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tv   America Live  FOX News  January 26, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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survived a shipwreck off the coast of massachusetts. his boat showed up three years later off the coast of spain. everyone went overboard in 2008 and it's been drifting. there is not much left. they found it. the queen bee. jon: thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. martha: fox news alert on a new challenge. megyn: newt gingrich. megyn: less than 48 hours to go until the florida primary. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. more months newt gingrich has labeled himself a quote, reagan conservative on the campaign trail. his chief rival mitt romney questioning gingrich's connection to reagan. a growing number of conservatives are casting doubt. they say gingrich was critical
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of reagan while working under him and had skating opinions of reagan's policies. right here last night gingrich said we should ask michael if we wanted to know the truth, and we'll do that live in about 20 minutes. first we want to get to chris stirewalt who is our fox news digital editor and a host on fox we are not far from the florida primary on tuesday and it's getting to be a battle about who is closer to ronald reagan? >> reporter: did you rile i ever think that we'd get to exactly this point. this is as mitt romney would say a money is usual kind of nominating process, and as we get down to the wire in florida, there is seeming to be some cold feet for republicans. gingrich had all the momentum, all the energy coming out of a shock win in south carolina where he won not only in a state that he was trailing in before, but by a huge margin. that was something people didn't expect. it gave them a huge boos i
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boost in florida. some of the steam is coming off of that. he's not so far in front. most polls say we are headed into what looks like a very close race in florida. what that means, of course is you're going to be talking about ronald reagan. when the republicans get into narrow contests they use the gipper as the ultimate arbiter. his gold standard of what it means to be a conservative president still stands, and they all want to compare themselves to him. martha: he's been doing that, and now some people who worked. megyn: ronald reagan during his administration have come out and taken the gloves off against gingrich saying not only was he not thick as thieves. megyn: ronald reagan but he was harshly critical of the former president. >> reporter: so it goes both ways. we have evidence that comes out that says that gingrich was critical. we've now all seen the video that shows gingrich voicing concern about president george h.w. bush running as a reagan republican that he needed to
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move away from that. we've seen other things where gingrich sounds like he's being critical from back in the day. we hear nancy reagan in a long ago video saying that her husband had passed the torch to newt gingrich. martha: stand by because we have that. let's listen to nancy reagan. >> a dramatic movement of 1995 is out outgrowth of a much earlier crusade that goes back after a century. barry gold water handed the torch to ronnie and in turn ronnie turned that torch over to newt and the republican members of congress to keep that dream alive. megyn: are we just splitting hairs here? how did we get this neck deep into this discussion? it's not just us. mitt romney, his super pack has an add out trying to scoff at gingrich's claims about reagan. in one peach gingrich mentioned reagan 50 times. in another one it was something like 38. he seems to have found himself
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front and center in this case, ronald reagan. >> reporter: he certainly has. basically what republicans want is ronald reagan. that's what they want to have. megyn: they can't have him. >> reporter: they are not allowed to have him but both of them want to say that they are the best heir to ronald reagan, romney in quieter tones, gingrich very loudly. unfortunately for him what that means is when you make the legacy of another person, especially one who is no longer living so much part of your candidacy, that is going to be open to criticism and conjecture by your rivals and by your detractors and gingrich finds himself in a argument that is very difficult to win because there is no way to prove conclusively who is the man and who is not the man. megyn: right. all you can do is base it on your memory and say this is what i believed and this is what i didn't believe. he's gonna different way. he has said if you want to know the truth, talk to michael reagan. so we will. chris, thank you. >> reporter: yes, ma'am. megyn: as i mentioned this is
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what newt gingrich has said, don't believe me go talk to michael reagan, listen to him on hannity last night. >> let's look at that period. governor romney was against ronald reagan. governor romney said in the 1994 senate race he was opposed to going back to the reagan-bush policies. governor romney was giving money to democrats and voting for the most liberal democrat in the 1992 presidential race. for them to come back and try to fabricate. ask michael reagan who was there. megyn: and we will. michael reagan is here. he will join us live in 20 minutes to talk about this controversy, his endorsement of newt gingrich and about gingrich's real relationship. megyn: his father. what a day we are seeing, several things before the florida primary which is on tuesday. the labor department reporting new unemployment claims jumped to 377,000 last week. this comes after claims dropped to a four-year low just two weeks ago. but some positive signs for manufacturing. orders for durable goods, that is products that last at least
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three years, like machinery and equipment, those rose 3% last month. that is a trend that may mean businesses are starting to spend money. bad news, this is like a good news bad news day, i'm getting exhausted reading the script. bad news if you're trying to sell your home. 2011 the worst sales year on world dating back to 1963. ouch. builders ended 2011. megyn: a third straight year of disphral hom dismal home construction. we'll speak. megyn: charles payne in five minutes. president obama is going to speak in las vegas about keeping more jobs in the u.s. his remarks will be streaming live on and we will bring you any news here as it happens. there is new fallout because of a dustup between president obama and jan brewer yesterday in
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vegas. isn't vegas in nevada? the florida primary is on tuesday, not in 48 hours. and it was in arizona. the governor was greeting the president at the phoenix airport when he says he brought up a book she wrote last year making it clear he did not agree. megyn: how she characterized him and the exchange they once had. part of their tense exchange said to have been caught on camera right here. what exactly did she write about president obama that had him upset and how is this now playing in arizona where the president is trying to win new supporters? we'll speak what reporter who interviewed the governor about her book and we'll show you what she told him months ago about her working relationship. megyn: the president. and by the way, guess what's happened to this book in the wake of all the controversy? we'll tell you. there are new calls today for supreme court justice elena kagan to recuse herself from
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hearing argument over the healthcare law. critics argue that as solicitor general back in 2010kagan took a position on healthcare and advocated in favor of it, something she has denied. they are pointing to a specific case when her office trumpeted the new healthcare but. shannon bream following this. >> reporter: it involved a debate over a local measure a lot like the president's healthcare law. the solicitor's office filed a brief in 2010 talking about the legal and underpinnings of the national healthcare law. in may of 2010 after she had been nominated to the supreme court, we are talking about saying r the acting solicitor general wrote a memo to her cataloging cases in which she had quote been substantially participating. the golden gate case after of san francisco was listed. they say she should recuse herself but skeptics say not so fast. >> it's not a witch hunt when
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you have her own office saying she substantially participated in that case. i mean this is not one of these gray areas where it's open to interpretation. her own office said she substantially participated in this case, and the amicus brief can be read by anyone. >> reporter: the golden gate allegations that she somehow she should be recused because of that are honestly just plain silly. the case had absolute lie nothing to do with the constitutionality of the healthcare reform law. so it has absolutely nothing to do with the issues that are currently before the court in determining the constitutionality of the healthcare cases. >> reporter: in his year-end reports chief justice john roberts says he trusts his colleagues to make their own recusal decisions. adding this. quote. basically saying, back off for all the calls for recusal.
