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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 9, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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and and the nomination of the republican candidates that run against barack obama is in process. that is five, six now. and the grand total here, nine. historically it's not been a good indicator. there have been times it's been right z chosen the nominee. but many, many times, they have been quite counter intuitive. >> i don't know if you can hear. and. >> a vote to close the polls. at just a minute or two off midnight here in dixville notch, now. the ballot box will be removed to the counting room.
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there, they will count the nine ballots back in the first of the nation primary will be official. there is not a lot of room here for ballot tampering or not a lot of room for any kind of election engineering or the kinds of things that plague big cities. take a look. so now, there you have it. ballots are cast. in just a minute or two, they'll be completed, tallied and we'll know which candidate has won the first of the first in the nation precincts. all told by this time tomorrow night, according to bill gardener, new hampshire's sos there will be a quarter million votes cast. but it starts here. just up the road a few in northern new hampshire there is another spot on the map. it's how it's identified on the map. and they, too are voting at midnight. and this is a start of the tradition, first.
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dixville continued it here, they're counting and we watch. it may seem to some kind of an overly romantic set of pomp and circumstances and hokey but here, they take it seriously there. is a pride in the process. folks in new hampshire consider sthechls among the most sophisticated voters because of the time spent with candidates. in iowa caucuses turn out is 122,000 in a state of three million. in new hampshire, the turnout will be a quarter million and folks willing to stay up in order to be first and make their sentiments known. sean? >> sean: you're going to go into the counting room. as soon as that counting begins. and it's probably going take hours. and be careful. i'm not sure if they're going to have hanging and swinging chads. no chads here? >> no chads this, is all done
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with pencil and x's on boxes. >> sean: i like you get your own booth. in new york sometimes you have to wait for an hour. >> i know. you can see the room that is lined with cameras from around the world. there are pictures of candidates going back 50 years celebrating this. there you go. they're going outside to post results. we're going to go off the air and tell you who won the first precinct in the granite state. >> sean: all right. he'll have results coming up in moments. joining me now with analysis is fox news political analyst and you know they have a unique history. they've got it right some years, 1960. and they went for richard nixon. 64, goldwater, and didn't get
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it right. and they got it right in 72 with nixon and with gerald ford in terms of the candidate. in 76, reagan, 80, 84. and bill clinton visited but libertarian won in 1992. george w. bush got the dixville notch vote but lost the new hampshire primary. so they have mixed results history here. >> this is more of a fung thing to watch if you love elections the way i think we all do. and i just see people taking it seriously. they take a little part in it. >> sean: it's, if we learned there is more votes here with nine votes than with separated rick santorum and governor romney in iowa. >> i love this this, is what america is all b like you said no hanging chads. we didn't see black panthers
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with baseball bats. these were good, american folks going to do their duty. i think it's fantastic. dixville notch is a wonderful place. lord bless them. >> sean: i don't know if they need a recount. >> this could take all night. >> sean: there is an interesting thing about senator santorum. they have to go over ballots in iowa. and you hear this about 20 votes here, there. he told me tonight he thought he's down to a six-vote margin. history make -- that may be one case where they make a difference or get it wrong. >> they lost ballots then, two sides got together. and this is not the most secure about the results. so now, you wonder. you know?
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who really won at the end of the day. it was so close. >> yes. you look at this, but it matters. doesn't it? >> the win is a win. and... here are the results. here we go. i see newt gingrich has one, john huntsman, two. i'm trying to get the best view. as i can. ron paul has one. and campaign mitt romney, two. we're going to go back and get the final vote tally in just mere moments. you count there and they're counting all of the votes. we'll see what happens. >> we'll just gentlemens' agreement in iowa i think it does make a difference. especially moving forward going into south carolina. >> we're going to toss it now back to carl in dixville notch. apparently we have a winner or a tie? >> it's new hampshire.
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it always goes down to the wire. and it's going to stay at the wire. we have a count. and it goes as follows. one vote newt gingrich. two votes for john huntsman. one vote for ron paul two. votes for mitt rom fee. it's a tie mitt romney with two, john huntsman with twochl but the big yeflt vote getter in dixville notch is for democrat, barack obama got three votes. so there you have it. the republican primary. >> nine voters... you had nine voters here. four independent. two democrats. i'm not surprised. >> now to, put this into perspective further there are 30 republican who's will appear on the ballot across new hampshire tomorrow morning. the rest of the polls open. there are nine democrats who are running. eight against barack obama in this state. so there you have it.
