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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the first big batch of poll closings in the first in the nation primary. tonight, on fox report, brand new information about how people are voting in this state. will it be back-to-back wins for mitt romney? [cheers] >> shepard: iowa was a squeaker. >> eight votes. a record narrow win. >> shepard: and mitt romney is gunning for a blowout here in new hampshire. >> very exciting. very exciting. >> shepard: can he live up to the hype or will he fall short. >> i hope the state of new hampshire shows up. the entire nation is watching.
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>> shepard: but first place is not the only prize. >> this race is going to be a long race. >> shepard: tonight, how failing to finish strong could spell the end for some candidates. plus, a sitdown with jon huntsman. >> you sit back now and say we are going to let the people of new hampshire now cast a vote and live with the results tonight. >> shepard: former ambassador on his run for the white house. voters drop their first ballots early this morning. now they are ready to cast their last ones. less than an hour away now from the final poll closings. we will see which way the winds are blowing. and from grade school lobbying efforts to his eventual rise to power and all the highs and lows in between. we'll look at newt gingrich before he was a candidate. but first from fox this tuesday night, most of the polls here in new hampshire just closed. the rest open another hour. but we're already getting some very good information from our
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fox news exit polls. they now show mitt romney leading among voters who say their top priorities are the economy and beating president obama. we have all the details moments away but first, do we have some early results to report? two small towns kept up the tradition of opening their polls right at midnight and closing them a few minutes later. so, with 1% of precincts reporting the winner is mitt romney with a total of seven votes. we will let you know how that holds up throughout the evening. all the polls close 8:00 eastern time. the former massachusetts governor is trying to make history as the first nonincumbent republic to win both iowa and new hampshire. somehow they are so quiet in this video. most polls predict he will win tonight. remember 2008? president obama well then senator obama was up by 13 points on primary day and ended up losing this contest to hillary clinton. but, if mitt romney's rivals can't pull off an upset here, they say they are hoping for
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momentum heading into the next contest in south carolina. >> well, it looks like our message is getting out. it's a great state. they believe in limited government and the issues i have been talking about. we are very optimistic about the way things are going. >> don't let anybody tell you because you win a primary or two that this race is over. this will be a long race. we will be the conservative alternative because we have the record and the plan. we are going to be the nominee. i hope we get some votes here in new hampshire to back that up. >> shepard: it's all about new hampshire for jon huntsman. he skipped iowa entirely and basically moved to this state. he has spiked in the polls down the home stretch in the last couple of days. i talked to him this afternoon about it on "studio b." >> nothing like catching that buzz at the very end. that's textbook timing. you never know if it's going to happen or not. all i can tell you is i woke up this morning with the belief that we have done everything possible in new hampshire. we have worked it tirelessly. we have done 170 public events, town hall meetings and house parties. we have deployed my dearts, my wife. we have been honest, sincere.
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>> shepard: the candidates out in force. one last time today. now they can only wait and see what the voters have to say. 12 delegates up for grabs. don't take it for granted. we have team fox coverage here in new hampshire. molly line our new england correspondent live at ron paul's primary headquarters. steve brown with the santorum campaign. first, let's get to campaign carl cameron live at romney headquarters in manchester. is mitt romney running away with this thing or what do we know? >> it looks from the antidotal information heading into today's primary and exit polls that mitt romney is going to have a big night. all the polls suggested he was leaning for 15 to 20 point victory. if he holds that that will be the bounce and victory he will be hoping for. he visited a couple of polling places today. he was absolutely mobbed by both the media and supporters. it was the equivalent of a media mosh pit in ward one in manchester. huge crowd. romney who has been cautious to not boast was once again quietly very confident.
