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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 22, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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debt of gratitude for enemies van qished abroad and racism overcame here at home. theirs is a war story that zeefshs to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> gregg: fox news alert. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords announcing she will step down this week. i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. congresswoman says she needs more time to recover from injuries that she suffered in a tragic shooting last january that left 12 others wounded and six people dead. >> gregg: in fact here is her message to constituents. >> i don't remember much on that
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horrible day, but i will never forget the trust that you had in me to be your voice. thank you for your prayers and for giving me time to recover. i have more work to do on my recovery. so for arizona, i will step down this week. i'm getting better every day. my spirit is high. i will return and we will work together for arizona and this great country. thank you very much. >> gregg: incredible courage.
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steve joins us live from the washington bureau with more. >> reporter: a very emotional statement from the congresswoman. we expect this week she'll give letters of resignation and this starts the ball rolling toward a special election to replace her. meantime, the congress read her for her courage and dedication. john boehner says i salute to congresswoman giffords for the courage and perseverance she has shown in the face of tragedy. she will be missed. a statement from former speaker nancy pelosi congresswoman gabrielle giffords has been a true bright star. a dynamic and creative public servant. the steve israel saying gabrielle giffords is proving once again she a true ver ser vachbt and steny hoyer saying
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throughout my years in congress, there have been very few members i have come to admire as much as gabrielle giffords. >> she served five years in the house. she made a surprise appearance in august showing up to vote for an increase in the debt limit and she was cheered and applauded at that point. she needs more time time to recover. brewer will have three days from the time the vacancy is kloo declared to call an election. arizona law says a primary must be held b 80-90 days and general election will be held 50 to 60 days after that. congresswoman will attend the state of the union address in the house chamber where she served until tragedy struck one year ago. >> gregg: steve, thanks very much. >> heather: another fox news alert, yemen's president is coming to the united states for
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medical treatment. according to the state department, he has been granted a temporary travel visa. he left yemen today after delivering a farewell speech. you may recall he was badly burned and wounded when his compound was bombed by anti-government protestors. it's unclear exactly when and where he will receive treatment in the u.s. he agreed to step down last year ahead of presidential elections planned for next month, but has continued to hold on to power. >> gregg: newt gingrich pulling off an upset in south carolina riding a recent surge of support from conservative voters. a severe below to thes's front-runner status. the presidential candidates are looking ahead to the next big political contest, that would be, of course, in florida, ten
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days away, nine really. romney saying the nomination process will be a long run and gingrich reassuring voters he is best candidate to win the white house. >> i have flaws, i have weaknesses i've had a long career. what you see is what you get. i'm prepared to stand toe to toe with barack obama and debate him. that is the key to beating him with billion dollar war chest. in south carolina it became clear if you want to beat on barack obama newt gingrich is the only person that has the background and experience and the ability to get on the stage and drive home a conservative message with authenticity. >> undecided voted for newt. he had a good week. this is a long process. we are looking ahead to number of other racing. we are three states and 47 more to go. we're looking forward to be
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successful and by the way we have confidence in the american people in the final analysis they will do the right thing. >> gregg: take a look at this. tally of electoral votes, gingrich winning nearly all the delegates. he stands at 23, narrowing romney's lead of 33. followed by rick santorum and ron paul. john roberts is live in charleston, south carolina. john, what is the breakdown of last night's voting. >> reporter: the breakdown of last night's voting, we'll get to that, but when you take a look where gingrich finds himself today as they head to florida. he is beginning to look like a consensus candidate, type of candidate that can put a broad coalition to win a lot of these primaries and caucuses and get a lot of support for a run at the presidency. he won literally everywhere in south carolina and big margins. he also won among almost all major voting groups. let's put the graphic up on the screen.
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late deciders, 44% in the last few days. 44% of conservatives. 41% of independents, he came second in moderates, 44% of evangelicals, doubling rick santorum and married women, he got 61% of them, as well. it really is a recipe for a candidate who can do well going forward. even though he spent a lifetime in washington politics, he is now positioning himself as the insurgent candidate, the guy who is going to shake up the candidate. >> the establishment is right to be worried about gingrich nomination, because it means that we're going to change things, we're going to make the establishment very uncomfortable and we're going to demand real change. >> reporter: he is going to come under more fire from mitt romney. he is going to be releasing tax returns on tuesday and watch for romney in the debate to come back in gingrich and say i'm going to release my tax returns,
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you tell us about fannie mae and freddie mac. >> gregg: you could see it coming from a mile away. >> what is santorum saying today. he clearly did not do as well as he hoped? >> reporter: he didn't do as well as he hoped. he has one win under his belt. he is popano beach this morning and he said the results what happened in south carolina, it's a whole new day and a wide open race. here is what he told candy colin on cnn this morning. >> mitt romney is not only the inevitable. he has lost two races he had to run. everybody thought he had the money and organization, but you have to have the ideas. >> reporter: no question. going into florida, mitt romney does have the best organization. he goes in with a head of steam, as well. up 18 points in the latest average, but gregg, if we learned anything from south carolina, leads don't mean a
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whole lot in the last week. >> gregg: they surely don't. things change quibbling. john, thanks very much. >> heather: sad story to tell you about. joe paterno has died from lung cancer. he was 85. paterno won more games than any coach in college football before his 46-year career came to a stunning end in a sex scandal. julie banderas has more and look back at his life. >> julie: his health had growing progressively worth after breaking his pelvis last week. he died this morning leaving behind his wife, five children and 17 grandchildren. his son scott almost immediately took to twitter to thank the penn state community for allowing his dad to be a part of their family. the family also releasing an official statement which reads in part, he died as he lived.
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he fought hard until the end. stayed positive, thought only of others and constantly reminded how blessed his life had been. he leaves a sports legacy that will be impossible on to match. most successful coach in history with 3409 wins and two national championships. school and state officials have sent their condolences including george h.w. bush staying he was outstanding american that was respected in life and without a doubt a true icon in the world of sports. i was proud that he was friend of mine. of course as we all know, his accomplishments were scarred by a child sex scandal involving his defensive coordinator jerry sandusky, he was accused of not doing enough to stop the sexual assaults. after 46 years of head coach he was fired by penn state's board of trustees.
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village is planned tonight on the campus -- vigil is planned for tonight. they are looking into a memorial service but no plans as of yet. the family says there is no set plan for a funeral. >> heather: thank you very much, julie banderas. >> gregg: and another major passing, the lead detective in the investigation in the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman has died. philip van adder. his brother says he died of cancer. he was the first detectives on the seen at o.j. simpsons mansion and testified in the trial. before that, he conducted the famous investigation of film director of roman polanski on charges of having sex with a 13-year-old girl. he served 28 years with the los angeles police kept and later was a consultant.
