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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 9, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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that is it for this special report. from new hampshire, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shep: republican rivals take on mitt rom 'any here? n new hampshire. plus, newt gingrich on ad controversy. >> i believe the other person sets the standard it would be tough because you back off you can't defend yourself. >> shep: now they are going after romney's business records. >> you know i spent the first 25 years of my life in the private sector. >> shep: so others are piling on. if you are a. >> victim of downsizing the ultimate insult to come to south carolina and says he feels your pain because he causes it.
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>> shep: and sergeant's his nickname to defense of the world wrestling federation. we'll look as he competes. a former marine accused of spying on iran and now reportedly sentenced to death. >> we strongly condemn such a verdict. >> shep: tonight washington demands his freedom and his family insists he is innocent. now this is an excedrin headache. they are recalling popular remedies. what may be inside some of the packages that has the company yakking them off the shelves. first, from fox, monday night live from manchester, new hampshire in the campus, hours away from the nation's first primary. only a dozen delegates up for grabs but for mitt romney a chance to make history.
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he would be the first non-incumbent republican to win iowa and new hampshire. the voting actually starts tonight. dixville notch and hart location set to open their polls at the stroke of midnight. rest of the granite state has one more night too to sleep on it. rojz is losing couple more points overnight. he has dropped 10 points in less than a week in sufficient okay boston survey but still leads the pack by 13. his rivals are helping him out by dividing the anti-romney vote. here is where things stands of all the polls. mitt romney still out in front by almost 20 points. the former massachusetts governor personally worked the phones here in man economies terrify, now some of the his rivals are looking ahead to battle beyond new hampshire and trying to use mitt romney's experience against him. today they're calling him a corporate raider who got rich by laying off thousands of
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americans. texas governor rick perry has moved on to the next priormd state south carolina. he mocked mitt romney for claiming there were times he worried about being, quote, pink-slipped. >> i have no doubt that mitt romney was worried about pink slips, whether he was going to have enough of them to hand out. his company, all the jobs they killed, i'm sure he was worried he was worried they would run out of pink slips. >> its handful of rich people that manipulate the lives and walk off with the money. is that somehow of a flawed system. >> shep: romney did not help his cause when he said he liked firing people but he was talking about health care. >> i wanted individuals to have their own insurance. that means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy.
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i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. >> shep: he was just talking about letting americans fire their health insurance company, but the rick campaign has turned that line into a cellphone ring tone which leads us to fox coverage of the first primary. steve brown in manchester, looking at the power of independent voters. first campaign, carl cameron in bedford. how are they responding to the attack adds there? >> reporter: it's not the first time he heard it. as he said himself, he would expect this from liberals and democrats. gop field has been attacking romney from the right saying he is insufficiently conservative but came out on the left. >> things can be taken out of the context. that is what the obama people will do. you know i was speaking about insurance companies and the need to be able to make a choice. my comments reflected that discussion, we should be able to
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choose the insurance company of our choice and not have one forced on us by obamacare. >> reporter: he was talking about health insurance coverage but it's a republican primary in which his rivals have been pounding him and today they chose this one. >> shep: carl, they say it's the battle for second place. i distinctly remember hillary clinton being down 13 points this time four years ago. >> reporter: that's right. romney's lead according to the tracking polls has been shrinking. it does look like there is a bunch vying for second place. including ron paul, paul has been campaigning in new hampshire like romney in the seconds time around the track. he has large following but unlike in caucuses where organization can be paramount, in a general primary its real election and sometime ron paul supporters have not shown up for
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him. john hunts who said it all in gran it state. he has been working harder than anyway. he needs a second or strong third place or his campaign may not long lived. and santorum got a big bounce of iowa. his poll numbers and crowds aren't matching. he could surprise and with a big last minute push, rick santorum could be contending for a second or strong third, as well. i have to get out of here, first votes are midnight. i'm up to dixville notch where the first votes will be casted at 12:01. 50 years they've been doing it. it's part of a tradition. >> shep: newt gingrich was our guest on studio "b" to talk about the allegation.
