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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 14, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> rick: welcome, i'm rick full bomb. >> the operation fast and furious investigation, we'll tell you about a big win another white house and why heads are now starting to roll. >> rick: and he has been taking a beating from his republican rives, but shg rivals but a pol analyst says mitt romney may want the primary process to go on longer. >> and a major mistake, a first of its kind landmark. what is being done to fix a misquote on the mlk monument in the heart of our nation's capital. first the "fox news alert." as the captain of an italian cruise ship is arrested, after a tragic crash that killed three people and left dozens missing. you can see the ship, massive ship leaning on its side, after the terrifying ordeal off the
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coast of italy. passengers forced to crawl through the multi-story cruise liner, in the dark, no doubt, after the ship apparently struck a coral reef and once they reached their life boats they say the nautical nightmare was far from over. >> it was difficult for the life boats to get down because the ship was very -- at an angle and the life boat can't go done the side of the boat like that and one of the boats was full of 200 people, went down and caught on the railing and the life boat tipped sideways and fell and swung and everybody is scream. >> at the end, before we jumped off, the crewmembers was telling us we need to stay on and that is when mark was saying -- >> no -- >> we don't need to stay on, because, it was sinking so fast and where we were standing was under water and we needed to get off and, that is when 100, 150 people, started swimming. >> unbelievable. let's go to greg burke streaming live from rome with more.
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hey, greg. >> reporter: what a scene there as you hear, incredible, these people, so much panic, you know, one minute you are having a nice dinner and the next you basically see a ship sinking to the bottom of the ocean. in very cold water. now, plenty of panic last night. people you can taking of course about the titanic, because, that is what you think. they heard a very strong scraping sound and then a short time afterwards, that he ship starting to tilt to the right, now, the ship's captain apparently kept it going, towards the island in order to get it as close to lan as possible to make it easier for people to get off, something they did eventually and so many ended up in the water. the ship is a monster, two-and-a-half football fields long, more than ten stories high on board more than 4,200 people, three confirmed dead now and dozens who are unaccounted for.
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it left a couple hours earlier from the port they use for these big ships for people who want to visit rome. and, many of them were at dinner when it happened. now, passengers are furious about how slow and disorganized the crew was in getting the life boats out. and ready to go and that is why hundreds of them ended up in the water. at this point, three confirmed dead, it has been -- there was first a higher number of missing, just a few hours ago they talked about 69 people missing, now they are using the word unaccounted for. hopefully there is just confusion and people are on the island or mainland with so many people on the ship it has not been easy to account for all of them. american embassy said there were 130, about 130 americans on there. unfortunately, they have not accounted for all of them just yet and finally, obviously, lots of questions, the main one is going to be, as you said, the captain has been taken into custody for questioning, not
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charged with anything but the main question will be why was that ship so close to shore? and running into the reef? a super modern ship and should know well the entire coastline and this is a route that it takes this luxury line, every, single week. >> key question, everybody waiting to hear the answer, thank you very much, greg burke live from italy. thank you. >> rick: to politics and the race for the republican presidential nomination. heating up in the deep south and with south carolina holding its primary, just a week from now, no doubt the economy is the key issue for a lot of voters down there. but the contest could also turn on other hot button topics. listen to rick perry on the campaign trail. >> the states are under assault by the federal government. and, my own state, under
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assault. in a -- various and sun dri ways, but you are at war with the federal government, they come in here... [applause]. >>... with their justice department, their justice department is suing south carolina. over your voter identification law. >> rick: trying to stay alive in the race and john roberts is live in myrtle beach with more. hi, john. >> reporter: good evening to you, rick. yeah, things tightening up in south carolina. newt gingrich running a strong second and trying to make a play to break out here, he'll launch an aggressive effort to compare and contrast his record in congress against that of mitt romney as governor of massachusetts. took place he'll go to georgetown where a tell mill once owned by bain capital closed down, a number of jobs lost there and while republicans chastised him for attacking mitt romney at the huckabee forum airing tonight at 8:00 on fox he
