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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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dot baier. that it it is it for this "special report. getting ready for big debate on monday, it will be fair, balanced and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: now, "the fox report." tonight, the first major winter storm of the season roars east. the u.s. military talks peace with the taliban. and deep in the heart of dixie, prisoners pardoned and granted clemency and the victims' families are lived. >> barbour granted a pardon to dozens. >> many of them will be illegal pardons. >> tonight the former governor responds. >> talks with the taliban. the white house reportedly trying to give peace a chance. a video of u.s. marines
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apparently desecrating the dead could make this much more complicated. plus, more than six years ago, an american teenager named natalee holloway disappeared in aruba. >> we have to find natalee holloway. they have to find our daughter. >> shepard: investigators had a suspect, but they never found her body. now, a judge making a big call in the case. but first from fox this thursday night, the mississippi governor haley barbour is defending his decision to grant clemency to hundreds of prisoners. some of them rapists and quicked murders. governor barbour's term ended on tuesday. just before he left office he gave pardons and suspended sentences to more than 200 convicts. but a judge there temporarily blocked the release of 21 inmaghts after the state's attorney general said the governor might have violated mississippi's constitution. and the attorney general was far from the only critic.
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>> the governor himself going to have to look me and the family in the eye and say hey, i'm going to let this guy go. there wasn't any of that that's the coward's way out if you ask me. this, again, has given mississippi a black eye. >> shepard: in a statement, former governor barbour indicated that people have misunderstood this process. he writes: approximately 90% of these individuals were no longer in custody and a majority of them had been out for years. the pardonss were intended to allow them to find gainful employment or acquire professional licenses as well as hunt or vote. kris gutierrez is following fox top story tonight. if you could, explain the dispute for us and why the state attorney general is fighting this, chris. >> well, you bet, shepard. the a.g. says that some of these pardons may actually be illegal, shepard, that's because the state constitution says an inmate that is seeking a pardon must publish their intentions of going free in a newspaper ad for at least 30 days in the county in which that inmate was convicted. let's talk a few of the
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inmates released over the weekend. published reports show anthony mccrea sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife, get, this submitted a notice in december to a newspaper in pike county. but he never paid. so it never ran. then there is charles hooker, also convicted of murder. he published his notice seven times. and finally david gatlin, yet another convicted killer published his notice just four times. again, not 30 as the law requires, shep. >> shepard: the state attorney general here, a democrat, former governor barbour a republic. he once ran the rnc. has a lot of supporters. how is this sitting with them. >> it's not sitting very well, shepard. of course not only for democrats but for republicans. some of them saying his actions were egregious. take a look at this next case. this is karen erby she is a socialite. in 2010 she was convicted of manslaughter after driving drunk and crashing her car killing two people. she just received house arrest. the brother of one of her victims told me this. listen.
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>> all i kept saying is oh my god. oh my god. this is ridiculous. it sends a message drink and drive and with the right influence you might be released. this is so irrational that none of it makes sense. >> he questions whether any governor, shepard, not only in mississippi whether any governor across any state should have the right to grant clemency to anyone like karen erby, shepard. >> shepard: it is the law. kris thanks very much. the united states government and the taliban have finally agreed upon something. unfortunately shared outrage over the video of u.s. marines who appear in that video to be urinating on dead taliban fighters. it is unclear to us at this hour how the video ended up online. the "new york times" newspaper is reporting that it is from sometime between march and september of last year. fox news has decided not to show it for reasons you can understand, i'm sure. the afghan president harmid karzai has also condemned this
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video, which is really just the latest black eye for the military in america's longest ever war. and today the secretary of state hillary clinton seemed angry. >> anyone, anyone found to have participated or known about it, having engaged in such conduct must be held fully accountable. >> shepard: the u.s. military reports it is now investigating. so far we are told two of the marines have been identified. but what what it means for upcoming u.s. taliban peace negotiations, well, that remains to be seen. ed henry is live at the white house tonight. ed, is there a chance this video could further complicate those peace talks? >> no doubt about it it's already a difficult situation. if you think back to the abu ghraib prison scandal that inflamed the situation in iraq, this could and i stress could inflame this situation. when you talk to military analysts and there were u.s. officials across the board from white house press secretary jay carney over to secretary of state clinton as
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you mentioned who called all of this deplorable. secretary clinton stressing that the large majority of u.s. military personnel are honorable, but, in this case, some fell well short. take a listen. >> it is absolutely inconsistent with american values, with the standards of behavior that we expect from our military personnel. and that you know, the vast, vast majority of our military personnel, particularly our marines hold themselves to. >> now, a taliban spokesman today said that this will not affect potential peace talks to end the war. but interest is -- there is no doubt this could complicate the situation especially for afghan president harmid karzai who was already a wild card in all of those talks, shep. >> shepard: peace talks with the taliban. i would assume that would mean some sort of compromise. what's going on here. >> it would. look, the obama administration is fully aware there are going to be critics out there saying while in the world are you sitting down potentially with
