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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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mentioning the name of condoleeza rice as possibly the first. and, then, one thinks it will be his daughter, who is only 16. >>shepard: the united states navy has rescued a dozen iranian sailors who have been held hostage by pirates. and the suspect in the natalee holloway disappearance is in court on another matter ready to plead guilty and suddenly, suddenly there is a problem. and, gas prices currently at an all-time high for this time of year and analysts say it will get worse. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york, great news for our economy. the national unemployment rate has dropped to the lowest level
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in three years. it is still high. but it is clearly another step in the right direction. according to the labor department, the jobless rate dipped to 8.5 percent in december, the fourth straight month the rate has dropped. so what is behind it? we are told businesses added 200,000 jobs in december and u.s. employers have reportedly created more jobs in the last six months than at any other time in the past five years. today the president said there is still room for improvement. >> the american people, i think, rightly understand that there is still a lot of struggles people are going through, a lost families are having a tough time and small businesses are still having a tough time but we are rebounding and moving in the right direction. we have made real progress. now is not the time to stop. i urge congress to make sure they stay on top of their jobs. >> analysts say the report is far from perfect, hiring is below pre-recession levels and a bunch of jobs added in december
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are thought to be seasonal. a lost those could be out of work again. soon. and that is why the reaction on wall street is flat. and now, ed, car numbers are up; retail numbers are up; unemployment is down. this is go. why do we want to put a negative rap on a good thing? >>guest: that is why the spot -- the president is jumping on it. the aides are saying, in, private, the bottom line is that he will not be in full campaign mode until were later in the summer. the fact of the matter is the president was having a rally at a federal agency, the consumer financial protection bureau with rich cordray who was installed in a controversial recess appointment and the president
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tried to portray himself as the man standing up for the middle class and consumers and he took the job numbers and said it is good news. take a listen. >> the economy is moving in the right direction. we are creating jobs consistently. we will not let up. not until everyone who wants to find a good job can find one. >> that is why the president adds the caveat because 8.5 percent unemployment is not great, but the republicans are noting this is now well over a couple of years where unemployment has been at least over 8 percent, still a danger zone. >>shepard: federal employees, though, who have jobs got the great news they are getting raises. >>reporter: officials confirm the president will propose a pay increase for federal employees and the republicans are jumping on that because in 2007 when he talked about deficits he said
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that he want add two year pay freeze for the federal employees. now he seems to be shifting that. republicans on the hill have been talking about a pay freeze as a way for pay for various jobs proposals that have been floating around, and the house majority leader jumped on the proposal and the fact that the president was, again, with rich cordray saying the white house made clear they do not intend to work with congress in the coming session as the president moves into full time campaign mode and house republicans are ready to work together. work together on what? what the president said is issue one, extending the payroll tax cut for a full year rather than just two months, something that they will fight out. >>shepard: thank you, ed. and now breakdown the jobless numbers, a 15-year veteran with the u.s. news and world report covering corporate and consumer trends. we get the numbers and it is
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like, there is go but bad. these are mostly good. and that seems mostly new. >>guest: we are used to hearing the unemployment rate was down but that is because the labor force shrank so it is really bad news but that is not the case this time. for the most part this was a good report and most industries are add jobs, government russia -- shrank and more jobs than expected and what we need is another 20 or 30 months of this and the economy will grow back. we have a long way to go. >>shepard: this is the first time that the signs have come together since the recession began. >>guest: i think so. and we are seeing, we have seen small increases in jobs, month after month after month, and those numbers are going up. that is in guarantee that will continue in 2012. there are reasons we could see a pull back in 2012, most economists think the consumers will spend less money because they overspend in 2011.
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and there are potential problems with iran and gas prices but we will take a good report. >>shepard: a lot people who base the way they act on how they feel about the economy. we have learned this for years and, now, with all of the good news is it possible that good news could become contagious? >>guest: you are talking about the fragile ike -- psyche of consumers. it is possible if consumes feel better it will become self-fulfilling. we need incomes to go up and jobs to come back but when consumers feel better that is a good start. >>shepard: thank you, rick. unexpected rescue at sea today turning a lot of heads. the navy officials saved 13 iranians from being held hostage by pirates as tensions are rising between the united states and the iranian government.
