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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 26, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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billion with a "b." postal workers are the worst offenders owing $270 million. on capitol hill, 684 staffers owe $10.6 million. treasury department employees yudeing the i.r.s., 1100 people owe $9.2 million in back taxes. even president obama executive employees made the list. 36 staffers in the executive office of president owe a combined $84,000 in unpaid federal taxes. president obama and his attorney were no show shows in e atlanta courtroom for hearing challenging president obama's citizenship and qualification to be on the march primary ballot there. after listening to hours of detailed arguments, the judge did not set a timeline for a ruling. the attorney wrote to secretary of state imploring him to bring an end to the
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"baseless, costly and unproductive hearing." they responded with a warning if you fail to appear you do so at your own peril. obama campaign said as courts around the country ruled time and again the claims have no merit. finally, ed henry mentioned jan brewer's exchange with president obama on a tar mac including a discussion of her book "scorpions for breakfast." the buzz has been a boon for the memoir that is number one on amazon sales ranker after jumping to 20th place. increase of 1,000 perfect in the last 24 hours. top story of the bottom of the hour, mitt romney and newt gingrich staging populist attacks on each other ahead of the primary. ron paul is not actively
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stumping in the state but he is very much in the race. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at the paul campaign. >> my theory is people vote from their bellies. >> reporter: in the 2012 cycle, 76-year-old libertarian and 12-term congressman found a hunger among wide swaths of the g.o.p. electorate for his quirky populist style and limited government message. >> we should have the lowest tax we've had. up until 1913 it was 0%. what is so bad about that? >> to be sure, ron paul has drawn scorn from the fellow candidates at the abc news debate in cancer. >> dr. paul has a long hisserly of saying things inaccurate and false. >> you are asking could it constitutionally by done? ask the constitutionalist here. >> from the party faithful. maybe we should consider a golden rule in foreign policy. don't do to other nations what we don't want to happen to us. >> yet, with the young and singularly fervent supports
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and the vaunted ground operation, paul captured 21% of the vote in iowa. 23% in new hampshire. 13% in south carolina. >> those people, yeah, they hear ron paul's message and they show up to vote for him. i think it's, i think it's really wrong for people just to say it means nothing. >> it's another fluke, a freak vote. >> anybody up from 10% to 20% in some caucuses you need to pay attention to. it's important the reach out to the young people. and his supporters and give him a role in the convention speech or whatever else it takes to keep him happy. >> that is just what newt gingrich seemed to be doing after the former house speaker won south carolina. >> you have dr. ron paul who on the issue of money and the federal reserve has been right for 25 years. >> congressman paul largely concedeed florida and instead is chasing vote in caucus states like maine, nevada, colorado, where campaign aides
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believe the strength of their field organization can make a real difference. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> bret: north carolina democratic governor beverly purdue says he is will not run for re-election next year. she is the only female governor in the state's history. he is has struggled with the low approval rating. government scientists say la nina cooled the earth's average temperature last year to the second lowest reading of the 21st century. but "usa today" reports the figure of 57.9-degrees fahrenheit is still almost a full degree warmer than 20th century average. the 2012 race and the relationship between newt gingrich and ronald reagan, the fox all-stars will discuss when we return. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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that speaker has been all over the place a whole host of issues and says inflammatory, exciting things but the record as speaker shows he hasn't been able to deliver in a consistent effective way. >> i find infure rating, one of the most dishonest things i've seen in politics. abusism. there should be a sense of shame a person is that fundamentally dishonest. >> bret: sounds from campaign trail today. a lot had to deal with ronald reagan believe it or not. there is a super pac that supports mitt romney, has an ad out. the gingrich folks pointed back to a piece of tape from 1995. put the two together and take a quick listen. >> newt gingrich exaggerating dropping reagan's name 50 times but in the diaries, reagan mentioned gingrich only once. reagan criticized gingrich saying, "newt's idea would cripple our defense program." reagan rejected newt's ideas
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on leadership and character. gingrich is no ronald reagan. >> barry goldwater, handed the tomorrow to ronnie. and in turn, ronnie turned the torch over to newt. the republican members of congress to keep that dream alive. >> bret: that was the talk on the campaign trail today. here is the latest polls. rasmussen, romney with a lead of eight points over newt gingrich. there you see rick santorum and ron paul. monmouth university poll, this is out. seven points for romney up. percentage points. there you see. the real clear politics average is an average of the recent polls and romney taking the lead. gingrich had the lead in this average yesterday. bring in the panel. kirsten powers columnist for the daily beast. mara liasson of national public radio. syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. start with the reagan back and forth. >> try to clear out the underbrush. nancy reagan is right that the torch was passed from reagan to newt. but that speaks to what newt
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did in the '90s, not what he did in the '80s. on the other hand, an attack on newt he criticized reagan to which i say so what? reagan wasn't a saint, he wasn't the pope. he unit un-ering. he made mick tas and admitted arms for hostages was a mission take everybody at some point attacked reagan on different issues. so that is irrelevant. what is relevant is gingrich repeated the claim i worked with reagan in the '80s do "x," "y," "z" including bring down the communist empire. that is preposterous. foreign policy is presidential. congress has almost no say. if it has any, it's the senate. not the house. gingrich was a member of the minority party in the house through the reagan years. has nothing to say about almost anything. he wasn't even in the leadership. he had no role whatsoever in
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the destruction of the soviet union. that was done by reagan, kir kirkpatrick, schultz, margaret thatcher, the pope, helmut cole. newt is not on the list. the fact he keeps saying this is a sign sort of a delusionm sign, sign of grandiosity. if that is the issue, he loses. if the issue is was he a reaganit nearby spirit, he has a good defense on that. >> bret: mara, the romney campaign, the quotes that have been brought up by various columnists and folks all over the place. one of them newt gingrich telling the "wall street journal" that reagan was, "in some danger of becoming another jimmy carter." as charles mentioned, there were a lot of quets back and forth. when the gingrich campaign then puts out this reagan video in 1995, isn't that the -- >> i think if you are going to have this debate, newt is going to win. now i think, the question is why are they having this debate?
