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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 16, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>alisyn: the scene was pure joy. thank you for watching us today. "studio b" with shepard smith starts right now. >>shepard: thanks so much. the news begins anew. on "studio b" this martin luther king monday. all eyes on south carolina tonight. as the g.o.p. hopefuls for president prepare for tonight's debate on fox news. they, have one fewer candidates tonight. one drops out. the latest on huntsman's plan. obese children: no doubt it is an epidemic. but is tracking our kids the best way do combat the problem? have you been to a gas station not last few days? we will look at what is fueling this john jump. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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this is "studio b." >> but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a monster cruise ship is still slowly sinking into the sea with more than a dozen people believed to be inside and, really negotiation way did know whether they are alive or dead. officials say at least two americans are among the missing, the minnesota couple was on bore the luxury ship when it ran aground and overturned on friday night off the coast of italy. but fining any possible survivors means navigating hall ways and rooms and in deck after deck, it is dangerous, and very difficult. officials say the half submerged ship is unstable, and the fuel tanks could start league half a million gallons of diesel. here is what the rescue people are working with, everything is side ways with a jumble of furniture and broken glass. some areas completely underwater water, six are confirmed dead
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and the captain is under investigation for manslaughter. officials say he may have caused the wreck and then abandoned the ship with thousands of passengers still on board. we have coverage this afternoon and the chief fox correspondent with dramatic stories of survival. but, first, we turn to the latest on the rescue effort. he is live for us. this afternoon. and i understand that from the italian coast, where is the investigation standing right now? >>reporter: well, shep, this is amazing story. it and could get more dramatic. people like to come here and ... (inaudible). >> there is a double problem and not exactly usually pretty calm but the ship is in the water and
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what is a complicated rescue situation is now more difficult because there is a dangerous fuel, 500,000 gallons of fuel if the ship moves too much the environment minister is talking of a "state of emergency," but it is not emergency level just yet. what is clear the ship was way too close to the island and the company running it says that, they defended the captain said it was the normal route and they say there was serious human error and the captain is behind bars. he has not been officially charged. they are looking at possibility of manpower and abandoning ship. finally, despite what seems to be a terrible act of cowardice on the part of the captain leaving before the passengers saying that, he does have his defenders on facebook, coming to the defense of the captain, mostly family and friends. no surprise there. >>shepard: greg, thank you,
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from off the italian coast. we are also hearing from the american, rather, the family of the american couple still missing nearly three days after the wreck. i understand the family is talking. what are they saying? >>jonathan: talking about hope, now, that is obviously all they have left. this is the family of the 69 and 70-year-old couple, from a suburb of st. paul, minnesota, missing since that ship ran aground. a statement issued in the name of their children, today, said and i quote, "we are waiting patiently for the rescuers to safely try to find our parents. our prayers and thoughts are with our parents, those others that are still missing and their families and the brave rescuers. we are work closely with the u.s. embassy in italy and are confident everything is being done to find our parents." obviously, their hope is that in the chaos that has ensued, their parents have not been able to
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make any contact with anybody in any authority. but, obviously, with every passing hour it is more grim. >>shepard: the people that survived this are talking utter chaos. >>jonathan: that according to them was exacerbated by a crew either unwilling or unable to put into effect any sort of organized evacuation so the phrase we hear "complete chaos," "utter panic," resulting in a terrifying scramble to safety for survivors. >> it was chaos. we had to go through a shift which was obliterateed by glass and everything was everywhere. >> i had my watch and i was timing the rate that water was coming up. we were estimated how long we thought until we had to get into the water. we had judged whether we could