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>> heather: stunning developments in the cruise ship disaster, divers pulled another victim today bringing the number of dead to 13. authorities say there may have been unregistered passengers on board. in a shocking new twist, the ship's captain reportedly told investigators that he was, quote authorized to perform that maneuver that led to the tragedy. amy kellogg is streaming live from italy with more. >> reporter: about those unregistered passengers, that is in fact true. officials are saying that may be the case. therefore the numbers continue to change, but it is expected whatever possible unregistered passengers were on that ship it's really not that many. bottom line is they have found another body today. that of a female. she was in a submerged part of the ship. she has yet to be identified. there are several people who have yet to be identified in this grim task of search and
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recovery. the relatives of the american couple from minnesota are here on the island today. relatives barbara and jerry hyle family members have been here on a daily basis speaking to the rescue crews and getting a sense what is going on. just over my shoulder out at sea. very explosive comments today, publicized from the transcripts between the captain of the ship and the investigators. he apparently told them that, in fact, that caused accident. slow sail by in front of the island that caused ship to run aground was authorized by costa cruise line and they were encouraged by the cruise line in order to stir up a bit of publicity. costa said they knew nothing about the diversion. it's two sides saying different
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things. also, the captain saying that he may have hit some people in the water with his lifeboat. it's not clear if he was steering the lifeboat but it came out in the transcripts. finally he said that the black box which had been on the ship which was found by rescue workers had been broken for two weeks. he had asked for it to be repaired and nothing had happened. costa cruise lines not making any comments about the reported transcripts between the captain and investigators. also there is a missing laptop. he was seen with a computer the morning after the accident. that computer missing. costa cruise lines it's not in their possession. there was a woman who was seen with the captain that morning. costa cruise lines says she is an employee from the legal department. a lot of questions, a lot of new developments but still about 19 people still unaccounted for and lots of families coming out here
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hoping for some closure and hoping for answers. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: back to the race for the white house. newt gingrich making a huge come back, a remarkable turnaround for the former speaker of house sweeping the state primary by a wide margin. gingrich casting his win in palmetto state as a victory for the elite. mark sanford, governor, good to see you. it's amazing, gingrich was behind 10 to 15 points depending on the poll. he ended up winning by 12 percentage positive points. that is huge swing in a matter of days. what did it? >> i think a couple things.
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romney's lead from the started was some withstand will can. other two-thirds have consistently been looking for the anti-romney. in the length hour gingrich became -- eleventh hour gingrich was it. i think this whole image took hold in the last few debates. people are frustrated and they want somebody that is going to fight in washington and gingrich was the guy to do that. >> gregg: maybe gingrich sent a big thank you for the interview about his ex-wife and making that first question. it appeared to be a turning point. do you think the media unwittingly gets an assist on this one? >> i'll give them that. for any of us as candidates you
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need to tee off something. you need to react to something. you can be general news out there or something very specific. in this case, myrtle beach debate and charleston debate, gingrich was able to directly get it off the media. >> gregg: jim demint said today, romney really fumbled on the issue of his tax returns. that he says was a major influence among voters. it would appear that romney agrees with that. he calls it a mistake now. would you agree with that? that was a huge mistake by romney? >> yeah, i said earlier this week. i ran for governor a couple times. i released my tax returns. it's something the people expect in south carolina. think the danger for romney given the way he has protracted the thing he could be a bigger
1:18 pm
problem. "wall street journal" article the specter of him paying zero percent in taxes. bain capital having hundred accounts in the cayman islands. it may be a bigger issue. >> gregg: looking through the exit polls, they thought gingrich had the best chance to defeat president obama. then i compared it with recent fox news poll that among voters nationwide only 9%, just 9% think newt gingrich has the best chance of defeating president obama compared with 63% who romney has the best chance. what do you make of that disparity between south carolinians and the other 49 states? >> intensity of advertising. there have been $13 million that was spent in south carolina roughly in the last two weeks on advertising pro and con these
1:19 pm
different candidates. average person out there in colorado or in montana is not hearing that. i would say part of it is advertising. what i would say that is really -- i remember in the movie gladiator, he turned to the general and says, unleash hell. i think that is what is going to happen in florida as they go big time against gingrich in trying to make the case romney is on only guy electable. >> gregg: good to see you. thanks very much for your insights. >> heather: northeast warming up after the first major snowstorm. we'll have a live report from extreme weather center. >> gregg: and conscious announced plans to police the internet, the only world reacted in a big way. how their fight against censorship could impact the future of the web. >> heather: americans are putting more miles on the family car. senior correspondent brenda but
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i'm meteorologist maria molina with a weather update. we did get snowfall friday into saturday. take a look at some of these totals. up to a foot in connecticut and not a massive snowfall for us but we do have a second storm system we're tracking. that is in parts of the midwest. as we head into tonight and also tomorrow morning, some of those cities that you saw on the list across the northeast and parts of the midwest like chicago will be dealing with freezing rain. that could be worse than the snowfall. so please drive carefully as you head out to work tomorrow morning. the pink shade is where we could be looking at some of the freezing rain and back side of the system parts for the upper michigan west about two to four inches of additional snowfall. big concern as we head in
1:25 pm
tonight and also the overnight hours, severe weather as the system continues to push eastward it does have a powerful storm that could bring in severe weather from new orleans up to the city of chicago and the areas of greatest concern is the area shaded in red. tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and we'll keep you updated on this throughout the evening hours. >> heather: if you can't remember the last time you bought a new car, chances are you are not alone. americans are actually holding on to their old cars longer than ever, nearly 11 years. that is new high. that number will only continue to rise. brenda butner, host of bulls and bears joins us with more. thanks for joining us. >> i had a car one time. i drove it so long, the windows wouldn't roll down, air
1:26 pm
conditioner wasn't working, finally the passenger door flew open. then i decided new car time. the s this an attachment we have to our cars. or is the economic sign we are holding on to. >> much more sign of the economy. people are not just willing to buy big ticket items at this time. when you don't have a job or if you do have a job and worried about it you'll keep your car no matter what. so people are holding on to their cars, they are taking better care of their cars but this is also a sign, back in 1995 the average time of keeping a car was 8.4 of years. now it's close to 11. part of it cars are made better and you can repair them. likes auto zone are really doing well because people are going and buying car repair parts and
1:27 pm
repairing their cars. they are easier to maintain. people are holding on to them because it's a lot of money to buy a new car. >> heather: on average, 240 million cars and trucks on the road in the u.s. so that actually as you said translates into jobs in terms of other industries. >> rest the definitely does. it looks like the car industry is coming back a bit. most of the major carmakers are adding employees not subtracting them at this time as they have for the last few years. >> heather: adding employees because they expect these numbers to turn around and people buying new vehicles? >> yeah, they are hoping in the next few years that the economy had s going to turn around and people will start buying new things, but they are adding them in some of the alternative cars such as electric, diesel. >> heather: and they hold on to whatever you called your car.