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listen. >> we have worked very hard. we started off this campaign, organized the real effective effort. i think we show that we're going to be on the ballots around the country. and i think we have good support around the country. i have go to get 1150 delegates. this is a big statement in new hampshire. as you see exciting people behind me talking about winning this one and hopefully that kind of spirit carries on to south carolina next. >> if the momentum he thinks he has holds up, mitt romney will make history as the only nonincumbent president to achieve back-to-back victories in the first of the nation caucuses and first in the nation primary. next comes south carolina. no republic ever not won it and ever become president. and no one has ever won it without winning first in the two. >> shepard: big battle here seems to be for second place. how is that shaping up. >> it really is and very very close. ron paul the congressman from
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texas with strong support from undeclared or independent voters as well as the more libertarian leaning streak and lots of young folks had been in a solid second position for many, many weeks. in the last five, six days since the iowa caucuses were out oof the way and jon huntsman could get some attention here in new hampshire. he has surged in the polls every single day. so too have his crowds. we are looking at ron paul and jon huntsman heading down to the wire here. finding out who comes in second and perhaps third could be a late night. but it looks like huntsman and ron paul are running neck and neck toward new hampshire's finish line for number two. >> shepard: then there is the rick perry, running in south carolina and not doing very well there either. >> when you don't come to new hampshire that essentially invites potentially coming in last place. he does face that possibility. rick perry is already digging his battle trenches in south carolina. he has been pounding mitt romney for the better part of this week. he only made a brief appearance here for a couple of debates over the weekend. which means if he were to potentially end up last, there
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is going to be battle for fourth. that means newt gingrich and rick santorum. and they have both been scrambling for votes. santorum came roaring out of iowa with that narrow second place finishing in the caucus. here in new hampshire he had big crowds at the beginning of the week. there was some indication that might have tailed off. newt gingrich on the other hand has been pounded by his rivals particularly ron paul today who accused him for being a leftist going after mitt romney's man for business and free enterprise. tight battle for fourth and ron paul and jon huntsman. perhaps the man out of new hampshire walks out with a big victory tonight. >> shepard: we shall see. carl, thanks. indications of just which issues are important to voters here in new hampshire. compare them with your own why don't you. martha maccallum monitoring the exit polls she is live with us from new york. good evening. >> good evening. the polls are going to be closing fairly soon. we are still questioning voters when they come out.
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you can learn a lot about what's on their mind tonight. how about what kind of candidate are the voters looking for in 2012? top of the list here is one who can beat president obama in november. 33% say that's the most important thing to them. after that experience coming in at 27%. strong moral character 24%. and true conservative gets 14% as you well remember, in iowa, the true conservative issue was a very important thing to voters there. and that's what really helped rick santorum a lot. not as important to the folks in new hampshire. how about this question? given all the talk about how republics are feeling unenthused about the slate of candidates out there. that's not what we are seeing in the numbers, shep. two thirds of the people are saying i'm pretty satisfied from the folks i had to pick from. 31% say they would like it if somebody else got to the mix here. one giving us indication how fired up republicans are almost all of them, look at this number, 81% consider
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themselves to be either angry or dissatisfied with the obama administration. 81% when you put those together. 13% say they are satisfied. 4% say that they are enthusiastic. remember, these are republic voters tonight, of course. not all that surprising. although we have a very healthy mix of independents in here. and it's possible that some of those folks are people that voted for the president last time around. so we may get some indication in that mix as well. one more thing, shepard, as we saw in iowa, the young voters strongly coming in for ron paul. he has said himself that he is amazed how much traction he has gotten with young voters. the seniors seem to be going for mitt romney this evening in new hampshire. voters who describe themselves as very conservative, that's the group that rick santorum has clearly tapped into. and they are there for him and some pretty good numbers tonight as they battle out the second and third spots. huntsman even though he has been pounding the pavement talking about how truly conservative he is fiscally, it's the moderates giving huntsman a bit of momentum
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tonight. we will see how it shakes out at the end of the night. we are digging through numbers because we are finding interesting stuff beneath them. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: very good. those mod der rats will play a big rode in november, too. >> you bet. >> shepard: a race for the high stakes race for runner-up. why a second place finish tonight could make all the difference in the world. plus, now we know what new hampshire voters say matters most this election season. chris wallace, playboy's own is here live. as we cover the primaries, the first in the nation from college in manchester. i'm shep smith journalists of fox news on this fox report.
