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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 26, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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called, about the boxer. we have to go. wrestler. thanks for watching. "the five." see you tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld, president and founder of federated house boy. and i stand behind each one, 100%. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> how do you like me now, america? what does nancy pelosi know about newt gingrich she is not telling? we will investigate what happens when politicians act like five-year-olds straight ahead. and president obama gives an eight-hour state of the union address. the full details coming up. well, a few details.
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maybe one detail. the state-run russian tv network said they hired wikileaks founder julian assange to host a talk show. but is the joke on them? we report, you decide. >> thank you, andy. >> happy opposite day. >> you are the best, and i couldn't do this show without you. >> thanks, man. >> i don't think you understand what i did there, andy. >> of course i did. you said something really nice. >> but it is opposite day. >> i said that. >> not sure what that has to do with you saying something nice about me. >> i said something nice because it is opposite day and so i meant the opposite. >> thanks, man. >> i just said you are stupid. >> it is opposite day, so really you said i am smart. >> i hate you, go away. >> you love me and i should stay. got it. >> these things never end well for me. leave me. that means go. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot her tears are made into tabasco sauce. i am here with diane macedo.
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she anchors business news on "imus in the morning." it is weekdays on fox business network early in the morning. he is the pink owe that makes you think-o. writer john devore leaving us shortly for l.a. his imaginary girlfriend has a restraining order against him. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he kills audiences with his subtle humor and his collection of knives. sitting next to me, the host of "funny story" that airs on sirius xm radio. and our "new york times" correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> today in the new york section, jersey governor chris christie vows to veto any same-sex marriage bill that comes across his desk. how can an area known as the fwar den state disapprove of nuptials? while the giants may play in new jersey they can only marry each other in new york. go big blue! you can see his arm.
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is there something he did that will ruin newt's bid? is pelosi in the know-see. house minority leader nancy pelosi took a cryptic tone with john king on tuesday night whose show we beat in the ratings. don't know why i put that in there. she asked what he thought about a newt presidency. i wonder if she will make a prediction by saying it ain't gonna happen and there is something she knows. >> let me make my prediction and stand by it. it isn't going to happen. >> why are you so sure? >> there is something i know. the republicans if they choose to nominate him, that's their prerogative. i don't think that's going to happen. >> there is something i know ploy. and gingrich's response, he dropped out of the race. the former speaker went out to point out how she likes the environment of strange fantasies and strange
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understandings of reality. >> she lives in a san francisco environment of strange fantasies and strange understandings of reality. i have no idea what is in nancy pelosi's head. if she knows something i have a simple challenge. spit it out. tell us what it is. i have no idea what she is talking about. >> he was standing in front of giant pencil village. that's a great place to visit. take your family because it is a family place. they followed that up by telling our own martha mccallum -- >> look, if she knows something she ought to say it. and if she doesn't know something she ought to quit saying it. but this is balogna. i don't think any republicans will be threatened by nancy pelosi. and frankly i would rather have her threaten me than endorse me. >> sounds like he is worried. he is still riled up about the last debate on monday. and its ban on applause. he will skip any upcoming debate if that is the case again. instead he will sit in his hotel room and eat pringles
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alone. new polls show the race tightening in florida and no one has been following the contest there closer than, of course, curious cat. isn't that right, cc? >> that was -- i don't know about that. i would never go to bed if i had that cat. never. he would be hovering over you staring at you watching you sleep which is what i do to my cat. tom, welcome back to the show. why do you think nancy pelosi is saying this stuff? is it because she doesn't want him to be nominated, or she wants him to be nominated? clearly she wants the republicans to lose she would hold on to the material and then drop it. so what is this strategy?
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>> first of all, she is doing it to help newt, obviously. everyone knows newt gingrich is terrible and republicans are a bunch of dummies for voting for him. >> why do you say that? >> because he is unelectable, that's why. he is unelectable. >> i have never seen you this angry. >> it is ridiculous. everyone is so passionate. oh he is wonderful. no he isn't. he riels up the audience and they all cheer. of course they do. they are a bunch of dummies too. >> you are insulting half our audience. >> democracy is over rated. go back to the smoke-filled room and choose a candidate. if these republicans had it together they could push romney in there. >> you don't see anything redeeming about the fact that newt actually speaks truth to power and he goes after the media? he says the right things. >> you, greg are in the industrial complex and you love watching these things go on. >> i do.