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this is not the main event here. the main event, i think the exchange of allegations against freddie mac and goldman sachss are more relevant. however, it's possible that the romney campaign is trying to get under gingrich's skin. you know, you saw gingrich in that press avail you just showed. he is hopping mad. if he looks mad tonight, he looks too angry. that is, it's possible that romney could get the moment that he has been waiting for in a debate where gingrich is rattled. i do think just on who is the reagan conservative battle, i think newt wins over mitt on that one. >> bret: gingrich's response has been mitt romney voted for democrat paul songas in 1992. he gave money to democrats in 1994. points to a massachusetts moderate or now saying the massachusetts liberal. >> right. i just agree with pretty much what you are saying except going down the line, maybe they are trying to get under his skin. the problem is when newt is
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mad, the person who suffers is romney. he can't handle it. and he is mad. florida today he kept saying over and over on the stump he was mad. stupid. ten times over. >> south carolina, he was mad. >> right. newt when he is mad rattles romney. i think that is bad for him. i think the romney people are overplaying their hand here. does he think grandiose thoughts? yes. he said that himself. none are more grandiose than what he thinks he did, vic vis-a-vis reagan. if you put them up against each other who is more of a reaganite? it's gingrich. >> bret: the so-called establishment is coming out of the woodwork. bob dole releasing a scathing comment today. in a statement. "if gingrich is the nominee it will have an adverse effect on republican candidates running for county, state and federal offices. hardly anyone who served with newt in congress has endorsed him. that facts speak for himself." he said, "gingrich had a new idea every minute when he was speaker and most of them were off the wall. he loved picking a fight with
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bill clinton because he knew it would get the attention of the press. this seasoned a myriad of other specifics helped topple gingrich in 1998." bob dole supporting mitt romney. >> i'm not sure it will persuade a single newt newton newtonian. the reason is dole didn't do that well in '96. he is exactly what the gingrich people would say is what romney is. he's the next in line. the establishment favorite. somebody who doesn't have a kind of fire and energy and ideological fervor that gingrich had. not sure that the romney people using it, as i'm also not sure that romney fighting on the ground of reaganism is a good idea. if anybody was not a reaganite et's romney. interesting the colleagues talk sigh coy tri and i am talking history. i just think, the real problem newt has is the claim of the stuff he did. he always has been.
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essentially he brought reaganism in the '90s. if that is the claim he makes a stand on he is right. >> bret: charles, who is the republican establishment? who is that? >> is it you? is it karl rove? >> karl rove is the president. we meet every month on the full moon. i explained this. at the masonic temple. we have the ritual. i bring the -- [ inaudible ] we begin as i explained. with a pledge of allegiance to the trilateral commission. that is how it works. >> bret: that is a joking answer but i'm serious with the question. the republican establishment is conservative, is it not? john boehner. >> sure. >> that doesn't mean it's tea party. it's anti-tea party. the way the fault lines in this race shape up is newt is running what he describes as a anti-establish in the the campaign. establishment is the media, mitt romney.