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hour. some closed at the top of the next hour. the big cities close an hour later. big cities by new hampshire standards. but we are now beginning to learn what voters are saying is the most important issue. according to fox news exit polls a whopping 60% of those who cast a ballot say it's the economy, stupid. the most important thing in this election. another 25% say deficit reduction. the rest split between social issues and the like. they are very down on the list here. with us now, "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. chris is live in new york tonight. hello, chris. what do you make of these exit polls, please? >> well, one of the things is that for all the talking about it being one nation, boy, two states couldn't be more different than iowa and new hampshire as you just pointed out. people in new hampshire, and it's not, you know, people voting in republic primaries are still pretty conservative. but they identify themselves much more as interested in economy. much less interested in social issues.
4:15 pm
in fact, they say they are liberal to moderate on social issues. and obviously a lot of undeclared voters who were independents. some of them, you know, nonregistered republicans but an awful lot of nonregistered independence and democrats as well. it's a totally different environment. it seems from the exit polls it's much more favorable to people like mitt romney, ron paul, jon huntsman. much less favorable to people like rick santorum and newt gingrich. just a very different playing field here from iowa. >> newt gingrich. what is he doing and why is he doing it? >> well, you know, look. it's an interesting question. obviously part of it is he he is trying to win. and feeling that he has to take down the frontrunner. military romney in the process. but, it does seem to be verging a little bit more to taking down mitt romney and maybe less concern about winning. it clearly seems to be personal.
4:16 pm
had whatever happened in iowa with the romney super pack going after gingrich. he seems to have taken it personally and seems to have decided he is going to go after mitt romney as i described it on another show with a hockey golly's mask and a chainsaw. >> shepard: rush limbaugh cut through all of it and about sliced him into pieces today. >> it's a very odd thing for a republic to go after another republic businessman on the idea of free enterprise, the capital systematically because guess what newt gingrich was an advisor to? a private equity firm very much like bain capital. so you say what's the difference if he was working and getting paid by forceman little? what was so terrible about bain capital? >> shepard: what do you make of jon huntsman? he was in on "studio b" today. is he getting a surge here. i don't know if it's another flavor of the week. you can feel traction coming that campaign. >> absolutely.
4:17 pm
you were talking about what happens if he comes in second. he will certainly say that's a ringing endorsement for him. but he is going to face the same problem that rick santorum. rick santorum basically lived for several months in iowa. held 300 events and did well in iowa. not so well apparently in new hampshire. jon huntsman lived in new hampshire, did over 170 events and appears that he is going to do well in new hampshire. but you can't replicate that is he going to go with very little money and very little organization into south carolina. a state, if you believe the voter profile that's not going to be nearly as favorably disposed towards him. he is going to have none of the infrastructure. is he not going to spend any time there. i think he is going to have a lot of the same problems in south carolina that rick santorum had in new hampshire. >> shepard: i hope you have a great night. you think this one gets called early? >> i don't think we will be here until 3:00 in the morning. >> shepard: that's good to hear because i have got plans. >> chris: really, what are you going to be doing? >> shepard: watch harvard play basketball.
4:18 pm
>> are you going to cambridge? >> shepard: no, i'm not going anywhere. i like to follow winners, chris. we will watch him and the "fox news sunday" team this "fox news sunday." that's down the dial on your local fox stations. they will play football in the afternoon, the new york football giants will play there. strangely not on saturday in prime time. i don't get it chris wallace will be there sunday morning on the next "fox news sunday." there are more independent voters in new hampshire than registered republicans or registered democrats. and they do get to vote in today's primary. coming up more on what voters are saying as they leave the booths as fox reports live from manchester.
