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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 10, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> neil: four hours to go and have a go at this. this my friends is the new hampshire primary ballot. there are 30 names on it. you are right. 30 names, 30 candidates. some you knew, many you don't. many you never ever will. you try sorting this out. in less than four hours we are all going to know exactly how new hampshire voters did. welcome everybody, they say it will be disappointment if mitt romney doesn't get 40% of the
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vote on this first of the nation primary state. with 30 on the ballot it will be a miracle if he does. over the top republican primary battle has as much where you are on the ballot as it does whether you are on the ballot. a survey expert, andy smith, you know your fine state better than i will, but that is a screwed up ballot? >> it only takes a thousand dollars to run for president in new hampshire. you want to get your name history books, thousand bucks will get you on the ballot. joe story, he is household name, she number one on the new hampshire ballot. >> neil: how was that decided? how is that decided? >> it had been done alphabetically. supreme court ruled there had be an element of randomness. they would choose a letter and second element of a name and go
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on. joe story was the first person, the best person chosen, that means rick santorum ends up last on the ballot. it starts with story and goes through the "t" and "x"'s and back to the "a"'s. first major candidate gingrich is 14th on the ballot. you have to go a long way down. >> i know i'm and to say in new hampshire after the florida thing. could a voter get confused? could you punch the wrong name in with 30 names on it, placing the vote for the individual they want? >> we've seen in florida where there was much fewer and people made mistakes in 2000. it's a long ballot, but its ballot that is fairly easy to read. it's in big letters. you are right. it can be somewhat difficult. people have found in the past
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that there are such things people are more likely to choose the first name they read a list. santorum may lose a percent or two in tight race simply due to his placement on the ballot. >> neil: on this ballot to show people what we are talking about. it's hard to read. rick santorum and i'm last, that may not be such a negative thing. if you are gingrich, that might be confused, but it relies on your die-hard supporters. if you are mitt romney, what does it mean? >> romney is near the end, you have buddy roemer back-to-back. i imagine it won't be as big for romney because he is best known of the candidates. if somebody is a definite romney voter they will get down to him and voted for him. bigger problem, the people that are not decided, they are not
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behind one of these candidates hundred percent. so when they are coming down and looking down the long list of names, they might say, newt gingrich, first major name, i'll stop reading here and pick gingrich. it's what the psychologists satisfying choosing the first name that is okay with you. >> neil: so if you are mitt romney and not the first recognizable name, does it potentially put you at a disadvantage? >> there is some research that could cause you a couple percentage points. it's hard to say with the ballot this long what kind of impact because there are some people that look at this and find the opposite and people choose the last name and they are more likely to choose. science is a little off. if you are earlier in the list you are more likely to be chosen. if this was close closer race, it could be problematic but i
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think for some of the people that are a little less known but a rick perry may cause some problems because he is way down the list and he is not as well known. >> neil: professor, thank you very much. >> very exciting, great weather, i hope the people of new hampshire turn out. >> i love the spirit of the people up here. you are tough, you are independent. >> this election is wide open. as the classic new hampshire last minute. >> people are starting to once again look at the great issues and great idea and all those principles that made america great. >> we have to perform. >> onwards and upwards. >> neil: candidates stumping for last minute votes with more voters expected to turn out. carl cameron, is there anything
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that is turning up? >> independents, turnout seems to be up. particularly young people. something like 15,000 registered voters and 6,000 to show up which is a good representation. most of the republicans voting but lots of people pulling democratic ballots. 30 republicans on the ballot and nine democrats. one guy that called his vernon supreme. he has been around the track before. undeclared voters are the largest blog bloc, more than 40%. it seems to be going up. the process is simple. if you come in a as an independent you say you want a republican or democratic ballot. you join a party. as long as it takes to fill out the ballot. about before you leave the
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voting place, you fill out a paper to switch back to an independent and it's all done and undeclared voter when you leave. it gives people a chance to participate at either primary. remembering this a presidential primary and there will be primary for gubernatorial candidates later in the year they get to play in that one and go in undeclared. young voters and undeclared, you'll hear a lot of operate mivm for ron paul or jon huntsman. should they do particularly well that will immediately be part of the criticism from conservative republicans, saying, well, you did well in the new hampshire primary but you didn't do it without real republicans. your base of support isn't that conservative in the first place. it's a double-edged sword. >> neil: thank you very much. did any of you catch this? >> i wanted to thank you.
