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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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romney guy, i don't like this conversation, i think that people are playing to a stereo type about him and hurting the campaign. just telling you. >> sean: i agree with you. we're out of time and kirsten agrees with all of us. >> no, i don't. >> sean: see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight no time, it's south carolina where everything could change. now, mitt romney goes for it big in new hampshire. and ron paul comes in second. and former speak of the of the house are duking it out. and in new hampshire, everything could change in south carolina. so keep your television on. it's getting rougher out there tonight. governor rick perry called governor romney a vulture capitalist. not pretty. but first, a big victory for
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governor mitt romney in new hampshire. here is what governor romney said a short time ago. >> we believe in that shining city on the hill. we know that the future of the country is better than 8% or 9% unemployment or $15 trillion in debt. better than misguided promises of the last three years and failed leadership of one man. the president has run out of ideas. now, he's running out of excuses. tonight, and tonight... tonight we're asking the good people of south carolina to join the citizens of new hampshire and make 2012 the year he runs out of time. now, the path i layout is not one paved with ever increasing
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government checks and cradle to grave assurance that's government will be the solution. if this election is a bidding war, for those who can promise the most benefits then i'm not your president. you have that president. if you want to make this election about restoring american greatness and i hope you'll join us, if you believe disappointments of the last two years are a detour not a destiny, i'm asking for your vote. i'm asking each of you to remember how special sit to be an american. i want to you remember what it was like to be hopeful and excited about the future, not dreading he'd lines. where you spent time dreaming about sending your kids to college than wondering about next paycheck. i want to you remember when our white house reflected the best of who we are. not the worst of what europe has become. that america is still out there.
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we still believe in that america. we still believe... we believe. we believe. we still believe in the america that is a land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom. we believe in the america that challenges each of us to be better, and bigger than ourselves. this election let's go on to fight for the america we love because we believe in america. thank you so much. god bless america. >> greta: fox news carl cameron joins us live from
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romney campaign headquarters. carl? >> which is looking december yolit at this hour, there. the romney camp is packing up and getting ready to hit south carolina tomorrow. and a sign he's beginning to lay the campaign trail forward. if his rival, conservative alternatives have a good shot or a best shot to unseat him or start to knock him down, it's going to be in south carolina. short of that there could be problems for him. romney, tomorrow in boston will have some 200 of his top fund-raisers gathered. many were here tonight in new hampshire. tomorrow, they will begin the process of running up the pocketbook trying to put many more millions of dollars into his already-largest fund raising effort for all of the candidates other than barack obama. what romney is trying to do is flex muscles and show himself
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to be an unstoppable nominee. inevidentable. he can shield that, or try to in iowa next few days he's going to be straight out showing that the wind in his sails from iowa and new hampshire could potentially take him to an unprecedented three-state victory. if the conservative alternative, they call them selfs can't stop them it could be problematic. jon huntsman in, third place is in trouble. he told mike huckabee if he didn't come in first he'd drop out of the race. now, huntsman with not a lot of money and not a lot of organization in south carolina because he's concentrated in new hampshire is going head down to the south palmetto state and try to compete where rick perry has been. and already, he's been hammering romney trying to cast himself as the most
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ardent conservative to run against him. newt gingrich launching an abortion ad attacking mitt romney for his pro-choice views just five years ago, pointing out he appointed pro-choice judges and passed a budget including funding for planned parenthood. that is five, six years ago he was pro-choice and changed his position. it will be a tough ad. and rick santorum, as well as going after him and ron paul who came in second said it was a good, and clear-cut victory for mitt romney but ron paul said he's nipping at his heels. none of the candidates despite in new hampshire seem to have intention of backing off. greta? >> thank you. >> and early in this political contest congressman michael grim endorsed governor mitt romney. congressman joins us, good evening. >> good evening.