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>> shepard: back live in new hampshire's largest city as voters cast some of the final ballots in the first primary
4:22 pm
of 2012. independent voters could make all the difference as we have been reporting here. as i mentioned they make up more than 40% of the voters. then there are the undecides who went down to the wire before making up their minds. that's kind of standard practice around here. with all polls closing, about 38 minutes from now we'll soon learn who got their votes. molly line with the news. she is live at the ron paul primary night event here in manchester. molly, what were folks telling you at the polls today? >> yeah. no trouble finding independent voters. that's for sure. the undecides had to make up their mind today fortunately. they talked a lot about the economy. a lot about taxes. and as you and martha mentioned earlier in the show electability. they wanted somebody who could beat president obama in the fall. take a listen. here is a snippet of some of the things they were saying. >> we voted for mitt romney because i think he could beat obama. >> gingrich. might be a squeaker but i still think he he is the best candidate going. >> i have a rather fierce libertarian streak and,
4:23 pm
therefore, ron paul was rather obvious to me as well. >> i voted for rick santorum. i like his platform. i like his principles. >> the secretary of state expects that about 250,000 people will be voting today in the g.o.p. primary and, of course, as you mentioned, we are waiting for those polls to close. shep? >> shepard: what's happening at ron paul headquarters tonight there mols? >> they haven't opened their doors yet to their supporters. i did have a chance to talk to some the staff members here. they said they were most excited about what they saw out at the polls today when ron paul managed to stop by some of those polling stations. several of them shake some hands. they felt a lot of enthusiasm. truth be told i found a lot of ron paul supporters today as they were leaving the polls. it will be interesting to watch these results come in tonight, shep. >> shepard: sure. will we will be watching. thank you. the former utah governor jon huntsman has held more campaign events here in new hampshire than any other candidate. tonight his word is his name will not be on the ballot in
4:24 pm
arizona next month. the required paperwork is missing. the governor's notarized signature. a spokesman battles the huntsman campaign will fight that ruling. the candidate himself stopped by "studio b" today and asked him about a new poll that shows the late night comic stephen colbert is beating him by a point in this one poll in south carolina. here, look. >> well, when i was on his show recently he he promised me the colbert bump. i think we are getting that in new hampshire. now i'm going to be looking for the colbert bump in south carolina. >> shepard: colbert is not on the ballot but apology firm did that what about the candidate who had such momentum coming out of the iowa caucuses. collect in live at former senator rick santorum's primary event tonight coming up. bill hemmer with a look at today's key counties in the voting today. we are approaching the bottom of the hour and that means the top of the news from fox report. an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪
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4:29 pm
barack obama. most of them by double digits. one 13 points. she won by two points. you know for more than 30 years no candidate who lost in new hampshire went on to win the white house, not one. bill clinton cracked that streak in 1992 and the next two guys proved it wasn't a fluke. both george w. bush and barack obama lost in new hampshire before eventually winning it all. you are seeing the first results of the new hampshire primary now at the bottom of the screen. it's just popping up down there. we are now seeing results from the polls which close this hour in manchester again polls have closed in small towns but not in the larger cities they close in 30 minutes. getting this information now in realtime. you cannot get it more quickly than it is at the bottom of the screen i'm told. we've yule date it -- we'll update and it talk about it throughout the hour. i'm shepard smith and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. now for the top of the news life from manchester.
4:30 pm
polls in two towns here brook line and kensington, scheduled to close at any minute now. and in about two dozen other towns across the state folks have the last half hour to cast their votes. as you know, mitt romney is widely expected to win this primary. and, if he does, he will make history as the first republic who is not an incumbent president to win iowa and new hampshire. with us now the co-anchor of america's newsroom bill hemmer. show us, bill. >> hey shepard, good evening to you. 30 minutes away the whole state will be open and we will watch this map slowly fill in on the touch screen billboard behind me we can show you the results and the economic picture and the look ahead too as this primary process rolls on. the results at the moment, there are not many in new hampshire but we do have a few. in this state about 1% reporting now, this is realtime at the moment. so these numbers can change at any moment. 1% reporting, romney at 35%. paul at 27%. huntsman in third at 14%.