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a few days ago iran warned the united states to keep the ships out of the persian gulf and in an interesting twist, one of the american ships was in charge of the iranian rescue operation. and now from our washington newsroom, catherine, we have the rescue video. >>reporter: we do. this video was released a short time ago. what we have shows the boat and some of the men, 13 in total, raising arms to surrender as the u.s. craft approaches them after 12:00 noon and picked up a distress call and if you look at the stills, they were released by the navy, the helicopter is overhead in support the mission, the navy says that the my realities used the fishing boat as a so-called mother ship for pirate operations in the persian gulf, and, also, the pirates held them for six weeks and they are now become on their shipping vessel. >>shepard: would this rescue, could it poe tellly give the
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united states, perhaps a boost in the relations game? >>reporter: an opening. recently enirans have directly threatened the strike group warning it not to come become. and these threats came as iran ramped up the naval exercises in the straight of hormuz and now iranian officials threaten more exercises as a show of force. but it was this strike group that rescued the iranian fisher men who had limited food, warred and medical supplies. >> this is obviously a humanitarian gesture on the part of the crew to take them on board and feed them and ensure they were in good health before setting them off. >>reporter: one analyst told fox this rescue really is a good opening for the united states because it shows that america is not always an aggressor and that really can undercut the narrative from iran's pop --
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>>shepard: former senator randy bhirdo surging in the polls. senator senator is polling nationally at 21 percent, eight points behind former massachusetts governor mitt romney, the first time he has possibility above 6 percent in any national survey. he raised another $1 million overnight. but in new hampshire the former massachusetts governor mitt romney still has a sizable lead, the latest university tracking poll gives him 40 percent. that is more than the next three competitors combined. the clear politics average of the polls from new hampshire paint a similar picture. some analysts say you can expect the other candidates to step up their attacks in an attempt to stop him from going three for three headed into south carolina. and now, carl is in dublin, new
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hampshire. >>guest: beautiful weather out here. >>shepard: the santorum campaign told you on caucus night it was a two person race. is that still the case? >>carl: it never was. the caucus does not choose immediately, the new hampshire primary has not taken place and we have not had full votes and as you pointed out, mitt romney has a huge lead. however, rick santorum's surge and the curiosity he has created suggests that he could very well be a two person race if he can condition this trend. but that is an "if," rick santorum has not been criticized by the rivals and campaigning aggressively but mitt romney has the big lead and a lead in south carolina where newt gingrich was up a week ago. the winner of iowa the frontrunner in new hampshire and the winner in new hampshire is almost insurmountable boost historically that never has
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happened at a non-sitting president has won both states back-to-back so mitt romney has a huge advantage but all candidates have tons of time to come back. the fact they have been out there for a year on the campaign trail is blown away with the first votes cast in new hampshire. >>shepard: a lost independents there, is it thinking that the rival could use that against him? >>carl: absolutely, that is the thing about new hampshire. 41 percent is independent or " noncommitted" bigger than republicans and democrats. and when a republican has won the new hampshire primary it is more conservative rivals have said, well, wait a minute, he wasn't courting real conservatives but relying on independent swing voters so he is a moderate which newt gingrich has been calling mitt romney, the massachusetts moderate and others make the same argument so if mitt romney does win, watch immediately all of the rivals to try to discount
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and down grade his victory by saying he didn't do it with real republicans. that is what john mccain went through with george w. bush lost here in 2000. independents become back acknowledge for republicans because they are not republican registered voters. >>shepard: thank you, carl. and now, a g.o.p. strategist and professor at george washington university graduate school of political management and political columnist at "the hill." >>guest: good morning. >>shepard: what is happening with rick santorum? >>guest: he is getting the boost as expected coming from iowa. and the lead of mitt romney in new hampshire is not surprising and i suspect they will chip away at it over the weekend with newt gingrich angry right now and we now how effective he can be but i predict that romney is beginning to win new hampshire and santorum probably is going to take south carolina. we have time, for that to change