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get to the shore. >>jonathan: if they were not is near the shore the accident would never have happened. a prosecutor in italy says of the captain "reckless and inexcusable." >>shepard: if you abandon ship that is cause for manslaughter, as well. jonathan, thank you. >> white house race is over for huntsman. the utah governor pulled the plug on the campaign and flew -- throwing his support behind mitt romney. and now the first-in-the-south primary on saturday. tonight, a debate not palmetto state on fox news. carl is live in myrtle beach, south carolina with fallout from a dropout. >>carl: when less candidate unable to come back from the
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disappointing third place showing in new hampshire, former administration ambassador to china, huntsman has bailed on the race and thrown his support behind the frontrunner. >> today i am suspending my campaign for the presidency. i believe it is now time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat president obama. despite our differences and the space between us, on some of the issues, i believe that candidate is governor mitt romney. >>carl: the left over rivals are talking about the differences and spaces between them and mitt romney, rick santorum, newt gingrich and rick perry, all pounding the frontrunner, mitt romney has the lead and as well as in campaign cash and organization. here in south carolina and beyond, voting saturday, as you said, undecided votes matter and
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when you count the undecided, it is one in every three voters. so, it is still close enough that anything can happen. the debate could be crucial. not a lot of campaign trail left so they want to score big tonight. >>shepard: what about texas governor perry? >>carl: his problem is he is running last not polls and is possibly going to end up last on saturday. in south carolina. that is a major set back. today he was asked about the possibility of his future and he got a little bit sentimental talking about a future that he just wanted to make sure included his wife. >> if i had to walk away from all of this, and she was walking with me ... it would all be okay. >>carl: from a political spectrum that is downbeat but you love to see a guy paying
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attention to his bride. but the race appears to be between rick santorum and newt gingrich for second and whether santorum or gingrich could overtake mitt romney by coalescing the conservatives. romney has a lot of support in south carolina and it would be historic if he pulled off a shot check and went 3-0. >> the attacks from the other candidates expand on mitt romney. we will tell you what to expect from tonight's debate. and more on the grounded ship in italy as crews try to fine the last missing passenger there is talk of lawsuits against the cruise line. the details ahead. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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>>shepard: can miles per hour go -- can mit romney go three for three? as you know, mitt romney has made history as the first nonincumbent g.o.p. candidate to win in iowa and new hampshire. none has won without carrying south carolina and 25 delegates at stake. and a new fox news poll suggests that mitt romney is firmly at top of the pack. look at that: 40 percent of all voters. the nearest rival is rick santorum who jumped into second place with 15 percent. and the real clear politics average of all the south carolina polls has him in the lead by 8 points. big change from two welcome when the former massachusetts governor trailed newt gingrich by double digits. with us is a consultant with us, the chairman of the 2012 virginia victory campaign
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overseeing congressional senate party. from our palm it looks like mitt romney has this locked up. what do you see? >>guest: look, he clearly is in command. all season long mitt romney has been playing well, winning every battle but as nfl fans know it only takes one game to knock you off your game so if santorum or gingrich, i think the fox debate tonight is a playoff game, if one of those two put in an eli manning performance, who knows? >>shepard: i was thinking to make it eli manning you have to put all their numbers together. you wonder when the conservative wing of the republican party will say, we have to have one. not three. >>guest: well, look, shep, that is what it is coming down to. if you notice how few south carolina lawmakers are actually endorsing right now. a lot of -- jim demint is
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holding back. and tim scott, he just had actually governor of virginia two days ago there for a townhall and a lot of chatter there for v.p. they are holding back because they believe mitt romney will win. >>shepard: what is rick santorum's challenge? what does he do? >>guest: it is going to be interesting to watch ron paul, newt gingrich, and rick santorum fight for air time. so, this is a final stand for the guys and when you feel all the pressure in the world on you like at the lay off game you can end up punting. look what happened to pawlenty in one of the debates early on. he felt he had to go for the juggler and he pulled up and it was a disaster. so, it will be interesting to watch. also, is newt gingrich going down the bain path he has been against mitt romney? i don't know if that really worked in a republican primary.