1:28 pm
>> right. >> heather: thank you very much. we'll be back in the next hour. >> gregg: garth brooks involved in a legal drama in oklahoma. what reduced the country music singer to tears this week. plus, would a long bloody fight for the presidential nomination among the gop actually be a good thing for republicans? our political panel weighs in. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition.
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>> heather: welcome back. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, congresswoman gabrielle giffords announcing she is stepping down from congress this week. giffords is recovering from a brain injury last january when she was shot in.
1:33 pm
philip van adder says lead investigator nicole brown simpson and ron goldman has died in cancer. he was 70. and another passing, joe paterno former football coach has died of lung cancer. he was 85. >> gregg: there are new questions over what effect yesterday's outcome will have on the general election. gingrich walked away a big winner in the primary ensuring a long and far more competitive gop race. now republicans are at odds what effect this will have on the candidates and on obama's reelection. here is both sides. >> i want to see it continue because, still, these guys are getting more better in their debates.
1:34 pm
they are getting more grounded in what their beliefs are to get america back on track. >> i think in the republican field case, because they are so extreme and because they are hugging the report and embraced the tea party extremism, the more that all voters is a see how extreme they are, the more damage it's going to do to them. ultimately they will be a dramatic contest time the general election one on one. >> gregg: who is right about this? joining us now, justin stacy, former spokesman for florida governor jeb bush, jehmu greene, fox news contributor. let me start with you. 1980 by the time jimmy carter secured the nomination in the convention, he had been so bruised and battered by ted kennedy during a protracted primary, carter was largely disabled to his defeat. could a long and ugly fight
1:35 pm
among republicans only help re-elect president obama? >> you the know, i really don't think so. i agree with sarah palin on this. i think of the nomination for the republicans should be hard fought. it's likely in my view the winner of the gop primary will be the next president of the united states. that should come through a long campaign. it should come, actually i think it benefit. i look to 2009, hillary clinton and barack obama had a long fought primary battle. even here in florida, hillary clinton beat barack obama in florida. yet barack obama carried florida in the general election. from that perspective i don't mind a hard fought campaign. >> gregg: more recent example, long and brutal battle four years ago between hillary clinton and barack obama it did serve to hone obama's skills.
1:36 pm
it aired all the dirty laundry. the constant media attention only seemed to elevate his stature and his candidacy as the nominee? >> lordy, i also believe and agree with sarah palin which is a rare thing. >> gregg: wow! >> i do think the longer the primaries play out, it helps build grassroots organization. that really get any attention, it brings in money. it brings the ability to activate the base and that will be good for whoever the nominee is. i also agree with the dnc chairwoman. >> gregg: you can't agree with both of them. >> at the end of the day, what is playing out they are appealing to the darkest nature of the right wing in the republican party. that is going to be very hard for them to try to convince independent voters, i think
1:37 pm
particularly women voters after being so callous and combative. it's going to be hard for them general election. >> gregg: you are sounding like a politician, you want it both ways. justin, here is what conservative columnist rich lowery wrote today. quote.... >> gregg: again, this is conservative rich lowery. does he have a point? >> well, i don't know quite honestly. i think it's hypothetical. we don't know what will happen. i think that florida is a much different state than south carolina and new hampshire or iowa. so from that perspective, i understand what he is saying. he is saying that a lot of
1:38 pm
republicans are concerned about having newt gingrich at the top of the ticket because his negatives are so high across the country. let's wait and see what happens in florida. florida voters haven't spoken yet. i think we'll see a hard fought campaign here in florida. >> gregg: i wanted to be fair and balanced. here is what a liberal columnist maureen dowd wrote. she went on, a guy that doesn't appreciates his exceptionalism. does she have a point? >> maureen dowd has a way of pushing buttons. that is part of her brand. i think at the had end of the
1:39 pm
day, what is happening with the obama campaign, he is not even engaged in a primary fight. there are thousands of volunteers and activists that are already engaged on the ground. in south carolina, a completely red state that will not go to president obama, you have hundreds of people showing up to start the organization of his operation on the ground in south carolina. at the end of the day, the primary is going to be extended for the republicans because their front-runner who has shown he has no core values he wants to play by a different set of rules. that he is out of touch with the middle-class and that is why you had all these different surges to be able to happen. >> gregg: jehmu greene, justin, good to see you both. >> heather: website from protestors fighting back this
1:40 pm
week against a pair of controversial anti-piracy bills that were working their way through congress and fallout on this confrontation is next. is it fast? it's got 10 speeds, my friend. ♪ is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street-legal. ♪ is it safe? ♪ it's a volkswagen. [ malannouncer ] the security of a jetta. one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪ and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 ys -- it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things. good thing i've got the citi simplicity card. i don't get hit with a fee if i'm late with a payment... which is good because on this job,
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>> heather: congress putting two internet policy bills on indefinite hold after several websites blacked out their service for 24 hours in protest. bills were designed to prevent foreign sites from peddling pirated content. lis wiehl and mercedes cohen and janeanne borrelli. thank you for being here. so the entertainment industry they want it to protect movies, to protect pirated content and then you have technology website wait a minute, they are
1:45 pm
concerned this would interfere with their freedom. >> first amendment issue from technology and also the law is vague. we don't know how it's going to be enacted. and how is it going to be perceived and may bring down legitimate websites. politicians don't know the technology. so they are a little bit nervous about it and big internet providers this week putting on blackout. it was holding us ransom. >> heather: how can the two meet in the middle? >> there are so many companies out there. they are spending billions of dollars trying to control this information. it really is about education. how can you harness this forum to make it so it's not so overwhelming for them? i think lis is right. it's knew and evolving. as i said, it's extremely
1:46 pm
expensive. >> it absolutely has to be a better way. but what is really exciting about this, this issue is united from the left and the right. it's a huge mobilization of people coming together to fight this issue. also in mobilization enables, people who were supporting this initiative. >> heather: it's not holding down the justin beibers of the world it's about stealing property. >> right the artists in the industry that the movie and entertainment industry, they put so much money in this. you walk around in new york city you can see that things are pirated. its out there. you would be silly to say it wasn't. >> heather: a recent study shows that states that have legalize medical marijuana see fewer traffic deaths. researchers says the data
1:47 pm
suggest that some people may be driving drunk are smoking pot instead. this study blows me away. >> drive behind the wheel of a car, here is something that is at issue. marijuana is illegal, so where is this taking place, in private settings. they are getting high in public. so the individuals are getting behind the wheel of the car, they may be at home. >> actually, there were three who said this. they looked at this. so it's a very small group and what they are saying, maybe the same people are drinking a little less and there is more recreational marijuana use happening. i am thinking, wait a second. the idea of drunk driving, we call it drunk driving is driving while impaired.
