. welcome to iowa!
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i want to thank the director on stage who introduced many folk who's stood up when no one else was standing up. folk who's when sitting at single digits in the polls believed in the message and cause. and were willing to stand behind us and do what was not popular in the world today. lead. they led. and to each and everyone of you i want to thank you for leading and doing what is necessary to promote the cause of liberty. thank you. i have to give a shout out to the guy who helped us on the ground here as a volunteer
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late became a symbol of the campaign. the owner of the chuck truck. i love that -- i don't often talk about the "new york times". but i love that graphic in the "new york times" that had how the entourages traveled around the state. there is long roads of buses and people and airplanes and suvs and people and staff. and then, all the way at the bottom... was the chuck truck. me, and matt and one of my kids. that was on the front lawn. i started with this and i'm going to end with it. i haven't written a bunch of books in my life. i've written just one. i started my speech talking
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about my wife. and i'll end it talking about the others in my life. my kids that are up here. they have not seen much of their dad over the past several months. yet they've stood by me every step of the way. encouraged me and loved me. unconditionally. there is another little girl not here tonight. she's our little isabella maria. we don't take her out in crowds. she has a disibility that has a according to the records 1% chance of survival after one year, she's three and a half years old.
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isabella is here with us in spirit and deeply embedded into my heart. ask me what motivates me, it's been the dignity of every human life. god has given thus great country to allow his people to be free. and given us that dignity because we're a creation of his. we need to honor that creation and whether it's sanctity of life in the womb or the dignity of every working person in america, to fulfill their potential you will have a friend in rick santorum.
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we're off to new hampshire. because message tonight is not an iowa message or an iowa and south carolina message. it's a message that will resonate across the land and it will resonate, i know in new hampshire because you think i've been in iowa a lot? i've been in new hampshire 30 times and have been more times and done more events than anyone and john huntsman, he lives tlchl we'll leave tomorrow and will spend our time there. and with your help and god's grace we'll have another fun night a week from now. god bless you. >> former senator rick santorum. hugging his wife there. talking about his family.
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and an amazing story tonight. out of the iowa caucuses no matter how final votes come down with 98% of the expected votes in now. only five votes separating santorum and romney. he calls it a great journey. he went to 99 counties in the state. and said what wins in america are bold ideas and shamp contrast directly addressing his closest competitors tonight governor mitt romney. and a lot of times people focus on social issues but rick santorum on the stamp talked a lot about the economy and manufacturing. a lot of people here in iowa say that struck a chord. tonight he's the story out of the iowa caucuses from nothing in the polls to a possible victory here. >> and rick santorum put it, game on. we expect to hear from mitt romney. we're told, there he s we're
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told by carl cameron that his aides set up a teleprompter for him, then remove that had teleprompter. there is the candidate with his wife, ann and four of the five boys. let's take a listen. >> this has been a terrific night. congratulations to rick santorum. we don't know who won yet but here we are. and this is the beginning of a journey. i think all of you in this room recognize how important this journey s so i'm thrilled to introduce to you the next president of the united states. >> i thought she's going to talk for a while. what happened? we don't know what the final
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tally is going to be. congratulations to rick santorum. it has been a great victory for him and his effort. we feel it's been a great victory for us, here, as well. ron paul had a great night this, is been terrific. i think it's great that here in the heartland of america today a campaign begins all three of us will be campaigning hard to make sure we restore heart and sole -- soul of the nation. thank you, iowa for a great send off you're giving to us. this is a campaign night where america wins we're going to change the white house and get america back on track. and i'm proud tonight to introduced by my sweetheart of i was going to say 42 years, sweet hearts longer than that. and behind her, four of our five sons one son is a
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resident in a hospital and so he can't be here tonight. but this has been a family affair for us and in this room we feel like family with you. you guys have been extraordinary. this for those that don't know this theme has done extraordinary work. when i ran four years ago we had 52 members of the staff this, campaign we've had five. you guys have done the work under the direction of dave cocel and sarah hill. thank you owe for the work you've done. and you were working and i'm working and we're all working together because of our passion for this country and owe our concern it's being led by a president who may be a nice guy but is just over his head. i look at his campaign four years ago tonight he was giving a victory celebration speech. here in des moines and had
9:42 pm
been going across the state making all sorts of promises. the gap between his promises four years ago and his performance is as great as anything i've seen in my life. we face a challenge in america. that is internationally iran is about to have nuclear weapons and this president said he'd have a policy of engagement how has that worked out? we have no sanctions of a severe nature crippling sanctions put in place. president was silent when dissident vices took to the streets in iran and hasn't prepared military options to present our ability to take out the threat presented by iran. and then, how about with regards to the economy? he went out and borrowed $787 billion and his administration said they'd hold unemt employment bean low 8%. it hasn't been since.