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rit mom -- mitt romney, two. and barack obama gets a boost out of dixville. sentiment and attention has been g.o.p. for the last year. so... for mitt romney, not the victory he thought. john huntsman this is boost? maybe gets it. we should say history is a never good judge of the granite state. there is something new every time. so, dixville is tied for the republicans. first of the first in the history books. rest of the state s start to vote tomorrow morning. >> sean: all right. i hope you you -- get a little bit of sleep. thank you for staying up late. >> thank you. >>. >> sean: we continue here in manchester, new hampshire. instantly, you watch the program tonight. i asked rick santorum why is it catholic social
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conservatives are the biggest target? and there is a if you can tie it into tim tewow. there are interesting comments. >> i think that you, i'm not an anonymous santorum voter. but very to say that i he is unapologetic defender of unborn life. and every front. you know? whether it's a baby that is has genetic defects is just as valuable as a baby that doesn't should be born. and this is on every aspect. >> we have to take a break. and why it is that there is such criticism. we'll get to that and get your take on this, don't go
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anywhere. we're going to continue more of the special coverage of the very first primary results in the 2012 election season. we're live from the granite state. that and rick santorum and more, coming up next. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. first ballots have been cast in dixville notch, new hampshire. results are in.
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residents of the small town with a grand total of nine rental sistered voters has spoken. barack obama took three of the votes. and newt gingrich and ron paul walked away with one. and there is a special election 2012 coverage joining me now with their reaction tonight's interesting results is keer stin powers and saying something besides results you talked b you think it's bigger than social conservatism. >> yes. >> sean: that threatens santorum. >> he's just an effective speaker on this issue and doesn't get rattled or thrown by it. media is so hostile towards social conservatives. he's an effective spokesperson. and is not going to be rattled.
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>> sean: they're deep convictions. they try to go after him on this. and they're kondes -- and all of this nonsense, you notice the crowd? you know? people are hissing and booing. people get that the media is liberal now. they pick up on it. in many ways that was on display. >> and antichris chichbl we hear governor perry talk about war on christianity. we've seen them go after the faith of governor perry and michelle bachmann and santor up's fate. what i find interesting is that they've given a pass to romney and huntsman on the morman -- mormon faith. i suspect they're holding out for later until they launch those attacks. >> sean: everyone says, you know, all republicans are fighting amongst each other.
9:16 pm
i guarantee by june when a candidate is chosen this is going to be long forgoten. we talk about how hillary clinton treated, bill clinton was furious with the obama camp. it will blow over. >> attacks on romney are great for him because what newt is doing is what obama was going to do. by the time they get into general election goitsing to be all newt. >> sean: i agree with you. and they control it. >> absolutely. you know, nature of the media is that the republican party is divided. folks are just trying to figure out who their candidate schl i think republicans are going to have a strong candidate. i believe that eve christians are going to get behind romney. >> they're not having alice and wonderland parties and
9:17 pm
bill daily is retiring z michelle obama isn't whining and complaining it's hell living in the white house and getting cursed out by robert gibs. >> she said she never said that. >> and how bad is it that ross steers clear of obama. >> sean: she wanted to live extravagantly while people are suffering. >> i don't know about living extravagantly part. she's a fierce defender of the president. there is nothing wrong with that. >> i am proud of my country. you get the honor of living in the white house? >> this is the white house you can dream of. and it's hell? sorry to bother you. >> i think she probably feels the pressure of it and trying
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to balance raising a family, being in the white house. i don't think that is unreasonable. i feel like we demonize the first ladies. nancy reagan was demonized for being a degrernd of her husband. >> "new york times" coming after that, and there is that piece, maybe i read it wrong but i had popcorn and diet pepsi. i was go to down on that. >> sean: thank you for staying up late with us. coming up, it's the white house tea party the obama administration didn't want you to know about. first, presidential candidate rick santorum reveals how he thinks he will do in the rest of the new hampshire primaries. that is next. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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>> welcome back to the pe >> sean: welcome back, we're live in manchester, new hampshire. how after his second place finish, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is hoping to keep momentum going in the granite state. joining me now is the man himself, presidential candidate rick santorum. great to see you. >> i promised i'd bring you a gift. i want to read you something. you get your own rick santorum