1:48 pm
you can be impaired by drugs or ny qil. it's about being impaired. >> there is month conclusive evidence to pout pointed to this. i am wondering what are the researchers smoking. [ laughter ] >> nine percent decrease in traffic fatalities when you compared and those states that had legalize marijuana. >> i it is hard to correlate that action with people smoking marijuana. >> and mercedes point, it does tell you you are legalizing for medical marijuana it's going to recreational use. >> that tha absolutely. >> heather: country music star, garth brooks is suing the hospital. they say it ruined his effort to honor his late mother.
1:49 pm
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>> heather: welcome back.
1:53 pm
garth brooks now suing a hospital in hometown of oklahoma. he says he gave the facility half million dollar donation so it would build a wing after his mother but the hospital denies it. back with our panel. half a million dollars to name a facility after his mom. that didn't happen. what happens next. >> he makes great music but poor legal advice. if you are going to make a massive donation, you got to put it in writing if you want it to be conditional. that is with where the big problem was. >> they enticed him. i don't think they are denying this. they were coming after him for years. they had a mockup of this building. mother died of cancer in 1999 and he was vulnerable. so, you are absolutely right.
1:54 pm
you have to get it in writing. but come on, hospital, do the right thing. >> this is such a huge p.r. disaster for this hospital. they should have done the right thing and be smart about this. he didn't want it in the media why he was anonymous in giving the donation anyway. but the smart thing to do is to settle. he has the public on the side. >> how is it anonymous if his mother's name is going to be on it? >> they wanted to keep it out of the media. >> and poor guy didn't get the right legal advice. >> the lawyer said this is huge donation, put it in writing and put in a confidentiality klous clause, no one will talk about it. >> garth brooks wanted to do it for his dead mother and he talked to the hospital, you would think people in the position, i have to bring a lawyer in here?
1:55 pm
>> where did the money go? >> it's going to be such a hard legal battle. it's going to boil down, where is the writing. there is nothing in writing. >> i wonder if it will go to a jury trial. >> they said what the building is going to look like. would that hold legal ground? >> it would definitely go back to what lis said if there was proper inducement. but they started to show all these drawings to make a zbleongs you try to do the right thing and help others by building a hospital. >> heather: you may have friends in other places but not the hospital. great power panel. are you a garth brooks fan. >> gregg: i am. i love the hat. >> fiery knew debate over political advertisements plus the comments of the supreme court justice.
1:56 pm
anthony scalia has a suggestion to see all those ads on radio and internet. our legal panel weighs on his controversial comments coming up. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> gregg: fox news alert of the we're getting new reactions now from the most powerful people in
2:00 pm
washington, the announcement from congresswoman gabrielle giffords, the wounded arizona representative saying she's resigning from congress. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. arizona law maker posting a mechanic on twitter and release ago video to her constituents, saying she's stepping down this week deciding she needs to spend more time recovering from injuries suffered in a tragic shooting in tucson last january. steve has the very latest. >> congresswoman giffords is being praised tonight by her colleagues as a courageous and dedicated public servant who survived a gunshot wound to the head one year ago and today put out this youtube statement announcing her intention to resign. >> i don't remember much from that horrible day, but i will never forget the trust you placed in me to be your voice.
2:01 pm
thank you for your prayers and for giving me time to recover. i have more work to do on my recovery, so to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> the congresswoman has served five years in the house, renting a district near the mexican borrowedder and greeted with a standing ovation as you remember, back in august when she made a surprise appearance in congress to vote for the debt limit but now says she needs more time to recover. so governor jan brewer will have three days from the time the house vacancy is declared to appoint someone. she's being praised and john boehner said, i salute congresswoman giffords for her service and for the courage and perseverance she's shown in the face of the tragedy and she will
2:02 pm
be missed. this from minority leader nancy pelosi. congresswoman gabrielle giffords has been a true, bright star, a die ma'amic and creative public servant. giffords comes back to washington tuesday of this week, but only to attend the state of the union address in the house chamber where she served for the past five years. heather, back to you. >> heather: what an inspirational story. thanks so much. gregg? >> gregg: a political shocker in the south, the republican race for the white house now up for grabs. newt gingrich winning south carolina's primary this a convincing victim e, putting the brakes on mitt romney's momentum. his campaign showing new signs of life. >> we want to run not a republican campaign. we want to run an american campaign. [ cheers and applause ] because we are optimist about
2:03 pm
the future because american has always been optimistic about the future and we believe, as our new sign which just got made today points out, that if we unleash the american people, we can rebuild the america we love. >> gregg: the battle between gingrich and romney hitting a new level of intensity. both men stepping up their attacks. >> i'm running against in the indication of speaker gingrich, someone ho never worked in the private sector, who spent his life in washington and working as a lobbyist and he doesn't call it officially a lobbyist, but that's what it is. and i simply cannot imagine america being led by a person whose sole experience is not inside the private sector, but is inside washington. i don't think washington can fix washington. >> governor romney may be running for ceo. i'm running for president. the president of the united states has to understand how to govern the united states. barak obama can't and i understand governor romney
2:04 pm