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no indication that justice kagan is even considering it. megyn: some of the realtors are done crunching the numbers, and 2011 is one of the worst years for home sales on record, in fact they say it is the worst ever. what does that mean for people who are trying to sell a home, who own a home or who are considering buying one? and what does it mean for the economy in general in they all say it all links back to the mess in the housing market our economic problems. charles payne has answers after the break. a very emotional murder case coming to a close today. a father and son accused of an honor killing of these three girls and their mother. now we are learning about a possible bomb threat at the court just as the case finishes up. breaking news just ahead. and a suspected carjacker learning the hard way this is not the grandma you want to mess. megyn: . look at her.
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megyn: the dark horse of the iowa caucuses also fighting for florida today. rick santorum campaigning in florida today ahead of the sunshine state's prim airy. the former pennsylvania senator trying to keep a high profile in the latest average of national polls he is behind mitt romney and newt gingrich considerably. mr. santorum will join me live in our next hour to talk about his campaign and what happens next. there are suggestions today that he is planning on leaving florida before the tuesday primary, and perhaps having other thoughts about his status in the race. he has already come out and said, that is not true. but we'll ask him to separate fact from fiction when he joins us live next hour.
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sales of new homes fell in december and that capped the worst sales year on record for new homes, ever. the commerce department says new home sales fell to a seasonly adjusted annual pace of 307,000 last month. that is less than half of the 700,000 economists say we need to have a healthy economy. in fact 2011 is the worst sales year since they began keeping track. charles payne is the coanchor of fox business network's 2pm hour and a regular on varne varney & company. here we are in 11, and that is the worst year ever for the new home sales? why? >> reporter: it's absolutely heartbreak. there are a lot of narratives that are in play right here. to a large degree the american dream of a home. megyn: the white picket fence is starting to fade. a lot of people are just giving up on it, particularly young people. what we've seen is apartment sales, or apartment rebuilding through the roof. people want to live in
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apartments instead of a house, and -- megyn: rents are going up. >> reporter: it's cheaper to own a house in about, i'd say about 70% of states right now, but yet people continue to rent. sort of a rebuke of the recovery and a lot of other things. obviously people aren't confident enough to go down and buy a house. megyn: and it's not just confidence, though, it is also the banks requiring you -- i mean honestly it's like, you know, a couple of analogies came to mind. you have to expose a lot is my point if you want to get a mortgage. >> reporter: absolutely. let's just call it open komono. we went from weekend at bernie's, you didn't have to have a pulse to having to prove you have a job. megyn: honestly you need awful your past income statements, your checking statements, your savings statements. you have to have a huge down payment now for a lot of properties. if he really have made it so hard now that people who don't have a lot of dough in the bank or don't have stellar credit are going to have trouble buying a
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house. >> reporter: it has gone 180 degrees the other way. there is a happy medium somewhere. but we are still talking about this air where we don't want bank toss take advantage of anybody. so this is the consequence of that. megyn: why is it just new homes? how is the existing home sales. >> reporter: just a little better. all the prices are coming down. new homes in december, like 210,000, in january of last year they were 240,000, so, listen, it's not great if you bought a new home last january, but we're getting to a point, we've got to be getting to a point where some sort of equilibrium where we see confidence among home builders getting better. obviously rates are extraordinarily low and maybe the job market getting better. that is the pivotal thing. megyn: we like new home purchases, that requires construction and puts a lot of people to work unlike sales of existing homes. these become an indicator of how the economy is and may fare. what is it going to take to make
10:18 am
the new home purchases resume. >> reporter: it will take a lot more time. gimmicks will not work. we've already had a whole bunch of gimmicks. we know about all the different gimmicks from the administration. what is going to work obviously first and foremost, more jobs and i think a greater sense that it's a smart investment. low interest rates -- megyn: how about all this talk about getting rid of the mortgage introduction, that would be the main incentive to get out of an apartment into a home. >> reporter: that would be absolute suicide. they keep talking about compromise, that is one of the things that is being put up there as being worthy of compromise. i think it would destroy us. even though some countries don't have it and they have pretty good housing markets, like canada it's comparing apples to oranges. megyn: one in four homeowners are underwater, meaning they owe more than the house is worth. they, in full disclosure, i bought our houses at the peak of the market and now it's completeee tanked. if we wanted to sell it we'd have to take money out of our own pocket to make up the difference. >> reporter: take a loss.
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megyn: is thafr going to turn around in our lifetime? >> reporter: absolutely, absolutely. we got so used to the houses moving up so quickly and becoming a cash machine and an atm, those days are over, obviously. i think we do hit a point where, you know, first we've got to level off and then we'll get some sort of traction. it's not going to be like it was before. maybe at some point it comes back in our lifetime, but those go-go days of the 1990s, or early 2000 period i don't know that they'll come become. megyn: do you see the economy meaningfully rebounding until we've got even this piece of the market fixed? >> reporter: no, this is a critical piece. i see other parts of the economy doing well, doing better but housing has to be a critical component. actually it was the lunch pin that got us into this. it has to be the main component of getting us out. megyn: thank you, charles. newt gingrich getting attacked on whether he really supported ronald reagan or not. he says ask michael reagan, he'll tell you the truth. we will do that live. a former book key for the mob
10:20 am
lands himself a state job in illinois until the media shines a spotlight on his past. guess who is collecting tax dollars again. megyn: a little bonus to boot? this is a story you have to see to belief. >> how does a guy like this get a job like that? >> in 2010 fox chicago news broke the story of the exmobster's state job an was fired for conduct unbecoming a state employee. well, guess who is back on the state payroll? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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megyn: fox news alert the president just making news a moment ago by announcing the sale of oil and gas drilling leases for nearly 38 million acres in the central gulf of mexico. the leases were put on hold after the massive bp oil spill. now it looks like the projects
10:24 am
will go forward. we are waiting for remarks from the pentagon right now about major budget cuts to the nation's defense budget. soon there may be fewer boots on the ground in favor of this. more unmanned drones in the sky. in fact defense secretary leon panetta plans to call for the fleet of unmanned drones to increase by 30% while some weapons programs and forces will be cutback. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more. >> reporter: defense secretary leon panetta and the chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey will speak from here at the pentagon in 40 minutes time. from what we have been able to glean, the army and the marine will be hit hardest. about a hundred thousand troops will be cut, 80,000 from the army. that will take them down by at least 8 brigades, this is in keeping. megyn: the new strategy of not he can pebting to fight two wars simultaneously.
