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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 24, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>megyn: embarrassing mistake outside of a high school in new york city. the word "school," with a rogue "h." look at that. supposed to be the other way pointed on the road over the summer but it went unnoticed for months. only recently being reported. a spokesman says this was made by a utility worker. they are working on fixing the mistake. your taxpayer dollars at work. >>shepard: thank you, the news begins anew. on "studio b". can you not run for president without money in the bank the but how much money do the candidates hold? we will get a live report on that. and the president's "state of the union" address is tone which is why i am here in washington, dc. we will have details of the speech and the white house chief deputy, and chairman of the republican national committee joining us to talk about it. and new days on the italian cruise ship disaster with reports that rich passengers on the sinking ship paid their way
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into safety. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." today in the shadow of the capitol and the reason we are here is because i came to have lunch with the president and this year he invited other friends. all the anchors from the evening newscast, diane, and scott from cbs and the people from the other cable channels and it is an off the record luncheon so you cannot get specific. you can talk all you want about the food. and it is tradition on this program on the tuesday that is state of the union tuesday for us to go through the menu. class year vegetables from the first lady's vegetable garden on the white house lawn. this year, not so much. i will tell you where the vegetables came from and about the three bean salad, and the spectacular white wine served with it.
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but, man, when you have eight glasses ... not really. and, i will tell you if the president had any. and the dessert. the best thing of the day was coffee. my goodness, i don't know where the white house gets their coffee but we will go through this, mr. smith comes to dinner in washington. a thrill pore me. and in under six hours the president will make the short trip from the white house to capitol hill to deliver the state of the union address, and he will be full. and it comes with a mix of policy and politics. an economy slowly recovering, but, still troublesome for millions of members. a congress struggling to hammer out agreements on the most bake -- basic functions. and a handful of republicans in a browsing -- a huge fight for the highest office in america. after weeks of pressure, multi-millionaire presidential candidate mitt romney has
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released his taxes. they show he made $21.7 million in 2010 and gave $3 million to charity, much of that to the mormon church. and the federal tax bill was also about $3 million. that amounts to a tax rate of less than 14 percent. mitt romney will have a slightly higher rate for 2011 but lower than what most americans pay. newnewt gingrich paid 31 percent and president obama paid 26 percent. governor mitt romney is one of the wealthiest presidential candidates in the history. the 2010 tax run is 200 pages long including details of a recently closed swiss bank account and foreign investments and tax havens including bermuda and the cayman isles. he says they are by the book but the rival suggests the wealth could be a political liability. >> it could be an issue.
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if governor romney ... that is something that should be considered by people when they pick a candidate. >>shepard: the riches providing ammunition from the obama campaign. >> when the average middle class workers pay more in taxes than those making $50 million or $630 million a year we have to change that. >>shepard: his reluctance to release the taxes earlier may have hurt him in the state of south carolina we are told. florida holds the primary a week from today, january 31 and it remains to be seen if the opening of the books will put this issue to rest. and now to carl cameron in florida, today. speaker begin rich wrapped up the rally but you talked with governor romney. what is he saying about the release of the tax runs? >>carl: quite a bit.
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you get credit for the campaign karl nickname going back more than a decade. mitt romney refer as different way to crunch the numbers with the aides pointing out if you combine the tax burden with the charitable contributions it is more than 40 percent. but there is no doubt that mitt romney recognizes the reluctant to release the tax runs until today cost him. and he was hesitant. he hedged. he stammered when asked repeatedly, and it made reporters and voters suspicious so this morning at an event today i had a chance to talk with him at an industrial warehouse and newt gingrich is meeting in an airport hanger. here is how he explained what he acknowledges is a mistake in the way he handled the tax runs the. >> we should have put them out in south carolina.