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said it is absolutely fair game to question mitt romney about bain capital. >> i think to ask question about a particular company is not the same as attacking capitalism and i don't see how you can expect us to have a presidential campaign in which an entire sector is avoided and i guarantee you if we republicans avoid it our nominee in the fall will not find that obama avoids it at all. >> reporter: now, earlier in the day he was in a run off vote against rick santorum for the support of 150 evangelical and conservative leaders who are in a conclave in texas, trying to figure out who the conservative consensus conservative should be for them to rally around. and it took three ballots, and finally they said rick santorum is the republican conservative best positioned to beat the president in november. now, at the same huckabee forum he was asked as a conservative, how would you attract the moderate and independent voters you need to beat obama and he said, look at my experience, i
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have won four elections in pre-dpre pre-pre-dom naent democratic areas. >> heading into the iowa caucuses, i won that, people are taking the serious job of looking at all the candidates. >> reporter: rick santorum talking about the support of those conservative leaders and they hope to propel him from 3rd or 4th place in some polls all the way into competitive positions against mitt romney and if they hope he does that, rick, they'll have to hope that he can have a surge that is as big as iowa, and the fact there are more voters here in south carolina, may have to be bigger. >> rick: john roberts live myrtle beach, thanks. >> one thing for sure, it is far from over. keep it here on america's election headquarters and tune in tonight for huckabee, forum 2. a preview for you: >> good afternoon, governor
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huntsman, i'm ryan smyth. >> thanks, ryan. >> and my question is: in 1979, the department of education had a 14.5 billion dollar budget with staff just under 100 people. today we have a $32 billion budget, in the u.s. department of education staffed at over 5100 people. with that growth ain manpower ad budget we have paid since then over $500 billion in taxes and yet, the u.s. department of education has not proven to us that they should be in classrooms across america. my question is where do you stand as the u.s. department of education being inside a classroom or should they step out and let the american people take care of the education. >> ryan, that is a pretty simple answer and it is so long to the department of education. [applause] here.
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>> the family has done the most extensive clinical trial, and i've raised 7 kids, we have seen public and private and my daughter was homeschooled and she's a pianist and i walk away with certain beliefs, one i cannot find the value added in the department of education and number 2, we need to get education policy as close to the local decisionmakers as possible. because, families, parents, teachers... they don't want their schools to fail. [applause]. >> the people want to know, governor mike huckabee will lead discussion among five of the front-runners, the governor will be joined by south carolina congressman tim scott, that is happening tonight, right here on the "fox news alert" at 8:00 eastern. >> rick: and tune in monday for the battle of the beach as they are calling it. fox news, the "wall street journal" and the south carolina republican party presents the candidates debating at the
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myrtle beach convention center, monday, 9:00 p.m. eastern time, hosted by bret baier, send questions to his twitter handle, @bret baier. >> fall out from the government's botched gun running program, operation fast and furious. we are now learning that the head of the u.s. attorney's criminal division in arizona, patrick cunningham, has resigned. this after a federal judge backed a move by the obama administration requiring gun dealers in southwest border states to report customers who by several high powered rifles. much like the ones that were used in the government's smuggling ring, and two of which were recovered at the murder scene, of border patrol agent brian terry. julie bandaras has more. >> reporter: u.s. federal judge in washington, d.c. has essentially handed the obama administration a victory in its effort to curb violence along the border with mexico, despite
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heavy opposition from gun rights groups. the u.s. bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives or atf, ordered more than 8,000 gun dealers in texas, arizona, new mexico and california to report the sale of two or more semi-automatic rifles to the same person with in five business days, the decision came as the atf has been under scrutiny in recent months, after a botched gun walking operation called fast and furious meant to track guns smuggled into mexico, instead resulted in them falling into the hands of drug cartels. two guns as you said were found at the murder scene of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry, killed 13 months ago during a shootout in arizona. mexican officials have complained bitterly, about guns illegally coming from the united states. tens of thousands of mexicans have died in the drug wars since 2006. when the government decided to take on the cartels. the national rifle association