10:25 am
there are contradictions in the budget. we hear they will increase the funding for unmanned drones by 30 perdz but the pentagon will terminate we're told the air forces only long distance unmanned spy planes global hawk. they will purchase cold war era u2 spy planes to save money. the fighter jet appears to have been saved but the purchase of the jets will be slowed. the pentagon will eventually purchase the scheduled 2400 planes from lockheed martin but some of the planes will not be bought next year pushing the cost down the road. the emphasis in this budget will be on special operations forces like the navy seals. >> the whole team, the whole land power team is going to be diminished, so next time we go to war we can't just rely on this lilly pad approach if you will to future warfare because we don't have enough boots on the ground to face a substantial enemy and win. >> reporter: it's not unusual for the pentagon to cut the army and the marines after -- at the end of wars.
10:26 am
what critics of the budget are saying is that it is unusual to cut the army while you are still fighting a land war, and there are still 89 u.s. troops in afghanistan right now, megyn. megyn: jennifer, thank you. republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich is getting attacked this week for calling himself a reagan conservative. up next we'll ask ronald reagan's own son michael if gingrich deserves this title or not. we told you yesterday about actress demi moore's health crisis. stunning new allegations about what went on before she was rushed to the hospital. four family members found dead in a car, their own relatives now accused of murder. prosecutors say this was an honor killing, that the daughters had become too western. but does the evidence support that theory? that is next. >> the crown's theory is that they were already dead or unconscious when they were put
10:27 am
in the locks, they were killed somewhere else, where, why, how?
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megyn: a horrifying murder trial making international headlines now. it was interrupted today amid reports of a possible bomb scare at the courthouse. this is happening in canada. three afghan family members are all on trial accused of killing
10:31 am
four other members of their family. three of the victims teenage sisters. the group all found dead inside of a submerged car. it looked like a car accident. they were said to have drowned. but investigators could not determine what or exactly how. prosecutors now say it was an honor killing carried how the by the girl's own father, his wife, and their son. trace gallagher has details live from our west coast newsroom. this is an unbelievable story, trace. >> reporter: it is indeed, megyn, back in 2009 the shafia familiar lie was driving back from niagara falls to canada. they stopped at a hotel, and the daughters along. megyn: their aunt decided to go out. megyn out for a drive. the car they were in plunged into a shallow canal and all four of them drowned. police were suspicious about the case from the get go. the canal was only 7 feet deep.
10:32 am
none of the four was wearing a seatbelt. the impact was low yet none of them got out. police bugged the father's minivan, and what they heard they believe is evidence of murder, evidence of an honor killing. the father, mohammad shafia was quoted as saying this. god's curse on them, may the develop defecate on their graves. he goes onto say, and i'm quoting, even if they come back to life a hundred times i have a cleaver in my hand, i will cut them in pieces. the prosecutors claimed that mom, dad and the brother planned the murders and then actually drowned the aunt and the girls individually, placed them in the car and then used their car to push the daughter's car into the canal. the prosecutors say a broken headlight on the parents' car matches a broken taillight on the daughter's car. defense attorneys say that theory is preposterous. >> somebody had to escort them one by one from the parking lot down to the turn around pond,
10:33 am
drown them, hide the body somewhere so the others wouldn't see what was happen when they brought victim number two down and repeat that four times. >> reporter: turns out the 19-year-old daughter eloped. megyn: a pakistani man. the 17-year-old was dating. she was wearing clothes her father did not approve of. the 13-year-old told her school over and over that she was living in a violent household. the aunt was actually the father's other wife in a secret po marriage. she told police that she, the father and the brother were at the canal when the girls drowned when the car went into the canal. she recanted that story and the defense says she was coerced. experts viewing this trial megyn say the tapes of the father are very damming, but most of the other evidence is very circumstantial. megyn: wow, trace, thank you. it was obviously a horrible tragedy but was it murder? and will the evidence stand up at trial about this honor
10:34 am
killing? "kelly's court"'s digs deeper into this possible honor killing in our next hour. >> on the economy, i worked. megyn: reaga worked. megyn: reagan in the 80s. i became speaker, i worked. megyn: bill clinton, we created 11 million jobs by following the reagan playbook. megyn: newt gingrich has said a lot about ronald reagan saying he helped him desraoet the soviet empire. you've heard lots of sound bytes like those. he talks about president reagan all the time. now a growing chorus of conservatives are casting doubt on gingrich's assertion that he is himself a reagan conservative. some say in fact speaker gingrich was critical of ronald reagan's presidency while he was working under him, and had some
10:35 am
scathing opinions of reagan's policy. today mr. gingrich addressed the issue and threw in a swipe at his rival mitt romney. >> during that entire period mitt romney was a money-making independent. there is nothing wrong. megyn: being money making but he had no interest in politics. he wasn't involved in helping save the country. and he was an independent. in 1992 he gave money to democrats for congress, he voted in the democratic primary for paul sa u.n. gus the most liberal sand date. this is the man who stood up the other night and questioned my credentials as a reaganite. megyn: last night on hannity he said we should put this question to president reagan's son, michael. he's the chairman of the reagan group, a political consultant and a frequent guest of the program. that worked out well we had you on, michael. let's ask you once and for all, is newt gingrich a reagan conservative? >> yeah i would tell you there's two people running for president of the united states, there is the reagan conservative
10:36 am
grassroots, which is newt gingrich and then there is the rockefeller republican and that's mitt romney. that battle has been going on for many, many years, megyn where you've had the rockefeller republicans and the conservative reagan republicans as they were dubbed back in the 1970s and 1908s if you will. now the two, newt gingrich would be that person. you're always going to find areas of disagreement. megyn: everybody. i mean, my father had nobody on his side when he stood before the wall and said tear down this wall. the whole national security council was against my father. when he gave the evil empire speech at notre dame university, most of the people in his administration said don't do it, don't do it, don't make anybody mad. don't make the russians mad. but yet my father gave that speech. so sometimes you're fighting your own people to get things done, and you're watching sausage be made, it's how the sausage tasted at the end not how it was made. megyn: right, but then it becomes more controversial if one of the people who said this
10:37 am
sausage is disgusting and we're making it all the wrong way comes outweigh and says i was an innovator in how to make the sausage and the history doesn't support it. that's what gingrich critics are saying. we'll point out you endorsed newt gingrich. this guy named elliott abrams who was assistant secretary of state under your dad and also in congress back under your father he's come out. megyn: a piece in the national review online and says gingrich, his claims about quote helping to defeat the soviet empire. megyn: your dad are totally baseless. i want to show some of the quotes that appear in his piece. he says, quote, this -- he's quoting gingrich. he says, gingrich said, measured against the scale and momentum of the soviet empire's challenge the reagan administration has failed, is failing and without a dramatic change in strategy will continue to fail, president reagan is clearly failing. he said the actions against the
10:38 am
communists was pa thet i can lee incompetent. talks about his mighting. megyn: the russian president as the most dangerous summit of the west saeupbz adolf hitler met. megyn: neville chamberlain in munich. his point is when your dad needed support he was not supportive and made it tougher for your dad. >> my father would said, well when i was a child i spoke as a child. newt gingrich learned a lot. newt was. megyn: my father on cases, against my father on cases. there were more people in the administration not supportive of where he was going. megyn: it as far as the could he viet union. until he understood it. did elliott abrams agree. megyn: the berlin wall speech? i'm sure not.