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>> greta: did you have a good night? >> great night. >> greta: wait until you get down to south carolina. >> i think that there is a lot of momentum behind governor rom nee. you're seeing the fruits of someone who put together a very good campaign. professional. that is, i think the type of president he's going to be. >> greta: so for the fact nifz are coming out in south carolina, i heard about a half hour ago governor rick perry referring to him as a vulture capitalist. it's quoted all over south carolina papers there is a 28-minute video coming up that hammers him. so i want to say he's not particularly pretty in south carolina, south carolina to be different than the campaign hall tonight. >> no question. unfortunate thing and thing i worry about is how this affects republicans as a whole. i don't think this is very healthy for the republican
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party. i think this sends a mixed message. almost siding -- going on the other side of the aisle. the last thing we want to do is divide this country anymore that. is what president obama has done. so here, i see governor romney coming in and trying to unify us, trying to bring this country back together. that is what he needs to do. that is what we need. >> greta: what is good for the goose and good for the gander. there are speakers nor speaker gingrich. it took its toll on speaker gingrich. it's harder for him. governor romney is sort of talks about being big, you know? and having everyone join together. he can fight. >> there is no question. i have no problems with -- i have broad shoulders and i know the governor does but this is now a different ideology. we're going to. >> greta: he's winning now. >> i would expect the president to be using and that
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we've seen used before by the left against the right. it's a right starts using that again and what is the question? what does the republican party stand for? >> it may not be healthy for the republican party but a lot of people who are governor romney supporters are now upset people are going after him. when his pact was aggressive and everyone saying now speaker gingrich is angry or something like that. look he fought back and so, i mean, it seems a little bit, you know, all of a sudden everybody wants to be hollyer than thou about it. >> as a republican and freshman member of the house i look at the picture, i think one of the problems is that we've become so polarized. it's our own party going to polarize within and pit each other against, i don't like anyone pitting anyone against success. america needs gains for going for the land of opportunity.
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ability to be successful should be a good thing. i want to teach my children to strive to be successful. i think that is hurtful and not a good message that. doesn't mean they can't come out and fight a good fight. i have no problem with that. again, that is a dangerous area to go for republicans and i don't think that ronald reagan would be proud right now. >> greta: i think it's going to be a fiercer struggle in the days still to come. anyway, nice to see you, sir. >> great to see you as always. >> greta: governor jon huntsman put it on the line in new hampshire. griff jenkin joins us live. nice nis to see you working late. >> and we're at the downtown bar in manchester, welcome here to show you huntsman left but the party continues with folks drinking here. there is a couple things. we're disappointing there is
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no speaking of mandarin chinese, we saw jon huntsman senior, and now this race is a question, will his father -- will that money come? a local reporter here covering huntsman for a long time said if jon huntsman would have given the speech on this stage six months ago, he might have done better with talks of 10,000 miles away. this country first is his campaign showingan. i talked to the campaign and they say we've found our message and see this as a second place win, not third place. they don't believe ron paul has a shot. they know they're not going to do great in north carolina. and at polls we went to the polls in iowa and here.
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and that is where we saw huntsman votes going to romney. >> and senator santorum may not have taken the spots tonight but he's fired up for south carolina. here is senator santorum. >> the campaign was and deliver the message not just for new hampshire. we deliver the mess wrath for america. but we have the campaign here, now. that we have a campaign that has a message and messenger that can deliver what we need. which is first and foremost to defeat barack obama. number one. >> greta: steve brown has been following senator santorum and joins us live. steve?
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>> hey, greta. yes. senator santorum could not capitalize on this success he had out in iowa here. and largely due to just the different political environment where social conservatives hold swag in iowa. they don't nearly have the same influence nor are they going to the primary ballot box in the same number. the senator said he wanted to respect the process despite knowing coming here would be difficult and he wanted to compete. he sounded like a shot at governor perry, while participating this weekend in new hampshire did no campaigning events. and one campaign there said they didn't spend a time in new hampshire that. is a bit of an exaggeration
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and and said $1 million will be spent in south carolina and in direct mail efforts down there and can and all of this, all of this on top of the fact santorum told folks here, tonight that we can still win this race. santorum insists he can be merged as true conservative as he puts it, conservative alternative to mitt romney and south carolina. and more towards his brand of politics but will have competition in newt gingrich and rick perry and ron paul. not to mention mitt romney down there. and so he will be better armed. >> steve, thank you. >> new hampshire may be the first in the nation's primary. but the test will be the first of the south primary, south carolina. then on to florida.