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but it is trending and evangelical rich state. mitt romney will come out strong and romney could have the advantage in florida but i don't want to predict too far ahead. that is dangerous in politics. but i think that will happen. new hampshire if it is a win will be big and it will give him momentum. >>shepard: it always does, new hampshire serves that function. and now putting yourself now in the obama strategist camp. if you are one who is working on the machine for president obama and rick santorum is the nominee, where do you begin with the attacks? any particular place? >>guest: there will be a lot of ammunition for them. they want people to be angry because the president doesn't have positives, so he has to attack republicans and rick santorum's strength in this campaign are different from, say, mitt romney. so, mitt romney, the challenge for rick santorum would be to concentrate on the issues where the president is vulnerable and
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right now he is strong on the social issues and that is why he has the surge. he is be anti-romney that is elusive as big foot. but his issues are not those where the president is vulnerable where romney probably has the advantage. so, i think the obama campaign would want to go hard on the social issues and try to divide people and go on the attack, very, very hard, so, again, they don't have a lot to brag about so they attack and divide america and scare people. >>shepard: okay. now, as far as the attack on romney i suppose the president's camp would have a lot of am mission there for those at least those conservatives who might in the end have him as their only nod? >>guest: well, that is what they would do. the president ironically, and the republic primary the
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republicans are saying mitt romney is not conservative enough but you will have democrats saying he is so conservative here is what he did, ran to the right, beholden to the right wing and they use that same tact. it will be attack, attack, attack. >>shepard: like the republican s are doing in every political cycle. >>guest: but we have a president with a record, that is the difference. three years ago there was in report, an inexperienced short-term senator and not a lot to run against so that was a problem and it would have been easier running against >>governor huckabee: -- running against hillary clinton. >>shepard: you can find good, osama bin laden thing was good. right? >>guest: and that was certainly good. >>shepard: and the economy is improving, based on economies he put in place? >>guest: if they keep going in that direction that is good news but they saying that is probably not likely.
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i don't think the forecast good. december is when you have holiday hiring so the numbers will get a boost this way, and sadly for most members, the numbers are going to go down. i hope they don't. but, what they are saying and i am not an expert on this so i listen to the experts and they are saying don't get too used to the numbers but we will keep our fingers crossed. >>shepard: the young mother who killed an intruder in her home said she is ready, waiting and watching should it happen again. shell be our guest, like. ake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition.
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>>shepard: word a 15-year-old next girl who officials deported to south america after she lied about her identity is now headed home. that is from officials in colombia who turned the teen over to the u.s. embassy there. as we reported the grandmother says she ran away from home a year ago not long after the parents were divorced and arrested for stealing. and investigators say after somebody caught her she lied about her name, made up a name, and used a name, instead, that was that of a colombian immigrant who was not legal in the united states. officials say they finger printed the teenager but nothing raised any flags so they didn't crosscheck it, and immigration officials say they are story was believable but she did not speak a single word of spanish, the grandmother says she tracked the gill down on facebook with the help of local colombian police. no word on when she is expected to arrive back not united states, and the officials deny
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they did anything wrong and say they are investigating how this could have happened. >> three air force academy cadets face sexual assault charges after three separate incidents the past 15 months. this is a week after a report that claims sexual assaults are rising in the academy. they are not in jail but each faces multiple charges related to an attack on three female cadets. to of the suspects are reportedly still taking classes. another is in what is called "casual status," waiting for assignment. but last week the defense department reported 33 claims of assault on campus up from 20 the previous year. the teen widow who gained national attention after she, i should not say teen, the widow who gained national attention after shooting and killing an intruder to protect her baby has been speaking out. sarah mckinley is ready, waiting, and watching and says
12:25 pm
that warning is for the dead man's suspected accomplice who now is tree -- free on bond. she is 18. her husband died of cancer christmas day. less than a week later on new year's eve she was home alone with her three-month-old baby, and two men showed up at the house armed with a hunting knife, and she called 9-1-1 and grabbed her 12 gage shotgun. listen. >> i am by myself with my infant, can i shoot? >> are the doors locked? can i shoot if he comes in? >> i cannot tell you can do that but you protect your baby. >>shepard: she shot and killed him. yesterday the police said they will not charge her with a crime. on the phone is sarah mckinley. thank you, nice to talk to you. how are you and the baby? >>guest: we are doing pretty good. day-by-day.