10:39 am
megyn: the question is whether -- his current claims. we are arguing apples and oranges. fine, i mean, presidents have nare policies disagreed. megyn: even by those in their same party. gingrich is coming out saying that he is a reagan guy and made the claim that he helped defeat the soviet empire. , and he has linked himself to your father saying he helped defeat communism in the congress. they say that is not true, he was one of the guys on the other side. elliott abrams in his piece and says michael, first of all he wasn't a visionary he didn't see that the soviet union was beginning to collapse. the policies he thought were so weak and pathetic wound up working, could you speak to that? >> you have other columns, craig shirley has another column. it's like sitting in a room. megyn: matthew, mark, luke and john all looking at the same guy coming from a different angle about what is going on. you're right but craig shirley
10:40 am
writes columns about newt gingrich being there and being supportive. you can go at this time for at that time, at this time for at that time. the bottom line was he was there. and where was mitt romney he was. megyn: sa u.n. gus. did he make mistakes, absolutely, did he do things that were very right? yes. where was he in the 1990s, why does the congress today have republicans in leadership, because it you will started in the 1990s. megyn: newt gingrich following the reagan revolution and even nancy reagan in 1995 passed the mantle to in fact newt gingrich and the republicans because of the 104 congress. so again you can find people on one side and people on the other side, but this is what my father really talked about also is the fact this politics of self destruction that is going on in the 11th commandment and i think this is ultimately what really can ultimately hurt the republican party and the nominee in this next election. megyn: yeah. michael reagan it's so fun talking to you.
10:41 am
you always have such an interesting perspective. you were the perfect guest for this segment given your endorsement and your obvious status as the late president's son. thank you so much for being here, my friend. >> reporter: thank you. megyn: see you soon. president obama and arizona governor jan brewer went toe-to-toe yesterday in what we are told is a disagreement over the governor's book. in three minutes we will speak with the arizona reporter who delivered that book to the president and we will get the story behind this story. and she says she loves john wayne. today this gun-toting granny is being held as a local hero. it will be clear to you why. >> i was just like that, i said, don't you move, don't you move an inch. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
10:42 am
not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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megyn: new information coming in now on the testy exchange between president obama and arizona governor jan briar. it happened at the phoenix airport yesterday. the president apparently taking
10:45 am
issue with governor brewer's portrayal of him in her book, in an exchange they had that she writes about. in her book brewer describes a previous meeting that the two had on the subject of immigration. of course the president has gone after his administration and her immigration law, saying she felt like the president was, quote, lecturing her. the white house suggests this was a cordial discussion. this was not the first time that governor brewer spoke about that meeting that has now become so controversial. here is more from john hook of our phoenix affiliate, kxaz. >> you really don't eat scorpians for breakfast, right? >> no, i try not to. it's interesting how that all came about. >> it is, chuck norris had something to do with it. >> he blogged that i ate scorpians for breakfast and flossieed her teeth with barbed wire. >> during a super charged debate
10:46 am
over illegal immigration governor brewer didn't feel so tough. she leaned on advice her mom once gave her. >> when i went through this battle if you will with 1070 i kept saying to myself, you know, doing the right thing always means doing the hard thing. it's been hard. >> reporter: she says the hardest part were the constant accusations that shy was racist. and then there you are with posters with you with skas t swastikas, and all this. >> satan's whole, ugly, u ugly. they wanted to stop the debate about the law. when you start throwing those people around people back up. i didn't. >> reporter: during the summer of 2010 some believe the governor was struggling over whether to sign the bill. what we learned through the book is you were predisposed to signing it you believed it was right, and you were waiting for somebody to talk you out than it and it never happened. >> it never happened. it was really, really hard, i
10:47 am
had people who were my friends for a longtime that didn't want me to sign that bill. >> reporter: is there one argument where you said, maybe i shouldn't sign it. >> i gave deep thought to everything that everybody said to me, but no one ever puts me across that line, because i knew that we were in a situation which we had to stand up and enforce the rule of law. >> reporter: in the book brewer repeatedly blames washington about doing nothing about illegal immigration. under president obama deportation are at a hard high. he's on pace to double in one term what george bush did for deportations in two terms. do you really believe they are doing nothing? i mean obama has deported a lot of people. >> and i will give him that credit, and i've said that publicly. but the bottom line is that our boarders are not secured. >> reporter: the governor describes two unpleasant encounters with the president, the first before his commencement address at asu. you put it, in your terms you said that he blew you off.
10:48 am
>> he did below me off at asu. >> reporter: then there was the 2010 meeting at the white house to discuss illegal immigration. what was the tone that of meeting? >> it felt a little bit like i was being lectured to and i was a little kid if you will in a classroom that he was this wise professor and i was this little kid. this little kid knows what the problem is. and, you know, i felt minimized to say the least. >> reporter: yet during the meeting the president promised to help arizona. it was not the help the governor expected. >> i got signs in the desert two weeks after he was there saying that, you know, travel at your own risk, dangerous area, drug cartels, and to me that wasn't help, that was surrender, flat out surrender. i was outraged. megyn: joining me now the reporter you just saw there who interest viewed jan brew ir, john hook of our phoenix fox affiliate. thanks for being here. you've had quite a role in
10:49 am
this. this is what led to the tense exchange between the president and the governor. he apparently told her he was not happy with the passage in which she described the meeting between them. shshe says she wasn't treated cordially in the book. you caused all the trouble because you gave the book to president obama. what happened when you did. >> reporter: i did. i met with president obama at the white house on november 1st of last year, and to kind of break the ice and maybe it was misguided on my part, i said, mr. president, i know you like a little light reading i was doing this tongue-in-cheek and i handed him the book, and i said, she inscribed it. an didn't quite know how to take it at first and then he accepted it. and he looked at the inscription, which said, my invitation to you still stands to come to the border. breakfast is on me in quotes, meaning, scorpians for breakfast. and he chuckled. he got the tongue-in-cheek about it, and he chuckled he said, breakfast, huh, i said, that's what the governor said. then he handed it to an aid and off it went. i did not in yellow marker
10:50 am
outline the passages where he's referenced, but he somehow saw what was in the book and he didn't like it. megyn: right he said that he had -- she says he confessed to reading excerpts of it and he doesn't like what she wrote, that it was a tense exchange and she felt like he was lecturing and co condescending to her. she is speaking about her feelings. it's tough to say it's not correct to anybody but governor brewer. how is it playing in arizona a state that's got even considerable attention in this election. >> reporter: interesting. if you have the brewer supporters and the people who support sb1070 they love the fact shy was wagging the finger at the president. you have other people and republicans included who think it was unseemly to get into this exchange on the tarmac when the president is visiting and she is really there as a dignitary not to necessarily talk about policy. but governor brewer goes to the beat of her own drum. i've known her a longtime, and she will improvise.
