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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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son trig. we should laugh at. >> that i think i will laugh at it. it was a great evening. thanks so much for being with us. don't forget fox news coverage all weekend, we will be watching the south carolina primary. thanks for being with us. hope you have a great weekend. see you back here on monday. >> tonight, well it's about to happen. in just nine hours the policy open in south carolina. and at this hour the republican race is so close. it is so close that candidates are practically touching each other. not one of the candidates than feel confident tonight. each is probably feeling nervous, very nervous, because it is that close. we have all the latest tonight. south carolina's gov. nikki haley and senior senator lindsay frame and dick morris is here is so much more. you will hear from them all in just a few moments. but first former speaker newt gingrich is waging war on
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mainstream media and now rush limbaugh is joining him. >> don't missnd me, i'm not criticizing newt and john king, the back and forth. i'm not saying it was pointless. and i'm not saying it shouldn't happen. i think it's great. what it does is it illustrates that they can be dealt with. but you can't beat them. they aren't going to be shamed. they are not going to be shamed into stopping the coverage of conservatives as they do it. it's going to continue. no matter what kind of shame you think they suffer in a contest like that. no matter how much money they lose, no matter how many of them get fired. no matter how many news and mig sense get shut down. they will not hank. they are leftist radicals right out of the white house. that's where they get their marching orders. that's why i call them a state-owned media.
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but newt stands up to them, shows republicans can win doing so. how many consultants have told republicans never to do what newt does. how many consultants say don't ever, you can't win with the media, don't ever do that, they will come back and hate you twice as much and destroy you, and that's why most republicans don't do what newt did this week. and it's the reason why so many of our candidates don't do it either. but i ask you, did newt win or lose last night by doing this? did he get hurt? let me put it that way. did newt hurt himself with south carolina voters or republican voters at large by taking on john king? he did not hurt himself. now we are told, republicans and conservatives are told by our consultants that the independents don't like that kind of thing. the independents don't like that kind of confrontation. the moderate voters don't like that. moderate voters want us to get along and work, ask don't treat
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democrats that way, don't treat the media that way. but look, two, three standing ovations for newt this week. >> will speaker gingrich words about the media and cnn's question rally voters behind him or will it scare them away. not to beat a dead horse, dick, do you think hypothetically, we are all trying to jump in voters' minds but do you think speaker gingrich's full throttle responses will help him with voters or back them off from him? >> i think if you just look at his response to king and his coming at him, i think that will help him. but if you look at thursday as a whole, i think gingrich was hurt. first of all, before the race started, gingrich was getting twice as many men as women. over the course of the race it evened up. now i think it will widen again. secondly, i believe the winner of this debate last night was
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rick santorum. i think that he was really on his game. i think he drew important distinctions between himself and romney and gingrich. i thought he did it in a really good way. >> let me stop you right there for a second. let me ask you that, because i read that you thought that senator santorum won. eats actually in last place at 9%. and gingrich at 32%. when you say somebody wins so closely to the polling day, is it sort of an examination of debate style and substance but not reflective of what is going to move the voters? >> oh, no, no. it will move voters. you see, there is no polling now in south carolina because all this happened last night and you can only poll at night. so this poll is going on now but we won't know the numbers until about midnight, if we know them at all. or the next morning. maybe they don't release them. but the point is we have no numbers. i think santorum is going to move up and i think gingrich is
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going to move down. whether romney will stay where he is or move down, i don't know. it's still possible that gingrich could win or romney to win, and santorum could come in second. but what i believe is clear is that as santorum moved up, it will come at newt's expense. and that newt will, of course, be hurt by this controversy. now the other issue is was it okay for them to do it? and it wasn't. to release this interview 48 hours before the policy open is as close to an assassination as you will ever see in politics. it was absolutely outrageous. they could have waited until monday and it's vicious that the media did this. >> what is your explanation as to why governor romney's numbers have descended a bit in the last few days? is that because speaker gingrich is picking them up or negative ads are working or people are making up their minds? why do you think he started to go down? >> i think that newt gingrich