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what can we expect when candidates do head south? byron joins us, nice to see you and all of that talk with a successful night tonight z congressman ron paul, 23% of the vote. what -- everyone has to keep sides among candidates they don't want. and what is going to happen now? >> that is a significant amount of the vote. >> huge. >> i went to his headquarters tonight. he was happy. a big, loyal crowd. he won about the same amount of the votes as clinton and ron paul and and it seems to have a feeling he's never going to get above. and if he doesn't get the nomination he does command a lot of support among significant number of people. so he's the republican party has to keep inside of the tents like 92 with ross perot.
10:16 pm
what do you think is the plan about congressman ron paul? >> first of all south carolina is not ron paul territory. not doing well in polls there. he's indicated he's not going to do a lot in florida this could be -- i'm not sure, i talked to a lot of people there. i asked everybody who did you vote for last time around? and maybe one person voted for george w. bush. a lot of people voted for ron paul last time around. and a lot of people voted for libertarian candidate a couple obama votes. one guy said he voted for his grandfather. he wrote in his name. bottom line is not a lot of republicans in that crowd. >> greta: south carolina. can the other candidates, i think it's going to be fierce there. kt other candidates lay a glove on governor romney? they're fired up for him. >> in south carolina and other states they'll tell you we're independent and make our own decisions. the fact is that they are
10:17 pm
influenced by the previous contest this, is the sequence of races so people in new hampshire were influence bid iowa and south carolina. on the other hand i was talking to the party chairman, republican party chairman today asked which candidate spent the most time in south carolina. answer is rick santorum. he's done work there. and he has a possibility of doing much better than did he here in new hampshire. >> greta: a lot to watch tomorrow. it isn't over but commanding a victory tonight for governor mitt romney. >> thank you. and new hampshire and governor romney do make history tonight. no time for him to bask in the glory. new hampshire is over. now, it's south carolina where everything could change and governor romney is awaiting his arriveal. what is next? also, governor jon huntsman stakes his future on new hampshire. what was his life like before
10:18 pm
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i called governor romney to congratulate him. he had a clear cut victory. you're going have to chuckle. they describe you and me as being dangerous! and that is one thing they're telling the truth. we are dangerous to the status quo of the country.
10:22 pm
>> congressman ron paul is all fired up, he took second place here in new hampshire but that is tonight. now off to south carolina. governor romney has the lead but that race is far from over. and sam youngman joins us next. nice to see you. what happens tomorrow in south carolina? give your thoughts. >> ron paul is going to continue nibbling at romney's legs. and there is no nibbling for jon huntsman. i think mitt romney is going to concentrate fire from rivals and fellow republicans. we'll see how intense it gets. >> how about money? who has got money? >> i think everybody has got enough to keep playing. jon huntsman's father could write large checks for a super tax. newt gingrich is getting money but mitt romney has got cash to burn. he's got a huge hall.
10:23 pm
he's in a good position. >> everybody one has got enough money for south carolina. but what about florida? it's a bigger state with many markets for television. south florida and pan handle. and this is more expensive who. can afford to play there? >> that is where you start to see separation. from candidates trying to pull out a moral victory. just trying to test the waters to see what movement they can make. you're right. media markets are expensive. there is so mouch ground to cover. only a national candidate like mitt romney can hope to compete there. >> seems to me unliceless someone other than governor romney comes to south carolina the money is not going to transfer. and if you know money going into florida, big money that is the field is narrowed. i think south carolina is keen. >> i think you're right. governor romney is 3-0.
