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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 9, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PST

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he throws for 316 yards. get this, his average place completion was, 31.6 yards a completion. martha:. martha: unbelievable. i'm so tired of people saying he is terrible quarterback. he has bad throws. they're working. they're in the playoffs. more power to them. take a knee, folks. bill: at new england saturday night. martha: "happening now" starts right now. jon: i think bill hemmer has become a denver fan. jenna: i he has. jon: i think so. welcome to the club. we're just hours away from the very first votes in the very first primary in the presidential election. good morning, to you. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. apparently new england is the place to be this week. not only for politics but also for football. kind of interesting how that works. we're on the countdown to new hampshire on the final day of campaigning before the primary. mitt romney of course is the
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frontrunner there, jon. jon: nearly all the gop candidates are in the granite state. part of a last-ditch effort to shore up support. everyone but rick perry. he is in south carolina looking to get a jump-start on the first southern primary just 12 days away. jenna: back to new hampshire where steve brown is outside salem. you're outside a rick santorum event. one of those trying to make, well, we say yards, continue the football analogy. >> reporter: a few yards. jenna: a few yards, right. he is at this event. there is romney backer in the crowd. you saw the dynamics between the two. tell us about that. >> reporter: it was pointed out to me by bret baier was here. we're having editorial meeting later on site at the elks club in salem, new hampshire. in all seriousness, a gentleman, charlie black, in the crowd recently swung over to the romney campaign at a santorum event. san diego doesn't appear based on polling numbers a
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threat to romney victory here in new hampshire. the logical conclusion we can come to, perhaps they're doing a little scouting and taking a look at some of what santorum is saying out on the stump and perhaps it may come into play in south carolina where santorum is thought to have a more favorable atmosphere to collect votes. so out here in final hours of campaigning before the votes actually get cast a little scouting if you will, advance scouting. baseball term, jenna, for the south carolina primary. back to you. jenna: we'll take that one of the things we hear as outsiders, outside of new hampshire is that new hampshire folks really like a surprise at the end or may be capable of a surprise. is there anybody else pushing to chase after mitt romney? who is really vying for that spot? >> reporter: really giving it a go are the ron paul people. they're out scurrying around. they had what would have to be described unfortunate first event this morning where it lasts three or four
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minutes. urn fortunately the restaurant though went to do meet-and-greet at was filled mostly with massachusetts high school students here doing some election tourism if you will, a classroom field trip to new hampshire to take a look at the primary process and campaigning. so not a lot of folks there urn fortunately folks who were there to see him were new hampshire residents didn't get a chance to see him because of the amount of media around him. not the very best foot to get off of. on the other hand you have jon huntsman who is scrambling around as well. in the polls he has moved up over the last couple of weeks. now in a statistical tie in most polls and in the "real clear politics" average for third place with santorum. the question is, after spending 1 -- doing 160 events and having a pro-huntsman pac spend better than 2 million dollars in this state is third place good enough for him to continue on with the campaign if he can clip third place?
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it does appear, positions two, three, and four in this state are very many in flicks although romney has a solid lead he has been fading back toward the pack in the tracking polls. looks like it is his to lose tomorrow. as you point out new hampshire is place where surprises sometimes happen regularly. jenna. jenna: surprises and apparently potential tv producers. ron paul fan behind you, steve. look over your shoulder. >> reporter: they're everywhere. honestly they know where the other campaign events are. they know where the cameras are. they're here each and every time. they're usually very nice and very polite, but they have got a strategy. they're employing it. jenna: give them a little credit. not yelling or waving. they have the signs up. steve, we'll watch new hampshire. say hi to ron paul folks. >> reporter: will do. jon: i think he could feel them in the background. >> right there over your shoulder, how would you feel with someone lurking? jon: for more on the new hampshire primary let's bring in the man who won it
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last time around, arizona senator john mccain, the former gop presidential nominee who is now endorsing mitt romney. senator, a lot of eyebrows were raised when you made that endorsement. do you remember what happened four years ago? some of the challenges between you two? >> sure, i do. i remember a very spirited primary and that's what they're all about. i remember when reagan and bush exchanged very strong rhetoric in their campaign and president reagan chose him as his running mate. look, politics is a bean bag. tim tebow thing, shows that's why they play the game. that is a marvelous evening. in the primary tomorrow i think you will see some surprises. that's why they play the game. jon: a lot of pundits, a lot of observers have assessed this republican field and pronounced it weak. is it? >> no. i think it's strong. i think it's a tough process. i think every candidate, if there is any vulnerabilities
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they're certainly exploited by their adversaris. i fully understand that. it is a very tough grind and tough process but out of it will come a candidate, i'm convinced, in this case, mitt romney, that will defeat president obama. jon: why do you think he is the better choice among the republican field? >> his background, his background, his experience, his credentials, his commitment, his family. i think in a broad variety of ways he can not only appeal to the republican base, and i understand he has some work to do with the more conservative base, but also the independent voters will decide this next election. i think he will have a great attract for them because he is stark contrast to the view that president obama believes government creates jobs. mitt romney believes that business creates jobs. we've just now signaled to, to the world that we are leaving the middle east. iraq is now deteriorating. we are now having draconian
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defense cuts and compare that with mitt romney's solid national security credentials. i think he will be able to see some stark contrasts between mitt romney and president obama. jon: you segued into my next question very ably. we dwell on these things because obviously the holder of office of the president of the united states has some tremendous responsibilities including commander-in-chief. you have been very outspoken on the cuts to the defense budget that have been announced. over the weekend the obama administration went on defensive after announcing half a trillion dollars in defense cuts and reductions in army personnel, new weapons systems, future benefits over the next decade. defense secretary leon panetta that the u.s. will maintain the world's strongest military despite the cutbacks. listen. >> i think the primary message to the world that the united states will remain the strongest military power in the world.
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this strategy is going to give us the flexibility to continue to remain the strongest military power in the world. yes, we have to prioritize. in terms of the pacific and the middle east. yes, we have to have a presence elsewhere in the world. yes, we have to develop and invest in new technologies and new capabilities. blue the -- but the bottom line is when we face an aggressor any place in this w0r8d we'll be able to respond and defeat them. jon: you have argued with the defense secretary on some of these points saying there are some things he doesn't seem to understand. specifically what? >> for example, he doesn't seem to understand the situation in iraq because of our failure to maintain residual force there we now have an unraveling taking place in iraq. jon: as you well know -- as you well know -- >> could i just say, general keane, the architect of the surge said we lost the war and we're losing the peace. i understand american public
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opinion wanted us. american public opinion didn't want us involved before world war ii. they didn't want us involved in a number of other conflicts but, fortress america is someplace that we can not w draw to. this signal being sent with these dramatic cuts are telling, particularly in the middle east -- look i talk to these leaders. i talk to them. they say we're perceived in the region as weak and withdrawing. the president makes decisions for political reasons that are not agreed to by his military commanders and makes them for political purposes. jon: against this backdrop iran is threatening to close the strait of hormuz. they have been running some troop movements along their border with afghanistan. this kind of stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum. what do you think the iranians are trying to say? >> i think the iranians are in tough shape economically. you i think by the way they're making significant
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gains in iraq because of the vacuum that has been created and they're aggressive in other parts of the middle east. i think that we can keep the straits of hormuz open. i think they could close it temporarily but again, it's this perception on their part that they can take advantage of a withdrawing america and that leads to greater risks not only there but throughout the world. i agree that we have to shift some emphasis to the pacific region. we have a rising challenge in china but the fact is that when the president decides to withdraw, for example, from iran -- from afghanistan early, which happens to coincide with presidential elections, when his military leaders say that places us at greater risk, then i'm sorry, but i respectfully disagree. jon: senator john mccain is ranking member of the armed services committee. senator, thank you. >> thanks.