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won the debate on monday night. i think that he got away from his negatives on romney. and he talked about chinese dissidents not being like osama bin laden and he talked about his red meat is how it was characterized,ed food stamp president was a wonderful shot and accurate and people loved it. i thought santorum did not do well on monday. last night i thought santorum won and newt didn't do well. and i think that you watched romney fall, newt rise and santorum fall during the week. and now i think you may see a reversal of those trends. i do not think that newt's attacks on romney are helping him. i think that he's making mitt romney the poster child for american capitalism because what romney did is what all of us believe in, which is to take voluntary investment funds and turn private sector companies around. it's not predatory capitalism, it's successful capitalism. it's what we want to have
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happen. >> we have a minute left. i'm look ahead to florida january 31st. do you want to give me your prediction necessary right now in the policy governor romney has a sizable lead but will that change? >> yeah, it will all depend on what happens tomorrow. if romney wins south carolina, i think he will sweep florida, i think he will win nevada and michigan after that, and it will be all over. if gingrich wins, i think that it will be a tough two-way race. if santorum surges and gets really close to romney, then i think -- and finishes ahead of gingrich, then it becomes a santorum-romney race and santorum could do very well in that. it all depends on what happens tomorrow. and nobody knows. you are completely right, the candidates have no idea because there is no polling because it all happened about ten hours ago. >> it will be extraordinary what happens tomorrow. the race in south carolina is so close, we will be watching that. dick, thank you.
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>> thank you. >> and as we noted, we are only about 8 hours, 50 minutes away from the policy opening in south carolina. there is only a tiny, tiny, tiny gap between the two frontrunners and the other two candidates could pull off a big surprise tomorrow. that's why this race is so gripping. south carolina gov. nikki haley endorsed governor romney and is hitting the campaign trail for him. in the latest poll governor romney is number two. she now joins us. before i start talk ag want to wish you happy birthday. it's tough turning 30, but you will get used to it. [laughter] >> hey, greta, thank you so much. it is a great night in south carolina. we are very excited. >> now minutes ago you were with governor romney. i know you said you must be watching the poll numbers. he's been flipping. what's your idea on why he's been slipping? i know you will stand behind him for tomorrow in the race. why do you think he is going to win? two questions. >> you know what? he's not slipping. and i will tell you, we've been all over the state today.
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we had hundreds of people in the mid-lands standing in the rain to cheer on governor romney. we have all these people behind us, and at 9:00 at night while it's raining outside. the state is on fire. they saw the debate last night. there was only one jobs president on the stage, and it is showing today across the state. there is energy and electricity like i've never seen. >> do you recommend to him that he turn over his tax returns? because that has certainly become an issue, at least an issue among the media. i don't know what the voters in south carolina are going to say about it tomorrow. governor christie has urged him to do it. do you urge him to turn over those tax returns since there is so much clam more for them? >> it is a media story because the people across the state, nobody cares about his tax return. what they care about is jobs, spending and the economy. what they saw on stage last night is you had washington status quo people and you only had one people who knew what it was like to create jobs. they don't care about a tax return, which he will turn over
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in april like bush did and mccain and everybody else. >> but that's after the primaries. >> they care about the allegations -- >> yeah, but they -- >> there are allegations out there, too. >> i know. the romney campaign has asked for the gingrich campaign to turn over information about the investigation, the ethics investigation and about speaker gingrich. but by turning the tax returns over in april, it is after the majority of the primaries so the voters can't consider it if they want to consider it. >> well, i've talked to him about it and i asked him what he wanted to do, the truth is the democrats are only coming off romney right now and he knows the sooner he turns over the tax returns the more the democrats are going to try to poke holes in it. what they will see is this is a has been who has been successful. he's paid the legal tax rate, he's always paid it on time and he will release it. the people across the state don't want to talk about his tax return, they want to talk about jobs, they want to talk about what he's going to do to get us