9:23 pm
sweater vest. >> listen. it's a question... >> if i supported you, i'd start getting jackets. and hats. >> sean: i do appreciate this. this is the attire of the campaign. we've heard from several retailers sweater vest sales have gone up since i started displaying the sweater vest. you can go to rick and order a sweater vest. >> sean: you may have to be careful. >> this is not a business venture. they will be made in america. >> sean: do you think it's legitimate saying i would expect that from democrats not republicans? >> i tend to agree. this is capitalism. if there are things he did that there was money available you know idea that we're going
9:24 pm
to go say that this destructive capitalism that, is not how capitalism works. businesses fail. i'm sure business busters didn't go into a business to fire people. but all that have is on the record. i just don't think as a conservative and someone believing in business we should be out there playing games democrats play saying somehow capitalism is bad fchl you did a bad thing, that is one thing. >> sean: i asked you, i said are you going to be ready for attacks? you did so well. and this is interesting. you're a catholic, you're a social conservative. it's like you live in the ninth circle of liberal hell like tim tebow. it seems to be an intense level after tacks. why do you think that is?
9:25 pm
what does that say about the country sf. >> it's some of the country. most of the people in this country when your friend and mine, eugene robinson went out and attacked us for what we went through in the loss of our son, i can tell you we got a front page story in the boston herald. with a columnist said let me grieve how i want z with that kind of boston heard. -- herald. tlt of people coming and saying these are cheap shots. these are people just angry. and don't understand you know, that politics is one thing. and crossing the line and doing things personal has no place. >> allen in fairness apologized and you were very gracious. >> he did apologize. i said that. >> sean: but others did not.
9:26 pm
>> no. they did not. and this is trying to paint a portrait because you believe in human life and cherish that life from the moment of conception that somehow you're weird and somehow that is out of line. and should be ridiculed. >> is it similar with tim tebow? i'm not trying to bring in football. it's not a good day to bring up tim tebow. >> sean: it's like we put other athletes if they're rebellious and in trouble, they're interesting characters. and this is celebrating the fact he had been, it's not -- that is who he s it's not like he's doing harmful things. he's reminding people where he gets his grace frchl i tried to do that on election night. give grace and glory to the man who gives you the inner
9:27 pm
strength to keep going on. and i'm sure he didn't say god ordains and i threw that touchdown. this is what the blessing is. >> very well said. the person attacking you, most intensely both in iowa and here in new hampshire is ron paul. he's saying you're a betrayal. talks about the debt ceiling, earmarks. going on and on. and this is pretty nasty. >> he's doing robo calls saying i'm pro-choice and that i'm against the second amendment. look. i can tell you that there is no one stronger on issues than i. ron paul voted against the manufactured liability. do you remember there are lawsuits against gun manufacturers? he voted against barg those lawsuits that would have wiped out the second amendment by
9:28 pm
having no guns being available for sale, he's attacking me saying i'm against the second amendment. and this is false attacks and last minute. they did it in. >> i wax didn't work. people in new hampshire know that they get calls last minute saying he's going to do this and that. and this is just false. my record is out there and i'm crowd of it what do you make... this is a state where would it be expected governor romney would do well. and how do you define success in the state of new hampshire? and what is your goal and plan? >> there is an exciting plan to be out out there. this manufacturing plan we've talked about in iowa. and this is resonating. people are saying i appreciate.
9:29 pm
and this is when we feel like our message is resonating here. we've had five days to campaign and haven't run any television in new hampshire. and we started running television on sk but run a little bit of cable. and there is perry, there is gingrich. you've got ron paul. tons of television. our feeling if we can as we have so far, crept up from two, three points in iowa, that is a huge advance. and leon pinetta asked whether or not ire wran was trying to develop a nuclear weapon. his answer was no. you said you'd -- as president you'd pick out... >> i mean this, is the amount of just completely ignoring
9:30 pm
facts and you know... this administration is taking every reverence to radical islam out of every defense. they just denied that that is the source of the terrorist activity. and what where they shoot something. >> never mentioned on any -- nothing. sanitized z this, this is the live and suspended reality. they're building this next to where the body is supposed to return and come back who is going to bring about this glorious victory for radical islam. it's so obvious. why would a country with one of the richest supplies of oil build a nuclear power plant? >> sean: they're fighting proxy wars against the u.s.. >> absolutely. >> and a stated goal.