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opposes the judge's ruling and they say they are appealing. they are arguing the rules will have no impact on the cartels, and will, instead, burden law abiding retailers. >> julie bandaras, thank you so much for bringing us that story. >> reporter: sure. >> rick: a follow-up on a story we brought you last week. a school board in arizona voting to end a controversial mexican-american studies program. rather than risk losing millions of dollars in state funding. a judge had ruled the program was racist and violated state law. and casey steegel has more from our los angeles bureau. >> reporter: good to see you. top education officials in arizona say the tucson ethnic studies program was against the law. how does that happen? you ask? failed oversight. the superintendent of public instruction tells me that is because the course curriculum, the lesson plans and the next books, they were never approved by the school board. even saying the mexican-american history classes had gone rogue. and a judge agreed saying they
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promoted, and i'm quoting here, racial resentment so the state threatened to pull millions of dollars of funding from the district if the programs were not fixed. >> you had a curriculum unit that became an independent political power base. and, they essentially took possession of a part of the school, so, what they were teaching in these classes was not brought up, for sunlight, to be reviewed, and approved. >> reporter: to avoid losing the cash, just this week the school board voted to end the program altogether. the move creating upheaval among students, parents and even teachers, saying the program was essential to teach chicano history an literature, to the roughly 61% of the district's hispanic population. >> i don't want to be silent, we don't want them doing stuff we don't like. i mean, we're not just -- ignorant, how they think, it will change something and everything will go on, no, we liked the classes, they help us
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in other classes. >> we have a right to culture, culture and history and identity and language and education and we want an educational system where all cultures fit, and, united we stand, divided we fall. >> reporter: 150 students staging a walkout, this weekend, and they left class and marched to the school district headquarters in solidarity, a federal lawsuit is filed on behalf of some of the teachers and students. arguing that this decision actually violates the teachers' first amendment rights. rick? >> rick: casey steegel live, in l.a., thanks. >> coming up, mitt romney winning hearts and minds among republicans, gaining approval across the political spectrum in the g.o.p., what it means for the rest of the candidates as they duke it out, and we are keeping up with the developing -- developments on the story out of italy, bringing you the latest on the search for survivors. from the cruise ship accident.
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>> rick: thanks for spending your saturday with us, the headlines now, cops who say the man who killed three coworkers at a lumber yard in north carolina is now dead. ronald dean davis targeted colleagues with a shotgun in the tiny town of star, on friday. he later shot himself. and iran's president wrapping up a high profile trip to latin america. he says iran's relationships there are strong, extensive, and, strategic. and, g.o.p. candidate rick santorum picking up major support in texas. a group of conservative leaders tapping him as the candidate of their choice, after some former newt gingrich supporters decided the former pennsylvania senator stands the best chance at beating the president in november. >> as you know for a while now the g.o.p. race for the
3:21 pm
presidential nomination looking like the flavor of the month, one candidate seeming to be the favor and then falling from grace, and that might be changing, a brand new "gallup poll" showing a major shift in that narrative, check out romney, who seems to be unifying the party. a majority from the both wings of the republican party viewing him as acceptable. what does it mean for the rest of the race? time for a fair and balanced debate. martin frost, a former democratic congressman from texas and tray harden, senior vice president of vox global, former republican campaign manager and aide to the g.o.p. house leadership. good to see you. >> thank you. >> let's start with you. of course, earlier there were complaints that mitt romney was too moderate and not conservative enough and, maybe not advancing after all, perhaps a more centrist candidate might have a better shot that he general election. what do you say? >> well, i think we are seeing a shift among republican primary voters, a process once driven by
3:22 pm
