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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 9, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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don't skip meals. breakfast, lunch, snack dinner. >> gretchen: you can eat a lot. >> four times a day. >> steve: stick around for our after the show show. you want to? >> what is that? >> steve: she's going to find out. >> gretchen: see you bright and early. bill: all right. good morning, everybody. a fox news alert. brand new poll just into "america's newsroom" on the republican race in 2012. mitt romney breaking the 30% mark for the first time in this new gallup approximately poll. this is a national poll. santorum, gingrich and pal coming in behind romney. in the "real clear politics" of all the polls put together, romney also on top there at 26%. that starts our show. good morning, everybody. hope you had a grand weekend. ready to go again. i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. a very busy day for the gop as you can imagine. five the candidates making tracks. rick santorum has seven
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events covering 100 miles. they move from the southern part of the new hampshire today for the most part. bill: all strategy behind those lines. notably absent is rick perry. he is in south carolina but every campaign is doing what it can to gain support and get people to the polls. have a listen to newt gingrich here. >> i don't think winning is enough. i think winning has to be purposeful and has to lead to decisive and fundamental change. >> people in the granite state go to the to the polls and make it very clear that they believe the course i laid out to get america working again and maintain principles that make us hope of the earth i'm the guy to carry that message. i want them to vote. i want people to go to the polls and vote. >> there is energy, momentum, and good forward motion. i would rather have that than not. what it means in the end in terms of quantifiable outcome i can't tell you but
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i do believe we'll beat market expectations. >> new hampshire can't faint. they have to stand and be bold. we need a clear contrast. >> i am going to stay in this race and stay in this fight because our children and this country are worth the fight. >> i believe this country is ripe. they're frustrated with the leadership of both parties. they never see anything change but they know darn well that i will stick to my guns if put in that office and protect the constitution and liberty. bill: there is your sample. live from "america's newsroom." steve brown in manchester, new hampshire. good morning. a lot of polling over the weekend. what caught your eye, steve? >> initially it was the wnur poll. it does show romney as ever poll has over the course of last month and most of this year, shows romney well out in front by doubling up on ron paul. the numbers that really jump out at me, and maybe some of
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our folks watching, too, is the way jon huntsman has moved up over the course of the last several weeks. now statistically in a tie in the wnur poll at 11%. you go to the "real clear politics" average, huntsman showing him in the double digits, in the top tier here in new hampshire. huntsman's obviously invest ad great deal of his time and energy in this state trying to make a mark. he took a pass on iowa. needing to make a mark someplace and this may be where it is at. he is the one who has upward trajectory according to the numbers. bill: ron paul seems a solid second at least in the polling anyway. what is his strategy in the closing day, steve? >> reporter: you're going to try to get those folks, his backers, kind of a natural constituency if you will, the libertarian bent that runs through new england particularly here in new hampshire is the base of what is his ideology. much of it is libertarian. so they're making an appeal to those folks.
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he has a bunch of campaign events today. one just completed here at this restaurant which was extraordinarily brief. it wasn't schedule to be a really long event. probably just a few minutes but ron paul being chased by a rather large crowd of cameras through this restaurant. did some hand-shaking and was outed side door and gone. spent more time in the parking lot talking to reporters than he did probably inside of the restaurant. but it was a rather quick sort of meeting. and bill, i have lost communication with you. i will toss it back to you. bill: no problem, steve. that is called a stick and move spot for huntsman today. steve brown in manchester. here is mortgage that. martha: very -- martha. martha: very busy in new hampshire as you might expect. mitt romney speaking live from new hampshire. we'll bring it to you live as events hand. he knows there are tough economic times because he
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also once feared losing his job. >> i learned what it is like to sign the front after paycheck, not just the back of the paycheck and to know how frightening it is to see if you make payroll at end. week. these are experiences that many of you know. i know what it is like to worry whether you're going to get fired. there were a couple times i wondered whether i was going to get a pink slip. i care very deeply about the american people. and it frightens me to see a president who has made so many mistakes when people are hurting so badly. martha: romney of course, former ceo of investment firm bain capital which is increasingly becoming a focus of the attacks against him. his rivals have accused him making millions by gutting businesses and laying off their workers but this is a claim romney has strongly denied. the former utah governor jon huntsman focusing his really entire campaign is all on new hampshire right now. he is hoping for a strong showing here. we have seen him creeping up in some of the polls
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recently. he is hoping that would propel him to a different kind of situation than exists right now in south carolina and beyond. >> all i can tell you is, is the only real evidence that i have, unquantifiable to be sure, is what i feel on the ground. there is energy. there is momentum. there is good forward motion and i would rather have that than not. and what it means in the end in terms of quantifiable outcome, i can't tell you. but i do believe we're going to beat market expectations. >> we'll see what that means. in the end last night polls showing him far behind the front-runner mitt romney in the state of new hampshire. he says he feels momentum on the ground, we'll see. we saw surprises in iowa. so there may be one in jon huntsman. bill: we'll talk with one of his daughters next hour. first on the touch-screen on the billboard we'll show you keys to winning whether it is results economy as we move ahead as we look to
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south carolina and florida. we're keying on a number of things in new hampshire. remember iowa had 99 counties? in the state of new hampshire, it is a different story. only fun counties to talk about. huntsman, we were talking about he is in hanover, new hampshire. that is home to dartmouth, the ivy league school on the western side of the state. watch huntsman try to go for the youth vote ron paul is fighting for as well. another critical area in this state is southern part of new hampshire. two key counties mitt romney is at the moment. nashua. this is the town of in hills -- hillsborough county. these are the populations centers right down here in the bottom. four years ago when john mccain beat mitt romney by five points in this state, mccain took eight counties in the north but romney's strength is down here along the border with massachusetts where he is the former governor as you
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well know. that would be a great tool tuesday night to help us sift through the numbers to find out why new hampshire votes the way it does. martha. martha: looking forward to that. how about this? new jersey governor getting in action as well. went on the attack for mitt romney in new hampshire. hitting jon huntsman planning a 2012 run working for president obama. my issue is not that he worked for the president. the bigger issue he was obviously being disloyal to the president while he was working for him. says, chris christie. huntsman has dedicated his campaign to winning the granite state. bob cusack watching it all is the managing editor of "the hill." the good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: is the fact that chris christie in new hampshire is a sign that romney folks are at all concerned about how strong their lead might be or whether or not it is diminishing to some extent? >> chris christie is a very valuable surrogate for mitt romney. the other candidates don't
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have the amount of surrogates that romney has. i think chris christie is very effective. clearly mitt romney in the new hampshire polls he has been slipping a bit. overall the news is very good. he narrowly won in iowa. he is winning in new hampshire. he is winning in south and florida. the questions continue to linger and mitt romney and whether the base will ever warm to him. martha: if he does win new hampshire, and he has got iowa under his belt, looking to possibly be the lead in south carolina. florida looks a little bit trickier for him, it would be very tough, wouldn't it, to deny this candidate that leadership role if he takes the first three? >> it would be very difficult i agree. south carolina will be key for mitt romney. history says if you win south carolina you win the nomination. the republican party is doling delegates differently this time. it is more proportional.