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the taliban extremists who we have essentially been at war with for more than a decade. they say they white house they are helping to broker this between the afghan government and the taliban. while you have got to work with some unsavory characters, that's how you have to do it to try to end this long war. take a listen to jay carney. >> political settlement is essential here. and but it is coexists with our military campaign. it is our in fact our military campaign that has set the conditions for initial reconciliation discussions that we hope will begin taking place. >> now, to try and jump start all of this next week, the administration is sending a top diplomat mark grossman who has been already involved in the situation to afghanistan to try to get all this going. but there are a lot of outstanding issues including the fact that the taliban wants some of their folks who are detainees at guantanamo bay right now released. that is a very thorny issue.
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one of many that makes it very clear this is far from a done deal, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house. thanks. the president is asking congress now to raise the nation's debt limit again. he is seeking $1.2 trillion. who can forget the saga from last summer. and, once again, top house republicans are saying this isn't going to happen. the majority leader eric cantor says the house will vote next week on a resolution disappearing of the president's request. but analysts say republicans probably do not have the votes to block the move this time. as you know, the debt ceiling is the maximum amount of debt that the government is allowed to take on beyond which a vote is required. you know how some people are going after mitt romney for his work at that place bain capital? well, one candidate's criticism has just cost him a key supporter. details on that coming up. which campaign is building the biggest bank account? the numbers are in and the leader is not on this screen.
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>> who is winning the race to win the most campaign cash? the president by a mile. of course the analysts say that could change once the republicans pick one nominee. the president's campaign reports it raised almost $70 million in the fourth quarter of 2011. for both his re-election effort and the democratic national committee. when you break it down, the campaign gets 42 mil. yesterday mitt romney announced he raised 24 mill in the fourth quarter. ron paul says he took in 13. newt gingrich about 9. no word on the rest of the republic candidates which should tell you something. they have until the end of the month to report their numbers. newt gingrich seems to be well easing up a bit on mitt romney
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today. the former house speaker had been calling romney a corporate raider who got rich by lalg off thousands of americans. following all the candidates all over south carolina. we are told newt gingrich didn't even mention mitt romney today. at least not by name. he tells fox news he is not dropping the issue. >> i'm campaigning as a pro-jobs reagan conservative and i think a secondary issue is whether or not romney's record is in fact valid. this is not the centerpiece of my campaign but it's a legitimate important question. >> shepard: mitt romney's answer he claims he helped create thousands and thousands of jobs during his time at bain capital. >> there are a number of businesses that we helped start, which collectively you can just look on their web sites added well over 100,000 jobs. >> some analysts say that does not include jx lost at a other companies during romney's time at bain capital. now the texas governor rick perry is running into trouble for his attacks on what he has
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called vulture capitalists. mike emanuel is live in washington. another in a string of problems for the texas governor rick perry. today he lost a major supporter in south carolina. big deal? >> that's right, shep. investment fund executive barry wynn says is he leaving perry to goal with romney after this attack. laura ingraham brought up texas justice. since 2000 rick perry has received $7 million from private equity and investment firms. today she asked perry if any of those are vulture firms. >> i didn't paint with a broad brush and say that every private equity firm out there is. >> laura: only romney's are vultures? none of your guy's are vure temperatures? only romney. >> look, romney is running for president. >> laura: you are running for president too and you have benefited from these firms. >> i don't have a problem with that. >> also today the u.s. chamber of customers says it is afula
4:15 pm
foolish for republicans to bash romney for working as venture capitalists. >> shepard: romney's super pac is fighting back with ads of their own. >> >> firm released a new ad going after newt gingrich to air in south carolina and florida. its focus hammering the former speaker at desperate. >> newt gingrich's attacks are called foolish, out of bounds and disgusting. newt attacks because he has more baggage than the airlines. newt was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. took 1.6 million from freddie mac and co-sponsored a bill with nancy pelosi. >> gingrich selling a populist message critical of what he calls crony capitalism where politicians take care of their friends, the rich get all their money and the rest get left with all the debt. he calls that back door socialism. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel in our d.c. funeral tonight. thanks. sweater vests have become big business for rick santorum's campaign. they are kind of santorum's
4:16 pm
campaign look. recently the campaign started giving one away for any donation over 100 bucks. those rests have helped them raise $100,000 so far. we are told you can now also get one in blaze orange for hunters. judge today with a major ruling in natalee holloway case. it comes the day after the suspect in her disappearance entered a plea in a murder case. details on that straight away. police say that not long after a high school soccer game somebody knocked on a player's door and killed him. the latest on the investigation a ahead as fox reports live tonight.
