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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 10, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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our special coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. and shepard smith will be on with the fox report and brett and i will return with live coverage from manchester, new hampshire on the new hampshire primary results. look forward to see you then. >> shep: the news begins anew on studio "b", live from manchester new hampshire and jon huntsman says his political hope, presidential hopes on the primary in new hampshire. he will be live with us. >> election is extra nasty in the way of super pack. are you loving the super pack? unlimited amounts of cash for the sole purpose of taking down opponents. some say it's hurting the process. we'll tack to a guy trying to stop mitt romney's campaign. >> president's fund-raising is picking up steam.
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that is all ahead and breaking news changes everything on studio "b". >> shep: first from fox at 3:00 in new hampshire, decision day in the granite state and the voting has just begun. it began at midnight last night a week after winning iowa mitt romney has what is being called a comfortable lead but i'm not sure what is comfortableable in new hampshire. ron spualt kloest and jon huntsman in third place up above senators rick san santorum and newt gingrich and rick perry rounding out the field. governor romney so far out in front they may be banking to stay in the running. romney a win in new hampshire could make him the first non-incumbent republican to take new hampshire. he spent most of the 24 hours
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fending off attacks on his business record. many independent voters are known to make last minute decisions. carl cameron is live in manchester. how have all these attacks played out on the front-runner. >> as venture kayd lift is not going to go away. yesterday, attacks would like to feirp people have changed tone. romney is getting a huge turnout. he was swamped here when newt gingrich showed up he brought a lot, as well. gingrich said yesterday's attacks were out of context, an acknowledgement what was said was takes it a little bit over the edge because romney was talking about choice and healthcare coverage, not talking about his history as a venture capitalist and businessman. gingrich said it was context and
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romney loved that. he is talking about a win in new hampshire and they he thinks win the nomination perhaps with a win in south carolina and florida. >> this is a big statement in new hampshire. you see excited people behind me. talking about winning this one and hopefully had a spirit carries on to south carolina next. >> reporter: not only did mitt romney get back-up from gingrich but ron paul came here just a short time ago. he, too, said yesterday's attacks and mitt romney was being accused of things he shouldn't. and he thought a lot of the criticism from fellow rivals were out of lane. bain capital attacks are not going to stop. some say yesterday it was a gaffe that he liked to fire people has gotten a lot attention the last 24 hours. >> shep: so many independent voters, how is the process
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working for them? >> as the voters come in they go and check the voter lists. they have to be on the register of voters. then they get their name checked off. if they are republican they are given a red chip. if they are democrat, or independent i should say undeclared, they are given a chip. if they choose to vote republican they are given a pink slip, different kind of pink slip and go and vote. the red chip signifying as undeclared they want a republican ballot they are technically a republican voter but after they cast their vote they fill thought pink slip, or if they return to being a democrat they fill out a blue slip and they are back being undeclared again. they declare a party to get a ballot and fill out a piece of paper, before they leave the building they are back as an independent began.
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this is traditionally been a very republican part of manchester but all the officials the number of undliardz are up dramatically. you have a situation where the undeclared the largest block in the state may be getting bigger. >> shep: where is brit's coat? >> i brought it. we'll bring it out in south carolina. brit's coat that went in and out 88 and 92, took a sabbatical and it will be in first caucus and first primary and southern primary. i can't wear it every day because it's old and tattered. it would end up as a pile of cloth and wouldn't fit anymore. >> shep: i hope it's been dry cleaned. >> once maybe about 15 years ago.