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the question whether it is two or three candidates in a key state can mitt romney get more than 50%, 60% of the vote? that is a key. martha: if you put together iowa and new hampshire you have 12 delegates in a situation where you need more than 1700 delegates to win this whole thing. look at something that happened over the weekend between jon huntsman and mitt romney. i want to get your take on that. >> i was criticized last night by governor romney for putting my country first. i just want to remind the people here in new hampshire and throughout the united states that i think -- [applause] to criticize me while he was out raising money for serving my country in china, yes under a democrat, like my two sons are doing in the united states navy. they're not asking what political affiliation the president is. i want to be very clear with the people here in new hampshire in this country. i will always put my country first. >> i think the decision to go fork for president obama is one you took. i don't disrespect your decision to do that.
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i just think most likely that the person who should represent our party running against president obama is not someone who called him a remarkable leader and went to be his tam ambassador in china. martha: huntsman went on in the next debate in morning to have what was considered his best moment of all of these debates he basically said that he felt mitt romney's perspective is what is dividing this country. how is huntsman doing? does he have any shot hanging in there? >> martha, that was a very good moment. no doubt about it. there haven't been a lot of good moments for jon huntsman. he is banking everything on ham hall. he has to be a very strong second a very close second to mitt romney. that looks like it will probably not happen. where he goes from here with south carolina, florida, florida is very expensive. he doesn't have the money and structure i think to win the nomination. clearly he has to have a big showing tomorrow night. martha: we'll see if he does and if that helps to bring in any of the money, even some money from his own family is one of the big questions for jon huntsman as well in all this.
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bob, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: as you know the best coverage of tomorrow's new hampshire primary is right here, 6:00 eastern. that is our starting time but who knows how late we shall go, right? anybody's guess. bret and megyn will leave the coverage live in manchester. it is america's election headquarters. check us out tuesday evening. those are some of the stories we're watching. we're getting new indication that the primary may be decided by the undecide decide. the majority of new hampshire voters are still on the fence according to polling and a top pollster in the granite state will tell us why. martha: that is what make this is extremely interesting at this hour. also this developing story out of iran. a former u.s. marine sentenced to death in iran. the former director of the cia is here in "america's newsroom" to give us his thoughts on that. bill: a military base on lockdown. a search for valuable missing gear. wait until you hear what that is. this is not good. >> uniform. no big deal.
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but this kind of stuff, it is negligent.
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bill: 15 minutes past the hour now. independent voters are "the x-factor" in tomorrow's primary especially in new hampshire. latest polling numbers from the university of new hampshire, shows 44% of the voters know who they're casting their ballot for tomorrow. when you look at who is not quite sure, 37% are undecided. that many people could have a drastic effect on tomorrow's primary outcome. one of the people that conducted that poll, andy smith, director of new hampshire survey senter is. how are you doing? >> good morning, bill. bill: what does this tell us, do you believe? >> tells us what we see typically in new hampshire. voters make up their minds at the very end. exit polls for years show somewhere between 30 and 40% of voters make up their minds in the last three days and as many as 20% make up their mind on election day. bill: i'm sorry, andy, this
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is no different from four years ago or eight years prior to that? >> this is pretty typical. as a pollster shows why we have such a difficult time predicting who is going to win frankly we're asking a lot of people who they will vote for and they don't really know. bill: so does this mean we're in for a surprise finish? you know the history of polling. has the polling been accurate or has it been all over the place? >> the polling in new hampshire is typically not very accurate. almost like the stopped clock phenomenon occasionally we're right but more often than not we're wrong. 2008 obviously had obama winning and clinton won. that is not unusual. 1984 walter mondale was expected to win but gary hart won by ten percentage points. john mccain in 2000 won by 19% but polls were showing him up by 8% on average. we're seeing pretty big shifts or can see big shifts in the last few days. that is it largely because voters vent made up their
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mine and they pay attention last couple days. bill: that is the last point, they pay attention too. the phrase, independent voter in new hampshire, is that a legitimate, is that a legitimate title or is there something more at work there? >> i think that's not an accurate description. the technical term or the legal term is undeclared and i think that better reflects what they are because when you look at those undeclared voters about a third of them are really democrats and they act and behave like democrats. about a third are really republicans and they vote and behave leak republicans and a third that are truly independent don't pay much attention to politics and don't show up typically in primaries. you have to look at those as three groups. that tells us something about the electorate. for instance, jon huntsman, has a little bit of a rise right now but the group he is doing best among are undeclared voters really democrats. so he is kind of capped there. bill: would be in a way maybe he is closing the argument with them and doing a good job of it. we'll see -- >> he is locking down the democrats vote. bill: i saw 78% of the
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people in new hampshire believe romney wins tomorrow. >> yeah. bill: if that is the case, and if that is true, i guess it would be the margin of victory that would be a true storyline, will it not? >> managing expectationing i think is the biggest problem for the romney campaign and make sure the voters don't say he has got it in the bag, i can stay home on tuesday. he really has to push hard over this weekend to make sure he gets that margin as big as possible. going back to 2000, john mccain had a 19 percentage point margin. that was considered a pretty big blowout. if romney is able to equal that that is blow yet. it is a 10%, that will look like romney has slipped. bill: he is 40, 41% statewide. some of the polling i don't know if you are in the same category, has romney slipping something like 10 points over the past 10 days to two weeks. do you find that? >> we've seen him slip about five or 30 percentage points. he softened up a little bit, again that is typically the thing that happens.
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a couple weeks before the election people say, oh, yeah, the frontrunner sound good enough to me but as they get closer they start to pay attention to the other candidates. the front-runner, if they're up by a wide margin typically settles back in the polls. i wouldn't be surprised to see romney drop down to 35%. maybe a little lower by the time election day comes around? bill: would that be a disappointment? >> i think that would be disappointment to romney people. they're looking to 40%. if they hit 40% there is no way they can be criticized. anything below 35 they may have problems explaining. bill: andy smith, you're a terrific guest. we'll see how right you are very soon. >> please don't hold me to these. bill: thank you, andy. martha: very interesting. a lot of good stuff. police are dealing with a bizarre murder mystery. what they are now learning about the body of a teenage girl that was discovered on queen elizabeth's estate. bill: new hampshire only a day away but most of the candidates are looking to another state insisting this
6:21 am
race is, well it is far from over they say. >> i'm never quit a day in my life. i have never quit in the face of adversity and i'm not just about to quit on future of america. i am going to stay in this race and stay in this fight because our children and this country are worth the fight
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bill: there is a lockdown at a military base in washington state. officials there are searching for missing military gear and that gear said to include laser sights and nightvision goggles reportedly worth hundreds of thousand of dollars. the army offering a $10,000 reward at the moment to get that hardware back. martha: well, this is quite a story. they're being forced to stop building their dream home and one-eyed hoe couple says
6:25 am
the epa is ordering them to halt that progress. now the supreme court is going to hear their case at the top of the hour at 10:00. shannon bream is following this story from the high court. very interesting interesting case. what is at stake here? >> reporter: martha. mike and chantelle sackett say it is not about them but all the other americans they heard from across the country doing bat well government bureaucracies. they bought a lot. started to clear and get ready for construction. that is when government officials told them they couldn't because it was a wetland. here is how mike sackett responded. >> we asked them what are you talking about? there is no standing water on our property. there is no flow of water off of our property. they said it is, they said it was on the wetlands inventory. okay. well, we looked it up. plugged in coordinates that the federal epa gave us. and our property is not in the epa's inventory. the epa stated the wetlands inventory is not always correct. this is our federal
6:26 am
government. that is absurd. >> reporter: for now the entire project is on hold. they're facing fines in hundreds of thousands of dollars range. today they're finally glad to get their day in court. martha: oy oh, boy. how is the epa responding? >> reporter: they're not publicly talking. they say the case shouldn't be here. it is a matter handled administratively with the agency and the couple had no right to take this to their court. here is part of their brief. no immediate right of access to the courts previously existed would detour a broad range of beneficial agency communications. what they're hoping that the court will throw out the dispute entirely. by the way another huge case at the court. they will hear about the texas redistricting fight. the gop controlled legislature there drew up one set of maps. well a federal court after some minority groups challenged it. threw them out. drew up their own maps. it is on hold that will be heard emergency basis 1:00 this afternoon, martha. martha: shannon, thank you
6:27 am
very much. bill: all right. a former american marine just sentenced to die in iran. former cia director michael hayden is here to talk about that case in moments. it is still help developing at this hour. >> newt gingrich responding to negative ads and going on offense in a huge way in the new hampshire primary. is he too angry in the primary is one of the big questions that has come up. his daughter, jackie cushman is here to respond to that. she is coming up. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common.