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>> so, there you go it cost him the support of some in south carolina, and it made people suspicious. as far as he is concerned, he considers it a finalized issue. there was in doubt before we sought returns that mitt romney is a very wealthy man, perhaps historically so as presidential candidates go and now we have the tax runs to prove it. >>shepard: what do we hear from newt gingrich? >>carl: well, newt gingrich as in last night's debate and here on the stump, he is trying to rise above the fray, and illustrate his capacity to be presidential. he didn't take a lot of the bait from mitt romney, and he didn't engage in a lost sniping of the past, instead, he kept the tone much more quiet, and i talked with him today, and in a very, very measured voice, he made the argument that while he will be disruptive as a president in washington and rattle the halls of the establishment, better than, than the chief executive
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officer, the manager that he says mitt romney would be. listen. >> if you want change in washington then newt gingrich presidency will give you change in washington. if you want to preside over the decase and be pleasant, get somebody else. >>carl: that is a reference to mitt romney. "be pleasant in managing the decay," a reference to his claim as a businessman with private sector experience he is better suited to be a president which newt gingrich says is not going to cut it with the problems as large as they are. >>shepard: "decay," well, carl, thank you from florida and now fox news contributor, with campaign experience going back decades including time with presidents reagan, nixon, and george hw bush and worked on michele bachmann's campaign and for huckabee, and chairman of the a strategy group and a straight shooter. preside over the decay, how does that play?
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>>guest: not very well. how did you like the wine? good? >>shepard: it was good. i have all the details of this. i don't normally drink, that type wine. >>guest: the coffee comes straight from the mess. >>shepard: i would usually get a blanc, if i had a white wines but preside overtime decay, what are they thinking? >>guest: you know, first, the president is not a c.e.o., she a leader who gives the country a direction, makes this country feel good or not but he doesn't it is there day in and day out and micromanage the government. it is too big. that is what the cabinet secretaries do. at the end of the day, there are two views of people. obviously, both have had great successes. newt has had great success in washington world where he came
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from a back bencher to become one of the most significant speakers in modern time and extraordinary gifts and talented and did well in the business community and obviously when you file the kind of tax forms he did without working, been running for president for six years and still makes $20 million, he has done something well. but, that -- the key thing, if i was running his campaign i would go back when he first ran for governor and put out 10 years, and i am sure it is the same type of rates and that would be behind him but now they will pick on, what was the year before this, and take his father's words where he put out 12 years. it doesn't matter. at the end of the day, the people now know the man made a lot of money, made it legally, he paid a lot of taxes and gave a lot to clutch and clarity. move on. >>shepard: and that is probably what will happen by way of discussion of those who do the news, part of it was, for a bunch of millionaires sitting around, that what happened was
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he sat around for two years and made $45 million and paid less than 15 works. nice work if you can get it. just by way of observation. >>guest: well, you know, he hasn't got much wages, it is all former of investments he made and what have you and to a certain extent he has been running nonstop for six years for president. night to have those resources and what we know from his income levels is he, not run out of money. he doesn't have to sit out there and beg and he has been the most effective fundraiser so he will have plenty of money to go all the way. can newt gingrich match him in the other primaries after next tuesday. >>shepard: ed rollins in new york, good to have you. and we are hearing about what the president will say today and i heard from the president a short time ago and i will fill you in, what i can in the off the record discussion. and now that mitt romney has
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unveiled some of his financial information it is time to separate fact from opinion. neil cavuto from the fox business network is like with us this hour and a few minutes ago to do just that. and the first thing on the luncheon menu, it looks the same each year but the food is different and all delicious. the first item today i looked at the menu before it came and it said fresh market vegetable lasagne. so. that is the first court? weird first course, you would think it would be a salad but it said it is vegetable salad? no, vegetable lasagna with no noodles. how is that? how did they do it? good stuff. tell you in a minute. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently
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>>shepard: 14 minutes after the hour in "studio b" live from washington where the anchors had