9:43 pm
there are 25 million people out of work unable to get the kind of job as louing them to meet their needs. this is not just a statistic. these 25 million people these are real people whose lives have been impacted severely. people lose their jobs over a long period of time. sometimes lose their marriages and faith and become depressed this, is a tragedy ask didn't need to happen. this has made it harder for businesses to grow and hire to put people back to work. one more aspect of the track record has been a failure. he was critical of president bush for not balancing the budget. his deficits have been three times larger or more and has been on track by the end of his first term, his only term, by the way... and he's on
9:44 pm
track... he's on track to put almost as much public debt in place as all prior presidents combined. this has been a failed presidency. i'm actually convince fd we want to get jobs to get into this country it's helpful to have a person who had a job in the private sector to create jobs in the private sector. he said three years ago after inaugurated on the "today" show is if i can't get this economy turned around in three years, i'll be looking at a one term proposition. we're here to collect. i will go to work to get america back to work by making america the most attractive place in the world for jobs that will begin to flow like they have in the past. i'll keep our regulations to
9:45 pm
see their job to encourage enterprise. make sure we've opened up new markets for american goods and take vachkt energy resources near oil and gas and nuclear and renewable. and also dot work of getting ourselves to cut federal spending and capping how much we spend and balancing our budget. i think it's immoral to continue to spend our kids future year after year, trillions of dollars and knowing we can't pay it back. it's wrong z it will end under my administration. and you've heard me say this before. i've been asked how are you going cut programs? i'm going to look at the programs we have and i'm going to ask with regards to each one of them is
9:46 pm
that so critical that this is worth borrowing money from china to pay for it? number one on the list will be oak yaup -- obama care, that will be gone. but this election is bigger even then jobs in a strong economy. it's bigger than a budget that is balanced. and it's really an election about the soul of america. the question is are we going to continue to the vision of the founders when crafting this country they said that the creator endowed us with certain rights. among them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. and that word, that phrase pursuit of happiness deal was the opportunity associated with this great nation.
9:47 pm
we're in opportunity land. people came from around the world seeking freedom personally able to koos their own course in live. they came to america and by virtue of their passion they helped lift the nation. they didn't make us poorer by their success they made us better off. and the president has a different view. that is seeing a opportunity society. i think he takes inspiration from social welfare states of europe. he wants to make us an entitlement society where government takes from some to give to others. the only people who do well are the people in the government. the right course is an opportunity nation. the right course for america economically personally and
9:48 pm
morally is for america for the principals and our conviction of freedom is a gift of god. our rigs that america is a merit society people based upon their education and hard work and risk taking. their dreams. can lift them selfs and people around them and lift our nation. that is what we need to restore in this country. i love this country. i love the hymns of america. and another favorite verse, o, beautiful for heroes prove in liberating strive. before the country loved. do we have tret vet trans in the room tonight? please, raise your hanld and be recognized.
9:49 pm
and one more version, let me just quote. oh beautiful for operate trit dream that sees beyond the year. patriots, founders of the country had a dream not just for their time but it sees on to our time. i don't want to do as the president says to transform america into something we might not recognize. i want to restore the principles that made america the hope of the earth. i love our freedoms. i love our constitution. i love our land. i love our people. and i love the fact that this is the land of opportunity. let us restore the greatness of america and keep this land the hope of the earth. thank you very much for your help. hon to -- on to new hampshire. and let's get that job done. come visit us tlchl we've got work ahaechld thanks, you guys!