4:31 pm
again, it is early. on the county map, remember iowa had 99 counties. new hampshire has 10. here is your population center down here. hillsborough county. all right. this is new. 6% of the vote reporting. romney at 34%. ron paul 28. huntsman behind paul in third place at 13%. but, again, it is early. about 400,000 people live in this county. mitt romney won it back in 2008 with 35% of the vote. so, with this amount of vote in, he is right at his number from four years ago. watch a few other things as it rolls in here. this is the second most populated county. that's rockingham county and also here in marimott county no reports just yet. that's where the state capital is of concord. if people like ron paul and jon huntsman, they are going too do well. look at this county grafton county. vermont, dartmouth college is
4:32 pm
there we will see when those results come in whether those two men can cut in what has been a lead for mitt romney based on the preprimary polling that we saw. as the map fills in throughout the night, here is what the map looked like four years ago. this is jon mccain up against mitt romney. mccain beat romney 47% to 32%. you see where mccain did well in eight northern county. romney hits these population centers so well. hillsborough and rockingham county here down in the south. the other thing that will be very interesting as we go through the night, on the issues. and that will be, well, that's in 2004. on the issues. look at the economic picture for new hampshire. unemployment rate is decent at 5.2%. we will see how important that is to voters as we go throughout the night. 27 minutes, shepard, we will see that thing fill in with more colors. back to you now. >> shepard: beautiful thing, bill hemmer, thank you. bret baier, megyn kelly and
4:33 pm
all of our special election coverage beginning top of the hour 8:00 eastern and then at 11:00 p.m. eastern. hannity takes over primary coverage. and at mitt need 9:00 pacific, greta van susteren will take a look at all the action from new hampshire, when you have got to know the news have you got to go to greta. tonight you have to stay up after midnight. sorry. for most of the republic candidates face time has been a strategy for winning over new hampshire voters. they have made 15 campaign stops -- 150 campaign stops. huntsman leads with 165. massachusetts governor mitt romney. steve brown is live at rick santorum's primary night event here at manchester. rick santorum was a big story in iowa. not so much here, right? >> well, no. what he would very much like to do is not, perhaps, find his way into the top three, which doesn't look like that's a possibility based on polling numbers. but he would very much like to beat newt gingrich and rick
4:34 pm
perry to lay further claim to the role of being the conservative alternative to mitt romney. now, santorum did almost a dozen and a half interviews today with television and radio stations while his campaign concentrated mostly on blue collar areas of the state of new hampshire, places like that natua and rochester trying to find folks listening tond a attracted to santorum's message on manufacturing jobs. shep? >> shepard: jon huntsman spent a lot of time and money here. what is the hope for him? >> well, i asked him yesterday, he said he wanted to exceed expectations, which is what every politician says. the problem is his poll numbers keep going up and the expectations keep going up. his campaign has spent a lot of time taking a look at and trying to find and trying to lure independents. as a matter of fact, their success tonight may be dependent upon finding those independents. have a listen. >> there is no doubt that we are going to need a good turnout from independent voters tonight as well. we have been reaching out to
4:35 pm
them in pockets of the state where there tend to be more independent voters than partisans. we are focusing on those areas. those towns, those precincts. >> but they are no notoriously difficult to find independents in the state of new hampshire. shep? >> shepard: steve brown live in manchester tonight, thanks. jon huntsman said today he is feeling good about new hampshire. why wouldn't he? he has been running in third place in most recent polls here. his trend line has been all up. he is taking his entire race on the performance tonight. he dropped by "studio b" today and asked about the state of the campaign. >> shepard: you have kind of done this on your own. most of the candidates who traipse through this newsroom come through with quite entourage. you and the family and a couple friends. >> that's it. we don't have the establishment surrogates. i have three daughters but i would have to tell you that they blowing the establishment surrogates out of the water in terms of their effectiveness and getting their dad's and connecting
4:36 pm