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>> shep: carl cameron, carl, great to see you. jon huntsman did big in new hampshire. polls show he gained some ground in the final stretch. his appeal to independents and democrats could give him the best shot against president obama. he wants to convince voters of that. the former governor is live here. >> good to be with you. >> shep: how is it going. i am looking at the average of is position your trend line is up where everyone else is down. >> nothing like catching a buzz at the very end. that is textbook timing. you never know if it's going to happen. i woke up this morning with the belief we did everything possible in new hampshire. we did 170 townhall events. we deployed xloid by daughters and wife. we hope we provided a vision
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what we can do in the years ahead. you just step back we're going to let the people cast their votes and decide whether or not it was good enough for them. you look at the results tonight. >> shep: you have done this on your own. most of the candidates come with quite and entourage. it seems to be you and family and friends? >> i have three daughters, but i have to tell you they are very effective. getting their dad's message across. >> shep: couple pundits have said that barack obama was a genius when he made you ambassador to china because it made it impossible for you to be the republican nominee? >> we stood up and served our country. we served a couple years. you come back and see a country that you love that is mired in all kinds of challenges. i've been twice elected governor. i lived overseas four times,
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served as an ambassador three times. you either stand on the sideline or get in the arena and broaden and expand the base. >> shep: a lot of people thought you could have done better numbers. i don't know if you ever say, damn, i wish i wouldn't have tan that job? >> never. >> shep: we're in a period with china, they are trying to buy up all the oil and resources. we have disagreements with them. i wonder what you feel like the road ahead will be like? >> we've had disagreements for 40 years. we have a huge opportunity as a country to rebuild our manufacturing muscle in this country because their economy is moving down in terms of gdp performance. as it moves down, unemployment goes up and so duss does long term uncertainty. investment dollar is going looking at the alternative.
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i want to be the president to stand up and say folks we're going to be the greatest in the world. we're going to get that investment back in the united states. we have an opening thanks to china. no the to be feared there is an tuwt for the united states. now, we need a president that says we fix taxes, fix the regulatory environment, greater energy independence and we get moving toward job training. >> shep: to people that fear china and rise you would say? >> i would say, what does china really fear in spending their own money. they fear their own people. they are spending on stated security because they fear their own people, not the outside. more on domestic security apparatus than on their defense ministry. i say that should tell the story where china is is right now. >> shep: how are you feeling with south carolina? >> i feel good about south carolina. i'll feel excellent if we can move this market in new hampshire tonight. if we can sunshine end with a
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respectable finish. that is the way you move the market downstream. that is when south carolina is going to come to life. fund-raising will improve and broaden our volunteer base. >> shep: we do a lot of polls down there. late night comedy guy, steven colbert he was giochb to give them a half million dollars and they wouldn't go for it. but public policy polling did it race. have you seen that? look at the screen. >> i don't know, governor. he is beating you. >> when i was on his show recently he promised me col berltd bump but i'm looking for it in south carolina. >> shep: how are you going to do that? if i come out with a head of steam. what a head of steam?
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what are your best hopes tonight? >> you have to beat market expectations. we've got to do one better. if people look at tonight's results and say, wow, we didn't see it coming. that is a head of steam. that is called electability and it translates into numbers. the good voters in that open primary state, open primary in sections, we want somebody that can beat barack obama. in order do that you have to convinces people to vote for you. you have to cross the tradition brourndz. >> shep: jon huntsman, good to see you. good luck. don't eat that barbecue, that is one thing that he can't do well. [ laughter ] >> i love the stuff. >> shep: thank you. mitt romney he is going face some tough fights as the race moves to south carolina.
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>> shep: back to manchester and we'll learn whether romney can hold to to his huge lead in the granite state and if it translates to momentum as south carolina is our next stop. recent survey suggested more conservative republicans call romney acceptable in the general election but analysts said for months voters were shopping around. with us, political analyst is
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from a think tank that describes himself as non-partisan if there is such a thing and political analyst juan williams. they shopped around and shopped around and evangelicals said there is nobody acceptable. >> they are still hunting. if you get a strong and i would say strong, talking special with governor huntsman. what it will take for him to have some momentum coming out of here. let's for a second focus on mitt romney. if he comes out of here 45%, exceeding the 40 he has been at. i don't know how you then don't say it's time for on a coronation. >> can i go against conventionalism. what if he comes out with a one vote advantage the next closest rival. i think all the pundits would
12:17 pm
say it's terrible and might be to thinks hus advantage to keep as many candidates trying to get him out there and he can go the distance. >> shep: they are all taking shots at him. i wonder to what degree that might be helpful in all this junk is out there. bain capital stuff has been soaked up and running out by the time the obama machine gets near it. i don't know. >> it explores that line of attack. the surprise has been it's coming from fellow republicans and even people like jon huntsman who is a multimillionaire and sign of wealth just like you see with romney. huntsman has made the point his father and he have created companies, created wealth and jobs. so this argument about capitalism and wealth inside the republican party, i think it is opening and vein.