would. >> gregg: the next stop, gingrich trying prove his victory in south carolina was no fluke at all. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in tampa, florida. hi, carl. >> that sound you were playing from this morning and last night really is foretelling what we'll see and what will be a african-americanityic ten days to the 31st florida primary. both coming for a debate tomorrow and everything they say and do will be extremely tactical. in the case of newt gingrich, one of the things he'll try do is lock down the old south, starting with the race in florida by getting conservatives to coalesce behind him with the momentum that he gets from this south carolina victory last night, the fundraising capacity that it should bring and organizational help with new establishment -- excuse me. with new endorsements, as well as with new organizations. it's a very big deal and his attacks on mr. romney are not going to stop. listen to this from this morning. >> south carolina began to
2:05 pm
become really clear that if you want to beat barak obama, then newt newt gingrich is the only experience who has the ability to get on the stage and drive home a conservative message with authenticity. >> and mitt romney by contrast, now has to really get productive in his criticism of newt gingrich. he tried to avoid that. now romney will go aggressively after gingrich for his personal and public last, asking him to answer specific questions about some of the baggage that most folks already know newt gingrich has carried successfully to this big upset win. for romney, however, it was a very bad week not just in the case of the defeat last night, there was the question about his tax returns and now he's said he'll reveal them on tuesday to get what has been a tuning distraction out of the -- huge distraction out of the way. >> i will release my tax returns for 2010, which is the last returns that were completed. i'll do that on tuesday of this
2:06 pm
week. i'll also release at the same time an estimate for 2011 tax returns. we just made a mistake in holding off as long as we did. it was a distraction. we want to get back to the real issues in the campaign. >> romney believes that part of that issue should be newt gingrich's history in washington, d.c as the speaker of the house, as well as years ask years of working in the capitol, he plans to try to discredit newt gingrich in the next ten days. but gingrich has huge wind in his sails and momentum when it comes to trying to coalesce the conservatives in florida, particularly in the panhandle and northern part of florida, early, early gingrich country now. rick santorum is not going to concede any of that ground, however. he's coming to florida and trying to build a national campaign at the exact same time having come in third. then there is ron paul, who is probably not going to compete as aggressively in florida, beginning to look at caucus races in order to pick up dell baits along the way. a very, very pivotal moment. last night's blowout
2:07 pm
reverberating across the country, as well as in the campaigns. romney will come out swinging and gingrich wants the conservatives in his corner. >> gregg: thanks so much. as carl appointmented out, rick santorum walking away from the south carolina primary in third place. cause for celebration. santorum telling the crowd his finish proves he's still in it to win it. >> i want to say to all those folks across america who are looking for that candidate, coo candidate that can be that good stark contrast, someone who can contrast on all of the issues, that are important for america today, the ones that are going to decide this election, the ones with experience on national security, the consistency on the conservative principles that made this country great. i ask you, it's a wide open race. join the fight. thank you.
2:08 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> heather: ron paul also looking forward despite his fourth place finish, telling supporters at a rally in columbia that yesterday's primary is one small piece of a very large puzzle. >> no doubt in my mind the momentum has been continuing and will continue. and thank you very much. a lot has been done here in the last week or so and also there has been now three elections in a total of 37 delegates have been chosen so far. less than 2%, like 1 1/2%. this is the beginning of a long, hard job. >> heather: exciting last night. paul is now back home in texas. on monday he and the rest of the candidates are scheduled to attend a debate in florida. mitt romney's campaign announcing he will attend that debate after a strategist suggested he may skip it.
2:09 pm
college football fan or not, you likely know his name, former penn state football coach joe paterno is dead at the age of 85. after two championships and 46 seasons, his legacy ending amid controversy. the board of trust yeahs firing him for his handling of a child sex abuse scandal involving his long-time assistant coach. shepard smith has more. >> i'm not a guy for themes or goal segment. that's never been my style. >> joe paterno kept it simple. his program's motto, success with honor. it reflected the attention ego i have a to the academic success of his players. he called his campaign a combined academic and athletics a grand experiment. his straightforward style may have something to do with his great depression upbringing. joseph paterno was born in brooklyn in 1926. he said the cost of tuition almost forced him to drop out of prep school, but he went on to
2:10 pm
play football at brown and planned to attend law school. but instead took an opportunity to join his college coach, rip ingle, at penn state. 16 years later, joe paterno took over. >> a rousing clash with penn state. >> within a couple of seasons led his team to his first of five unbeaten seasons. in more than four decades as head coach, joe paterno racked up an unprecedented collection of trophies and records. he had more wins than any other coach in divisional 1 football, none more important than his two national championships in 1982 and 1986. he's the only coach to have won the rose bowl, the cotton bowl, the sugar bowl, and the orange bowl. his first losing steven didn't come until 1988. but win or lose, his attitude was the same. >> we're going to work hard and try to be a really good football team this saturday and play them as tough as we know how to play them. >> he never let the success get to his head. he turned down multiple offers to coach in the nfl.
2:11 pm
and he's lived in the same modest house for most of his career. joe paterno and his wife raised five children here. they donated millions of dollars to the school and community. a library on campus is named in his honor and a statue outside beaver stadium preserves his image. an image fans of several generations came to adore. >> gregg: he led five different teams to unbeaten seasons. his family says he, quote, died as he lived, fighting hard until the very end. >> heather: new fears as the death toll rises in the cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy. divers pulling another victim from the wreckage, bringing the number of dead to 13. now authorities say that there may have been even more passengers on board and now missing. amy kellogg reports from giglio, island, ultimately. >> another body discovered today.