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he insists he is not attacking capitalism. >> i accept sometimes things go bad and you go bankruptcy. but if the rich guys get $180 million amend you get an unemployment check i think that is taking advantage of the system. >> shep: in attacking romney is he doing the obama campaign a big favor? what does newt gingrich think about a former speech writer for ronald reagan calling gingrich an angry little attack muffin. the speaker responds coming up. covering a lot 6 ground on the final days in new hampshire. one poll shows only about 40% of all likely voters here say they have made up their minds. about the same number of not registered with any political party. but they can vote in the republican primary. team fox coverage continues, steve brown in man kher chester
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tonight. those independents could be a real wildcard in this race? >> they can be. they are the biggest block. they are the folks most dissatisfied with washington, big on taxes and economy, oven the most late deciders. how does jon huntsman go after it. by tapping into the frustration with independents with washington. have a listen. the people will insist that we get the work of the people done. that is not happening because we are so divided and we're so polarized, extreme ends of the political spectrum engaged in the hyper charged rhetoric and all the work is not being done. >> reporter: romney and paul is doing well with independents. ron paul for being kind of the outsider insider, the
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constitutionalist. independents like all three according to polls. >> shep: steve brown, live in manchester. more coming up from new hampshire. first some important news about a major medicine mix-up. there is word today that the maker of several over-the-counter medicine including excedrine and bufferin could have pulled those containers with prescription drugs. we'll have a live report and all the rest from the granite state from the journalists of fox news live. this is your source for news and information on cable. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. what is thishorty? uh, tissues si i'm sick.
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>> shep: this is special edition live from manchester, new hampshire where we're counting down to the nation's first prime minister but the battle does not end here in manchester. up next, south carolina, texas governor rick perry is already
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there trying to get out of the single digits, having a hard time doing it. this is real clear average, romney leading santorum by ten minorities, after south carolina comes florida. mitt romney is up by double digits according to a new survey. it's closer than the average, ron paul said he would skip florida to focus on other upcoming races but today he told fox news he may change his mind. >> if something happens much greater than we anticipate and do very well here tomorrow, doing well in south carolina, i mean it can reconsider. you take one week at a time, one primary at a time. >> shep: he points out you need big bucks to compete in florida where tv time is more expensive in iowa or new hampshire. better check your medicine cabinet. they recalled over-the-counter
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remedies. this recall excedrine, bufferin, no-doze and gas-x, powerful prescription pain kalers may have gotten mixed in. so you think you are taking aspirin and you just swallowed a perc. no reports of having that sort of problem, right? >> no none that we know of but it was recalled by finding mismatched pills in battles at home. all excedrine and no-doze and all bufferin and gas-x with december 20, 20 pin 13, all recalls. it's expected to cost them $120 million but the drugmaker had sales of more than $50 billion last year. >> shep: you can pretty much look at the pills to see if they are okay. >> reporter: you can open a jar and 25 circular pill, one oval
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one, that a obvious flag. if you suspect a problem, return them for a refund. they have suspended operations in lincoln, nebraska and isn't saying when they will resume. a spokesman woent didn't tell us how many pills are in the recall but it could be in the millions. >> shep: drugmaker novartis has a link on our page >> file this something you don't want to marry harry from a biggest maker of a jet -- we found cracks in some wings. they have called for immediate grounding of airbus after they found the cracks. the cracks are putting lives in jeopardy. an airbus spokesman confirms there are cracks but adds the cracks are not critical parts that do not affect safety.