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jenna: keeping an eye on news happening all across the united states outside of washington and outside of politics. what you're looking right now at is a austin, texas, fire. apparently, they're calling it a structure fire, jon. we don't know if there is residence there or what actually started the fire. jon: looks like a neighborhood. jenna: two patients apparently being taken to the hospital. one has critical airway burns that is what is being described as. we don't know the cause of the fire. obviously early morning in austin, texas, right after 10:00. we'll keep eye on what caused fire and any updates and bring that to you. meantime we have the developing story overseas. jon was just talking about iran. here is another story there. a former u.s. marine is sentenced to death in iran for spying. we have the latest details on that just ahead. jon: take a lock at this. it's a goesly white octopus. scientists discovering this and dozens of other weird new species in what they're calling a lost world of sea
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creatures. we'll tell you where and show you more of this amazing video. jenna: how would you like that crawling out of your kitchen drain? i wouldn't like that at all. we are your election headquarters for the new hampshire primary and beyond. we have wall-to-wall coverage starting tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern time. a lot more "happening now" coming up right after the break. ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats.
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jenna: we have this fox news alert. the obama administration is expelling a top venezuelan diplomat from american soil. venezuela's counsel general, she has until tomorrow to return home after allegations that she discussed possible iranian cyber attackses against the u.s. government while she was working in mexico. this is all happening as venezuelan hugo chavez hosts iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad who is on a four-nation tour through latin america. a lot to dig through here. steve harrigan live in miami with more on this. steve, talk about the cyber attacks, threat of it,
8:16 am
allegations of it. how sear us is it? >> reporter: this counsel has 24 hours to get out of the united states. she has been officially declared persona non grata for elk he had -- allegedly taking part in conversations in mexico cyber attacks against united states nuclear power companies and power plants. it has not been verified. it has not been verified that the venezuelan governments took discussions with mexican hackers seriously. one thing you have to keep in mind the point you mentioned the timing of expulsion. it comes right at the time when iran's president is in venezuela. this alliance between venezuela and iran, a growing tie both economic and military, really has the u.s. administration concerned, jenna. jenna: such a good point about timing, steve. let's talk a little more about the alliance and this trip. why is it worth watching? >> reporter: well it comes at a time really iran is facing increased sanctions. it is an attempt by
8:17 am
ahmadinejad to show he has allies in america's backyard. he will visit venezuela as well as cuba, ecuador and nicaragua. so these allies could help as sanctions grow. they could help moving money around the world. they could help with raw supplies and fuel. it is really a question how far hugo chavez is going to go to help his quote, iranian brother. he was on television five hours yesterday attacking the united states as usual saying the u.s. is country that wants to dominate the world but he won't let them. it is always tough to separate bluster from fact with hugo chavez but these attacks against the u.s. take on more ominous tone when is is standing next to the president of iran. jenna: we see him sick with cancer and questions about his health and rumors still swirling. could be an interesting dynamic for this year, steve. thank you so much. steve harrigan, important story to watch today. jon: with so many concerns about iran as jenna was just discussing with steve, an american, a former marine is sentenced to death in iran for spying. his father says he has done
8:18 am
nothing wrong. the latest on this story coming up in a live report. also a couple's plans for their dream home suddenly cut short. why they are taking the environmental protection agency to court. all the way to the supreme court. t phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ [ male announcer ] when kelley blue book's gave the 2012 camry a best resale value award, we were delighted. ♪ when it received a 5-star overall safety ring, we were ecstatic. and when camry became the number-one selling car
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jenna: talking a lot about the iran today. it is one of our big stories as we start off a new week. iran is taking a firmer stance against pressure from the west, that includes the united states to end its nuclear program. the supreme leader there, the ayatollah saying his country will not surrender what he calls bullying and demands from superpowers. what we hear from the associated press, diplomats are confirming that iran has begun work to put it on a fast track to creating a nuclear weapon. jim walsh is an international security
8:22 am
expert focusing on nuclear weapons and terrorism and is back with us again. jim, according to the associated press, diplomats say this side of iran they're turning out 20% uranium, the centrifuges there. what exactly does that mean? >> this is a facility, you remember, i don't know, several years, three, four years back, jenna, we discovered this facility iran did not yet declare. this is the facility they're talking about. it is underground. it is built into the side of a mountain. the iranians claim they put century fuges there because it is hard to attack militarily and enrich uranium up to 20% on the tehran research reactor. the question are they doing it for that purpose or doing that to get better and better in skills involved in inrichment and use that for a bad purpose? that remains to be seen. you remember in september when ahmadinejad came to new york for the u.n. they were saying then they would give up 20% enrichment if they
8:23 am
could buy it. as we head to negotiations that will happen the next couple months. we'll see which positions are true. will they keep enriching the 20% or will they make a diplomatic deal. jenna: we spoken about this percentage point, 20% uranium enrichment versus 90% you might need for a nuclear weapon. i will bring in a side story to this which is what is happening in politics in this country. we had a slew of republican debates over the weekend. repeatedly you have candidates say they will stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon if they are president. i wonder if we have till november, jim? do we have till november or could iran get a nuclear weapon before there is a new election? >> great question. the simple answer is no.. iran will not have a nuclear weapon between now and november. they are enriching but not enriching to level of 90% which what would be required of a nuclear weapon and more importantly is this, jenna. our own intelligence community, the dni testified before congress saying iran
8:24 am
has not yet made a decision to develop nuclear weapons. they want to build their capability. they want to be in the ball game but they haven't made that decision. they had a program and stopped it in 2003 and our intelligence community says they believe that with high confidence. we don't want to gain more capability. i don't think anyone expects them to make a bomb between now and november. jenna: that is interesting timing. what should we expect between now and the end of the year? >> i think we'll see resumption of the so-called p5 plus one talks with u.s., britain, china, france and others with iran and then we'll be able to test whether something is possible here. i actually think that there is, you know, the noises iran was making in the fall sounded like they wanted to cut a deal on some of this stuff and we'll be able to test whether that is actually true or not because we'll have sit-down discussions. it is always difficult to negotiate with irrainsians. we'll have to wait and see. jenna: jim, we have to run to breaking news out of
8:25 am
florida. we appreciate talking to you as always. >> thank you. jon: a fox news alert. federal authorities in florida are saying they have stop what could have been one of those lone wolf kinds of terror attacks that keeps many law enforcement officers awake at night. a naturalized u.s. citizen born in yugoslavia, apparently an al qaeda sympathizer, he told undercover fbi agents he wanted to buy al qaeda flags. he in turn requested high-powered weapons and said he wanted to set off a car bomb outside the hillsborough county sheriff's office and nightclubs in tampa. at any rate he has been arrested and charged with plotting to use weapons of mass destruction against the united states. we'll keep you updated on this breaking case out of tampa, florida. a florida resident, naturalized u.s. citizen charged with plotting weapons of mass destruction attacks. serious bus crash on an
8:26 am
icy interstate sends passengers flying, pinning some of them underneath the bus. now some brand new details what might have caused this terrible accident. also the race for new hampshire. why the big battle might be for second place now. plus the role that state really plays in the race for the white house. some analysis next [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter.