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>> mitt romney addressing his supporters in campaign headquarters getting a hug from his wife. offering a very different speech tonight to those there to support him. and focus on president obama as he had been. not as much on his own biography. and rick santorum speaking from the heart. mitt romney spoke about president obama and i can tell you that the speech is almost word for word what he said today. except for the part at the end. so the two candidates an example of what we may see going forward as these two men begin the fight in rick santorum's words as the game is on, bret. >> now we just had a a turn, started to talk and looking live at mitt romney. santorum is still up.
9:51 pm
what is the difference? i didn't read it. 33 votes. >> 99% in. >> 34 votes. and there you go. there, i can see it. 34 votes. separate with 99% of the expected votes tallied n rick santorum has the lead at this point what. we don't know is what it takes. we don't know about this truck, you heard a story about a truck from ames and story county wex don't know. we're waiting to hear from county officials. and we're also waiting to hear from the g.o.p. at the convention center just getting word iowa party officials may have a possible announcement coming at the convention center we'll see that live, here. you have 34 votes separating these two candidates. let's bring in ed raul yinz fox news contributor. ed, this has been an amazing
9:52 pm
race. a long night. what are your thoughts? >> extraordinary night. interesting thing is that romney has the same vote, 30,000 four years ago, held that vote. didn't expand it. santorum came from nowhere. i think they're saying is a tie when it the rest of it but it's an extraordinary race now. he has ability to go to new hampshire and wage a serious campaign. and so i think we've got, as he said, game on. and we can, he's a conservative and i think that it's an extraordinary race. >> and we're told votes have arrived at the convention center. let's take a look. we're waiting for a possible announcement from the g.o.p. officials here and we could get an announcement and you'll see it here, ed, contrast two
9:53 pm
speeches heard tonight from rick santorum and from mitt romney. results? >> both long. they can be shortened. romney a little more polished. santorum has a better tri. a popular story of the coal miner and what have you. i think so-to-a certain extent they'll both get more developed. santorum has a whole campaign to put together. and he had a campaign in iowa, volunteers. now, he has to put a national campaign together beginning in new hampshire. and there is and will be a real task. >> ed, what, you know, is a win a win? n.iowa? you say it's a tie. but whoever squeaks out a win tonight will have bragging
9:54 pm
rights down the road. >> santorum has bragging rights tonight. he took the front runner and person leading in l the polls and he tied and beat them whatever the case may be. and standing side by side with romney. putting everybody else at rest for the immediate future. i think he comes out as winner. >> what would conventional wisdom be, then? the final vote in iowa we're going to move to new hampshire next. mitt romney pulling ahead there. so you foe, you can assume that he'll do well in that state if not win it. then what does south carolina look like? >> south carolina is a war zone. and we kind of campaign we've seen waged is what south carolina loves. above i will say this about new hampshire having spent many winters in new hampshire. it's a state that changes. it's a state that though romney had a lead there not
9:55 pm
had a challenger up there governor huntsman is making an attempt. i think there is a race on now. you'll see this thing close up over next few days and santorum wasn't known will be the in the next week. i think will be a closer race. >> quickly add about rick santorum and money issue. we're talking tonight about super tax and how much they're going to play. if there is a lot of support around santorum super tax could play in parts of new hampshire or super bowl? >> it can play anywhere at this point in time. and the faster is mr. rove. and at the end of the day here, you know money will not be an object. romney has the organization. and it been together a long time.
9:56 pm
as you saw it's a volunteer effort. iowa is a unique place but you can't underestimate. conservatives want a challenger to mitt rom nee. if santorum can carry that torch he'll be a credible opportunity. >> and iowa precincts say they'll have reportings soon and if not they'll come to the podium and tell us why here on fox news, america's election headquarters.
9:57 pm
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