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martha: new attacks this morning against republican front-runner, mitt romney. gingrich promised a positive campaign. watch what happened after at one of the republican debates. watch this exchange and we'll talk about it. >> i think it is unusual and perhaps, understandable that people who spend their life in politics imagine if you get in politics that's all you want to do. if you've been elected to something you want to get reelected and reelected. i went to massachusetts to make a difference. >> can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney. the fact you ran in '94 and lost. that is why you're not serving in the senate with rick santorum. martha: that was over the weekend. i'm joined by one of newt
6:32 am
gingrich's strongest surrogates and spokespersons. jackie cushman is newt gingrich's daughter. good to have you here. >> thank you. i'm thrilled to be back with you. martha: great to have you. you've been working so closely with your dad on this campaign. the pious bologna line got a lot of attention over the weekend . what do you think about it? the big question is getting too negative at this point? >> i think you have a great question. the first the comment about pious bologna. one of the things people love my dad he is a straight-shooter and tells it like it is. the his point is we need to be honest with ourselves and american people. the reason mitt romney did not run for governor because he was setting up his senate run for the last campaign. he has been running for president since the last campaign. he has been out five years. spent over 40 cal $40 million into the presidential races. we need to be honest what we're dealing with and that was dad's point. martha: "the boston herald"
6:33 am
had a columnist, basically calling your dad a cry [baby crying] by. saying he is a way he is acting now is too angry and too negative. he came into this whole thing and saying he would run experimental campaign trying to be positive all the way through and seeing how that worked. what really changed the game in your mind? >> i think first of all, let me say about the comment about the crybaby. that was an old phrase they used years ago when he was speaker. didn't stick then. doesn't stick now. that is not the fact. reality, dad was clear to say let's look at policies and the facts. dad has been very positive on the trail. he is knows he is the only candidate besides barack obama that can really present to the nation a vision. barack obama's vision we understand. his vision is we can't get anything done in washington. my dad's vision is, you know what? i am only candidate on balanced on national level the budget and reformed
6:34 am
welfare and cut spending. my dadr7)ñññ >> i think a road american people will go down eventually. i think, interesting, if you look at the narrative, that the campaigns are trying to play out. talk about romney since you brought it up. he talked about entrepreneur and only served his country when he needed to. reality he ran against kennedy and didn't win. he knew he wasn't going to win but also wouldn't sign the contract with america. it doesn't really add up. he talks about he is
6:35 am
governor and went back to the private sector but he really began to run for president. when you have someone who says their main difference is entrepeneur, you begin to say what does that mean from their perspective. when i think of entrepreneur i think someone starts a small business and has to do with rules and regulations and has to go through the entire process. voters have a right just as dad said at des moines debate. that applies to all the candidates. martha: i understand what you're saying but my question really was not that. my question was, is it wise for a republican, for a conservative to go after his work at bain capital? you know, which is a firm that dealt with a lot of different companies. "wall street journal" did analysis this morning said about 22% of the companies they dealt with when he was in charge failed. so that leaves 78% that did very well. is this a road that deteriorates the republican conservative, you know, sort of, overall message in the end if your father doesn't end up being the nominee?
6:36 am
>> i think with the process we're going through, the whole primary process, the whole point to figure out who is the best candidate to beat president barack obama. i think that means you have to go through all of their activities. let me give an example. donna brazile said after the debate on saturday night the democrats were thrilled that romney is front-runner because they say he is the weakest candidate. that is strong statement from a democrat. we republicans have to make sure we vetted all our candidates. that the american people have rendered judgement who the best candidate is before we move forward that is clearly the process. martha: that is clearly the process. thank you so much for being here. the process is far from over. jackie gingrich, thanks for coming to "america's newsroom." we'll see you soon. >> thank you very much. martha: all right. bill: 36 minutes past the hour now. want to go to a former u.s. marine sentenced to die in iran. a court convicting. amir hekmati. born in arizona. went to high school in
6:37 am
michigan for conducting missions for the cia. general michael hayden is a former director of the cia and the nsa. general, welcome back here to "america's newsroom.". >> good to see you. bill: will the iranians execute him? >> i don't think so. i think this is, iranian attempt to get more bargaining chip in this coming confrontation with the united states and with the west. they have a weak hand. it is getting weaker. this poor unfortunate individual just got swept up into the iranian's need to have something which they can leverage us. bill: we're trying to piece the story together. his father in michigan said he was there to visit his grandmother. he served in iran. served in afghanistan. do you think he is a spy based on what you've seen? >> the first thing i have to say, bill, i'm not longer in government and knew something in detail i couldn't talk about it. let me give you the view, iranian version of events that he was in some way a cia operative is rely implausible to me. bill: what does iran gain
6:38 am
from this? you say chips? >> you see it coming in the gulf. the west is uniting. it will hit the iranian oil industry pretty soon. syria, that regime under assad is on the ropes. the iranians have a fractured government internally. each day that goes by they per seven themselves being weaker. what do we get? we get a lot of bluster. we get a lot of posturing. we get a lot of threats to close straits of hormuz and get the arrest of the young american. bill: how is the u.s. responding? >> right now i have not seen much of an american response and that is probably good. we don't need to increase the premium own this young man by paying undue public attention to the issue. we need to work like the devil behind the scenes to see that justice is done and that he is released. but i don't think we need to play into the iranian's hands. by unduly bringing public attention. bill: iranians, they judge
6:39 am
the evidence. they hold the evidence. are we helpless in that degree? >> in that sense he is iranian custody, so in that sense, yes. we can make it very clear to the iranians that their action with regard to this young man is not without consequences. it bring as price. bill: you have a lot of moving parts here. whether this is iranian-american now being held. the strait of hormuz. that's been going back and forth for the last couple weeks. you have the u.s. navy coming to the help of some 15 iranian fishermen who were held by somali pirates for about a month. you've got the nuclear issue that hangs out there too. >> you couldn't make this stuff up, bill. most recently we now learned the iranians have centrifuges in that mountain as they move their activity from gnat to this more secure, from their point of view, safer facility. bill: put a big whole target on the strait of hormuz and watch that story day by day. general michael hayden we'll call on you again. >> thanks. bill: martha? martha: the primary in new
6:40 am
hampshire is just one day away but some candidates are already looking past it. >> our goal here, was to begin the process of defining the gap between a reagan conservative and a massachusetts moderate. really to set up, south carolina. which i think will be the decisive primary of the whole process. martha: he may be right about that. why the southern states could reshape the republican field dramatically. bill: they all have a way of defining it a little bit, don't they, each state? governor tim pawlenty out of minnesota, in the republican race for the white house, withdrew a few months ago. now he is stumping for mitt romney. we'll talk to him live about the state of the race. martha: and what is wrong with this picture? some might say nothing at all. a lot says a yearbook committee. why one high school is refusing to publish this girl's senior portrait and she is outraged. we'll be back with that. ♪ .