>> shepard: how are you feeling about south carolina? >> i feel good about south carolina. i will feel excellent about south carolina if we can move this market in new hampshire tonight. if we can somehow end with a respectable finish. have you got to beat marked expectations. we have got to do one better. if people look at tonight's results and they say wow we didn't expect that we didn't see it coming. that's a head of steam. that's called electability. that translates into numbers that begin running up very quickly in south carolina. >> shepard: that's the hope anyway for jon huntsman. in the next few hours we will see whether it plays out that way. primary season is all about picking a nominee to go up against president obama this fall, of course. coming up, we will show you which republicans have the best shot of defeating the president according to a brand new survey that came out today. plus, a closer look at the life of newt gingrich from his well, complicated family history to the ups and downs of his high profile career in
4:37 pm
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>> shepard: so most of the polls here in new hampshire are closed. the rest close in 20 minutes. our fox news exit polls show most voters who say their top concerns are the economy and beating president obama are going for mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor, also the only republic candidate with a lead over the president in a new cbs news survey but it's only two points within the margin of error. the president leads texas congressman ron paul by one point. so, also a virtual dead heat there pretty much the same in a matchup against the former pennsylvania senator rick santorum where the president has a 4 point lead. the polls show that he would have an easier time defeating the texas governor rick perry but that's not going to happen. former utah governor jon huntsman doing better in new hampshire here at least. the president has a seven point lead against each of them. up by 8 over the house speaker newt gingrich who has gone kind of mean on us. former congressman debbie was sermon schultz is the chair of
4:41 pm
the democratic committee. here with us. hello. >> hello. >> shepard: new polls show that the president isn't doing too well against a couple of those people. i'm sure you are quivering. >> we are 11 months out. we are not focused on polls right now. we are focused on standing up the most robust grass roots in history. seven offices in new hampshire. we have had 500 events around the state. 3200 one-on-one meetings. tens of thousands of calls. tomorrow when everything shuts down, and the republic candidates move on to south carolina, there is a for lease sign in front of mitt romney's manchester office here. we have seven offices we are gearing up and ready to go. >> shepard: are you going to lease his office? >> i think we are good. we have got our own. >> shepard: the president talked about some of the goings on here yesterday. listen to this. >> the notion that we are all in this together that we look out for one another, that's at stake in this election. don't take my word for it watch some of these debates that have been going on up in
4:42 pm
new hampshire. >> shepard: see that? i guess what is the democratic reaction to the republic debates? i know you are watching? >> yeah, absolutely we are watching. really actually been appalling. >> shepard: appalling? >> they are just busy trying to outright wing each other. there is a circular firing squad going on. president obama has talked time and again about making sure that we can make success possible for everyone in america. and make sure that the working families of america have a fair shot at the american dream. these guys really have focused exclusively on helping millionaires and billionaires and people who are already doing well. they are doing just fine. it's time to stand up like president obama has for working families. >> shepard: he didn't change the bush tax cuts. >> well, that is not because he didn't want to. it's because the republic congress stamped their feet, insisted on holding on to that -- those tax breaks which
4:43 pm
added $700 billion to the deficit. i mean, these are -- >> shepard: which fight has he won? which fight did he win. >> he won the payroll tax cut extension. brought this promise four years ago when he was running for president bring the troops home and end the war in iraq. did that committed to make sure he was going to make sure everyone in america was covered with health care insurance. we passed the affordable care act. insurance companies can't drop you or deny you for preexisting conditions. president obama rescued the automobile industry when mitt romney would have let it go down the tubes. countless times time and again president obama has gone to bat for the middle class, 17 different tax breaks to small businesses. 95% of americans got a tax break under president obama. the american people won because barack obama is in the white house. >> shepard: he did promise that unemployment would never get to where it is now if we spent all that money and now it. >> oh come on, promised? >> shepard: he did. what would you call it. >> to me a promise is we say we're guaranteeing.