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jon: this is the acquisitions room at fox news channel where we bring in satellite feeds from all over the country, all over the world. right now a lot of them as you can imagine are coming in from new hampshire. remote 212. there is newt gingrich along with his wife calista campaigning in manchester. remote 230, that is rick santorum, the former pennsylvania senator at one of his faith, family and freedom events in salem, new hampshire. on remote 24 5th getting ready for a mitt romney believe in america event that is also in new hampshire. so one of the big questions, what will be the weather be like there when voting gets started 12 hours from now. looks like mid 40s with clouds. not so bad. maria molina will be along a little bit later with our foxcast for you. jenna? jenna: well, the weather looks good, jon. you have no football games on tuesday. we should get a pretty good
8:31 am
turnout, right? the granite state stakes are high for mitt romney who is the front runner in new hampshire. with just hours to go before the first votes are cast his lead may be eroding. this is suffolk university poll over 8 percentage points over last week. that is what mitt romney dropped. look at the "real clear politics" polls in average in new hampshire, romney is way out in front with 38%. ron paul, is next. jon huntsman who skipped iowa and rick santorum who had surprising second place showing tied for third. juan williams is being fox news political analyst. he joins us from new hampshire with more. you publish ad article on fox i will look what you had to say. the final line in the editorial back to you because i thought it was really interesting. you say it is true when it comes to primaries democrats fall in love and republicans fall in line. so how confident are you
8:32 am
that republicans are going to fall in line behind mitt romney? is the line to fall behind in? >> i think they're falling in line here in new hampshire. looking forward, jenna, we have to look to south carolina and specifically to the conservative wing of the party. are they willing to buy into mitt romney? i don't know that that question has been answered. so what we're looking at here in new hampshire is, which conservative heading towards south carolina will be in the best position to claim that they are the conservative alternative to an inevitable romney nomination? jenna: we're back to that game of looking in the mirror and asking, mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most conservative of them all? seems to work a little bit with this one. who do you think is colling out in front? not even looking at polls, but just on the ground, who does it feel like? >> on the ground it is different campaign, jenna, in iowa and new hampshire. things are relatively quiet as compared to last years and i think in large part the debates, televised
8:33 am
debate, we had two this weekend, you know success we had with the fox debates, they tend to dominate the cycle. it has become more of a nationalized election. here in new hampshire the sense that mitt romney so far out in front made it sort of different. the candidate who has the most ads on the air here is not romney, is number one, but huntsman is right behind him especially in these last few days as he stages, you know, his last stand here in new hampshire. and so, what we see going forward for that race for number two, looks like ron paul right now but, really for the conservative mantle that you and i are talking about it is a race between santorum and gingrich. jenna: what will exactly define, a quote, unquote winner? what are you going to look at to say, this is the guy, maybe he didn't first but this is the guy that won this race? >> let's start with santorum who did so well and exceeded expectations in iowa. if he can get into strong double digits here in new
8:34 am
hampshire. now he is running bayly 10% in the polls that you cited, jenna. if he gets up to 15 or certainly up to 20, people will say, you know what? he wasn't a one-trick pony in iowa. he was able to retain some of that momentum and that will fire him up going into south carolina. gingrich on the other hand faded badly in iowa. he is looking to resuscitate his chances here in new hampshire. again if he can get up to 15% of the vote, people would sway, you know, there is new life. he certainly has ads on here. was very come pat tiff with romney and some of his rivals during the two dedates. you come down the way huntsman and perry. huntsman has some numbers but doesn't look like there is much traction on the ground here in new hampshire. jenna: i'm sorry, juan, you were mentioning the advertisements and debates and brings to a broader question about the race in 2012 in general. >> yeah. jenna: do you think all these candidates risk overexposure at this point? is it just maybe too much or
8:35 am
is this good that there is so much on every airwave wherever you are in the country? >> well, i think it's good obviously. you know what? they want, early on make the case against president obama and i think boy, they have been doing it effectively. they have been beating that drum. for the party and for opposition to president obama. now remember, you also have to focus on the idea that in a general election you're appealing to independent voters and often times, the republicans have been running to the right, jenna. so that could be a negative because they're trying to win a very conservative primary audience. but i think in general the kind of exposure they're getting for the republican brand, has to help at some level. jenna: it will be interesting to watch how they make that shift from conservative to maybe middle of the road. we'll see if they do it. enjoyed your scorecard on >> thanks. jenna: juan, always nice to talk to you. we'll talk to you throughout the next 24 hours for sure. take care. >> take care, jenna.
8:36 am
jon: an idaho couple had visions of building the american dream. their own dream home. more than that, they had blueprints. but almost as soon as they broke ground the epa not only demanded they stop construction but threatened major fines if they didn't restore the land to its original condition. well, today their case is going in front of the supreme court. that is where we find our shannon bream. i guess, shannon you were in the court. are the arguments over? what just happened? >> reporter: jon they just wrapped up. here is how it shakes down basically the landowners against the epa they started work on a lot and folks showed up and told them you're violating the clean water act. this is wetland you have to stop everything you're doing here. not only that you have to restore how the land was before you got it ready for construction or face fines in the neighborhood $37,500 per day. this fight has been going on four years. epa said it should have been handled administratively within their agency and shouldn't be in court. that was their primary argument today this should
8:37 am
have never been taken to federal court. the folks involved should have resolved with the agency. folks say they had no way to rye solve it. they asked for hearing and e a wouldn't give them one and brought it to court, all the way to the supreme court, jon. jon: both sides are basically battling, battling the, the epa is sort of battling itself it sound like? >> reporter: well, at this point what they did they issued a compliance order. these folks say four four years they haven't been able to do anything with their land. an argument justices most seemed sympathetic to today. if the folks have no way to get judicial review basically threatens them with fines that could run into the millions and no way to use the land they bought and paid for in every good faith they're at impasse. what we'll have to hear from this court ultimately whether or not the people have done the right thing by suing epa. it is a broader question. i talked to the sackets before the case. they're not doing it for themselves. they're doing it for people across the country who fund
8:38 am
themselves in fight against government bureaucracy and agencies like the epa they say in their words the government is overregulating everything. jon: the decision expected when? sometime in the summer? >> reporter: it should come the end of the term is due late june, early july. we'll have it by then. jon: shannon bream, keep an eye on it for us. thank you. >> reporter: we'll do. jenna: information on a serious bus crash in montana. it happened over the weekend on a an icy interstate. police say the bus was going too fast given the road conditions, traveling 65 to 70 miles per hour when it hit the patch of ice. that sent the bus spinning around before it slammed into a median and rolled over. some passengers were thrown from the bus. others were pinned under it. eight people in serious or critical condition including the driver. jon: now to questions about what sparked a massive fire at an old ohio lumberyard. flames roaring through that 100-year-old building. smoke visible for miles away from the scene in hillsboro.
8:39 am
a mayor said two teens were running from the property as fire broke out. police say it is too soon to characterize the origin of this fire as suspicious. jenna: hackers getting more creative than ever to get their hands on your money. what they're doing now, we'll tell you about, tricking victims into false sense of security and what is being done to try to stop them. plus adhd affects millions of children nationwide but could a healthy diet help control the symptoms? we'll take a closer look at that coming up next this is an rc robotic claw.
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or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. so why wait ? ask your doctor today... ... about taking care with vesicare. jenna: new information combing to light after the big jobs report we had on friday. you had more than 200,000 jobs added, last night, last month. that would be quite significant. last month, 200,000 jobs added. unemployment rate was 8.5%. that is the lowest level since early 2009. some economists say there are bigger issues. some were highlighted in "the wall street journal."