12:26 pm
>>shepard: when you look back on tax you sounded so calm for me and other observers on the phone, i wonder where your head was at that moment? >>guest: well, the biggest thing you cannot do in a situation like this, you cannot panic. you have to hold yourself together. i knew if i screamed i would give my position away and i wanted to beat him first. i just focused on every little detail every little sound every word and it helped me to stay calm. i tried not to think of what was going on but i was prepared. >>shepard: after you called 9-1-1 you went to another place somewhere, i resume, in the house get a handgun, and then it is my understanding you sat down somewhere and waited to see if this man would come into the room. describe how far you were from the door, and, what you saw when
12:27 pm
the door opened. >>guest: i was in the bedroom. when he started knocking on the door at first, i was on one part of the house and my son in the other. the 12 gage was in my living room, the pistol was in the bedroom with my son, and i put the couch in front the door, went in the bedroom with the baby, he was screaming so i put a bottle in his mouth to keep him calm, and i got a pistol, because i was afraid the 12 gauge would not fire evenly. i only shot it one time in my life. so, just in case i had a pistol in my hand, as well. i got on the phone with 9-1-1 and then he tried to bust down the door. >>shepard: and he did.
12:28 pm
>>guest: it looked like he had a pistol, it was a hunting knife. it look like a pistol. he come in the door, closed the door behind him, pushed it to, the door jam was busted, the door was busted and it was not going to stay closed but it pushed it closed and at that point when he went down to actually shove the couch out of the way like he was going to try to get at me first, that is when i fired. >>shepard: did he fall to the floor. and what did the accomplice? >>guest: he fell over the couple and his accomplice i guess when he her the gunshot he called 9-1-1 and said his friend was shot and he went to his parents house and they took him to the police station. >>shepard: well, miss mckinley i can speak for our viewers to say we are glad you
12:29 pm
and the baby are okay and so sorry for the loss of your husband on christmas day and all the best to and you your family. be strong. >>guest: we will try. i'm in shock. it doesn't seem real. look at it the best i can. >>shepard: hang tough. wow. the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway, joran van der sloot, arrived in court for a high profile case but he did not stay long. he was supposed to be a starting the trial in the death of this girl on the left. but now the judge has postponed it. we will get a live report on that and the violence in syria taking a dramatic town today.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b." it is the bottom the hour. time for the top of the news. a judge in peru today delayed
12:33 pm
the murder trial of joran van der sloot, after the accused killer told the court today he need more time to think. and he said he planned to give a "sincere confession." you will recall he is the prime suspect in another high profile case the disappearance of natalee holloway who van ired in 2005. joran van der sloot is facing decades behind bars in peru after confessing to killing this woman, a 21-year-old who died back in may of 2010. he admitted he strangled the girl after he claimed he found her reading e-mails of the holloway case on his laptop. police say she died exactly five years to the very day that natalee holloway disappeared. and now from south florida we understand the delay could be an attempt to get a lighter sentence in this case? >>reporter: that is right after 18 months behind bars in peru, joran van der sloot is
12:34 pm
asking for a few more days to talk things over with his attorneys but we are likely to see when the murder trial resumes on when a possible guilty plea, an attempt by absolute lute and the attorneys to reduce a possible life imprisonment sentence to possibly 30 years or less. he has to make a full guilty plea and a public apology but that will be tough based on his attitude today inside the courtroom. it was certainly anything but repentant. he was visibly yawning and closing his eyes and shuffling his legs, and at what point a judge rebuked him saying he had to respect the court. >>shepard: a much stronger case this murder case than the case of natalee holloway? >>reporter: no body was found seven years ago and in this case there was a body, a 21-year-old murdered in the hotel room and videotape evidence and two people entering the hotel room and absolute lute and the
12:35 pm
murdered woman, just one, leading the hotel room and the police in peru have a taped confession, two times they asked joran van der sloot, did you murder her, and two times he answers in spanish "yes," and the tones are fighting that intelligence saying he needed an interpreter and there was not one provided so on wednesday we will see what the three female judges will think about joran van der sloot's sincere apology. >>shepard: thank you, steve, from south florida and now to the legal panel, former prosecutor and fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and randy zelin on the right. what are they trying to do? >>arthur: trying to avoid life in prison. >>shepard: he could get only eight years it sounds to me. >>arthur: what steve reported is 30 years or less. his attitude in court cannot be
12:36 pm
underemphasized. judges really consider that. i counsel my clients all the time, treat this court with respect. yawning and scratching your head and rolling your eyes is like you telling the judge you are thumbing the nose at the judge. heel be in jail for decades. >>randy: what? what you seeing here is lawyering. you are seeing lawyering at its finest. one lawyer who recently died was amazing not for big profile cases but those that never went to trial because you minimize exposure and ending things and giving a client certainty. what they are trying to do by giving a federal confession before trial they are giving the judges the opportunity to say we don't believe you intended to murder her, foremoney, we believe you snapped because of the whole natalee holloway thing so instead of giving you 30
12:37 pm
years, you can get seven. >>arthur: heel not get seven. >>randy: he is eligible for seven. i guarantee he will have a different attitude next week in court. >>arthur: but he didn't now and they cannot erase that. today doesn't disappear. these are he female judges at the top of their, presumably, field. >>randy: there is a huge evidence problem. >>arthur: whatever he says in court will be what the lawyers told him to say. >>randy: what happens behind closed doors? we don't know. >>shepard: what we know: he went in, he came out, and others went in and she was dead. >>randy: but there is a difference between intending to kill someone after you rob them and killing them in the heat of passion. no one knows what took place but for the confession which is subject to some degree of scrutiny. the guy doesn't speak spanish.