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>> shepard: almost six years later, we still do not know
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what happened to natalee holloway. but today a judge in alabama declared her legally dead. of course the 18-year-old or then 18-year-old vanished during a trip to aruba back in 2005. no sign of her since. today her father asked a judge to declare her legally dead so that he could access her college fund and put it toward her brother's education. his ex-wife, natalie's mother had originally objected but didn't contest today's ruling. her attorney says she is ready to put an end to this chapter. this comes a day after the prime suspect in the disappearance pleaded guilty to murdering a woman in peru. joran van der sloot will learn his sentence tomorrow. that murder five years to the day after natalee holloway vanished. she was last seen leaving a nightclub with joran van der sloot. trace gallagher with the news. he is live for us tonight. what did the judge say his reasoning was on, this trace? >> well, the judge reaffirmed today, shep, what he said back in september is that it's no longer about proving that natalee holloway is dead.
4:21 pm
now it's all about proving whether natalee holloway is still alive. at that time he allowed four months for anyone to come forward with proof that natalie was in fact alive. clearly nobody came forward so the judge ruled that she is legally deceased. after the ruling natalie's mom beth holloway had this to say. >> natalie's father wanted to see this through. of course it makes me very sad. >> she finally agreed. not only does dave holloway now can use natalee's college fund for younger brother he no longer has to pay natalee's medical insurance, shep. >> shepard: the case is no longer over. the family still wants to go over joran van der sloot. >> he is sentenced tomorrow morning in peru. he could get 5 to 30 years. if he gets 30 years he has to serve at least 15 of those years. u.s. authorities and the holloway family want him extradited back to alabama on federal extortion charges. charges that he extorted beth
4:22 pm
holloway for 25,000ness exchange for information about where natalee's body was in aruba. he never revealed that information. and now legal experts say extradition is easier said than done because it's all up to the peruvian government and they could hold him saying they will not release him until after he has served his sentence in peru. as we said, shep, that could be 15 years or more. >> shepard: trace gallagher tonight, thank you. police are now looking for whomever shot and killed a high school soccer player right outside his house last night. they say somebody targeted him according to investigators, somebody lured the 17-year-old boy out of his los angeles home around 6:30 last evening. then several shots rang out in his front yard. witnesses report they saw a teenage girl knocking on the victim's door just moments before the gunfire. here is a neighbor. he came out, he wasn't wearing
4:23 pm
shoes. he was wearing socks. he must have went up to the car, they shot him. he moved his eyes, i thought he heard me. i told him hold on. they will be here. >> shepard: too late to save him. we're told his soccer team had tied a rival school just an hour earlier. whether that's connected, we have no idea. there is no word from police on a suspect or a motive. just when you thought the economy was picking up steam and it is, there is word we could hit a major bump in the road. tonight, why foreclosures are liable to go way up this year. south carolina the next primary destination, but it appears several candidates are already focusing on florida. that's coming up. and coaches always say leave your heart on the field. but does the same thing apply for transplant doctors? bottom of the hour means top of the news. we're fast approaching. don't go away. wake up!