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>> it's exciting. >> it's a great and exciting time. >> neil: obviously all the gop kiawdz not just because tonight's big election but they know fox business has all the business covered to live market developments biggest names in politics and mope, that is what you get with the combination of a business and news service that gives out the best of both. five minutes before the polls close, we're on fox business. i shudder to think you may not get fox business. yes, demand it. who says it is winner take all in new hampshire tonight. remember the comeback kid? frank luntz does. impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.?
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three have to perform and i think we are going to perform well tonight. >> onwards and upwards, south carolina. >> neil: could we be looking at comeback kid of 2012. remember bill clinton, 1992 he lost but he ultimately won the race and the momentum was his. when jon huntsman has to place tonight to try to repeat that history. i would say, yes, to do at least second best. what would you say? >> i wouldn't disagree with that. i think it's wrong for the media to try to set expectations. the key for huntsman is where does he go from here? he spent the last six months focused on new hampshire. >> neil: what is well? >> either second or very close third. to me, again i don't want to do
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it and fall for the trap. i will tell you i went to several huntsman events. they were very intense and people around are all new hampshireites and long time republicans but i met a lot of independents that are backing jon huntsman and that sends a signal it will be wider than just tradition republican base. >> the appeal of huntsman, a moderate republican in a state like new hampshire where there are a lot of independents, this the best shot to make an impact. i can't imagine having make the same impact in south carolina, i could be wrong, what do you think? >> frankly i wouldn't go to south carolina. i would skip to south carolina and go to florida because a fair number of republicans are moderates and independent in the state of florida. the key for huntsman. he has a unique message end of
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partisanship and focus on credibility and get away from the typical politics. the reason why any of these candidates can survive tonight no matter how badly they do, you have a fox debate next monday night. another cable network a little later in the week. two major debates over the next ten days. none of these candidates need to drop out. >> neil: i hear what the democrats are saying about mitt romney and expectations are very high. any number l but say he wins but 40% threshold that newt gingrich said he had to reach. resident of the state, campaigning nonstop in the state. is there something to that is in the democrats maybe some of the people that want to bring him down within his own party bringing false expectations? >> when you win iowa, you win new hampshire, and now you are
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leading in most south carolina polls, romney is in the clear poll position. i'm not focused on tonight. i have to be candid with you. he is going to win by several digits. challenge is you can demonstrate to win in south carolina and florida, win all four of those states, it's hard to make a case that they should continue. south carolina is the toughest. most conservative. most socially conservative. least number of moderates and independents that vote. so for romney he wants to get as high numbers as he can, but this is no matter what he gets, it wouldn't be enough. >> neil: the reason he is going negative on this. why herman cain says mitt is the reason newt is going negative on this. we'll explain. wheeeeeeeeeeee!
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>> neil: on this primary day, we're getting word out of attorney general's office someone was trying to caulk poll inside voting locations in and that is big no, no, you can't do that. voters were asked to take a survey about an issue that matter to them. you can't do that sort of thing. if you do, it creates a mess and they shoot you -- no, they don't shoos shoot you. if disqualify or free the voting. we'll keep an eye on it four. steve brown has been talking to those voters. he is in manchester.
