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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 28, 2012 6:16pm-6:59pm PST

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island bank accounts... >> i didn't say that, you did. >> i did and i'm happy to say that on an interview on a tv show and this is a national debate where you have a chance to talk about a range of issues. >> if you make a serious accusation against governor romney you need to explain it. >> wouldn't it be nice if people didn't make accusations somewhere else they were not willing to defend here? >> okay, all right. >> jeanine: he wanted to turn it on wolf blitzer and romney turned it on newt. interpret the graph, frank. >> exactly. the republican audience is watching these debates, and have been angry at all of the broadcasters, even to some degree, fox news for the questions they've asked, i want to credit fox for getting really strong kudos, "washington post" and "the new york times," but, there has been frustration with some of the questions that have been asked, nitpicking or trying to get the candidates to debate each other and newt gingrich
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tries to turn it against wolf blitzer and the line goes up and mitt romney was prepared and who ever is debate prepping him now, deserves kudos, newt gingrich is trying to stick up for mitt romney and he hits him. and they call that political jujitsu and why most people thought that he did well on the debate. >> jeanine: he does have a new debate coach, doesn't he, michelle bachmann's debate coach? >> i think he's having a little bit more success with mitt romney than he had with michelle bachmann, look, romney, the challenge for mitt romney isn't the issue of passion and his intensity, primary voters want someone to take to it barack obama and not back down and romney has done it with newt gingrich consecutively the last two debates, that is why the polling numbers in florida are starting to move in his direction and they are hoping instead of being up on newt gingrich, the governor will
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instead beat up on president obama. >> jeanine: okay, frank, stay with us. now, coming up, governor sarah palin, and, did newt gingrich go lunar? when he promised to colonize the moon? ♪ the droid razr by motorola. the thinnest 4g lte smartphone. all the power and strength of droid, now in colors. built with a scratch-resistant, gorilla glass screen. plus nano-coating that safeguards against spills. all powered by the speed of verizon 4g lte. more colors, same edge. the droid razr is now $199.99. exclusively from verizon.
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>> jeanine: we're back with frank luntz continuing his analysis of the debate from thursday night. now, frank, here is gingrich, selling his lunar colony idea. >> i believe by the use of prizes, the use of incentives an opening up space ports so it is available for commercial flight and using common sense for example, the atlas 5 could be fixed into a manned capable
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vehicle so you didn't have to rely on a russian launch or a chinese launch, many things you can do, to leverage accelerating the development of space, lind burg flew to paris for a $25,000 prize, if we had a handful of serious prizes you would see an extraordinary number of people trying to get to the moon and, i would like an american on the moon before the chinese get there. >> jeanine: frank, handful of serious prizes? i can't wait to hear your analysis of this one. >> yeah, mitt romney jumped him for it and the reason he talked about it is because the residents of florida believe in the space program, and they know it better than anybody else and romney is playing the national approach and saying, why spend money in space when you cannot afford the roads and highways and in the investment here and
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the argument wins votes in florida but is not a strong argument nationwide. republicans want him to cut spending and i asked him this and tomorrow night at 9:00 i have him on for two segments and rick santorum to talk about these and other issues and get a chance to tell the public without the debate format to tell the public what they think and i hope viewers will tune in tomorrow night. >> jeanine: you pitched it up for us. how do you get the responses an know what people are thinking. electrodes or patches on their chests? you do? >> i love it, if i could do electrodes but i would be sued and, in fact, you based on your previous career might be the one who throws me in jail. what they do is have a device about the size of a remote-control and turn it up or down at every second, to react to every word and phrase and allows us to subject advising an debates and exactly -- what words work and don't and the last debate, santorum and romney did well and, based on these