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from toyota. when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we knew it would take time, but we were determined to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
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martha: here is what is developing right now in "america's newsroom." at least two people are dead after a bus crash on an icy interstate in montana. 32 other people were hurt. a crippled cargo ship also in the news splitting in two off the coast of new zealand. the ship ran aground in october, leaking oil and sparking new zealand's biggest environmental disaster to date. crews have been working to unload the ship's cargo and oil ever since. what a mess. national guard troops have now been brought in to help an alaskan fishing village dig out, look at this, from 18 feet of snow. the storm collapsed roofs, triggers avalanches and stranded locals. we have not had a lot of snow in parts of this country but folks in that part of alaska, bill, are having a tough time. bill: colorado and utah picked up seven to nine inches. martha: too late for my trip.
6:45 am
bill: sorry about that. if we could only take you back in time right? not everyone is in new hampshire. texas governor rick perry is staking his claim in south carolina. meanwhile rick santorum said his best chance of scoring a solid win is not new hampshire but a more conservative south carolina. here is santorum. >> i'm proud of my record. it is not perfect. raise your hands, anybody here perfect? it is not perfect but it's solid. it is a reagan conservative record. >> mr. president, it is that simple. washington, d.c. doesn't have all the answers. washington, d.c. and their one size fits all mentality is what's wrong with this country. bill: how about it? we have the former political director for president george bush. how are youing doing matt. good morning to you. >> hi, bill. bill: kirsten towers, columnist from "the daily beast" and fox news contributor. i don't know what side
6:46 am
you're on right now. i think you're more conservative than ever. good morning to you. >> good to be here. >> matt, is south carolina perry's alamo? >> wow, i think most perry advisors wish he had stayed closer to the alamo and stayed in texas instead of competing in south carolina. the polls don't look promising. sometimes you have to know when to pull the plug, bill. bill: and what is that time? is that right after -- >> right after the voters of iowa decided he wasn't a top tier candidate. in all honesty it was right after several debates where although he has a great conservative record in texas and he is a great governor he wasn't able to communicate in a way voters in republican primaries want their nominee to take the obama rhetoric machine on. bill: kirsten, matt is saying perry shouldn't even compete in south carolina. perry is saying i'm not going home after iowa, i will give it another round. what he said was his wife
6:47 am
anita said you have to compete in the palmetto state. what do you think?. >> i agree with matt. i don't understand what perry is doing here. he does have money. he feels he wants to, i don't know, maybe he wants to try to finish in a stronger place than he is right now, not leave with sort of the cloud of oops hanging over him. he did do a much better job in the debates that we just had but the chances of him being able to win over those republican voters, again i think is very low. i think there were high hopes for him. people really were hoping that he could be the guy. but they feel like matt said, that he is just not the guy that will be able to stand on the stage with barack obama and really, you know, give him the good fight that conservatives want to see. bill: we're going to watch perry and santorum especially in south carolina. i think the bigger point about the next contest, you know, each state whether it's iowa, new hampshire, they have a way of defining the race but south carolina many would argue, matt, that it really defines the race. and after that vote, you're
6:48 am
either going to know that romney is the guy or republican party is in for a long ride in this nomination. do you agree? >> yeah, i think new hampshire is to a certain extent discounted because mitt romney has a home there. he was obviously governor of a neighboring state of massachusetts. he essentially has been running in new hampshire for years although his polling looks great, south carolina clearly is going to change this race. it is going to pick the person on the conservative side of this primary field that is going to take romney on, or, romney is going to get such a big very triin new hampshire and such a big very triin south chrirn -- victory in south carolina that the race is essentially over. bill: kirstin do you dispute or that do you agree? >> we already know what is going to happen in new hampshire. it is a question how much does romney win it by. so south carolina is really going to be place we can see. look if romney can win in south carolina or have any kind of strong showing in
6:49 am
south carolina that means something. it doesn't mean a lot for him to win in new hampshire. he should win in new hampshire. only means something if he lost, frankly. bill: be careful of our assumptions. the voters will have their say. >> yes, they will. bill: i'm thinking back six nights ago when no one thought iowa would go the way it did. >> remember, bill, most of these polls still have 40% of the electorate --. bill: 37%. matt, thank you. >> they haven't finalized it. bill: you bet. thanks, to you, matt and kirsten, enjoy new hampshire. >> thank you. bill: viewers at home, everyone is getting ready to face off ahead of the south carolina primary. that debate a week from tonight on the fox news channel. can only get it right here. comes out the myrtle beach convention center, monday the 16th. martha: the hits keep coming. bill: they say south carolina can be mean country when it comes to politics. we'll see if it matches the definition this year. martha: that can get interesting. this is interesting too. a colorado high school student that and aspiring
6:50 am
model, and they said the photo she picked for year book is too hot. she is claiming she is a victim of censorship. we'll take a closer look as i'm sure many folks will want to oh my. bill: this is a nightmare. cord snapping, sending a daredevil straight into a crocodile infested river. you won't believe what happens to her next. the must-see video is coming your way. >> i was pulled out of the water. they put me on my back and so all the water that i had inhaled, that i couldn't breathe. so i, made them roll me on to my side and that's what i started coughing out water and blood. wake up!
6:51 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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6:53 am
bill: a moving vigil in arizona marking one year since the deadly shooting in
6:54 am
tucson, arizona. six people were killed that day. congresswoman gabrielle giffords seriously injured in that shooting. yesterday, one year later she was the one leading the group in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [applause] bill: with vigor at end. listen to that crowd. she is such a fighter. jared loughner faces charges connected to that shooting. he is been delayed declared incompetent to stand trial. martha: everybody want to of cringe looking at old yearbook pictures i can adfied would want to identify with this colorado senior.
6:55 am
instead of head and shoulderses little pearls, that kind of photo, this is what she sent in for the yearbook picture. she decided this would be more artistic photo and better reflection of her personality but the yearbook committee which is made up of students by the way, unanimously voted not to allow this picture in the yearbook and now she is accusing the school, which is a public school of censorship. so who better to ask about this than the very top of his field, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor arthur aidala. also fox news contributor for this very serious story. >> i'm going to find your high school yearbook picture. i can't believe there is anything but greatness. i'm sure hemmer would agree. martha: didn't look anything like this girl's photo i can assure you of that. we don't know if she will pursue any legal action here but does she have a case in your opinion because of her argument? >> this is absolutely ridiculous. they are allowed, the yearbook is allowed to have
6:56 am
their own standards and for the integrity of the actual book, and the actual thing that they're producing, you know the yearbook committee, they spend whole senior year working on this. to have consistency, to have something that looks appropriate. martha: but, arthur, you know what, i was flipping through a yearbook. some schools kids get a whole page and can put pretty much whatever they want there. some girls have short skirts. this girl is interested in modeling and photography, i'm sure this whole story will give her a nice boost in that regard for her future career. she is wearing clothes. this is what she wants. she says it is a good representation of her personality. >> my understanding there is two sections of yearbook. there is the section with all the student pictures and a section as you described where they can have individual pages and do whatever they want on them. martha: right. >> again, martha, that is within reason, they can do whatever they want, right? she couldn't put something totally inappropriate there. so my understanding is they say that she can't use that
6:57 am
picture as her profile picture. they are accurate. martha: saga continues. arthur, thank you very much. all high school pictures of arthur aidala welcome. send them to me @marthamaccallum mack at bill: is she topless or do pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today. whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee!