8:43 am
long-term unemployment may be a worse than high unemployment. many props predate the recession and recovery is only the beginning. we'll work through some of this with the ceo of and fox news contributor charles payne. start with the unemployment rate. that is the number that gets all the headlines. >> right. jenna: 8 1/2%. "wall street journal" says we shouldn't look at high or low unemployment. we should look at long-term unemployment. why is that? >> first let's go back to the rate, if you look why the rate is where it is people left the job market. if you had the same amount of people participating in the job market when ronald reagan was around the unemployment rate would be 12%. people have given up getting a job, finding a job, participating in the american dream. they have given up. while you put some people put the pom-poms on because that number has gone down, the reason for it going down is little worrisome. very worerysome. jenna: look at long-term -- >> long-term unemployment is scary. i've been talking about that
8:44 am
over a year. 5.6 million people. been around 6 million. almost four million have been unemployed for a year. that is permanent underclass of people formerly proud americans. they paid mortgages. they sent their kids to college. the real sad story there, those kind of jobs, those skillsets you can't get paid a lot of money anymore to do. jenna: some republicans will say lower tax rates, get corporate america to start hiring again but i wonder if something like that, a policy switch would actually get those people that have been unemployed for over a year actually hired back into the workforce when honestly employers would see, you've been unemployed six years, two months i take the fresher person out workforce. >> this is one of the arguments about unlimited unemployment insurance. seems humanitarian, but ultimately if someone sits on sofa for two years, will they have the emphasis to get up every single morning to go to work? it's tough. jenna: what kind of factor is this? you have factory workers that don't have factories to
8:45 am
work at anymore. some of them. then they take a temporary job over the holidays. they're working in place like starbucks or something. they're able to get a paycheck. they're no longer unemployed but they are not doing what they were trained for. >> right. jenna: how does that impact the economy and numbers we see month to month? >> it impacts dramatically. the president took a small victory lap on friday. you can say 8 1/2%. the reality we're still in a lot of trouble. get back to notion of being skilled and not skilled, almost two million jobs are begging in this country. they are great jobs. call them stem. science, technology, engineering math. though pay great. we're not graduating those kind of students. we need a long-term approach to this and short-term approach would be more business-friendly environment. let some of the corporations bring money back into this country. some would go into job creation. jenna: important to take a step back and look closer to the numbers after they initially come out. >> you're right. we can't just celebrate the headlines because i think the american public knows better. >> good point. you talk about at 2:00 p.m.
8:46 am
fox business? >> absolutely. jenna: we'll check you out. jon? jon: jenna, clear skies in new hampshire but that might not be the case when primary voting begins 12 hours and 15 minutes from now through tomorrow. meteorologist maria molina is in the fox news weather center. >> hi, jon. we are going to see some changes. there will be a storm system in canada that could be bringing in some clouds and maybe an isolated snow shower or two across new hampshire. overall it will be relatively quiet day for voting. the weather shouldn't be holding voters back. temperatures for this time of the year i will be very mild. 30s across of the northern part of the state. mid 40s unheard of for mid-january. typically we look at high temperatures in the low 30s. part reason we look at mild temperatures, a storm system is further off to the south is pumping in warmer air from the south further to the north and northeast. even here in new york city we'll enjoy very mild temperatures for the next day or so. today that storm system is
8:47 am
producing trouble across the south. scattered showers and thunderstorms across the parts of mid atlantic. heavier stuff across the state of texas. this is good news, guys. watch out for flash flooding because the rain is coming town heavy at times. jon, on the backside of this system snow across parts of midland texas. they could pick up half a foot of snow out there. jon: they really need moisture there, but if it comes too quickly that is not a good thing either. >> exactly. if the ground is dry you have runnoff and more flooding. jon: maria molina. thank you. jenna: according to government statistics 9% of kids in the united states between 5 and 17 years old are diagnosed with adhd. a report in the journal of pediatrics, showing a healthy diet might actually improve their behavior if medication fails. patti ann, we know medication can often be very controversial about this. let's talk more about these results. >> absolutely. parents would prefer a dietary result. these results, jenna, are inconclusive. many parents put their kids on so-called restricted
8:48 am
diets, eliminating food, wheat, egg, chocolate, nuts. the study says that diet showed limited success with some adhd kids but a placebo effect could not be excluded. sugar and fat may exacerbate symptoms. they agree avoiding high sugar foods may prevent exacerbation of adhd. they are often biased about believe that sugar will work. megavitamin therapy has not proven to work and may be dangerous in the long term. authors say suspected role of zinc and iron deficiency deserves further study. cutting out food additives and dyes? the study says there is little solid science to back claims that these chemicals increase adhd. the feingold diet, eliminating red and orange dyes and apples, grapes, oranges and hotdogs. this review says controlled studies failed to confirm the effectiveness of the
8:49 am
diet to the extent claimed. artificial sweeteners, the study says majority of the controlled studies failed to establish is a adverse significant evect of sucrose or aspartame. a lot of qualifying words. what is the takeaway for parents? a study says a healthy diet in fish, vegetables, fruit and legumes and whole grains is most promising treatment for adhd. the study downplays success of restrictive diets. a pediatrician says some of the interventions can not be patented, drug companies are not willing to underwrite the cost of needed reserve. jenna. jenna: that is interesting point at the end there. a lot to digest and something to take a closer look at. >> no pun intended. >> thank you very much. that's the truth. sounds like a healthy die set good for all of us. >> can't go wrong there. jon: moderation in all things, right? speaking about medications a pharmaceutical company is recalling four popular over-the-counter drugs.
8:50 am
what you need to know if you have excedrin, buff frin, gas-x or no-doze in your medicine cabinet. discovering a whole new world deep in the ocean near the south pole. al look at never-before-seen sea creatures. ♪ . dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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8:53 am
jon: scientists discovering a brand new world of sea creatures on the ocean floor in antarctica. new species of pale-colored crabs, even octopuses, now i should say octopi, jenna? jenna: either way, jon. jon: discovered thousands of feet underwater. huy do the creatures survive in such a harsh region in the south pole? wait until you hear where they're living. we have a biological
8:54 am
oceanographer. some videos came to us 8,000 feet down. the water temperature as i understand it is 32 degrees but they have heat source and energy source down there. >> well, that's right. the water temperature is actually at freezing but because it is seawater it doesn't really form ice. the amazing thing that the water, fluids coming out of these hot vents are at temperatures of 725 degrees. that is hot enough to melt lead. this is truly an extreme environment but one that supports an amazing ecosystem. jon: we were looking at some pictures, video of these yetti crabs. there is kind of an interesting nickname for them. they have kind of an interesting characteristic. can you tell us about that? >> yes they do. they're one of the latest discoveries among sea creatures able to make use of bacteria that feed on this hot fluid. and these yeti crabs chest hairs if you like and they grow colonies of bacteria in the hair on under part of
8:55 am
their abdomen i should say. so what they do is they cling to the surface of the vents and there is just enough of the cooled down fluid coming up to enrich the bacteria and then they use these come low anies of bacteria growing on their bodies as a food source. amazing. jon: my understanding they have been nicknamed of hoff crabs in deference to david hasselhoff, "baywatch" star who is known to support a hairy chest. >> that's right. jon: who said scientists don't have a sense of humor? >> that's right. jon: these things have never been seen before in part because it is so difficult to work in those latitudes off antarctica. >> that's right. the vents were discovered back in about 2000 but it took scientists from the british southhampton ocean graphic institute a decade to get back there they went back with a simple camera system. they realized they were onto something and able to return later with the rov, the isis.