9:31 pm
that is threatening to assassinate foreign dignitaries on our soil. and i mean, improvised explosive devices killing our troops. and they're manufactured in iraq. people have been trained in iraq. this iranian government has been declared war with us since 1979 have been attacking our troops on a regular basis. we continue to pretend they're not a threat. we do that, imperiling the future, i do believe, future of israel and beyond that. that is to a lot of areas of western civil saigs including in the united states. >> senator good, to see you. good luck in new hampshire. we'll see you one week perfect today in south carolina. >> i look forward to it. >> our great american panel is live. but also amid campaigning the question still remains. who is the best candidate to take on president barack obama in november? we'll get dick morris's take
9:32 pm
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starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >> and welcome back to >> sean: welcome back to hannity. we're live in new hampshire head of the first in the nation primary. g.o.p. presidential hopefuls continue to jockey for first place, the goal is making sure the president obama is a one person term. . making sure that president obama is a one-term president. joining me now to explain who that might be. dick morris, welcome back, sir. >> great to be here, sean. >> sean: let me ask the question i asked rick santorum, you're in the 9th circle of liberal hell, like tim tebow if you're a social conservative? >> well, it's -- it defines the democratic party. social conservativism to them
9:37 pm
is not a party. the democratic demographic, and gays are democrat, pro choice, because single women tend to be democrats and they're joined at the hip in that connection, but i was struck by the two interviews that you must did earlier tonight and i was struck by the contrast. gingrich seems to forget that he's running for president. all he did was attack romney. santorum did it right. talked about how good he was. and ultimately, you know, you can't run as a prosecutor. kind of saying, it doesn't matter what you think of me, make this guy guilty. and i thought that was really what gingrich was doing. i thought it was a tremendous mistake. >> well. >> i thought when you see-- something positive to say. >> sean: i think it's obvious what happened. newt gingrich is angry at the
9:38 pm
romney super pac ads and he's honest about it and i'm now going to run a comparative ad and comparing and contrasting, rather than focus on that, i want to ask you, having been an advisor to bill clinton and helped him in a big way win reelection and you did all of his polling at the time and you were the one inventing try angulation at the time. you know, we got a lot of chaos that we're fighting. daily is out of the white house and a new book that says that michelle obama said it was hell to live in the white house and she didn't want to go there initially until the school year was over, that obama's, you know, policies and et cetera, et cetera, that she is an active participant and, you know, she's being cursed out by robert gibbs, according to these reports, because you know, they're afraid she's going to be too extravagant and spend too much money and might be out of touch. what do you make of the chaos that exists there for all the talk of the republicans? what do you think of that? >> i think that clearly the
9:39 pm
administration is in chaos because they basically know they're going to lose. when you look at the most fundamental measurement there is in american politics, party identification, 21% of the people that identified themselves as democrats, when obama was elected, have left the democratic party and about a third of them have joined the republican party. and he's losing independents, he's so clearly going to be a one-term president. the question is who would be the best candidate to defeat him? and i think it's pretty evident that romney would be the strongest opponent to obama, but it's not at all evident that santorum couldn't win and gingrich couldn't win. i think the only guy that probably couldn't win is huntsman or ron paul, but i think that most of them could win, but clearly, the one, the very things that make romney problematic in the primaries are attractive in the general election. >> all right, what, what are
9:40 pm
-- that's an interesting take. what are the expectations here in new hampshire? polls show that mitt romney is leading by a significant amount. he's doing well in a florida poll that came out today and he's at the top of the list, you know, fighting even very hard in south carolina. >> south carolina. >> sean: a state where it was not expected, like iowa that he would do particularly well in. >> well, he's got a 15 point lead in south carolina, a 10 point lead or an 8 point lead in florida and a 13 point lead in new hampshire. he could just sweep the table. the problem that his opponents have is that there are three of them, there's paul, san form and there's gingrich and the odds in this race is that the poll may get 20 and if the last poll is correct all three of them go to south carolina and all three of them go to florida and there's no way that romney is going to be defeated by three guys. >> if huntsman doesn't have as
