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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 5, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>megyn: thanks for watching, everyone, time now for shepard smith and i am just going to, shepard? >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." rick santorum pockets $1 million overnight and some of the g.o.p. candidates are scrambling for cash. we are live in new hampshire with new numbers on how the candidates are doing. and american teenager ran away from home. 14. and ends up in colombia. her grandmother says the feds deported her. but she is an american citizen. and can a drug sniffing dogs nose be too good? we will tell you of a case that, really, could change the way police investigate drug crimes across our nation. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b."
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from fox at 3:00 in new york city, president obama making an unprecedented appearance at the pentagon press room over reshaping the military. he says armed forces will be scaled down but still prepared for all threats. >> our military will be leaner but the world must know the united states and going to maintain our military superiority with flexible and agile armed forces ready for the full range of contingencies. we can keep our military strong and our nation secure with a defense budget that continues to be larger than, roughly, the next ten countries combined. >>shepard: larger than the next ten countries combined marking a shift away from the ground wars of the past decade.
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>> the pentagon did not talk numbers but has been tasked with cutting at least $487 billion from the budget. the focus will shift to asia, air power, the u.s. will no longer attempt to fight two land wars simultaneously and the army will get smaller. >> we have to remember the lessons of history. we cannot afford to repeat the mistakes that have been made in the past after world war ii, after vietnam, when our military was left ill prepared for the future. as commander in chief i will not let that happen again. not on my watch. >> shrinking the army and trying to fight from the air and sea has been tried in the past and rumsfeld tried that, to a leaner army and more agile military on the eve of 9/11 and you saw how they had continued up the amendment after that. secretary gates was fond of saying the pentagon has had a near perfect record in
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predicting war. and always wrong. >>shepard: how much of a cut back? >> right now the army is 570,000 troops and this outlines does not outline exactly how small but it will go down to 490,000, marines will lose 25,000, essentially the amendment will be the hardest hit and critics say this budget is balanced on the backs of the army. >>shepard: and they saying this could send a message to iran, not the message we want to send. >>reporter: dangerous timing. i asked the chairman of the joint chiefs exactly that and he pushed back. >> nobody has said and it does not say we will not fight land wars. it is a mistake to suggest or to you or anyone to walk away with the impression we are going to hook ourselves to a point on the
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spectrum of conflict. >>reporter: but they will try to have a leaner army. and president obama said his budget, his defense budget, after 10 years, would still be larger than that of the last year of the bush administration. >>shepard: thank you from the pentagon, jennifer. the president today acknowledged there will be critics of the defense overhaul. some who will say the spending cuts are too big and others who will say they are too small. and now, from the brookings institute a nonprofit organization in washington, dc. >>guest: i like it. it is smart strategy for the days and the time which we live. the change from two simultaneous ground wars at a time to something like one plus, makes sense at a time when saddam is gone, iraq will not threaten its neighbors. and more of our threats are maritime, iran threatening the
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strait of hormuz. the navy is not taking the same level of cuts at the army or china's rise is still a concern, obviously, and the navy and air force need to be ready, so, it has avoided the slicing where you take a little bit out of everything and hope for the best. and even so, the army is taking the brunt, but 490,000 army is much bigger than i expected would come from the review and still, more, than at the end of the clinton or going of the bush years so i am not sure we got $470 billion and 10 years savings whether this is enough to mandate that level of cuts but what happens if sequestration occurs? this plan is designed to accommodate $450 billion in 10 years mandated in august by budget control act. and the super committee failed, sequestration is the law of the
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land it requires $500 billion in cuts other 10 years, and there is no plan to accommodate that. we hope we will soften that blow. >>shepard: the critics, have a number of complaints. >>guest: well, it will be interesting to see where they come from. the president has been careful here. he didn't talk a lot of numbers. we don't know, for example, how many f35 fighter jets are cut. or the number of missile defense secretary of defense -- missile defense programs are cut back. what i would cut back where it says in the document we are not like throw do large scale counterinsurgency again. i don't think we want to do that again. but, sometimes you don't have a choice. what if pakistan collapses and the army pleads with us for help so they do not lose their nuclear weapons? that is a situation where if you
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don't like that mission you could feel pressure to do it. that is the one comment i would scrutinize in the weeks ahead. >>shepard: a lot of what if's to consider. thank you, michael. fox news is america's election headquarters and the former senator rick santorum gaining cash after a strong showing but he has a long way to go to get near the former massachusetts governor mitt romney. according to a tracking poll, rick santorum has moved up to third place in new hampshire but he is still a distant third behind mitt romney in the lead with 41 percent. ron paul is second with 18 percent. yesterday, rick santorum was at the bottom with 5 percent. here is the current national picture according to the real clear politics average of all of the reputable polls, senator rick santorum is near the bottom