10:51 am
remember she is old enough to be his mother. she's thinking, listen i'm going to take my opportunity and give him a piece of my mind as well, and that's what she did yesterday. megyn: she says he's the one who raised it it wasn't her, but she stood her ground. john, good reporting, thank you so much, sir. >> reporter: thanks, megyn. good to see you. megyn: see you in the beautiful state of arizona. coming up we have rick santorum just ahead plus new details on demi moore in the hospital. what she was doing that sent her there. three minutes away. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow.
10:52 am
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10:53 am
10:54 am
jo a die-hard john wayne fan in florida would have made her hero proud. car even granville recently found herself in a breath-taking situation fit for the duke, and kelly joyce with our fox affiliate in orlando, wofl has the story. >> i was just like that i said, don't you move, don't you move an inch. >> reporter: 64-year-old warn
10:55 am
granville i'd do idol hraoeuzess jon wane. >> he would be so proud of me. >> reporter: earlier this morning he was on her television set. little did she know she would be using some of the movers she learned from her favorite character in real life. >> i had the gun in my right hand. >> reporter: she heard someone by her bedroom window. >> i took my gun out of here, put it right there. and i sat right here. and i laid back down, and i saw, saw his legs, so -- running, running, running. >> reporter: meanwhile police spotted this rental car going 90 miles an hour through holly hill and daytona beach down granville's street. has the helicopter hovered and more than a hundred deputies and police officers converged she say suspect roderick will circumstances made a run for it. they say he dumped the rental car in this driveway and r-pb around the side of the house where he came face-to-face with karen granville. >> he was trying to get over the
10:56 am
fence. i said, you hold it right there. [bleep] i said don't you move, don't you move an inch i will shoot you. don't you move a muscle. >> reporter: he pleaded with her. >> he said, please, please, don't shoot me. >> reporter: a few minutes later deputies showed up to arrest willis and convince granville it was all over. >> and he goes ma'am, i go what. he goes you can put the gun down now. that's when i started hyperventilating. i was so glad it was over. megyn: i love her. i mean that takes a lot of guts, right? would you have the presence of mind, you're there by yourself, the police are outside -- good for her. we all got a special kick out of the bleeping here in the studio. our thanks to our wofl affiliate for that report. a very serious situation unfolding a world away and it involves the son of the u.s. transportation secretary. why sam lahood is not being
10:57 am
allowed to leave the country of egypt, and what the u.s. is doing about it. and candidate obama blistered president bush for adding to the national debt in a big way. just ahead why president obama may come to regret that. >> we can choose another four years with the same reckless fiscal policies that have busted our budget, and wreaked havoc and our economy and mortgaged our childrens' future with -- [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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try bayer advanced aspirin. it's not the bayer aspirin you know.
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it's different. first, it's been re-engineered with micro-particles. second, it enters the bloodstream fast, and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. the best part? it's proven to relieve pain twice as fast as before. bayer advanced aspirin. test how fast it works for you. love it, or get your money back. megyn: the son of a sitting obama cabinet member is being held indefinitely in the middle east. sam lahood who is the son of transportation secretary ray lahood is on a list of people barred from leaving egypt. he is a member of of an advocacy
11:01 am
group. receive centanni is live in washington with more. >> reporter: at least four americans have been barred from leaving egypt, including the son of transportation secretary ray lahood. sam lahood is the head of the national republican institute. he's seen here at his father's swearing in ceremony. he tried to leave egypt and was stopped by authorities. their offices were raided last month by egyptian authorities, computers and other files confiscated, staff members questioned. the state department is working to get the rights of these workers restored. >> we are urging the government of egypt to lift the restrictions immediately and allow folks to come home as soon as possible and we are hopeful this issue will be resolved. >> reporter: it marks the one-year anniversary of the
11:02 am
uprising that ousted hosni mubarak. the future of u.s. aid to egypt hangs in the balance, too. the ranking member of the senate armed services committee john mccain it out a statement saying it's joy ray just these individuals would be shelled against their will and prohibited from leaving the country. i deeply regret it has is today rated to. megyn: a new rasmussen poll find mitt romney has jumped back
11:03 am
ahead in the florida primary. up and down. up and down. 39%. it's back to about where it was before newt gingrich's big win in south carolina. romney reclaiming his top spot in the real clear average of polls as well. take a look at the currents delegate count. romney leads with 33%. rick santorum has 14 degree, ron paul has 4. 50 delegates are up for grabs. the winner takes all. still have a long way to go in this race. it takes 1,144 delegates to win the gop nomination. a man who says don't count hip out of this race, rick santorum, we'll ask about reports he may be skipping out early on the sunshine state. and he may instead head to virginia this weekend.