values voters seems to be driven by voters with an eye on economy a and electability, and in that he quest to find something that different exist, the perfect conservative candidate, i think this year the eyes are on the bigger prize with -- especially with the fact they see an opportunity to unseat a vulnerable incumbent democrat president. >> congressman frost, though, you just had the leaders there in your state, texas, saying, santorum is our man, and that is a big deal and, clearly, they are not all settled. they being the republicans, are not all settled on who the main person should be and who could take on the president, come november. but, it is still, nonetheless, mitt romney is in the lead right now, in terms of the voters, and we'll see but it has been a long road for him. why do you think now appears to be his time and moving forward,
3:23 pm
what sort of landmines might we look out for? >> clearly the republicans want to win and have a chance of winning and this will be a close election. this is going to be a lot like 2004, when president george w. bush ran for re-election, he narrowly was reelected, obama, i believe, has the reasonable chance of winning a narrow victory but the republicans want somebody who can make the strongest race against him, and this election is going to be, i believe, decided in the industrial heartland of the united states. obama carried 8 states in the industrial heartland, starting with pennsylvania and going all the way through ohio, iowa and up to the great lakes michigan, wisconsin, and minnesota and the issue there is going to be the economy. and, mitt romney has something to say about that. probably better than the other republicans, i think this race is going to right down to the wire and i think he'll have to be careful, and he's got to make sure he has a good explanation, for the attacks that have been launched against him on the basis of bain capital, and this
3:24 pm
election is going to be as close an election as we have seen in a long time. >> maybe the bain capital story is really not a bad thing. that is all the talk now of newt gingrich pulling back on that a little bit, perhaps showing more hypocrisy to his advisors, saying, maybe you should soften the blow a little bit? >> that is true, who would have thought there would be too conservatives in the race going after the front-runner they have complained is not conservative enough. onbeing too pro free enterprise, a bizarre turn 0 events. but look at the numbers, 21% of the democrats, register democrats who voted for barack obama in 2008, have reregistered, either as independents or republicans, and, on top of that lake a lot of "the independent"s who voted for obama in '08 and have the buyers remorse... >> let me jump in here, because i have you here and i want to hear what your party is saying
3:25 pm
and i ask you, let's go ahead and assume that -- presume that mitt romney will be the g.o.p. candidate. what do you think his narrative will be on the campaign trial? because, of course, it gets down to very specific targeted marketing. what will he say to win over the voters. >> without a doubt. he's the most credible candidate to speak about jobs and the economy and he will ultimately be nominated and i think he's going to stay very much on message and i think has shown a disciplined campaign to this point and i fully expect him to debate well and expect him to stump well and i expect his messages to be fairly simple and that is all about the economy but at the same time there's a long way to go, a lot of things could happen and there could be an international incident. we'll wait and see what happens economically in europe. i think that will have a big impact on -- in what happens in november, so, long way to go and a lot of events that -- >> and generally, the economy has been trending upward the last couple months and has not gone as high as we'd like but it
3:26 pm
is going in the right direction and also if there is an international incident, that usually helps whoever is president. whether the president is a democrat or republican, the country tends to rally around the person, and, obama handled international affairs very well since being president. and most people would recognize that, there are few republicans who carped about that but he did the right thing in egypt and libya and we'll see. we'll see how the election turns out but i want to go back to the fact that it will be fought out in 8 industrial states. and obama has the support of organized labor and a lot of blue-collar voters in those states who voted for him last time and mitt romney will have to demonstrate that he is not just a rich guy. he's somehow got to relate to the blue-collar voters in those states and we'll see what happens. >> congressman tray, the last word. 20 seconds. >> the reason why i was bring up those voters, voting, the independent voting segment. i agree that is where the veto it will be and, with respect to the nomination that is why i believe that the majority of
3:27 pm
republican voters s regardless of where they fall in the spectrum believe mitt romney can reach them the best and most effectively. >> last word, thank you very much, congressman frost, good to see you as well. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> rick: interesting discussion an g.o.p. presidential candidates as you heard arthel talking about, going after mitt romney and criticizing his work in the private sector as a venture capitalist and are attacks on the front-runner warranted or going too far? and what does it mean to be a venture capitalist? >> companies like bain capital could come in and helped these companies if they were truly venture capitalists but they are not. they are vulture capitalists. is it fast? it's got 10 speeds, my friend. ♪ is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street-legal.