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of the pack. carl cameron has the news in new hampshire this afternoon for us. carl, frontrunner is not even in new hampshire. >>carl: mitt romney is taking a powder headed to south carolina to the first-in-the-south primary states and lobbying the battlefield in the first primary state. you cannot wonder too much why. he has such a huge lead in the polls and he thing he can put time in the future contests in order to feather his nest in races to come leaving the frank supposed and they are coming after him, the republican rivals in new hampshire trying to take mitt romney down in the last few days. here is a quick look at criticism over the first of the nation primary state. >> as governor he appointed liberal governors to appease the democrats, as governor he raised taxes. as governor, he put planned parenthood in romney care and as
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governor, plan romney care has taxpayer paid abortions, a very big difference in our values. >>carl: we have electability program because the election will turn on trust. people don't trust their institutions of power. they don't trust their elected officials or the banks on wall street. banks that are too-big-to-fail. and my concern is if you have a nominee who has been on three sides of every issue. >> nominate someone who presents a clear contrast. i have never been for government run health care. never. like the other two folks who are running here who have supported individual mandates, i have not. >>carl: he is talking about newt gingrich and mitt romney, huntsman passed one in his home state but in fairness to newt
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gingrich, ron paul is not here, heel be back tonight and tomorrow to hit the campaign trail and he went back to his home state of texas to spend time off the trail after the iowa race this week. >>shepard: we heard from huntsman and he spent a lot of time in effort in new hampshire. is there a sense that could pay off? >>carl: he hopes so, obviously, calling himself the underdog. early today i asked him if he was trying to copy what was done in iowa where an unknown candidate who toiled in obscurity in the far stretches of the state was able to rise from behind and did, that is what rick santorum did. listen to huntsman now. >> you can point to the rick santorum model, he did the same thing, i remember when people said, it didn't amount to much. two weeks ago there was a poll i was ahead of him in that poll in iowa, and i was not competing in what with. and the pundits said, no longer matters. the grass roots stuff is if longer germane.
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he proved the world wrong. and i say the same thing will happen here. >>carl: that says so much that huntsman would seek to compare himself toll rick santorum and his search in iowa but it will be tougher in new hampshire. is not a caucus but a primary, a different structure and different folk, spending more time in new hampshire than my candidate and he is down ten percent. many thinks if he does not come in a strong third or better it could be the end of the road. >>shepard: thank you, carl. the next two g.o.p. contests she the contrasts in the party. and between the candidates. we will look at the new hampshire and south carolina races. and how the frontrunners will try to chip away at each other. also, united states officials have deported an american teen, a 14-year-old. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery?
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>> a dallas teenager missing for more than a year has now turned up in colombia. i'm not talking missouri. federal officials deported her without ever bothering to con fell her identity. here is the back story as we
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know it. her grandmother says the 15-year-old ran away in the fall of 2010 after her parents got divorced. the grandmother says the gill went to houston. she found her there on facebook. and police at the same time, arrested the 14-year-old girl for stealing. reports indicate she gave officers a fake name. that she pulled out of thin air. but it turned out it belonged to an illegal immigrant from colombia who has warrants and officials did not bother to check out her story to find out that was not her name before shipping her off to south america where she got a job as a maid. but the grandmother says she doesn't even speak spanish. the reports indicate that colombian sports are still holding the teen who is now pregnant. federal officials say they are looking into how this could happen in the first place. and now, the new york prosecutor is with us, and fox news legal analyst and defense attorney
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arthur aidala. she was on the official state list of missing children, if they checked it they who is realized. but they didn't. although they didn't know her name they could have cross-referenced it with facial technology. now she is in colombia. >> and they had her fingerprints. they don't lie. troubles teens under arrest, sometimes do lie. that is what happened. and all the signs were there. get the information, they take the name, she is 15. comes back at 22. a woman from south american, not african-american. this is not a screw up, this is an outright disaster. inexcusable. a 15-year-old ends up in another country to which she had no connection because they don't bother to check the fingerprints the most basic functions of law enforcement. >>arthur: look, they obviously will have their side of the story, their side of the story is they are investigating to look what happened. they went as far as taking her fingerprints but it seems on the
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face of the story, they did everything they were supposed to do but actually look at the results: it is interesting that when she gets to colombia she doesn't protest or that we know of. >>shepard: she ran away. she didn't want to be there. art at one thing about not being home and being this houston next but another thing going to a different continent where you don't speak the language. it is also interesting she now is being held although the united states of america has acknowledged that there is an issue here and we want her back, colombia is detaining her and have refused to turn her over. so, my optimistic guess is that there are a few facts we may not know of, and if it is the way you just report the the story, it is horrible. >>shepard: i.c.e., the federal agency here and i quote, "as a standard protocol criminal database surges and verification were conducted and reveals no information to invalidate her claims." she made up a name.