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>> and of course you are in a business that -- where you talk about the news and talk about the passion and talk about the arguments. but that's not the real world. the real world is politics. romney is the only guy who can win. everybody shut up and nominate him. >> are you like a male version of ann coulter. that's what anne said on monday. >> i agree with ann coulter on this issue quite strongly. >> it is strange. i know your politics and i know ann's politics and ann gets grief for this because she is a conservative known as a rhino because she doesn't like newt. >> if they want to be passionate about their issues and whatever, it is dumb. he is going to lose. that's fine. you want to be passionate? you like the debate? >> this is an interesting theory. i call it the tebow syndrome. you fall in love with the story even though you know he will win the big game. that's why john elway was always frustrated because he saw tim tebow become so popular, but she going, he's not going to win the playoffs.
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he would rather have a nonstory, ie a romney. i have to say i am split on this. i think newt is saying the right things even though his past is his past. let me go to you, dye anne. what is pelosi getting at? did they have an affair perhaps a six way with three members of menudo? >> he is due for one now isn't he? >> i don't know what angle she is playing here. maybe she hasn't got any attention in awhile and she wanted to make a headline. there is nothing more annoying than that person who says i have a really big secret to tell you and i can't tell you. that feels like what she is doing. i feel like if she has information, shut up and stop talking about it if you don't want to come out with it or enough already. what is it you have? >> isn't this kind of childish? it is like what diane said. it makes her look stupid, and she is stupid. >> i honestly think -- >> you are just reminding
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people. >> i honestly think the democrats, obama included are winning the head game. i don't think she has any -- anything on newt. newt is rolling through her inner rolodex of all of the messed up stuff he has done and he is asking hills -- asking himself, what does he know 1234* obama and paw pelosi and they are getting in the heads of the republicans, and that is really screwing their tactile day-to-day political -- >> in my inner rolodex it is nothing but girls. >> it is true. that's what every man's rolodex is. >> she knows nothing. and newt is such a ham. >> everybody is coming out against newt. >> he shouldn't have taken the bait. he shouldn't have gone on and taken the bait. >> but he made a great point. he kept talking about having information, well then what is it already? >> he has got to say this.
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she is looking foolish. what she could be talking about is something illegal. if she gives information she could break the law. if it was something involved in secret political dealings that i know nothing about. >> she has nothing. she has nothing on they will. >> she looks great though. >> the hair. >> this is the first time a favorable description of brenda vaw -- vacaro has been used. bill i want to play some tape for you because i love that. it is newt responding to a question about why he thinks many angel cal voter are supporting him despite his past marital issues. >> i think most people can identify either with themselves or with friends or with loved ones that life has moments that are sad and you wish didn't occur. then you look back on them and
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seek forgiveness for not being everything you could be. it may make me more normal than somebody who wanders around seeming perfect and maybe not understanding the human condition scbh -- and the challenges of life for regular people. >> he basically says if you do something bad it might mean that you are better than somebody who doesn't do something bad. but isn't there a grain of truth about the human condition he is talking about? let's face. it guys screw up. won't that appeal to some guys? >> newt specializes in grains of truth. i would also say he has to pick an excuse. now he did it because he is more normal than somebody who wouldn't. before his excuse for the affairs that he had was because he felt so passionatly about our country. you have to go with one or the other and stick with it. i for one plan on using one or the other one sometime very soon. i am being normal and the
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reason i fooled around a on you was i feel so deeply for this country, andy levy. andy levy and i are dating, fyi. >> congratulationses on that. when guys hear the phrase "human condition" that means bore dom. he is like -- he just taped into that part of the brain that guys have. you know what? democrats get away with that all the time. he is the first republican to use it, correct? >> newt is brilliant at political judo. he is playing the hate the sin, love the siner cards. they can't resist the argument. a he is playing it great. >> i have to step in here. this is ridiculous. cheating on the two of the three wives doesn't make you human. it makes you [bleep] and it doesn't mean he is not eligible to be president, we have had our fair share of adulterers in the white house.