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>> shepard: turns out the five second rule applies to human hearts. medical specialists were rush ago heart to a patient awaiting a heart transplant in mexico when oops they tipped over the cooler and plastic wrapped human heart spilled right out. they swept it back in the cooler and returned it to the hospital where we're told the doctors did indeed transplant it into a 20-year-old woman like life savers, hearts are good on the floor for five second. the bureau of tobacco alcohol
4:28 pm
and firearms triple award money for dozens of guns that somebody stole from a pawnshop and that tops our news across america. arizona. the feds and a gun industry group joining in to offer 15,000 bucks for any leads on the crooks. they broke into the pawnshop outside phoenix and stole 46 guns. the owner concerned the weapons could get into the wrong hands. >> we have no idea where the weapons are going but we can speculate all day long and none of it is good. >> would be thieves also tried a smash and grab on christmas day. california. a window fell some 8 stories from a high rise in the capital city of sacramento. it didn't hit anybody. but one worker says it certainly could have. >> that's where we all stand at break time. >> state officials investigating. new jersey a multialarm fire
4:29 pm
severely damaging a building northwest of jersey city. one resident said she didn't have time to save her pets. >> my dog died. i left my wallet. i left everything. >> the blaze forced out nearly a dozen families. oregon. wanted. a workout partner for one fat cat in portland. it's now at a humane society. the veteran says she is trying to help the feel line lose some of its 28 pounds but it's tricky. >> they lose weight too quickly they can get quite sick. >> at last word the big guy still needs a home and that's a fox watch across america. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. absentee voting for the florida primary is now already well underway despite the fact that the primary itself is still more than two weeks away. republic candidates are well aware that if they want to win in the sunshine state they
4:30 pm
simply can't afford to waste another second. who is in the lead there according to the real clear politics average of florida polls former massachusetts governor mitt romney has jumped 15 points ahead of his nearest rival newt gingrich. the former house speaker had a commanding lead for weeks but he he has taken a nose dive there in just the last few days. perhaps, with that in mind, mitt romney is in florida today and looking to capitalize on that momentum. phil keating is live in our south florida newsroom this evening. mitt romney a fundraiser tonight at $50,000 a head. >> on exclusive palm beach at the home of steven ross who owns the miami dolphins tonight's goal $1 million. airing today on florida's all-important spanish networks this second tv ad put out by the romney campaign, this one entirely in spanish. florida republics say romney's campaign clearly has the organizational lead, every absentee voter gets targeted by mail, which romney
4:31 pm
emphasized in west palm beach. >> i was in iowa as you know just a few days ago and won in a landslide of 8 votes. so i'm hoping. >> [cheers and applause] >> i'm hoping you guys can do a little better than that. so, make sure and get those absentee ballots in. >> newt gingrich also on the ground in florida tonight. he has a fundraiser in miami. tomorrow he opens his orlando headquarters, shep? >> shepard: got to get through south carolina, first. anybody who waits until after south carolina to start barn storming florida is probably making a biggerrer. >> absolutely. technically south carolina comes before florida. number four in the primary caucus process. florida republics are already voting now more than 80,000 be a absentee ballots have already been mailed back. in and the 400,000 plus requested gives more voters in iowa and new hampshire combined. old campaign model of a 72 hour campaign blitz right before election day just doesn't play anymore.