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dials, newt was not as successful on thursday night as previous debates. >> jeanine: he seemed not as sure of himself and not as strong as he has been. but let's look at ron paul. >> i challenge any of these gentlemen here to a 25-mile bike ride any time of the day in the heat of texas. >>. >> there are laws against age discrimination, if you push it too much you better be careful. >> you are in the oval office and speak to raoul castro, what would you say to him. >> i'd ask what he called about. >>... very important as well, where do you stand on this? >> well, i don't think we should go to the moon, maybe send politicians up there... at times. >> jeanine: there were very entertaining moments, what is your take on how the audience
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reacted to ron paul? >> they laughed at him and i felt like i was watching the old ed sullivan show and red skeleton was a guest on it and that is meaningless to a lot of are audience. and he's always done effective with young voters and the older voters when they listened to him, his willingness to make fun of himself as he made fun of others, they appreciated it and there's a reason why paul has been getting ten, 15 and some cases 20% in some of these states, he is not going to do well in florida, because i'll tell your viewers this, i think he could win the nevada caucus one week from today and that is what he's focused on. >> jeanine: who do you think is going to win florida? >> if i had to guess, mitt romney wins and there was a point when he was a 20, 25 point lead over gingrich and his goal, i believe his goal, the campaign's goal is to win by ten
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point and they'll tell you they want to win by one note and anything more and it is significant. and i agree with mike huckabee the campaign will go on and there will be at least 4 or 5 weeks, and, the challenge for voters is to say to these candidates, don't tell me what you are a against with the other person, tell me what you are for, and, let's make sure these debates are more productive, and less negative. >> jeanine: all right, frank luntz, always good to see you. >> a pleasure. >> and governor sarah palin thinks ronald reagan would be ashamed of republicans right now. we'll ask her why, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shippingiant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes...
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and how to save with the prescription savings club. individual memberships are just 5 dollars. enroll today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. >> a "fox news alert," i'm harris faulkener in new york. a lit rail train crashed in northern california the sacramento fire department saying it collided with a small suv, pushing it 20 yadz rds up
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tracks, and, investigators are trying to determine how it happened, more news when we get it. and, fox news confirm, former presidential candidate herman cain with a big announcement moments ago, endorsing newt gingrich. announcing that at a campaign dinner in florida. and, newt gingrich running behind mitt romney, though in the polls in florida, now vowing he will stay in the race until his party's national convention, this summer, no matter what. i'm harris faulkener, now back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> jeanine: a "fox news alert," herman cain just announced that he is endorsing newt gingrich. governor sarah palin joins us now. governor, thanks for being with us this evening.
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>> thank you so much and big news, this the cain train is chugging along, good for newt, garnering the support and the supporters from herman cain. it will be beneficial. >> jeanine: certainly, i think one of the few national individuals who endorsed newt gingrich. but, let's go back a little bit. now, why do you think that ronald reagan would be ashamed of republicans now? >> well, ronald reagan wasn't afraid to take on sitting members of his own party. who were in office in the '70s, he challenged a sitting republican and, he knew, though, that the politics of personal destruction ultimately hurt the cause of conservatism and when we see today what happened there, in florida, over this last week it has gone beyond the pale and beyond just aggressive and fair campaigning against an opponent. and it has been disengagement, in the politics of personal
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destruction, as rick santorum pointed out, romney drew first blood and at first, newt gingrich didn't respond. he wanted to take the high road and publicly announced his intentions to take the high road and when you are continually hit and bombarded with negative rewritten history about yourself, and your record, you have to hit back and that is what we saw newt gingrich engage in, and, from there, judge, it got even worse, with those in the establishment who do not want to see things shaken up and changed in washington, d.c. and they came out aggressively against that agent of change, who has promised to shake it up and that is newt gingrich. >> jeanine: well, you know, i think the argument as to who drew blood first is something all the candidates would disagree about, but, at the same time, governor, don't you think that in facing obama, in the november election, that these guys really need to get up there and toughen it out and be able to defend themselves?