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>> name one. >> they get elect eddie spite having cheated on their wives not because of it. i appreciate his attempt. but no. >> he plays the don't judge -- whatever the biblical quote is. >> it is about judging. >> next time you say things like that -- >> maybe you should bring examples. >> what about before i move on, i want to bring out one last point about newt claiming he is going to skip debates. i want to ask you this because i know have you strong feelings. you believe debates should have an audience, right? >> more for our sake than theirs. >> they are so boring. >> a football game without cheering would be boring to watch. >> you can't cheer in tennis, can you? >> i don't watch tennis. >> bowling, there is an entertaining sport. >> there are periods -- there are sports where you don't make any noise, and that is
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acceptable. tennis is one of them. bowling is another. tennis is one. golf. >> bowling gets rowdy. >> my point is this, it was important not to have an audience to show what it would be like when newt debates obama. there won't be the theatrics. >> they shouldn't have an audience there at all. why have an audience and then say there is -- >> that's fine. >> what should we come out with a t-shirt cannon. he needs the validation. >> i like the idea. a t-shirt cannon. >> it is so roman. >> everyone has been comparing these debates, but they are better than reality tv because there is an audience. can you imagine if "the desperate hout wives of atlanta" had people following them around throwing stuff at each other and clapping when somebody gets decked out.
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>> that was "married with children." they always the a clapping. you look purterbed and so i am going to skip you. >> i am having great interesting thoughts in my mind. >> i am surprised the network asked the audience -- the networks would like the audience. >> i think it was a brave move because somebody tweeted this to me. it is like why have tennis players playing on clay if on wimbledon they will be on grass. that is what was happening with gingrich. sooner or later he has to get on grass, you know what i'm saying? >> yes, i do, bro. from newt to hoot, it was bla until his that that. his union address was duller than something very dull. something dull. until he flashed his trademark wit. check it out, check it outers. >> we got rid of one rule 40 years ago that could have forced dairy farmers spending
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thousands of dollars showing they could contain a spill. milk was somehow classified as an oil. with a rule like that it was worth crying over spilled milk. >> not everyone got the joke. t.j. holmes tweeted that obama should fire who ever gave him the spilled milk joke. lol even the first lady wasn't impressed. a grown man lol used it in a tweet. rick klein said, how did that one slip through, guy 1234*z hash tag, satu. is that his friend? i don't get that part. >> the liberal pay began god. i decided when i am mad at somebody i will add hash tag fail. obama hash tag giggling. hash tag diane. >> i thought it was when you are mad at someone. >> i will use it all the time.
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obama's speech wasn't all milk jokes. he had a flare for staying fair. if only he had some kind of money taj to demonstrate the poise. >> fair share of taxes. fair share of taxes. investigating unfair -- the. >> the american values of fair play. everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share. >> didn't even mention my favorite fair. you know who made a bigger statement on tuesday than obama? >> it's okay. >> here kitty. >> who cares 1234* you are a comedian or so you say. was the joke so bad it was good?
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was itment to be bad? >> the president should not be too witty. when they talk about regan, they talk about his wits, but his jokes were corn ball. it is not the joke, it is the slow burn afterwards. did you see what he did? greg, did you hear somebody went into the local precinct and stole the toilet 1234* writ now the police have nothing to go on. >> that's called the slow bird. >> nicely done. tom, you are a tip will ka left wing pinky, if it is a good joke it is good and if it is a bad joke it is still good. >> he's good. >> no, he is not. i wanted to play more tape -- could i play the tape of obama mentioning the woman who lost her job, please? >> jackie is a single mom from north carolina who was laid off from her job as a mechanic.
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then they opened a gas turbine factory in charlotte and joined a relationship. the company helped them design courses in laser and robotics training. it paid jackie's tuition. >> you know what i love about that? she seems a little surprised by. it oh my god, i'm on tv. but that's why you are there, right? >> that's why you sit there in the human -- in the state of the union, you are a human prop. >> do i have time to mention the yacht? quickly let's show the yacht. >> when brian was laid off from his job making furniture, he said he worried that at 55 no one would give him a second chance. but he found work at energetics, a wind turbine in michigan. before the recession they only made luxury yachts.
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today it is hiring workers who say i am proud to be working in the industry of the future. >> have i 20 seconds. all i can say is do you honestly think he is proud to be working on wind turbines? do you really believe that? wind turbine, no. coming up, why do ugly people seem so annoying? we discuss dye anne macedo's new book.
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is hollywood losing cash because its films are trash? well, 2011 was a bad year for the movie biz with ticket sales down. despite higher prices for 3-d and imax there were less movie goer than the past three years. that's 50, $1 million bills.