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6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: we are counting down to the big finish in new hampshire, five candidates are out there in force, boy are they busy today, folks all over new hampshire. only jon huntsman is going to make it north of the capitol of concord. there are a whole bunch of crunched up in the portsmouth area today. mitt romney in a pretty sizable lead. there are some signs that things are tightening up a little bit. brand-new hour on "america's newsroom" on a monday morning. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm memorandum r-r. bill hemmer. we had a great weekend. manchester is home for the mitt
7:01 am
romney campaign. set to talk there in about an hour. martha: molly line a is live at that event. >> reporter: he'll basketball at the gilchrist metal fabricating plant. earlier this morning he was at the national chamber of commerce prying to appeal to what the voters want to hear about right now talking about jobs, the economy, where things are going. he's been touching a lot on free trade and what he would want to do with the international community about bringing more jobs here at home and bringing business to america. he ends the day with a big rally in bedford. a lot of the candidates are taking time to do last-minute retail politicking. if you wanted to have coffee this morning with a conditioned date jon huntsman hit diner, after diner after diner, newt gingrich is having town halls.
7:02 am
they are trying to connect with the voters. martha: rick perry has left new hampshire behind and is moving his bus onto south carolina. >> reporter: very good point. he has taken the jon huntsman strategy here, he's put his eggs in the south carolina basket similar to the way jon huntsman is campaigning here in new hampshire. whether he will be able to pull out big numbers in south carolina getting out ahead of the game we shall see, martha. martha: molly, thank you very much, molly line on the ground. heading out on to the campaign trail, following them around as they zig-zag through the lower part of new hampshire today. bill: republican candidates are not the only ones rallying for votes in new hampshire president obama also making a big push organizing a massive grassroots campaign that his team says will not leave anything to chance. >> we have literally hundreds of thousands of phone calls logged, thousands and tens of thousands of one and one meet we sit down
7:03 am
and sid lee connec individually connect with a supporter. >> on tuesday is our primary. i was wondering if president obama can count on your support. bill: it was iowa last week, new hampshire now. latest "real clear politics" polling average shows that most voters would likely vote for a yet unnamed republican candidate in 2012 up against president obama in that polling. martha: the occupy wall street protestors tried to disrupt a pro-romney rally and they got an ear full from new jersey governor chris christie. he was speaking at the event when protestors came out and started shougt. this ha shouting. this has happened before and this is what the governor of new jersey had to say. [chanting] >> really. [applause]
7:04 am
>> you know something may go down tonight but it ain't going to be jobs, we hafrplt we created 60,000 new private sector jobs after john corzine killed 120,000. martha: he's there supporting mitt romney in a big way in new hampshire. as for rom niece reaction to the protestors he says while they are happy to have people expressing their views he believes it should be done with some more courtesy. that is pretty much what the governor from new jersey said too. bill: i call you sweetheart because it's okay because we have a relationship, right. martha: yes, we do. bill: is he gaining ground at just the right time? former utah governor jon huntsman jumping four points in the latest university of new hampshire polling in the last four days, tied with third with rick santorum there behind pau pauron paul. huntsman's family has played a key role in the campaign. jon huntsman's daughter is abby
7:05 am
huntsman livingston and she is with me out of new hampshire this morning. good morning to you abby how are you. >> fine. how are you doing. >> i'm doing just fine. how is dad doing. >> it's interesting to see the energy that has built up. we had a huge town hall with over 400 people. you think five months ago we started here with zero percent name recognition and now he's jumping up to second-place in a lot of the polls. bill: he knows the state well. he has the santorum strategy up there. santorum has been already iowa, your father all over new hampshire. what do you think is his best selling point for the people in that state. >> what he is really selling and what i see people connecting to him in the most is his message on trust. i think the american people are really wanting not only someone that can lead the country but someone they can trust to get the job done. my dad is resonating with them
7:06 am
when he talks about that and putting country first. that is the number one issue. bill: do you think your father needs to finish at least third on tuesday night? >> i think what matters is exceeding expectations, whatever that might be. what we are seeing is that we are -- we are the only candidate right now going upward in the polls. we've seen that the last few days. that is exacting where we want to be. we are very happy with what we are seeing. bill: what do you think that us are is? why would you be going up at a time when it's critical, you're 36 hours away. >> exactly. i mean he's been on the ground here, he's been shaking hand after hand, he's got even to know a lot of the voters here on the ground. i think that matters to people. as you saw in iowa people are wanting kind of the old school grass roots campaign and i think you're seeing that payoff here. bill: he has talked about beating market expectations. he was on our program last week and i was just trying to figure out how he defines that.
7:07 am
how do you define market expectations? where is the floor at moment? >> someone like governor romney who has been around the neighboring state for problem below over 15 years now campaigning, i mean to go from zero percent to now knocking on second-place here i think that is a story in and of itself. if he could finish up exceeding expectations, just come anywhere near that is definitely the story. bill: if the floor is in fourth place, anything above that you're saying would be a huge headline. can you hear me, abby? >> repeat that one time. bill: if the floor is fourth placed based on all the polling, anything above fourth place would be exceeding expectations, right? a third-place finish would be huge for him. >> absolutely, absolutely. everything we are seeing right now is moving in the right direction. even overnight i think moved up a few moments. that is where the momentum is and we feel it on the ground and we are really excited to see what happens tomorrow. bill: thank you, abby we'll see
7:08 am
you down the road and good luck to you and your family. >> thank you, see you later. bill: we are your home base for the primary tomorrow, special coverage 6:00 eastern time. do not miss a minute all the way up to when the last votes are don'ted. 6:00 eastern time on the fox news channel. it was 2:30 in the morning last week. martha: i think so yeah. bill: maybe we'll come close to it we'll see. martha: they walked up to their car and there was a paper bag sitting next to it with their names on it. they opened it up and it exploded. today police believe that they have their first lead in this wild case. bill: if bungee jumping was on your bucket list you might want to turn away. an amazing survival story complete with all the video that tells this woman's story. martha: no, thank you. mitt romney taking a page out of the bi-partisan bookmaking a bold proceed diction about what a romney white house would look like. >> we with korbg together work
7:09 am
together, republicans and democrats can go aeu crass th across the aisle. we do have common areas and perspectives and we can find common ground. ♪ baby, baby, come along ♪ baby, baby, come along with me ♪ [ air horn blows ] ♪ i love you and i need you ♪ just to hug and squeeze you ♪ baby, why can't you see? [ female announcer ] the space of a small suv. the fuel efficiency of a prius. ♪ well, baby, can't you see the all-new prius v from toyota. ♪ come along with me
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
7:12 am
bill: breaking this morning the f.b.i. now on the scene of a explosion in colorado. it happened outside of boulder, a couple seriously hurt after that. police now saying a paper bag was left next to their car with their names written on it. the bomb was blowing up as the woman started to open that bag, and neighbors around describe a scene of chaos. >> her clothes were blown off, her blouse, so it completely burned both of her arms and her legs, and her chest, and barely her face, and a lot of her hair. >> there was no flames, there was smoke coming out of both the drivers and passengers doors which were slightly over. bill: investigators say allison stone's former husband is listed as a person of interest in that
7:13 am
case out of boulder, colorado. martha: terrible. republican frontrunner mitt romney hitting president obama for failing to lead on our economic crisis. here is mr. romney at a new hampshire campaign event, this is just moments ago, take a look. >> i believe he has failed mis miserably. i don't think it's because he's a bad guy. i don't think he understands how the economy works at the level of business. i don't blame the president for the downturn, he didn't cause it, but he made it worse and made it last longer. will we come out of the downturn and the recession? of course, we always have, we always will. martha: regardless of what the gop nominee is that is likely to be the line of thinking that will be brought against president obama in the fall. steven hayes is in the granite state this morning, a senior writer at the weekly standard and a fox news contributor. good morning. >> hey, martha.