10:24 pm
and this will be coming throwing bad money after g it's hard to imagine anyone think there's is a solid shot at coming back if they're losing after south carolina. >> so what happens to the tea party? and we're not talking about that much. >> and i've been wondering in iowa where is the anger? so much in all of my time at the white house convinced there is a immense sense of anger out in the country. i have kind of seen it. unemployment is not as high in iowa and new hampshire. that might be where anger is. >> you have a huge spin to see everything and haven't been home since when? >> christmas eve. people don't realize they hit and you're not going to tell us anyway in this time of the
10:25 pm
year. and anyway, well, on to south carolina and florida. nice to see you. >> greta: coming up parties for candidates supporters still going on here in new hampshire tonight. but for candidates it's on to south carolina. which republican candidate offers the challenge for the president? in the general election? we have a democratic congressman here to go on the record next and he'll tell you. governor jon huntsman gave us his all. will a third place finish get him to the next stop? south carolina? you're going to hear from his wife and daughters coming up. wh there he is, gordon jones, poised at this moment to discover new plum amazins from sunsweet, the amazing alternative to raisins and cranberries with 50% more fiber, about half the sugar, and a way better glycemic index. yes, that's the stuff. he's clearly enjoying one of the planet's most amazing superfruits. amazin' yes, plum amazins, 100% fruit with so much more nutrition and taste it's simply, amazin'.
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i'm a believer! i'm a believer. find your closest foot mapping center at governor mitt romney, romney runs away but this story started. tonight result vdz scrambled the field. who will emerge as the conservative rival? the role is still up for grabs. abc news editor rick klein joins us. who do you think is the biggest challenge within this field? for governor romney after tonight? >> now it's looking like mitt romney is going to need to win in a hurry. something is going to have to happen quickly if anyone is interest tl to stop mitt romney in this field now. and look for someone else in that pack. santorum or gingrich, i'll tell you neither one of those is strengthened they're
10:30 pm
jostling there. i don't think anyone emerges any stronger today. >> looking ahead i realize this is trying to get. where do you see the scene being determined? which state primary going to make a final decision on this? >> south carolina going to be critical. and the campaign goes national. no one can put together a campaign in terms of money or organization or in terms of messaging and outside supporters. this has to be-to-happen quickly. we're going to see a lot of negative messaging on mitt romney. and and i think santorum and gingrich are two folk goesing to have to battle it out with each other if they're both very strong. and it's hard to see anyone putting together and he's
10:31 pm
never stronger than at this moment. that is what winning does for you and and when you talk about romney's big rivals the number two person here in the state of new hampshire is congressman ron paul. he probably has that. of all supporters we've seen he has the ones with the most passion for him. whans to him in this? >> you're right. he has the most passion. now, he's starting to accumulate delegates. goitsing to happen going forward. i tend to think of this campaign as less of a campaign than a movement. they take the long view beyond this year. they want to influence party convention and whoever the party nominee is. then you're going to have an interesting thing happen. where do these folk goes? do they have a second choice? is that a republican candidate? do they stay home? and there is a third party candidate i think that is a
10:32 pm
very big story emerging but it's more of a general election story than a primary story. >> the third option perhaps is is the republican nominee turning out to be governor romney how does he bring congressman ron paul into the tents? it's hard to see that tonight that he can be inside of the tent. >> that is right you talk to a lot of the supporters they see mitt romney has a clone of barack obama. so it's a hard divide yid to bridge. mitt romney has got an opportunity to close this thing out relatively quickly. and he's going to have a lot of things to deal with bringing conservatives on board. he's in a very good position tonight. >> rick, thank you. >> thank you. >> and democratic national committee is directing most of its firepower at governor romney. after the primary results is he still the candidates and the man to beat?