12:18 pm
made it up. which indicates when they did this crosscheck she was from colombia. she speaks no spanish. that is it. how syma fell for them to have figured this out. these are professors, it is not the average person on the street which even they would get this right. everyone watches tv. they know you use the prints to see who she is. they did not check out a teenager's identity and send her off to another continent. >>shepard: and colombia is refusing to send her back. but that will get fixed. it is my understanding that will get fixed. this has become a big international issue. >>arthur: okay. >>shepard: you could not finish that thought in five seconds? no? arthur cannot do anything in five seconds. anna-sigga, thank you. arthur.
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>>shepard: we got great job news, private sector hiring surged last in, the biggest jump in two years. the payroll company reports that employers added 325,000 jobs in
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december mostly among smaller businesses according to adp. that's great. >>gerri: it is. but there is more good news. calm down the calm down. so the number is down 15,000. people filing first-time unemployment, down 15,000 to 372,000. but you take the full week average and that is what the geeks do, the number is 373,000, below 400,000, very good news. that is the lowest in three years. we love to see that. the trend is in the right direction. it is not perfect but getting better. the big thing with the unemployment numbers the jobless rate is worse than it was supposed to be at 8.7 percent, but 150,000 people and an increase if that number, there, and i have to tell you because of the adp number a lot of analysts of making the numbers lock better so we can get a
12:24 pm
surprise on the positive side tomorrow morning. friday. >>shepard: mixed news on retail. >>gerri: a lot of discounting going on. if you did not discount you did not do well. macy's had a bang up december 6.2 percent gain in sales. limited was 7 percent. and costco up 7 percent but analysts were disappointed. and people were not buying a lot of things they normally buy, like warm scarfs and hats because it has not been that cold. >>shepard: it was the last few days, though. >>gerri: true. >>shepard: and you if don't get the fox business network for gerri, demand it. a day after police shot and killed an 8th grade boy who
12:25 pm
was armed with a pellet gun a father demands answers. >> he was a juvenile, a child, my child, and it is unnecessary. >>shepard: at a middle school in brownsville, texas. the 15-year-old refused to drop what they believed at the time to be a handgun. of course it wasn't a handgun but a pull let gun and we have the 9-1-1 call from inside the school. >>shepard: three shots from police, that proved fatal. people at scene believed the teen was a real threat. it was captured office dispatch recording that we are about to hear. trace is live on the west coast news hub. tell us of the recordings. >>trace: riveting exchange. at the end of the recording you can hear the shots. but before the police arrived the school says the student,
12:26 pm
15-year-old, assaulted another classmate and grabbed that gun and was waving it and threatened school officials. the school immediately went on lockdown and here is what happened when police showed up. >> subject is 5' 7". >> where is he? >> in the principal's office. through the front door. shots fired. >> you could hear the three shots fired and look at the gun, now. this is a pellet gun but unlike bb guns and toy guns, the law does not require them to have the orange tips we have become accustomed to but the law varies from state to state. >>shepard: the cops toll the kid over and over and over again to drop the gun. >>trace: we went back and listened to the tape and it was 3 1/2 minutes long and they said
12:27 pm
drop the gun or put it on the floor at least ten different times, maybe more. you heard earlier in the recording where people in the background said, look, this guy is willing to die, he is 15-year-old, and here is what happened when the police got to the scene. the let the 9-1-1 call. >>trace: it was 3 1/2 minutes long and you can hear the principal yelling and students yelling and the 15-year-old began running down the hall when the police opened fire. three shots. >>shepard: trace, thank you. we are counting down now to the primary in new hampshire and the candidates are facing a different group of voters than those in iowa. what does it take to win them over? that is next.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour, time for the to which the news. fox news is america's election headquarters. religion will lay a much smaller role in the next presidential nominating contest according to the data that shows new hampshire has many fewer evangelical christians who launched former senator rick santorum to a near victory in iowa. according to a report from the pew forum on religion and public life evangelicals make up 24 percent of the population in iowa but only 11 percent in new hampshire and vermont, combined. and million through in new -- ad molly is in new hampshire. what are they doing to win over
12:32 pm
new hampshire voters? >>reporter: a different landscape and challenge in new hampshire. some similarities. both mostly caucasian states. but there are a lot of key differences. you hit a main one: conservatism. there are a lot of conservatives. particularly religious conservatives and evangelical conservatives in iowa but not in new hampshire, a small portion. exit polling in 2008 when people were asked, how conservative they felt they were, very conservative was just 21 percent of people loaning the exit polls and republicans leading the polls. in 2008. and a big could be tingent in new hampshire of those that sometimes vote democrat and sometimes vote republican. in this contest, the independents can vote in the republican primary or they could cast their vote for president obama so it will be interesting to see how many come out and vote in this primary and come out and pick the republican candidate and how many are watching. we had a chance to talk to a lot of voters and we spoke with one