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the times says the reasons are obvious. the industry is cranking out an under well ming and unoriginal sequels and action films and aimed at primarily a teen audience. for instance this blockbuster slated for release this summer. >> i would pay to see that. but i would pay to see just about anything. are movies getting worse? you are moving to l.a. you must know this answer. >> scpri been a film critic before which is the cushiest job. look, "twilight" big hit this year. "transformers 3" robot attacks sky scrapers. the movies suck. but the reason the theater experience is dying out is people suck.
12:25 am
people are less coshable. -- sociable. people don't think there are other people in the theater. i have seen people clip their toe nails in a public movie theater. >> that's andy levy. andy clips his nails everywhere jie. he is multitasking. >> does he have a point in -- point? we don't know how to experience a movie in public anymore. >> the movies are crapy, but decide the point. >> people's tv's are bigger and better and the sound system is bigger and better, and it is easy with a few clicks of your remote control to get really new movies in the comfort of your own home. you can talk and clip your toe nails and lay back and relax and not have a tall jerk in front of you blocking half of the screen. and that lowers demand and the ticket prices are going higher and higher. it is $20 to watch an imax film. >> i love how people assume
12:26 am
your home is comfortable. >> it is not great and i don't have a sound system on my tv. but i still will not go to the movies. and the reason is, it is the people in the theater. when you go to the movies it is a bunch of young people. no one likes the young people. they are terrible and even people in their 20s. the teen years go through 28. and they are horrible people and they make noise. i don't want to be there. that's the reason. >> but it is like cheering at the debate. no one knows how to behave in public in groups anymore. >> it is true. >> and bill, this all goes back to obama. they have let america down. >> bailing out detroit when he should be bailing out hollywood. >> he has to focus on the theater. the thing is, i don't like the idea of having to rush out and go to see a movie. it is not like the 1940 where's a movie would come out in a week and then go away.
12:27 am
if you didn't see "her be rides again, you never saw it again. but you don't have to see it again because it will be in your home in two to three weeks. i don't understand what is the social benefit of seeing a movie with strangers? >> i do like seeing comedies in the theater. the reason audiences laugh and they have laughter is when other people laugh it makes you laugh. i appreciate comedies more in a big group or theater. >> it is a communal experience but there is a break down in the sense of community. >> we are all splintered and that's fine. we are not going back to a shared culture. >> have you ever gone to a porn movie in a theater? >> no. >> that is the weirdest thing. they continue do it anymore. but me and my school mates would sneak into the palm theater. >> stop putting your hand up when you say that. >> that was the name of it. >> did it have a palm tree on
12:28 am
the sign? >> yes. >> we were talking about the tree. you have a sick mind. >> i love the fact that i didn't understand how could people go to a movie theater. >> they didn't understand why you painted your nails. >> i was thrown out. do you have a comment on the show? el male us. red eye at fox news .com. i forgot i was in the. >> still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he hasn't seen a movie in years.
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let'sy if we have gotten anything wrong so far. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. >> hash tag happy. >> we will talk about that later. >> hash tag looking forward to it. >> newt and pelosi. john, i kind of agree with you is this is pelosi playing head games. that's an actual journey album by the way. you think gingrich is playing along with this. i don't think so of the he was asked about it. i thought his answers were pretty gad. if you have something say it,
12:33 am
if not shut the hell up. >> you are right. and handsome. >> hash tag brown nose. >> and pelosi's spokesman now says when she said she knew something that would keep newt from being president, she knew she wasn't going to be president. >> she is backing away from that claim. >> she is from the future. >> basically it continues the long trough diftion politicians and -- long tradition of politicians and their arrogance. >> hash tag arrogance. >> we will need all of that i imagine in post. it shows the polls tight inning and indeed some have them leading. romney is up by two points, but the same poll had them up 25 points. >> interesting. hash tag. >> we can go back to the smoke smoke filled rooms. some people on wall street where like you they like romney more than gingrich. the floor director for ubs
12:34 am
says there is a gentle longing for a smoke-filled room 1234* yes, there is some yearning. it is a gentle longing. > he said a gentle long ?g. >> he did. >> tom reflects the same culture and sensibility that you want to win or you don't want to dilly dahlly yes, sir with the romantic challenge. some believe in newt and think he can win. what if the narrative is changing. i will tell you what is wrong with it, he is wrong. >> the thing about tom. he is a 1950s establishment guy. >> when did newt gingrich become tim tebow, by the way. >> hash tag subtle. >> you say he announces what he did is what he did. he is not saying he did it because he is normal. he is saying making mistakes
12:35 am
makes him normal. >> right. i thought that is what i said. i could be wrong because i hash taged smoked sh mash. -- hash. >> you said cheating on two of the three wives doesn't make you a woman. it makes you a d-bag. how about three of three wives? >> that would make you a bigger d bag. >> john, judge not that he be not judged is the biblical expression you were looking for. >> yes, you are right. >> have you no idea. >> i'm a catholic. >> neither am i. i to throw it in there. >> you ruined everything. >> tom, you said you were surprised when it comes to the debates and the applause that the network which is nbc in this case to uh plods. -- applaud. much came at the expense of the moderators.