4:32 pm
>> they have organized in most of the counties each of the candidates. starting to send out mailers. some ads are running in key markets in the state. they realize if you wait until the week before you are going to lose a lot of votes in florida. >> political observers in florida say the record number of absentee ballot requests really shows the energy florida republics have and how much they want to bring florida back to the red column come november. shep? >> shepard: phil keating in south florida tonight. ethical, thanks very much. new signs that the economy may be on the road to another rough patch with some experts calling this the year of the foreclosure. i thought we already had that. according to realtytrac which follows housing trends. foreclosures are likely to go up 25%. that's after last year's apparent rebound when we saw the biggest drop in foreclosures since 2007. officials say say that was only due to paperwork delays. not because banks stopped seizing homes. on top of that the labor
4:33 pm
department reports number filing for unemployment has jumped last week to the highest it's been in six weeks after declining for three months. rich edson is live in washington tonight with an explainer at the fox business network. this kind of spike this time of year not that unusual, really. >> shep, this is a tough time of year to figure out et job market because of temporary holiday workers. they can skew jobs numbers higher in december and push lay off numbers up in january. so, analysts are saying this one week spike in unemployment claims may not be as troubling as it looks. the trend over the past few months shows a gradual improvement in hiring. deep problems in the jobs market. hiring needs to pick up much more to get employment back to normal, shep. >> shepard: i mentioned huge foreclosure problem. do the feds have a plan to deal with that. >> thrown a lot of plans at the wall. pushing for lenders to give troubled homeowners a break on what they owe on their homes. include government mortgage
4:34 pm
companies fannie mae and freddie mac. fannie and freddie owe the government $150 billion. they continue to lose. committing more government funds to the housing market would likely meet strong criticism among many in washington, shep. >> shepard: rich edson from the biz live on capitol hill. rich, thanks very much. meantime mortgage rates hit another record low today. a great sign for americans who can afford to buy or refinance a home. freddie mac reports the average fixed rated on a 30 year loan fell again to 3.89%. that is the lowist rate in the united states ever. ever on record dating back more than half a century. but mortgage applications are actually down over the past month. retailers are now reporting holiday sales were even better than they expected. november and december sales up about 4% for a total of more than $470 billion. that's according to the national retail federation. the trade group had forecast a gain of only 3.8%. but the overall pace is still worse than in 2010 when
4:35 pm
holiday sales rose more than a%. new attempts to reach an iced in city with the help of drones as the big digout continues in parts of alaska. 15 feet of snow. and things are about to get worse. plus, former prisoner of war jessica lynch talks about her time in captivity. >> i woke up about three hours after the ambush and after they had taken me to just a horrifying site. we will hear what happened next. why she says she had to tell the real story of her capture after the government fed us a line. that's ahead. [ drew ] what's the latest in eye couture? intense shadowblast from covergirl. the news? it's eye shadow with primer built-in. fadeproof, waterproof, totally ignore-proof!
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setting the record straight that today from the former private class lynch jessica lynch. she was ambushed in iraq. killed 11 of her fellow soldiers killing her best friend and then took her captive. today on "studio b" she told me about the moment when she realized she was in enemy hands. >> i woke up and you know all i could see was iraqis standing all around me looking down upon me. and i knew at that moment something terrible had happened and i wasn't in the right place. i wasn't where i was supposed to be. >> shepard: she had been unconscious and awoke to that that was in march of 2003. days later u.s. special forces rescued her in a mission captured largely on video. the initial reports were the government portrayed private lynch as a hero who went down firing her weapon again and again. but she said that didn't happen. her rifle had actually jammed
4:40 pm
and she couldn't fire a single shot. she went before congress to tell the truth about what happened despite what the government said. but today she said some people still believe the lies about her story. >> you know there was five of the soldiers in that humvee and i was the only one to survive. it would have been so easy for me to go along with their stories but that's not who i am. that's not how i was raised. i still get hate mail, people accusing me of who do i think i am? why do i feel i'm a hero? i don't. i never once said that. i have -- from the beginning, i have tried to set the record straight. i feel that that's all i can do. >> shepard: jessica lynch just graduated from college. now she will go on to seek her master's degree. she says she wants to be a teacher and wants to help kids in west virginia learn to read. serious deadly crackdown on protesters there has reached deadly new nights. now there is word more arab league monitors are leaving
4:41 pm
syria. a truck exploding in the central city of homs. one of several vehicles oon fire. appears some activists are trying a new tactic. listen to this. demonstrators banging pots and pans later into the night. vowing to keep it up until their president bashar assad steps down. according to the reporting of the united nations for man a thousand people have died on his watch just since last march. we cannot confirm that because syria has banned our journalists and others. and one french tv cameraman, the government did let in, died in a grenade attack just yesterday. apparently the first western journalist to be killed which the regime blames on terrorists and a foreign conspiracy. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us.