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steve? >> reporter: that is why they call it exit polling, they have to exit before they poll them. voters today, even those that aren't really hundred percent super charged up folks that are casting votes today they can't help but be emersed from the environment between campaign ads and mailers and what have you. they are being reached out by phone. jon huntsman campaign we visited today and those folks are employing a telephone banking strategy that depends on them going after independent voters. not republicans but independent voters. take a listen. >> there is no doubt we're going to need a good turnout for the independent voters, as well. we have been reaching out in pockets of the state where there tend to be more independent voters than partisan. we are focusing on those areas, those towns, these precincts. >> reporter: but independents in new hampshire are notoriously difficult to pin down.
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we talked to one gentleman who said he had a cellphone, not hard line, not a wire at his house. he got and recently moved and got no campaign mail and no campaign calls. this is a guy who voted today. independents are difficult to track them down. >> neil: meanwhile, newt gingrich is taking a lot of heat today, not from the left but from the right for sounding too much like the left. >> he is going to have walk the country through the things they did at boehner. in three or four cases, they look like rich guys looting. >> it makes the lives and walk off with the money. >> romney spent a lot of time talking about being a businessman, one of his commercials. he owes did credentials. >> and why herman cain cain says
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it's not gingrich to blame. it's the negative campaign against newt gingrich from mitt romney. herman good to see you. >> glad to be here. this is middle of a food fight. one of the reasons i elected not to endorse anybody, i don't want to get in the middle of a food fight. most important thing is mission i am on that is to make 999 the law of the land and help defeat barack obama. >> neil: positive agenda, this is negative for negative agenda. you say gingrich. >> he was pushed into it. if you lookbottom line, newt had no choice other than try to retaliate with something like that. i know it's ugly and dirty. it shouldn't be that way, but really he had no choice in order to be able to put together something to that attack romney. >> neil: it does sound weird a
1:23 pm
republican criticizing through what he did in private enterprise. >> look, these candidates have broken the reagan rule. don't go negative against another republican but they did it anyway. romney was the first one to start it. >> neil: when i had ron paul, he was criticized for a lot of negative targeting everybody. go back and use their own words again. so the attack you heard from romney and all, some of the ads was that, were they untruthful or lies? >> i happen to believe with all due respect to representative paul that was a cop out using own words against them. 13 million people out of work, another million people have given up and 8 million people are underemployed, that means 18%, that is what people want to
1:24 pm
hear about. my criticism of all the candidates is who is talking about a specific positive solution to fix our most pressing domestic problem, it's the economy. you don't hear enough about that. and the voters are getting sick of it. >> neil: when you pull a negative or not, they plant seeds of doubt. with newt gingrich from 37% approval numbers, maybe is not all he says he is. the nice newt, now we're in your face newt.t. >> i think the in your face newt brings out a side that was always there, but to his credit he was trying to hold back on doing that. he had no choice. >> neil: now i know you have left the race. >> i'm encouraging my supporters vote for somebody still in the race. let's not lose sight of the mission. our mission is defeat barack
1:25 pm
obama and make 999 the law of the land. i could support any of the candidates that are still in the race, but i wanted to encourage people to cain, that is why you are going to find 999 at the website. >> neil: let me get a sense. the argument if mitt rolz does well today and goes into south carolina where he conceivably could do well again, even with proportional voting, he'll be off to the rafts and conservatives that are whining about him will have to go along or divide the party. what do you say the to that? >> i believe if he continues, his momentum in south carolina -- i don't know if he has to win south carolina but if he has a strong showing, number two, if he finishes fourth, that spells trouble. he has to finish strong, one or
1:26 pm
two in florida and then super tuesday, it could be -- we could have a presumptive nominee which is march 6th. it all hinges on not what is happening in new hampshire. mitt is expected to win. the news will be, who came in second or third and fourth. that is going to be the news. then what happens in south carolina, couple weeks and what happens in florida. >> neil: do you think all the attacks, let's say romney is the nominee, he is the front-runner and these guys are beating up so badly. >> i didn't beat anybody up. [ laughter ] >> neil: but damage that is general election? >> i have seen campaigns before you get beat up in the primary and everybody says let's support the nominee. let's assume mitt romney is the nominee he still has to do
1:27 pm