12:36 am
but those moderators know that having no applause creates a boring broadcast and fewer viewers. >> i think maybe it makes them look gad the applause is coming at the expense of their people. >> they don't care about their rightings. they just care about themselves. >> hash tag, shut the] bleep [up. >> hash tag harsh. >> hash tag bleep. >> while campaigning 0* -- >> hash tag hurt feelings. >> gingrich said, quote, by the end of my second term we will have the first on the moon and it will be american. >> america owns the moon. >> romney is not going to say something. romney will not get us back to the moon. >> save my . it is signed and delivered.
12:37 am
>> you want to go to the moon. vote for gingrich. >> i want to go to the moon. >> it is called lunacy. state of the union. they are claiming that the milk jug is not meant for people to do it. >> he has -- he uses a slow -- it is a different technique. obama and i shared a slow birth. you should write about that. i was going to say something about the tash tag thing, but we covered that. by the way, you talked about the old human prop device politicians used. if warren buffet's secretary wants to be you ared you as a tax return. >> hash tag fair play. >> boy, this vacation can't
12:38 am
start soon enough. >> where are you going? shash tag fun. >> hash tag sunscreen. >> movie ticket sales are down. hue about 50 million fewer moviegoers. >> hash tag gram ma police. >> john, i agree with and this has nothing to do with the movies and everything with the people. i see as many each year as i used to, but i go to the theater less often because of cell phones. >> absolutely. >> i would pay $25 if the theater had a no cell phone policy enforced by very large security people. the minute you took your cell phone out, you were escorted out. >> it would eject you and spit you out. >> i am opposed to capital punishment, but as i have said before i am all for the death penalty in this case.
12:39 am
>> hash tag senator levey. you mentioned the higher prices for movies. some say profits will go back up. knots because the ticket sells, but the higher price. >> you want to know everything that is wrong with the movie business? i just read this today. they paint over them. that's all you need to know. >> and then there the drew berry more whale movie. >> if you seen the trailer she doesn't wear a lot of make up so it is brave. >> she plays the whale, right? >> hash tag cruel. hash tag apology. hash tag just kidding. >> hash tag i'm done. >> hash tag couldn't be sooner. coming up, are serial killers easier to spot than you think. i am right under your noses
12:40 am
people and i will kill you. first, what is up with julia assange? i will ask him when i get home.
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is the wiki leaker an attention seeker 1234* julian assange has announced he will host a new tv program called "the world tomorrow" in march, an actual month. every night he will be opening the show by doing a back flip into a vat of vanilla puding. we will have in depth conversations with players and revolutionaries around the world. and it will air on rt formerly known as russia today. a state funded network accused of serving as a propaganda arm of the kremlin and also being really, really boring if you have ever watched it. clearly we need to discuss this in the -- lightning
12:44 am
rooooooouuuunnnd. lightning round. >> dye anne, wasn't this the whole point for julian? it wasn't about being a whistleblower. it is a about being a celebrity. >> it is interesting his claim to fame is free speech and not letting government limit what you say, and he will have a show on a government controlled tv station. >> that is a good point. i know you watch rt all the time. do you think this will be a great show or a great, great show? >> it will have its detractors. me among them. i can't stand this guy. julian assange is the only guy on the planet coomer than obama. -- cooler than obama. he hates america. he has a under withful shock of white hair. he has the european thing. he is an underdog. he took down the big -- >> he didn't take down anybody. he committed free son. -- trason.