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back to work. they care about our military and this is a man who wants to strengthen the military. i have been on the ground with them all day in the rain across the state. the energy is incredible for governor romney. he had a great debate last night. it just resonated with the people. he said everything they wanted to hear. you can tell, the rallies have been just in the hundreds out in the rain. it's pretty amazing. >> what is your thought about governor sarah palin injected sort of an interesting issue into the south carolina race. she didn't say she was endorsing speaker gingrich but she said she would vote for him or vote for him in south carolina for the point of having this contest go on longer and to foster more debate. has her statement about south carolina and speaker gingrich had any impact on voters? >> i have the greatest respect for sarah palin and consider her a dear friend. i have not heard anybody talk about it. i think she's very strong on wanting people vetted, very strong on people knowing the power of their voice. our concern is the democrats are
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hitting on romney so hard that the sooner we go and solve this, the sooner we can go and strengthen us and get us going. right now they are raising millions of dollars while we are sitting here fighting through the states. i haven't heard it. in south carolina they feel pretty strong. it will be a tight race tomorrow hands down. but i tell you the energy really started going our way today in a strong, strong way that i think will be a nice win tomorrow. >> all right. there's about 8 or 9 hours before policy open. are you still running into people, you are at a romney crowd so probably not where you are, but are you still hearing about people who have not made up their minds? >> what we've seen is is yesterday morning i had a lot of perry people calling me saying they wanted to jump on board with romney. this morning people were calling into the office. they were really saying after the debate they felt better with romney. they didn't want more of the washington chaos. they felt a difference between the private sector. they fell the private sector was being put under debate and that that is a democratic talking
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point. something shifted yesterday that started going in our direction. what i can tell you, a few undecideds but when they left they are ready to go out and vote. it's been positive from what i have seen today and the energy is exciting. >> it is extraordinary and all eyes are on your state because, as we understand, south carolina has always chosen the nominee at least since 1980. we are looking to see what you do tomorrow in south carolina. governor, as always, thank you. >> it's always great to be with you, greta. thanks. it's a great day in south carolina. >> indeed. well, we saw the fireworks at the debate last night. former speaker newt gingrich was at the center of them and it was his fuse that was lit. afterwards he joined us on the record and he stood by his words. so what into he have to say to voters today hours before they do go to the policy. we caught with with him on the campaign trail in south carolina. >> governor romney is really up to the attacks on you here in south carolina and you have been
10:14 pm
characterized as being an unreliable leader and a number of things. why is that and how do you take that? how do you respond? >> the romney campaign can't seem to build up governor romney so they specialize in tearing down everybody else and their hope is to get everybody else small enough that they will be the same size at governor romney. it hasn't worked, it's not working. i've offered very positive solutions on jobs, positive solutions on balancing the budget. i've talked about modernizing the port of charleston, which is one of every five jobs in the state. i talk about offshore natural gas, talk about building i-73 which is vital to part of the state. governor romney is focused on being negative and i'm focused on being positive. it's a very different style. >> so will you choose not to attack him in florida where you won't have the advantage of a debate so close to the actual voting? >> well, i don't know how many debates we will have in florida. maybe one a night or something. but i would say that we are going to continue to draw a
10:15 pm
contrast. most floor d.. of them don't want a pro gun control, pro gun control, and i think we will have a debate over my record versus his record. >> you released your tacks and now there's calls for you to release ethics records, is this fair game or has it gone out-of-bounds? >> don't you love the patent dishonesty of the romney campaign, and they have not yet released his tackings. he said he might release his taxes and he might reconveniently release them and then they turn around and demand i release more stuff? anybody who wants to can go to and see my 2010 tax return. the morning he can go to romney's site and see his tax return, i'll take seriously his demands but until then it's a joke.