8:56 am
they really scored. ist is really exciting to see this. what's interesting about this, there are vent communities known from many other places in the ocean but the antarctic vents are cut off from the rest of the ocean by the strong currents that surround the antarctic continent. galapagos, laces like that can't make it to the antarctic vents. what is exciting other animals evolved, mechanisms for taking advantage of bacterial production that occurs at events. example of evolution at work. jon: never seen it before. didn't know it was there. fascinating planet. ian mcdonald. thanks for bringing us those pictures. appreciate it. jenna: i love the who have crab. jon: the hoff crab with the hairy chest. got to love it. jenna: battle for new hampshire could hinge on the undecideds. in fact our general election could hinge on that as well. there is new polling suggesting nearly half the folks in the granite state aren't quite sure who they are going to vote for.
8:57 am
which candidates that helps most we'll go in depth next hour of "happening now." [ male announcer ] say goodbye to "ho-hum," and hello to "whoa, yum." use campbell's cream of chicken soup to make easy enchiladas, cheesy chicken & rice, and other chicken dishes that are campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> reporter: i like to fire people he said. listen to this. talking about health insurance from mitt romney understanding that right now and since iowa, he has been under fire for his business history. >> i want individuals to have their own insurance. that means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy. it also means if you don't like what they do you can fire them. i like being able to fire people
9:03 am
that provide services to me. >> reporter: with that in mind we now go to south carolina where earlier this morning rick perry was campaigning and he has been talking specifically about mitt romney's time at his former firm bain capital as a venture capitalist helping to build and grow companies very successful. occasionally some of those companies went under. why the investors may have made money people lost their jobs. rick perry, paring down on mitt romney in south carolina. listen. >> i have no doubt that mitt romney was worried about pink slips, whether he was going to have enough of them to hand out. because his company, bain capital with all the jobs they killed i'm sure he was worried he would run out of pink slips. there is nothing wrong with being successful and making money, that is the american dream, but there is something inherently wrong when getting rich off failure and sticking it to someone else is how you do your business. i happen to think that that is indefensible. >> reporter: for many of the would be conservative alternatives to mitt romney who
9:04 am
are unlikely to emerge here in first place, south carolina may be a make-or-break situation. romney has seen his numbers tail down a little bit in new hampshire as the undecided vote which is now somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 to 50% begins to phaeupbg its mind. things can go any sort of way. it's true that the race is probably for second, ron paul has got a large organization and he's been very, very popular here, he's run twice in new hampshire before. his audience has not -- his voters didn't come out for him in 08. because this is not a caucus where organization matters as much it's a popular vote really hrebgs. ron paul for second could be challenged for jon huntsman who has done the retail politicsing, spent the time, has a new ad on the air, a super pack helping him. jon huntsman could challenge for second. rick santorum who is steadily moving up, not having the opportunity to spend a lot time here because he's been elsewhere. it's going to be a race for second it would appear and mitt romney will have his
9:05 am
comeupances. jenna: are you going to sleep between now and wednesday morning, carl or is that just not an option? no, no, no he just shakes his head. >> reporter: we'll see. probably i'll sleep, i'll sleep. it will probably only be a little bit here and there. history is made here, this is the serious beginning of the presidential process. everything that happens has to be conveyed to our audience and recorded because this is where presidents are picked. jenna: and that's when we do. carl, thank you so much. jon: he'll catch a nap in that two and a half hour car trip. jon huntsman has a lot riding on new hampshire, the former utah governor has put most of his time and effort into the state hoping a strong showing tomorrow will give his campaign the momentum he needs going into the next round of primaries. jennifer donahue is a policy fellow at the eisenhower institute at gettysburg. carl cameron said 45 to 50% of
9:06 am
the voters in new hampshire are undecided. does jon huntsman stand a chance for taking it or at least coming in second? >> he's the first candidate to take advantage of the surge. we have an opening with undecided voters peeking, romney's numbers coming down to earth a little bit, gingrich attacking romney, perry attacking romney, romney making a mistake on the trail, and jon huntsman is holding steady with big audiences and a lot of media attention. as carl cameron pointed out his ad is on tv. does he have time to complete the surge before tomorrow night? that's what remains to be seen seen. can jon huntsman come in second? i think he has the right message 0 for the state, he resonates, he turns the audiences on. i think it's a possibility. jon: it's take a look at the former amber alert to china jon huntsman. >> i want to be very clear with the people here in new hampshire and this country, i will always put my country first and i think that i is important.
9:07 am
[applause] >> i'm jon huntsman, and i approve this message. jon: he was responding there in one of the debates to criticism from mitt romney that he had actually served in the obama administration, had actually gone to work for president obama. that is a black mark in mitt romney's world. but the governor was trying to say, you know, i was serving america. >> exactly, and he used it as a make-or-break moment, and i think he broke romney a little bit in that moment. romney's mask is slipping right now. what is happening is you're seeing someone who has run a very negative campaign through the super pack against newt gingrich, against perry, against sapbt tore um. huntsman has clean hands going into this day or so. if he can come out of new hampshire with a positive message and look like a fresh face it may not be south carolina where he gains his traction. that may be a fight for gingrich, santorum and perry for second.
9:08 am
but he can cherry pick and stick around. i wouldn't rule him out. romney wants to see a very crowded field right now. he wants to see the bodies bloodied but in the game. for all the other candidates they want to eliminate each other now. while they are all focused on knocking down the frontrunner today as the independents firm up in the next day and vote i think after that you're going to see rivals take aim at one another, that's where sun like huntsman with a positive message may actually do very well in subsequent states. jon: some observers have said that huntsman is trying to replicate what john mccain did in new hampshire appeal to the sort of independent, moderate-minded voter. >> and he's doing that, jon, he's absolutely doing that. he's lighting up audiences. this is not a man with the kind of charisma that john mccain had. mccain hugged the state, the state loved mccain, they gave him huge wins, we saw that happen at expense of gw bush. now i think huntsman is saying, you know what i am kind of a maverick and i can get this message out. i don't have a lot of time but
9:09 am
if i stay positive maybe i can do it. easy think smart to talk about campaign finance reform. i should be hitting romney on the super packs and all the candidates that are running negative ads. he should hit them, stay above the fray and he just might have a shot. some think he may be running for 2016 right now, i don't think so. i think this man is in the hunt. jon: if ron paul comes in second, and, you know, at least the polling so far has indicated that he's in second-place behind mitt romney right now, does he become the spoiler? i mean is third good enough for a jon huntsman? >> i think because of paul's presence that third would be good enough. paul is take up a lot of oxygen that huntsman would be getting. but in 2008 a lot of paul people didn't come out. these late-breaking undecided voters, a lot of them are actually democrats, and they are going to come in and try to do some -- have a little fun with this. they may want to vote for huntsman and send a pest message.
9:10 am
it's a protest vote, a rejection of the conservatives but it may well happen. jon: right, because democrats can vote in the republican primary in new hampshire. >> on primary day an independent voter, undeclared voter as we call them can walk in and pick up a republican ticket and vote for huntsman and say you know what, i don't like the rest of the pack i'm going to put my vote towards huntsman, and that can play games with frontrunners, people like ron paul whose support was solid until a few days ago but i think has really lacked energy on the trail. i think we've seen him secede. you could see someone like a huntsman really emerge out of that. jon: it will be interesting, 50% undecided. jenna: it will. it's a high number. thank you very much, jennifer donahue, thank you. >> thank you. jon: fox news is your source for all things new hampshire. do not miss our live team coverage tomorrow. carl cameron is going to be out at midnight, right? our special coverage, you don't have to get up at midnight. it starts at 6:00pm eastern.