4:44 pm
>> shepard: promise i am going to close guantanamo bay. >> republic congress refused to allow that to happen. the president can't do them things by himself. we need cooperation. unfortunately because the republicans only care about one job, barack obama's and democrats care about american jobs, there is a lot of obstacles that have been thrown in president obama's path that would be great if they would come to the table. we are not going to agree on everything, we should be sitting down and rolling up our sleeves and working on some compromises. >> shepard: i wonder why the president hasn't been more effective in getting a consensus? he has had a very difficult time managing the congress. >> whether you have a minority leader like mitch mcconnell who says at the outset of this congress number one goal is defeating barack obama. >> shepard: did he say that that's true. >> it makes consensus hard. everything they do is focused on keeping him from being successful because they know that if he is successful, it's much more likely that he is going to get reelected. sadly because our economy is -- is not where we want it to be. we are working hard to get it
4:45 pm
turned around and president obama has made progress, without the cooperation of the republicans, we're not going to be able to makes a much progress. >> shepard: the other side on this republic night in new hampshire debbie was sermon schultz. >> thank you. >> shepard: always nice to see you. >> you too. >> shepard: newt gingrich suspects to finish in the top three or four. we will introduce to you each of the republic contentioners on fox report and we are taking in-depth look tonight at the former speaker's professional and special life, both full of ups and downs. if anyone can use that to his ad vantage, it's he. he does, after all, call himself a historian. he was born newton leroy mcphearson in 1943 in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> when i was about 2. my mother divorced and remarried a couple years later. >> his stepfather adopted him and gave him a new last name. gingrich. along with an encyclopedia which newt gingrich read every
4:46 pm
night. he developed interest in animals. while still in grade school lobbied his mayor to build a zoo. his adoptive father's army service brought the family to europe for several years. while there, gingrich visited a world war i battlefield he claims inspired him to become a politician to prevent future violence. his family moved to georgia where his high school class voted him most intellectual. along the way, he met his future wife. his geometry teacher jackie. they married and had two girls as gingrich attended college. he founded a young republics club at university before earning a ph.d. in history from tulane. gingrich then taught the subject at west georgia college. he ran two unsuccessful congressional campaigns in the 1970s. but he won on his third attempt. and became a u.s. representative in 1978. as he headed to washington, however, his family was falling apart. >> there was a part of me that was truly hollow. and it was almost like the harder i worked and the more
4:47 pm
things i did, the hallower i got inside. >> shepard: newt gingrich had an affair with a woman who would become his second wife, mary ann, as the congressman climbed the ranks within the g.o.p. by the end of the 1980s, he was the republic whip. he helped create the contract with america, which, in 1994, helped the g.o.p. capture control of congress. >> we will keep our commitment to keep our half of the contract with the help of the american people. >> shepard: it propelled him to become speaker of the house. and man of the year. gingrich worked with president clinton to help pass the first balanced budget in decades. at the same time, gingrich later admitted he was having an affair with a house staff, calista, who became his third wife. after an unrelated investigation, the house reprimanded and fined newt gingrich for misleading the ethics committee. >> i have a higher responsibility as speaker to do the right thing in the
4:48 pm
right way and to serve responsibly. >> shepard: gingrich announced his resignation from congress in 1998. but his life in politics was clearly not over. when a moderator at abc news debate asked gingrich about his affairs, he admitted and i quote, i have made mistakes at times. i have had to go to god for forgiveness. but newt gingrich says he is now a 68-year-old grandfather and that u quote, people have to measure who i am now and whether i'm a person they can trust. well, after leaving office, newt gingrich started a consulting firm and then became a fox news political analyst for a time. he has also written 23 books, 13 of which became "new york times" best sellers. newt gingrich is part of our continuing coverage on the candidates involved across the nation. well, by law, you and i can give a maximum of $2,500 to any one candidate. but thanks to a landmark supreme court ruling, groups called super pacs can spend as
4:49 pm
much money as they please to help out any candidate or crush any candidate. a live report on the huge impact the super pacs are having on the campaign. that's coming up.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
>> shepard: we are in the middle of the first presidential election in which it's not just the candidates working to sway your vote but so-called super pacs. political action committees have already spent $18 million this cycle. all thanks to the supreme court's controversial citizens united ruling two years ago. in essence, it let's these super pacs raise unlimited amounts of cash to help or hurt the candidates of their choice. the only catch is they can't directly communicate with the campaigns themselves. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is in our new york city newsroom,
4:53 pm