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>> this man was in the room last night at the republican debate. how does he think this week's events will impact tomorrow? this may surprise you. rens priebus goes on the record. and it just got worst. did the captain lie? his behavior in the minutes after the deadly crash. all the minutes coming up. plus big news for elizabeth smart. you will remember she survived a you will remember she survived a horrific years as a breathe robert, out of your mouth. [ male announcer ] that onion after taste after you again? new crest complete with scope dual blast technology blasts away bad breath germs and food after tastes. new crest complete with scope dual blast. blast your way to fresh breath. and get a cold... need a cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right here. it's the only cold and flu brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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>> rnc chair reince priebus says a little drama is good for the gop race. it's a good thing he likes it because there's certainly no shortage of drama, at least not this week. this week in south carolina all the candidates have taken a roller coaster ride and where the ride stops still is anybody's guess. the chairman joins us. nice to see you. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> very good. the last appearance you had with us you had to cancel at the last minute because, hold your hand up. >> well, this is what happens when you get your finger caught in an automatic steel door along the hinge side. so when you can hear the crunching before you feel it, you know it's not going to end up in a good place. i was actually getting stitches
10:21 pm
when i e-mailed you and said i wasn't going to make it. >> it was funny, i was in new york and i got an e-mail you were getting stitches in your hand. i hope it improves. >> i will be just fine. >> indeed. welcome. >> speaking of drama. >> speaking of drama, yes. last night you were in the room with the debate. when it started and speaker gingrich blasted the media, how did it feelin' side the room? because it's different watching it on tv. >> i think two things. everyone is talking about this first question. i think from the audience perspective there were two things going on. one, i think there's a very big difference between what the republican base wants to talk about, which is defeating barack obama and how we are going to do it, and what the media wants to talk about it, which is some of these side shows. that's number one. but two, and i think something people aren't talking about today is that in the room, when that question came out right off the bat, i think the feeling in that auditorium was, you've got to be kidding me. are we going to sit through two hours of this stuff? you've got to be kidding me. so that's why all of that
10:22 pm
together i think was just bottled up and people just exploded in the room. so i think that's really what you are seeing. i think we are having a great time in this primary. i think it's good for our party. look, we could be board out of our minds like we were three or four years ago and sitting around and twiddling our thumbs while barack obama and hillary clinton fought it out in grand fashion and it worked out great for them. >> the question, the timing of the question is because abc announced that they were going to be airing the interview with his second wife, is it the timing of the question with the debate or do you think the question was not a question that was appropriate for debate? >> i think a little of both. i think the question was going to come out. i mean, it would be pretty tough for john not to ask it at some point. i don't think that was the issue in the room. i think the issue in the room was, you know, there's been enough discussion about media debates and controlling the debate within the republican primary, and i think in the room among republican activists,
10:23 pm
because that's really what you've got. we've got a couple thousand people who are republican activists, to all of a sudden sit down after waiting for an hour and a half, the first question out of the shoot is that question, i think people are thinking to themselves, you've got to be kidding me. is this how we are going to start this discussion? >> as chairman you are sort of like switzerland in this. you haven't hitched your horse to any cart or any candidate, you can't. but i'm curious, this bloodbath where they are going at each other, and i assume president obama and the obama campaign is just sitting back and taking notes. you said you think it is a good drama. >> yeah. >> is it not arming your political opponent in the general? because it's gotten pretty rugged. >> no. these aren't state secrets. >> they are not, that's right. >> these things -- this is anyone going on google, nothing here is a surprise. it didn't work when we tried to use hillary's 3:00 a.m. call against barack obama. he sailed to victory quite easily even though they almost killed each other through the
10:24 pm
end of june. so i just happen to believe that the more we talk about the of how to get our country back on track, the more we talked about what the president promised he would deliver to this country and how he failed and the more we talk about what we need to do to save america and defeat barack obama, the better off we are. everybody is talking about the republican side of the isle. the only thing with talk about with barack obama is the fact he made a lot of promises, he set a standard that he can't meet, and our country is on the wrong track. >> is your job easier if the race would end sooner? at least so you know who your candidate is. are you in an awkward way you have to wait until there's a candidate before you can start -- i mean, i see a little bit of a problem. that you have to wait. >> i think there's some advantages to ending early, some. but i think for us this is going to be -- this is going to be a referendum on barack obama. this is a job review. barack obama. >> but you don't even get to that until you have a candidate. >> we will have an articulate alternative on the ballot to a president who made a lot of
10:25 pm
promises and didn't meet those promises. so that's what i think, the first question voters are going to have is did this president live up to the promises and the standards that he set? and if the answer to that question is no, then we have an articulate, intelligent alternative on the ballot, we win. >> and as you and i both have a free weekend. >> i wish i could say this is the result -- >> neither one of us wanted a free weekend. >> no, the packers lost. it was a miserable failure. >> nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. >> and lindsay graham, he has not yet endorsed. time is running out for him. will he have a last chance to endorse? stand by for senator lindsey graham on the record. and the captain of the cruise ship off of italy. great guest experience. that makes my day.