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get this news out there, so when they run, people will say, oh, i heard that six, eight months ago? >> that is why i have been the proponent of continuing the vetting process. and the aggressive debate that should be fair, though, and healthy debate that our country, the electorate will benefit from and i say when i hear pundits on this and other networks glee fully proclaiming it is all over by florida, despite the fact 47 states until today have not even been able to chime into the process yet. we have only seen three states have either a caucus or a primary process, to help choose a nominee and we see the pundits and politicos and elites, telling the electorate, hey by florida it will be wrapped up and we'll have our nominee and i'm saying, no, don't let it happen, because they need to toughen up and need to debate these ideas, so that we elect through a nominating process the best candidate to come up
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against barack obama and his failed policy and that is why i say, these folks who want to shut it down, in the speedy process, say by florida, and are saying, we have our nominee and we'll go forward, no, i want to hear from santorum and why it is that he is in citizen sist tent repealing obamacare and, romney care and and stosantorum and, io continue to hear from ron paul, how as the nation spends itself into oblivion we'll become slaves to other countries and we have to quit experimenting through qe-2 and now 3 and need to understand that the set-to-gdp ratio now 100%, how that will bankrupt our country. i want to hear more from newt about the reagan revolution he
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was a part of and how it shook up the establishment back then and how it can do that again. and that is what we need and i want to hear more from mitt romney, about not being ashamed of his personal financial wealth and how it creates jobs and how you worked hard for the money and i want to hear from all of them and i don't want the process to end yet. >> jeanine: you talk about the vitriol, here is newt gingrich talking to our greta about the vitriol and the anger in the campaign. let's take a look: >> i think the prospect of gingrich actually becoming president for the old guard is horrifying and i mean, they -- they are all comfortable and set in their ways and part of an establishment. i come along, i'm a genuine populist, i know enough about washington to change it and distanced enough from washington to change it and i think they find that a nightmare. >> how can newt gingrich
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distance himself and say that he is not an insider when, there are those who would say he's the so consummate washington insider, speaker of the house and, an insider. >> how can he say he's not part of the establishment? look at the players in the establishment who are fighting so hard against him and they want to crucify him because he has tamed into that average, every day american tea party grassroots movement that said enough is enough of the establishment. that tries to run the show and tweak rules and laws and regulations for their own good and not for our nation's own good. well, when both party machines and many in the media are trying to crucify newt fought for bucking the tide and the establishment, that tells you something. and i say, you know, you have to rage against the machine at this point. in order to defend our republic and save what is good and secure
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and prosperous about our nation, we need somebody who is engaged in reform and is not afraid to shake up the establishment. so, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for newt, annoy a liberal, vote for newt and as more debate happens we'll hear more from him and other candidates who will oppose his position, he claims he's not part of the establishment, let's hear more about it. >> jeanine: all right, look at another clip, here's when -- talk to newt about the moon proposal. >> a lot of people are laughing at your moon idea. >> that is the reason i'm running. we have gone through a period of decay as a country. where we lack self-confidence and look a romantic vision of being an american. and we look connection with then exceptionalism. >> jeanine: all right, governor, how does a fiscal conservative like yourself support a candidate who wants to make the
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moon essentially the 51st state? isn't that expensive? >> i'm sure it is an expensive proposition, as it was in the '60s, to even travel to moon and yet j.f.k. had that, not just a romantic notion, but, a notion that america would be first, that we would win. that it was necessary for our psyche and for science and for so many reasons, that we be the first at some exploration and i believe that that is what newt is explaining to the public today. there is nothing wrong with the grandiose ideas. it is a matter of priorities and every politician, i have heard from on a national stage has ideas that maybe sound a little bit, like they are off their rocker when they propose them, but, it does come down to priorities, i know we're spending a heck of a lot of 0 money today, even small sums, that add up, though, on things i think are hair-brained like
6:38 pm
cowboy poetry congress still supports today, going on in nevada and i could give you many examples of ridiculous things that our nation has to fund, taking money from taxpayers, there's a lot of things that have to do with priorities of congress and what will be funded. i don't think there is anything wrong, though, with dreaming big in our nation, because, that is how america became an exceptional nation. we thought big, we thought winners and i want to see that continue, too. >> jeanine: governor, i asked my twitter followers what they wanted me to ask you. and, i am @judgejeanine: which candidate has the best chance of beating obama? >> well, i would answer, which candidate is most passionate about the sudden and relentless reform that is needed? which candidate understands that government is not the answer?