12:16 pm
maybe for democratic voters but not for business-minded republicans. >>shepard: are you comfortable with the legal of respect that the ron paul supporters are getting? or how much concern do you have that ron paul could break off and become a third party candidate? >>guest: i hope he doesn't become a third party candidate. he is due a lot of respect. if you look at virginia alone which i am helping to run for 2012, only two candidates had the organization to actually get on the ballot. mitt romney and ron paul. ron paul has been doing a terrific job motivating and enlightening the libertarian wick -- wing of the party. we need those vote coming november. i hope ron paul is playing an active role in the party then. >>shepard: thank you, pete. the big debate kicks off in less than six hours, and fox news bret baier hosts along with the
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panel from the "wall street journal" including juan williams at 9:00 eastern and this weekend, south carolina voters weigh in, with special coverage of the saturday primary starts at 6:00 eastern, 5:00 in oxford, with live reports and analysis as the results come in right here on america's choice and information on cable, fox business network. how far can schools go to fight childhood oh beat? it is giving our children diseases and killing them. a few districts are pushing the limit with activity monitoring strapped to the students. our legal panel weighs in whether this is the right thing for a school district, and, stuck in alaska and running out of fuel. we have the latest on the mission to save a town before it is thrown back into the 19th century. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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>>shepard: and a new plan from some schools and an, to find childhood obesity by tracking students' physical fitness with electronic monitors. it is happening at schools in spots across the country. the new york post number owned by our parent company, reports a school district on new york's long island has ordered its own set of devices. we are told that you wear one on your wrist like a watch. it helps keep track of your heart rate and level of physical activity and your sleeping habits. and that information goes into a website that students and teachers can access. and officials with the school district say it is an extra tool to help them fight overweight kids and help them shed a few problems. and the privacy activists and some parent whose say other schools have raised concerns about how the data could be used. and now to our legal panel, randy zelin and criminal defense
12:22 pm
attorney. what they trying to do is ... if possible, cure this epidemic that we have called obesity. there are questions. >> they going about it a wrong way, a terrible invasion of privacy. what is happening individual children are being monitored and their own health data is recorded. the problem i see coming up is when the information is out there, insurance companies can step in and try to get that information and deny coverage to the children for pre-existing conditions that have been documented. this is a slippery slope. i don't idea schools are getting involved in something that is domain of the parents. when they get the information, what did they say next? we will tell parents how to be children and how much they should be exercising and what gym class your child should engage in and for how long? >>shepard: parents may
12:23 pm
appreciate the recommendation and some parents may not like the school controlling. >>randy: this slippery slope concept never ceases to amaze me. obesity is an epidemic and had an instance where a child was taken were from the parent because it was so fat. what is anyone going do do with the information? hack into the school computer to get the heart rate of children. i understand why shakespeare said, first kill all the lawyers. they are trying to save kids. >>shepard: pre-existing continues are not supposed to matter. >>guest: they are not supposed to but let's see how it goes. a school interfering in a matters spending $90 per child, and a bullying epidemic why are necessity not putting more effort into areas they should be? they are in control of the kids
12:24 pm
during the school, and once a week we hear stories of children committing suicide from bullying. >>randy: all they are doing is with technology, remember the old days we would climb a rope, and now with the technology they are giving the school the opportunity to make recommendations hospital is talking about insurance company or invasion of privacy? we are getting so far ahead of ourselves, try it and see what happens. >>shepard: a lost schools are doing this. stay us with, we will have more. historic mission for rescue in alaska, now. we reported on this russian tanker's 5,000 mile long journey to deliver a million gallons of crucial fuel to the city of nome and the coast guard is helping
12:25 pm
track that ship which is to miles thick? some places. >>reporter: i got off the phone with officials and they are on on on optimistic. they are close to getting 1.3 million gallons off the tank. what a day when the fuel is off loaded. hoses have been laid and then they can do the final hookup and start the flow. the only vessel not world that could do this job pulled into nome on saturday but then had to wait there a day for the water to freeze around the ship so the crew could start rolling out the 500 yard hose and the tanker was escorted by the u.s. coast guard ice breaker. it took longer than expected because of the brutal conditions and now the focus is, they can have in spill. >> all the equipment is in
12:26 pm
place, the training has been done, all the manpower is in place to make sure if something goes wrong we can respond. >> it is not over until 9 -- the tanker is headed back to alaska. and all the fuel is safely out. >> a strong strong in early november forced a fuel barge headed to the city back to port, and then the city got iced in and the only way to get fuel was to fly it in a few thousand gallons at a time and the main supply errand out of fuel two weeks ago, and the gasoline supply is on fumes. the other worry is home heating fuel, a 50/50 chance they will run out of home heating fuel before the next barge can get in, in june, but they will be able to take the diesel fuel and add it to the home heating fuel and all will be good, it will take 26 to 48 hours starting in a couple of hours. >>shepard: what a challenge.