12:38 pm
>>shepard: he does. he speaks spanish. he speaks spanish. >>arthur: they answered did you murder here, he didn't said, i don't understand, but he said "yes," to spanish. >>randy: he is saying let me pay the bill for what i did. >>shepard: randy we both know what happened, he admitted it in a weak moment, admitted he killed her and that is it and you know it and i know it, so stop lawyering. it doesn't matter why he killed her. he killed her. >>randy: it is intentional murder versus manslaughter. a huge difference. >>shepard: okay. sometimes. let's go to syria. there is, today, a suicide bomber would killed at three 25 people on a busy intersection according to iranian state television, rather, seen state television. and now the news from our jerusalem newsroom.
12:39 pm
>>reporter: even at this hour it is still unclear who was behind the attack. assad government forces blame the protesters who are against them but the protesters who are against the assad regime said his regime did this to try and town the people of syria against them so despite the fact it is now half a day since it happened we still don't have anyone taking accountability for today's suicide bombing. >>shepard: how does this affect the uprising there? make it worse? >>guest: thousands are calling for assad to step down and today they are under heavy machine gunfire with amateur video uploaded today on the intent, but to see any sort of big, dramatic, change in the sway, from what we have seen since march, there has to be a massive turn over in his security forces and that has not happened.
12:40 pm
until it does, the situation is pretty much status quo. >>shepard: thank you from jerusalem: gas prices are way up and analysts say the prices will keep on going up. why is that? gerri from fox business will explain that. 7@ are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: and the price of gas shows we could pay a lot more by the end of the year than in the past. aaa reports the national average for a gallon is $3.35 the highest ever for this time of year. the same report shows the national average jumped three cents overnight: and now up 27 cents from this time last year. the price of crude is higher in part because of iran's threat to shut down the shipping route in the straight of hormuz. gerri willis is with us. what kind of prices? >>gerri: in 2008, and what happens we had price hikes, and
12:44 pm
that set the floor, not the bottom, prices go up from there and in 2010 they went up 15 percent and if that happened we would see prices of $3.85 but what if we got a 60 percent increase as in 2009 it would go to $3.36 a gallon and that would not be pretty but that is the story. >>shepard: the lodge island express way would be less crowded. good news on the energy front for consumers, though? >>gerri: natural gas prices in the toilet. so, if you switched over the oil to until gas at your house and that is how you eat the home that is good news. you will not see price hikes maybe not until mid-2012 and natural gas was the worst performing commodity last year with prices down 40 percent because we have more and more natural gas out there. >>shepard: gerri, you can watch her problem at 5:00 eastern, and 4:00 central time only on the fox business
12:45 pm
network. the democratic governor of the state of new york, quote -- cuomo is expanding to include the d.n.a. database nationwide and if the governor gets his way it could included convicted graffiti artist and turn time jumpers and anyone who write as bad shape. the lawyers are back. is there an invasion of privacy here? isn't there is limit to what the government can and should collect? >>arthur: to become a lawyer they take our fingerprints and vary things that are positive they take our finger prints and it goes in the database and if they are looking for someone who robbed or shot --. >>shepard: make give d.n.a. or retina scan just in case ... graffiti artist that could be your son some day. >>arthur: absolutely and the
12:46 pm
thing about d.n.a. --. >>shepard: we only want the government overly involved we want them overly involved but the rest of the time we want less. we want them more involved when we want i.d.'s on people so the government can have a full database. >> what the governor is saying on the use of this is to identify criminals. and d.n.a. has been an accurate tool in finding the right person even freeing people who have been in jail for decades. >>shepard: what did you think? should we form a queue and file down broadway and come over to 6th avenue and lean up to just hand over everything? maybe give them my children, too? >>arthur: we are headed to that direction. >>shepard: maybe we are. what do you think, randy? >>randy: i didn't say a word you are doing fine. >>arthur: they know what you
12:47 pm