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>> rick: bottom of the hour, your top headlines on this saturday. 53 people are killed and scores jurdz in injured after a suicide bombing. >> fears of a serial killer in california, a man now under arrest after a homeless veteran is stabbed to death. it is unclear if the suspect is connected to the deaths of three other homeless men, since last month. >> rick: search is suspended after a cruise ship runs aground in italy. look at these pictures. the ship's captain is now being questioned, in the crash that killed at least three people and dozens more are still missing. >> so many people have been waiting for this and now the former mississippi governor who pardoned more than 200 prisoners is speaking out for the first time. governor haley barbour releasing dozens of convicted murderers and rapists, including these four men -- five men on the screen. he says, now, he's very comfortable with the decision
3:33 pm
and doug mcelway has new reaction from the d.c. bureau and everybody waited to hear what the governor had to say. >> reporter: and he spoke last night, and the pardons were met with outrage across mississippi and beyond and the attorney general of the state calling it shameful and questioning whether the governor violated the constitution by not ensuring that inmates gave enough public notice about the possible release among those were charles hooker who killed the principal of a mississippi high school and, joseph osmond, prison for the murder and robbery of a store clerk and another man killed his wife, shooting her in the back and another man, shot and killed his estranged wife and shot a friend who survived the bullet passing through his brain and had this recently to say about the pardons. >> i think the governor himself ought to look at me and the family in the eye and say, hey i'm going to let this guy go. but there wasn't any of that. that is the coward's way out if
3:34 pm
you ask me. >> reporter: the governor spoke scluc exclusively with bret baier last night and said the murderers were released from prison last week and were on the working staff at the governor's mansion and was assured these men committed crimes of passion and are steefk unlikely to commit violent crimes -- statistically unlikely to commit violent crimes again. >> most mississippi christians -- or profess to be christians, we believe in forgiveness and second chances and the case of these five inmates at the state penitentiary that is what this is about. four murderers, they have all said they were guilty and have served on average 20 years in the penitentiary and are not guys who got a slap on the wrist. >> reporter: he added he did not pick the prisoners, to be pardoned. 90% of the decision was made by the mississippi parole board. >> thanks, doug. a fix-up job for the martin luther king memorial in
3:35 pm
washington. one quotation carved in stone was taken out of context. marking criticism for not reflecting the spirit of dr. king's full remarks and giving a false impression. the inscription currently reads: i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness, edited from a sermon he gave in 1968, and monday, the national honors -- nation honors the civil rights leader in a nationwide holiday there. deservedly so and rick, here's the full quote, he says, yes, if you want to say i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice and say i was a drum major for peace and a drum major for righteousness and of all the other shallow things that will not matter. taken out of context and shows him -- an depict him as being arrogant which he was not. >> rick: of course he wasn't. better make the mix and, let's turn our attention back to politics, mitt romney coming under fire for his experience as a venture capitalist and he
3:36 pm
co-founded the investment firm, bain capital in the late 1980s, staying on with the company for 15 years. opponents like rick perry and others recently comparing the company's practices to scavenging. >> i understand restructural but the idea we can't criticize someone forget-rich-quick schemes is not appropriate from my perspective and i happen to think companies like bain capital could have come in and helped these companies if they truly were venture capitalists but they're not, they are vulture capital lists. >> the managing partner of of a capital management company, explain, what does it mean when someone is a venture capitalist. >> by the way, governor perry is absolutely factually wrong with everything that he just said. >> rick: before that, i want to talk to you about that but
3:37 pm
define venture capitalism, for folks who may have heard it and might not fully understand what it means. >> that is what i want to do. let's say you and i, got together and had an idea and wanted to start a business and might go and fund it ourselves, and, eventually go out and get financing from friends. and, we realize our idea is really good and we need additional money, a venture capitalist will give us the money for ownership in the company and, it is a high-risk investment and, only about 1 out of 20 or 1 out of 30 of the best venture capital investments actually succeed and when they do, rick they make 20, 30, 50, 100 times your money and that is not what bain capital does. bain capital is a private equity firm and they come in later on and the venture capital firm sees the company and seeds the company and the private equity equity firm fertilizes it and tries to help it grow and governor perry is wrong, it is not vulture capitalism. i don't know what he is talking