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lunch with the president today and ahead of the "state of the union" address and the first thing on the menu was special vegetable lasagna which the dictionary says is a wide, large, flat rectangle strip of pasta but we had vegetable lasagna with no pasta. so we will get into the conspiracy behind that in a moment. the white house says taxes will play a big part in the "state of the union" address, and the president will once again use a billionaire's secretary to help him make his argument that the country tax code is unfair. you will recall the investor and obama supporter warren buffett has said he should not pay a lower tax rate than his secretary. got famous for that. the president called it the "buff let rule," and to drive home the point he asked his secretary to sit next to the first lady michelle obama during the "state of the union" address. all of this on the same day that the g.o.p. presidential
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candidate mitt romney released the tax runs showing he paid a lower rate than many americans. >> we need to make sure that middle class workers are not paying more in tax rates than people who are making $40 million or $150 million a year. we have rules of the road in place. i am sure mitt romney tried to follow them. the question is, we need change in the tax coat -- tax code so everyone is doing their fair share. >>shepard: according to a "new york times" poll, more americans agree with the buffett rule concept and according to the results, 52 percent of americans say the investment should be taxed at the same rate as income wages while 36 percent say they approve the current tax policy. and wendell has the news at the white house. why is the president continue telling press for tax hikes that republicans have made clear they will not accept? >>guest: well, if they say that is a fundamental part of restoring fairness to the middle
12:17 pm
class one of four pillars of "america built to last." the other three pillars are rebuilding manufacturing sector, expanding domestic energy production, and improving education and job training. here is a shot of the president working with the speech writer yesterday, the critics say this will be a campaign speech but the president's aide say the ideas do not come from the campaign helpers. >> he has spent a lot of time over the last few years traveling around the country receiving letter from the american people and his agenda was developed by listening to the american people and focusing on what he thinks it will take to move the country forward in a positive direction. >>reporter: and cbs-new york times poll indicates a majority of the public support the president on the buffett rule. >>shepard: that was valerie jarret at the lunch, no wine, no coffee, tea instead. the president's job approval
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rating is lower than the other "state of the union" addresses which could make the proposals in this climate especially difficult to sell. >>reporter: probably the toughest of the three "state of the union" addresses but, the president thinks he will make specific proposals and call on republicans to gin him on ideas that republicans have supported in the past. the problem is, these are ideas that a few republicans have joined a majority of democrats to support, and the tea party republicans make colleague they will not accept that and the house speaker says the president's ideas have not created enough jobs. >> this election will be a referendum on the president's economic policies. his policies have failed. as a matter of fact, they have made the economy worse. the politics of envy, the politics of dividing our country is not what america is all about. and so get back to the economy. the american people want jobs. now. >>reporter: he is not counting
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on an onlyive branch. welcome to the white house, that is how we eat every day here. >>shepard: i am sure you do. very healthy food, i will go through the whole list of it. he, i know that right before we sat down for lunch, the president was, he said to us he just went through a dry run of the speech and he was about, i will not say late, but about 40 minutes when we were supposed to start so i made it back 20 minutes ago drunk as a skunk. not really. glass and a half. a fact that form governor mitt romney is among the richest ever to run for president and the former bain capital c.e.o. says he paid what he owed and not a dollar more. and details were releases in defense of the tax runs saying he did exactly what was legally required. and neil cavuto is with us from the newseum in washington, dc. and senior vice president of business news and friend of the
12:20 pm
planet. i don't know, if the rules are what the rules are you have to pay what you pay and not a penny more. like going to walmart, take the deal and get out. >>neil: i did not get to see the president like you but i ate the pasta you were supposed to have, i gathered at the kids' table with the white house chef so i had the pasta. just want to get it out there. >>shepard: i said you won. i am curious, what your thinking is or what the rules are regarding what has happened and if there is anything nefarious? >>neil: not nefarious, but it is nothing sneaky that mitt romney is doing, he is paying the rate and what it is, around 15 percent, a gain on income invested a long-term game. he didn't take the money in and out or he would be taxed at the
12:21 pm
existing rate. 35 percent if he was going in and out. this was money parked. but i want to say this is money that he did pay the full rate when he first earned it, and when he end it he put it back into the company and whatever gains were made, that is what is considered capital gains income and taxed at 15 percent. but you also mention with warren buffett's secretary in the audience, and, he, by the way she not paying this woman at least $1 million a year after making a poster cake but in all seriousness he will say it should be more even steven. if you do not bring her income down to around 28 percent and you don't like the 15 percent capital gains rate and it raises or goes up to 20 percent next year do you want to bring it to 28 percent or tax the income rate. the argument against is it will make investing in start-up countries and new enterprises less likely. that is the raging debate. >>shepard: i am sure.