12:45 am
>> snobs love this guy. intellectual ?ops -- nobody can compete with obama exis ept julian assange. you are talking about president of the world. if assange was born in the 60s he would have made a song. >> is it with those types of guys who need attention. >> the hair is not at all like that. coming from you. >> they have marshmellow heads. >> i don't know about that. >> newt's looks dry. julian's has a liquid quality. >> hash tag irrelevant. bill, when he gets out of house arrest, will this show make it easier for him to harass women in nightclubs? > i would like to take issue. he does not like the --
12:46 am
>> next topic. i don't know if you ever watched. it is bizarre. if you turn on the tv from the 1960s. three's company was on and you believed it wasn't a real run anding is real. that's it. they account act like nothing ever happened. it was hysterical of the. >> i watch it with my two -- money i ad -- whatever day, wow. demi moore was rushed to the hospital and they say she inhaled a dangerous amount of nitrous oxide which is laughing gas i guess. i have to pretend i was ignorant. she was doing whippit which her friend told paramedics. they say she is seeking professional help for exhausting. you are an actor. have you ever met anyone who
12:47 am
suffered from exhaustion. i am so tired i need to go to the hospital? >> exhaustion means drug abuse. they have to come up with another word. >> it has to be like, i'm addicted to whippit. >> i am suffering from exhaustion. i have been up until 3:00 the in the, month. real team aren't hospitalized. i >>- q. i had a -- >> i had a josh. >> so did i. >> i went to exhaustion anonymous. >> do you ever all of a sudden go off the rails and get exhausted again? >> i try not to. >> call friends up and you are like, do you have any exhaustion? >> here is the problem with the excuse. really the only cure for exhaustion is cocaine. >> if anything you are addicted to cocaine, so what you need is to be exhausted.
12:48 am
during the break on "the five" i got an e-mail about this story saying demi was taken to the hospital with wippits. i said, yeah, she was doing wippits. and she said, the dog? >> she is wonderful. she is smerk's -- she is america's smore. it was one of the greatest dana parino be? i hope she does well. nobody likes to make fun of somebody when they are going through something like this. it is sad. she doesn't see what she has. she has a strong career and loves her family. she is doing wippits of could half her age. i thought he was a gateway drug, ashton kutcher. he had to spent a lot of time with him. he was there so she could have
12:49 am
him perform nightly for her. but until this time she is like, i'm so board i have to do some drugs. >> i hope she gets wippit. >> stop it. >> time to take a break. we have more stuff.
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welcome back. star bubs plans to sell beer and wine at a number of cafes in seattle and southern calfful ka. says a spokeswoman, quote, as our customers transition from work to home and they are looking for a warm and inviting place to unwind and connect with the people they care about. ie, jerks with laptops. dye anne,-- dye anne, how do you create a happy place? >> i want a nonsee through cup and drink my coffee. >> i don't want you to start working for imus. drinking coffee in a crack den, it doesn't make sense. >> it is good. >> and i love starbucks, i love to work on my ipad. i am the sophisticated starbucks customer. i i would love to have a glass
12:54 am
of wine. and as a result they are losing me to where i loving the afternoon. >> you are covering one of those people that doesn't spend money at starbucks. >> i buy the sandwiches. i respect starbucks. >> beer and wine will make the soft rock sound better. >> you have to deal with dave matthews, maroon 9. who ever they are. their lead singer johnny what is his face. >> kings of leon -- >> they are not even royalty. >> you like to use the starbucks bathroom and then sleep in it. >> they mistake me smore something worse than a mop. i never got the idea of caffeine booze. people with their vodka and red bull, it makes no sense. depressant and upper. pick and move on.
12:55 am
>> that goes against the bill schulz i know and love at 4:00 a.m. >> well, actually -- tech nickly -- technically it is 8:00 a.m. >> so i should have stopped and bought you a red bull in the morning. >> no, not you. >> there is no ambien. -- am be yents. >> there is no hash tag drag, hash tag boring. we will close things with a post game wrap up. want to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com/red eye.
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see you here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the five." a return of sherrod small and
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steven crowder. back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. high dye anne. >> hi, andy. >> where can people see you? >> imus in the morning and hopefully with a starbucks beer in my hand. >> i think the whole idea of the nonsee through cup is you are not supposed to let people know that. >> now you won't know if i am lying or not. >> john, any last words before you move to los angeles? >> i want to thank you and bill and the band and tom behind the camera and you, greg, proud to be a show i have been a part of. i will watch you 12:00 p.m. pacific time. >> thank you a lot. >> thank you, buddy. >> how is the radio show going? >> you will be. it is the family c


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