12:27 pm
major financial and legal problems could be on the horizon for the company that owns the cruise ship that wreck off italy and the entire cruise industry could take an enormous hit, as well. details ahead on that. and we will talk with the top democrat how his party will written in 2012. my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantiis proven to help people quit smoking. it reduthe urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking orood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reactioto it. if you develop these,
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom the hour and time for the top of the news. rescue crews off the italian coast face major challenges as they try to fine the 16 people still reported missing from the crippled cruise ship. official are investigating the captain for the disaster and the company that owned the ship is accusing him of going off course in the shallow water. company is a subsidiary of carnival cruise which saw shares tumble 17 percent today in trading in london. u.s. markets are closed observing martin luther king day. carnival reports this could cost it nearly $100 million when all is said and done and we have been following the aspect of this. what could the impact have? >>reporter: it will be immediate, $100 million in payouts for liability. but, the carnival cruise is the top carrier in an industry that took in $34 billion last year. so, temporary hit consumer
12:32 pm
confidence, as high wife said, we are not going to take a cruise and i said it is probably safer than driving your car. >>shepard: but lawsuits are of serious concern. >>guest: that is inevitable and the italian own certificate saying there is significant human error and there is a legal doctrine that presumes negligence in cases like this and planes do not fall out of the sky and ships do not crash on the shoreline absent negligence but the ticket when you buy it has a clause to it that says you can only sue in italy and our u.s. supreme court says that is valid and enforceable and the second problem is damages. they refer you to the athens convention and you only get $75,000 for injury or death under the treaty unless you can prove recklessness and this could be recklessness. i talked to a maritime lawyer about the restrictions, i said
12:33 pm
are these not contracts because the ticket buyer never negotiates. >> when you buy anything online, when a consumer clicks on something, saying i agree to the terms, no one reads those, i'm a lawyer, i don't read them, and corporations are allowed to put in things that are so ridiculous that it is only left to the court to draw the line. what is reasonable? what is unreasonable? absolutely i would argue it is unreasonable. >> is that a case for the many victims, they will get large checks i would predict, because the negligence and recklessness seems so terribly obvious. >>shepard: we will see if they find the rest of the 16. thank you very much. politic now, and a few hours until the fox news republican debate ahead of the weekend's primary in south carolina and mitt romney is headed into south carolina with a huge front runner lead but polls suggest there are a lost undecided voters all across the palmetto
12:34 pm
state. and john roberts is live in south carolina. >>reporter: 35 percent of republican voter in south carolina say they have not made up their minds or they could change their mind. i dropped by the park and spent the afternoon with undecided voters who were taking in the sand castle of the candidates when they come to myrtle beach for debate. and talked about the issues that were important to them. some. whatted to hear more of the economy, jobs, what the candidate would do for small business, and one wanted to hear about stem cells and another gave me a different spin on electability. >> someone that can win but someone that can get something done. that will not do business as usual, not polarize but bring people together. >>reporter: the voters are going to be watching tonight's debate very intently saying what they hear tonight could really help them make up their mine.
12:35 pm
>>shepard: and what is the effect of the family? >>guest: it is, the tea party, is having a conference down the beep. they were paid visits by the candidates this afternoon would spoke to the conference. i talked to them about their preference, they are not doing a straw poll but newt gingrich seems to have the inside track with these folks because many of them believe that mitt romney just cannot energize the tea party to the degree that a newt gingrich could. of course, one fellow sees it differently. >> what do you say to the idea that if mitt romney is the nominee, tea party will stay away? >>guest: i for not agree, they will get behind the republican candidate initially begrudgingly but by election day they will be behind. >>reporter: and while he may not like a mitt romney win, if he is a nominee, he would get
12:36 pm
behind romney and send his troops to the streets on election day. >>shepard: thank you john roberts. the republican contenders battle for the nomination and we are getting a better look at rebound's re-election campaign status. but the president's strategy is in a helding pattern until we find out who the opponent is. a new poll showed 63 percent of voters think mitt romney has the best chance of beating the president among the conservatives or among the republicans in the race. and that is more than 50 points higher than the closest rival, newt gingrich, who pulled in 9 percent, and now the chairman of the democratic governor's association, sir, great to see you. >>guest: thank you, thank you for having me. >>shepard: is all the landing new for romney as republican candidate or what is it? >>guest: well, i don't know. there is a process that needs to be played out. whoever their nominee is,
12:37 pm
though, the bottom line, the most important thing, and one of the voters that was interviewed said this, we need a president who will do the things that work to create jobs. there is no progress in our country until more of our people get back to work, and while we can debate whether the recovery is happening as fast as we would like, the fact of the matter is, we have had 15 months in a row under president obama's leadership of positive job creation. we have not been able to do that as a nation since 2005. 401(k)s have been driven down to the lowest level this summer in 44 months and the unemployment rate is lower than february of 2009 with a lost work ahead of us but voters want a president that will do the things that work to get people back to work. >>shepard: we know the model has changed and when you drill down open the matter of job we had a net creation of jobs in 20 years across the democratic and republican administrations.