12:22 pm
we will want for you on the fox business network for coverage of the "state of the union" address, beginning at 9:00 eastern. coming up the deputy chief of staff from the white house will be here to talk about the president's speech and i will explain how in the world anybody can have a vegetable lasagna appetizer that does not include pasta. and make it delicious and memorable. and something you will want to know. that is next.
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>>shepard: now the break news of lasagna to update you, today at lunch at the white house, fresh market vegetable "lasagna," which is in quotes on the menu, with a plum tomato to sauce, and the definition of land san i -- land -- lasagna,
12:26 pm
large flat noodles, pasta, cheese, meat. this was squared about this size, probably no bigger than that, and pieces of vegetables with be. ts twigs and berry, some in the north would call it let us, and we call it twigs and berries in the south, and a sauce. that was a good salad. so good and it went great with the wine, and the main course was a thyme roasted sea bass. and what was under it was better, and that, ladies and gentleman is your tease. that is ahead. but, first, presidents usually do not achieve every goal but
12:27 pm
this particular president has yet to fulfill a number of the plants promoted in the previous address including eliminating subsidies to oil companies. closing the risen at guantanamo bay and changing the tax system. among the achievements ending the war in iraq. establishing a new health care law. and ending the ban on gays serving openly in the military, also, ladies and gentleman with a check mark. and the deputy chief of staff. go to see you. >>guest: thank you, good to be here, thanks for coming by, did they give you in mississippi mud pie? >>shepard: they didn't. unbelievable that dessert could have been as delicious as it was given what they called it. i will tell you what they called it in a minute and you will think you don't want it until you eat it. mitt romney paid, what, 13 percent, does anyone at the white house is a problem with that low a tax rate for anybody? >>guest: well, you know, we are not focused on governor
12:28 pm
romney's tax rate. we are focused on building an economy that is durable and going to last and that means we are focused on american manufacturing and energy and working on skills of american people. >>neil: with great respect and admiration, the world today is talking about mitt romney's taxes. our weird little tv world. so could you talk about that for a minute he paid less than 15 percent. i mean ... does anyone have a problem with that low a tax rate at the white house in we would like to fix it so that situation doesn't happen again? >>guest: tonight the president will lay out his vision of, really, the kind of america that we want to build. and it involves that basic american promise if you play by the rules and you pay your fair share you have a stake in the future of this country and the ability --. >>shepard: you not saying he did not pay his fair share?
12:29 pm
>>guest: there is a fair question about what is a fair share? and i think warren buffett has said it doesn't seem fair to him that he has a lower tax rate than his secretary. so, i think, the president will lay out the details about the buffett rule that he has talked about this summer and we will hear some discussion on that, but we are focused on the policies that will continue the momentum that we are seeing in this economy. where you pointed out, wherefore the first time in a decade, we have in americans fighting in iraq. we are moving forward with creating new jobs in manufacturing. and, last 22 months we have created three million jobs. that is what this president is focused on. >>shepard: does this president believe that 13.9 percent is too little to pay on taxes? >>guest: as i said, you had lunch with the president and i am sure you had a question to ask. >>shepard: it was off the record, so i can't talk. >>guest: i see, i see.