9:41 pm
good-- if huntsman doesn't have a good showing, he's invested everything in, i'm sorry, right here in new hampshire. that means it's going to be perry and santorum and gingrich going to south carolina. and at that point, i would. >> and paul. >> sean: one or two of them may drop out after south carolina, is that a good bet? >> it's possible. paul will never drop out, he'll stay until the bitter end. >> sean: i didn't mention paul. but the point is right now, gingrich had a point. you asked two-thirds of new hampshire that's not going to vote for romney. if they got together behind one candidate there would be a chance to defeatham. what i think may happen, sean, in 1992 bill clinton's chief opponent was paul songus, he defeated him and left with jerry brown and coasted to the nomination. and in 1988, al gore, he doo
9:42 pm
-- defeated him and coasted against jesse jackson and coasted to the nomination beating steve forbes, i think you maybe looking for a nomination where romney defeats gingrich and santorum coasts to nomination beating up on ron paul. paul may get twice as many votes as gingrich or santorum which effectively makes it a two way race between romney and somebody who can't possibly get nominated. >> sean: all right. dick morris, good to see you as always for being with us. it's time to check in with gretta van susteren, a sneak peek what she's got coming up. one little studio over. >> i don't know where you are. >> sean: many' in manchester, where are you. >> i'm in manchester and they told me you're down the street, but i even asked. we have a big show tonight and we have governor huntsman and todd palin is going to be joining us and has a big
9:43 pm
endorsement. and karl rove, and a great show and maybe after your show you'll come and see us because i have no idea where you are, sean. >> sean: you have no-- and. >> and used to say i'm going to e-mail you because i did ask about having you as a guest and i'll e-mail you when i go to break. >> sean: you did? maybe i'll be sneaking on the gretta show. >> you're going to be back, i was going to say coming back at midnight. >> sean: all right. and let not your heart be troubled, gretta in 18 short minutes, but our panel as we continue from manchester, new copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator,
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>> and welcome back to hannity live in manchester, new hampshire. and tonight on the great, great american panel, she is the bureau chief of talk radio service and ellen ratner, the chief political correspondent
9:48 pm
for cbn news, david brody is back and she editorial page online producer and opinion writer at the washington times. and good to see you. >> good to see you. >> and so, i'm a christian. and as a christian, you believe in the bible and you know, some interesting things that the as a believer you read, the eye hasn't seen, the ear hasn't heard what god has in store for us. i look at universes and universes and something so much greater than i can comprehend. the very hairs on your head are counted. here is tim tebow for publicly stating and showing his faith and his christianity. now, one of the most interesting lines in the bible, you see this all the time at like sporting events john 3:16. so tebow passes for 316 passing yards, 31.6 average yards per pass, 31.6 final quarter tv ratings. [laughter] >> come op, what do you
9:49 pm
think? >> come on, coincidence? please, i mean, you know, we as christians, we say, come on, there's going to be something much greater going on here. >> sean: and 3:16 is god so loved the world that he sent his only bee gotten son and if you believe in him. >> and the verse that he quotes all the time and talks about, but i have to say there are certain camps out in the media won't talk about this specifically, the fact that he invokes the name jesus christ. if he was talking about god or talking about something generic, i don't think we would see this hull ballou, but-- >> i brought this up with rick santorum, it's like the 9th circle of liberal hell. if you say you're a social conservative and catholic and you don't believe in abortion, for some reason, that's a main focus of attack against him? >> look, i think he happens to
9:50 pm
be very good football player who happens to be religious, so what. >> sean: and i didn't know that santorum could play. >> you're talking santorum now, okay. so the point is that i totally disagree with rick santorum on a lot of his issues, but-- >> and why do conservative vilified the way they are. >> the way that you vilify liberals. >> sean: well, they deserve it, go ahead. >> here it is, the reason why people don't like tim tebow is that-- first of all, just remember the moment he lost that first game, right after all of those string of wins, and you know, all of these critics of tim tebow, see, looks like all of those prayers aren't helping you and all of a sudden he comes off-- >> and tom brady more. >> all of a sudden he finally gets this win and doubting thomases are like, okay, well, maybe, but he's not going to take the broncos to the super bowl. >> sean: what does it say about society? because if you're a rebel athlete, getting in trouble, hanging out at strip clubs, you're okay, you know? it's almost expected.