4:42 pm
those arab league monitors, there are questions about whether they have been able to achieve much of anything. >> they have achieved very little of substance, shep. they had hoped to persuade president assad by-to-abide by a peace agreement brokered by the arab league. they had failed. they hoped to stop the killing of unarmed civilians. they failed. what they will leave syria with is more information and experience of exactly what is going on on the ground. that's likely to lead to them delivering a highly critical report to the arab league next week. that will lead probably to renewed impetus for action by the united nations. but the russians, frankly, are likely to scuff at any tough resolutions. >> shepard: a lot of pressure is on him and he doesn't even know it's happening. >> for two reasons is he able to ignore that pressure. one is that russian sport, diplomatically at the u.n., the second is that he has maintained the support largely of his military who continue
4:43 pm
to carry out those orders to kill civilians who as we just saw are armed with little more than pots or pans. that according to the experts is a real key. listen. >> the syrian opposition has really taken its licks especially the protesters. until it can organize and until it can hold territory. it's a little bit holder to stoke outside power than to actually betting on them. unfortunately that's the direction we are heading into. it's going to be a bloody mess in spring. >> mubarak fell in egypt. cangaddafi fell in libya because the west intervened militarily. neither of those scenarios looks likely to happen in syria any time soon. >> shepard: thank you. there is a snow disaster slamming parts of alaska. you probably heard about that it's nowhere near over. forecasters say anchorage is on track to have its snowiest record ever on record. already 15 feet of it piled up southeast of there in the town
4:44 pm
of cordova where national guard troops have the back breaking task of clearing it all. city officials had to dip into emergency funds and spent nearly $4,000 on stronger shovels. they will need them. rain showers have made the snow wet and very heavy. raising the risk of avalanches and causing roofs to collapse. critical mission is underway to deliver fuel to the coastal city of nome, alaska. this russian tanker is now pushing through the frozen bearing sea with the help of a u.s. drone. it flies over the icy waters and sends images back to the ship to help guide it to shore. if it gets there, it has a mile long hose to deliver that fuel to homes and cars. an enormous mess and our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is with us now. how much worse is this going to get? >> we're about half way through winter, shep. they are already on track to have the snowiest winter ever. a very rough time ahead. a lot of the people here have been asking where is winter. take a look at the maps and see where it's been.
4:45 pm
across parts of alaska really. that's where we have had it all winter long. major storm. temperatures cold across the entire area. the town of cordova, shep is at 176 inches of snow. typical year they get 100. already well above what they normally get. got about three months left of winter for them. got a very long haul and that town of noem hopes that fuel gets there. if they don't they are in a world of hurt until march. >> so much of the lower 48 is like where is the snow? we just found it. >> we found it up there. there is a little bit across parts of the u.s. take a look back at the maps. we have had some snow finally across places like chicago. where we have only had about an inch so far this year in chicago. and now we have had some today. by the time we are done by tomorrow morning around 4 to 8 inches of that. that doesn't sound like a big storm. if you haven't had any yet, it's going to seem like some. rain to the front of that. by the time this is done over the next 48 hours, shep. a few hours are going to see well in excess of a foot.
4:46 pm
lake-effect snow machine is going to be going. by this time year we don't have lake-effect snow because the lakes are frozen over. this year they are not frozen over so we are still getting lake-effect snow. >> shepard: very weird. i think march is going to be horrible. >> i think you are on to something there. >> rick, thanks. we are now learning a tornado tore through parts of north carolina. tornado in january. rare but not unheard of. it hurt some 20 people and damaged dozens of homes. so reports the national weather service. officials there say the powerful storm slammed the western part of the state just last night. winds as high as 115 miles per hour. you can imagine what that did to cars and trailers. ripping homes right off their foundations in some cases and uprooting trees everywhere. we are told some folks barely had time to take cover. >> it hit pretty quick. >> winter with, busted in on me. >> just trying to protect ourselves what we could. >> shepard: at least two people said to be in serious condition tonight. haitians marked two years since the devastating 2010
4:47 pm
hurricane that government officials say killed more than 300,000 people. and displaced 1.5 million others. many haitians say the reconstruction effort is going way too slowly. more than 500,000 people are still too years later in temporary settlement camps. many survivors went to church today for memorial services. the republic battle for south carolina is getting heated and despite his big win in new hampshire, the frontrunner mitt romney is facing some very tough competition there. the latest numbers we have them and they are next. plus, north koreans wailed and cried and beat their chests. but we saw few actual tears for their fallen dear leader. now there is word it was either fake it and fake it well or else. ♪