jonathan? >> funnel ling unprecedented amounts of cash into the republic presidential race. they will likely do the same for the presidential elections itself and hundreds of congressional races. the super pac dollars, according to larry sabato of the university of virginia are going overwhelmingly towards the dark side of campaigning. >> they enable candidates indirectly to air millions of dollars of negative advertising against their opponents and, yet, put distance between themselves and the advertising. it's a bit phony. everyone knows the way it really works behind the scenes. but, legally, this fiction is a reality. >> the candidates stand by what mr. sabato calls fiction. >> the super pac that happens to endorse me has put some ads out. you know, i can't control those, as you know. we are not allowed to have a coordination between a campaign and these independent pacs. >> i have no connection with that super pac. >> i don't have anything to do with the super pac. >> how are you? >> negative ads from super
4:54 pm
pacs were credited with halting newt gingrich's momentum in iowa. now a super pac that supports the former house speaker is trying to halt mitt romney in south carolina. airing a video attacking the former massachusetts governor's business record. >> you would be a little bit less than human if you weren't pretty happy that you are now going to see a sort of more even playing field. >> for the average voter it's not a level playing field according to the experts because we frequently don't know who is funding these super pacs and, on top of that they create a danger that candidates will be beholden to their big money backers. >> i always ask a very simple question. who is the candidate most likely to call back first? his or her spouse, his or her children or his or her multi-million-dollar top donor? i think we all know the answer. >> or as the comedian stephen colbert who recently set up his own super pac puts it: >> remember, according to the
4:55 pm
fec, this is 100% legal and at least 10% ethical. [ laughter ] >> so, you may not like them, but get used to them. super pacs seem to be here to stay. we will be seeing a lot more of their work, shep, and their influence as november approaches. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you, the polls are about to close across the state. we may be able to have a projection right afterle this. lt we know can do the job. new glidden duo paint plus primer. ♪ one coat does double duty. ♪ and fits our budget perfectly. so there's a brand-new room right where the old one used to be. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. new glidden duo paint plus primer only at the home depot and starting at only $24.97 a gallon.
4:56 pm
>> shepard: it's getting serious now. moments away from the final polls closing here in new hampshire where mitt romney is trying to go two for two. the exit polls show that the quality the voters want most in a candidate is the ability to beat president president oba. and that most voters who top concerns with economy and electability are going for mitt romney. we will be able to present a lot more information as the final polls close just three and a half minutes from now.
4:57 pm
and on this day in the year 1967, president lyndon johnson took a major political gamble when he asked congress for more funding to support the war in vietnam. at the time thousands of american troops had died in combat there. and the communist forces in the north had iraq said -- succeeded in shooting down enemy forces. they showed no signs of planning to surrender. lbj proposed a 10% tax hike to actually pay for the war effort. congress approved the measure. many americans protested, claiming they didn't want to pay for an unwinnable war. the following year johnson chose not to run for re-election. a president pushed his agenda in a whole different world 45 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, january the 10th, 2012. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in tonight. we are back tomorrow from new york for "studio b," 3:00 eastern, fox report 7 eastern.
4:58 pm
we have been at the college throughout this week. they have been great to us. best food you will ever have. and no snow. we appreciate our hosts. fine treatment. new hampshire has been great. see you from new york tomorrow. bret and megyn now about to drop some numbers. captions by closed captioning services >> bret: welcome to the beautiful college near in manchester. >> i'm megyn kelly. coverage of the new hampshire primaries starts right now. >> bret: the first in the nation primary. >> megyn: will mitt romney go back and take new hampshire. >> our vision is right. we believe in america. [. [cheers and applause] >> bret: does rick santorum build on his iowa momentum? >> game on. [cheers and applause] >> megyn: will jon huntsman strategy of skipping the hawkeye state work? >> the people of the nation don't want a coronation. >> is it end of the road? >> i'm going to washington, d.c. to make a difference. >> that's why a bold reagan
4:59 pm
conservative can defeat barack obama. >> i will stick to my gun and put in that office and protect the constitution and liberty. [cheers and applause] >> megyn: this is special coverage of the new hampshire primary. captions by closed captioning services >> megyn: good evening, we are just seconds away now from the last polls closing here in new hampshire. and the results from the first primary in the nation will soon start to come in within minutes. >> bret: exciting. tonight's vote could make or break some of the candidates. since 1976, no candidate has ever lost both iowa and new hampshire and gone on to win the republic nomination. >> megyn: we have complete coverage of tonight's new hampshire primary with our panel here in manchester and in new york chris


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