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a-380 can hold up to 300 passengers. 70 airlines operate 70 buses regularly. he says he was in iran to see his grandparents, now a judge has sentenced him there to death. reaction from the american people and our government. that coming up as fox reports live from new hampshire. [ ma annncer ] wouldn't it be cool if you took the top down on a crossover? if there were buttons for this? wouldn't it be cool if your car could handle the kids. ♪ ...and the nurbgring? or wh if you built a car in tennessee that could change the world? yeah, that would be cool. nissan. innovation for today. innovation for tomorrow. innovation for all.
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>> shep: the white house says officials are trying confirm reports on out of iranian that has court has sentenced an american man to die. he is a former u.s. marine that
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holes dual citizenships. his family says he was there visiting relatives but iranian officials accuse him of spying and working with the c.i.a. the iranians say they are going to execute him. jonathan hunt is live in. they say the charges are flat out bogus? >> absolutely. white house denied the accusations, the state department officials went one step further describing them as, quote, a complete fabrication. a state department spokesperson pointed out that iran has a long history of holding american citizens as bargaining chips. >> we've had trouble for decades arguably with the iranians seizing americans, holding them for long periods, trying them in inappropriate circumstances.
4:21 pm
this is not a new tactic on the part of the iranian government. >> reporter: hekmati's family denied the charges and the man's mother put it very bluntly appealing to the iranian government to, quote, not murder our son. >> shep: the timing is interesting because simultaneously we're learning that iran started another effort to secretly enrich uranium a key step in building a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: yes, this is taking place according to the experts at a site called fordo. it's heavily fortified, deep under ground that would make it difficult to attack. enrichment is going up to 20% level. that doesn't get you to weapons grade uranium, it needs to be 80%. all officials are saying it is a key step on the way. they are very concerned and they say it just moves iran one step closer to actually having will a
4:22 pm
nuclear weapon. >> shep: as iran's leaders threaten to close the oil shipping lane, there is new delay to get around the islamic republic. they would build a pipeline that would bypass the straits of hormuz. officials had delayed the pipeline's opening to april and now they say construction difficulties have looking at may or june. delay will only add to supply concerns. oil prices went up when iran threatened to block the strait if the west added new punishments over their nuclear program. two of the world's biggest critics of the united states holding a powwow today in venezuela. hugo chavez welcomed the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. chavez once called former president bush el diablo and he
4:23 pm
supports their nuclear program. he has been trying hard to expand the nation's influence across the latin america. they say ahmadinejad is just, quote, desperate for friends. this comes after a state department expelled a couple in miami in that she had discussed possible cyber attacks in the united states. >> when is credit card debt time to celebrate. it could be a very good sign for the u.s. economy. we'll check in with fox business network on that. plus, white house weighs in on the new book that there was trouble between michelle obama and the president's top advisors. tonight, new drama in the west wing. one top aide is out of there. we're live at the white house. we're watching as the candidates work their way across the granite state. this is exeter, new hampshire, jon huntsman rallying there.