12:33 pm
professor who said that the voters here could be taking a little bit of notice of what is happening in iowa. take a listen. >> they will look at the papers tomorrow, watch tv, and see, who finished first, second, or third, so iowa help as little bit, at least, in framing the choices the new hampshire voters have to make. >> i spoke with a couple of voters about this and he says there are strong minded people in new hampshire that would make up their own mind. >>shepard: what do the primary goers say? >>reporter: we talked to a lost voters. something look at the paper and considering what happened in iowa and maybe narrow their choices but a lot of them say what happens in iowa, happens in iowa. and what happens in new hampshire, happens in new hampshire. it has never happened that a nonincumbent g.o.p. candidate has won both iowa and new hampshire because the voters are
12:34 pm
such a different group of people. >>shepard: thank you, molly from new hampshire. and with us g.o.p. strategist who was new jersey's governor pollster and strategist in 2009 when christie defeated corzine. and served as pollster and strategist for several g.o.p. members. what do you make of things headed into new hampshire? >>guest: i love it. mitt romney, i think, you know, looking at it is in go position. here is why: he won iowa. he will win new hampshire. now, there is a lot of people who will split in south carolina the antiromney vote. this will benefit romney. the other candidates will split the conservative, and evangelical. and i would not be surprised if in a crowded field romney comes away with the win in south carolina just like john mccain did back in 2008. >>shepard: who is destined to
12:35 pm
not do well here? and why? >>guest: well, i think, i would be surprised if newt gingrich is able to find some of that mojo he had weeks ago. that magic. i would be surprised. >>shepard: that he had weeks ago, because that is long gone. >>guest: long gone. >>shepard: he is the attack dog in chief to team up with rick santorum to beat the crap out of mitt romney. >>guest: that is his job but the problem is when you are the attack dog those folks scatter and do not come back to newt if you attack, attack, attack, who knows where it goes? the fact is, there could be a romney vote there that doesn't go anywhere. they will just not care, they will understand what newt is trying to do and they will not care. >>shepard: he is at 40 percent or 41 percent but i cannot find another state where mitt romney can get above 25 percent and if
12:36 pm
he cannot do that how will he think of winning the presidency? >>guest: this is the funny thing. the non-romney vote is not --. >>shepard: the antimitt. or the "not" mitt. >>guest: say he has 25 percent, that is 75 percent if you show me a poll that says 75 percent of not going to vote for mitt under any circumstances, that is an antimitt vote. a non-mitt vote is in a multicandidate field, six people, 25 percent --. >>shepard: evangelical christian in mississippi will get excited and run out to the polls and vote for mitt romney. >>guest: they will be excited to vote against president obama. >>shepard: that is different. >>guest: president obama does what no republican can do, unites the different bases. >>shepard: interesting. nice to see you. thank you for coming. >>shepard: a top government
12:37 pm
scientist says we need more researches whether fracing pose as threat to our environment, a drilling method to get oil out of shale, creating a natural bass boom but critics say it is an environmental hazard and now colorado is putting in regulations to regulate this. and now, to commerce city, colorado. i hear that it could be responsible for all the earthquakes that are happening. >>guest: yes, there are scientists that are not sure what the impact is going to be, and there are also experts in ohio that are curious about this, as well. however, here in colorado they have made some tough regulations and put them in place to make the process of drilling were more trance -- transparent because they have been asking what is in that fluid being pumped into the ground to release that oil and gas and the energy companies are saying that most of it is water but the concern is over the chemicals
12:38 pm
and whether it contaminates the ground water. the governor called on the oil and gas industry to sit down with environmentalist groups and state regulators to grow on how much the public would be told. every entity had to compromise but the oil and gas industry said it will reveal the chemical that it is putting into the ground if it can keep the ratios how much chemical to how were water. now, we had a crew when this announcement was made with the governor here and it is actually unique, to see environmental groups and the folks in the oil and gas industry standing there together making nice to make the announcement over the new regulation. >>shepard: how colorado's go got this to happen when others are fighting about this. >>guest: well, the governor has a unique resume, and because of his expertise in multiple fields, he has a lost credibility with folks on both sides. the governor began his career as
12:39 pm