12:18 pm
more problematic you think he'll be gone by the time obama people get to him. >> republicans putting free market on trial in their own primary. if you are going to be for the free market that somehow it's bad if people get fired. but that is consequence of it. people get hired and fired. for gingrich, this is very new thing. i talked to them the other day, are the republicans going to fire a lot of government workers and cut a lot of government jobs? so firing is not a consistent position with the attacks of mitt romney right now. >> shep: jon huntsman, does he have a snowball chance in miami? >> in florida, do you mean? what he needs 15% or so.
12:19 pm
he gets 15%, there is a life there. and then he is not going to do anything in south carolina, just not his crowd but you go on o to florida. >> shep: why? >> valued voters, socially conservative people. mormonism may be part of it. it's about 20% are so but literally i'm talking about money. he has to have money going down into florida. that is where his shot would exist. >> it's kind of funny because the poll you mentioned earlier, more moderate and liberal republicans that mitt romney is acceptable than think jon huntsman is acceptable. so he is appealing more to moderates than limps. >> because he works for president obama. that was a smart move on the president's part. >> made him ambassador to china. >> mitt has been attacking him on that. you have to be a patriot an work for your country. i don't think it plays with the tea party folks.
12:20 pm
[ laughter ] >> shep: hang around, a lot of attacks in this race are not coming the candidates themselves. they are coming from the super packs that have taken over the nation. coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk to one of the guys in charge about the business terrifying campaign he is running against mitt romney. cops are investigating a bizarre bank robbery. a 73-year-old woman with some kind of something strapped to her claiming that somebody forced her to rob a bank. really? live from new hampshire, on the day after the tigers went down in flames. [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz,
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>> shep: studio "b" live in new hampshire. continuing live coverage in the first of the nation's primary
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and the first, arkansas, cops they are searching for a guy suspected of forcing a twom rob a bank. that guy supposedly strapped a bomb on her body. can you imagine? home of the hogs in northwestern arkansas. woman told police that a man came into her home, tied up her husband and then strapped this thing around her ankle. she said the man forced her to go to the bank, take out cash but when the woman inside she told the teller about the so-called bomb strapped to her ankle. bank woke workers evacuated and bomb squad got it off her. trace gallagher, maybe he knows. i never heard anything quite like this. >> reporter: it's weird because the woman drove her search 7 to the bank and the suspect followed from behind in the
12:25 pm
husband's pickup truck but when the police arrived on the scene that pickup truck was nowhere to be found. it was later found abandoned just a few miles away in an area that police say makes them believe it might have been a local suspect. now, they are checking the surveillance video from the bank and other areas if they can i.d. the truck anywhere near the scene but overall the woman's story seems to add up. >> we have no reason to doubt her story at this point. all the pieces are kind of following together. it might possibly be a genuine deal but time will tell. >> reporter: the woman's husband back at the house was also found tied up with duct tape when police arrived there. >> shep: do we know if it was real bomb or do we? >> reporter: it's odd because police haven't detonated anything and that is standard procedure in these kinds of instances. police told us a short time ago they still have not figured out,
12:26 pm
determined if in this was real explosive. the granddaughter of the woman who had the explosive or so-called explosive scratched to to her leg, said she believes there was debt did nater. >> there was a detonator and we just want your money. made her go with him to the bank. >> reporter: in the end there was no money. both her and her husband are physically said to be doing fine. >> shep: you don't mess with grandma. all right, trace. kick him if you see him. >> they can legally raise millions and millions of dollars to support any candidate they want. they are hitting the airwaves with brutal attack ads, it's fair to say they have hijacked the system. so it's legal, that is our fault i suppose. a live report on the rise of the super pack. that is coming up and one of
12:27 pm