12:30 pm
well i'm not going to be answer that question because i have not spoken with the president. i have spoken about what he wants he and the others at the white house to do to work with the president to get our ideas about manufacturing and our ideas about skills for american workers moving forward. that is what i am focused on. >>shepard: nice of you to be with us. that was a delicious lunch. thank you. >>guest: thank you. >>shepard: we will have the republican take on what is known as the president's speech coming up, the chairman of the republican national committee will join us in a minute and i will have special coverage tonight on the forecast broadcast network. and chris wallace from fox news sunday is with us from capitol hill and neil cavuto on the fox business network, and bret baier here on the fox news, and radio people. the next important item of business is going to be this lunch again with the president if you are just tuning in, the state of the union and all the
12:31 pm
anchors go in and have lunch with the president and i can't talk the details so i talk the men he. the main course was roasted sea bass, which i am a fan. and it says sea bass, is it really sea bass? you never really know. it could be a north atlantic cod. but it was what was under the sea bass that you will find very interesting. right after this. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shippingiant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la
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>>shepard: tax returns in a moment but first the main course if you are just tuning in, it is state of the union tuesday, and anchors have lunch with the president, which is very nice in the heart of the white house. the president was running late because he was practicing his speech. we ran through the lasagna and the sea bass, and i explain that it is what is under the sea bass that was quite delicious. and that was a three bean mixture, green beans, real aldente, more crispy, and butterbeans, which, as a child of dixie i enjoy, and they were also very everyone undercooked and some kind of peas. i was going to ask but the president was talking so i thought it would be rude and it was all in what is said to be brown butter, not a huge butter fan with lunch, trying to cut
12:36 pm
back these days, but just enough butter and possibly a little white and seafood reduction. it was good. healthy big piece of push. can you-- big piece of fish nicd grilled. what did they serve? they served a secret as of this moment chardonay. if i would not have had the chardonay i would have been wrong. if you are republican and you hate this republican, fine, if you are a democrat and you hate the last white house, fine. the last president doesn't do the wine, this president -- did the president drink the wine? the answer to that is ahead but first the release of mitt romney's tax runs raising questions on his own personal wealth. we learned the former massachusetts governor took in $20 million, and each of the last two years mostly from profits from investments. last night, mitt romney said he had nothing to hide, and that he
12:37 pm
has paid everything he owes uncle sam. listen. >> i am sure people will talk about it, you will see my incomes and the taxes i paid and how much i paid to charity, and will there be discussions? an article? yes, but is it legal and fair? absolutely. >> entirely legal and fair he says absolutely and it turns out the other republican contenders have plenty of cash to their names. the chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt. so mitt romney has a lot of cash, where does he spend it? >>jonathan: as you said, he gave several million to charity, but he also sinks a lot of cash into real estate. look at these two homes. in california, $12 million on that mansion. also, has an estate in new hampshire on the right, there, officially assessed at $4.3 million and he sold his mansion in massachusetts, and that was worth several million, too, and he also sold a home in beautiful park city, utah, take a look at
12:38 pm
that. not too shabby listed at just over $5 million and the only house she interested in is the white one that the president lives in. >> how about the other candidates? >>jonathan: they are not badly off. newt gingrich's network is estimated at $6.5 million. probably less impressive for the portfolio, just two residents, one in virginia, assessed as $1 million. and ron paul, between $2 million and $5 million, the same texas home for four decades and we think it is on the market for $325 million. and rick santorum's network is between $1 million and $2 million and a home in great falls, virginia, that cost $2 million in 2007 and, also, five rental properties in state college, pennsylvania, worth each less than $250,000. none of the guys running for president and including the one
12:39 pm
who is currently the president, his estimated worth between $3 million and $11 million, president obama and that house he owns in chicago $1.65 million, not one of them could claim to be anything like the average american. >>shepard: jonathan, thank you from new york city. jonathan will chat about this and other things including the white house luncheon, and you can weigh in on all those things , and click on this guy, and imagine jonathan hunt with an all white face and white streaks flying across his body with me talking gibberish on the top of the screen. and now from florida, a journalist, the national reporter for the real clear politics website that we love around here, and has always covered politics for the "national journal," and c-span and abc news.