something, quote, dramatic to bring the party together. >> neil: what do you mean by dramatic? >> he could put a very well-liked conservative on the ticket. >> neil: chris christie? >> i don't think he is considered conservative. he would not be, in my opinion, chris christie would not be a vp on the ticket that is going to cause them rally around the ticket. it could do more harm than good. this san example. this is not just promotion. what if he adopted 999. we've got 20 congressional candidates all over the country that are wanting to adopt 999. adoption mean means you adopt the concept. we will are producing the legislation and we will go back later after they read it, what a novel idea. then get a commitment and this is how i believe we could
1:28 pm
provide some updraft to whoever is the nominee if they do something dramatic like adopt 999. right now, he doesn't have anything else as adopting 999, the revolution. >> neil: you said 999 eleven times and in connection twice. 999 wins. >> you taught me that in marketing class. >> neil: herman cain, good luck. he was kind enough to join me tonight on fox business as we take apart the numbers. >> as we told you, reports out that new hampshire's attorney general they are looking for a polling, secretary of state bill garder is ninth primary, what can you tell igs. >> yes. i have not heard that, but i can
1:29 pm
tell you that i'm pretty certain no one has been doing exit polling inside, within the guardrail where people are actually casting ballots. all the exit polling i've ever seen has been done outside the building. so i have not heard anything about it. this is the first i heard of it just now. >> neil: what is the punishment or the procedure if it were to have happened? >> i would be very surprised if it happened. if it is going some place, quickly the moderator will be informed get them out of polling place. >> neil: they are in charge of the polling place, a gym or a
1:30 pm
precinct, right? >> also the size of the building and where it is. exit polling could be 50 feet away or hundred feet away any one interrogate building. it depends on what the building looks like. we have all kinds of different buildings that people are voting today. they are mostly public buildings. a lot of them are schools. they are town halls in the smaller towns. we talk about exit polling over the years and exit polling has been conducted outside the building. usually there is a way in and way out. it's conducted in the private building as people are leaving. some polling places, it is the same door, people come in and out the same door. the moderators have a passage way that is required, a minimum ten feet wide from the door to the road or on the street.
1:31 pm
i have not heard anything who like this is actually happening. it is surprising to me. it's unusual. >> neil: they are looking into reports what might be trying to conduct polls inside polling locations in plymouth and dover and interviews being conducted among some of the busier polling places and manchester. some of the more populous localegs. we'll keep abreast of it for you. and in the meantime, --
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>> neil: you betcha, they tried it in iowa and they are trying it again in new hampshire, going for palin, trying to convince voters to write palin's name on the ballot. jamie weinstein this isn't just a lunatic fringe? >> look, kneel, i think the republican field has so far, neil, made the base attractive to them. this movement is indicative of a
1:36 pm
dispirited base, whether it's sarah palin or pining for chris christie, it shows that the candidates have yet to really inspire the base. >> neil: but her supporters are loyal to put it mildly. they already have 30 individuals on the ballot as it was. you've got a few hundred signatures. that is all it would take. it would at least get people talking, right? >> i don't think this write-in campaign is going to have much of a difference in new hampshire, but i think it's indicative of a larger trend. recent poll 50% of republican voters wish there was another candidate to choose from in the race. we saw this back in october when people were pushing for paul ryan or chris christie to jump in the race. it's not that the candidates have nothing impressive about them but they have glaring
1:37 pm
inadequacies now they are attacking each other. this isn't what they were hoping for going into an election where they could beat barack obama. >> neil: in 1992, was jerry brown in 1968, bobby kennedy, late effort is going to emerge in disciplining but is it too late, is there a sense. field so divided nobody will amass the delegates to win it all? >> it's conceivable, as early as february somebody could jump. in i don't see anyone that is looking to do that. chris christie is one of the names we brought up before as jumping in late in october. he has endorsed mitt romney. sarah palin says he is not that interested. paul ryan hasn't been making any noise. maybe jeb bush but i think it's unlikely at this point. >> neil: good stuff. good seeing you again. meanwhile, it is not just
1:38 pm
sara, there a democratic fight going on in new hampshire today. take a wild guesses who is right on with some write-ins. this lady ring a bell? n, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. so why wait ? ask your doctor today... ... about taking care with vesicare. >> neil: remember four years ago when out of nowhere she pulled off an upset. is hillary clinton about to do it again? but the guy leading the right of hillary clinton campaign wants to make a statement and wants to send the president a message. he was behind the push to get hillary clinton as a write-in. steve, what kind of reaction have you been getting? >> i have been getting a reaction since very early this morning from very angry voters in new hampshire. we're talking about former obama supporters and republicans and