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4:28 pm
upon the body new year's day a few miles where the royal family spends the holidays. royals are not implicated in the crime obviously. but meantime the new e-royal kate middleton turns 30 years old. they celebrated last night at british premiere of the movie "war horse." approaching the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news live from manchester, new hampshire. bill daley stepping down after one year on the job. president obama says he did not see this coming. >> last week my chief of staff, bill ladey informed me after reflect weigh his family over the holidays, he decided it was time to leave washington and return to our beloved hometown of chicago. obviously this was not easy news to hear. i didn't accept bill's decision
4:29 pm
right away. >> shep: spending more time with the family. so what is the real story? ed henry is live, wasn't he supposed to stay on the job for another year? >> he was. he had been sidelined back in october where some of his duties were hand offed to another staffer but he pledged to stay through the reelection effort win or lose. president was surprised. the bottom line the real story. he really didn't click with some of the other senior staffers,. so one year ago when he took the job, the president touted his credentials and suggested that it would help him move to the middle. the new guy, jack lu, says he is clinton ties as well and used that same credential. during his first tour at omb under president clinton, jack was the only budget director in
4:30 pm
history to preside over budget surpluses for three consecutive years and over the last year, he has helped strengthen our economy and streamline the government at a time when we need to do everything we can to keep our recovery going. >> reporter: so jack liu takes over at the end of the month -- lew. he has never run a major national campaign. it's rare and surprising to change your chief of staff at the beginning of election year. >> shep: white house is pushing back on a new book on the administration's inner workings. >> it's written by jodie cantor, they are not happy with it. because it portrays the staff, back to the rahm emanuel. fighting with valerie and clashing with michelle obama on
4:31 pm
healthcare. but there is anecdote about robert gibbs cursing the first lady in private whether gibbs was handling a media report well enough. jay carney would not dispute it but in general a lot of this is overblown. take a listen. >> this is remarkably harmonious place given everything is at stake and the enormity of issues that are discussed. >> reporter: he will be sticking around, campaign cochairman back in his home of chicago. aides say gibbs will have a role in 2012 even though with the first lady. >> shep: ed henry at harmonious white house. >> economy could be turning around. according to the federal reserve americans are feeling confident
4:32 pm
to take on extra debt. important report consumers borrowing surged by more than $20 billion in november. the largest monthly gain in ten years. people took out more car loans, used credit cards to buy holiday gifts. that is big shift from a few years ago when folks tightened their belt and stopped borrowing because of the recession. jerry willis. what does it say where the economy is headed. >> reporter: apparently consumers have more confidence, autos, borrowing $14.8 billion and credit cards. you can see the numbers right there. i would point out a third number that is very important. consumers are saving less. they are saving below 3.5%. that is below the level from 2007 when the recession first begin. we could could be right back in the same situation before because remember, it was all about the debt. >> shep: speaking of the debt.
4:33 pm
we got word today that the nation's debt is now the size of the entire u.s. economy? >> absolutely. it's hard to get your brain around this. we have trillion dollars in debt 15 trillion, total out put of goods and services over the span of a year. very big number. the fact we're 103%, it's not good. considering greece is 144%, debt ratio to the total out put of the economy. your share of that debt, shep, is $46,000. >> shep: wow! thank you, i think. will there is controversy regarding attack adds aimed at mitt romney. the ads come from a group that supports newt gingrich that is going to spend $3.4 million targeting voters. they go after romney for his
4:34 pm
roll running bain capital. >> he changed his tune now. keep in mind newt gingrich is not behind the new ad attack, it's a super pack that surrendering them. supreme court has ruled that they can spend unlimited amounts of money to help candidates. one rule that he can't work with the campaign. it's worth noting in this case the super pack has a former newt gingrich came staffer calling the shots. i spoke to them about all of this including one line in the super pack ad that calls romney the leader of a group of corporate raiders more ruthless than wall street. >> i don't know anything about the ad. >> shep: you don't know anything about the ad? >> no. like governor romney i haven't seen it. >> shep: a super pack for mitt romney that took you down in iowa, according the numbers were
4:35 pm
way high. spent millions of dollars and went way down. is that where this attack mitt romney thing begin with you? is there a hate there. do you agree with peg any noon an who described as you described you as angry attack muffin? >> annybody that uses the word little about me i am so grateful. all i'll tell you, governor romney, i said let's be positive. i spent three weeks, talking to governor romney, why don't you pull the ads. when we were positive i was ahead by a huge margin because the ideas i was offering the reagan conservatism i was offering was winning. >> shep: newt says when his rivals went negative he had to fight back. >> he said, can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen, fine. if this is the campaign he believes is appropriate, i am
4:36 pm
prepared to draw a contrast. >> shep: at what point does it become countered productive for republicans. >> anybody that believes billions of dollars that they are going to spend without somehow questioning governor romney's position of bain is unrealistic. if we have a potential nominee that can't take the heat in february you don't want to discover that in september. i think governor romney owes all of us a press conference where he explains what happened to the company that went bankrupt and why did bain mcon so much money. i agree with him. if a company has failed despite your best efforts and you put money into it and you take a loss along with the workers. that is free enterprise. but if the rich guy is taking all the money and the working guys is left an unemployment check that is not sound, healthy capitalism.