a geologist who worked the oil and gas industry and went on to become a very successful businessman in denver. he is a democrat who became mayor and ultimate one of the most popular governors in the country. so, people feel like he has credibility because he understands the sensitivity to the bake natural born enemies. >>shepard: thank you from commerce city, colorado. one of europe's most activity volcanos is erupting for the first time this new year, mount etna on the mediterranean island of sicily releasing a column of ash16,000 feet above sea level and officials have held a meeting but no change as of now to any air flights. >> probably the biggest issue for the united states supreme court this year is health care. people trying to get the law struck down jut hit a job snag. we will tell you about that.
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>>shepard: supreme court battle over the health care overhaul officiallicies off tomorrow. that is when the high court will review legal briefs on lawsuits that challenge the overhaul. you will recall 26 states are suing. all states with republican leaders they say it is unconstitutional, specifically the individual mandate forcing most person to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. the high court reports they plan to hear arguments, opening arguments, in the month of march. and now, russian on -- shannon
12:44 pm
is covering this. the plaintiffs had a set back. >>reporter: most important for any case is establishing standing, you have to have a plaintiff to show he will be impacted by the law. the one plaintiff both side would be appropriate, a small business owner in florida who would not be able to afford the cost, has gone out of business. some argue that means the case falls apart but others named and the group backing the primary lawsuit against the health care law has formally asked the court to allow it to add two other business own owners and the justice department is not opposing that. what should we expect from the briefs that hit the court tomorrow? >>guest: the first formal argument to the supreme court in this case, and the government will say that is constitutional, and opponents filed their first brief and will tackle the issuing aing if the mandate is struck down the rest of the law
12:45 pm
has to fall, as well, something they argue the administration lawyers have conceded to and extent in the lower court cases that were argued leading to the big one and now the supreme court, tomorrow sex round one. >>shepard: thank you. the florida attorney general is asking the supreme court to get involved in a drug sniffing dog case. florida's highest court ruled that cops crossedded line when they searched miami area home after a drug dog detected a scent outside the front door. and now to the judge, judge napolitano, our senior judicial analyst. dog outside, smells the weed inside, and cops --. >>judge napolitano: reliability of the dog is an issue. the trial judge held a trial and the cops testified and the trainers testified and decided it was unreliable that the dog could give a false positive and that was not a sufficient basis to issue a search warrant. a search warrant requires
12:46 pm
probable cause, the standard is in the constitution, and it means it is more likely than not to a neutral person that crime is occurring this the area searched. the florida courts found a dog can not make that determination and the prosecutors are appealing this to the supreme court which may or may not take the case. if it does not take the case the florida rule stands you cannot use the dog. if it does it is interesting what they will do. it will probably interfere with the florida ruling because last june the supreme court said a human being's sense of smell on the outside of a case of what he senses coming from inside the house is sufficient not only to get a search warrant but to breakdown the door and march in and arrest the people who are producing the odor of marijuana. >>shepard: you get to be kidding, breakdown the door for someone smoking weed? >>judge napolitano: it defies 70 years of privacy jurisprudence but by 8-1 ruling in june they said that smell
12:47 pm
combined with other evidence, we know the type of people that live this neighbor, you saw someone go in the house, it is sufficient to breakdown the door. you would think it would be sufficient to go to the judge and get a search warrant but the supreme court let them break down the door. the florida case a search warrant, can the dog scratching, which is a signal, is that enough to pursuade a judge to sign a search warrant? >>shepard: that is the reliability of dog but you mention there is the matter of the constitutionality of it. >>judge napolitano: the police could say the dog scratched when arthur aidala's porsche went by so that meant he had a money gun in the traffic. the co-be used as an instrument to violate anyone's constitutional rights and that is why probable cause is a human observation and not an animal observation. >>shepard: i have a good friend who is a cop said you can always come up with a probably
12:48 pm
cause, and you can search anything at any time if you want. >>judge napolitano: never son would not approve. >>shepard: he would not. >>judge napolitano: i knew jefferson. >>shepard: and you not jefferson. you can watch the judge's program at freedom watch at 7:00 eastern and you if do not get the fox business network demand it. two many attempt to break into a young mother's home which sparked the mom to grab the guns and phone 9-1-1. >> i have my infant baby and he keeps knocking. >> are the doors locked? >> i have two guns in my hand is it okay to shoot? >> is it okay to shoot if he comes in the door. now we know if she will face charges. that's good morning, veggie style.