those groups is tote to release a 28 minute video slachblg romney's business background. calling him a corporate raid where a story of greed. we'll talk to a gingrich supporter behind that video. don't they know that no one will watch 28 minutes of anything? if the video on the youtube is longer than 2 minutes or 3 minutes, do you even bother. i don't bother. i don't bother with that one either. to the 5:00 a.m. schola. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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>> shep: i'm shepard smith and this is studio "b". time for top of the news from manchester, new hampshire. folks are voting as we speak across the state, don't take them for granite. the voters may be unaware how much the candidates have received so far. the numbers are staggering. >> supreme court has ruled that super packs can raise unlimited amounts of cash to take over the election system in america. they can help the candidate of their choice or tear the dhiand of their choice but one rule that he can't work on the campaign and talk to the candidate. that has allowed the groups to spend $18 million so far on this election season. folks in south carolina are getting ready. we are learning that a super
12:32 pm
pack gingrich's campaign will air 43 hadn't $4 million. they could probably put two commercials on at once. >> mid mit romney super pack, will spend 3 middle of its own cash. jobth hunted has more details. how do these super packs ruin everything? >> reporter: any individual, any corporation or union can give as much money as they want to any of the super packs supporting any of the candidates in this race. those super packs can do essentially what this they want with the money provided they don't coordinate about the candidate directly. a lot of observers will you go larry sabbato have problems with this. they say one, we often don't know who the multimillion donors
12:33 pm
are to the super packs and secondly the vast majority of the money are going to the dark side of political campaigning. listen to larry. >> they enable candidates indirectly to air millions of dollars of negative advertising on their opponents and put distance between themselves and the advertising. legally this is a reality. sabato worries that those that are elected on the back of the work on these super packs may be beholden to the million dollar donors. >> do you really think that is how it might work? i've heard these candidates. they don't have anything to do we w these negative ads. >> reporter: you heard larry sabato call it fiction but every one of candidates go anywhere on the campaign trail and you'll hear them say, no, we have not nothing to do with those super
12:34 pm
packs. we don't flow what they are doing at all. listen to a sample. >> the super packs that endorse me has put some ads out, i can't control those as you know. we're not allowed to have a coordination between the campaign and these independent packs. >> i have no connection with that super pack. >> i don't have anything to do with the super pack. >> now, a super pack that supports newt gingrich the former house speaker is going put out 28-minute video essentially attacking the front-runner mitt romney. gingrich says he has nothing to do with that but he hopes what they say is accurate. the last word on the super packs should go to the comedian steven colbert who has set up his own super pack which he says, quote, is 100% legal and at least 10% ethical. >> shep: he has done an amazing
12:35 pm
job exposing what this is. now to the anti-romney ad making waves among some conservatives. the first real attempts by any republican group to go after one of romney's key arguments candidacy -- that he created jobs in the private sector. rick tyler is a former spokesman for gingrich. he claims the group is vetting romney for the sake of the republican party. not all republicans agree with the strategy. the politically conservative organization put out a state, gingrich's attacks on romney's record at bain capital is disgusting. joining me is former gingrich aide and juan williams. dirty, isn't it? >> ads. >> they will start in south carolina. but amazing hype. >> shep: it's gross.
12:36 pm
the big money donor can donate to somebody who is not attached to somebody and beat the heck out of the candidate. is it gross. >> it's an abomination of the system. we should return freedom to the candidates and let them raise all the money they want. at the disclose by internet everybody can see who is giving money to who. >> shep: you were on the gingrich team. everybody was like they all quit. here you are again, hi, how did that work. >> i was teasing. >> it was part of plan. >> my food good friend, you called him a family member. you have been friends and colleagues and you have worked tirelessly the whole adult life and all of a sudden, you don't like the campaign goes, you quit and miracle happens and pack is if to spend $3.2 million.