12:40 pm
welcome. >> thank you very much. >>shepard: one of the interesting things from last note's debate was a question that was posed mitt romney, about illegal aliens, what do you do about illegal aliens. listen. >> well, the answer is, self deport station which is people decide they can do better going home because they cannot find work here because they do not have legal documentation to allow it. we will not round people up. >>shepard: they wait for it to get bad enough? or to make it such that they make it difficult for people to work? what was the take of the room? >>guest: you know, it is hard to find a job in america and they will go home to their home country and find a job there? the concept was sort of an interesting that he is going to have to explain again in the press file where i was, people thought, what is he talking about? but we heard after that, rick santorum backed him up and said
12:41 pm
it is happening now. it is happening now? to what degree or what percentage of illegal immigrants are deporting themselves home? i am not sure we know that. but it seems like a strange concept that he will have to explain. >>shepard: and it was suggested this could be a closing of the book on the tax matter for mitt romney, and as a journalist what sort of questions might you have along those lines or are you finished with that? >>guest: you know, when we had this big conference call with the campaign this morning, the trustee, the john -- general counsel, and a former i.r.s. commissioner saying he paid in full and he paid a lot in taxes, he paid $3 million in taxes in defend 20. that is more than the vast majority of us make in a year, and the bottom line is, he followed the letter of the law so in my mind it might be over, but who knows? maybe in 2001 there was
12:42 pm
something strange that we would like to see but by and large it seems to be over. that is what the campaign was going for. >>shepard: i wanted to ask you about the change in the debate, with the announcement before the debate for the purpose of this debate, at least, there is no audience participation and he would ask them to hold their applause, and they did and it changed the tone, and to hear it today, they believe it seemed to work best for mitt romney. that he got a leg up on newt gingrich last night. has there been talk among the journalism crowd if this will happen again, no audience participation? >>guest: there was a little bit today about how newt gingrich might not want to participate in debates where there is no audience participation, generally speaking, the first amendment right and they think that audience should have a right to participate because there was such an outcry about a lack of audience participation, we will be seeing audience participation in all of the debates going
12:43 pm
forward. >>shepard: erin, thank you, from the political westbound and i hope you will come again. we her the white house take on the "state of the union" address a few minutes ago and next the chairman of the republican national committee gets his stay and you can get he will have a different opinion about the president's plan. plus, women and children first? well, not on this vote. and before we get away i must mention the wine. i talked about it enough and i told you it was a chardonay and went with this non-lasagna lasagna and the sea bass. it is a date of 2008 getting a 90 from the magazine "wine spectator."
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
but first republicans wasting no time slamming the president's talk address which he has not delivered. that is normal. both sides do it. house speaker boehner has called the president's message pathetic adding that it sounds like the "same old policies we have seen." more spending. higher taxes. more regulation. >> and then the senate minority leader, mcconnell who says and i quote, "if the president wants someone to blame for the economy he should start with himself. the chairman of the republican national committee, sir, good afternoon. nice to see you. >> i have a theory on this wine. and why, i am sure the white house was serving this wine to you all because they don't want you to realize how awful everything has gotten in the economy, or, they serve you the wine because they don't want you to know he will deliver the same speech tonight that he has delivered for the last three speeches that this president has
12:48 pm
given. >>shepard: i think it is because they normally search wine at lunch. i am sure they would have us loosened out but we cannot talk about anything but the food and wine. one of the tones from the president, we are not allowed to talk specifics but a tone he laid out, he hopes that maybe there was more optimism, and maybe there will be more optimism after this speech tonight. i am guessing that is the goal of every president every time he gives the "state of the union" address because maybe that optimism is contagious. >>guest: hope is go. part of human spirit. but, part of the problem we have with this president, at some point you have to have results, and the problem we have with president obama is that he, we really want to know, what is the state of the failed promises that this president has been delivering to this country for years, now, and one of the things that is really important, is that this is not a bridge of talking points, and that for all the whining and complaining that the president does about