9:11 am
jenna: jennifer made a lot of interesting points. we will discuss all of those. an important headline affecting your medicine cabinet at home. a voluntary recall of popular over-the-counter drugs is underway today. rick leaf even that you will has more for us on that. >> reporter: it's very likely that many of our viewers have at least one of these products at home right now. it's probably a good idea to make a look in that medicine cabinet since there is a chance you'll think you're taking one pill and wind uptaking something completely different. this includes all lots of excedrin headache pills, and no-dose. all bufferin and gas-ex prevention brands. novartus has suspended operations at the plant in lincoln, nebraska where the products were made because some of the packages may contain chipped and broken pills that don't belong, stray tablets from other products mixed into the jars. you might take a pill you didn't
9:12 am
intend to or mix the wrong medications. the company suggests you throw out the products or return them for a refund. a spokesman for the company says there have not been any reports of overdoses or allergic reactions and they are working with the food and drug administration to coordinate this wide-presented recall effort. these medications w-rs distributed throughout the u.s. it started after consumers complained of finding chips and broken pills in the packages and realized some of them didn't match up. the company is taking a fourth quarter charge of $400 million. it affects 600 employees and 200 temporary workers. the nebraska facility accounts for less than 2% of the the company's revenue. the company had $2.6 billion last year. they are not saying how many pills or packages are involved, safe to say it's many thousands. jenna: good thing there were smart consumers out there that noticed something. >> reporter: absolutely.
9:13 am
jenna: thank you very much. jon: the olympics security team failing a key test in london today with just 200 days until the opening ceremonies. what police managed to smuggle in to olympic park. and they fought for our country overseas, why are so many veterans returning from the front lines with you struggling to find work? [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day.
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9:16 am
jenna: right now a fake bomb causing an uproar in london. police smuggling that device into the olympic park to try to test if they could. and apparently they were able to. this is just 200 days before the summer games kickoff and that is not very long off at all, patti ann if someone is trying to figure out how to do this during the games. >> reporter: it's certainly a concern. the summer olympics get underway in london on july 27th. security officials are busy testing the site to see if it's safe against terrorist attacks and this weekend it failed.
9:17 am
u.k. police managing to smuggle a fake bomb into olympic park. terrorism is always a big worry for the olympics going back to 1972 when israeli athletes and coaches were killed at the munich games. london itself haster reus concerns. in 2005 four suicide bombers killed 52 commuters when they targeted the city's transit network. in the wake of the failed security test the olympic delivery authority says that is what the tests are for to discover srul in a ra pweultsz beforvulnerabilities before the games start. we need to be best prepared to detect potential threats before and during the games. a special cabinet meeting got underway at the park to mark 200 days before the games begin. prime minister cameron saying this is the perfect time for the cabinet to come together and insure that we are doing absolutely everything we can to make the most of this unique opportunity to showcase all the great things the u.k. has to
9:18 am
offer. jenna: i guess that was a good point. that is why you have tests to make everything better and perfect by the time the games roll around on july 27th. >> reporter: homhopefully they can. jon: the drop in the unemployment rate is moving in the wrong direction for america's young veterans. jennifer driven is live at the pentagon with that. >> reporter: the men and women who have been serving in iraq and afghanistan for the last decade are coming home and finding that they don't have any jobs. both the president and republicans in congress are very worried. >> today the message is simple, for businesses out there, if you are hiring, higher a veteran. it's the right thing to do for you, it's the right thing to do for them, and it's the right thing to do for our economy. while we've added more than 350,000 private sector jobs over the last three months, we've got
9:19 am
850,000 veterans who can't find work. even though the overall unemployment rate came down just a little bit last month, unemployment for veterans of iraq and afghanistan continue to rise. that isn't right. >> it is not something ta this country should be when you've got numbers in the 33 percentile for our youngest veterans as they return back to the united states. we've got a surge coming back to the united states of america, and i don't know that we are prepared for it. >> reporter: as part of the president's jobs bill in september he also signed into law the vow to hire heros act a tax credit for businesses who hire out of work veterans. so far it has not halted the rising unemployment for young veterans. look at numbers. the nation's unemployment rate in december 2010 was 9.4%. it's now down to 8.5%. but in that same timeframe unemployment for young veterans jumped from 11.7% to 13.1%.
9:20 am
once more, young employment for young female veterans nearly doubled. the chairman of the house armed services committee worried the cuts proposed by the president to the army and marines could make matters worse. >> we're talking about cutting a hundred thousand out of end strength out of the army and the marines. what that means is they are going to go on the unemployment lines. >> reporter: the bottom line is that the president has been talking about how the unemployment rate is down this month, but for veterans it is not, and not enough is being done right now to hire veterans. jon. jon: i know the fear there at pentagon is that the defense cuts that were just announced is going to exacerbate the problem. there are going to be more people, i mean a shrinking army means more people looking for work in the civilian world. >> reporter: that's exactly what the chairman of the house armed services told us on friday. jon: jennifer griffin there at pentagon.
9:21 am
thank you. jenna: a heavy debate schedule for the 2012 campaign. no secret to all of us. sparking another debate about how much is just too much. have all these debates got even out of control, and who should be in charge of setting the calendar? we're going to talk a little bit about that. one hundred soldiers are on lockdown after some sensitive equipment disappears from their base. we have details on that investigation straight ahead. lt or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. the amazing alternative to raisins and cranberries with more fiber, less sugar, and a way better glycemic index. he's clearly enjoying one of the planet's most amazing superfruits. hey, keep it down mate, you'll wake the kids. plum amazins. new, from sunsweet. i want to fix up old houses. ♪
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jenna: new information and a few crimes stories we're keeping an eye on for you here at the newsroom. a lockdown at a military base in washington. army investigators are searching for stolen gear. the stockpile includes laser sites, night vision goggles and is reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. in the meantime police naming 55-year-old michael anthony brit
9:25 am
tia n as a a person of interest in the bomb attacks on a colorado couple. his ex-wife and her current husband are recovering from serious burns. they opened a package addressed to him while driving home annette exploded. again they are looking at the ex-husband. police in england identifying the remains found on queen elizabeth's estate as a 17-year-old girlment she disappeared last august from her home about 25 miles away. her family says they are devastated by the news of her death. jon: well the republican candidates took part in back-to-back debates over the weekend in new hampshire. one saturday night, another one sunday morning. some are calling it a clear example of debate overkill, proving the 24-7 news media have more control overt political process than even party leaders have. let's talk about it.