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10:30 pm
not provide the right help to meet the ongoing crisis. how bad was the captain's information? here's an example. 20 minutes after the grounding the captain didn't mention hitting the rocks. and today a cruise ship cook said the captain left after an hour after the crash and ordered dinner for himself and a woman. there's more. today the they began the underwater search for the missing on hold and tomorrow divers may return to the water but right now 11 have been confirmed dead. for more tune in to fox news reporting tragedy at sea hosted by geraldo rivera. south carolina picks the winner, said lindsay graham. is he ready to endorse? >> this is your last chance. you can endorse before the policy open in south carolina. this is your last chance. are you going to endorse or not?
10:31 pm
>> thanks, but no thanks. i'm going to let people decide and i'm still thinking about it myself. but newt is closing a lot of windows back here. it will be a very close race, a very interesting race tomorrow. >> you were in the hall last night for the debate. it started out rather explosive. how did it play in the hall? watching it on tv is so different. what was it like inside the hall when he exploded on the question he didn't like from john king? >> electric. i think a lot of people sympathized with the idea that two days before the primary, you know, marriages that end badly are sad. i've been a divorce lawyer. i understand there are a lot of hurt feelings. it's been a dozen years ago. i think a lot of people felt that airing it two days before the primary was something that happened twelve years ago was probably unfair. and newt made the case that republicans seem to have to
10:32 pm
endure things that our democratic colleagues don't. so it was very electric. i think a lot of non-newt people would agree with that statement. >> why do you think that senator santorum is down as low as he is in the policy? i know he's moving up, but i would think that -- >> he is moving up. >> he is moving up. but still he's not neck and neck with governor romney and speaker gingrich. at least not yet. he has about 8 or 9 hours, but at least not right now. >> i thought rick's debate performance was the best that he's had. and quite frankly, i thought he was excellent last night. he is someone who wins our heart. he is a good man. what you see is what you get with rick. he's a solid conservative. you know, he's been a rand reagan national security conservative, something near and deer to my heart. i think the question for rick is can he take it to the next level? in all honestly, mitt romney has been running for president like six years and newt has been a national figure for 20 years and
10:33 pm
rick is new to the stage. i think when you look at rick santorum's campaign, it's probably the best return on investment maybe in modern politics because he's done this on a shoestring. just a really good man with a good message. and he's going up against people with a lot more money. we will see what happens. i think he will do well tomorrow. >> do you have the sense that speaker gingrich is surging, moving up, or that governor romney is moving down? >> good question. i don't believe this is anything other than newt knocking it out of the park monday at the fox news debate. the debate last night was interesting, but the best debate that i've seen in this whole presidential primary process was monday night in myrtle beach, and newt owned that stage. he reminded us why we all like him, and he has shown a command presence and the ability to sell conservatism that makes us feel like, yes, that's what we believe. and he conveys it in a fashion that many.
10:34 pm
us believe that a larger audience would accept. now governor romney is as solid as he can be. he will be a very electable nominee, but the rise of newt gingrich is directly related to his debate performance and the way he has campaigned. governor romney, quite frankly, has done well, but newt has just outshown him here in recent days. >> the candidate that seems to have the most passionate supporters is congressman ron paul. >> oh, without a doubt. >> without ae=c2d doubt. why can't he get more passion out of the voters in south carolina? why aren't they flocking to him? >> because we -- we believe in liberty, but we aren't really fond of legalizing heroin, we aren't libertarian, and we don't believe it was legal to go to pakistan to kill bin laden in and we thought it will be a bad idea to tell the pakistanis we were coming.