3:38 pm
abo about. >> rick: but a lot of times a private equity firm comes in and do restructuring, people lose their jobs, is that not right? >> that is exactly right. sometimes that happens but, a private equity firm like bane capital and i know bain capital well, they don't show up in your door, they are invited in by the board of directors and management of these companies. they go into those companies, evaluate, figure out what they might be able to do to help the company and, again with the board of directors, with management approval they also include getting capital and counsel and bain capital is not a vulture firm. they don't do hostile takeovers and sometimes they have to restructure and, let me make the point clear, when a company starts out there are processes and procedures that are put in place and a lot of times from guys who maybe know how to -- have a good idea and don't know how to run a business and some processes and procedures need to be taken out and that includes some people that need to be -- taken out of the company or shut
3:39 pm
down a product line or an office, that happens to make the whole company more efficient and maybe one day so it can be sold, go public or grow. >> rick: there is the super pac, political group, that supports newt gingrich and came out with the movie, about mitt romney's time as a venture capitalist at bain capital and interviewed folks who lost their jobs and livelihoods and lost their homes, as a result of bain capital coming in and basically restructuring them and causing them to be redundant with the companies. and we just heard from congressman martin frost a while ago talking to arthel about how the election will come down to eight states in the nation's heartland, these industrialist states where folks work in factors and have these kinds of jobs, a lot of times they lose the jobs for one reason or another and how does a candidate like mitt romney if he wins the
3:40 pm
nomination plaexplain what he d in the private sector to folks who may have lost their job the last couple of years and who's vote he's going to need if he wants to win the white house? >> it is simple. you are looking at one small subsection of people who have lost their jobs. and, there are hundreds of thousands -- millions of jobs that have been created because of companies like bain capital and private equity firms and because you interviewed a few people doesn't mean it is true and you can say the same thing over and over again and brain wash people to think what they are hearing is true, and i could tell you i look just like brad pitt but it isn't true, all right? >> rick: a little bit. >> and the truth is -- a tiny bit but the truth is we say it over and over again and you hear it in the press and people understand private equity firms, almost every company that went public was once private and in fact were all private. the private equity firms are not vultures, some people get laid off but there are so many more people that get jobs and we have grown businesses because of private equity firms, they are
3:41 pm
part of the fiber of the country. >> rick: thanks for coming on and talking to us about this and explaining the concept, always good to talk to you and happy new year. >> you, too. >> thanks for breaking it down. mitt romney's going out for win number 3 in south carolina and next find out why he may not want another victory to come too soon. >> thank you, thank you very much. we love ya, we'll see you on the trail. and i'll be back. i'll be back to make sure that new hampshire goes red. vote for me for president! thanks, you guys [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world.
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>> rick: welcome back. mitt romney riding high after this is his big win in new hampshire this week and while many polls show that he's likely to pull off another victory in south carolina, coming up, critics say that his battle to commit conservatives will not
3:46 pm
end there and maybe that is not a bad thing. susan estrich is a professor of law and political science at usc and a fox news contributor. always good to talk to you. thanks for being here. >> thank you, rick, wonderful to talk to you. >> rick: i know democrats like yourself would love to see it go on and on and on. and, those of us in the media would lunch to see this thing go on and on and on and on. but, is it over? do you think? >> there's two definitions of over, if you ask is it time for all of us to safely put up money on the idea that mitt romney is the nominee, i would say yes. i mean, the fat lady is certainly tuning up to sing. but it could take a while and that is not bad for mitt romney. the idea that every tuesday he'll be out there beating back the extreme conservative challenge, and surviving these attacks on him, for being too moderate, is kind of great when you think about it. in terms of a general election.