4:37 pm
that makes people very suspicious of wall street. >> shep: newt gingrich attacking mitt romney today. romney said he thought attacks would come from president obama and democrats. instead he says they are coming from republican rivals. all of his investments in businesses over the years have added more than 100,000 jobs to the economy. can't confirm whether that is true. tomorrow i'll speak with the presidential candidate jon huntsman on studio "b" and full coverage of the prime ministers right here and fox report. tune in 6:00 eastern for fox news special coverage of the first nation prime minister with brett baier. much more from new hampshire tonight including a closer look at gop contender that has been coming on strong in the polls. rick santorum, how family values influenced his career and the story behind his own family. plus, officials say this man from florida plotted to unleash
4:38 pm
car bombs and assault rifle on crowds of innocent people. it appears he put some videos online. a live report on that, next, as fox reports from manchester, new hampshire. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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>> shep: more from new hampshire ahead but the feds say they stopped a would be terrorist. a florida guy that was going to attack crowded locations with an assault rifle and car bombs and/or explosives. he is a naturalized u.s. citizen who law enforcement says converted to radical islam. he made a video to explain his motives and reportedly told and undercover agent, we all have to die. why not die the islamic way. they have stopped more than 40 alleged terror plots in the united states since the attacks
4:42 pm
of 9/11. katherine heritage what more are we learning about this guy. >> reporter: the suspect he was arrested after months of surveillance using two confidential sources. here he ramble about these circumcision and marxism. we can expect his defense team to make the case he was in fact coerced by the feds. today the u.s. attorney he believes the evidence in their case is strong. >> when he has explosives which he believes are real, he has an explosive pack and a bomb, he is going to utilize against americans, that makes it a crime. so was it real? it was very real. in his mind his intentions. >> reporter: they allegedly told
4:43 pm
the undercover agent first choice was to hit the army but bases was too secure. this is a trend in far too many cases in the last few years. >> shep: catherine heritage, thanks. just hours to go before folks decide in the first of the nation's primaries, rick santorum has been syringe go as of late. they had him last place in november but today, national polls suggest he is jumped all the way to second place. remember, rick santorum only lost the iowa caucuses by eight votes. for the past week we've been taking a look at the republican contenders. tonight the rise of rick santorum, a first generation. >> our american journey started somerset county.
4:44 pm
>> this is where rick santorum's grandfather ended up in 1920s after coming here from italy. he worked as a coal miner bringing his family to the united states. >> he had figure out that fascism fascism was something that would crush his spirit and his freedom and give his children something less than he wanted. >> shep: he was born in 1958, classmates at his local high school called him rooster because of the hair back on his head stood up. he studied at kent state and said he was captivated by his congressman. >> john hines was the principle reign i got involved in politics. >> he earned a law degree from dickinson. he served as an attorney through 1980s the in one case he represented the world wrestling
4:45 pm
federation arguing that it should be exempt from steroid regulations. he met his wife while recruiting for an internship. >> i am a new member of the budget committee. i am also a new member of congress. >> shep: he won his old house seat. he moved to the senate later. he quickly learned a reputation as a lawmaker with strong opinions that never shied away from vocalizing them. >> i am prepared to save my generation. the folks who are paying the bills! big time bills. >> shep: some of his opinions generated great controversy. he took a lot of heat in 2003 after he equated homosexuality with incest, and bigamy. rick and karen raised and home-schooled seven kids. >> i'm a teacher. yeah, i'm a leader but i'm a teacher. >> shep: their family faced
4:46 pm
number of personal challenges. youngest daughter was born with a genetic disorder and eighth child died as newborn. >> delivered at 3:00 in the morning there was nothing we could do to save his life. >> shep: in 2006 rick santorum lost reelection by a wide margin. he blamed the backlash over the war in iraq. >> you have blessed us with a gift. i hope that you at least in retrospect think we didn't just go and bury the gift. >> shep: that was his concession speech and since then, rick santorum hasn't strayed too far from politics. he served as a fox news contributor briefly. tomorrow we'll take a look at the life of newt gingrich. go on line to check out the bios at
4:47 pm
>> just into fox news, gingrich's campaign has cancelled an event here in manchester for what they are calling security reasons. protestors gathered outside the headquarters. no official response yet from the campaign. a bunch of pricy, high-tech military equipment has disappeared from a u.s. army base. we'll tell you what is missing and why soldiers there are on lockdown while officials are trying figure on out who is responsible. that is ahead as fox report continues from manchester, mr. bill o'reilly top of the hour, don't touch that remote.