12:37 pm
>> i'm an advisory to the pack. we have better people in the pack. >> shep: with all that quacking makes me think duck, calling me crazy. >> gentlemen, gentlemen, let me ask you something. you guys got a $35 million contribution just recently from a las vegas casino. >> i read that in paper. >> you have no knowledge of it. >> i read in it paint. >> why did he give the money. >> i don't know. you have to ask. >> some people are saying that he has a long term relationship with gingrich, gingrich and the pack were soliciting money for the explicit purpose for attacking mitt romney. >> i don't know anything about that. >> rick, why would you go to adelson for $5 million if you in fact did not have a political strategy? >> i find it interesting, mitt
12:38 pm
romney's pack restore america run the negative ads against newt that iowa. i don't remember anybody asking. >> got about the same answer. >> i'm just saying you get $5 million from a screen guy and eep even on the people on the pack won't talk about it. >> it will all be disclosed, it's all transparent. it's not a secret. all packs have to disclose all donors. >> shep: what happened is his numbers have plummeted. gingrich is not even part of the discussion anymore and yet y'all are knocking down the man he is a mad at. >> should the whole nation be held hostage by these millionaires? what do you mean held hostage? >> you get the mope, you don't talk about it. you the candidate supposedly isn't connected. two big rich people are fighting
12:39 pm
it out. >> we have a strategy against competitors, just like your competitors. >> shep: you are going from here to here that you took this pack. you had 40% in south carolina. >> it goes from here and there to there and nobody can predicted. >> shep: okay. tell me about this ad. 28-minute ad. >> no one is going to watch 28 minutes. political advertising, you run them on fox. quick question about the content. content is going to attack bain capital. let me say -- >> i've heard it all. baloney. >> let's suar baloney, go go
12:40 pm
along with me because you are a gentleman. why are republicans arguing over free enterprise and capitalism. >> this is baloney. i'm forefree enterprise. this a free enterprise system. romney campaign, they want to talk about trade of can destruction. i'll buy. it when steve jobs created something like apple computer, other people went out of business. he built something that destroyed but mitt romney took the pickings of smith corona. that is fine. market allows that. it's not illegal. some of the practices i would say unethical but he is running his campaign that he created jobs. don't tell me you are steve jobs on the creative side when you have a pattern of destruction side where people lose jobs. i created 100,000 jobs,forgot to say they were in mexico or southeast asia. this is not an indictment but
12:41 pm
the idea thatwe're attacking mitt romney, i'm attacking capitalism. is he mr. capitalism? he is trying to say he is on creative side and his record is false. you don't think that is going to happen in a general election. thanks for having me on. >> shep: take any one one of the major candidates and stack him up against president obama and you may have a pretty good chance of winning. new poll. up next we'll take a look at stats and how the campaign is responding to them and keep it on fox news channel through the night. we'll have live coverage with brett baier that goes all the way through at least 11:00 and hannity and on the record will be coming up after that. if you stay up, we'll be here.
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12:44 pm
>> shep: 16 minutes to cavuto.
12:45 pm
president is not aggressively campaigning, aggressively is operative word but according to a poll, former massachusetts governor holding a two-point lead in general election match-up. that is within the margin of error, governor romney leads by 6 points when it comes to independent voters and despite what the white house says the president's fund-raising veevts, he held two events in the d.c. there it is. told supporters, he said there is a lot of work to do. >> this election may be harder than the last one, but i promise you we will finish what we starred in 2008. we will press forward. we will remind the world once more why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. let's get to work. >> shep: get to work! he has another three events in
12:46 pm
chicago tomorrow. joining me now is democratic national community communication director brad woodhouse. how are you doing? >> doing fine. >> shep: he is not campaigning certainly. certainly not aggressively raising money. >> he has to raise money. look at all the money that is laid against him. he is not out on the stump. he not here in the new hampshire. we are trying to represent the president here and hold the republicans accountable. >> shep: the gentleman that was here, they are doing your work for you? >> we have had a pretty couple days. now it seems to have bipartisan support the case about mitt romney in the private sector as a corporate raider as he laid off people and walked away with millions of dollars. it's not just us saying it now but all the republican rivals. it's good for us that we. >> what did you have to pay newt
12:47 pm
gingrich? >> i was hoping that gingrich would get his act on these issues. this is not an issue with free enterprise. no one more than the president wants to see the free enterprise system wants it to do well. he claims he created hundred thousand jobs. he should say what he did, he is creating wealth for his investors. there is nothing billing that, whether it's moral or ethical but he was creating wealth and do i that by breaking companies down and go to the next one. so mitt romney actually is the one that brought this on himself. he is the one campaigning on his private sector experience. certainly didn't think nobody was going to give the other side of the story. >> shep: you took a full page ad today in the local paper here. you have the home page? >> right. >> shep: what is that strategy? is that going to happen a whole lot? >> the campaign did that.