looking at online. and they know who you are sending e-mails to. >>shepard: not if i don't send it. >>randy: it is crazy. so it is all in the name of preventing crime. why not just have 5:00 curfew? or take all the cars off the road? >>shepard: we ought to go down to the courthouse and line up right now. >> and here is d.n.a. here is a hair sample. >>arthur: 20 percent of people are convicted are wrongly convicted, and with the d.n.a. --. >>shepard: but what about the ones we have executed. >>arthur: that is the positive side. >>shepard: that we executed people, not talking about if you are for or against the debt person amount, they cannot use the d.n.a. to save someone who depth do anything but they will use it in the best ways if we
12:48 pm
line up to give it to them, the graffiti artists like your son. >>arthur: who is having a hard time writing his name at five. >>shepard: it is a trend. >>randy: trying to stop the trend. >>arthur: for the convenience of easy pass, or the convenience of an a.t.m., the government knows where you are. >>randy: when you take a d.n.a. sample that is your existence, a fingerprint is nothing compared to that. how do you let the government take that, just in case? >>arthur: a more accurate way to identify someone. >>randy: and we will deport them to colombia to make sure they tested her properly? hold on, how are we, hold on, hold on, we have a suspect, and you taking a d.n.a. database
12:49 pm
because maybe one day down the road. >>arthur: he will do something again. unlike as shepard is recommending. if you are convicted of a misdemeanor you have do do it. >>randy: writing a bad test i should have a d.n.a. were sample? wasn't the purpose the sex crimes talking about the worst of the worst of the worst, and now we it is about bad check writing and i will get a knock on high door. >>arthur: you know i can't do it in five minutes. so i will just stop. >>shepard: a memory test. what did you have for lunch yesterday? i know what i had. same thing i have every damn day? and what were you wearing when you ate it. you thought 65 was the age when your memory was going away? forget about it.
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>>shepard: some revealing news for those of us above 45. scientists say mental demine begins earlier than previous thought. researchers have near rised that problems such as memory loss begin at around age and i quote, ". now we are told they plummet in the mid-40's, and trace is live in los angeles with that news. trace, the study suggests that women's brains hold up better than membership's brains? >>trace: not as much in mid-life but as we are older women's brains do better following 7,000 age 45 to 70 over 10 years. during those 10 years, they tested the people three different times to check their brain capacity, and they found out some interesting things
12:54 pm
between the age of 45 and 49, both women and men dropped 3.6 percent. and gene the ages of 65 and 70, women dropped only 7.4 percent while men dropped almost 10 percent. >> we still seeing the results of the bias men had with smoking and eating the wrong kinds of food. have caught up but we will not see the changes for a while so now we are seeing the result of diet, and smoking, and drinking. >>trace: women live longer and as they get older they are smarter. >>shepard: some people between 45 and 60 will notice it and some not at all s there a bay to stop it? >>trace: a healthy heart
12:55 pm
leaves to a healthy mine, if you smoke and don't exercise and you are fat your art fridays will close up and your blood flow goes down and that is a problem because a lack of blood flow to the brain is the key concept here. again, listen to the doctor. >> it is not too late. there is in point in saying it is too late and doesn't make sense to start now. no matter what you have done you can erase some of the problem. some of the flak that builds up in the brain can be undone with the right diet and right food and right exercise. >>trace: but he said health in mid-life is a big factor on your health in later life. >>shepard: thank you, trace. how many firefighters does it take to lift a 3,200 pound to save a man's life? the answer to that when we
12:56 pm
return. can i get an autograph? [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>>shepard: a cyclist in oregon must be thinking, boy, i barely escaped after a 3,200 car was lited off them. the guy was riding his bicycle early this morning and he made an illegal lane changed and he was hit by a car and then was pinned down and the firefighters lifted the car by hand. it took only two minutes. >> i was impressed how fast and quickly they could have the car in the air with simple manpower. pretty amazing. >> the guy is in serious condition but that is not the only problem. he still faces citation for making the illegal lane change. the tease was how many firefighters we does it take to lift the car? the answer is, i don't know. back later for the fox report at 7:00 eastern and mayb


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