10:33 pm
congressman joins us. who do you see is the biggest challenge for president obama? >> probably two. mitt romney, and two-thirds of the republican voters don't trust mitt romney with the vote. it's one of the things where romney is his own worst enemy. he cannot seem to gel he's a front runner. >> problem they have with the president is that president has to run on his record. the president has got to see unemployment levels continue. it's gone down from december. but that level could be a big problem if governor romney runs in the strength as a businessman. >> i think they're seeing numbers get better in terms of jobs. and his own record on what he did with jobs. you're a corporate takeover artist, do you a lot of
10:34 pm
firings and a lot of job outsourcing and a lot of bankrupting companies. mitt romney is going to have a tough road ahead whit comes to jobs. >> greta: what about in terms of the health care, in light of the fact the president is a national health care he's embraced to test with the help of the house and senate? is that something that the democrats will be using as a weapon in the general election if governor romney isn't nominated?. >> think of a couple things. one, we found out the cost of health care is rising at the slowest rate in sometime. now, whether you can credit health care reform or not facts is that costs are not rising the way other things are rising. mitt romney cannot attack the president for trying to move forward. many ways model was a massachusetts romney model. let mr. romney attack the president. >> what do you see is the role of congressman ron paul in
10:35 pm
this race? >> i think he's an interesting candidate. he's not a democrat. he's not a republican. i don't know if he's considered an independent. he's someone with a very independent streak that gives people who can't find a party they like a place to go. whether those voters if ron drops out go to mitt romney or not he's still an open question. >> do you think this is joined in the democratic party it would be the democratic party would have the same issue with him? >> i know so many young voter was ron paul who probably separate himself by 50 years from voters but yet a lot of the voters are not ready to go with mitt romney or other republicans. whether they go with barack obama is yet to be seen. barack obama does well with young voters. the president has to be the guy to beat. ron paul if he's out of the race gives president obama a
10:36 pm
chance. >> what's happening in the house and senate? i think i'll be happy after november. >> i didn't expect to you say anything else, right? >> i think it's moving into our direction. people are seeing if you want to create jobs stick with the president. >> greta: we'll be watching. republicans say just the opposite. depends on who i talk to. >> not mitt romney. >> i'm just saying talk to democrats they say talk to republicans. >> coming up, win or lose they've got buzz going for their father. governor jon huntsman's daughters will be here and tonight's results give candidates a ticket to the palmetto state. will victory lead to big numbers in the next contest? wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee!
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learn more at but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. from america's news headquarters, i'm ian. new information about a man accused plotting of terrorist attacks. investigators reveal this man had posted online videos asking questions about jews around western culture. he identifies himself as a muslim. his bomb and gun plot to avenge what he perceived as wrongs against muslims. the tampa area muslim community. >> a powerful earthquake hitting
10:41 pm
off the shores of western indonesia. 7.3 magnitude quake struck 1260 miles off the coast of oshay early wednesday. a tsunami warning was briefly issued and people ran from their houses searching for higher ground. there is no reports of damage or injuries. quake struck in the aim area. after working so hard for months. it's supposed to to be the final
10:42 pm
day but it's nerve-racking. >> i said, you know what, nobody has worked harder than you and i think we feel at peace and feel great about it. whatever happens, we accept and we feel pretty good where we are. >> greta: did you expect all the hard work. >> i don't think we had any idea what we were in for. it was an honor and i think we'll look back and be so grateful for this opportunity. you really learn to love your country because you have the ability to go out and earn a vote from somebody and that is cool thing to could. from the beginning, we just have little house parties to now we have more than 400 people in the town halls. loving my dad's message and connecting to him. >> running on adrenalin so much time we don't think about it.
10:43 pm
>> greta: not at all. >> i couldn't think at all. i was like in this morning. >> greta: one of thing i wondered talking to candidates' children, bachmann or senator mccain's how tough it is for the family if somebody fully embrace your parents. you may not fully embrace your father or says something you don't like. >> the one thing i noticed, they don't know what he represents and they haven't had a chance to sit and talk to him. it's very rare, i just don't agree with him. so i think the lack of knowing him. we don't take it personally at all. we are proud of who he is. >> how about you, somebody that jabs him? >> that is what is great, but like she said, it's very rare we
10:44 pm
find somebody who walks away that is completely not on board. >> greta: how much vacation with rest of the family. i saw you at the diner and you are keeping the rest of the family informed? >> absolutely. i have two boys out doing their thing. >> he was 12 and was very sad and didn't to go sections. she believes so much in her dad. calls senior policy foreign advise are >> greta: so what no matter what happens tonight is that the understanding. look, i no matter what, will you be disappointed or happy for a lot of reasons but south
10:45 pm
carolina is a definite, right? >> we have to do it. media sets those expectations for us. we'll see what happens tonight. i know that we were at single digits last week. if we can get past that and do well tonight, think we will leave here and be ready to go. >> greta: are you ready to hit south carolina. >> get ready for it. >> have i ever been to south carolina before? >> we were just there actually on thursday and friday. doing groundwork. >> greta: what is the difference campaign in south carolina, better food? >> i don't know. manchester has been pretty good. >> it's been amazing process that our family has been experienced nothing like new hampshire. people say, they have to shake your hand several times before they decide they are going voted for you. we laughed that off when we
10:46 pm
first came in. it's true. we see them three times, hasn't gotten our votes so it means something. you realize that is an extraordinary process. >> really excited. >> it's a great primary for the rest of the country to see who is most qualified because all the people get the opportunity to meet them. sthiak their hands and hear their message. most of the people don't get an opportunity to do that. >> new hampshire sets the stage for south carolina and florida. so if we do well, i think we'll do well tonight. going into south carolina, i think we're going to do well there. >> greta: all the candidates go it on and meet the people. there are inequities built into the system, money to get on the airwaves. the system is not perfect in terms of divvying up everything? >> i think resources go with momentum, as well.