9:26 am
we have andrea and gemu. a lot of people are saying there are too many debits and we don't learn enough from those that there are. >> i tend to agree. there are upwards of 30 debates this time around. candidates are asked not questions about foreign policy oftentimes -rblgs they are ask , they are asked what mikes is on their ipod, and they are pitted against each other, it's done for thee at tricks and drama. rarely do you see the candidates get to expound on their economic plans. the answers are sandwiched into 60-second sound bytes. the viewers aren't able to get a chance to see who the candidates are. having worked on campaign before it takes a lot of time to get your candidate ready for a debate. when that time could be used to campaign on the ground and meet the voters, which is most important in these early states as we all know. jon: gemu over the weekend, back-to-back debates, a couple of debates in 12 hours in new
9:27 am
hampshire. is it overkill? >> 12 hours separating two debates with us a little bit crazy. but i kind of like knowing what the candidates are listening to on their ipod. maybe there is a balance that can be, you know, struck here. i do think that moving in the other direction, where you would have the r & c and the d & c step in in the way that they control the commission on presidential debates in the general election, i don't think that is something that the american people in this new media landscape will accept. they want to have more access, they want more questions answered. i agree with andrea, you know, some of the ability for these debates to really get deep into the issues hasn't been there. so perhaps it's not less debates, but more of the lincoln-douglas style debates, that hey, even gingrich was trying to get some of his opponents to participate in. but having a very controlled, structured new set of debates that only the two party system
9:28 am
is controlling is something that this media landscape is no longer going to allow. they want facebook, they want twitter questions, they want more opportunities to hear from these candidates. jon: there was a moment saturday night when the candidates took a pause from going after each other and they went after the media, and i guess the obama administration, accusing them of antichristian by afplts let's take a listen to what newt gingrich had to say on that topic. >> i want to raise, since we spent this much time on these issues. i just want to raise a point about the news media by as. you don't hear the opposite question asked, should the catholic church be forced to close its adoption services in massachusetts because it won't accept gay couples, which is exactly what the state has done. should the catholic church be drink out of providing charitable services in the district of columbia because it won't give into secular bigotry. should it find itself
9:29 am
discriminated against it by the opl straeugs, the bigotry question goes both ways and there is a the hro more anti-christian bigotry today as there is concern on the other side and none of it gets covered by the media. jon: newt gingrich winning a lot of applause there. the question we didn't hear was george stephanopoulos asking whether the state should be allowed to ban contraception. what do you think about that whole issue. >> first of all the head of the clinton attack machine george stephanopoulos is moderating a gop debate to me seems ridiculous. this question about contraception, this is the new media gotcha question, right? they are bombarding rick santorum with this question. i would encourage the gop candidates not to take the bait on this one. the supreme court ruled on this. they said states can't do this and that is what the candidates should say. really, george stephanopoulos asking about contraception when we still have high unemployment,
9:30 am
it's absolutely ridiculous. to the point about the obama administration, they have been cutting services to the catholic church and beating up on catholics for a longtime. the catholic church does a lot of good behind the scenes, they do a lot of good out there on the streets and they've cut financing just because they don't agree with their beliefs. some of these beliefs, which i would point out the administration exspouses itself like gay marriage. jon: is it media by as against christians? >> i would suspect there are many christians who are offended that a lot of the conversation around religion in this campaign have equated christianity with homophobia. having grown up in the central presbyterian church, we embraced gay and lesbians. the christians are being put forward as more homophobic than
9:31 am
they actually are on the ground in their communities. the war on religion as gingrich says does cut two ways, but those questions are not things you've heard in any of those debates about the other side of christianity, where you're helping your neighborhoods. if you look back in december during the holidays when president obama talked about jesus teaching us to love god, and love our neighbor as the same, i find it hard that you can call this president engaged in a war on religion. and, again, those are the things that are not highlighted as much as when on thanksgiving he didn't mention god, but you didn't hear that side of the story around christmas. >> the media is doing a great job beating up on the candidates on its own. they are beating up on michelle bachmann's husband trying to assume that he is hom homophobic. jon: it's a topic we have to take up another day. thank you both. jenna: a surprise finance admonish new hampshire seems a real possibility. what the surprise finish
9:32 am
actually looks like and what the voters that are undecided actually do is still the big question. we will tackle that issue coming up next. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. ♪ tell me what you really mean ♪ do you know wh you want? ♪ while beating up on yesterday ♪ ♪ rolling on, moving on [ female announcer ] the space of a small suv. and more ways to connect to your world.
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9:34 am
9:35 am
jenna: some new numbers show it is still anyone's game in new hampshire. in fact according to a poll conducted by wmur and the university of new hampshire 44% only 44% have made up their minds who to vote for tomorrow. so anything really could
9:36 am
happen. griffin, a senior fellow at the new hampshire institute of politics. pat, we keep hearing new hampshire is a fickle state there is always a surprise somewhere in an election. what surprise are you looking for this time around? >> well, the big surprise, jenna lee is going to be if someone other than, you know, ron paul right now sneaks into second place. in most of the polling we've seen congressman paul is in second place. the really seems to be a battle going on for second. i think mitt romney is a foregone conclusion. the question as gingrich and santorum battle for conservative votes that are left, what happens to sort of independent voters? these voters make up 41% of the new hampshire electorate. i think that is kind of a more than anything else, a huntsman-paul battle. it will be interesting to see whether or not the independents are more drawn to dr. paul or toward governor huntsman. >> the independents in live free or die state seem the
9:37 am
right focus, the right focus along with that slogan. we were talking with jennifer donahue with the eisenhower institute at the beginning of this hour. she said this, she said romney's mask is up having. that is how she described it. with new hampshire voters, his mask is slipping and huntsman is resonating because he has quote, clean hands. would you agree with that? >> well, the problem is this is the republican party. this is a republican primary. while independents vote in it, let's remember we republicans tend to like our brand. we like our doles, our mccains, we like our bushes. the fact of the matter mitt romney done it before. it is sort of his turn. if we continue in that vein i think governor romney held his own here. he has been the frontrunner for a long time. we can debate what a win is for him here but if it is in the they had 30s or so, mitt romney sales out of here. i'm not so sure about governor huntsman. governor huntsman has been
9:38 am
in the occupy new hampshire movement. he and his family has been here from the beginning. he is one of only candidates spent retail politicking. this is not a traditional new hampshire primary campaign. i'm not sure that is the case. jon huntsman is interesting guy. he is a smart guy. he is trying to inspire people. i'm not sure he is terribly inspirational candidate. jenna: occupy movement for jon huntsman. that is interesting way to put it. curious when we see the polls, you mentioned romney is way out? front according to what we've been seeing. we show polls after polls and polls. i'm wonder what that does to turnout? if those for him in the polls actually show up considering he is so far ahead? >> complacency is the twist of fate in the new hampshire primary. you want to go in with momentum but you don't want to go in with arrogance. the key not to make it look like you'll definitely win so voters stay home. i think governor romney doing what usually happens to front-runners. you start high. they chip away a little bit
9:39 am
at your lead. he still has commanding enough lead i think he is winner. enough after lead to make a validated victory as he heads south. the question who underneath that sort of gets in number two? if ron paul is number two, that is not news. if jon huntsman is number two, that's big news. jenna: i'm curious what you said about huntsman earlier saying he doesn't have any inspiration. maybe the charisma that people want of a candidate. we're seeing that, the question of where the undecideds go repeated as we talk about issues heading into 2012. i'm curious, pat, do you think this conflicted feeling by the undecideds is really gop issue or really a politics overall? if this is a democrat primary we would have the same problem because people feel that way about the political system right now? >> you know, i think this is structural. democrats find obscure governors from arkansas and they make them their nominee. they find, you know, young, obscure african-american
9:40 am