11:04 am
we have new developments on the keystone pipeline. after democratic congressman henry waxman called for the koch brothers to be subpoenaed. the california democrat wants these investors to come in before congress and answer questions about how they might profit from the pipeline. charles and david koch * owners of one of the largest privately held companies in the united states. >> the koch brothers have nothing to do with this project. >> you cut plea out in the middle of a sentence. >> we are going to recess this hearing for 10 minutes, then we are going to come back. let me tell you something, if you want to talk about that, let's talk about the millions of dollars that the obama administration gave companies like solyndra to people like george kaiser. would you like for us to
11:05 am
subpoena him, too. >> why are you interrupting members and taking unlimited time for yourself. >> i'm the chairman and i'm telling you we are going to recess for 10 minutes. megyn: stu varney who is the incore of varney and company. that was the chair of the committee. waxman is the one who wanted to pull the banks in wanting them to explain why they wanted to readjust their bottom line. >> reporter: congressman waxman wants to smear the pipeline by associating it with charles and david koch * who are very wealthy. congressman waxman wants to establish a link, pipeline, coke brothers. megyn: they are pushing for it because they are trying to
11:06 am
appease the koch brothers? >> i think it's more specific than that. congressman waxman does not want the pipeline. he's trying to smear it by saying these rich guys are for it, therefore it must be bad. he's factually wrong. the koch koch industries, second largest private company in america. they have no role in its construction. they would not put oil in it if it were built, they would not buy oil from it if it were built. megyn: but they have a subsidiary that asked for intervener status. >> reporter: that's what congressman waxman is seizing on. he's misunderstanding what an intervenor is. it's simply an organization or person who wants more information about the project.
11:07 am
the sierra club, there are dozens of intervenors who have asked for information about the permitting process for the pipeline. that does not mean koch industries and koch brothers have any financial stake in the pipeline or interest in getting it built. megyn: let's say they do have some financial interest in it, how is that relevant to the discussions they are having? >> reporter: there is no relevance. if they were in favor it, what's wrong with that. koch industries employs 50,000 people. they are in energy, paper, chemicals, fertilizer. they are $8 billion a year. -- $8 billion -- $98 billion a year. megyn: warren buffet it came out may have a stake in seeing the
11:08 am
pipeline denied. they may have a feel being the pipeline one way or another. >> reporter: if you were secretly supporting a project in which you had a financial interest i could see something wrong with that. megyn: as a private businessman? isn't warren buffet allowed to be opposed to the pipeline? >> reporter: so long as you are overt with it fine with me. megyn: why would henry waxman want to call in the koch brothers? >> reporter: he wants to smear them. they actively support free markets and capitalism. congressman waxman doesn't like that, he doesn't like the pipeline. if he can get them before congress and have them take the oath, he thinks he can smear the pipeline and therefore defeat it. there is no connection between koch industries, the koch brothers and the pipeline,
11:09 am
period. bogey. which language do you speak? megyn: the queen's english. thank you, friend. moving on. new developments in operation "operation fast & furious." a towvment s. attorney who oversaw the -- a top u.s. attorney who oversaw the sting is pleading the fifth. william thrawj necessarily in d william lajeunesse live in l.a. >> the first attorney said the justice department is lying but he's taking the fifth. he now hold the key to how this story end with a bang or whimper with answers, prosecutions and
11:10 am
firings or does congress walk away after a year of hearings empty handed. patrick cunningham was the lead "operation fast & furious" attorney. he's refusing to answer questions. without cunningham the committee turned to michael morrissey, his right-hand man. agents say he many the best man to get at the truth. but so far as a line attorney, attorney general eric holder says issa can't interview morrison. >> we are worried about people taking the for two reasons. it thwarts the investigation and it an indication somebody has something that they believe if they tell us the truth could lead to their indictment. >> reporter: if morrissey also pleads the fifth, they will turn to hurley.
11:11 am
>> the turning point will be how the public reacts to the idea that senior law enforcement officials are taking the fifth and the justice department is not able to produce someone who can tell the truth. >> reporter: some no word on whether morrissey will or will not testify. it's next week yes the attorney general appears. >> reports say rick santorum may pull back on his florida campaigning. is that true? we'll ask him live right after this break. no secret tunnel, no back door. a head of state forced to make a break for it through an angry mob. three sisters among tour women found dead in a submerged car. now their far it, matter and
11:12 am
brother -- now their father, mother and brother stand accused of killing them. >> i have a problem with honor killings. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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[ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now.
11:15 am
megyn: we are learning the australian prime minister is safe after a security scare caught on tape. she was rushed from an event marking australia's national holiday when hundreds of protesters surround the building. cameras were rolling when she learned security guard wanted to rush her through the angry crowd. megyn: look at this. she was not hurt in the chaos
11:16 am
but she did lose a shoe. imagine this. can you imagine that happening here? an ex-mobster fired from his state job in illinois is back on the payroll and getting lot of money in back pay at taxpayers' expense. trace gallagher ex-plains how this happened. >> reporter: i want to set this up by playing a description from a man who says he was also in the mob and once hired to kill piloso. >> he hand gambling, he was our go-to guy for the politicians. i'm shocked. i would love to know who is backing this guy. >> reporter: he was alleged to have been a bookie for the mob for many years. back in 2011 his name came up 24
11:17 am
times. that led to several convictions for murder of known mob members. in twine he was supposed to testify at the trial of another mob member but he got cold feet. he backed out. he lands a job the illinois department transportation, $76,000 a year. the department of transportation was notified about his records so they are fired him for conduct unbecoming a state work. the team sisters appealed and an arbitration judge required them to put him back on the job with back pay. a republican state lawmaker is seeking a new information. >> how does collective bargaining protect someone like this. how does he get a job the state
11:18 am
of illinois. >> reporter: the department of transportation says they disagree with the arbitrator's ruling. the teamsters so far have not commented on this at all. so for the time being, he maintains his job work on the illinois department of transportation. megyn: when he was candidate obama he blasted president obama over raising america's debt limit. but as president he can't say no. the debt limit rises to $16 trillion tomorrow. consequences this will have on america's economy and our future coming up. how would you like to be this guy. when you google the name of this successful attorney, the first thing that comes up are here is, cheaters are now he's suing his ex-over it. how this case could impact what
11:19 am
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11:22 am
>> the problem is, the way bush has don't the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving our national debt from $5 trillion the if you are 42, number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome. we have $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back
11:23 am
$30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> we can choose another four years with the i am reckless fiscal policies that busted our budget and wreaked havoc on our economy and mort gained our children's future with mountains of debt or we can restore fiscal responsibility. >> we need to confronts the cost of our independence on foreign oil and healthcare. megyn: what a difference a few years make. america's debt limit is about to go north of $16 trillion with no end in sight. and it's president obama seeking the increases. matt mccall is president of penn financial group.