10:47 pm
if you leave here with momentum, people get behind you. get behind the message and excited about it. at least in the last 24 hours, more coming in than we've seen in the campaign. >> so we're not concerned about it at this point. >> greta: are you scared. >> why do people make so much, my husband and the girls leaving their dad. tirelessly, because we love this country so much. so we feel the emotions from him. >> greta: good luck to your father, to your husband tonight. we'll see you in south carolina. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead. we have much more live from new hampshire. a clear victory for governor mitt romney tonight but the rest of the field is still fuzzy. anything can happen. away will look ahead. you'll never mow who you will
10:48 pm
run in to. griff jenkins found an old college friend of mine. did he tell him any college days secret. you'll find out. jenna shared her recipe with sharon,
10:49 pm
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governor mitt romney does a double digit win. how much will that influence
10:52 pm
voters? >> i think one of the reasons mitt romney did so well is that he has a presidential organization level in this state and has, for months. waits a well oiled machine whether talking knocking on doors getting volunteers out and making phone calls all of the apparatus of a top flight campaign that turns out voters as long as there is someone to vote for you. >> and senator santorum going to go solo in iowa and knock on every door and people being
10:53 pm
on television so it's not a grass roots type in iowa. >> that is one of the reasons he was successful. newt, part of the problem is that he's never able to put together a real organization after he peaked in polls and money started flowing in. why that didn't happen, i don't know. and rick santorum can be exused because he finally came close to winning in iowa and there is a campaign between elections and time to put it together. imagine that if he had had something put together. he could have rolled into new hampshire and maybe capitalized so can they put together an organization they're going need to take advantage if mitt romney falters and they're able to
10:54 pm
hit him enough? >> this biggest problem is mitt romney. that they can trust him enough? because monday's debate on fox news, they're going to go back at romney on the trust issue. and if rit romney can use momentum from winning two races now which is significant, he has money and the organization to continue on. if he still is going to have questions, if there are going to be questions in the minds of voters then he's going to have, possibly air, problem. >> i think probably going to be onto the next debate and they're all gunning for him. >> that is a business record
10:55 pm
in a manager that sounds like democrats. >> and this will be tough, indeed. >> good to see you. >> greta: you've never guess who we ran into h wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition.
10:56 pm
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sets now start at just $899. >> greta: what a small world it is. gripf jenkins ran into a guy i haven't seen in decades. he tried to degree up dirt on my college days. ways a good sport and a good friend. >> i run bob. bob not only supporting ron paul but he seems to know greta. bob? >> i do actually. i went to college with greta at the university of wisconsin. and i was just telling that i
10:59 pm
can remember walking across the quad with her in front of the memorial high brairy i told her that last name. she knows a lot of familiar names if i were to mention them to her. >> tell us something embarrassing about greta. is there any dirt on her? >> don't get me started here. >> dirt on greta in college? what? her show is rated pg, right? >> yes. yes. exactly. >> she's not on the ballot but if she were would you vote for her? >> yes. but she'd have to come get my vote. >> i'm going to lose my job. >> greta: thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night at our regular time.


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