senators from illinois and make them the nominee. republicans don't work that way. i would bet right now that those independents who are left are possibly ones who are not looking for someone who is less conservative than governor romney but more so. jon huntsman will have a hard time convincing people who want a true contrast to sort of go his way i think. even though, there's a lot of folks who feel like he has worked for and earned their vote. i'm not sure he translates that well because i think the brand generally has been a little undefined. everybody is kind of a little unsure exactly what jon huntsman stands for. smart, capable, speaks chinese. the question is, does he turn that into votes? jenna: that question of brand something such a good one. we hope to have you back to talk more about it. it look like for the all the gop candidates we turn to that we know they're not president obama and what they stand for and will going into the general election is a bigger question, pat. enjoyed having you on. look forward to having you
9:41 am
back. >> thank you, jenna, fox news alert. we told you about this man last hour. we're getting a our first look at him. the man suspected of plotting terror attacks in tampa, florida. his name is sami omaka. born in the former yuganskneftegaz, kosovo. he was arrested saturday night accused of planning to set off bombs in florida. catherine herridge is working on the story we'll have more after the break you know the good folks over at prilosec otc
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
have asked yours truly to teach you about treating frequent heartburn. 'cause i ow a thing or two about eatin'. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. available at walmart. jon: fox news alert. the fbi involved in the arrest of a terrorism suspect in tampa. fox news chief intelligence
9:45 am
correspondent catherine herridge is working that story. she joins us now from washington. catherine? >> thank you, jon. good morning, according to the 15-page criminal complaint. sammy osmakac, 25-year-old naturalized citizen is threatening to use weapons of mass destruction. constructing a series of car bombs that would detonate at nightclubs using cell phone similar to style of attack in iraq and afghanistan the 25-year-old was arrested saturday day night by a month long investigation by authorities in florida and as under cover fbi employer. a defense can question whether osmakac was behind the alleged attacks or coerced by law enforcement sources. including alleged goal of the building car bombs apparently wanted to build a suicide belt for the attacks. according to the criminal complaint, quote, osmakac told the you ever under cover employ he wanted explosive belt built to kill people stating the purpose
9:46 am
of explosive belt to hold people in case they want to storm whatever i'm doing. the 25-year-old allegedly discussed his desire to go after military targets as well. that's important because it seems to fit in to this emerging trend. you remember last month a joint session of the house and senate homeland security committees were told that the vast majority of homegrown plots in the last two years have targeted the military, jon. jon: this is the lone wolf kind of operator. >> reporter: correct. jon: fbi and others are so concerned about. catherine herridge, thank. >> reporter: you're welcome. jenna: it was gathering in tucson, arizona marking one year after shootings that left six people dead and wounding so many others including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. we have a live report coming up next. a disturbing computer virus that can rob you blind. we'll tell you how to protect yourself into the new year coming up next. they tae because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d.
9:47 am
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jon: right now, remembering the victims of that deadly shooting rampage in tucson, arizona. over the weekend hundreds gathering to pay tribute to six americans who were killed and congresswoman gabby giffords who survive ad gunshot to the head one year ago. that is when a deranged gunman opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd january 8th of 2011. casey stiegel live for us in susan. casey? >> reporter: jon, a roller coaster of emotions here. one year ago this safeway supermarket parking lot was a crime scene but over the weekend we did see a number of people filing through here to pay their respects and honor the victims. some of the first-responders from that day, members of the public,. the congresswoman herself even came by. exclusive video shot by fox news channel. people applauding her. the very first time gabby
9:51 am
giffords returned to the spot where she was gunned down. then last night, a tearful candlelight vigil on the university of arizona campus. giffords leading the crowd in the pledge of allegiance. the service really to pay homage to the six who lost their lives that day including a federal judge and a 9-year-old little girl. i had the great fortune of sitting down with the congresswoman's husband, astronaut mark kelly, this weekend where he reflected on this past year and told me how special this community is. >> tucson is an incredible place and the people that live here incredible group of people. you know, tragedies happen. you know, throughout the country at times. but the to see a community come together like this i don't think, people have seen that before. >> reporter: meantime the accused gunman, jared loughner, remains in a missouri medical facility
9:52 am
where he is being forcibly medicated to treat his schizophrenia to get him competent enough to stand trial. brand new information just coming in on that we want to pass along. this morning the court ordered an update from loughner's doctors on his condition by the end of this month. based on those findings, a hearing, another hearing could be scheduled at the beginning of february. jon? jon: it is hard to believe it's been a year since that awful day. >> reporter: i know. >> casey stiegel, thanks. jenna: thieves using a frightening new technique that could leave you penniless. it is a elaborate new computer virus enabling them to raid your online bank account keeping you in the dark. you might not know it is happening until you figure out you lost all the money. we have the international president of the high-tech crime network and an internet security expert as well. john, how do you know this is happening besides the fact you look in your statement you're down a couple thousand dollars? >> this is tough virus.
9:53 am
this is polly more fix virus. every time it affects new computer chainses signature, file size, file name. jenna: hides in your computer. >> hides in your computer. keeps changing location where it is. makes it hard for virus scanning software to locate it. jenna: not specific, if i log on to my bank account? it could strike me doing multitude of different transactions. >> it will never do anything to your bank account itself. here is what happens. when you install it yourself believe it or not fall for one of the phony phishing links, where barrister of england has $5 million. jenna: just curse just what he has to say. >> that curiosity killing us left and right. actually drops two files on to your hard drive. those files infect your computer, take over your computer and log everything that is happening. so when you log into your bank account it is using your password. this is post-transaction attack. i think it is
9:54 am
post-transaction cover-up. by the time you see what you want to see your bank account is cleaned out and they're showing you a fake screen of what is in your account. jenna: thinking about this like a sickness. is there any sort of symptom on your computer that this is happening besides the eventual result of you getting ripped off? >> i will never knots it. absolutely will never notice it. the good thing, someone found it. the good thing, virus companies can start working to alert people to this. jenna: your whole computer is affected. >> your whole come put -- computer is affected. you check your computer, see the fake screen shows bank accounts intact even though it is empty. jenna: computer shows everything. >> when you see unaffected computer see devastation and check with atm see the devastation. jenna: double-check? >> double-check. jenna: your transactions. >> don't download anything, keep virus signature up-to-date and operating systems up-to-date. jenna: we're doing a lot more things online. what is one thing we can
9:55 am
check on computers if we're logging on tonight? anything? >> i'm, say that again? jenna: is there anything we should check on as we're logging on to computer? anything we can do in the new year. >> check your accounts periodically and keep virus and operating systems up-to-date that will actually prevent us from getting in there. jenna: don't, ignore, jon, update software in computer. no, no. update your software. >> no,. jenna: you update it. >> update it. don't let a link say update your software now. that is another phishing link. jenna: jon scott do you have this all straight? it is scary. jon: it is a scary new world out there. jenna: i double-check. we'll continue to watch it. jon, over to you. jon: thanks, jenna. do you believe in miracles? plenty of din very broncos -- denver broncos fans believe. tim tebow's overtime touchdown pass keeps the team in the playoff but sets an nfl record, next. >> they win it on the first play of overtime. people with a machine.
9:56 am
what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if youbank doesn't let you talk to a real perso24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
new were watching yesterday, right. jenna: was i, ever second of the game. jon: denver fans are celebrating today, and i'm one of them. tim tebow's touchdown pass during the first play of over time clinched the victory against the pittsburg steelers. it look eleven seconds. it was the fastest over time play in nfl history. after three over time wins in the regular season immediately after the play. jenna: it doesn't matter how you win, you've got to win. jon: there is tim tebow apparently kneeling in pray, the often imitated pose sets up the top-seeded patriots for the division playoff. jenna: john 316. jon: 316 yards, and john 316 is the bible saying that he wore on his
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