2:12 pm
that of a woman in a submerged part of the ship. she has yet to be identified. officials are saying that there is a bit more confusion about numbers because there may have been some passengers on that ship who were not registered, but those number are not thought to be terribly large. the relatives of the missing continue to come to the island, including relatives of the retired couple from minnesota, barbara and jerry heil. then some more explosive quotations from the captain as further transcripts of conversations between him and prosecutors are leaked to the press, apparently he said that the salute, the diversion that the concordia made which caused it to run aground had been known about, had been authorized by costa cruise lines and they encouraged such practices as sort of a publicity stunt. the captain also said that he fears that his life boat, the life boat he was on may have run into some people who were swimming in the water on that
2:13 pm
night. he also says that the black box which was recovered early on had been broken for two weeks, that he had asked for it to be repaired and it hadn't been. costa cruise lines not making comments about any of this. however, earlier along, they did say that the captain had not reached out to them in a timely fashion and told them what had happened. there has been a lot of curiousity about another woman who was seen with the captain. this one on the morning after the accident. the cruise line is saying she's an employee from their legal department and finally, a laptop computer the captain was seen carrying on saturday morning after the accident, now said to be missing. costa cruise line says it's not in their possession. heather? >> heather: amy kellogg reporting for us. a long investigation ahead for sure. >> gregg: it is indeed. and lot of lawsuits, you can probably bet. a shocking new report finding the united states is losing its competitive edge over many other nations. we'll take a closer look at why america is falling behind. >> heather: don't want that to
2:14 pm
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>> heather: welcome back. here is a look at some of our top stories. yemen's president heading to the u.s. for medical treatment. the leader was badly wounded in
2:18 pm
an assassination attempt. he has agreed to resign in return for immunity for crimes committed during a popular uprising last year. three men arrested in philadelphia in connection to the beating death of levin klef. he was killed more than a week ago trying to hail a cab. that's when the suspects got out of a nearby car and attacked him. a dutch teen-ager breaking a world record, 16 years old. laura dekker becoming the youngest person to sail around the world all by herself. >> gregg: a new report out finding the u.s. is losing its economic edge over many other nations. according to a harvard business school survey, problems in washington and the u.s. education system are dragging down our economy and our edge. let's bring in senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears. the primary education system and
2:19 pm
political gridlock. the latter doesn't surprise me, but primary education? >> yeah. basically that's one of the main reasons that we're being held back. again, advanced economies. there are developed economies. such as western, europe and japan. also our corporate tax rate, which is the highest in the world. but when you look at developing nations, there is other reasons that are very compelling. >> gregg: there is a front page article in the "new york times," fascinating, about a conversation that the president had with steve jobs before his death. the president interrupted jobs at one point and said, can't you bring all these apple jobs overseas back here and mr. jobs said, theres no way these job also ever come back. and the reason is because overseas you can pay workers a lot less for a lot longer hours. you don't have to pay these pension benefit, health care for
2:20 pm
life that unions demand here in the united states. >> yes. and in fact, that was one of the reasons with this survey that so many companies are going overseas. they're going to china, brazil. they're going to india mainly because wages are lower and we're finding even in the united states that's why there is this big fight against the unions and against pensions and that we're finally coming up against our own system. >> gregg: it's not just the emerging markets as you identify them, some of the wealthier nations, japan, and those countries in western europe are beating us out on this sort of stuff, right? >> yeah. they absolutely are. and again, that's where the primary education is a problem. we do better in higher education, but basically the survey says that we really have to get our tax system changed. we've got to lower our corporate tax, and we have to reform our
2:21 pm
immigration system because there are many, many very smart overseas people that we could bring in at a higher level, but aren't allowed to immigrate because we have an outdated immigration system. >> gregg: you identified also the high corporate tax rate. i think and it's soon to overtake japan, the united states will have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. you just can't be competitive with that high a tax rate, can you? >> no. >> gregg: 35%? >> many of the big companies don't pay this. but 35% is the average and that's just too high. i mean, that's why so many companies go overseas. >> gregg: yet, i remember the segment that you and i did, the top ten corporations in america, only one of them actually paid any tax at all and it was a minor amount of tax. but nine out of the top ten american corporations didn't pay any taxes. i paid more than they did.
2:22 pm
>> the smaller company, they are paying that 35%. >> gregg: what's the solution to all of this if you had to wrap it up? >> i think corporate tax rate is huge and we've got to get the primary education system fixed. a lot of that has to do with teachers and the unions and all the changes. they're all combined. >> gregg: i mean, story after story, especially here in new york where teachers that are kicked out of the classroom, they're never fired. >> right. >> gregg: they're passed along from one job to another and they only hurt the students and the unions are the ones that stand up for them. >> yes. >> gregg: i read a story in the new york post about that very subject. good to see you. >> heather: here is someone winning, the nfl scoring big, racking in big bucks even in a down economy. the secret to the league's success straight ahead. plus, newt gingrich slamming the media in a debate, but scoreing
2:23 pm
a big victory in the primaries. >> i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office across the golden state,
2:24 pm
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>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. congresswoman gabrielle giffords resigning. the arizona law maker announcing a short while ago that she is stepping down this week, planning to focus on her recovery from a tragic tucson shooting last january. >> gregg: family and friends at penn state mourning the loss of joe paterno. he died at the age of 85 after being diagnosed with lung cancer.
2:28 pm
>> heather: and death toll rising in that cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy. 13 people confirmed dead. divers recovering the body of an unidentified woman earlier today. >> gregg: this is america's election headquarters and newt gingrich upending the political landscape in south carolina last night, coming from behind to cement a very convincing victory. how in the world did he do that? the guy who knows is john roberts in south carolina. hi, john. >> good afternoon. he did it by winning across the state and winning in almost every key voter group. let's put up the county map and show what you he did. that sea of red is newt gingrich last night winning in all but three counties. mitt romney took richland, buford and charleston. but that was it. full stop. let's put up the score board fort exit polls so we can show you exactly what it was that newt gingrich won.
2:29 pm
almost every significant voter group. late deciders broke heavily for him. conservatives went to him. independent, evangelicals, even married women. look at those margins. he even came a close second among moderates. that's a broad based coalition that if he can carry that forward into future contest, it could serve him very well. with his win yesterday in south carolina, he basically took the wind out of romney's sails. now what newt gingrich wants to do is shred those sail. listen to what he said this morning on "face the nation". >> the guy who is a very good salesman, very much wants to sell, but he has a really weak product and so i think he's been dancing on eggs trying to figure out how it find a version of romney that will work. >> now, what mitt romney has to do going into florida is he's gog reboot his campaign. he's got to take it to the speaker, particularly in tomorrow night's debate in tampa. he give us a quick look at what
2:30 pm
might lie ahead when he was talking to chris wallace this morning. listen to this. >> i do think that conservative values do play an enormous role and i think the speaker has explaining to do for sitting on the sofa with nancy pelosi and arguing for climate change regulation for calling the paul ryan plan right wing social engineering. you can look over his record and say, he's not so conservative. >> so even though newt gingrich beat mitt romney last night two to one manning conservative, mitt romney is trying to say no, he's not the conservative. mitt romney goes into florida with a big lead. he's up 18 points in the real clear politics average of polls. but we have seen how quickly those leads can evaporate. there has been a lot of absentee ballots cast. he was well up in the polls when the ballots were cast. so it's likely that many of them are for him and there is a loft early voting, basically what's gog happen is every day this week, you have to win the news cycle because every day people are voting.