10:35 pm
and we are ronald reagan peace republicans who believe the number one goal of the federal government is to fund the military, and we believe in fighting the terrorists in their own backyard before they get here. and if you capture a terrorist in the united states, the last thing they should here is you have the right to remain silent. so we just have different views of how to be strong militarily, but we do agree with him about limiting the size of the federal government and the federal reserve. we are just a very strong pro-military ronald reagan national security defense state and his message doesn't appeal to us as much as it does in other places. >> it will be fascinating to watch tomorrow night. i hope you make up your mind about how you are going to vote tomorrow. >> can i tell you something? >> what. >> if you turn on the tv down here or open up your mailbox, these super-pacs and the campaigns themselves, but the
10:36 pm
super-pacs particularly, if you read about the candidates or watched tv, not only do you think they shouldn't be president, you wouldn't let them walk your dog. this stuff is really over the top. but south carolinians have a good filter. these are four good men that have different views on the margins. ron paul has probably got the most different view, the most libertarian of the candidates. but rick, newt and mitt romney are good men, and we are looking for someone who is conservative but electable, someone with passion that cancel conservatism, and it's going to be a close race tomorrow. newt is surging not because of any faults of the other candidates, because of his performance. we will see if he gets over the line or not. >> senator, thank you. we will all be watching. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> coming up, he pulled off what
10:37 pm
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10:42 pm
afghanistan. an a afghan soldier fired the shots and four were killed 15 were wounded. this is the second time this month that someone wearing an afghan uniform has killed french forces. french president nicolas sarkozy is calling it, quote, unacceptable. now back to on the the record. . now back to on the record. >> two years ago he stunned all the politico pundits. as a republican he was elected to the united states senate in massachusetts. he was elected to the seat held by senator ted kennedy for decades. now in a while matt of gridlock in washington, sen. brown said he brides himself on being bipartisan. we spoke with senator brown yesterday. >> what is your sharpest
10:43 pm
difference with elizabeth warren, assuming she will been your opponent in september? >> there are many clear differences. she's a self-proclaimed rock thrower who wants to leave blood and teeth on the floor. i'm a bridge builder and problem solver which is evidenced by my long history of work week people on both sides of the i'll. she's intelligent, hardworking academic. that being said, with that comes i think a little different way of looking at things. i want to look forward and pride opportunities for businesses and individuals, create that tax and regulatory certainty, and she wants to put more and more government interference in your lives and more regulation. just i think people will have a very clear difference and i'm anxious to start to begin the campaign. >> why are you voting against the anti-piracy act? >> well, for that, listen, there are deep concerns obviously about the fact that people are, in fact, stealing our
10:44 pm
intellectual property and not paying the folks that actually have earned the right to be paid, number one. on the other hand, you have to balance that with the rights and considerations in the free market and really the first amendment and the use and growth of the internet. so i'm looking forward to getting back to try to come up with a compromise. >> the lines are clearly drawn in the sand and people are very passionate on both sides. i mean, this would have been a good idea to come up with a solution prior to now. >> sure. well, listen, as you know, we've been on break for a period of time. and we only found out a week and a half ago that in fact the majority leader was going to bring it up. the first we actually heard of it. that being said, it's something that i've been working on for a couple of months trying to learn, meeting with the entities and businesses and individuals involved in the issues, trying to understand what and how we can move the bill forward. as you know, the problem, because you are down there, you know the leader brings up a bill, he moves foreclosure, shuts off amendments, shuts off debates and rams it through. it's not going to pass. is he going to do it for political theatre or actually
10:45 pm
try to solve a problem? that's what i'm anxious to get back and try to figure out if in fact that's what's going to happen. >> you say that -- you just described senate majority leader harry reid as having political theatre. have you ever tried to sit him down? that's a bomb throw to the senate majority leader. do you ever try to work things out with him? do you talk to him ever? >> sure. i was the deciding vote in his first jobs bill, if you remember, the $19 million jobs bill. and other things i worked on, don't ask-don't tell, but without my support they never would have seen the light of day so of course i speak to the leader. but everybody knows on both sides of the isle, even the jobs packages the president pushed, they were rejected in a bipartisan manner. only two pieces that actually passed are my portions of the jobs bill, which is the 3% beholding and the higher a veterans will. so where we can work together we are going to do it. when he lets us move forward
10:46 pm