11:24 am
now we are going up to $1.5 trillion in debt. a lot of people believe it's because of president obama's policies, but as a realistic matser in this kind of economy did have any choice but to significantly add to this debt? >> he had to add some to it. the government has to throw some money auto we don't go into a depression. i'll give president obama that. show that we are not falling apart. i do understand. but going from $9 trillion to $16.5 trillion, i think he went overboard. i think it's not going to end anytime soon. talked about president bush using a credit card for our children, is' even worse. he's almost a fear monger saying if we don't do this this is
11:25 am
what's going to happen. megyn: talks about a catastrophy. >> it puts pressure on congress to say we better do thatter to we'll spiral into depression. the nact fact that he's doing that after seeing these clips blows my mind. megyn: like a lot of politicians he talks out of both sides his mouth on this. the question is whether he's got own alternative. we sue this huge fight over the summer whether we could find some way to cut spending and approve the increase in the debt ceiling. about it was such a catastrophic catastrophy that they aren't going have it every time. if we don't raise it we'll default on our debt and we can't do that. >> at the same time we can't say we are good until november. so then what happens is we wait until the first week in november with the same discussion we had in august. you look back at what happened
11:26 am
to the economy in august. the stock market fell off the cliff. it was one of the worst two months we had in a long time. if we have to go through that every six months we'll never get out of the hole we are in. so we have to start with alternatives. when you are in a deficit, you either bring in more money or you stop spending. we need to stop spending. tax revenue will come back after we stop spending because the economy picks up and that will generate more tax revenue just by default. but first we must stop spending abe don't think any politician on the hill understands that's the way to get out of it. megyn: if you talked to then candidate obama, and said in early 2012 we'll be at $16.6 trillion. he probably wouldn't have believed you. how far can this go before the american people are in full
11:27 am
revolt and panic. >> i think we are look there. we saw americans getting nervous. there was a headline object every news channel. this time you are not hearing too much about it. megyn: it will be an automatic increase. >> but americans do realize in the last few years most americans have started to save more and cut back and spending. but at the same time our government is not following that trend. i think we'll see in the elections coming up. we are not going to vote for somebody who can't do what we do. they are not fiscally responsible but we are. i'm i are 8 and i think there are a lot of people realizing this isn't that hard. just stop spending. to you take certain cuts to get this country going. short term we are okay. but long term if we continue this trend, we are going to go by the way of europe right now. megyn: the people want a spending cut. then when you ask, how about your program? they say, not that.
11:28 am
if anything goes south with the gingrich campaign guess who is suddenly the number two gop candidate for president. here is a hint. we'll talk live with senator rick santorum after the break. four family members found dead in a car. their own relatives are accused of murdering them. prosecutors say this is a so-called honor killing. but does the evidence support that theory? >> the crown theory is they were already dead or unconscious when they were it in the lock. so if they were killed somewhere else, where, why, how? a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours...
11:29 am
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megyn: a tornado watch has been issued across alabama. the watch we are told is in effect until 5:00 p.m. it includes the city of birmingham where several tornadoes ripped through monday killing two people and wiping out scores of homes and businesses in multiple counties. we'll continue to follow this developing story. new reaction to some reports that senator rick santorum is getting out of this campaign for president and perhaps before the florida primary. is that true? the former senator's campaign
11:33 am
denies the report saying he's staying in the race. what is truth here. presidential candidate rick santorum is here live to tell you directly whether there is some truth to it. are you getting out of this race? >> no, we are very much in this race. we are excited about our prospects. we have been very well received out near florida. we are looking forward to the debate tonight. we have plans to go to missouri and minnesota and to colorado and nevada. then far beyond that we are hiring staff in some of the states for later this month and next month. and we are good to run an aggressive national campaign and we feel good about our chances that we have the best vision for america and the one with the kind of vision that will get our country growing. i was excited to see the president sound a lot of the themes early in his state of the
11:34 am
union address talking about manufacturing, getting blue collar workers jobs back, taking a page out of my playbook. that's where he's most vulnerable and that's where i'm strongest. megyn: i want to ask you, apparently your campaign told tour own john roberts that you are not quote pouring everything into the sunshine state. while you have done well in places like iowa, you are third in florida according to the latest last musele poll. is that true? -- the latest rasmussen poll. what does that mean? >> florida is a huge state. and the resources governor romney has and speaker gingrich has as a result of his bump out of south carolina. you have to pick where you are going to spend resources. we were the first one in florida. we flew in early the next morning and have been doing
11:35 am
events all over the state of florida. i'll be here through tomorrow. then i'm actually heading home because all this press keeps want to go see my tax returns. i don't have a team of accountants to do my tax returns. i do. i have to go on my computer and print it out and see what other tax returns i can find and maybe release more than one. that's what i'm going to do. it isn't particularly exciting but we'll do it anyway. megyn: i want to ask about newt gingrich's surge in the polls. according to the real clear politics average of all polls he's the leader. you have all along said you are the non-romney candidate. there is romney and the non-romney. you said you ared the non-romney. the national polls say newt gingrich is. why should people be back you instead of newt gingrich. >> that's today. if there is anything you know
11:36 am
about the polls, if you don't like them, just wait. i am absolutely convinces that's what's going to happen. it happened in iowa, it happened in new hampshire, it happened in south carolina. in new hampshire romney pretty much stayed the same. i'm convinces as goes on in this campaign. the strongest noon get this economy going. someone who is serious about cutting the deficit. you hear these folks talk about they are the conservative candidate. i am the one who has been out there being against government-run healthcare. i stood up against the squall street bailouts. not gingrich or romney. i didn't buy into the hoax of global warming and propose cap and trade. you go down the list of some of the real litmus test issues in
11:37 am
this campaign. the reason romney and gingrich are fighting each other is they can't talk about the issues because they are on the same team as obama. that's why i'm going to do very, very well as this campaign goes on. megyn: obviously you are fighting for the nomination and it is still very much an open contest. i want to ask you, despite all the criticism you all level against each other, is there anybody running for this nomination from romney to gingrich to paul whose vice president you would refuse to be? >> i'm not running for vice president, i would serve if i thought i could be helpful with any administration. i'm running for president because i want to help my country at a time when i think it's in disastrous shape so i'll do whatever i can do to make sure barack obama is not reelected as path and we'll put in someone who will do the kind
11:38 am
of dynamic changes and standing up for the american family as i'm trying do. meg require want to ask you about videotape that we continue to see of you out on the campaign trail. it's called a glitter bomb where folks who are standing up for gay rights or abortion rights or a number of other rights will come and flow glitter on the candidates. it happened to a few of the republicans. it happened to you a few times. there it is. stop the hate, take the rainbow. your thoughts on this campaign tactic, senator. >> all the people who have done that so far in events i have been to have part of the occupy wall street folks. this is about the radical left it am not about tolerance. it's about trying to shut down free speech. anybody who disagrees with them.
11:39 am
i'm not intimidated by this kind of stuff. this is what i'm fighting for, making sure all voices are heard legitimately and respected. i fight for what i think is in the best interest of the country and what americans want to see happen. they want to see a return to limited government. they want to see families and the family structure rebuilt and strong in america. they want someone who is president who understands and is going to work to form policies. megyn: it must be hard to pluck out of the sweater vest. how long does it take? >> they haven't hit me yet. as far as i'm concerned this just shows how intell rant they really -- how intolerant they really are.