12:49 pm
republicans, he had full control over the congress for two out of the three years. >>shepard: he did? i thought we had to have 60 votes. but go on. i hear you. >>guest: we did until scott brown won, so he had actually a filibuster proof nat -- senate for the first year and then a supermajority. that is beverly the point. the reality is, this president has been delivering promises and not meeting promises for three years now and we have a great ad today that we released and we are airing this four different states. my goal is to use the words of president obama, the standard that president obama set for himself to measure up this president for the american people and the reality is he can't meet the standard that he set for himself, shep, and that is why i think he will be a one term president. >>shepard: this idea of optimism, there are the realities that the economy appears to be improving, and unemployment is still a terrible
12:50 pm
rate and everyone is hoping it will get better you and me included. but the trend seems to be up. now, if i'm a casual political observer and i'm the incumbent and things are on the upswing i'm probably happier about that than the people who are trying to get into power is that fair? >>guest: well, maybe at a numbers level but the reality is when you are going out to where i'm in in wisconsin and out there in the rest of the country, people are hurting and not making the machine -- money they should make and they are not employed. they are not part of the group looking for work. they are not making as much or working as much. and the debt and deficit are out-of-control. and people are worried about spending. there are so many things to measure the economy and we are on a pathway to the most predictable economic disaster facing america and this president hasn't done anything about it. it has gotten worse. >>shepard: great to see you,
12:51 pm
chairman of the republican national committee. thank you. >>guest: can't wait to hear about the wine and how much it costs. you obviously like it. maybe i will have to buy a bottle. >>shepard: i had less than one glass. wolf blitzer was watching. $37 a bottle. a french chardonay, 2008. or every minute, our app can take them from thought to trade. at scottrade, seven-dollar trades are just the start. try our powerful mobile app. it's another reason more investors are saying... i'm with scottrade.
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>>shepard: we are down to down o dessert but first the cruise ship many of the passengers that suffer injuries had to wait for lifeboats because the wealthy tourists bribed their way to the front of the line.
12:55 pm
it is reported that eyewitnesses say russian tourists handed 50 fulls of cash to ensure their safety. one person said and i quote, "the disabled were left to fend for themselves." now, fox news cannot independently verify the reports but today, divers found the body of a woman on the ship's third floor deck bringing the debt toll up to 16. more than a dozen others are still officially listed as missing include two americans and 11 days at it struck a reef and sank. trace covering this for us this afternoon, has the cruise company commented at all on the rich getting special treatment according to the reporting of the "sun." >>trace: they have not but cruise experts say the reason the wealths were the first ones in the lifeboat is because the cabins of first-class are closest to the deck but the tall -- italian authorities are
12:56 pm
gathering more and more information and the wealthy russian tourists were paying their way to get in the boat. one was expecting to see women, children, and the injured but all i said were healthy men, and elegant women in evening gowns who were speaking russian. we should note, also, that a lot of the passengers are planning to file a class action lawsuit against the cruise line and this may become a factor in that, as well. >>shepard: wow, trace, thank you. before we get away wrapping up the lunch on. lunch with the president, all the main anchors had it, they do it each year before the state of the union and the menu was fresh market vegetable lasagna, and roasted sea bass, with mushrooms and three bean salad, and dessert. warm lemon pudding. right? warm lemon pudding with wild blueberries but it was like a cakey thing, and it had that sort of creamy sweet almost like
12:57 pm
... sweetened condensed milk on the bottom and fresh blueberries and the sauce on ton. lunch at the white house. i could do that every day! no, no, actually, i couldn't. and some wine. but this was delicious. and thank you to the president and all his men and women and the people would work there and all the rest. [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
[ male aouncer ] red lobster's ur course seafood feast is back. get soup, salad, cheddar bay biscuits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, ed lobster manager and i sea food differently. but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.


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