2:31 pm
we'll see how it goes. >> gregg: fascinating stuff. john roberts live in charleston thanks so much. >> heather: new reaction to newt gingrich taking on the media. gingrich slamming a debate moderator before the south carolina primary, saying a question about claims from his second ex-wife were out of bounds and now people in the media are weighing in. >> if you believe that the media had their eyes opened and they are fully awake now and they understand what they're dealing with, forget it. john king is proud. >> only newt gingrich could get sank at this moanious about cheating on two wifes and abandoning them. >> heather: senior editor of the american spectator, thank you for joining us, john. so does gingrich owe his win in south carolina to the media? >> i think his late surge, yes. i think what might have been a narrow victory became a 12-point blowout in part because there is no group of people other than
2:32 pm
liberals that are less popular with the conservative republicans who make up the electorate in south carolina. in fact, there was a poll that asked people who voted in the primary if you had to choose between gingrich and the need media, who would you choose, and gingrich won. >> heather: we were listening to john roberts and in his report, he talked about breaking it down to the different categories. late deciders, conservative and independent, evangelical, married women, from 41 to 44% all the way across the board, they all at the last minute, voted for gingrich. >> it's interesting because newt loves to beat up on the news media and here i think he had a legitimate beef. but it's interesting issues right after that debate, he was very cordial with john king from cnn, complimented him on the job that he did. i guess because it helped gingrich. and then he went into a press scrum with 200 reporters and he never looked happier than having 200 reporters around to record his every word. this is a symbiotic
2:33 pm
relationship. the media love him because they never know what he's going to say and he loves the media because they're going to broadcast whatever he says examine they enjoy the combat together. >> heather: it really has become gingrich's trademark. in all of these debate sos far, to go after the media. do you think that trend will continue? and do you think we will see mitt romney, santorum, ron paul, jump on the band wagon as well, because it's working for gingrich? >> it only works them if the media is we are received to have done something wrong and often they're just doing their job. but when george stephanopoulos of abc news asked question after question on contraception during a recent debate when none of the candidates mentioned it, that looked as if they were carrying water for liberals who like to always find chunks in the armor of republicans. so if the media who is off the rails and goes on their own agenda rather than the agenda that people watching want, then the criticism works. otherwise it can look as if newt is being a cry baby. >> heather: it was a decisive
2:34 pm
win for gingrich in south carolina. people polled say it was a direct result of how he was doing in the debates leading up to the south carolina primary. so on the other side of the spectrum, is the problem that romney just can't answer these questions and he did so poorly in the debates as well? >> well, romney has a lot of assets, but he doesn't look comfortable in his own skin. he also doesn't excite people. the joke is that romney supporters are mild about mitt. that's the level of excitement that he generates. so in that sense, it's very much akin to john mccain. john mccain was able to win the nomination with 30 or 35% of the primary vote. he managed to punch through and finally win it. but there was very little enthusiasm in the fall. i think mitt romney is still the favored, although he's looking on shaky ground right now. if he win, how are they going to get that enthusiasm level up because mitt romney doesn't seem to be able to generate it much? >> heather: that's true. you're talk being that enthusiasm factor.
2:35 pm
charles krauthammer likened it to that moment to reagan in new hampshire when reagan said, i paid for this microphone. is that the moment that romney needs to really catapult him? >> yes. but you can't artificially create that kind of moment. it has to happen. then you have to be able to see it. the problem with a candidate like romney, who is a very, very good candidate, is he's not spontaneous. newt is everything, including spontaneous. sometimes newt overreacts. but on thursday night, reacting to that john king question, he hit it out of the ballpark. >> heather: moving forward, any advice for the other two candidates? there is a final four, ron paul and rick santorum leading into florida? >> let's say newt gingrich wins florida. and that will really weaken mitt romney. on the other hand, the entire republican party establishment is united as being very worried about newt as a candidate in november because of the effect he might have on senate and other race. if there is an alternative to
2:36 pm
newt, and romney looks increasingly shaky as a general election candidate, santorum is hoping it will come to him. now, ron paul has given no secret out, he's not really running to be president. he's running to create a movement. like barry goldwater to help take over the republican party for future candidates, perhaps his son rand. ron paul has a completely different agenda. he's running for his ideas. >> heather: he readily said that. he said that last night several times. thank you so much. we appreciate your insight, john >> thank you. >> gregg: forget about bucking the trend this next one is full on blitz in the middle of one of the worst recessions in decades, the nfl is seeing revenues rise faster than any other sports league. what's their winning strategy? elizabeth prann joins us live in atlanta with morin that. hi, elizabeth. >> hi, gregg. good to sigh. you're right. we have the super bowl just two weeks from today. we can expect record ratings because to give you a gauge of just how popular the super bowl
2:37 pm
is anticipated to be, advertisers are paying $4 million for just a 30-second spot on that show. but it's not much of a surprise. the nfl is seeing massive viewership. it's up 15% from last season. ratings are the highest they've been in two decades. >> it will keep going up, up, up, up because it's such an attractive game and television covers it. we can see it on television. we can see it on our mobile apps. we can see it over the internet. we can see it everywhere now. it is modern day viewing and the nfl leveraged all that. >> he went on it say the nfl leveraged its contracts, dealing with four big networks. they generate billions over the next decade and it treats all the networks equally so really it's almost like a bidding war. that in combination with a relatively short season means big bucks and very loyal fans.
2:38 pm
>> refuse created what i call cultural icons. they are more than just a brand. they're a brand that we identify with emotionally, advice rally. we identified with them because they say hometown to us. >> speaking of hometown, these stadiums have been at about 95% capacity this entire season. what are people wearing? they're buying their favorite gear because the nfl says just last year they brought in $2.7 billion in merchandise sales alone. gregg? >> gregg: i read today, eli manning has the top selling jersey. >> he does. ten people may catch up in a couple years burks right now it is him. >> gregg: it may not end well with eli and the giants. note i'm wearing 49 red today. >> oh, we know what you'll be doing this evening. >> oh, yeah. elizabeth prann i notice you're
2:39 pm
wearing the same. go 9ers. >> heather: is that your only -- >> i won't tell you. >> heather: is that the only nfl garb you're wearing? >> gregg: i have something else. but i'm not talk being it. >> heather: maybe later we'll get that. >> gregg: my wife told me do not mention that on television, so i'm not going to mention it. >> heather: maybe under his pants. just saying. defending the barrage of political advertising unleashed by a supreme court decision, never mind complex arguments, one supreme court justice says it's as simple as flip ago swift our legal panel weighs in, upve next for the advice on phillips' caplets. magnesium, right? you bet! phillips' caplets use magnesium. works more naturally than smulant laxatives... for gentle relief of occasional constipation. can i get an autograph? [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> gregg: u.s. supreme court justice setting off a firey new debate over political advertisements. you may recall big supreme court ruling two years ago citizens united, ended limits on corporate contributions in political campaigns. many folks are arguing that ruling has led to the rise of super pacs and bombardment of political ads.