12:48 pm
it's a nice little way to have an impact because you have so many people are visiting those home pages on the day, especially as results will come in. it's a good way to get attention and increase viewership. >> shep: i don't know why you are bothering, new polls show i mitt is going to be. >> no. president is going to be fine. whole conversation, republican has been taking shots against the president for over year. at some point he will be aggressively campaigning and his reelection campaign and ads and bunch of other things. look, things will be fine in the end but it's going to be a very, very tough race. its tough race on the republican side. it will be a tough general election. >> shep: they say gingrich super
12:49 pm
pack is something, wait until obama's. >> whoever says bill whereon dollars is in fantasy land. we're going to run an aggressive campaign. whoever the republican nominee is going to have enough money to run an aggressive pairn campaign and run it on the side. >> shep: some of the facts are bad these days. unemployment at a place where he said it would never be. we got lots of problems. >> we've got a trajectory, unemployment is the lowest point since february of 2009 just one month after he came into office. we've had 22 consecutive months of lower job rate. it's higher than we would like but the trend line is going in the right direction. we're not going down. we're going up. we need to go up faster but we're going up. >> shep: make it happen faster. thank you. thanks for coming. we have breaking news that
12:50 pm
has been coming in and it's bad stuff out of houston, texas. there has been a shooting on a school campus. it seems like a senior has shot a freshman. we'll get to houston for all the details in a minute. cavuto is waiting back in new york. ghratd glad you are with us. jus. we were having too much fun, we weren't thinking about a will at that time. we were in denial. that's right. [ laughter ] we like our freedoms, but at the same time we have responsibilities to the kids and ourselves. we're the vargos and we created our wills on legalzoom. finally. laughter ] [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at, we put the law on your side.
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>> shep: breaking news out of houston, texas, i'm told it's north forest high school. there has been a shooting, according to a reporting of our station fox houston metro area. some senior shot a freshman in the leg. at first they thought it was worse than that. an 18-year-old senior at north forest high school has shot a ninth grader.
12:54 pm
it happened about 12:30 local time. they were lockdown for a while. they came off of lockdown. student that got shot is said to be in stable condition, shot in the leg. the student who did the shooting according to authorities is in custody. the lockdown is lifted on the school now, time for kids to be going home after a fascinating and memorable day at north forest high school. studio "b" from manchester. staffers and volunteers for presidential candidates are doing all they can to get out their votes. we're told a big chunk of likely voters are completely undecided or could change their mind at ballot boxes. hillary clinton did some crying in manchester and was gone. barack obama had no power here, she went on to win by two points. what is campaigns doing?
12:55 pm
>> they are reaching out to low frequency or low intensity voters that don't show up every year to vote. they are doing it with technology they are using phone banks. these days they do the kind of dialing with much more precision. >> things are close. say 4:00 or 5:00, if they are doing polling today and they say a closer than expected outcome you hope to have a list where at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. you are calling voters again, have you gotten out the vote yet. >> that man says in his opinion the romney campaign far away has the best organization, most muscle and most resources to be able to do exactly what you just described. >> independents among to pick a candidate, how are candidates chasing them? >> reporter: they are doing the best they can. the jon huntsman campaign has seen the numbers rise in the polls and they are chasing
12:56 pm
independents, but the fact of the matter is in order to do well here tonight. they are counting on independents. >> there is no doubt we're going to need a good turnout of independent voters as well. we have been reaching out in pockets of the state where there tend to be more independent voters than partisan. we're focusing on those areas, those towns, those precincts. >> reporter: here is the catch. we talked to one independent voter that has a cellphone and recently moved. he says he got no campaign mail, no campaign call. in new hampshire and it was voting today. so campaigns do not often reach all of the independents that they wish to reach. >> shep: steve brown, nice to see you. thank you. >> that is it for studio "b". we ran out of time. take a look at dow before the closing bell on a tuesday afternoon. it's up! couple down days but today looks
12:57 pm
good, up about 70 points. we'll turn to neil for context and perspective on that. i'll see you back 7:00 eastern. mr. neil cavuto vuto waiting in the wings. cleaner horsepower. i want power that dominates the road. and fuel efficiency that respects the earth. gimme 43 miles per gallon. and the rush of 200 horsepower. what i want is the best of both worlds. [ male announcer ] introducing the reinvented 2012 camry hybrid. from toyota. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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