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>>shepard: cops in oklahoma will not file charges against a widow who shot and killed a new year's eve intruder at her house. she was on the phone with 9-1-1 as it was going down. listen. >> i am by myself with my infant baby. can i get an inspector out here immediately. >> are the doors locked? >>shepard: she waited for a man to come inside and she shot him. and killed him. cops tracked down the other guy and the woman did everything right in defending herself from the intruders. the legal folks are back. the prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. i am not sure this would fly everywhere but in oklahoma that is the law, someone comes into
12:53 pm
your house you need to protect your season and there is a reasonable belief that you could be injured or killed you can shoot to kill. >>arthur: same in new york state. >> do not mess with a mom, the one-time the law is clear, someone comes in to your house. it doesn't matter what their intention is as long as they are coming in to do something illegal, you don't know them or give them access, they walk in that door, you are home free. >>shepard: they don't have to have a weapon. i don't have to tell you they could cause all kinds of harm to a mom and a baby without a weapon. >>arthur: and she takes the step of calling 9-1-1 and asking permission, the 9-1-1 operator answered, i guess, i can't tell you to kill someone but you do what you have do do to protect your baby and yourself, slow has absolute right to do what she had. 12" hunting man, a woman would
12:54 pm
lost her husband six days before. she is a hero. >> she used self restraint more than we can expect anyone to do but it probably saved her legally. she saved herself. she fired the guns, before they had actually stepped if her doorway, she would be wrangling with a legal system whether she was justified or not. although she did it, i cannot imagine being, taking that extra step, and asking 9-1-1 to fires but she ended up not just saving them physically but saved herself a lot of legal trouble. >>shepard: the laws are different in different places but some places where your property line is the same as your house. >>arthur: i think -- even in this case, if they were on the front, by her door and they are using this knife to get in before they broke the threshhold, she blew them away, i don't think anyone would convict this woman under these circumstances. >>shepard: mom protecting
12:55 pm
baby. >>arthur: and her husband just died. i mean ... vulnerability level is through the roof. he died on christmas day. instant. she says i put the bottle in the baby's mouth, called 9-1-1 and got my 12 gage shotgun. >> we hope she has a better year. this year. >>shepard: a man in a stolen car goes airborne and ends up ... well, you will see. the 22, if you are listening on sirius, he is on the top of a house. cops say the 26-year-old hit a curve and that launched the stolen car atop a house in california, and the suspect reportedly jumped off the roof, and tried to runaway on a broken leg. cops caught up to him a quarter mile down the road and police say there were already two warrants out for his arrest. amazing video of a rescue at sea, four people, two dads two
12:56 pm
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>>shepard: and a rescue at sea. way down in veil i -- australia, four people including two kids. the boat caught fire and sank. here is how they survived. hanging on to a beach cooler. happened a few miles off the coast of veil i -- sydney. they had seconds to grab life jackets and emergency radio. rescuers got the signal, and sent out a helicopter and moments later a police boat pulled them all to safety. good stuff. that is it for "studio b" today. not a bad day on the markets. up. barely. unemployment numbers came in really good today. all kinds of good news all overtime business sector, and neil cavuto


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