7:14 am
>> hell us aboutell us how it feels 24 hours away from this. >> you talk about mitt romney as the frontrunner an certainly is. he has been here going back 3 years, the university of new hampshire poll in february of 2009 had him at 47%. he has dominated the state for years. he's a near-by governor of massachusetts, of course. what we've seen here the last six days is something of a slide. you've seen the som some suffolk university poll showing him sliding to 33% today. you've seen a closing here with ron paul saying stable, jon huntsman as you were just discussing rising. you've seen some taoeupbgt tightening, which i think was to be expected. but a ten-point slide is pretty significant. martha: indeed it is. they are comparing it to how he did last time around. if all this campaigning and all the years out there are pushing him to a higher level in terms
7:15 am
of his ability to compete on the national level, right? >> i think that is exactly right. it's still the case that basically three in four republicans across the country, and two and three republicans here in new hampshire are choosing somebody other than mitt romney. for somebody who spent as much time talking about the issues, campaigning particularly here in new hampshire and across the country that has to be troubling to the romney campaign because they are not ultimately making the sale. the republican party in 2012 is a more conservative party than it was in 2008, and mitt romney right now he seems not to be connecting. there is a sort of -- there is a sense that republicans are settling for mitt romney rather than rattling to support him. martha: we want to take a look at one of the other polls. i know you mentioned the suffolk poll closely watched in new hampshire. i think this is nur we will pull up right now. romney 41%, ro.
7:16 am
that shapes up in pretty much the same way, it pushes santorum into third place there. how is santorum doing on the ground there, steve? >> judging by the tracking polls he seems to have stabilized, he seems to not have caught fire certainly the way he did in iowa but he seems to not be generating a ton of support. some of his events have been overflowing but it seems not as least as the tracking polls are agage of a level of his support, he does not seem to be picking up. you have people questioning whether he should spend more time in south carolina where it's much more friendly territory for him, and where he's done upset up work for the primary on the 21st rather than spend as much time in ham channel he has. martha: we are so used to these two states and the two to comedy siding the whole thing, and the delegate picture is very
7:17 am
different now. you're only going to have i think 12 delegates to put together if romney does win in new hampshire. does that matter, or is it more about the message that is sent? is this a delegate race, or is it a momentum situation, steve? >> it's both. it's both. look, martha, that is a terrific point. beyond even the 12 delegates that you're talking about, if you look at end of january the republican -ts ar are going to assigned less than 10% of the overall delegates needed to win the nomination at end of january. you basically have february off. this is raising questions as to whether if mitt romney doesn't sort of catch fire or in crease his margins, comes out of new hampshire with a relatively low number, maybe, you know, doesn't do as well in south carolina and florida as people are expecting, you know, are you then again looking at a situation where republicans may be looking at a brokered convention, or even when was a long-shot possibility for a longtime, somebody else who had decided not to run giving this a second look,
7:18 am
saying the delegates are divided, i could get in late. there are ballot access issues and a lot of problems with that scenario. if mitt romney doesn't catch fire -- when you see the finds of ads that newt gingrich is preparing, or his super pack is preparing in south carolina, really going after mitt romney it seems like newt gingrich is going to try to do to mitt romney what romney's super pack did to gingrich in iowa. that is a real bloodletting coming up. martha: it sure would be. steve hayes, fascinating. we'll see you later. bill: talk about a hail mary. did you see this game? did tim tebow's passing average have a dee deeper message. martha: does under employment tell the real story in new hampshire? >> running for president while you were governor you were going all over the country, you were out of state consistently. you promptly re-entered
7:19 am
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martha: police are identifying the remains found on queen elizabeth's estate to that of a 17-year-old girl who disappeared from her home about 25 miles away last august. a dog walker found the teenager's body last sunday. her family says they are devastated by the news of her death. they have been rer -fpg fo searching for her since august and the family says they would like to grieve in private. bill: millions of americans seeing their income decline as the economy struggles, and this year it's happening on wall street as well. finance executives will take
7:23 am
home their lowest compensation since the peak of the crisis in 2008. some will see their pay cut in half from what it was a year ago. it's a lead story in the "wall street journal" and steven moore, senior economic writer for the "wall street journal" is with me now. steve, good morning to you. >> hi, bill good morning. bill: a lot of folks in american don't have a lot of sympathy for folks who make a lot of money, but i think there is a larger story to be told in this and what it says about our larger economy, what do you see in it? >> let me say this. bill, this is ironic that you have this occupy wall street movement that is camping in front of wall street saying down with the greed of the big bankers in wall street. the real story is that wall street has never really recovered from the 2007-2008 collapse, bill. like you i know a lot of investor bankers who have lost their jobs and haven't been able to gain them. if you go to wall street today it's only a pale comparison of what it once was.
7:24 am
this is about the bonuses and the salaries that a lot of these executives will get in 2012. bill: which is where all their income is too. >> exactly. here is the point. i'm a big believer in capitalism. i think if people perform and are making money, whether they are ceo's or in vestment bankers i don't have a problem with them making a lot of money. when they are not performing and the stock market is not performing, in 2011 there were virtually no gains in the index exas you know. there was a big reduction in the bonuses and salaries of these folks. given that they are not making money for investors i think that is probably fair. bill: if you listen to eric cantor, john boehner the leaders of the house republicans on the house side, they will say over regulation is killing business in america. is this part of it also? >> yes, look, i'm a big believer, bill that the united states has to continue to be the most competitive country in the world. one of the areas that the united states hats led th states has
7:25 am
led the world in is the financial capital mecca. we are the people that put the deals together. because of the regular layings like the dodd-frank bill that passed last year, this has made america less competitive. what is happening, a lot of the deals and a lot of the financial capital is not flowing to the united states. it's going to london, hong kong, tokyo. that is bad for america. we ned to lead the world as a financial capitol of the world. bill: you believe this administration in your view has over reached and the regular layings are too much and sue stifling. >> i don't think there is any question about that. bill: if that is the case and you want to create jobs in 2012 would you expect the regulations to be scaled back some? >> they ought to be. bill, look you're there in new york. what makes new york city work is the fact that it is the home of wall street, that so much of the tax revenues and so many of the jobs come from the financial sector. we need to rebuild this industry, we need to be number one, and by the way it's not just wall street, it's all overt
7:26 am
country. i really am very worried about this story. when our banking sector and our financial sector are not performing, that rever rev erberates throughout the he will taoeupb country. bill: it's on the front page of your paper this morning. it got our attention. thank you, steve moore. >> great to be with you bill. martha: a terrifying plunge, a bungee chord snapped sending a tourist, a young girl into crocodile-infested waters. you've got to see this coming up, folks. bill: forget about the crocodile, what about the bungee chord. a big boost from a very little girl. >> very cute. we'll show you that in a little bit. candidates swegt icandidates sweating it out in new hampshire today.