12:38 pm
the model needs to be reborn. what is the strategy? >> a modern economy requires modern written -- modern investments. the president offered several jobs bills to this republican congress and each of the jobs bills has been blocked. but, lock, the things that made us a great country and our parents and grandparent' able matter now, we will educate more of our people at better and higher levels and invest in infrastructure, innovation, research and development, and, also, job creation, we have had a tough code that rewards those that manipulate money and speculate rather than rewarding people for making investments and taking risk, and making things and selling them in the world market. so, here's the things that we need to do in order to make our country go if you look an the rest the world the countries that are succeeding are the ones doing what we used to do as a country. investing in the education and innovation of our people.
12:39 pm
>>shepard: nice to see you, chair of the democrat governors' association. al qaeda militants said to have taken control of an entire city, a potential terror stronghold in the middle of a fractured country. we have new developments from yemen and why all of us should care. plus, gas prices are high. and, now, they could be going much higher at least come summer. we will look ahead at what could be a very expensive year for drivers. and why it is happening? [ male announcer ] this black history month,
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for you today ? we gave peopleight off the street a script and had them read it. no, sorry, i can't help you with that. i'm not authorized to access that transaction. that's not in our policy. i will transfer you now. my supervisor is currently not available. would you like to hold ? that department is currently closed. have i helped you with everything you needed ? if your bank doesn't give you knowledgeable customer service 24/7, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. >>shepard: and major new developments with fowls in yemen saying al qaeda militants have seized control of an entire town of 40,000 people.
12:43 pm
according to the official they stormed a risen there. and set free 150 inmates. this town is only 100 miles south of the capital city of yemen and al qaeda controls parts of southern yemen and the capture he triggering new protests again the president. he has agreed to a u.s.-backed deal that removes him from power this month. and in exchange, he will get immunity for crimes the opposition accuse him of committing over the he decades in power. and now the story from our reporter. the protesters are saying the president may have allowed this attack. so he would have a reason to stay in power? >>guest: that is right, the opposition is accusing the yemen president of allowing the security situation to spiral out of the control to strengthen his claim he must remain in power until al qaeda is under control. this is another sign that al qaeda is ex-sanding their base with fighters with rocket-propelled grenades pushing into the town from
12:44 pm
several points over the weekend, overrunning the government's security headquarters and raising al qaeda's black banner over the city mosques and freeing up did 200 inmates and the releases releases have beene changer. in 2006 this man, a long time aide to osama bin laden was freed and became the leader of al qaeda in yemen, and now, he is a key transit point between the capital account south where officials tell fox that al qaeda in yemen has been focused on safe haven here, with remote mountains and clearly lawless. >>shepard: we are getting more evidence, catherine, that more americans are joining al qaeda. >>reporter: al qaeda in yemen is drawing new american troops including the dead al-awlaki who
12:45 pm
said jihad against america and this mug shot is from 1997 when the holy man was arrested for slit soliciting a prostitute. and this man speaks perfect glib, and he is an american who knew the cleric from the west coast, perhaps the san diego mosque where al-awlaki met with the 9/11 hijackers 11 years ago. trip trip thank you, catherine. and aaa says gas prices are up 11 cents in the last two weeks, and that puts prices at record highs for the month of january. according to some analysts, we should not expect the price to come down any time soon. gerri willis is with us. i expect by the summer driving season we will have volatility? >>gerri: january starts bad the rest of the year is bad up 11 cents for the month and them
12:46 pm
probably average for 2012 $4.13 a gallon, up to that depending where you live. but we see a lost international tensions laying into this with the strait of hormuz. >>shepard: the euro zone, they are open for business unlike in the united states, and there was an uptick. >>gerri: they get downgraded, they don't care. the stocks just go higher. >>shepard: did not affect anything. >>gerri: it was ridely reported it could happen so traders took it into consideration. the s&p downgrades the bailout facility for europe, the folks that would bail out the european governments if they had real problems that could not be solved in other ways and s&p saying they are not worth what we thought and that will be interesting to see how it plays out. >>shepard: will it reflect in our own markets? >>gerri: could. could. could happen. but the reality is any bailout
12:47 pm
will be more expensive. >>shepard: demand for gas is down in almost all ports of the world. what happened to the theory of supply and demand. >>gerri: production in libya is down, so when that happens, that means the end rod is more expensive so that is with we have been seeing, the barrel price is going up. >>shepard: the rice for the oil-rowing nations to make money, like saudi arabia was less than $40 a few years ago and now it has to be $80 for them to make money, so ... >>gerri: where do the number come from? that is the big question. we have seen a huge pressure on prices for some time. >>shepard: you can catch gerri weeknights on fox business network at 5:00 eastern time and hurricane in oxford. bad news for 12 million online shoppers, zappos reporting a hacker has breached the website
12:48 pm
security network and may have accessed personal information including names, phone numbers and mail addresses for tens of millions of people. but the c.e.o. of the company says the hack did not affect any credit card or payment information. the mail account holders yesterday apologizing and urging folks to change their password. so if you have used zappo you have an e-mail on how to do that. a new legal challenge to president obama over what some republicans call an attempted power grab. a like report on the president's recess appointments ahead. and big trouble for o.j.: he is behind bars for kidnapping and armed robbery and now he is about to lose control of a very pricey mansion. wake up!