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the money, wall street interest. anti-tea party interest in the party. newt has had two surges. both were squelched by tens of million of dollars as he would put it establishment fund aid tack ads on behalf of mitt romney. i don't know if romney is doing it here. you can see the slipping of gingrich's poll numbers. gingrich has a chance tonight to see if he can pull off the same magic in south carolina. the difference is, that the last debate in south carolina was two days before the vote. this one is four days. that is a huge difference. >> bret: quickly, is the republican establishment moderate? >> a lot of the tea party people think they are. their main gripe with the establishment -- >> bret: after 2010? >> they see them as being people who helped george bush spend all this money. so, they think these are the same people that supported that. we don't like them. we don't like them telling us what to do. >> bret: no masonic temple either. next up, president obama heads to some of the battleground states and a bit of a dust-up.
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♪ ♪ i wanted to be there to welcome him to come and see firsthand what arizona has done in regards to our economic recovery. he wanted to talk about the book. and i thought that he was pretty thin skinned. i was not hostile. i was trying to be very, very gracious. i respect the office of the president. i would never be disrespectful in that manner. i believe in the conversation that i was in the middle of a sentence and he walked away. i felt threatened if you will in the attitude he had. i was there to welcome him.
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>> bret: republican governor jan brewer of arizona. the president is traveling to five states doing a post "state of the union" push. today he talked energy but overshadowed by an emotional issue of immigration and meeting on the tar mac with governor brewer the president brought up her book "scorpions for breakfast" where he is described a meeting at the white house he is said did not go well and describes in the pages there. this is what the president said about that on abc a few moments ago. >> i think it's always good publicity for republican if they are in an argument with me. it was not a big deal. >> were you tense? >> i'm usually accused of being tense. >> bret: what about this? >> it's probably good politics for her and good politics for him. it's he said, he is said literally. nobody knows exactly what happened on the tarmac. we saw her pointing at him.
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he is says he walked away. maybe he thought they were done. it's pretty silly. to stand up to obama is good politics for any republican governor and make him out to be less than gracious. but i think it's a big nothing. the more interesting thing is he in arizona and the democrats actually think they have a chance there. or at least a chance to be competitive. that is pretty interesting, home state of barry goldwater. >> it's interesting because he lost the state. they think because of the latino voters they can possibly win this state this time. so, in terms of jan brewer, he is said he is felt threatened? this is ridiculous. you know, he is is just standing there. flipping out on him. i think it was just political theater. she's, it's very good for her to be doing that. the tea party loves this stuff. and the president just seems to have sort of been a bystander in the whole thing. >> he is says he brought up the book and how he was portrayed in the book.
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>> so what? >> bret: she was there welcoming him and felt off-kilter by that. i want to hear about this and your reaction to it. on the other issue of energy, the president went to nevada to talk about green energy. he arrived there at a solar company, a big one, announced they were dropping 200 jobs today. not exactly the welcome mat besides the arizona governor that the energy message wanted. >> look in the speech he made as we heard earlier on the show. i'm for an all-out, all-in, all of the above energy policy. you know, i thought i was cynical before obama but he is turning me to a diogynist safe. ing all of the above. two weeks ago he told the keystone a slam dunk no, possible reasonable objection to it other than his political needs. there is a guy whose epa shut down drilling in the gulf to the point where a judge in
3:54 pm
mississippi had to reprimand the administration for not obeying his orders on releasing that. we've got oil in alaska. doing nothing about that. in cole, epa is shutting down mine after mine. with regulations, that the mines can't meet which is not going to do anything to help the global warming. the chinese are building a cold pac a week to export the coal jobs and mines to china. when he says i'm for all of the above and he obviously not. it's incredibly disingenuous but he says it with a straight face. >> bret: mara, he is doing the battleground state tour. and you know, the white house pushes back on every state is a battling ground. clearly, these states they believe are in the campaign schedule. >> obama campaign not long ago gave a very clear briefing for reporters where they showed the five routes, five map to get to 270.
3:55 pm
>> bret: heavy in the west. >> assuming that you start with the states carry states what do you do to get to 70? the mountain west is the one they feel is the most fruitful. that is where the demographic changes favor the democrats. maybe easier than getting ohio or florida or easier than hanging on to north carolina or virginia. he will spend time out there. it makes perfect sense. and for them to say these are the battleground states or doesn't have a political re-election push to it is just part of the -- >> bret: just like the "state of the union" wasn't a reframing of the campaign. >> all "state of the union" in an election year lays out that for every president. >> bret: that is it for panel. stay tuned for a line that didn't work.
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>> bret: finally tonight, we have all been there, you deliver a joke.
3:59 pm
falls flat. contradicts chirping, nothing. sometimes it's not the audience's reaction because reaction from the family member in the audience that is most painful. very few people on the planet have had that happen in the state of the union address. president obama was talking about his administration removing rests for dairy farmers when he delivered this line. >> the rule like that, i guess it was worth crying over spilled milk. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] you know, that faces [bleep] told you that wasn't funny. i told you it wasn't funny. spilled milk is not funny. not funny to me, not funny to children, it's not a joke. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home


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