11:40 am
you fight for the thing that made this country the greatest country in the history of the world you rally the american public to do what the public knows is necessary to get our country going again. they want to silence people and they are not going to silence me. megyn: when people watch the cult come in tuesday, if they see you not atop the leaderboard, what should they be remembering about rick santorum? >> this is a long race. this is state number 4. there are 46 other states and a long way to go. if you don't like it, just wait for it to change. it will change and i'm confident when it's all said and done people will look to see who is the best person to take on barack obama and the best person to win those key states. they will end up picking me and i'm confident of that fact. megyn: thank you, sir. rick santorum thank you very much, may dan. megyn: one email and a few
11:41 am
hundred good hearts saved a mom and pop shop on the brik of bankruptcy. and four family members found dead in their car. their own relatives are accused of murder. prosecutors say this was a so-called honor killing. but does the evidence support that. a powerful "kelly's court" is two minutes away. >> i have a real problem with honor killings because the evidence doesn't seem to fit in with the facts of this case. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
11:42 am
11:43 am
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but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person abouter care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. itedhealthcare. megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. a familyified that may have led to a mass so-called honor killing. this group of afghan women found dead in a car submerged in a canal on the border of new york state and canada. three of their family members are accused of killing them.
11:45 am
one of them was their father's first wife, an illegal immigrant. prosecutors say the father was angry because their daughters had become too westernized. they claim they drowned them and tried to make it look like an accident. wiretap recordings so he was happy they were dead. >> someone had to take them one by one, drown them, hide the bodies somewhere, then repeat that four times. megyn: joining me now mark eiglarsh and joey jackson. this hasn't got and lot of attention but this is a big, big trial up in canada and it was about to go to the jury. now the courthouse is under a
11:46 am
bomb threat. what is the prosecution's evidence that this wasn't a drowning and just a car accident as the defense contend? >> the evidence is overwhelming. on the scene where the car went into the water were pieces of the father defendant's headlight from his lexus and the damage to the front of his vehicle was consistent with the damage from the rear of the vehicle that went into the water. clearly indicating the father must have rammed the vehicle into the water. the father's own word in court when he testified and outside the courtroom were compelling. his words, if they come back to life 100 times, if i have a cleaver in my hand i will cut them in pieces. not once but 100 times. he was talking to his wife who also is on trial. they undressed in front of boys. he called his own daughter a
11:47 am
whore and he would sh-word on their graves. megyn: joey in the prosecution rests. >> i'm going to let joey go. >> ultimately everybody agrees honor killing would be abhorrent. any type of killing would be abhorrent. if you look at the facts and the evidence it was an accidental death about it four parties involved. the statement father made were very inflammatory. but he said he learned that his daughters were engaged in behavior that would be deemed to be december pickable. but that did not serve as a motivation for him to kill them. when he learned about that he was very upset about that but his religious dictates and philosophy compelled him to say that. the wire taps that were found were statement made following
11:48 am
their death. so they were feelings about what they were doing, not a motivation why he would kill him. megyn: how happy he was they were dead and we like to see them dead all over again? >> he did alied and make statement that are not things you want a jury to hear. the question then becomes whether it was a far it doing that because you then learned -- the prosecution of course you do -- absolutely. megyn: other than this headlight and taillight, does the prosecution have evidence this was a murder? the defense attorney has been saying he murdered them before he put them in the car. how? what is the proof of that? >> the car went into 7 feet of water. theoretically they should have been able to have gone the out. the window was down on the driver's seat. none of them were in seat belts. but from the position of the body it was clear none of them made any attempt to escape from a car that was in 7 feet of
11:49 am
water. you mentioned the father when he testified said certain things. when the prosecutor asked him you believe their actions brought about their rightful deaths, don't. his answer, yes. he also said though he might believe that, he didn't kill them. you mentioned whether they made no attempt to leave when the car went under. how about if they sustained damage or concussions that would have prohibited their ability to try to escape? when people are involved in accidents, it's not anybody's surprise that they may suffer horrific trauma. as a result of that trauma they would not be able to escape. megyn: it sound like the best evidence is the tapes of the father saying incendiary things. >> why is his headlight on the scene? megyn: how does he explain that,
11:50 am
joey? >> as a result of that there could have been some type of prior occurrence, that the cars made some kind of physical contact. evidence could be transported from one place to another. there is an accident at some prior time and there is a headlight on your car, it could be that was transported to that particular scene. megyn: it all comes down to the tapes. they don't think it physical evidence is overwhelming, can they get them just on the case. >> i don't personally think that's enough nor should it be. there is more. there is evidence of physical abuse prior to their demise. emotional abuse. one of the girls had to go to an abuse shelter. the father took that as an afront. how dare you go? i don't think this case is exclusively about what flowed
11:51 am
from his lips during trial. but before and after. >> there are three people on trial here. what about you talk about the father. what about the wife involved and the child? what was this conspiracy that would make all of them pre-med kate that act? megyn: thank you, panel. we next have the best, most heartwarming story of support of the day. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
11:52 am
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: an amazing store irout of cleveland, ohio. a quiet family-owned hardware store suffering in a bad economy. a guy in the neighborhood sent
11:55 am
an email to 40 friend challenging them to spend $20 at the store in one day. that seem spread and spread. >> reporter: that hardwarer to has been there since 1857. it's been run by the same family for 72 years. the email sent by a guy named jimmy black it says let's show our support for our local businesses. i challenge everyone at least to send $20 at the hardware store on 21st street. the friend stone it their friend and on and on and on. on the day they were supposed to meet, did they ever. the place was inundated. one by one, kids, dogs, friends, relatives. by 10:00 the line at register was in two different directions. by 1:3 ought credit card machine crashed. by 3:00 the stock in the store started to go down dramatically.
11:56 am
the owner said, this is really cool. he went on to say thanks to jimmy black, thanks to chagrin falls. what a place to live. jimmy black was asked what he thought an said these are good people who need our support and we gave it to them. he also sit wasn't a protest of big box stores, this is all about helping a community store and they did indeed, and one person summed it up saying this is what small towns are all about. the hardware store made a pretty penny. wouldn't say how much but they are doing much better today than they were last week. megyn: remind me an old scene. clarence was there every time he hit the cash register. great story. coming up. iran's president says the threat of interest nationality sanctions will not stop his country's nuclear progress.
11:57 am
take a closer look at what this could mean coming up.
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