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>>shepard: president obama is facing a legal threat for the recent recess appointment. pro business groups asking a federal judge to rule them unconstitutional saying the president illegally bypassed the senate to appoint new members to the national labor relations board. recess appointments are not uncommon at all, presidents on both sides have done them but republican leaders claim the senate was technically in session in this case. which it was. and now, live in washington. technically in session only because they made it so. there wasn't anyone really there to be able to do anything and that is the president's act. >>guest: it is and the white house also is pointing to a january 6 memo from the justice department saying if the president who has the authority to decide when the president is or isn't in session when it
12:53 pm
comes to making the recess appointments and the president got this right. >> if they are doing real business, that means there is not a recess. what is difference is they are not doing business. someone is showing up for 30 seconds they hit the gavel twice and they are gone. that is not a real senate session. >>reporter: republican senators say the democrats have used the same tactic and disagree. >>shepard: what is the bottom line on the legal challenges? >>guest: critics say the president is stretching the powers of the executive branch beyond the constitutional limit. here is the president of one of the groups now waging the legal fight, the national right-to-work foundation. >>guest: he says because they were doing things that were "important," although they passed a payroll tax extension, he does not figure that is important, he decides whether what the senate is doing is worthy of being in session. >>reporter: harry reid came up
12:54 pm
with gaveling in and out the last couple of years of president bush's administration, to block the recess appointments but he says this time around the president is on solid legal footing. >>shepard: i guess you are for it if it is your party and you against it if it is their party that is doing it. that is normal. randy is with us. the legal part of this ... sort of a legal stretch. >>randy: this is what the country is tires of. and that is why the country is demanding change, the technical ridiculous things. if you watched the coverage of the floor, there was no one there. it was ridiculous. so this is the president's way of saying, you ain't going to play nice in my sand box i will play nice in yours and at the end of the day it has not helped us, the citizens. >>shepard: the republican argument is, we would have blocked those if we could have but we were not this session so
12:55 pm
we were, technically, and --. >>randy: and the president says you wasn't in session so you could not block them and guess what? i took advantage of you the same way you have been doing to me. >>shepard: legal challenge is a long shot. >>guest: a battle over definition and i think the president will win. >>shepard: you are in plane fly over the atlantic magazine and then there is an announcement that the plane is about to crash. only there is nothing wrong the plane and the announcement is a mistake. believe it or not it just happened. wait until you see what it produced. ♪
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[ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >>shepard: if ever o.j. gets out prison he may need to find a new place to stay. records show that j.p. morgan is filing to foreclosure on his four bedroom mansion near miami. he bought the home in 2000 for more than $500,000. five years earlier he was acquitted of the murder in the death of his ex-wife and her
12:59 pm
friend. of course o.j. is seven up to 33 years in never never -- in nevada prison and the lawyers are fighting the move to take away his home. >> and then this before we wrap it up in "studio b," a british airways flight was over the atlantic ocean on saturday when the passengers got a terrifying announcement. it read "this is an emergency, we will shortly be making an emergency landing on water." some of the passengers said they thought they were about to buy. they said people were in tears for half a minute, that is how long it took for the crew to announce that the recorded emergency warning had been played by mistake, a spokesman for the british airways apologized but some passengers are not ready to forgive and forget saying the crew did not see bothered about telling people they


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