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4:50 pm
>> shep: u.s. military is investigating the disappearance of so-called sensitive equipment at an army base in washington
4:51 pm
state. sensitive according to a base spokesman, not dangerous. somebody apparently stole the equipment at joint base lewis mccord which south of seattle and infantry is lockdown while they are looking for the stuff. the thief or thieves might off with night vision goggles, laser sights and weapon scopes, somewhere in the six figure range. trace gallagher is live. there are no weapons missing but why all the concern? >> reporter: there are hundreds of pieces missing and all this stuff, night vision goggles, range finders and scopes be can be used to launch attacks at night. the military wants to know, who stole the stuff and what they planned to do with it. military is pointing out you have to have other stuff to make it dangerous and you have to know how to use it.
4:52 pm
it's not something the average joe can attach to their gun and be instant rambo but it could give the bad guys an advantage. >> you have scopes because you wanted to see that target more clearly. you have night vision goggles because you own the night. you wanted to conduct operations in complete blackout conditions complete nighttime but looks like the day through those goggles so you can take advantage of your enemy in situations like that. >> reporter: all the items are available on the open market but not military grade and it's a step or two ahead. >> shep: is the thinking here that a soldier might have taken this? what is it, trace? >> reporter: not so much they stole this stuff but they allowed it to be stolen. the captain for the company is responsible but each of the
4:53 pm
soldiers is accountable. so they are interviewing each soldier one by one to try to keep the information all contained. general spider marks does not think the untent was bad here. >> you have somebody that was neglectful. they put a weapon down and wasn't connected to their equipment and turned around and went on to do something else. they remembered five minutes they forgot their night vision device or forgot their scope. >> reporter: so the military says they will keep this lockdown in place until they get to the post-this. >> shep: trace gallagher, thank you, tim tebow, he used to paint 316 on his i-black in reference to a bible verse, you can't do that in the n.f.l. but he still put up those exacted numbers last night in denver's upset to the pittsburgh steelers.
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
it's a famous bible passage. the numbers turned up more than once. not only did he throw for 316. he averaged 31.6 yards per pass, one source, says the brief overtime threw a 31.6 television rating. one more nbe non-3:16 variety. twitter reports 9,424 tweets per second after his winning pass. that is new sports record for social media site. by the way, that game drew 45 million viewers, heightest for first round playoff game since '88. upgraded fox top stories, tonight four hours until the first voters cast their ballots in new hampshire, carl cameron on the road. it's one of two towns up north in dixville that open polls.
4:59 pm
romney is up by double digits but some opponents are stepping up attacks. gingrich and perry accusing romney of looting companies and causing thousands of layoffs when he ran investment firm bain capital. >> on this day on 1776, thomas payne published common sense. he moved to philadelphia at the start of the revolutionary war. thomas payne published anonymously, for why america should be an independent nation. in fact, thomas payne sold a half million copies and it would unite folks against the british. common sense is considered one of the most important documents in american revolution and pen was might si as the sword,


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