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not on a state level, say when it comes to mandating what level of health care you must purchase. or on a national left. and, i think that comes down to who can articulate their ideas, their solutions, best. and in a campaign the way you articulate that is in the debate. and, i have appreciated again, newt gingrich's -- his style in debates, his thinking, his way of explaining what it is that he stands for, so i think that in a debate, newt gingrich would clobber barack obama and that is one step closer to the voters being able to have a tool to make up their minds whether it should be barack obama or the g.o.p. nominee. >> jeanine: sounds like an endorsement to me, governor, have you just endorsed newt gingrich? >> i said for many weeks now, i want to continue the process of the vetting... >> jeanine: but you said, the best chance of beating obama. >> because the math is the math
6:40 pm
and the math is... >> jeanine: the math is obama... the math is mitt romney is the strongest obama and santorum beats newt in terms of the math. >> that is at this point without the vetting process continuing and the debates continuing, which i would like to see. the math is the math and the math shows us today that mitt romney and newt are very close. now, if that's pundits are telling us, those elites who want the better of us, who want us to just obey them and listen to them, they want to shut... >> jeanine: up against a hard break. governor, thank you so much for joining us. we are up against a hard break. anyway. should this woman be prevented from seeking public office because her english is so bad? i mean, really, really bad. that is what a judge ruled in arizona. the woman is fighting it. and my legal team will fight over it, too. straight ahead. on "justice." four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it. [ male aouncer ] red lobster's
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>> newt gingrich, who came to power, preaching a higher standard in american politics. a man who brought down another speaker on ethics accusations. tonight, he has on his own record, the judgment of his peers, democrat and republican alike. by and overwhelming vote, they found him guilty of ethics violations. they charged him a very large financial penalty and raised --
6:44 pm
several raised serious questions about his future effectiveness. >> i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> jeanine: the issue is who will win in florida and what strategy can take the state? ed rollins, republican strategist and fox news contributor and kirsten powers, daily beast columnist and fox news political analyst and lenny curry, republican party chairman for the state of florida. all right, everybody, you just saw that ad with tom brokaw that mitt romney's campaign ran. is it effective, ed. >> it may be but it's not accurate. newt was not driven from office by anything that happened ethically. he was pretty much cleared. using brokaw is just not good politics. it may have an impact down there but is not fair to newt gingrich, he basically fought hard, and, because of his efforts and nobody els and we need to be honest about this strengths and weakness of the candidates. >> jeanine: kirsten?
6:45 pm
was it an effective ad. >> you know, it seems like -- well, it is effective unless voters hear the truth, which is what ed was talking about and, at this point is getting old with the mitt romney campaign rehashing it over and over again. there are plenty of things you can say about newt gingrich, that are critical, without having to make something up. and, as ed said, that is not really accurate in terms of why he left, office, and, certainly you could find so many people who say he was hard to work with and that he was, you know, unpredictable, and, on both sides of every issue and also, other things and those would be accurate criticisms which people care about and this one, if someone believes it, perhaps it might be accurate but it is not true. >> jeanine: isn't it true, though, kirsten, that he had to pay a $300,000 fine, that he had to apologize in front of the house and he was the first speaker who was reprimanded? >> yes, but, look, it is lies,
6:46 pm
you can mark the time as the time, 9:47 is the time kirsten powers defended newt gingrich, and it takes a lot to do that but it was an extremely partisan situation where people were going after him, he ended up being exonerated of the most serious charge in terms of... the iize irs exonerated him on and, exonerated on two and one was not true. and the mitt romney campaign links it, to, them it was all over for newt and that is not what happened. >> jeanine: len yny curry, stat of florida, do you think it was an effective ad. >> they work and are effective because everybody is using them, if one candidate decided to stick with a positive message and tie the free enterprise market, defend entrepreneurism
6:47 pm