4:48 pm
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>> shepard: a final resting place for north korea late dear leader kim jong il. state media reports his imbombed bottle will clo on display at capital of pyongyang at the same palace where they can view remains of his father. kim jong il died last month apparently from a heart attack. you will recall it led to this show of mourning in the capital. yeah they are wailing and all kinds of weirdness. no tears here. at any time look genuine. duh. now a south korean online newspaper report it was likely staged and they have given punishments of six months hard labor to north korea's who did not participate or whose tears did not seem real. there may be hope for the republic candidates trying to
4:52 pm
derail mitt romney in south carolina. there is a new poll that shows romney leading newt gingrich by two points. that's a statistical tie. santorum and ron paul appear to be fighting for third place. augusta chronicle newspaper and savanna morning news newspaper. mitt romney suspect by nine points in the real clear average of the polls. jonathan serrie is live in colombia, south carolina. jonathan. >> hey, shep. with mitt romney the apparent frontrunner in the state. you have the other g.o.p. contenders trying to portray themselves as the romney alternative. all they they are going about it in very different ways. for example, rick santorum, a catholic who appealed to religious conservatives in iowa is trying to do the same in south carolina where evangelical christian voters are a strong presence, especially in the upstate region. >> more people go to church on sunday in america than go to all the professional sporting events combined in america in a year. >> meanwhile rick perry is
4:53 pm
touting his service with the air force to woo the state's large active duty and retired military population. he also stresses less government, less spending and less regulation as he appeals to the strong tea party influence in this state. >> i don't know how much more different you have to be whether it was how i grew up or i have governed and the values that i have. mitt romney and rick perry very different candidates. >> newt gingrich has drawn criticism from within his own party for his attacks on mitt romney's work in venture capital and private equity. former house speaker seemed to hold back on those attacks. he makes no apologies for them explaining he wasn't criticizing capitalism, just the record of one businessman in particular who happens to be running for president. shep? >> shepard: john, than the not mitt will get another chance to go after the front runner a debate in south carolina. you will see it monday night, 9:00 eastern, 8 central in
4:54 pm
sean hannity's normal time slot here on the fox news channel. it's no secret jay-z and beyonce make hits. did you know that their newborn child has already made billboard history? how the kid named blue ivy entered the record books. that's next.
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
♪ you're a child of my destiny. >> beyonce and jay-z's baby girl already following in her parents' first step appearing on chart within hours of her birth. blue ivy carter is now the youngest person ever to appear on a billboard chart. jay-z released a song glory featuring bic on monday. after adding the sound of her first cries to that track. and more good news for that
4:58 pm
celebrity family. new york health officials have just dismissed complaints that claimed heavy security around blue ivy's birth gave her patients -- kept other patients from seeing their newborns. well, lose a bunch of money in fantasy football maybe you should ask your grandma for some pointers. this 87-year-old granny about whom i speak in minnesota just won her entire league. we're told she could be the oldest person ever to do so. she says she is thrilled and so are her grand kids and her secret, knowing nothing about football. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five coca cola officials acknowledging they are the ones who alerted feds to low levels of fungicide in some orange juice brands. health officials say the levels are safe but they are testing imports. number four memphis tennessee officials have approved renaming a street after martin luther king jr. 44 years after his assassination there. number three army official recommending court martial for
4:59 pm
bradley manning accused of giving at the presents of thousands of secret documents to wikileaks. judge declaring natalee holloway legally dead six years after she vanished in aruba. number one, the mississippi judge blocked the release of 21 inmates after the former governor haley barbour pardoned them or in some way let them off after he he left office and that's "the fox report's" top five. on this day in 19767, psychology professor named james bedford died in california. not especially notable except that he was the first person ever to have his body cry genically frozen. the idea is to put a dead person on ice until medicine catches up with whatever killed that dead person. it's just a theory, of course, dr. bedford apparently liked the idea. just before he died of cancer he answered an ad looking for a guinea pig. since he was the first volunteer the company froze him for free. to this day the doctor is still intombed in liquid nitrogen along with the procedure's mo


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