7:27 am
we have someone who will tell us what he thinks will happen tomorrow. >> i think he took too much money from lobbyist. really the whole -- there it goes again. >> they caught you not telling the truth, ron. >> but really -- [laughter] what's this? it's progresso's new loaded potato with bacon. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes.
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bill: this time tomorrow we'll be looking at voters going to the polls in new hampshire. i'm going to show you on the
7:31 am
touch screen behind me a little bit about what we're looking after here, whether it's the results or the economy, which is very interesting in new hampshire. i'll get to that in a moment. also the look ahead. we talked about south carolina coming up and not to get too far ahead of yourself but also florida at end of this month. when it comes to the primaries in new hampshire if you look back four years ago when john mccain came up against mitt romney, come on machine, okay. you see mccain beating romney by five points, 37, 32, that was back in 2008. mccain is in the red. he won eight counties 8 of the 10 in the northern part of of the state. this is where romney won. hillsborough county. bode tkers, massachusetts where he used to be the governor, rockingham county, a lot of us there too. we'll be watching these two counties to see how he does based on his output of 2008.
7:32 am
does he increase, decrease, we'll find out. wayne mcdonald, chairman of the national republican party. wayne, good morning to you. i saw a number here, expectation is 250,000 to vote tomorrow. how does that rate? >> good morning. well, that is a great number. it actually exceeds the number of registered republicans in the state of new hampshire. basically we expect a lot of undeclared voters to take republican ballots, as well as many, many republicans, a high number of republicans to vote, so that's a good turn out. bill: i want to get to voter enthusiasm in a moment. i want to show our viewers the economy and get a bit of a snapshot for what we're seeing in new hampshire right now. small state, relatively speaking, especially when you compare it to south carolina, florida down the road. you've lost 3500 jobs over the last three years, your unemployment rate site wide is very respectable that is 5.2%, well below the national average. but the under employment rate is much higher than this.
7:33 am
is jobs the issue? is there concern about the economy? how would you rank that, wayne. >> jobs and the economy are definitely the number one issue in new hampshire, as it is in the nation, and it's something that the next president is going to have to deal with. this president has failed to deal witness. with it. we node a new republican president to address these concerns. bill: is there anxiety about the economy or are people in your state feeling better this their fortune? >> folks here a lot of them need work and want better jobs. a lot of them want more opportunity than they've been able to find the last four years. they really want to see a change. that is one of the reasons barack obama's number are so low here, a state he carried every county in in 2008, he's currently in the low 40s in terms of his approval rating. bill: what we found in iowa is that jobs was the number one issue, but it folded itself into other areas of concern, like fiscal responsibility and
7:34 am
government spending and taxes, i was just curious if that's reflected in your state. >> those issues are important also. they are certainly high among voters' concerns. of course jobs and the economy is number one, and then you get into government spending, you get into the health insurance debate, obamacare, that type of thing. but absolutely, number one, jobs and the economy. bill: now go to voter enthusiasm. how do you see it right now? >> republican base is very energized. as i was saying, as i've said to a number of folks, four years ago there was a lot of energy, a lot of hope, a lot of belief that we were going to do well, but at the same time we could see storm clouds on the horizon. this time we are seeing open skies and the sunshine. we are seeing the opportunity to take the white house back and address the challenges facing this country and we're feeling very good about our opportunity there. bill: we will see about the turn out goes.
7:35 am
250,000 was the turn out that was put out. it will tell us a lot about voter enthusiasm in new hampshire on the republican side. wayne, thank you, good luck tomorrow. >> my pleasure, thank you. martha: rick perry may not be in new hampshire where all the folks are. he was one place where he needed to be for a seven-year-old supporters. graceee wood wanted to make sure the texas governor knew how she felt about him. >> aourt best. >> aourt best, yes, ma'am, every chance you get help me out, okay? i'll get you a bumper sticker. you're not quite old enough to vote yet, you're not quite there. >> i'll ask my mommy to vote for you. martha: perry aske thanks her.
7:36 am
thanked her. that was a cute exchange. taxpayers are spending billions of dollars to build hybrid cars like the chevy volt. one problem, very few people are buying those cars. why is the government making you pick up the tab. that is one of the questions out there. william la jeunesse is looking into it live from los angeles. william. >> reporter: the president wants a million electric cars on the road by 2015, going green. but getting there is driving the u.s. deeper into the red. plug-in vehicles like the chevy volt and nissan leaf cause 35 to $40,000, but each buyer gets at least $10,000 in state and federal subsidies, that is your money to help buy them. some claim it's even more. an economist says each chevy volt costs taxpayers up to $250,000 per car, a figure based on dividing billions in subsidies by the number of volts sold, a number he admits will drop as sales increase.
7:37 am
>> these are expensive technologies for the rest of us, and right now it has been a niche market for people that are wealthy enough that want an electric vehicle and that care about the environment. >> supporters of electric cars say give it time, that new technologies are always expensive, and as prices drop the government can step aside. they say the volt and leaf both sold more cars than the toyota prius did in its first year. >> we have the most to gain to improve our economy by not buying so much gas, and have the middle class keep their money in their pocket, and run their car on american-made electricity, in american-made cars. >> reporter: not all electric cars are american. as for the middle class, well the average income of the volt buyer is $160,000, and over 250 grand for the other two electrics, the fisker and tessa that is a controversial subsidy for the so-called one percent.
7:38 am
the u.s. is not alone, most countries do give tax breaks. back to you. martha: interesting. thank you very much. how much does it cost you personally to underwrite the electric car industry? go to forward slash your money and you can economic out the taxpayer calculator. you might be surprised how much it's costing you every year to keep the program going. bill: put your household income in there and find out what your share is. they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. former presidential candidate tim pawlenty is with us telling us how a former rivalry has blossomed into a partnership. he's live with that. martha: look at that. that is where she snaps off the bungee chord, folks, has one one survived after plunging head first into a river filled with crocodiles when her chord suddenly snapped. >> i felt like i had been
7:39 am
slapped all over. i think it's definitely a miracle that i survived. my name is robin.
7:40 am
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7:41 am
7:42 am
bill: a miraculous story of survival after a new year's bungee jump did what you hope it does not do, the cord snapped. that is aaron langworthy, she is australian, jumping more than 300 feet high over a river in africa. after the cord snaps she goes into the zambezze river. known for hits crocodile population, with no one to help her. she survived. >> when i was first put out of the water they put me on my back. all the water that i inhaled, i couldn't breath. i made them roll me onto my side and started coughing out water
7:43 am
and blood. stpho: she is one brave woman. she is 22. she spent a week in the hospital after some serious cuts and bruises. but she is alive. that is remarkable. martha: promise me you will never try this. all right. so let's go back to politics now. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty joining the campaign trail stumping for mitt romney. he was an early supporter of mitt romney after he dropped out of the race himself talking to people in the granite state. one day to go before the first in the nation primary, we are deep into this thing now folks romney has become a main target for his republican rivals. watch this. >> can we tkrof a little bit of the pie us baloney. the fact is you ran in 94 and lost. level with the american people, you've been running since at least the 1990s. >> we want someone who is going to stand up and fight for the conservative principles, not bail out and not run and not run to the left of ted kennedy.