1:42 pm
african-americans, they are angry, they are not living free. they don't have jobs. they don't have affordable health care and they are really upset. >> neil: normally when a president is running unopposed, there are eight others on the ballot but there a protest vote. lyndon johnson experienced that in 1968, even though he won the primary, fact that eugene mccarthy won in excess of 40% of vote himself, scared johnson from running that year. could there be a similar protest anyone but obama vote that you suspect tonight in new hampshire? >> the paradigm before eugene mccarthy, 42%, mccarthy at this time said he wasn't running, by march he decided to do it. if you look around the streets right now, we have something
1:43 pm
very similar. they are called occupy wall street. they are very upset with the president. they are upset with his support of wall street unless they are caught by like jon corzine. this is a perfect example. we know they don't like obama and they don't like the gop. they have not endorsed a candidate. >> neil: had clinton gotten back to you? >> no, they haven't gotten back to me. there has been a property cal at the state department to not comment while you are in a position. they respect that. the only person has said somebody at dmc. people are upset. they are upset about the scandals. they are upset about solyndra and taxpayer money, $500 million going to a failed energy firm and jobs going over to mexico
1:44 pm
and the agent that was i would can over in mexico. we need somebody to turn this around. hillary clinton is the one who can do it. which is why we're asking for respectfully from resign from her post and president to respectfully say he will not seek nor accept the nomination of his party for another term. >> neil: i don't think you should be holding your breath for that. >> we would let all the new hampshire voters, she is right at the bottom. >> neil: we'll watch very closely. >> and laugh all you want about steve's efforts here. but somebody has to efforts to environment protection for keeping up the clean air fight. only 24 hours we have to say goodbye chief of staff when it came to the president core
1:45 pm
supporters was in a constant fight. what is it. >> i think neil his primary season even though president obama has a prominent primary opponent. he is playing to the base with these appointments and richard cordray. he is showing off his base. it's interesting that president went to epa today, remember he has got keystone decision that is looming at the end of february. maybe he is going to say yes to that, he wanted to shore up the base now instead of going later when they would be upset. i think clearly president obama is shoring up his base. as the year goes on just like any successful candidate, he is going to move to the middle. >> neil: banana in that base are holding their nose, in this particular thing you might have just heard going elsewhere. are there a lot like that or sit too early to tell? >> certainly a lot of people on the left that are disappointed, but you start to see in recent
1:46 pm
months that the unions have started to come back to president obama. i think the base, it may not turn out like in 2008, neil, but when the democrats have their bogeyman, when they have a republican nominee, it remains to be seen. just like steve said, ralph nader, he said people close to the president shut down that effort. white house denied that. clearing the dnc was worried about a primary challenge. >> neil: bob, thank you very much. think of these headlines. do you think they are fair? media watch, former certain massachusetts governor, they are total boldness. streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor,
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>> neil: now the question is by how much could mitt be it. if google is any gauge, mitt could be it by a lot. john roberts is here to explain from manchester. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, neil. we're back from with our friends from google. what they tell us about what the voters are thinking about and what candidates they will vote for. when it comes to issues, what are they thinking? >> four big issues, last seven or eight years, abortion, unemployment, deficit, gay marriage. if we start from the end of 2004 social issues, mainly abortion a little bit of a spike there. moving forward, the line is unemployment, above and beyond the biggest search issue here. >> it tails off in 2011 because unemployment is 5.2% but that would play in romney's favor. over the last few days, there is
1:51 pm
a surge? >> we wanted to look at the candidates since the weekends since the debates. the story is jon huntsman, over 200% searched in the last three or four days. >> reporter: it's interesting when we did it in iowa the top three search candidates finished in the top three. what are we looking at? >> this invited now. what people are looking at before they head to the polls. jon huntsman, what i wanted to point out, very much was the cross stuff. there is not one breakout. it's not indicative how people are going to vote but definitely what is on their mind. >> neil: let's see if they vote the same way. thank you very much. meanwhile, romney is getting it, i'm talking about headlines. romney, i like being fired people. many new hampshire voters have reservations about romney.