and how it affects individual lives, the negative ads would not work. >> jeanine: what about the fact tom brokaw is the messenger? do you think he was smart in selecting a messenger who might appeal to the citizens in florida? >> tom, himself, said he wished they'd pull it down and nbc has and the other night mitt romney made a clear point, if you are not willing to make the attack yourself you shouldn't do it and, obviously hiding behind this story would be totally different if he did the story today and where it was and i think there's a lot, as kirsten said a lot you can talk about newt in but at this point we are -- and what he has to understand, the end of the campaign four years ago, i was mike huckabee's chairman and every candidate in the race hated his guts and at this time, if he becomes the nominee of the party he will need conservatives and need them desperately and the kind of campaign he's running is driving conservatives away from him. >> jeanine: all right, guys, more than a million latinos vote
6:48 pm
in florida. who gets the latino vote? kirsten. >> everybody is courting them. santorum has the endorsement of the latin builders association but he's not the major player and i think we're looking at newt or romney. my best guess would be mitt romney mitt romney. because i think he's a little -- being more moderate and newt has been running the ad saying he's anti-immigrant, which rubio has criticized and when you get criticized by marco rubio that is not a good place to be. as a republican. >> jeanine: and lenny, governor fortune know from puerto rico endorsed mitt romney. does it help in your state? >> i certainly think it helps when you get an endorsement like that. i can't pick a candidate because it will be my job to... who emerges victorious, to rally the
6:49 pm
troops behind the individual and the hispanic vote in florida will go to the faith who can best connect as individuals and talk about how to create policies, to create better lies an opportunities for families in the next generation and everything, whether social security, medicare, immigration reform, everything ties back to the free enterprise system. >> jeanine: ed, kirsten and lenny, thanks for being with us this evening. and, a judge rules a woman, born in the u.s., cannot run for office, because her english is so bad. should command of the english language be a requirement for public office? hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator,
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>> jeanine: a woman is fighting a ruling by a judge who
6:53 pm
disqualified her from running on a seat on the city council, because, quote, it was clear to the court that she was stymied by many question, did not understand many questions, and failed to comprehend what was being asked and, guessed at the answers. she was born in the united states. and now joining us tonight, is a criminal defense terry, fox news contributor and joey jackson, former prosecutor, my favorite lawyers, all right, do you have to be able to speak english to run for office in the u.s. and does the judge have the right to take her off the ballot. >> yes. if you analyze it the way i want you to analyze it. they'll say it strict scrutiny and, we'll argue it was a rational basis and you need to look at it, whether it impedes the government in its functioning and i say she will
6:54 pm
not be an effective -- >> 90% of her constituents speak the language she is more proficient at. >> and what if the president of the united states wants to talk to -- >> he's a friend of justice scalia. a supreme court person, put it in proper terms, one requirement to run for office and get elected, the electorate that supports you votes for you. this is a democratic process. and irrespective, how you look, what you wear, how you speak, if the voters feel she is not speaking appropriately... don't vote for her, period. >> is there a degree of common sense in the democratic process and legislators should know what is going on? >> we respect jurors's verdicts every day when we go to court. >> but, the judge -- you need to read and write english. >> jeanine: the answer, gentlemen, in 1910, congress allowed arizona to be part of the united states they said there is a proviso you have to
6:55 pm
be able to read, write and speak the english language to perform the duties of public offers. they didn't -- >> city council, when they conducted meetings they speak in english and spanish, an outrage, voters should decide, period. >> jeanine: go to the money now. who goatsets a million dollars the arkansas lottery. woman buys a ticket and the woman -- a woman who owns a garbage can the ticket was thrown into and the woman is a dumpster diver and goes in and pulls out the ticket. who gets the money. >> the woman who owns the garbage can. it is hers. go to the mens rea. and the woman with the lottery ticket throws it away and gave it up. good-bye. he's out... >> jeanine: she has a sign, don't tamper with my garage. >> she claims that but, you mentioned scalia. if the garbage can is on the street. open game. >> jeanine: the person threw it
6:56 pm
away, joey. >> the person who took the ticket and possesses it, possession, 9/10 of the law, it is theirs. talk about the garbage -- let me finish. they own the garbage, if the proprietor of the establishment wanted it to be private and want it to be their garbage, put it behind this counter and talk about putting it... >> what if i put a thousand dollars in there. >> jeanine: finders keepers losers weepers. arthur, joey, thank you. and that's it. tonight, thanks for joining us, e-mail your comments, just@f, maybe joey, maybe me, see you next time, who knows? ♪
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