2:44 pm
justice scalia is offering a a simple solution on the anniversary of citizens united, saying, quote, people are not stupid, if they don't like t they'll just shut it off. meaning their tv sets when negative ads come on. let's bring in our legal panel to talk about the remarks. lease wheel, mercedes would hen. good to see you both. at first blush, it may seem like a flippant remark by justice scalia. but maybe he's got a point there. there are plenty of channels to choose from. you could tivo the stuff and get rid of all the commercials. >> we could be turned off as we all know as well. just press the mute button or press off. it's a flippant remark, yes, but a very practical one and he's right. this is from a judge, a justice who by the way, over the years has been saying things like this. when he was asked about detainee, he said war is war, give may break. saying about the constitution and sex discrimination, he said, if current society wants to
2:45 pm
outlaw it -- don't blame us. he's been outgoing as to his practical self. >> that's the beauty of it. >> gregg: 200 years ago, mercedes, you didn't like the public discourse at the town square, you could walk someplace else. television ads and the internet, it's our lives, you can't get away from it. >> yes. but i think justice scalia is correct. you can shut all of that off and the voters are smart. justice scalia said and it's it's true. the voters are looking up these candidates and going on the internet, doing their own investigations into these individuals and they can certainly turn on and off whatever they like to see. >> gregg: a lot of people worry about the power of the super pacs that raised $30 million in three races so far in the presidential donald test. 12 million alone spent on television in south carolina. steven breyer had this to say recently about citizens united and i'll quote him.
2:46 pm
there are real problems when people want to spend a lot of money on a candidate, they'll drown out the people who don't have a lot of money. does he have a point? >> it's always been that way, gregg. you always -- old mantra is you have to have money to get into politics and run and have a super pac. but corporations, supreme court ruled do have supreme, first amendment rights of free speech. so we can't squash that through the pacs who are supported by the people. >> the super pacs are regulated. that's by the federal electoral commission. they have to disclose -- >> gregg: a lousy way of regulating. >> but if the voters want to see who is behind the super pacs. they know, they can go into it and look at who is listed -- >> gregg: here is the deal, the reporting requirement on these super pacs is delayed beyond when the ads and elections occur. >> right. >> ultimately the voters can get that information. >> gregg: but after the election, that doesn't do any
2:47 pm
good. >> that can be amended and should be. >> gregg: it came out in 2010, now retired justice john paul stevens wrote a scathing 90-page dissent that few people read. i actually reread portions of it today. i want to quote part of this. here it is: the court's opinion is a rejection of the common sense of the american people who have recognized a need to prevent corporations from undermining self-government and who have fought against the corrupting potential of corporate electioning. did he have it right? did the court get it wrong and they get it wrong now and again? >> they do. it was a 5-4 decision, as you know. stevens was partially right is that he said in that dissent, look, the court could have paired it down, not been so broad on the constitutional issues here and given corporations the freedom of speech. but held them back a little bit. they did not do that.
2:48 pm
he was partially right. but i think the majority he was right in there is a first amendment right. >> it's a slippery slope. whenever you try a cakes know this as a former corporate attorney, when you have a corporate entity, you have to tell that jury, they are just like you and me. they're individuals under the eyes of the law. so if you have to do this type of restriction, they're talking about amending the constitution. can you imagine trying to amend the constitution, which will say corporations don't have the freedom of speech when it comes to the electoral process? this is what you would have to to -- >> we do end up with candidates who say, corporations are people, too. >> but they certainly are. i want to say, my friend having her baby. >> gregg: mercedes, lis, good to see you both. >> thanks. >> gregg: we'll going to be right back. don't go away say get smart about your weight.
2:49 pm
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>> heather: welcome back. a daily dose of vitamin d could be the key to fighting depression in kids. >> gregg: that's right. the benefits may be especially helpful when young people are heading into those rather difficult teenage years. >> heather: which you're familiar. >> gregg: yes, i am all too familiar with 'cause i'm a teen-ager. here to talk about the results of a brand-new study, dr. steven
2:53 pm
lamb, practicing internist and faculty member at new york university school of medicine and a contributor to the daily. what do you think of the study? >> i think it's once again, vitamin b has become a superstar. it's gotten legendary status right now. we know vitamin d is important. i think this is an interesting observation that children with the lowest vitamin d level followed a few years later seemed to have a higher risk of depression, period. >> gregg: could be other factor as soon as. >> could be so many other factors. but the reality is that vitamin d has already been shown to have an effect on mood in adults. it's also been shown to have an effect on your immune system and bone and metabolism. it's really not a vitamin as much as it is a hormone. >> heather: acts more like a hormone. >> just the fact that you give people vitamin d doesn't mean you can treat depression. that link hasn't been made. what's very clear is that i don't think i've ever seen a patient in my office, if i draw
2:54 pm
their blood, to have a optimum level of vitamin d. most people are very low. why? because you need to get it from food and you need to get it from the up and most people aren't in the sun because we're worried about skin cancer. >> gregg: i do have two teenage daughters and i worry about -- i grew up in southern california, sunshine all year. but here in the east coast f basically halloween to easter, you're not out. >> some people think seasonal effective disorder, which occurs during -- from christmas on, may be related to vitamin d depletion. some people think flu occurs from the winter season because of vitamin d completion. i really think it's important, you probably should supplement. it's hard to eat reindeer meat. >> gregg: how about tuna? >> yeah. and then you'll get a little arsenic and mercury. >> heather: what is the optimum amount? >> nobody knows, but in my opinion, 800 units and let's say 2,000 units, you're probably
2:55 pm
perfectly safe. >> gregg: what about a connection to cancer in deficiency? >> once again, they've shown links between vitamin d deficiency and prostate and colon andist and breast. but that doesn't mean if you take it you can be cured from it. it's important to improve the level of vitamin d because you activate certain genes in your favor. we have to move away deficiency. we're not worried about crickets. you need to raise the level. we don't know what the level is. there are more studies with vitamin d than any other vitamin hormone. >> heather: so you do recommend -- >> i absolutely recommend that you supplement your diet. i'd say safe, about 1,000 units. >> gregg: a day? >> a day. right? >> gregg: really? >> it's perfectly safe at that level. you don't have to go 10,000. there are people who advocate that, but remember, it's a fat soluble vitamin. there may be a down side with too high a level.
2:56 pm
anywhere between 800, 2,000. >> gregg: would 1,000 be for adults and kids or lesser amount for kids? >> if you're a baby, obviously a little lower. for the most part, 800 to 1,000, 1200, reasonable. >> heather: average multi vitamin? >> is 400. you would have to drink 50 glass of million toc get an adequate amount. we're trying to fortified foods, but not enough. if you eat too much fish, you're really going to get the arsenic and mercury problem. >> gregg: don't want that. dr. steven lamb, great to see you. thanks very much. >> heather: appreciate it. that is it for us. >> gregg: that's going to do it for us. >> heather: chris wallace is coming up next. right? >> gregg: yes. and we hope you have a great week, everybody. we'll see you back here next weekend on "america's news headquarters." >> heather: thank you wake up!
2:57 pm
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