3:47 pm
>> rick: we heard from newt gingrich saying we're raising it now and if we didn't president obama is certainly going to raise it, if he ends up facing mitt romney in a general leck and that is talking about the governor's time at bain capital. does he have a point there? getting all of this out in the open and causing the governor to have to answer these questions, now does it take away the bite of a potential obama attack in a general campaign? >> you are absolutely right, rick. i mean, you know, the rule of thumb in politics is, the best scandal is a new scandal and things we have already heard about become old hat, imagine reverend wright came up for the first time in a general election for obama and that would have been bad and the idea is that if mitt romney can simultaneously keep winning almost every tuesday or every tuesday, and
3:48 pm
get attack from the right and get rid of all of this, you know, bain capital business, and whatever else is out there, he goes into a general election, first of all, looking moderate, and, second of all, fully vetted, anything the democrats would then come up with -- against him, people would say, oh, that is old hat. that doesn't work. >> rick: what would it take for those conservatives out there, who have not yet fully embraced the idea of a mitt romney nomination to finally wrap their arms around that? >> what surprises me is while we're hearing from some conservatives they are unhappy with mitt romney, et cetera, he would not be in the place he is, right now, without substantial conservative support, not only in new hampshire and iowa, but in south carolina, i think the bottom line on the process, weird and you know, sort of messy as it is, is that most
3:49 pm
activists, including conservative activists, want to win and i think the more it becomes clear, that mitt romney is the candidate, who is going to go the distance, people want to get on the train, before it is completely out of the station, and first and foremost, at the end of the day, they want to win. >> rick: susan, as we said, is a professor of law and political science at usc, a fox news contributor and you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> great to see you. >> rick you know this very well, busy, busy families on the go, frozen dinners can be great in a pinch and who has the best flavors in the freezer section? "consumer reports" knows and will chair the answers, coming up next. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> rick: at the end of the day, worked all day and come home and you are tired and hungry. where do you turn? >> well the latest shop smart magazine you will find that your freezer section, yeah, might be the place to go, instead of the restaurant all the time. who has the money, and shop smart deputy editor supe perry s here. >> hi, nice to see you. i have meals in bags. >> and, you tested 19 and came
3:54 pm
up with two -- top two. >> winners. >> and runners-up and of course we want taste but i am always interested in health as well. >> we factored downtown -- we factored in the nutritional profile and, they have to taste good and the nutritional profile on the box and our winners are not only the tastiest but the healthiest and we factor in price as well and this is our... >> rick: the winner. >> birds eye chicken florentine and, this is birds eye voila and tested asian style andy italian style and this is the winner of the italian style. >> this is for a family? a serving? i don't know. >> rick: i enjoy it. >> i don't think that is quite a serving. the chicken florentine is a really good bargain, under $4 and serves three. and you get three servings and it is only 230 calories.
3:55 pm
and the lowest one, these they're two lowest in fat that we tasted and... >> sodium can get high. >> and these were look at with sodium and it meets our limit which is 700 milligrams a serving. >> rick: sesame chicken. >> con tessa, our winner in the asian style an 280 calories and one of the lowest in fat we taste tested and what we like is that the chicken was moist and it was tender and the vegetables actually tasted fresh and pictures, you know, the way they look on the package, turned out hitting the plate that way. >> rick: a minute left. bertoli, 16 grams of fat. >> well, 22 grams was -- per serving was our limit and, it still meets our limit. a runner up, and a few flavor flaws, but overall it was pretty good. and actually three bertoli dinners made our runners up and this is the p. f. chang and,
3:56 pm
again an asian style, orange chicken and we liked their shrimp lomain and this is, you know, the coating on the chicken was a little bit soggy. and it wasn't that crispy. and it is very hard in a bag but you know what our tasters said? they said, these things only take, stove top thing, dump it into a pot, quick as heating up a pizza and they said, it is quick to make but, savor it a little bit and put it on a nice plate and have a glass of wine, they aren't bad for a quick -- if you can't cook yourself, and -- dessert and it is very healthy. >> rick: good to see you, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for joining us, stick around, harris is coming up next, fox report, chock-full. >> more of the florentine, please. but there's one... one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93.
3:57 pm
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