7:44 am
>> i don't see how we can do swell against obama if we have any candidate that endorsed single payer systems, and bailing out their friends. martha: ouch, ouch, ouch, governor tim pawlenty joins us from new hampshire. you'll remember he called off his own presidential campaign in august. it's great to have you with us this morning. >> good to be with you, martha. the video of that failed bungee jump kind of reminded me of my own presidential campaign. martha: i don't know, you know, a lot of folks think maybe you should have stayed in there. do you think you're going to go bungee jumping again any time soon in. >> we had a fair shot at it. i'm honored to be supporting mitt romney. he's the most capable and knowledgeable candidate in the field, and most reee hrebtable. most electable. i feel honored to be supporting
7:45 am
him. martha: what did you think when newt said he was full of pie us baloney? >> speaker gingrich has spent most of his life in washington d.c. mitt romney has been in the private sector for most of his life and right now we need the private sector in the economy to grow. that's one of the differencence in the campaign, it's a fair contrast. for newt gingrich to say mitt romney wanted to spend his whole life in government or politics is just not an accurate statement. martha: talk to me about this spending capital argument. we are trying to turn around a piece of video we want to show you. i just spoke to jackie gingrich, newt's daughter a while ago. they are going to go after his relationship and work with capital with full force. do you think it's the way to go or dangerous territory. >> it's the democrat's issue, it's the issue that barack obama comes after mitt on.
7:46 am
for newt or other republicans to be attacking private enterprise in this way is just embracing the democrat's message, and it's unfortunately not what republicans should be doing. on the merits of it, on the record of it if you look at mitt romney's record at bing capital when he led it the results are a net increase in jobs added not decrease. that record is one of job growth, not one of job -- total job reduction. martha: i want to play a little bit of this for you in a second. i want everyone to remember that the huge barrage of super pack money that came after newt gingrich in iowa is part of what has fueled this. you know, return hit that is coming from a super pack that backs gingrich down in south carolina now. here is just about 12 seconds of what this is going to look like. i want to get your reaction to it, governor, let's play that. >> mitt romney the king ceo of bing capital the day the company was formed, his mission to reap massive rewards for himself and
7:47 am
their investors. mitt romney and them guys, they don't care where i am. martha: what do you think. >> i grew up in a meet packing town. my mother died when i was hrofpblgt i understand what job loss and uncertainty looks like up close for my family. we need more people in government who understand the private sector. and mitt romney's company, bane capital invested in companies and tried to grow them. some of what they did was take over troubled companies. some of them made it, some of them didn't, but on the whole the companies that bane capital invested in grew jobs and mitt romney stands in contrast to most of the other candidates who spent their whole life in government and politics, and when you want to ask and answer the question, how do you grow jobs in this country you don't go have the people in washington d.c., moat of them have never had a private sector job or run a private sector business, mitt romney has done that, that's why he can lead the country forward best. martha: if he makes it to the general election, clearly he's going to hear more of this. so i guess this will be a warm up for this discussion over the
7:48 am
bane capital issue. >> look at obama's record on job loss. again mitt added jobs at bane, barack obama has ple presided over one of the worst economies in the country, look at solyndra. martha: i understand that. you're a great observer of gop politics across this country and a lot has been said about the fact that mitt romney is not scoring numbers higher than he did last time around when he ran, and he lost that nomination of course to john mccain. the question is is he strong enough to go head-to-head in the general? >> first of all i just don't think that is an accurate summary. he just won iowa. last time he lost iowa, and by the way, people said he had no chance in iowa, he just won it. last time he got about 1 15% in south carolina, he's polling substantially better than that. mitt romney has tremendous momentum, is attracting support. when you've got six or seven other candidates in the race it's hard to break away from the pack. he's been at or near the top of the back the whole time. that is a reflection of strength
7:49 am
not weakness and the momentum is on his side. >> tim pawlenty, governor and bungee jumper. bill: jon scott standing by. "happening now" is starting in about 11 short minutes. jon: we are continuing the countdown to the new hampshire primary. could be a key battleground to the race to the white house. we'll talk with. jenna: john mccain. he has endorsed mitt romney, he'll tell us why. we'll also ask him about the increasingly grim news out of iran and how close we might be to getting to open conflict there. plus, the lost world of antarctica, fascinating video to show you. the new computer virus that not only steals your money but hides the crime. we'll tell you how it works coming up in "happening now." bill: see you in a couple of minutes. an important recall over-the-counter drugs, what you need to look out for, on that note in a moment. martha: and this just coming in
7:50 am
here to the newsroom, mitt romney getting into a heated exchange on the campaign trail this morning. we are going to show you what happened on the road in new hampshire, you don't want this miss this. we'll be right back. >> thank you. thank you very much. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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7:53 am
southern part of new hampshire. moments ago a woman who is apparently a member of the autounion, the uaw asked romney about his position on gm and comments he made about bankruptcy. roll it and we'll listen and watch together. >> how can you say that those people would have been better off filing bankruptcy where they would have very likely watched their jobs inch steed of where they are today. once again the number one auto company in the united states.
7:54 am
i don't understand that. >> ma'am, we need to get to the answer. >> let's get to the answer. the answer is this. bankruptcy is not going under, and losing jobs. the r-t ultimately did what i suggested, going through a managed bankruptcy process. i wrote an about that. excuse me it's my turn to talk, and if you want to talk afterwards we can come chat afterwards. we went through tkaorb dash general motors and chrysler went through a managed bankruptcy exactly as i said back i think it was back in november. it took the president five or six months to come around to that. bill: these kind of exchanges really show you a certain side of a politician or candidate, him or her and that happening just moments ago in new hampshire. see if there is any more fallout from that coming up. martha. martha: a major health alert for you now as some popular over-the-counter medicines are pulled from the shelves, excedrin and the sleeping pill no-dose are several types of pills that are being recalled over fears that oaths medications may have been mixed into them unintentionally.
7:55 am
rick leventhal is on this live for us in the newsroom. >> reporter: this will affect medicine cabinets coast to coast. no record on how many tablets are involved, it's safe to say many thousand -fs people involving several well-known brands. the recall includes all lofts excedrin headache pills and no-dose expiration dates of 2014. gas-ex brands with throw out dates of 213 or sooner. made by novartis they have suspended off ration because some of the packages may contain chipped or broken pills that don't belong in there. stray tablets from other jars mixed this. the company suggests you throw out the products or return them for a refund. martha: good advice. bill: best story of the day,
7:56 am
mart that, you know it a hail mary indeed, the latest last minute miracle on the gridiron for tim tebow. some are suggesting there was a devine message in these numbers. martha: you've got to ask that at this point, right? my name is jill strange, i'm forty-nine years-old, i love gardening, and i love volleyball. i've been taking osteo bi-flex for several years now. i really can't see myself not taking it. osteo bi-flex is a great product. i can go back and do gardening with comfort. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, the glucosamine chondroitin supplement with 5-loxin advanced. shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. [ jill strange ] since taking osteo bi-flex, there's nothing that i can't do. [ malannouncer ] osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand.
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and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. bill: miracle man in the mile-high city. tim tebow's last minute magic defying critics. first play of overtime. >> they want them all. got him at the 40. it is thomas at 50. stiff arm got him free to the 30. to the 20. thomas to the 10. denver is going on to new england. they win it on the first play of overtime. bill: great call by jim nance. tebow hitting mark on spectacular td pass. not only scores the victory, with 316 passing yards. can't make this up. 3:16. one of the most widely quoted passages of the bible. john


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