9:51 pm
here is a guy that is setting himself apart and he's ridiculed for being a good guy. >> there's a jealousy factor. the fact of the matter is this guy is an upstanding citizen and it drives people nuts. >> that's not true. it doesn't drive-- >> wearing it on his sleeve a little bit. >> so what if he wears it on his sleeves. most liberals, let him-- >> most lib raps-- liberals not. he's been attacked and laughed at and-- he did the pro-life commercial back in college. >> super bowl ad. >> super bowl ad, exactly. that drove liberals insane and now of course he's in the pros and they haven't forgotten the pro-life commercial and he's been successful with all of these wins and they're thinking, wow, he's going to be carrying that torch. >> sean: beat the steelers, let's be honest, a good team. and he's had more than his fair share of comebacks or overtime wins this year or
9:52 pm
last minute comebacks. >> and i think that connect his wins with prayer is a crazy kind of connection. >> sean: do you think it's crazy that christians believe that the very hairs of their head are counted. do you think that that sounds crazy to you? and that's a statement. >> it's in the bible. >> i don't happen to believe in the literal translation of the bible, but-- >> is that crazy? >> i believe you can talk to dead people and people think i'm crazy. >> sean: and you think you can talk to dead people? i've always known you're nuts. >> and what do they tell you, ellen. >> i don't know, a medium, i wrote a book with her and i believe that life is continuous and i believe in god and life is continuous so people think i'm nuts. >> sean: the question, does god have an event in human, the human experience? and to me, i don't know all the answers, but i look at universes within universes and the majesty of all of this and there's something greater than me. >> and hard for a lot of talk show hosts to admit.
9:53 pm
talk show hosts tend to think they're the center of the universe. go ahead. >> we know as christians, whether tim tebow wins or loses the game god sits on the throne either way and for tim tebow to lose a game, where is god? we know where he is. >> sean: i met him, a nice guy. >> and he know what he's looking for and as far as he's concerned it's not the game. >> sean: and it's all winning. that's what i teach my kids. we'll come back from manchester, new hampshire. more of the great, great american panel and we'll be back at midnight in new hampshire wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. i've tried it. but nothing helped me beat my back pain.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of hannity, and we're live in new hampshire, and we'll continue with the great american panel. you say there's chaos with republicans in the primary. daley is out. and rahm remanual and the first lady never got along and says it's hell in the white house and having alice in wonderland parties, and on top of the lavish life style. what do you make of it. >> as far as bill daley is
9:58 pm
concerned, the fourth chief of staff that barack obama has gone through. other presidents, clinton, bush, they went through, say, four chiefs of staff in eight years and think of others, reagan, i think george w. bush had two chief of staffs during their presidency. >> sean: and daley, and-- >> and you know what, we're seeing here in the presidencies, there's a lot of chaos going on. and bill daley did not get along with the rest of the white house staff and democrats on the hill did not like him at all and i think there's some real concern going on as far as the flopping over to the republican side. >> sean: when we were downgraded, all the economic team left the sinking ship, they abandoned the east. >> it was kind of like the white house east and now central and shuffled off to chicago, like an amtrak or route there. here is the thing about this alice and wonderland thing, it's not a huge deal, but goes to, obama came in and talked about the politics that he was
9:59 pm
going to be different and you know, it wasn't going to be politics as usual and here we are with kind of a little mini coverup, if you will, so to speak and you know, why, why are they even doing that? i thought that was going to be a transparent white house and i don't know and-- >> first of all, on the party, it was -- the white house said today it was for military families and didn't cost the taxpayers anything and it was done by individuals who wanted to give the military families a nice party. i see no problem with it. in terms of chiefs of staff, listen daley is a very talented man and i think that he is, you know, he can make a lot more money in the private sector, very talented and the white house chief of staff is essentially an administrator paper pusher job. but, ellen, democrats didn't get along with him. schumer and-- >> we'll be back at midnight tonight and that's the team we have left. before we go tonight. we want to remember somebody very special and dear to this program and over the


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