together as a senate who is unified and allows us to work through our problems, we pass things 100 to nothing. but when he throws things up just for commercials in november, which he's been doing a lot lately, it's frustrating and it's hurtful to our country. >> is that a fair criticism to both sides of the isle, there are a lost things done for political reasons and necessarily not for the big picture or the best of americans? has that been your observation the two years you have been here? >> yeah. yes. more recently, obviously, because of the election cycle that's clicking and the president is in campaign mode. seems both sides are when the republicans held up the unemployment benefits and payroll tax deductions, you know, for really what i felt was for no good reason, i let them know i thought it was disgusting. the way that harry and the majority leader and others are playing political theatre with a lot of the things. if we actually had a chance to work on them, they would pass. but they want to score political
10:47 pm
points. but i'm a hopeful guy, i've always have been. i will continue to work with the good republicans and democrats to form a coalition. as a matter of fact, we are going to take the best of the republicans, the democrats, and the president's bill and take them out, all the things we agree on, and push them forward in a new effort to try to get them passed. i think that's a good first move. >> which democratic senator is easiest for you to work with? >> senator carper is really wonderful. he's like an older brothering. i'm the ranking member on fmm with him which is a committee dealing with fraud, waste and abuse. clock dlobachar. and we have rubio, just good people who are trying to do the right thing. and those are the folks i'm most close with and we continue to try to form coalitions to try to move our country forward. >> what's your position on the keystone pipeline? >> listen, i think it's a no-brainer. we need to step back from our dependence of foreign oil. canada is going to develop that
10:48 pm
technology and either we get it from canada, who is one of our, if not the best trading partner in the region. i would rather develop that north-south relationship than the east-west relationship because when we are paying money to countries that want to kill us, i don't think that's a good thing. are we with going to pay for it as it comes over to china or is canada going to send it to china and then we will have to pay for it indirectly? listen, we need to develop the jobs, number one. we have the technology to do it. and we need to try to develop our own energy plan so we can step back from our dependens of foreign oil. and nuclear, joe owe firmal, coal, and citing conner is rags, the whole range of it and we are doing nothing. >> is the job fun or is it frustrating? >> you know, i tell you, greta, talking to my wife, who is my really my guiding light in this situation, i was talking to her this morning and i would say 80% of it is really fun. solving problems and dealing with situations because i've always been a problem solver.
10:49 pm
i've always been a hopeful person that believes in the greatness of our country. we leave in the greatest country in the world. that being said, i live in i think the greatest state in the country and because we are an invasion state and we do things a lot different i think than other parts of the country. so that being said, yeah, 80% of it fun. the 20%, kind of the political theatre and the games they play when we are clearly in a financial emergency and clearly need to work together is exceedingly frustrating. >> straight ahead, you won't believe what just came out of president obama's mouth. you will hear it next. also a new chapter for elizabeth smart. she survived an unthinkable kidnapping ordeal as a young teenager but ton she has reason to celebrate. and plus a high school basketball player reaches new basketball player reaches new heights and it's not because o ,
10:50 pm
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>> you have seen our top stories but here is the best of the rest. now last night president obama dazzled his audience. he was at a fundraiser at new york's historic theatre. he started off talking but that soon changed. >> to know that reverend al green was here. [i so in love with you ♪
10:54 pm
>> those guys didn't think i would do it. i told them -- >> actually pretty good. what did singer al green think of the president's rendition of his hit "let's stay together? he tells us president obama was terrific. the family of elizabeth smart makes a big announcement. ten years ago she was kidnapped from her bedroom in her utah home. she was held captive for nine months. today there is good news, she's engaged. she's planning a summer wedding. the identity of her future husband is being kept secret. the spokesperson said smart is happy and excited for the next chapter in her life. we wish her the best. and a basketball player in high school is soaring to new heights. he's 7'5". two inches taller than any current nba players. they are looking into whether the 18-year-old high school star
10:55 pm
has broken any records. there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, remembering a legend. a look back at the music of jazz to walk like one. when you walk 10,000 steps a day,
10:56 pm
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[ male announcer ] the security of a jetta. one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪ >> greta: the music world is remembering a legendary singer etta james, she died at 73. she had a long and great career but perhaps best known for her 1961 hit "at last". ♪ [ music ]


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