1:52 pm
l.a. times, mitt romney the fire people remark. just looking at this stuff. you've seen it before, but this is over the top. >> reporter: you know ui l you see it all over the place. the headlines i like to fire people. one simple question, forget my analysis, do you really think that mitt romney said, i like to fire people. using common sense. using common sense, which is included, here they go again. what did he really say. you find out it's like a mathematical formula, one plus one, equals seven minus five. if i take out the minus five, we have something else. he was talking about healthcare. >> neil: right, go ahead. >> so he was talking about healthcare providers and the opportunity for competition in
1:53 pm
the market which is exactly what we want to hear. he was saying the exact right thing. anybody who making an issue, understand this, it's an absolute dishonest cheap shot. i have to say this. i say the same thing about his republican opponents. they shouldn't be doing this county. >> what i noticed. if you say something out of context or i'm sure the governor would reframe what he said. but the media passes on that i believe than they would a democrat saying the same thing. there is much more gotcha mentality going after republican candidates. >> you've got countless gotcha opportunities and joe biden, he gives you a gotcha every single day. but they don't because they understand that sometimes could word things more artfully and they give him a pass every time. >> neil: the romney remark,
1:54 pm
we've heard the full thing of sound bite. we nee knew what he was saying and say season said, i look i knew he was getting at. they pounce out. and they know they are lying about it. >> it reminds me, remember the phony story of rush limbaugh that he was accusing american servicemen who are against the war as being the phony soldiers. rush limbaugh add s one of the biggest funders of the military in the private sector. >> neil: i don't know. >> they try to get you fired. >> neil: you are probably about that. how many times has it happened to you where you say something, you go online and you find out your words have been completely taken out of context. >> neil: it is ridiculous i
1:55 pm
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it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. ♪ ♪ >> neil: it is rush hour. people are pouring out of work. will we see a push as they get the polls? the manchester city clerk, matt norman. what can you tell us? >> it's been steady all day. thank you for having me, neil. it's been steady all day. not quite what we expected early on. we are hoping for a strong push in the final two hours of the polling. >> neil: what is the normal history, most people tend to vote later, earlier, what? >> certainly the first two hours of the morning can be very busy. we often see lines. then later from about 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 when we close, we typically see lines. >> neil: we were getting sporadic reports of polling going on at the polling site, not exit polling but in the
1:59 pm
site as the voters were going in. not as they were exiting. that is a big no-no. it's illegal and can lead to problems. any evidence of that? anything you are hearing? >> we didn't hear anything here locally. we certainly, there is exit polling going on in the parking lots. we have seen that in a couple of wards. but the moderators are instructed to get anybody out of the polling location. that attempts to do that. >> neil: we'll watch closely. good luck tonight. >> thank you very much. >> neil: you know, these crazed fans are not celebrating alabama winning college football championships. they just heard about fox business network championship coverage of the new hampshire primary. it's true. prove me wrong. is it the only place that is fox business, you can count on to not only count the ballots but the financial reaction to every vote as it comes in. and the trading as it happens here, there, everywhere. fox business is the only network on t


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